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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 10/18: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live BFG PPV fall-out

Oct 18, 2012 - 10:59:12 PM


TNA Impact Results
October 18, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Week 21 of live run on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week's live TNA Impact opened with a video package documenting the big events from Bound for Glory on Sunday. The video slowed down to focus on James Storm defeating Bobby Roode after their year-long feud, Aces & Eights winning full access to TNA, Hogan being shocked at Devon's involvement in A&E, and Jeff Hardy winning the TNA World Title from Austin Aries.

Backstage: TNA went to a shot of Aces & Eights arriving at the building on their bikes. The one with the scraggly curly hair yelled at cameras before the group walked through the back door into the Impact Zone. TNA then cut to an overhead shot of the group entering the Impact Zone through the back before hitting the ring. Six of the individuals assembled in the ring before the one in the middle pointed to the video screen. A video package aired of a spokesperson celebrating their win at Bound for Glory. The spokesperson said they have one man to thank, the newest member of the brotherhood, Devon.

TNA cut backstage to Devon walking through the back entrance sporting dark shades and dark clothing to signal his heel turn. Taz said he was shocked to find out Devon's involvement. Tenay said he wants to know what's behind Devon's actions. In the ring, Devon hugged each of the six Aces & Eights members before taking a mic. Devon opened by telling the audience to shut up. He then paced the ring before pausing for a light "You Sold Out" chant that grew when he acknowledged it. Devon said these guys in the ring - Aces & Eights - are the guys who have had his back since Day One. Devon said when he was down and out, they picked him up. He said it's not like the people at home or in this arena who are pieces of crap.

Devon said the big question is why. He said because they can. Devon thanked each of them from the bottom of his heart because he wouldn't be in this ring without them. He thanked "the guy" who orchestrated this whole thing and patched him in. He said this is the group that will destroy TNA. One boo in the crowd led to Devon telling the whole audience to shut up. This led to "You Suck" chants before Devon cut to the chase. He called out Bubba, Sting, and Hogan. Devon started with Bubba, asking him if he forgot what happened two years ago when Ray put his son through his table. This led to a "Bully's Better" chant.

Suddenly, Sting's music played. Out came Sting flanked by a PO'ed Bully Ray. Behind them were Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles, Mr. Anderson, James Storm in dress clothes, and other roster members, including Garett Bischoff, but no Jeff Hardy or Austin Aries. Sting said it's time for some formal introductions. Sting led the group into the ring, where Garett notably landed a few (weak) shots on A&E before Hulk Hogan's music played. Hogan, dressed in a red Hulkamania t-shirt and with baseball bat in hand, walked to the ring as the TNA roster easily cleared Aces & Eights from the ring. Tenay said Hogan will try to restore order after the break.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back live, Hogan was addressing the Aces & Eights group. Ray tried to get after Devon, but Aces & Eights held him back to keep things separated. Hogan then restored order and told Aces & Eights that them winning full access to TNA means they have to fight in TNA. Sting took the mic and said he wants to fight Devon tonight. Hogan took control again and told Devon he either gets in the ring and fights Sting in the main event or he gets out for good. Devon just smirked and paced on the floor. Hogan re-stated the choice to Devon, who eventually agreed. Devon said he better make sure Sting shows up, otherwise they will find him in the parking lot. Hogan's music played as Tenay said order has been restored in the Impact Zone.

[Q2] Video package: Jeff Hardy captured the TNA World Title from Austin Aries at Bound for Glory.

Tonight: It's a celebration for Jeff Hardy ... Backstage: Austin Aries was shown smirking while watching the video screen. Aries said TNA wants to throw Hardy a party tonight, so perhaps he'll show up since you can't have a party without the greatest man who ever lived. Aries said perhaps he'll bring some cookies, then took a bite of a cooke.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Hulk Hogan was in his office with Mr. Anderson. He said Jeff Hardy is going to defend the TNA World Title next week. Hogan said he's going to give Mr. Anderson of the shots to face Hardy based on criteria not explained. He said James Storm will get consideration because of his victory at Bound for Glory. And, another person will be determined tonight. Suddenly, Hogan acted like he saw ghost. In walked a cleaned-up Joseph Park, who said he has some information to share with Hogan, who then told the cameras to get out.

Impact Zone: Tenay cleaned up the previous segment by noting Hogan will select from Storm, Anderson, and the winner of Styles vs. Daniels vs. Angle tonight to determine who faces Hardy for the title next week. Meanwhile, a TV Title match was set up.

