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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 10/11/12: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Impact - final PPV hype, triple main event

Oct 11, 2012 - 11:03:39 PM

TNA Impact Results
October 11, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Week 20 of live run on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week's live TNA Impact opened with a video recap of the Bobby Roode vs. James Storm feud escalating to include King Mo as special enforcer. Plus, Bully Ray joined Sting to face Aces & Eights at Bound for Glory.

Impact Zone: Live in the arena, full pyro introduced the show before Mike Tenay introduced the final countdown to Bound for Glory. Tenay plugged James Storm vs. Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode in a double main event tonight.

In-ring: First out was James Storm to kick off the show. Storm, dressed to wrestle, stomped out to the ring before Austin Aries's music quickly played to bring out the TNA World champ. Tenay said it's a "unique set of circumstances" for Aries as Bound for Glory because he feels like the hunter instead of hunted. The bell sounded to very quickly begin the first match.

1 -- TNA World Hvt. champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. JAMES STORM -- non-title match

Storm quickly frustrated Aries, who bailed to the outside to regroup. Back in the ring, Aries ran over Storm with a shoulder tackle before running into an emphatic forearm to the face. Storm and Aries continued to exchange control before Aries won a corner exchange. Aries then nailed a double-foot dropkick to the back for a two count. Storm came back with a corner clothesline before mounting Aries for six of Ten Punches. Aries then returned the favor with five of Ten Punches. Suddenly, Storm delivered a Russian Legsweep to cut off Aries.

At 5:00, the two men traded bombs from a standing position before Aries slipped out of Eye of the Storm. Aries then dropped Storm throat-first across the top rope. Aries tried to follow with a top-rope missile dropkick, but Storm side-stepped. Storm then wanted a Codebreaker of sorts, but Aries pushed him away. Storm and Aries proceeded to collide near the ropes, which drew another slow clap from the crowd.

Bobby Roode suddenly hit the ringside area as both men recovered in the ring. With Aries occupying the ref, Roode smashed Storm into the corner ringpost. Aries, who sold not seeing Roode get involved, followed up on Storm with a Brainbuster Suplex. Aries covered Storm for the win.

WINNER: Aries at 7:19. It seemed like TNA wanted to quickly get through the match to make it seem like they weren't giving away a big match that could render the PPV skippable, but it also defined down World champ and top babyface being involved in a match that wasn't given a big build-up. Catch 22 situation.

Backstage: Right after the match, TNA quickly cut backstage to show the unidentified Wes Brisco hanging out with Kurt Angle. Brisco said he wants to hitch a ride to Phoenix for Bound for Glory. A.J. Styles cut off Brisco, telling him to hit the bricks. Styles then argued with Angle about his priorities. Angle tried to calm down Styles, but Styles blew him off. Angle told Styles that Daniels & Kaz are messing with his head.

Backstage: Hulk Hogan and Sting were shown walking down the hallway. Tenay said they will address Bully Ray's involvement at BFG next.

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] BFG Memories - 2011: Sting forced Hulk Hogan to tap out, then Hogan turned face to join forces with Sting.

Impact Zone: Back live, Hulk Hogan's music played to bring out Hogan along with Sting. After the duo made their way to the ring, Hogan smiled and said they've had a little bit of a situation since the last Impact. Hogan said Aces & Eights backed him into a corner, then plugged Sting in the ring at Bound for Glory on Sunday. Sting then took the mic away from Hogan and said he's upset, too, that they have to live by Aces & Eights's rules. Why? Sting said the group took out their first choice, Mr. Anderson, but Bully Ray has stepped up. Hogan took the mic back from Sting and said they had to make a deal with the devil.

Suddenly, Daniels's music played to bring out TNA tag champions Daniels and Kazarian. On the way to the ring, Daniels said they will save the day. Once in the ring, Daniels vowed to right the ship. He said of all the people Hogan and Sting could have picked, they went for the most untrustworthy person in the locker room (Bully Ray). Daniels asked why not pick everyone's favorite tag team? With the heels clearly trying to get out of their Tag Title defense at the PPV, Kaz told Hogan they have come up with a solution with three simple parts. (1) Cancel the Tag Title match Sunday at BFG. (2) Tell Bully Ray thanks, but no thanks. (3) Call upon the one man who can end Aces & Eights once and for all - Kurt Angle.

