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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 12/13: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of PPV fall-out episode

Dec 13, 2012 - 9:00:00 PM


TNA Impact Results
December 13, 2012
Taped 12/10 in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week's episode following the Final Resolution PPV opened with a video package documenting events at the PPV when Jeff Hardy retained the World Title over Bobby Roode after Roode's deal with Aces & Eights went bad, Austin Aries used personal issues involving Bully Ray and the Hogans to beat Bully, and Daniels won the "final match" over A.J. Styles.

Impact Zone: Todd Keneley introduced the show as TNA panned the audience before Bobby Roode's music played to begin the show. In the ring, Roode said he's confused, taken aback, and pissed off about what happened at the PPV because - as a businessman - he made a big, lucrative, and expensive deal with Aces & Eights to guarantee that he would regain the TNA World Title. Pause. "Yeah, it didn't happen," he said. Roode said where he comes from, a deal is a deal. So, he wants answers.

A&E's music played to bring out Devon, D.O.C., and two masked men behind them. Taz said he would be pissed, too, if he were Roode, and he's also curious to find out what happened. Wasn't this storyline originally "TNA" vs. "anti-TNA," so shouldn't the TNA announcers be more concerned with and focused on Roode - independent of being a heel - crossing into enemy territory by working with A&E? It captures one of this storyline's issues that it twists itself into a knot. Once A&E entered the ring, Devon spoke that Roode was out-bid by someone else. Roode demanded to know who, but Devon said they don't reveal business dealings. He said Roode might find out later tonight, though.

Jeff Hardy's music interrupted. Hardy, flanked by James Storm, cut his music and said he's tired of this business wheeling and dealing. He said he's not here to play detective, but to fight. Hardy and Storm stormed the ring to chase off A&E while Roode bailed to the outside. Hardy's music played again as Hardy and Storm stood tall in the ring.

Announcers: Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz were shown on-camera to reset the show. Taz again said he wants to know who out-bid Roode. Tenay then plugged a potential match tonight of Hardy & Storm against Aces & Eights. Keneley then sent the show backstage.

Backstage: Velvet Sky excitedly talked about returning to TNA last week and said her eyes on the prize focusing on the Knockouts Title. Velvet said she's ready for action now.

[Commercial Break]

Video package: Mickie James was shown in-tears after failing to win the Knockouts Title Sunday at Final Resolution. The video transitioned to how the Tara vs. Mickie title match unfolded. Mickie talked on-camera about being disappointed that she didn't have all her bases covered. Mickie declared herself the best female wrestler in the world and called her loss b.s.

Impact Zone: Madison Rayne was introduced for the first match of the show. A returning Velvet Sky then entered as Keneley noted the Knockouts Title will be defended on next week's Championship Thursday Impact episode.


1 -- VELVET SKY vs. MADISON RAYNE -- Taryn Terrell referee

Before the bell, Tenay noted their history as part of the Beautiful People before the group split. In the ring, Madison screamed and shouted in Velvet's face before the opening bell sounded to begin the match. Velvet took the upper-hand early on, but Madison cut her off and went on the attack. Velvet then made her comeback and scored a decisive win with the X Factor in her return match.

WINNER: Velvet at 3:09. Basic reinforcement of Velvet returning to action with mission and purpose to regain the Knockouts Title.

Locker Room: Kurt Angle pep-talked Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff before their tag match tonight. Garett randomly said he needs a cup of coffee before the match. Angle said he has something better, then dipped into his locker to bring out this week's in-show product placement item - a package of Five Hour Energy. Angle told them to down some of this before their match.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Daniels and Kazarian were shown walking in the hallway. The roving cameraman asked if they had anything to do with the Aces & Eights pay-off. "Please!" they said simultaneously. Kaz said they're friends with Bobby Roode, so they wouldn't do that. Plus, Daniels was focused on A.J. Styles, who Kaz said could have been the culprit.

Video package: TNA documented Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes, and Garett coming together to defeat Aces & Eights at the PPV.

