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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 11/29: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Championship Thursday - X Title in main event, Hogan Knows Best?

Nov 29, 2012 - 11:09:42 PM


TNA Impact Results
November 29, 2012
Live in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week's live Impact episode opened with a video package recapping Kurt Angle taking a stand for Wes Brisco for a Gut Check audition, Aces & Eights taking out Eric Young, and Austin Aries accusing Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray of an inappropriate relationship.

Live in the Impact Zone, fireworks shot off before Todd Keneley introduced the show. Keneley said the "stakes are high on Championship Thursday" before Hulk Hogan's music abruptly played. Hogan walked out on-stage and cupped the ear before making his way to the ring as Mike Tenay and Taz set the stage for "accusations" follow-up regarding Bullly and Brooke.

In the ring, Hogan said his world nearly came crashing down last week when his Impact GM and Daddy Hogan roles collided. Hogan said he wants to know the truth about Bully Ray's relationship with Brooke, then called out Bully, making this seem like an episode of Hogan Knows Best somehow found its way onto a wrestling show.

Bully, dressed in flannel and jeans, marched out to the ring. Hogan demanded to know what's going on. Ray said what's going on is Hogan doesn't trust him, but he wants to know what's going on. He noted Hogan hasn't trusted him since Day One, didn't trust him when he stood by Sting's side, and hasn't trusted him when he's earned it. Hogan told Bully to cut the crap and fess up to what's going on with him and Brooke. Ray repeated Hogan's question, then asked Hogan if he's sure he wants to know. "Hulk, do you really want answers on who the number one man is in your daughter's life?" Ray said heelishly.

Brooke Hogan's music then interrupted to continue the Hogan Knows Best parade. Brooke marched to the ring not looking very happy with the proceedings. Hulk repeated his question for Bully to Brooke, who said she's not 18-years-old anymore. Hulk didn't care and demanded an answer. Brooke whispered that it's not what it looks like. Hogan said as long as he's on earth, he doesn't want Brooke with a wrestler, much less Bully. Some of the crowd ooohed.

Suddenly, Austin Aries appeared on the video screen standing on a table in Hogan's office telling him to stop airing his family's dirty laundry and start focusing on managing the company. Aries was also in the room with Kid Kash, Kenny King, and Zema Ion. Aries then laid down on the desk and said it's not very comfortable. He asked Brooke how she does it, then laughed it up. In the ring, Hogan stomped out of the ring toward the back as Brooke covered her mouth, selling embarrassment. Bottom line is Bully & Brooke did not confirm nor deny a relationship; there could still be a "misunderstanding" deal where Brooke was consulting with Ray on a relationship with another wrestler and Ray is the fall-guy for the secret relationship.

Announcers: Tenay and the crew were shown on-camera to formally introduce Championship Thursday. The four men in Hogan's office will have an opportunity to face RVD for the X Division Title tonight. The announcers also plugged A.J. Styles & James Storm vs. Daniels & Kazarian in an unstated Fortune flashback match.

Backstage: Mickie James and Gail Kim were shown warming up backstage. They're in the opening match next.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back from break, Christy Hemme introduced the opening match, starting with Gail Kim. Mickie James, who challenges Tara for the Knockouts Title at Final Resolution, was out second.


1 -- MICKIE JAMES vs. GAIL KIM -- Taryn Terrell referee

Gail controlled early on before Mickie made her comeback and climbed up top for a high-flying move, but Gail avoided and scored a nearfall. The former Knockouts champions then went back-and-forth before Mickie scored a close two count and quizzed Taryn on her count. Moments later, Mickie finished off Gail to have a successful Final Resolution tune-up match.

WINNER: Mickie at 5:04.

Backstage: James Storm was shown talking to a roving cameraman. Storm said he has a problem with Bobby Roode bringing his daughter into their feud, then A.J. Styles barged in and said he can give Storm something to whine about because he doesn't get a TNA Title shot for another year. Storm told Styles to stop looking to the past and start looking to the future by focusing on their tag match tonight. Styles childishly blew off Storm, who said he's just trying to help.

[Commercial Break]

Hogan's Office: Back from break, Hulk Hogan was shown entering his office to confront Austin Aries, who tried to back down from mocking Hogan. Hogan then dressed down Kenny King for laughing at Aries's joking, so King stated his case for being considered for the X Title shot. After Kash and Ion argued, Hogan eliminated King. Hogan then sent the other three out of his office. On the way out, Aries told Hogan that Aries Knows Best.