Suddenly, Bully Ray's music played to bring out a very upset bully. Ray marched into the ring and told Daniels not to talk about his brother ever again. Ray said he agrees that Angle would have been a great choice, but this is not going to be a wrestling match. He said it's going to be a fight - where the best mothertrucker in the company thrives. Ray said this is the "wrestling business," not the "wrestling friends." He said their common business is wanting to get rid of Aces & Eights.

Ray said if he has to earn Hogan & Sting's trust, they start tonight. He said it should be Daniels and Kaz against Ray and his partner... Sting. Daniels and Kaz wanted nothing to do with this, encouraging the crowd to shut up and not encourage Hogan. Hogan then booked the main event for tonight - Daniels & Kaz vs. Sting & Ray. Daniels and Kaz continued to freak out as Hogan's music played leading to break.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back live, Christy Hemme was in the ring to introduce the next match. Cue up Chavo's odd techno music to bring out Hernandez accompanied by Chavo Guerrero. A.J. Styles's music played next to bring out Styles for an unannounced match to continue defining down one of TNA's top stars. No sign of Kurt Angle.


2 -- HERNANDEZ (w/Chavo Guerrero) vs. A.J. STYLES

Styles, who was in a bad mood, landed offense on Hernandez before trash-talking Chavo. Styles then decked Hernandez with a kick to the head and resumed his trash-talk with Chavo. The ref tried to calm things down, then Styles airballed a corner splash. Hernandez followed with power offense before settling into a bearhug. Styles eventually broke free, then landed a dropkick that sent Hernandez to the outside in front of Chavo. Styles followed with a plancha, then stared a hole through Chavo. Back in the ring, Styles ran into a Monty Brown-style Pounce from Hernandez. Hernandez with a pin for the win. Taz called it an upset as Hernandez and Chavo celebrated in the ring.

WINNER: Hernandez at 3:53.

Aces & Eights footage: The modulated-voice representative said the game is far from over with Hulk Hogan. The man said Chris Park is just fine and they presented him with a box of food. The man said it's funny how a common cause can bring former enemies together. He said Bully Ray's involvement was a surprise, but they can overcome it. The man told Hogan that they will see him on Sunday.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back live, Zema Ion's music played to bring out the X Division champion dressed in street clothes. Ion smugly walked to the ring with his title belt in the air as Tenay noted Ion has shown zero remorse for his actions intentionally injuring people. Once in the ring, Ion said that he is living proof that being humble gets you nowhere. He said he's broken necks and arms in the name of the X Division Title. Ion said it feels bittersweet, though, because this Sunday is the biggest PPV of the year and the X Champ doesn't have a match because there is no X Division. Ion said it proves he's pretty f'n dangerous.

Suddenly, Rob Van Dam's music played to bring out RVD. In the ring, RVD said he's talking a lot of trash, and noted he doesn't have a match at Bound for Glory. RVD said he was just talking to Hulk Hogan and allowed him to pick anyone he chooses. Ion held up his title belt, so RVD jumped and spun-kicked the belt into Ion's face. RVD told Ion that he'll see him in Phoenix to complete the X Division's two minutes of focus before the PPV.

GM Office: Sting and Hogan were shown arguing about Bully Ray's inclusion. Ray then walked in and quietly told Sting they're up next. Ray stopped when he spotted Hogan looking at him. Ray asked if he trusts him, and Hogan replied that he doesn't trust him. Hogan and Ray went back and forth, then Sting screamed that they have to get on the same page before Bound for Glory. Hogan said Ray has one chance tonight. Ray quietly said he won't let anyone down. Sting slapped the door on the way out of Hogan's office.

