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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 11/8: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Impact - final PPV hype, Ladder War conclusion

Nov 8, 2012 - 11:00:00 PM


TNA Impact Results
November 8, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Week 24 of live run on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week's live TNA Impact opened with a video package recapping recent events, specifically Roode-Storm-Styles at Turning Point with the pinee or submitee not able to receive a TNA Title shot until BFG 2013 and the Hardy-Aries feud leading to the PPV.

Aces & Eights video: The A&E leader was shown dressing down Luke Gallows, who was identified as Director of Chaos. He said "Doc" has one week to show why he deserves a spot in the group. Devon then addressed Doc, saying he thinks they should take the match against Sting and Kurt Angle tonight. "Doc" said he will make it right tonight after letting them down last week.

Impact Zone: Live inside the building, TNA zoomed in on two tourists sitting idly mid-conversation as pyro shot off. Jeremy Borash and Todd Keneley then introduced the show and broke down the line-up. Included is a new six-man tag of Daniels & Kazarian & Magnus vs. Chavo & Hernandez & Joe.

James Storms's music then played to bring out Storm for a closer look at the opening match. Storm sat down at the announce table, then A.J. Styles's music played to bring out Styles. Out next was Bobby Roode, who took his sweet time walking to the ring as Storm noted their long history feuding against each other. Noticeable was Roode with a very short, Randy Orton-esque haircut this week.


After the bell sounded, the two went back and forth before moving to the floor. On the outside, Styles whipped Roode into the ring steps, then stalked his opponent. Back in the ring, Styles landed offense before Roode reversed momentum and delivered hard chops to the chest. Styles came back with a high back-body drop, then Roode begged off in the corner. Naturally, Roode trapped Styles in his plot and regained control leading to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] Back from break, Roode was still in control, but could not put away Styles with multiple pin attempts. After Styles escaped a seated chinlock, Styles popped Roode in the back of the head with an enzuigiri for a two count. Styles then flew at Roode with a corner splash as Storm noted he is enjoying watching his two PPV opponents beat the crap out of each other. Styles then trapped Roode on the top turnbuckle for a huracanrana, but Roode kicked out of a apin attempt.

At 12:30, Styles teased the Clash, but Roode shoved him into the corner to block. Roode followed with a spinebuster, then taunted the crowd. Roode tried to follow with a corner move, but Styles dodged. Styles then transitioned into the Clash, but Roode kicked Styles in the face to escape. Styles tried to follow with a Pele Kick, but Roode avoided that, too. Roode then hit a Fisherman Suplex, but Styles kicked out. Great exchange.

At 13:40, Roode went to the outside to retrieve a chair, which led to Storm leaving the broadcast position to walk down to ringside. Storm told Roode to bring that chair over to him, then Roode turned around and ate a springboard splash from Styles. Styles then told Storm to get lost before throwing Roode back into the ring. Storm reminded Styles that he was trying to help him out, then Styles yelled at Storm once again, tried to set up for a springboard, but Roode crotched him. Roode then pinned Styles for the win.

WINNER: Roode at 14:51. Excellent TV match and very nice set up for the three-way match at Turning Point. The only problem is Styles's character remains off reacting illogically and as a hothead. Perhaps it's setting up another heel turn, where Styles would presumably took the pinfall at the PPV, then be so frustrated that he can't get another title shot for 10 months that he snaps. (***)

Backstage: Austin Aries sarcastically greeted Hulk Hogan, who told Aries that the ladder match at the PPV is a lock, but Aries is not. Hogan told Aries that if he doesn't hand over the TNA World Title by the end of the night, then he'll find someone else to challenge Jeff Hardy for the title at the PPV. Aries was unshaken by this threat.

Announcers: JB tried to set up the card for the rest of the night, but the video (intentionally) kept cutting out. JB's audio eventually faded out and text reading "An Ancient Evil Awaits" flashed on the screen. This led to a Halo commercial. Well, a good idea on paper, but when TNA is running fake "uncensored" videos from Aces & Eights on the same show, it's mixed signals to the audience.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Kurt Angle was talking to the unidentified Wes Brisco about timing in the wrestling business. Sting then walked in and identified Wes as their shadow tonight when they face Aces & Eights. Angle capped off Sting's speech by telling Brisco to watch and learn.

Impact Zone: Joseph Park was in the ring waiting for his cue to talk. He did the bit again asking someone if he can speak now. Park began by saying that it took him an hour to get out of bed this morning after Aces & Eights attacked him last week, then noted the human body is not meant to go through a table and it felt great to rip off the mask of "that Aces & Eights hooligan" last week. Park then said he wants a match against A&E and only one person can make that happen...Hulk Hogan.

Park begged for a match against Aces & Eights and asked Hogan to stand by him. Hogan's music then played to bring out the Impact GM to shrieks from the crowd.