Impact Zone: Christy Hemme was standing by in the ring to introduce Robbie E. and Rob Terry for tag action. The duo marched out in matching sweaters before entering the VIP Area as Keneley noted he did not make Robbie's List. Taz told him to work on his personality. Generic music then played to bring out Wes and Garett, flanked by Kurt Angle. Before the bell sounded, Taz plugged Angle vs. Devon for the TV Title on next week's Impact.


The Robbies controlled Wes early on. "Who do you think you are?!" Robbie shouted down at Wes. Meanwhile, the announcers again stressed the idea of Wes and Garett being "respectful" and appreciating their opportunity on the TNA roster, unlike other second-generation wrestlers.

[Q3] Wes finally broke free of Robbie E. to tag in Garett. Garett clotheslined Robbie as Keneley offered a cliche about Garett lighting up Robbie like a Christmas Tree. Garett followed with a flapjack, then Rob Terry yanked him down from behind from the ring apron. But, Wes blind-tagged in and the Robbies didn't see it. This allowed Wes to come off the top rope with a splash to Terry for the pin and the win. Ringside, Angle clapped it up for his proteges.

WINNERS: Wes & Garett at 3:28. W&G had to win this match, otherwise, what would have it said about the effects of Five Hour Energy on an athlete?

Post-match: An Aces & Eights member suddenly attacked Angle from behind as Wes and Garrett were celebrating in the ring. Wes & Garett then turned around and saw Angle holding his knee on the outside and scrambled to check on him. Angle clutched his left knee as Keneley noted Angle has a TV Title shot next week against A&E leader Devon.

[Commercial Break]

Moments Ago: Aces & Eights took out Kurt Angle.

Trainer's Room: Angle was shown being tended to by the TNA trainer. Wes and Garett asked what they could for him and went off to get ice. The trainer noted Angle has significant swelling to his knee.

Announcers: Keneley and Co. talked about Aces & Eights's recent attacks, including taking out Joseph Park. Tenay said Park heeded Hulk Hogan's advice to return to wrestling training school.

Earlier This Week: Joseph Park rolled up to OVW in Louisville, Ky. dressed in a suit and frustrated having lost his rental car reservation. Park arrived and surveyed the exterior of the building. Park walked in and met Danny Davis to begin his training program. Davis gave Park a stern introductory lesson before the video showed Park struggling to keep up with Davis in the OVW ring. Davis had enough of Park for one day.

Brooke Hogan's Office: Back in Orlando, Tara and Jesse walked in to talk with Brooke. Tara noted their boyfriends are wrestling tonight, so they need to stick together. Brooke ignored Tara kissing up to her, then told Tara that she'll find out who she's defending the Knockouts Title against next week, just like everyone else. Tara, upset, told Brooke that her boyfriend (Bully Ray) is going to lose to Jesse.

Up next: Jeff Hardy and James Storm in tag action against Aces & Eights.

Vignette: Leading to break another 1.3.13 mysterious video played.

[Commercial Break]

[Q4] Locker Room: Kenny King said facing Rob Van Dam at Final Resolution was his dream match, but he lost. King vowed to right that wrong by knocking RVD flat on his ass.

Impact Zone: James Storm was introduced first for the next match of the show. Jeff Hardy's music then brought out the TNA World champion as Storm's partner. After Hardy completed a victory lap, the Aces & Eights music played to bring out D.O.C. and the masked big guy without back-up.


Storm and Hardy started off hot with rapid-fire offense to D.O.C. Keneley noted they're showing good continuity early. DOC then brought in "the other member" of Aces & Eights, as identified by Keneley. Hardy then dropkicked the masked man to the outside before splashing both A&E members on the floor. Hardy danced in the ring and Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back on Impact, Hardy kicked DOC in the face before the masked man blasted Hardy from behind to give A&E the advantage. Storm tried to help out his partner as A&E double-teamed Hardy, but ref Brian Hebner held Storm back to wait for a legal tag. As A&E beat down Hardy, the announcers noted they still do not know A&E's agenda or why they hide behind masks. DOC and Masked Guy continued to cut off Hardy and work over the champ leading to the top of the hour.

