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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 12/6: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Impact - Team Hardy vs. Team Roode, Knockout returns, final PPV hype

Dec 6, 2012 - 10:00:05 PM


TNA Impact Results
December 6, 2012
Live in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week's live Impact opened with a video package documenting recent events including Kurt Angle vouching for Wes Brisco, who won Gut Check, plus Al Snow going AWOL, D-Lo Brown voting Wes onto the roster, and Austin Aries trying to expose Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. There was no mention of the current TNA Title feud between Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy leading to the PPV in three days.

Impact Zone: To fill that gap, Bobby Roode's music played to begin the show. Roode emerged on-stage dressed in a suit flanked by Daniels & Kazarian, who will team with Roode in a six-man tag main event tonight. Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz hyped Roode vs. Hardy at the PPV and tonight's main event as the heels made their way to the ring.

In the ring, Kaz took the mic first and referenced this being the best three members of "the most dominant group in Impact Wrestling history," Fortune. Kaz called themselves winners, then Bobby Roode took the mic and said his guarantees become realities. In his case, that's becoming TNA World Hvt. champion once again at Final Resolution. Roode concluded that it pays to be rude.

Daniels spoke third. He offered a guarantee that this Sunday, the Impact audience will see one last match between he and A.J. Styles. Daniels noted the winner will be known as the better man forever and the A.J. Styles. Daniels said he has one more thing to say to Styles, though, then called him out for a good ol' chat like pals. "C'mon, let's blah blah blah a little bit," he said.

Styles's music played to bring out Styles for a live chat. Styles's face read that he wasn't buying Daniels's act before entering the ring to stand a few feet away from Daniels. Styles said he knows exactly what Chris is going to say because he's been jealous of him since Day One. Styles called Daniels a jealous individual forever. He said the fact is that Daniels couldn't beat him even on his best day. Daniels ignored the jab before claiming he was right about Styles all along. He noted Styles has lost so many times over the past year, and not because of Daniels & Kaz or global warming or Obamacare, but because he's a loser.

Daniels continued that Styles's worst nightmare is going to become a reality on Sunday when he realizes that Daniels is the better man. Styles said reality is Daniels talks too much, then he speared him to the mat. Roode and Kaz had Daniels's back for a quick beat down, but Jeff Hardy and James Storm made the save to clear the heels out of the ring. The two teams had a stare down to set up tonight's main event.

Video replay from last week's main event: Austin Aries lost a chance to win the X Division Title from Rob Van Dam when he trash-talked too much about Brooke Hogan, which brought Bully Ray into the ring to cause a non-finish. This was followed by Bully and Hulk Hogan having a staredown to close the show.

Backstage: Aries talked to the roving cameraman that dragging Bully and Brooke through the mud wasn't about them, but about revenge on Hulk Hogan. He said it was all about getting the X Division Title back so that he could regain the TNA Title. Aries said Ray screwed up his plan, then challenged Ray to a match at the PPV on Sunday. He informed Hogan that he better make the match official if he knows what's good for him.

Backstage: Elsewhere, Samoa Joe was shown walking down the hallway. TV Title match is next.

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] Impact Zone: Todd Keneley welcomed viewers back to the show before Aces & Eights's music played to bring out Devon, who was never defeated for the TV Title. Samoa Joe was out next sporting long sideburns, a goatee, and black & red MMA-style fighting shorts.

1 -- TNA TV champion SAMOA JOE vs. DEVON -- Television Title match

Joe and Devon locked up, then Joe landed an elbow to the face followed by an enziguiri. Joe ran over Devon with a clothesline before landing a big splash. But, Devon used Joe's momentum against him by pulling down the top rope, which caused Joe to fly to the outside. Back in the ring, they exchanged control of the match before coming to a standstill. So, they traded bombs from a standing position. Joe won the exchange, then big-booted Devon into a running splash for a close two count.

Devon avoided a corner move, but then walked into a frontslam. Joe measured Devon for a rear-naked choke, but a random female individual hopped on the ring apron to distract ref Earl Hebner. D.O.C. then slipped in the back-door to smash Joe with his hammer. Devon pinned Joe, the ref returned to the action, and Devon is the TV champ again. Post-match, suddenly, four or five half-dressed women paraded around the ringside area before embracing Devon and D.O.C. as the announcers sold befuddlement on commentary.

WINNER: Devon at 3:56 to capture the TV Title. This was made to feel completely inconsequential since TNA just moved right along to other items rather than taking the time to react to what happened. It's back to that old TNA problem of trying to pack too many things into a show that there's no time to react and reinforce important developments.