[ JC: This came across too much like the principal addressing middle-schoolers, not men fighting for a chance to gain championship gold. It's a problem throughout pro wrestling. ]

Impact Zone: Bobby Roode came out to the ring for a promo. Roode said he made an impact seven days ago when he made a statement to Jeff Hardy that he will be the new World Hvt. champion at Final Resolution. Roode noted Hardy got called out by a nobody last week - a Gut Check rookie, the same rookie that he laid out with one move. Roode said Hardy barely beat a rookie and he is the real World champion. "You are a paper champion, Jeff!" he said. Roode vowed to prove it at the PPV.

[Q3] Roode called out Christian York that if he wants to make a name for himself, then he calls out a real champion. York's music interrupted Roode, who slowed down York upon entering the ring. Roode told York that he doesn't belong in the same ring with him. York responded by slapping Roode across the face. As Roode sold on the outside, York took the mic and Ryback-ishly said he just called out Roode. On the outside, Roode flipped out and said he's on as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break]


The bell sounded immediately back from break to start the impromptu match. York frustrated Roode early on, so Roode bailed to the outside to get a breather. Roode then yanked York under the bottom rope, but ate the ring steps. Back in the ring, Roode crotched York, who tried a top-rope move. Roode then put the boots to York in-between trash-talking. York teased a comeback, but Roode dropped him with a clothesline. Roode's cockiness continued to cost him, though, as York blocked a second-rope move with a boot to the chin.

York made a comeback at 3:30 with right hand strikes, then exploded out of the corner with a clothesline. York then climbed up-top, blocked Roode, and delivered a double foot stomp to the upper back. York followed with a cannonball splash as females shrieked in the crowd. York covered Roode, but the #1 contender kicked out. York called for his Mood Swing finisher, but Roode blocked. York then rolled up Roode for a close two count that freaked out Roode.

Roode, desperate, then involved the ref in the proceedings, which threw off York. Roode then blasted York with a clothesline from behind before slapping on the cross-face. York tapped out, giving Roode the W. Roode kept the hold locked in a few extra seconds, which nearly drew a reverse decision from ref Brian Hebner.

Post-match: Roode brought a chair into the ring looking for additional punishment to York, but Jeff Hardy stormed the ring in street clothes. Hardy landed a few blows, then teased the Twist of Fate, but Roode slipped out, then slipped out of the ring. Hardy checked on York while Roode recovered and the announcers plugged Hardy vs. Roode at Final Resolution in ten days.

WINNER: Roode via submission at 5:18. Solid TV match and post-match exchange building up Hardy-Roode. York definitely has upside if he fine-tunes his promos.

Aces & Eights video package: A&E took out Sting three weeks ago, they took out Magnus two weeks ago, and they took out Eric Young last week. Tenay said they will hear from EY's "wife," ODB, later tonight.

[Q4] A&E Clubhouse: The spokesperson addressed his troops around the table. He said their attacks on the TNA roster are not random, then booked Doc against Kurt Angle next week. Devon spoke up next. He then spoke into the camera and threatened Hogan that if he does not give him a TV Title shot against Samoa Joe, then someone else will get hurt tonight.

Up Next: Taz, Bruce Prichard, and Al Snow deliberate Wes Brisco's Gut Check credentials.

[Commercial Break]

Last Thursday: Wes Brisco beat Garett Bischoff in an amateurs-wrestle Gut Check try-out match.

Pre-taped Gut Check deliberations: Al Snow talked up Wes's pedigree. Taz said there's even more pressure on a second-generation wrestler, then said Wes is the first Gut Check contestant to win a match. Prichard "evaluated" Wes moving too fast and making a lot of mistakes. Taz then brought up Kurt Angle giving him an endorsement. Prichard went back to evaluating Wes's in-ring performance as Taz tried to remind everyone that he actually won.

Backstage: Bruce Prichard was shown talking to a stagehand about someone (or some people) not arriving in the building yet. Kurt Angle walked up to Prichard telling him to give Wes a contract, almost begging him. Prichard said he can't do that, then Prichard called out to D-Lo Brown trying to figure out where Al Snow is. D-Lo claimed to not know where Snow is despite multiple phone calls.