[Q5 -- second hour] After a tag-team clinic from the A&E members, Hardy finally nailed Whisper in the Wind on DOC, but still could not make the tag to Storm. At 13:00 flat, Hardy finally Storm's hand to bring in the Cowboy. The crowd exploded as Storm entered hot on the A&E members. Storm nailed Masked Guy with a high cross-body, but only scored a two count. Storm then tagged in Hardy for a double-team attack.

All four men in at 13:45. Hardy and Storm double-suplexed DOC, then other A&E members hit the ring very slowly. One man took a wild, first-day-of-wrestling-school swing at Hardy, who ducked. Devon was then sent packing. Back in the ring, Storm dropped DOC with a Last Call superkick. Hardy then dropped the masked guy with a Twist of Fate for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Hardy & Storm at 14:33. Pretty good tag match that didn't overstay its welcome, but also reinforced A&E as not being threats in the ring. Is that the storyline deal - they weren't good enough to get TNA contracts because they're bad wrestlers, so the TNA roster rejects decided to form a group, don masks to hide their identities, wreak havoc, and get access to the TNA building?

Post-match: Devon said the Club is not about protecting other peoples's business, then blurted out that the guy who paid them off was Austin Aries. Hardy and Storm sort of thought this through as the announcers tried to figure out what it means. On commentary, Taz said he's surprised that Aries out-bid Roode.

Backstage: Hulk Hogan was shown flipping out about the revelation. Finally, someone with the right emotion for this angle. Bobby Roode then jumped in to the shot also flipping out. Hogan said both Roode and Aries are in trouble with him, then Roode tried to put the blame on Aries since he ruined the PPV main event. Hogan ignored him, then answered his phone. He told Aries that he better have an explanation by the end of the night or else. Roode went back to screaming in Hogan's face that he better have a plan and do something about Aries, and Hogan told him to get out of his face before stomping off.

Up Next: A.J. Styles speaks.

[Commercial Break]

Video package: A back-and-forth documentation of A.J. Styles's and Daniels's words leading into their "final encounter," which resulted in Daniels topping Styles. Post-match, Daniels was shown declaring himself the better man. "I beat the white night with his own sword," Daniels said. Earl Hebner was shown trying to get cameras out of Styles's locker room as he recovered from the effects of the loss. Nice piece of video right there.

A.J. Styles Speech

Impact Zone: A.J. Styles's music played to bring out a sulking Styles with his cap hung low over his eyes to cover his emotions. In the ring, Styles waited out encouraging applause. Styles began by noting he demanding this TV time to come out here and address "you." Styles said he doesn't have to tell "you" how long he's been here, where he's going, or how long it will take to get there. Styles paused for a "You Still Got It" chant, ignored it, and said he's not going anywhere.

After waiting for the Impact Zone to get library-quiet, Styles continued that the truth is he's not sure where he's going. Styles said he doesn't know what the next step is because he's spent so much time being a corporate guy. Styles said he forgot all about #1. "So, basically, why I'm out here is to tell you this," he said. Styles said this has nothing to do with "you" or the Impact Zone or Dixie Carter. Styles removed his t-shirt, then said this has nothing to do with Impact Wrestling, but everything to do with A.J. Styles.

Styles said he's sick and tired of being the corporate janitor cleaning up every TNA mess. He said he's tired of doing the right thing. So, he's going to start doing his own thing. Styles dropped the mic and left the ring with a scowl on his face. No music. Impact cut to break.

[Q6] [Commercial Break]

Moments Ago: Styles said he's tired of cleaning up every TNA mess. He said he's going to start looking out for himself, then walked off.

Parking Garage area: Dixie Carter was shown waiting for Styles. "Who are you?!" Dixie asked, with the tone of demanding to know. Styles threw his t-shirt at Dixie, then walked off, leaving the Impact Zone.