Backstage: Brooke Hogan was shown walking down the hallway while talking on the phone to someone, who was later identified as a female. Brooke said she's excited that some sort of contract has been signed. She told the person to let her know when she gets here.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: D-Lo Brown was shown talking to Al Snow, who said he's waiting for blood results and tests to determine what happened to him last week. D-Lo said perhaps he was drugged. Snow said all he remembers is arriving in Orlando, then waking up in a hospital room without his wallet while surrounded by people. Snow thanked D-Lo for filling in for him as Gut Check last week, then D-Lo said it was just right place, right time.

[Q3] Impact Zone: Mickie James came to the ring for a talking segment. Mickie thanked everyone for supporting her while she was at home recovering. Mickie did not identify what she was talking about, with the entire audience apparently expected to know that she recently had surgery, then vowed to become new Knockouts champion. Suddenly, Tara's music interrupted to bring out KO champion Tara and Jesse. Tara made sad noises to mock Mickie's story, then recapped her great year compared to Mickie's bad year.

Suddenly, the Beautiful People's music played, causing Taz to react. "Is this a joke?" he asked. Velvet Sky, making her TV return, emerged on-stage as the announcers wondered how long it's been since she was on Impact. Sky entered the ring to join the discussion, noting she's missed everyone. Sky thanked Brooke Hogan for bringing her back, then wished them luck at Final Resolution. Sky then put them on notice that 2013 will be the Year of Velvet Sky as Knockouts champion. Cue up Velvet's music to end the segment.

Locker Room: Robbie E. was shown complaining about not being able to pay his car insurance because his touchscreen wasn't working. Rob Terry then showed Robbie how to make it work. Robbie complained about the tablet, then said it's time to get ready for their tag match. (The latest in-show commercial spot to generate additional ad revenue while Impact ratings continue to flounder.)

Mystery Vignette: Leading to break, red coloring filled the screen to promote an event occurring on 1.3.13, which is the date of the first Thursday of next year.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: The Robbies were in the ring back from break. Techno music then played, which could only mean Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for a pre-PPV tune-up match. Chavo and Hernandez made their way to the ring as the announcers plugged Chavo's heritage.

2 -- TNA tag champions CHAVO GUERRERO & HERNANDEZ vs. ROBBIE E. & ROB TERRY -- non-title match

Robbie controlled Chavo early on; Taz had plenty of jokes to offer during the first few minutes of the match. Hernandez took a hot tag to overpower Robbie before Terry and Hernandez battled. After men went flying in and out of the ring, Hernandez measured Robbie for The Pounce. Chavo then tagged in and executed a top-rope frogsplash for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Chavo & Hernandez 3:52. Basic build toward Final Resolution when they defend the Tag Titles against Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan...

Speaking of which, Joey came out on-stage and taunted the tag champs after their victory. This allowed Matt Morgan to sneak into the ring and double clothesline the champs. Joey then picked up the tag belts and said size matters when dealing with "the big Morgan and big organ." Joey held up one of the tag belts in the air as Morgan's music played. Morgan just glared into the hard camera, apparently sending a message to Hulk Hogan.

Video: Aces & Eights music was heard as cameras showed two girls dancing seductively in the "clubhouse." They told Devon they want to play. Devon said there's time to play, but they need to throw a dart (suggesting another attack on a TNA roster member). The A&E spokesperson then pulled out some money and suggested they have a financial backer.

Up Next: Angle vs. D.O.C. in the top-of-the-second-hour match.

[Commercial Break]

Last Thursday: D-Lo Brown made the decision to grant Wes Brisco a TNA roster spot during Gut Check. Cue up Wes's disingenuous freak-out celebration.

Locker Room: Kurt Angle was shown talking to Wes and Garett Bischoff. Wes thanked Kurt for his help and training, then Garett thanked Angle for helping him out, too. Angle offered a gameplan to Wes and Garett, who said they have his back against Aces & Eights.

Backstage: Chavo and Hernandez were shown angry over events in the previous segment. Chavo said they got their attention for Sunday. He vowed to step on their faces while looking them right in the eyes. He said if they want a fight, they got it.

Impact Zone: Kurt Angle's music played, then stopped, then played again. Angle marched to the ring by himself before Impact went to break.

[Commercial Break]

Impact returned one minute before the top of the hour with Kurt Angle anxiously awaiting his opponent in the ring. The former Luke Gallows then emerged through the A&E side entrance as Taz recapped the "dancing girls" being part of Aces & Eights's gameplan tonight.

[Q5 -- second hour]

3 -- KURT ANGLE vs. D.O.C.

As soon as Doc hit the ring, Angle attacked him with punches and stomps. Angle then targeted Doc's knee as Keneley plugged Lockdown coming to San Antonio's Alamodome in March 2013, with tickets on-sale Friday. Doc broke free of Angle's attack, then clotheslined Angle over the top rope to the outside. On the floor, Doc whipped Angle into the ring steps.