Impact Zone: Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, who was dressed in new ring gear reflecting his personal view that he is a "ring general," marched out to the ring. Kaz took the mic and knocked A.J. Styles ahead of Styles facing Daniels in the finale of their feud at Final Resolution. Kaz concluded that A.J. will hear the following haunting words for the rest of his life at the PPV: "The winner of the match and better man forever, Christopher Daniels." Impact went to break leading to the top-of-the-second-hour main event.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Impact returned two minutes before the top of the hour with James Storm's music playing to bring out one-half of the babyface duo. After the announcers played up recent tension between Storm and A.J. Styles, a slumping Styles was introduced leading to the top of the hour.

[Q5 -- second hour]


Kaz frustrated Styles early on, which he used to his advantage to control Styles. Taz played up these four individuals's history working together, but said that ship has sailed. Storm then tagged in and dropped Kaz with a reverse neckbreaker. Storm rocked Daniels, too, then tagged in Styles. They set up for a double-elbow to Daniels, but only Storm executed. Styles sold that he missed the cue, then Storm tried to talk him up, but Styles took a beating from Kaz and Daniels. Storm then picked up his partner by tagging in to blast away at Storm and Kaz. Storm tried to finish off Kaz with a backstabber, but Daniels held Kaz to keep his partner out of harm's way. Kaz and Daniels then went to work on Storm as Tenay said their new team name is Bad Influence.

As Bad Influence worked over Storm, the announcers discussed Styles's sluggish performance tonight. Bad Influence then busted out a double Gangnam Style dance, which upset Taz, who said this fad sucks. Styles finally re-entered the match and came in hot on B.I., including a flying forearm smash. But, Styles wiped out on the outside trying to splash Kaz. Chaos ensued with the ref pre-occupied with other matters.

Back in the ring, B.I. hit a double-team neckbreaker and sit-out slam on Styles, but Styles kicked out of a pin attempt. Storm then yanked Kaz to the outside and threw him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Storm blind-tagged into the match as Styles missed with a Pele Kick. Daniels, unaware of the blind tag, then got creamed by a Last Call Superkick from Storm. Storm pinned Daniels for the win.

Post-match: Styles pouted on the outside as Storm tried to get him in the ring to celebrate their victory. Styles opted to head up the ramp while offering some negative self-talk about his performnace. After a replay of the finish, Storm was shown deciding not to allow Styles to ruin his celebration.

WINNERS: Storm & Styles at 7:07. Good tag match. Styles's story has more depth than the usual losing-streak story, as now Styles is starting to doubt himself in the ring. TNA bringing in a "wise sage" in 2013 to get Styles back on-track leading to the BFG Series should make for a good follow-up story.

Announcers: Tenay and Co. broke down the remainder of the Impact line-up. Tenay said they will find out who faces RVD for the TV Title, whether Wes Brisco has earned a TNA contract, and the location of Lockdown.

Video package: The Alamo. TNA showed footage of Riverwalk continuing to set up an official announcement of Lockdown 2013 in San Antonio. After cage match video clips aired, the official announcement was Sunday, March 10 in the Alamodome (moving Lockdown away from April and into an NFL-sized stadium).

Hogan's Office: Hulk Hogan told Zema Ion to stop kissing his ass, then Kid Kash tried to talk tough to Hogan that he deserves a title shot against RVD. Hogan ignored Kash, then allowed Austin Aries to run his mouth. Hogan eliminated Kash, who said he's getting tired of this. Hogan sternly told him that his day is coming.

[Commercial Break]

[Q6] Backstage: Samoa Joe, with the TV Title belt over his shoulder, was shown staring into a roving camera. Joe quietly said, "Devon," then said all he hears from him are words. Joe said Devon wasn't beaten for this TV Title, but he abandoned it because he couldn't hack it. Joe told Devon to come get his belt next week, but he will be beaten.

Impact Zone: Douglas Williams was introduced for the next match of the show. Joey Ryan, dressed in white pants and a white vest, then sauntered out on-stage. He told Christy Hemme to go make him a sandwich before giving a formal introduction for Matt Morgan, calling him one-half of the next tag champs. Morgan, dressed in Hulk Hogan's Shea Stadium robe, walked out on-stage with eyes locked on Williams. Morgan very slowly walked toward the ring to let everyone get a look at him before posing in the ring. Tenay said Morgan is still looking to get Hogan's attention.