[Q3 Once in the ring, Hogan said they are so proud of Park's actions keeping the momentum going against A&E. He said that sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, though, because Park was very, very lucky when he unmasked "that low-life." Hogan told Park that he can't put him or TNA at risk in the ring, then Bully Ray's music interrupted.

Bully stomped out to the ring and quickly addressed Hogan that he didn't want to interrupt him, but he could sense that Hogan was about to tell him no. He knew that because Hogan has told him no for the past two months. He said Park might just be a lawyer, but the guy has heart and guts. Ray noted Park has a lot to prove against A&E and Park wants to get his hands on them just as much as Hogan and he want to.

Hogan replied that he runs this company, not Ray. Ray said he knows that, but he wants Hogan to trust him for one second. He claimed to believe in Park. The crowd echoed Ray's sentiment, which drew a "Let him fight" chant. Ray continued to stroke Hogan's ego by saying these are his fans. "These are your Hulkamaniacs," Ray continued. He asked Hogan why he's saying no when it feels so good just to say yes. After Ray pandered, Hogan milked the moment before saying, "Just this one time." Park hugged Hogan before high-fiving Ray. Hogan, still leery of Ray after he kissed up to him for five minutes, then uncomfortably shook Ray's hand.

Locker Room: Tara was rubbing down Jesse, who talked up his moves on ODB last week. Jesse claimed to be ready for his Hall of Fame spot, then ODB barged in. ODB noted Eric Young isn't here tonight, but she wants to face them two-on-one. ODB said she'll see them in the ring (in her unique way, of course). Jesse concluded that they'll need a lot of hand san after this.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: A.J. Styles was screaming at someone for allowing James Storm to commentate on his match. Storm then barged in and said he made the call because he wanted to scout the so-called "face of TNA." Storm asked Styles how the face of TNA is going to look when it gets kicked in.

2 -- KO tag champion ODB vs. KO champion TARA & JESSE -- Knockouts handicap match -- Taryn Terrell referee

ODB was out first, followed by the "Hollywood power couple." JB plugged TNA's new "Make an Impact" program to provide hurricane relief before the bell sounded. ODB tried to take control early, but the numbers game caught up to her. The Hollywooders lost control, though, and took a double Bronco Buster before ODB rolled up Tara for the win. Post-match: Jesse ran a distraction to allow Tara to sneak-attack ODB for Widow's Peak.

WINNER: ODB at 2:40.

[Q4] [Commercial Break]

Backstage: ODB was on the phone leaving a voice-mail for Eric Young, telling him that Tara and Jesse crossed the line by pouring her flask on her. He told EY to show up at the PPV on Sunday.

Announcers: Todd Keneley made a random announcement that all of the former Gut Check contestants will appear on a special Impact in two weeks on Thanksgiving.

Earlier Today: Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and a returning Taz were shown having a discussion about Christian York following his Gut Check last week. Taz said he had no power to watch the show last week, but what he saw today when he got to the building impressed him. Snow said he's never made it because he's always been attached at the hip to someone else taking the spotlight. He added that he could break free and be a singles wrestler. Taz said he doesn't care because this guy was solid in the ring and wasn't "playing wrestler." Prichard said they're just concerned why he didn't make it big before.

Impact Zone: Kurt Angle came out first for the top-of-the-hour main event. Sting was introduced next and Keneley said Mike Tenay and Taz will have the call on the other side of the break. Much smoother transition.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back live two minutes before the top of the hour, the Aces & Eights theme played to bring out Devon and Doc (Luke Gallows) from their back-of-the-arena entrance. Tenay and Taz reset the show as the A&E representatives slowly made their way to the ring while staring down the fans. Angle and Sting got tired of waiting, so they took the fight to them on the outside.

[Q5 -- second hour]

3 -- STING & KURT ANGLE vs. DEVON & DOC (w/out Sneezy, Dopey, and Grumpy)

Sting rolled Doc into the ring to officially start the match right at the top of the hour. Sting dropped Doc on his head and scored a nearfall before order was restored with all four men in the ring. Doc then pounded Sting into the mat and tagged in Devon, who went to work on Sting. The heels continued to work on Sting, who was unable to reach his corner for a tag. So, Devon taunted Sting to go ahead and tag in Kurt, but Devon sucker-punched Angle instead. This made Sting look sad spending his night on the mat taking a beating.

Sting finally made it to Angle at 4:40 for a hot tag. Angle tore into Devon and Doc before coming off the second turnbuckle for a dropkick. Angle then delivered German Suplexes to Doc before stalking Devon for the Angle Slam, but Doc broke up a pin attempt. All four men in the ring now. Devon, tired of this strict wrestling process, then brought a baseball bat into the ring to smash Sting, causing a DQ.

WINNERS: Sting & Angle via DQ at 5:40.