Back in the ring, Angle came back with three German Suplexes. Angle then measured Doc for an Angle Slam, but Doc slipped out and nailed a big boot to the face for a nearfall. Angle came back with an Anklelock tease, but Doc slipped out. Doc then low-blowed Angle out of the ref's view, nailed a clothesline, and scored a nearfall. After another anklelock tease, Angle walked into a chokeslam center-ring. Doc covered Angle, but Angle kicked out again.

At 5:00, Doc missed with a corner attack, then Angle nailed an Angle Slam center-ring. Angle dropped the straps to signal the end, but Aces & Eights members hit the ring to smash Angle, causing a DQ.

After the bell sounded, A&E members surrounded the ring, then Garett and Wes slowly made their way to the ring. By comparison, Samoa Joe stormed the ring and chased off A&E. On the mic, Angle said he sees that they like to run in packs. Well, he has a pack. Angle challenged them to a four-on-four match at Final Resolution. "You're dead!" Doc shouted over Devon's shoulder as Devon, Doc, and two masked members pointed fingers at Angle, Joe, Wes, and Garett.

WINNER: Angle via DQ at 5:26.

Announcers: The trio broke down the Final Resolution line-up before noting Aries vs. Ray is not official yet. To the back...

GM Office: Hulk Hogan was on the phone with someone, then said he's on the Internet looking at some sites. He revealed he was on the phone with Joseph Park and told him to look into OVW for training. Bully Ray then walked in for a conversation with Hogan. Ray leaned on the table and told Hogan that he wants a match against Austin Aries. Hogan laughed, which Ray didn't find funny. Ray repeated it, then Hogan mockingly talked up Ray before noting the wrestling universe doesn't revolve around him and Aries. Hogan said the answer is no. Ray laughed, then vowed to change his mind by the end of the night. "I'm taking over your friggen show," he said. Hogan told him to be careful what he wishes for.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: James Storm and Jeff Hardy were shown talking about their six-man tag match tonight. Storm said he has Jeff's back, then brought up Bobby Roode. He said Roode knows what buttons to push, he fell into Roode's trap a few weeks ago, and he knows what he is capable of. Hardy took in Storm's advice, then the camera slowed down and they returned to putting Hardy's inner thoughts on the air via voice-over supposedly happening in real-time. Hardy said he doesn't know if Storm is a cowboy or an outlaw. He said he knows it's the creatures and him against the world.

Impact Zone: TNA abruptly cut to the ring where three men were assembled in the ring for a randomly-presented match. Christy Hemme introduced Kenny King, Zema Ion, and Kid Kash; the winner receives an X Title shot against RVD on Sunday.


4 -- KENNY KING vs. ZEMA ION vs. KID KASH -- #1 contender match to the X Division Title

Early on, it was two men battling and one man waiting for his opening. Kash and Ion then spilled to the outside before King came off the top rope for a splash onto both men. Kash got the worst of it, so Ion returned the favor on King with a big splash. Back in the ring, they set up a Tower of Doom spot. Kash got the best of it, then huracanrana'ed King over the top rope to the outside.

Back in the ring, Ion shoved Kash off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Ion then turned around to take a flying splash from King. King followed with the Royal Flush on Ion for the pin and the win. After the match, King put RVD on-notice for Final Resolution on Sunday.

WINNER: King at 5:55 to become #1 contender to the X Title.

Backstage: More phone calls. Bully Ray was telling someone that he is so pissed off right now. He told the person on the other end that he is going to the ring, taking over the show, and getting what he wants. Ray said he'll take matters into his own hands, then hung up. (JC: TNA is really pushing the suspension of disbelief tonight with so many people having "secret phone conversations" right in front of a camera.)

Mystery Vignette: A Reckoning Is At Hand. Their Road to Hell is Paved in Their Own Blood. 1.03.13.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Bully Ray's music played to bring out Ray with a chair, which he proceeded to chuck into the ring. Ray demanded a mic, then cut off his music and walked around the chair. Ray said he isn't going anywhere until he gets what he wants. He noted he wants to fight Aries and Aries wants to fight him, plus these people want to see them fight. Ray led the audience is cheering for a fight, then sat down in the chair and said he isn't going anywhere until he gets what he wants.

Instead, Aries's music played to bring out Aries with his own chair. "Am I supposed to believe this crap?" Aries sarcastically asked. Aries walked half-down the ramp and noted he isn't buying Ray's tough-guy act. He said Ray is pretending to want to fight him, to which Ray replied that he wants to fight him so bad that he wants Aries in the ring right now. Aries said that's not his plan. Aries placed a chair on the entrance ramp and said he's going to sit here at a comfortable distance and take over the show, too.