1 -- TNA TV champion SAMOA JOE vs. ROBBIE E. (w/Rob Terry) -- TV Title match

Joe dismantled Robbie early on. On the outside, Joe gave Terry something to think about with a big strike. Back in the ring, Joe wanted the Musclebuster and connected. Joe then slapped on his rear-naked submission and Robbie tapped out. Post-match: Terry hit the ring, but took the rear-naked choke, too. Joe surveyed the damage before accepting the TV Title and glaring into the hard camera.

WINNER: Joe via submission at 2:38.

Backstage: Jessie Godderz was shown military-pressing Tara into the air as part of a "photo shoot" documenting her Knockouts Title victory at Bound for Glory. Tara and Jessie offered some celebrity TMZ references before making out. Back live, Tenay plugged Tara vs. ODB up next.

[Q3] [Commercial Break]

2 -- Knockouts champion TARA (w/Jesse) vs. KO tag champion ODB -- non-title match -- Taryn Terrell referee

Back live, Christy Hemme introduced Tara and her "Hollywood boyfriend," who is simply going by Jesse. ODB's music played next, but she was late arriving. They cut backstage to show ODB arguing with EY on the phone. ODB then brought the phone with her to the ring and started the match. ODB was the aggressor, then Tara cut her off and argued with Taryn. Tara eventually took her eye off the ball to make out with Jesse, allowing ODB to surprise her for the pin. After the match, Tessmacher came out on-stage to promote a re-match against Tara on next week's Championship Thursday episode as Jesse consoled Tara.

WINNER: ODB at 3:10.

Backstage: A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle were shown talking in the hallway. Styles said he wants to be World Hvt. champion, so he has to do this on his own now. Angle said he knows, but it's Angle vs. Styles vs. Daniels for a #1 contender slot tonight. Styles said he knows, which makes it the perfect time. Styles walked off, leaving Angle frustrated.

[Commercial Break]

[Q4] Backstage: Aces & Eights members were shown milling about backstage mumbling and muttering. Taz said he doesn't like them being here, but they have a right to be here now.

Video package: TNA showed Chavo & Hernandez winning the Tag Titles at Bound for Glory. TNA cut to post-match comments from Daniels vowing to win back the titles when they get a two-on-two match.

Impact Zone: Kid Kash and Gunner were introduced for a random match. Tenay described them as super-intense with a chance to impress GM Hulk Hogan. Techno music then played to bring out new tag champs Chavo & Hernandez. They took a victory lap before hitting the ring.

3 -- TNA tag champions HERNANDEZ & CHAVO GUERRERO vs. GUNNER & KID KASH -- non-title match

The match started with a four-man brawl before Hernandez showed off his power on Kash. Chavo then took a tag as order was restored. Hernandez returned to the ring and delivered an overhead release suplex. More in and out tags by the tag champs before Tenay plugged Jeff Hardy's party up next. Suddenly, Gunner clotheslined Chavo from the ring apron to give the heels the advantage.

Chavo eventually broke free and tagged in Hernandez, who shoulder-tackled Kash. Hernandez then went Monty Brown on Kash with a big Pounce. Finally, Chavo tagged in and went to the top rope for a cross-body splash on Kash for the win. Afterward, Gunner flipped out ringside and yelled at the fans.

WINNERS: Chavo & Hernandez at 4:52.

Backstage: Jeff Hardy was shown walking down the hallway with possession of the TNA World Title. Hardy's celebration is next.

[Commercial Break]

Hogan Office: Joseph Park was shown talking to Hulk Hogan and Sting. Park requested a shot at one member of Aces & Eights after what they did to him. Bully Ray then walked in and requested alone time. Hogan said what he has to say can be said in front of everyone. Ray said he knows Devon like the back of his hand, and he needs to beat some answers out of Devon tonight. Hogan shot him down and said Ray thought he knew Devon, but Sting is going to take care of Devon tonight. So, thank you, but no thanks. Ray took it in stride and told Hogan he needs to start trusting him more. Ray walked off, then Sting called after Ray. Hogan told Sting to fix this with Bully.

[Q5 -- second hour] A video package documented Jeff Hardy capturing the TNA World Title from Austin Aries at Bound for Glory.