Backstage: Daniels and Kaz were shown freaking out watching the monitor. Daniels celebrated sending Styles packing. Kaz told him to calm down, then said he has a surprise for him. Kaz sang a Christmas tune as he walked off, then Daniels said they weren't supposed to do big gifts this year.

Impact Zone: Kenny King was introduced for the next match of the show. X Division champ Rob Van Dam came out next for a non-title re-match from Final Resolution, where RVD retained the X Title over King.

4 -- X Division champion ROB VAN DAM vs. KENNY KING -- non-title match

Before the bell sounded, King talked some trash that he wants to prove himself with an another opportunity against Rob. Tenay said it's all in the spirit of good, clean competition. After the bell sounded, King scored with some offense, RVD returned the favor, and they returned to their feet going eye-to-eye. King said it's his time, then circled the ring before trying to lock up. But, RVD popped him in the face with a roundhouse kick. RVD celebrated, turned his back, and King smashed him to the outside. King followed with a corkscrew splash that sent RVD into the guardrail.

Back in the ring, King covered RVD for a two count. King continued the assault for a few minutes before missing with a corner attack. RVD then slammed King and tried a split-legged moonsault, but King moved. RVD came right back with a Northern Lights suplex, but King kicked out. The engaged crowd tried to rally Rob, who stepped through into a kick to the head. Moments later, King went for a flying cross-body splash, rolled on top of RVD, put his feet on the bottom ropes, and scored a three count for the win.

Post-match, RVD sold shock over the outcome. Meanwhile, Taz defended King winning by cheating, saying it's okay, as long as he got the win. No one countered Taz's viewpoint as King celebrated on the stage and RVD continued to sell disbelief in the ring.

WINNER: King at 5:45. Perhaps this will work out well for both men - King gets his first spotlight feud and something finally lights a fire under the RVD character.

[Q7] Hogan's Office: Bully Ray walked in to Hulk Hogan's office to discuss matters. Hogan flipped out at Ray's presence, then told Ray that his personal b.s. not telling him about his relationship with Brooke Hogan has turned into his business. Hogan told Ray that everything going down has led to him not changing his mind about the situation with Brooke. Ray, after waiting out Hogan's speech, flipped out that maybe Brooke wants to be with him, but he might not want anything to do with her. Hogan told "Mark" that maybe it is one-sided and maybe she threw him down on the couch. Ray screamed at Hulk that Brooke was sitting down on the couch with him because she was trying to apologize for Hulk for treating him like crap. Hogan wasn't buying it, then Ray cut another passionate promo that he bled for Sting and Hogan and was trying to do the right thing. How about that, "Terry?" he asked. Ray quieted down, then said what Brooke does is her own business and Hulk needs to get over it. Hogan, not heeding the Hogan Knows Best lesson, muttered to himself, "Weak."

[Commercial Break]

Championship Thursday hype: Miss Tessmacher, ODB, Velvet Sky, or Mickie James will face Knockouts champion Tara and Kurt Angle will challenge Devon for the TV Title.

Impact Zone: The announcers said up next is the main event, sponsored by Five Hour Energy. Out first was Jesse, flanked by Tara. Taz noted he fears for Jesse after seeing how fired up Ray was in the previous segment with Hogan. Taz told him to stop playing grab-ass and get ready. Ray then marched out to the ring and chased Jesse out of the ring, then chased Tara around ringside, then chased Jesse back into the ring.

5 -- BULLY RAY vs. JESSE (w/Tara)

Ray lit up Jesse once the bell sounded. Ray continued the assault, then Jesse tried to comeback with chops, but Ray no-sold and ran over Jesse with a boot to the face. Ray threw up the Horns Stan Hansen-style, then took Jesse into the corner to destroy his chest with an open-hand strike. Ray quieted down the crowd one more time, then popped Jesse's chest again. The crowd wanted it one more time, but Tara entered the ring to plead with Ray to spare Jesse. Instead, Ray spanked Tara out of the ring. Jesse, fired up, attacked Ray from behind before angrily striking Ray with strikes and blows.