[Q4] [Commercial Break]

Backstage: Brooke Hogan and Taryn Terrell were mid-conversation about officiating the Knockouts Title match at the PPV before Tara interrupted. Tara presented Brooke with a list of requests for Monday after she becomes Knockouts champion. Brooke blew off the list, telling her to go earn it. Brooke ripped up the list before Tara flipped her hair and said Kim and Khloe (Kardashian) were so right about Brooke.

Impact Zone: TNA tag champs Daniels & Kazarian came to the ring as Taz plugged Tara's Hollywood boyfriend at the PPV on Sunday. Bully Ray then stormed the ring for Team Sting and cleared the tag champs from the ring. Sting was introduced next. He was the first person of the night to take his time walking to the ring. Tenay said the match is next.

[Commercial Break]

3 -- TNA tag champions DANIELS & KAZARIAN vs. STING & BULLY RAY -- non-title match

The bell sounded immediately back from commercial four minutes before the top of the hour. Ray and Daniels kicked things off with Ray dominating an over-matched Daniels. Ray played to the crowd, then slapped Daniels hard across the chest. Ray followed with more offense before shouting to the crowd whether they wanted to see Sting. Ray led the crowd in a "Sting" chant before tagging in Sting. Kaz also tagged in and took offense from Sting. Ray then re-entered and decked Kaz before delivering more high-impact offense. Sting re-entered.

[Q5 -- second hour] At the top of the hour, Sting reached his corner to tag in Ray, who continued the assault on Kaz. Ray had enough, so he brought in Sting again. Sting delivered a Stinger Splash, then wanted another Splash, but Daniels pulled Kaz away just in time. The heels then began picking apart Sting as Ray started an argument with ref Earl Hebner. The crowd started up a "Sting, Sting" chant as the heels continued to isolate Sting and taunt Ray.

Sting and Daniels eventually decked each other with a mid-ring collision, prompting Ray to lead a slow clap. Sting received energy from the clap and tagged in Ray, who came in hot on the tag champs. Ray dropped Kaz with a Samoan Drop, but Daniels broke up a pin attempt. The action then broke down with all four men in the ring before Ray and Daniels spilled to the outside. Sting then tossed Kaz over the top rope to the outside. Back in the ring, Ray saw Daniels coming with title belt in-hand, told Sting to duck, and Ray smashed Daniels with a big boot. Sting then moved Ray out of the way of Daniels coming off the top and punched him in the gut.

Mid-ring, Sting and Ray shook hands, then Sting pulled him back to declare, "Bully, get the tables." Ray thought things over, then went under the ring to retrieve a table to a crowd pop. Back in the ring, Ray set up the table, then Sting placed Daniels on Ray's shoulders as he sat on the top turrnbuckle. Ray followed with a big powerbomb through the table, drawing a DQ.

Post-match: Ray and Sting celebrated as Hemme announced Daniels and Kaz the winners via DQ. The crowd didn't care and kept cheering Ray and Sting, who proceeded to pose a la the Outsiders in the ring as Tenay excitedly plugged they're on the same page ahead of BFG.

WINNERS: Daniels & Kaz via DQ at 10:06. Basic pre-PPV booking to make it seem like to the audience that (a) Sting and Ray are on the same page, (b) Sting "still has it" in the ring, and (c) Aces & Eights will get their comeuppance at the PPV.

Video package: Austin Aries offered derogatory comments about Jeff Hardy ahead of their title match at the PPV. Hardy then talked about wanting to win the World Title for the fans.

Earlier Today: Hardy talked to no one in particular about completing his journey to the World Title. Hardy said he's going to get what he deserves: the TNA World Title. He said that will validate him as the best wrestler in the world.

Still to come tonight: Hardy vs. Roode. Up next, it's Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim. Taz channeled his inner N.Y. Jets Bart Scott, saying, "Can't wait."

[Commercial Break]

Video package: Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan feud. Snow talked in soundbytes about finally getting a chance to show Joey Ryan what he's made of. Ryan talked in soundbytes about getting tricked, but that's okay because he overcame Gut Check and TNA security. The problem for Snow, though, is that they're heading West where he's from. Joey said he has the support of the 87 percenters.