[Q7] Hulk Hogan's music played to join the game of musical chairs, freaking out Aries while Ray leaned back in his chair in the ring. Hogan made his way into the ring as Aries walked around ringside, then Hogan took the mic and cut his music. Hogan walked around Ray, who continued to lean back in his chair. Hogan said he's going to fix all their business right now. He said he's been nothing but business inside this ring for 30 years. "I'm not making the stinkin' match!" Hogan said. He said he's not going to get pushed around, then told Ray to get out of his ring or else he'll fire his ass or kick it. Ray then went face-to-face with Hogan as Aries shouted at them to fight.

Suddenly, Brooke Hogan charged the ring as Aries provided play-by-play from the outside. Brooke stepped in-between Daddy and Bully, telling them to stop. Brooke slipped and called Ray "Mark," then said maybe Hulk is making it too personal. The crowd went dead quiet, then Hogan asked Brooke if she just called him Mark. After a pause, Hulk suddenly changed his tune, saying all three of them have made this personal and the match is on. So, it's Brooke Hogan = Stephanie McMahon, Bully Ray = Triple H, and Austin Aries = Brock Lesnar. On the outside, Aries's eyes lit up with excitement after the match against Bully was made.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: The trio broke down the Final Resolution line-up including the just-announced Ray vs. Aries match. Plus, RVD vs. King for the X Title, Tara vs. Mickie for the KO Title, Chavo & Hernandez vs. Morgan & Joey, Aces & Eights vs. Team Angle, Styles vs. Daniels, and the main event of Hardy vs. Roode for the TNA Title. ... A video package hyped Hardy vs. Roode for the TNA Title to determine who goes into 2013 as TNA champ.

Impact Zone: Keneley said tonight's main event is sponsored by Five-Hour Energy, then Roode's music played to bring out Roode along with Daniels and Kaz dressed in fannypacks, Zubaz pants, and '80s workout shirts. Taz noted it's Throwback Thursday and they weren't kidding. Jeff Hardy's music then played to bring out Hardy, Styles, and Storm for the main event. After everyone was assembled in the ring, Jeremy Borash handled formal ring introductions.

5 -- TNA World Hvt. champion JEFF HARDY & JAMES STORM & A.J. STYLES vs. BOBBY ROODE & KAZARIAN & DANIELS -- six-man tag match

The bell sounded one minute before the start of the eighth quarter-hour. Storm and Kaz started things off as the camera focused on Kaz's Zubaz pants. On commentary, Taz complimented Kenely on his "guts and his balls" as the two teams traded tags early on.

[Q8] Daniels momentarily controlled Hardy, but Hardy came back with a head scissors into a step-through kick. Hardy then tagged in Styles, so Daniels ran away to the heel corner to avoid Styles. So, Kaz took a beating from Styles. Hardy and Styles then double-teamed Kaz leading to a mid-match commercial at 2:45.

[Commercial Break]

Back live ten minutes before the top of the hour, the heels were in control of the action working on Hardy, who couldn't reach his team for a tag. Bad Intentions offered their weekly Gangnam Style dance, which angered Taz again. Hardy spilled to the outside, where Roode ran him into the ring apron. Back in the ring, the heels continued the attack, then Hardy teased a comeback that Roode cut off. But, Roode took too long following up with a second-rope move, which allowed Hardy to drop him with Twist of Fate.

Hardy eventually reached Styles for a tag simultaneous to Kaz tagging in. Styles came in hot, then Storm entered for offense. Tenay declared the action officially broken down as ref Earl Hebner tried to organize the proceedings. Styles then executed a double DDT on Kaz and Roode, but Daniels blasted him from behind. Daniels then hung up Styles on the top rope before Storm made the save. Storm and Styles exchanged words, then Hardy tagged himself in, dropped Kaz with a Twist of Fate, and pinned Kaz for the win.

WINNERS: Team Hardy at 15:07.

Post-match, Storm and Styles continued to argue, then Hardy received his TNA Title and custom title belt to stand tall in the ring. Suddenly, Aces & Eights hit the ring to attack Hardy. And, TNA is back to questions about whether Roode is working with A&E to benefit from attacks on the current
TNA champion. James Storm then hit the ring to run off A&E. On the outside, Devon led the group in gesturing a thumbs up. On the stage on the other side of the arena, Roode lifted his thumb in the air, then smiled. Keneley concluded that Roode made a financial investment in A&E to take out Hardy three days before Final Resolution. Impact signed off with the TNA Title is jeopardy on Sunday.

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