Jesse followed with a dropkick that apparently did not connect since TNA went to a different angle. Ray was shown bleeding from the cut at Final Resolution, then Jesse continued the assault after seeing Ray's blood. Jesse knocked down Ray numerous times, then shoved his boot into Ray's mouth in the corner. "Make him pay!" Tara shouted from ringside. Jesse went back to a dropkick, then examined the welts covering his chest. But, Jesse posed too long, which allowed Ray to come back with a Bubba Cutter. Ray pinned Jesse for the win.

Post-match: Ray, with blood trickling down his forehead, looked into the hard camera and shouted toward Hogan what it's going to take for him to listen. Ray then posed Stan Hansen-style to conclude the match segment.

WINNER: Ray at 6:00. Jesse showed a little something here in a default main event situation, but he's still green. Meanwhile, Ray is dialed-in with his character right now.

Backstage: Austin Aries was shown talking to the roving cameraman. He said he will provide the information people are looking for in the ring, next.

Mystery Vignette: Vengeance Has a Name. He Will Descend on Them Like A Plague. 1.3.13.

[Q8] [Commercial Break]

Back on Impact ten minutes before the top of the hour, TNA replayed the end of the Final Resolution main event when Hardy beat Roode thanks in-part to Aces & Eights's inaction on Roode's behalf. They also replayed A&E beating down Roode after Roode demanded to know why they didn't go through with the arranged deal.

Earlier Tonight: Devon let it slip that Austin Aries paid them off.

Impact Zone: Aries's music played to bring out the former TNA Champ dressed in street clothes. Aries marched to the ring with a self-satisfied grin on his face, then took the mic and said he's not surprised that the beans have been spilled. "Yes, I was the man who trumped Bobby Roode's offer to the Aces & Eights," he said. Aries said he knows Bobby is upset, but as a man who's willing to do anything to get the World Title and said himself that money talks, then he should understand that Aries's money sings.

Aries said he's not surprised that A&E outed him this evening, after all, there is no honor among thieves. He said all that matters is that they got the job done. Aries then noted he was put at the front of the line to fight Hulk Hogan's battles six months ago against A&E. He said he didn't get paid for it, then Hogan tossed him aside to hop on the Jeff Hardy bandwagon. Aries said that's why he's been stirring the pot and pushing buttons, and he will not stop until he gets back the World Title.

Hardy's music interrupted to bring out the World champ on-stage. Hardy slowly made his way down to the ramp, walking with a limp. Hardy said this is about him and what he has, then noted Aries hired a motorcycle gang to help him. "Talk about pathetic," Hardy said. He said Aries should have just asked like a man. Aries didn't buy that and said he has to ask, then jump off a ladder, jump through hoops, climb a moat, or slay a dragon. Hardy tongue-in-cheek said he likes the ideas presented and it's cool to see Aries has opened up his imagination.

Hardy then got serious and booked Aries vs. Hardy III next week on Championship Thursday. Aries laughed and said he's not going to have the match in front of Hardy's fans. Aries said the problem is he doesn't do what the fans want, and he doesn't do what Hardy wants and when. Hardy said that's the difference between them. "I give the fans what they want," he said, then smashed Aries in the gut. A scrap was on as Taz said Hardy has offered to put his title on the line next week. Hardy then dropped Aries with Twist of Fate, then hopped to the top rope. But, before Hardy could execute Twist of Fate, Aries scampered out of the ring.

Aries, incensed, shouted toward Hardy, "Next week?!" from the outside. In the ring, Hardy held the TNA Title belt for Aries to come and get it. Impact signed off two full minutes before the top of the hour with Keneley wondering if Aries will accept Hardy's challenge next week on Championship Thursday.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A lot to like about this show, specifically the focus on Final Resolution fall-out and following through on those stories. But, the issue remains putting it all together in a package that makes sense, and having the announce team to pull this off, which they don't. The Aces & Eights business will continue to linger over the show like a black cloud until TNA offers some explanations and agendas. Until then, the internal TNA heel vs. face stories are being compromised.


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