Williams tried to punch Morgan, but Morgan shoved him down to the mat before delivering a big clothesline. Morgan slowly walked toward Williams before delivering a big corner blow. Morgan continued to take his time stalking Williams before intimidating the referee. Morgan followed with a big sidewalk slam, then stared down at Douglas. Morgan shot a look into the hard camera to apparently send Hogan a message, then Williams teased a comeback, but Morgan cut him off with a big chokeslam, which Joey celebrated ringside.

Morgan then smiled as he measured Williams, who slowly reached his feet to eat a Carbon Footprint. Morgan had enough for one night and pinned Williams for the win. Tenay called it a devastating, dominating performance tonight. More adjectives from Keneley as Morgan stood tall in the ring.

WINNER: Morgan at 2:15. Solid, methodical work from Morgan, who found his groove taking his time picking apart Williams. Now it's just waiting for this story with Hogan to go somewhere.

Backstage: Bruce Prichard was on the phone trying to find Al Snow. D-Lo Brown then walked in and said he tried reaching Al's wife, but couldn't get hold of her. Prichard, more concerned with the Gut Check voting coming up, said he's screwed if there's a yes and a no. D-Lo spoke up and said he evaluates the Gut Check live events, so he can step in. Prichard said that's not a bad idea, so he booked D-Lo as Snow's replacement.

[Commercial Break]

Next Week: Samoa Joe vs. Devon for the TV Title and Kurt Angle vs. Doc from Aces & Eights. Plus, just announced a six-man tag of Kaz, Daniels, and Roode vs. Hardy, Storm, and Styles for final PPV hype.

Gut Check Eval

Impact Zone: Jeremy Borash was standing by to set up this month's Gut Check vote. Wes Brisco walked out doing his (intentional or unintentional) goofy facial expressions while rubbing his hands together. Wes entered the ring to face the panel of judges, which was Prichard, Taz, and D-Lo Brown. Prichard took the mic from JB and said Al Snow did not show up today. He stammered out a line about the show going on, then hesitantly introduced D-Lo as his replacement. Prichard continued that it's time to get the judging underway.

[Q7] Prichard addressed Wes that he's known his family for decades, traveled the world with his father, and they have a lot of history. (JB was standing in the background during this.) Prichard said Wes won his Gut Check match, but it wasn't his best outing. He said judging Wes based on last week, his vote would be different. He said he knows what he is capable of, though, so his answer is yes.

JB took over from Prichard to thank Bruce for his vote before asking Taz for his thoughts. Taz said Kurt Angle's endorsement for Wes means a lot to him, but his performance in victory was not great. He said he means this respectfully, but it's a no. JB took the mic back, then told Wes he has 30 seconds to convince D-Lo that he deserves a judge. Wes quietly thanked Bruce for his support, said he respects Taz, and told D-Lo that everything is in his hands right now. He said he's always wanted to be in this ring and he's doing this for his family and friends. Wes did the disingenuous deal looking toward the ceiling that he's doing this for his uncle, Jack. He pleaded with Brown for a chance. Brown disingenuously looked around the arena selling the importance of this decision. He took a deep breath and said those were some powerful words.

Brown said he's not sure if Wes is ready to be on this roster as Wes sold near-tears...pause for "He is ready" chant from the crowd...but he has to say that he respects Taz and Bruce, plus Angle sticking up for him. Brown said if it's good enough for Bruce, then his answer is. Wes flipped out, selling tears before hugging Brown and Prichard. Kurt Angle then stormed the ring wildly celebrating for Wes. Garett Bischoff followed Angle into the ring as the announcers sold this as a great moment. Angle grabbed Wes around the neck and told him he did it, then Wes teared up and thanked the crowd.

[ JC: You can almost hear it now from Mike Tenay. "They fooled us all!" if the storyline reveal is Wes, D-Lo, and Garett were Aces & Eights representatives who fooled Prichard and TNA. It's a predictable storyline twist, but potentially effective, and TNA should go forward with it if they believe it's the best use of the trio. ]

Backstage: The roving cameraman asked Hogan about making his first double-elimination earlier tonight. Hogan said he's not himself tonight, then walked down the hallway, only to find Bully Ray looking for him. Ray asked Hogan why he didn't come to talk him about Austin Aries. Perhaps it's because Hogan is confusing business with personal. Hogan replied that perhaps Ray is confusing business and personal. Hogan stomped off, leaving Ray to look at a portrait of Hogan on the wall. Ray sighed, as if he were trying to tell Hogan something important, but Hogan won't listen.