Jeff Hardy Party

Impact Zone: Jeff Hardy's music played one minute past the top of the hour to bring out the new champ with a new Jeff Hardy-themed title belt resting comfortably over his right shoulder. Hardy, dressed in street clothes and a hot pink tie, did a victory lap before entering the ring to fireworks as Hardy held up his customized title belt. A ton of red, white, and green confetti fell from the ceiling as Hardy continued to celebrate by himself. After Hardy's music stopped, the crowd greeted him with a "Hardy, Hardy" chant, followed by a few boos.

Hardy began his promo by saying it's good to be back in the Impact Zone. He said he has chased this moment for well over a year. He thanked the creatures of the night before they thanked him via chant. Hardy continued that he cannot wait to defend his title for the first time next week here in Orlando.

Suddenly, Austin Aries's music played. Aries mockingly sang, "Let's celebrate good times," as he paraded to the ring complaining about the lack of women and presents. Aries hit the ring with balloons and cookies in-hand, prompting a "We Want Cookies" chant. Aries said he doesn't want to take anything away from what Hardy did because his feat was super-human. He said Hardy did something no one in this company has been able to do - beat Austin Aries at a PPV when it mattered the most. Aries presented Hardy with some celebratory gifts, then "accidentally" let the balloons go. He then "accidentally" dropped the cookies.

Aries got to business, noting Hardy has another title belt, and now he has to be the man sitting under the microscope with all the pressure and stress falling on him. Aries said not everyone can handle that kind of pressure. "Hardy, Hardy" chant answered Aries, who asked the crowd where they were on Sunday since the crowd in Phoenix was chanting for him. The vocal males picked up an Aries chant, prompting Aries to shut up since they proved his point.

Aries noted he has a re-match anytime he wants, and he's going to make Hardy wait since he wants to see him crumble under the pressure. Aries then grabbed the title belt and said Hardy really wants to be the face of the company. Hardy told Aries to look at the face of the man he can't beat. Aries then said he must be able to pull some strings around here to get that. Aries called it a spitting image of Hardy, then showed what he meant by spitting twice in the face of the title belt. Hardy answered with a punch to the head, then tried Twist of Fate, but Aries bailed to escape. Aries smiled as he backed away from the ring, leading to Hardy celebrating.

Backstage: In the hallway, Daniels was shown taking a sip of his appletini while noting he will show Hulk Hogan what kind of a man he really is by defeating Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles.

Impact Zone: With confetti still in the ring, A.J. Styles was introduced for a triple threat match to determine who will be considered as a challenger to Jeff Hardy next week. They cut to break with Styles on the way to the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back live, Daniels was in the ring with Styles awaiting Kurt Angle's arrival. Before Angle came out, Tenay plugged Championship Thursday next week. Taz noted one of these men will join James Storm, Mr. Anderson, and Bully Ray in consideration for a TNA Title shot against Jeff Hardy.



Angle and Styles took turns going after Daniels as Taz noted Kazarian had travel issues getting to the building, according to Daniels. Styles and Angle had enough of working on Daniels, so they battled each other until Daniels re-entered the ring, only to take a clothesline from Angle. Fired up, Angle delivered rapid-fire offense to Daniels, then Styles, and repeat. Styles suddenly came back with a kick to the head on Angle, who was then cleared out of the ring by Daniels.

Daniels settled into offensive control on Styles, who then made a comeback once Angle re-entered the picture. Rapid-fire three-way action followed before Styles dumped Daniels clear over the top rope to the floor. Styles then measured Daniels for a springboard back flip and connected. Styles clutched his knee after executing the move, though. Back in the ring, Angle took advantage of Styles's work to deliver an Angle Slam to Daniels for the pin, with Styles too late to break up the pin. Post-match: Styles acted stunned as Angle extended his hand. Styles wanted nothing to do with the handshake, though, and left the ring. Angle just smirked as he watched Styles leave the ring.

WINNER: Angle at 6:54. Nice issue developing between two Alpha Males, Styles and Angle, who want to be World champ again.

Video package: Matt Morgan destroyed Al Snow, allowing Joey Ryan to "win" a TNA contract.

Backstage: Joey Ryan and Morgan were shown in the hallway greeting Matt Morgan. Joey did the talking and Hogan replied Joey to turn his 87 percent into a big run. Hogan then looked at Morgan and asked him what his problem is. Morgan told Hogan perhaps it has something to do with Hogan not delivering on his promises. Hogan said he's been on Team Morgan since Day 1. Hogan talked insider about Creative being wishy-washy on Morgan, who shot him quizzical looks. Morgan then slammed his fist against the wall, got within inches of Hogan's ear, and told Hogan to take everything they've said about him and shove it straight up Hogan's. Morgan walked off, leaving Hogan stunned. Hogan smiled, suggesting he was making up b.s. to fire up Morgan and inspire him to be a giant.