Post-match: Bully Ray hit the ring and clotheslined Devon to make the save for Sting and Angle. Ray then went under the ring to retrieve a table. Ray fired up the crowd, set up the table, and called for Devon, but Devon saw it coming and bailed from the ring. Devon then scampered away and Ray gave chase. Back in the ring, Sting low-blowed Doc before teasing a powerbomb. But, two other A&E members hit the ring and one smashed Sting with a hammer.

Doc grappled Sting and put him through a table. Doc and the big dude with a hammer then stared down at a fallen Sting before Doc took the hammer and smashed Sting's mid-section and wrists. The assault continued as the announcers called for help. Samoa Joe then hit the ring, followed by Chavo and Hernandez. Ref Brian Hebner called for help for Sting, who writhed in pain as Joe stalked A&E members. Angle eventually came to and checked on Sting, who was helped out of the ring by EMTs as the announcers sold the angle with solemn voices. As Sting was dragged away, Taz called it horrible. This was presented like a temporary write-off for Sting.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: The camera zoomed in on Tenay as he sold concern for Sting's condition following Aces & Eights's attack in the previous segment. This led to a replay of Sting taking hammer shots "all over his body." He said they will update viewers on Sting's condition as they receive information from the trainers.

[Q6] Impact Zone: JB was in the ring with the Gut Check judges - Snow, Taz, and Prichard. Borash then introduced Christian York for his Gut Check evaluation. York, dressed to wrestle, entered the ring before JB introduced each of the judges. York was asked if he put forth his best effort last week, and York confirmed it as such.

First up to evaluate York was Taz. Taz first said York looked good in the ring, then said York has the "it" factor. So, it's a yes. Next was Prichard, who rhetorically asked York why he hasn't broken out after 16 years in wrestling. He dragged this out, then said perhaps it's because York hasn't received a chance. So, it's a yes. York celebrated as JB congratulated him on joining the roster. York then offered an inspirational message to the home viewers to make a dream come true, like he did. Tenay noted history has been made since York received a unanimous vote.

Backstage: Austin Aries was on the phone with someone looking for a loophole. Suddenly, Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray were in the background having a conversation. Aries paused to examine, then Brooke and Ray pretended to go their separate ways when they spotted a camera on them. Aries continued his conversation leading to break. The implication/tease/red-herring was Ray and Brooke "caught" conspiring to apparently pull a fast one on Hulk.

[Commercial Break. Back live for a 15-second spot, Tenay and Taz were shown pretending to have a "I can't hear you" conversation while Taz was wearing headphones for an in-show sponsor. Tenay plugged the new headphones and said Spike's website has the details. Lots of in-show commercial spots as of late, apparently to generate more ad revenue with TV ratings in the doldrums. Impact then went back to commercial.]

Back live for real, Tenay plugged the Turning Point PPV line-up for this Sunday. Added to the line-up are Doc vs. Joseph Park, RVD vs. Joey Ryan for the X Division Title, and Tara & Jesse vs. ODB & EY in a mixed tag.

Backstage: Hulk Hogan was on the phone. He wanted to know what Sting's condition is, then told the other person to call him with updates every five minutes. Joey Ryan suddenly walked in and told Hogan to congratulate him on being X Division champion. Hogan said Joey hasn't even won anything, then shoved Matt Morgan's feet off his desk after telling him he's banned from ringside for Joey vs. RVD at the PPV. Morgan stood up and very firmly told Hogan that he still doesn't realize who he's messing with. Morgan stared down Hogan, then told Joey it's time to go. They left and Hogan smiled to himself, saying he does know what's up.

[Q7] Impact Zone: Christy Hemme introduced a six-man tag match up next. First out was Magnus, followed by former TNA tag champs Daniels and Kazarian to new theme music that somehow made it from the studio to TV. Daniels tried to make the most of it by doing his heel dances and gyrations before Tenay sent the show to break.

[Commercial Break. They cut back for a moment to show Samoa Joe making his entrance.]

Back live for good, TNA tag champs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez made their way to the ring to start the default main event.

4 -- TV champion SAMOA JOE & TNA tag champions CHAVO GUERRERO & HERNANDEZ vs. MAGNUS & CHRISTOPHER DANIELS & KAZARIAN -- six-man tag match

Joe quickly teed off on Kazarian, who rolled out of the ring after taking a beating. Joe and Hernandez then stood tall int he ring as the heels recovered on the outside. Back in the ring, Daniels played pinball taking punches from Chavo, then Joe, then Hernandez in succession. The babyface trio retained control before Joe and Magnus squared off. The action broke down, then Joe cleared through the mess to get his hands on Daniels for rapid-fire blows. Joe followed with a corner attack that sent Daniels reeling across the ring. Joe followed up with a chop to the back, kick to the front, and splash to the stomach for a two count.