Backstage: Samoa Joe was shown walking down the hallway. He said he gets a chance to shut up Magnus at Bound for Glory. Joe said the minute he won the TV Title, Magnus became jealous. On cue, Magnus interrupted and told Joe that come Sunday, the belt will come to him. Magnus said Joe can't hide behind Hogan and politics anymore on Sunday. Magnus added that Joe isn't a champion, nor TV. He said he's championship material and he's TV. Joe wanted to have the match tonight, but Magnus said he wants millions of people to see him take the title from Joe on PPV. Joe called him a coward, not a champion.


4 -- KO champion MISS TESSMACHER vs. GAIL KIM -- non-title match -- Taryn Terrell special referee

Back in the ring, Christy Hemme introduced Gail Kim for tonight's Knockouts division match. KO champ Tessmacher came out next for a tune-up match ahead of facing Tara at the BFG PPV. As Tessmacher finished her entrance, Gail big-booted her in the face to start the match. Gail and Tessmacher exchanged control before Gail cut her. After a series of nearfalls, Tessmacher scored a clean win. Post-match: Tara hit the ring and attacked Tessmacher, but Tessmacher turned the tables to stand tall before their match at the PPV.

WINNER: Tessmacher at 5:30.

Locker Room: Bobby Roode talked about feeling what Jeff Hardy feels since they're the first two BFG Series winners. James Storm interrupted the promo and told Roode that he knows he cost him his match tonight. Storm said he's going to have to kill him to beat him at Bound for Glory. Storm shoved Roode against a locker and they nearly started fighting again, but King Mo suddenly jumped into the shot and pulled them away from each other. Mo eyed Storm and told him to save it for Sunday.

[Commercial Break]

BFG Memories - 2005: Jeff Hardy survived a massive Swanton Bomb onto Abyss. Hardy said his motivation was simply because it's Bound for Glory. Don West and James Mitchell back on the air here.

[Q7] Back live, Tenay plugged the first-ever TNA Hall of Fame induction this Saturday. A video package promoted Sting's career, using still-shots from Sting's early days. The video transitioned to footage from his TNA career. The voice-over man said Sting is most-deserving of the first TNA HOF induction.

Back to Tenay, who joined Taz in breaking down the BFG PPV line-up. They focused on Sting & Bully vs. a pair of playing cards, Joe vs. Magnus for the TV Title, Joey vs. Al Snow (if Joey wins, he gets a TNA contract), Tara vs. Tessmacher, Ion vs. RVD for the X Title, tag champs Daniels & Kaz vs. Styles & Angle and Chavo & Hernandez, Roode vs. Storm with King Mo as special ref, and the main event of TNA champ Aries vs. BFG Series winner Jeff Hardy.

Impact Zone: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce Bobby Roode, who checked his lip on the way to the ring. Roode slowly entered the ring and posed on the top turnbuckle as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Jeff Hardy's music played to bring out Hardy for the TV main event. Hardy stretched things out by doing a full victory lap as Roode paced inside the ring. Roode had enough, so he slipped out of the ring and jumped Hardy on the outside to gain an unfair advantage. Roode continued to assault Hardy ringside, drawing encouraging "Hardy, Hardy" chants. Roode, angered, chucked Hardy into the guardrail before screaming at ref Brian Hebner. Roode then tossed Hardy into the ring, the ref did not check whether Hardy could continue, and the ref simply called for the bell despite the unfair advantage to Roode.


Roode continued the assault before Hardy fired back with a flying forearm smash. Meanwhile, Tenay plugged the BFG PPV Countdown Show on Spike this Sunday before the PPV. Hardy followed with a back body drop before dumping Roode over the top rope to the floor. Hardy followed with a slingshot cross-body splash onto Roode on the outside.