[Commercial Break]

TV spot: Jeff Hardy as a human canvas for a Spike TV show, Ink Master. The new episode airs Tuesday.

Backstage: ODB talked to the roving cameraman about her feelings when Eric Young was taken out by Aces & Eights. She said A&E was up to no good again and they shattered EY's ankle. ODB said EY is in the hospital right now and --- she walked off, unable to keep talking about it.

Announcers: The trio ran down the Final Resolution PPV line-up thus far - Roode vs. Hardy for the TNA Title, Tara vs. Mickie for the KO Title, and Daniels vs. Styles "one final time."

Backstage: Hulk Hogan was shown talking to Austin Aries, who thanked Hogan for falling for his plan to get an X Title shot because the X Title is his ticket to the TNA World Title. Hogan's response could not be heard because audio from a video package accidentally started playing over Hogan. Hogan then wished Aries good luck after waking him up to what's going on around here.

Impact Zone: Austin Aries marched to the ring for the Wrangler-sponsored main event for the X Division Title. When was the last time an X Title match main-evented Impact? It would be a good item for Tenay to throw out on the broadcast. RVD then came out to defend the title against Aries. With both men assembled in the ring, JB provided a formal ring intro and noted Wrangler Jeans is the official sponsor.


5 -- X Division champion ROB VAN DAM vs. AUSTIN ARIES -- X Division Title match

The two men countered each other's offense early on before Aries had enough and rolled to the outside to reset. But, RVD popped him with a kick through the ropes before hitting a plancha. RVD in control leading to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Impact returned from break eight minutes before the top of the hour with Aries in control. However, RVD and Aries kind of collided on a suicide dive spot that brought the action to a halt. So, the two men brawled outside the ring before RVD airballed a flying roundhouse kick and crashed into the guardrail. Aries followed with a neckbreaker into the front row. Aries tried to pin RVD multiple times back in the ring, but RVD continued to kick out.

At 8:00, RVD came back with trademark kicks to the face. But, Aries came back with a spike DDT. Aries could only score a nearfall, though. Aries then hit RVD's own Rolling Thunder move, but RVD kicked out again. Aries then mockingly set up for a Five-Star Frogsplash, did the thumbs-to-the-shoulders pose, and airballed a Five-Star when RVD rolled out of the way. RVD then kicked Aries in the head before springboard thrust-kicking the challenger.

At 10:00, RVD wanted his own Rolling Thunder and connected. Rob followed with a springboard split-legged moonsault, but Aries avoided a three count. Aries came back with a discus forearm smash before doing some more thumbs-to-shoulders mockery. RVD had enough and delivered a dropkick. He did his own pose in Aries's face before climbing up-top. RVD wanted Five-Star, but Aries shoved him off the top turnbuckle to the floor below.

On the floor, Aries rolled dead-weight back into the ring, then slid back into the ring with mic in-hand. Aries taunted RVD that he's so close, but he's flat on his back all sweaty and breathing heavy...just like Brooke Hogan. Aries vowed to look like the next X Division champion, then Bully Ray stormed the ring and grabbed Aries. This caused the match to be thrown out by ref Brian Hebner.

WINNER: Unofficial No Contest or RVD via DQ at 12:30; RVD retained the X Division Title. A full-blown Aries vs. RVD feud could finally light a fire under RVD's character to get RVD to actually show some passion and fire that's been missing from his TNA run. This was a good main event pre-non-finish.

Post-match: Aries bailed from the ring, then screamed at Ray that he cost him this match. Hogan then walked out on-stage and Aries was caught in-between Hulk and Bully. Aries disappeared, then the camera zoomed in on Hogan's eyes shooting a death stare toward Ray, who returned the glare. "Still don't trust me, do you?" Ray asked Hogan as the credits flashed. The camera remained fixed on Hogan's eyes as Impact signed off one minute before the top of the hour.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, there was enough to like about this show to outweigh the eye-rolling Hogan Knows Best storyline that found its way onto Impact. There are enough stories in-motion among actual wrestlers to create a sense of direction and purpose to the product, which could not be said after last week's poor show. By the end of the show, though, Final Resolution was an after-thought, which will set up the monthly desperation heave towards the endzone on next week's Impact.


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