Hernandez entered next at 4:00 to bearhug Daniels into an overhead suplex to continue the assault. Chavo then re-entered and worked on Daniels before knocking him to the floor. Chavo knocked Kaz off the apron, then asked Magnus if he wants a piece, and this allowed Daniels to yank him down from the outside. And, this flipped the advantage to the heels, including Daniels doing a Gangnam Style dance to draw jeers from the crowd. Taz noted the reference as the heels maintained control, then Taz tried to offer some train analogies that got him off-track (his pun).

Chavo eventually escaped the heels and tagged in Hernandez, who slingshot splashed Kaz. Hernandez ran over Daniels with a Pounce, then stalked Kaz for the Border Toss, but Daniels broke it up. No matter, as Hernandez double-suplexed Daniels and Kaz. Hernandez then tagged in Joe, who cleaned house before front-slamming Magnus.

[Q8] The action broke down, with bodies going everywhere as the crowd tried to process the action. Hernandez gave them something to cheer with a big dive over the top rope on the outside. In the ring, Chavo bulldogged Magnus, then climbed to the top turnbuckle. Chavo teased a frogsplash, but Kaz held him down. This allowed Magnus to throw Chavo to the outside. Magnus turned around to take a blow to the face from Joe, though. Suddenly, Joe found himself in a three-on-one situation. High/Low led to a top-rope elbow from Magnus for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Team Magnus at 10:52. Okay six-man tag. A bit frenetic, which lost the crowd, but an overall fine set up for two matches at the PPV.

Backstage: Austin Aries was shown walking down the hallway sporting the TNA Title belt over his shoulder. Aries cursed the belt, then Impact went to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live eight minutes before the top of the hour, Bobby Roode was shown walking around in the hallway. Roode said his plan has come together perfectly for him with Storm and Styles at each other's throats leading to Turning Point. Roode turned to leave the building.

Earlier tonight: Tenay and Taz recapped Sting victimized by a "graphic" attack from Aces & Eights. Tenay said Sting has been taken to a local hospital and they will have updates on their website.

Impact Zone: Seven minutes before the top of the hour, Austin Aries's music played to bring out the former TNA champ with possession of the TNA Title belt. Aries grabbed and shook a conveniently-placed ladder in the entranceramp before entering the ring, where another ladder was placed in the middle of the ring. "We Want Hardy" chant as Aries tried to begin his speech. Aries said he wants to talk to Hardy, too. He said Hardy claims to be the best wrestler on the planet, and he thinks that's over-played today. Aries said he is still the the universe. He said three seconds at Bound for Glory did not change that. He said Hardy wanting to face him in a ladder match confirms that since Hardy knows he can't beat Aries again in a professional wrestling match.

Aries continued that Hardy's career is defined by the ladder match. He said Hardy is arguably the greatest dare-devil and risk-taker the wrestling business has ever seen. Aries said Hardy has taken some of the greatest falls ever along the way. At Turning Point, Aries guaranteed that this will be the fall that Hardy doesn't get up from. He said Hardy won't recover from this one physically, mentally, or emotionally. Aries vowed to walk in to Turning Point and beat Hardy at his own game.

After pausing to yell at the What?'ers in the crowd, Aries continued that the bottom line is he will beat Hardy, then take the TNA World Title and Hardy's title belt and have himself a party. Aries vowed to melt Hardy's belt down into a belt buckle. He said he's going to wear Hardy's face right by his crotch. "And, there's nothing you can do about it!" he said. Aries said if he's going to make that happen, he has to hand over the title belt. Aries said he won't hand it over, though, because if Hardy wants the belt back, he can come down to the ring like a man and take it from him.

Cue up Jeff Hardy's theme music two minutes before the top of the hour. Hardy marched out on-stage with possession of his personal title belt, then slowly made his way to the ring as Aries called him into the ring. Hardy stormed the ring and Aries cut off Hardy, leading to a mid-ring scrap. They teased finishers, then Aries bailed from the ring. Hardy unzipped his jacket, then held up both title belts in the air. Hardy posed next to the ladder, then placed each title belt on a hook that came down to center-ring. Hardy then climbed the ladder and stood next to the title belts suspended in the air.

Suddenly, Austin Aries re-entered the ring and kicked the ladder out from under Hardy, with Hardy symbolically taking a hard fall to the mat. "Aries Sucks" chant as Aries stomped away at Hardy. Aries then stood atop the ladder and posed next to the title belts. Taz asked if this will be the visual on Sunday. Tenay said you have tune in Sunday to find out. They signed off at the top of the hour with Aries standing tall on the ladder over Hardy, who was writhing in pain on the mat.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A fine, inoffensive two-hour show building to the PPV. There was no real sense of the PPV being must-see, but they did the best they could to effectively hype all the top matches.


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