[Q8] The eighth quarter-hour began with Hardy rolling Roode back into the ring. In the ring, Roode begged off, prompting Hardy to punch him in the face. Hardy followed with a shoulder thrust to the gut, but Roode came back with a big clothesline. Roode then tossed Hardy to the outside again. On the floor, Roode executed a suplex on the floor. Both men sold the effects as Impact cut to break at 5:00.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Hardy was sprawled out in the ring. Next to him was Bobby Roode, who remained in control of the action during the break. As the crowd tried to rally behind Hardy, Roode continued the assault with a neck vice submission attempt. Meanwhile, Tenay plugged a poll on TNA's website to determine which match occurs on the BFG PPV pre-show. Roode then took the fight to the outside again, where Roode smashed Hardy face-first into the ring steps.

Back in the ring at 11:00, Roode delivered a neckbreaker, but Hardy kicked out of a pin attempt. Roode followed with a rear-naked choke to continue wearing down Hardy. Roode demanded that the ref check on Hardy, whose arm dropped twice, but not thrice. Hardy showed life trying to escape the choke, but Roode re-applied and re-grounded Hardy. On his second try, Hardy escaped the hold. Hardy then took two steps to the top turnbuckle and delivered Whisper in the Wind, decking both men.

Hardy made a full comeback at 14:00, then climbed to the second rope for a splash, but Roode kicked out in-time. Hardy tried to follow up, but Roode intercepted with a big spinebuster for a nearfall. Roode then took Hardy up-top, looking for a superplex, but Hardy threw him down to the mat. Hardy followed with a Swanton Bomb attempt, but Roode moved in-time. Roode then speared Hardy center-ring, but Hardy escaped another pin.

At 16:00, Roode wanted a Fisherman Suplex, but Hardy slipped out and nailed a jawbreaker. Hardy then measured Roode for the Twist of Fate, but Roode ducked down and low-blowed Hardy, drawing a DQ.

WINNER: Hardy via DQ at 16:17.

Post-match: Roode waltzed out of the ring, grabbed a chair, and re-entered the ring. Roode tried to use the chair, but the ref pulled it away from him and tossed it out of the ring. Roode argued with ref Brian Hebner, then turned around and ate a Twist of Fate from Hardy one minute before the top of the hour. Hardy's music then played and the ref held his arm in the air for the DQ victory.

[Q9 -- over-run] Before the show signed off, Austin Aries's music played to bring out the World champ. Aries wasn't going to let Hardy take the spotlight before the PPV. Aries wadded up a piece of paper, tossed it out of the ring, and said he's not saying what's written down for him. Ooh, insider talk. Aries said he's not going to keep doing what the company says he should be doing. Aries said he's not jealous of Hardy, especially not his rap sheet nor his near-crippled state to not be able to play with his daughter.

After waiting for the crowd to ooh and aah, Aries said he feels like he's been set up to fail, can't get new music, and he's tired of TNA catering to Hardy. Aries said TNA wants him to wrap this up, but he's taking all the time he wants. Aries said he works best when he has people against him. Hardy grabbed the mic and said his nuts hurt, his neck hurts, and he's going to end Aries's ass on Sunday. Aries took the mic back and told Hardy to get his last moments of adulation from the crowd. After Hardy posed, Aries told him to leave his ring. Hardy started to leave, but Aries kicked the ropes, crotching Hardy. Aries then nailed the Brainbuster suplex. "Is that what you people want?!" Aries shouted. Impact signed off after a three-minute over-run as Tenay quickly tried to give a final plug for Hardy vs. Aries at BFG.

FINAL THOUGHTS: At least Aces & Eights didn't close the show, but the final PPV hype just seemed a bit off. It's a product of the overall build-up to the PPV feeling off after the sudden change in direction to Aries vs. Hardy as the top match for the PPV. Aries initially doing the "insider talk" in the final segment didn't help, but he did provide a reason for people to tune in on Sunday to see Aries get his comeuppance and see if Hardy can become World champ. The total picture is TNA tried to make this feel special and it should feel special with the talent assembled, but the puzzle pieces didn't quite come together before the PPV.


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