[Commercial Break] [...Q7]

[...Q7] Video package: Sting's Hall of Fame induction over the weekend. ... Video package: James Storm bleeding all over the place before defeating Bobby Roode at Bound for Glory.

Storm Victory Speech

Impact Zone: Back live, James Storms's music played to bring out Storm dressed in street clothes for a victory speech. In the ring, Storm said he was taught a saying when he was very long that what goes around comes around. Storm noted he bled buckets on Sunday and when he came back to TNA, he made a bucket list. (1) Kick the crap out of Bobby Roode. Check. (2) Drink beer. Storm took a sip. Check. (3) Win back the TNA World Title. Storm shouted to Hulk Hogan to pay attention.

Suddenly, Bobby Roode's music played to interrupt. Roode slowly made his way to the ring as Storm seethed. Once in the ring, Roode said they made good on a promise. He said they gave everything they could give at Bound for Glory and kicked the crap out of each other. Roode said when it was all said and done, they had one of the bloodiest battles in wrestling history. Storm cut him off and asked So Cal Val for a chair because it's easier for Roode to kiss his ass sitting down. Roode screamed that if anyone should be kissing ass, it should be Storm. Roode said it took him one long year to beat him. Roode said that win took him from way down here (pointed to the ground) to being way up here (pointing to his level). Roode said despite his loss to Storm at Bound for Glory, he knows deep down inside that he will always be...the better man.

Storm paced around the ring to soak up Roode's speech before turning to look at Roode. Storm then delivered a superkick that grazed Roode's chin. Roode flat-back bumped, then Storm's music played over a quiet reaction from the crowd. Storm told Roode, "Sorry about your damn luck," then celebrated with a beer.

Backstage: Devon was shown pumping iron to prepare for his match against Sting, who was then shown walking down the hallway ahead of the main event.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back live, Tenay plugged Jeff Hardy's first title defense next Thursday on Championship Thursday. Tenay then fed to a replay of the video package from Sting's Hall of Fame induction on Saturday.

[Q8] Back in the ring, Christy Hemme introduced the main event, starting with Devon. Devon emerged from a back entrance and entered the ring before Sting's music played. Devon paced the ring as Sting made his way out and removed his t-shirt to toss into the ring.

5 -- STING vs. DEVON

Devon jumped Sting before the bell to start off in control of the action. Sting then made a comeback to a light reaction from an uninvolved Impact Zone tonight. Early on, this had the energy of a match stuck in the middle of a three-hour Raw, not an intense, important grudge match after Devon was revealed as a traitor to TNA, which reflects the audience's lack of connection to the farcical Aces & Eights story. Sting bounced Devon to the outside and they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break eight minutes before the top of the hour, Devon was in control of the action in the ring. The crowd started an obligatory slow clap as Tenay suggested TNA has lost control of the Impact Zone. Yes, Devon engaging Sting in a basic one-on-one match is so chaotic that it's put the Impact Zone in danger. Taz then wondered aloud who the president of the A&E clubhouse is who's calling the shots. The crowd, obviously not concerned that TNA is in danger of being overthrown during this dangerous one-on-one wrestling match, picked up a dueling chant, with some fans apparently showing their true colors by being sympathetic to Devon and Aces & Eights. In any event, the match continued with Devon beating Sting down and Sting selling on the mat. Devon then took his time going to the top rope, where he missed with a diving splash.

At 10:00, Sting made a comeback with punches before delivering a clothesline. Sting delivered a Scorpion Death Drop before applying the Scorpion Deathlock. Devon tried to crawl on his belly to the bottom rope, but Aces & Eights members did the work for him by hitting the ring to attack Sting, causing a DQ.

WINNER: Sting via DQ at 10:57. Not good, especially if TNA is trying to convince the audience that a Devon-led Aces & Eights group is a serious threat. No one took this seriously.

Post-match: The crowd sat quietly until Mr. Anderson and Garett Bischoff hit the ring, followed by more TNA roster members to start another in-ring brawl. Tenay and Taz lamented this being a constant in TNA since Aces & Eights has full access. Basic fighting continued until Bully Ray hit the ring with a weapon in-hand. A&E bailed from the ring, then Impact concluded one minute before the top of the hour with TNA roster members in the ring watching Ray chase after A&E off-camera.


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