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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 12/20: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Champ. Thursday - Aries vs. Hardy, 1.3.13 reveal

Dec 20, 2012 - 11:30:54 PM


TNA Impact Results
December 20, 2012
Taped 12/10 & 12/11 in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's TNA Impact episode opened with a video message on the screen - TNA sent out its sympathies and condolences to the victims and families affected by the Connecticut school shooting last Friday.

Impact then started with a video package on recent events involving Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray, the Knockouts division, Austin Aries trumping Bobby Roode's pay-off to Aces & Eights, and set-up for Championship Thursday tonight.

Earlier Today: Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries arrived separately ahead of their third clash for the TNA World Title.

Impact Zone: Todd Keneley introduced the show before introducing Mike Tenay and Taz on-camera. After running down the three title matches scheduled for the show tonight, Keneley sent it to the ring for the first title match.

In-ring: Christy Hemme introduced Kurt Angle as the TV Title challenger. Angle limped down to the ring selling the effects of Aces & Eights's attack on last week's Impact. After Angle entered the ring, he took the mic and noted he's looking for a title shot. He said the only title he wants is the TV Title because it belongs to Devon of Aces & Eights. Angle said Devon will find out how real he is. A&E's music then played to bring out Devon, followed by D.O.C. and three masked members. Angle said he's not surprised that Devon didn't come alone, so he called down a pack of his own to watch his back. Out came Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, and Garett Bischoff to back up Angle.

1 -- TV champion DEVON (w/A&E) vs. KURT ANGLE (w/Joe, Brisco, Garett) -- TNA Television Title match

Angle started off in control, trying to slow down the pace so he could maximize his energy working hurt. Suddenly, the two teams squared off ringside. As they squared off, there was this eery silence in the building; it made it seem like Impact was being presented in front of an empty arena. Suddenly, the two sides broke out into a fight ringside. Ref Brian Hebner tried to restore order, but missed Devon sneaking back into the ring to clip Angle's injured leg. After Hebner booted both teams from the match, Impact cut to break with Devon in control.

[Commercial Break. The Rock is on television again. A spot aired for "G.I. Joe Retaliation" focusing on Rock and Bruce Willis.]

Back from break, Devon was still in control working on Angle's injured leg. It's worth noting Devon dressed for the occasion by wearing a cut-off flannel shirt underneath his bubble jacket so it didn't look like he was wrestling in five layers of clothing.

[Q2] The crowd tried to make some noise to rally behind Angle, who continued to sell the leg as Devon taunted him in-between moves. Meanwhile, Tenay tried to present an item that Devon holding the TV Title gives Aces & Eights power, control, and leverage. That would require TNA to re-establish the purpose and value of the TV Title, especially since they dropped Hulk Hogan's desire for a weekly TV Title match. If the idea were Devon being TV champ means A&E is guaranteed weekly TV time, that would be one thing, but it would require TNA to re-visit Hogan's call for a weekly TV Title match.

Angle made a comeback at 10:00 with multiple German Suplexes that ended with Angle releasing Devon following the third suplex. Angle then slapped on the anklelock, which brought A&E members down to ringside. In the ring, Devon tapped, but Brian Hebner was occupied with A&E ringside. Joe, Garett, and Wes then came down to confront A&E, but, back in the ring, another A&E member smashed Angle in the head with an illegal object. Devon draped an arm over Angle, the ref returned to the ring, and Devon scored a three count for the win.

Post-match: Devon celebrated with Aces & Eights while Joe screamed at ref Hebner for screwing up. Wes and Garett helped Angle to his feet as A&E celebrated on the way out of the Impact Zone.

WINNER: Devon at 11:07 to retain the TV Title. Slow match to try to get Angle through a full match while working hurt. Meanwhile, it's the same story with A&E. After watching The Shield's believable, dangerous, realistic, impactful, youthful, and aggressive attacks on WWE TV over the past week, A&E looks like they're playing patty-cake. Seven months later, they're still not believable as an "outsiders group" trying to wreak havoc.

Video: Knockouts Deliberations (presented by Five Hour Energy) - Brooke Hogan was shown talking to Tessmacher, Velvet, ODB, and Mickie James about who should receive a Knockouts Title shot tonight. Brooke eliminated ODB because her on-air husband, Eric Young, is currently injured, saying "family first." ODB blew her off, then left Brooke's office.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Kenny King was shown talking. King said the headline last week said he beat Rob Van Dam, no matter how it went down. King said he squared things last Thursday and now they get to form a dream tag team. King said no one is going to have teeth left after they get done.

Impact Zone: Matt Morgan's music played to bring out Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan for tag action. Morgan posed in the ring as Joey did his shtick before Kenny King's music played. After King came out, RVD joined King for tag action.

2 -- X Division champion ROB VAN DAM & KENNY KING vs. MATT MORGAN & JOEY RYAN

Van Dam dominated Joey early on. King clapped it up for RVD from ringside, selling that he was being a good teammate. King then tagged in and turned around from showboating to find a giant clothesline from Morgan. Morgan glared into the hard camera, then knee-lifted King. "Beat him up!" Joey shouted from ringside with a high-pitched voice. Joey then demanded a tag and entered the ring to punch King in the mouth before showboating. Morgan followed by palming King's head into the top turnbuckle while standing on the ring apron.

[Q3] RVD and King then decided to double-dropkick Morgan off the ring apron to the floor. King inflicted more offense to Ryan, but then saw Morgan coming and peaced out. This left RVD in the ring to take Carbon Footprint from Morgan. Joey then pinned RVD for the pin and the win. Afterward, King tried to act like a good teammate by lightly encouraging RVD to recover. King then giggled to himself and watched RVD sell in the ring. "That looks like it hurt," he said.

WINNER: Morgan & Ryan at 4:52. Great facial expressions from King during the finish and post-match to sell his budding feud with RVD. Now if only they can deliver some passionate comments from RVD in reply to show that his character cares about being played by King.

Mystery Vignette Week 3: The Answer Is Close. 01.13.13.

[Commercial Break]

Last Thursday: A.J. Styles said he's tired of being the corporate janitor cleaning up TNA's messes. So, from now on, he's doing his own thing.

Locker Room: Kazarian said he doesn't feel anything about Styles walking off. Kaz said he's more concerned about Christmas coming up next week. Tonight, he has a surprise for his fans and they will see how well he treats his best friend. Kaz then got a call from his pal, "Nick." Kaz's voice trailed off as he continued the phone call.

Hogan Promo

Impact Zone: Hulk Hogan's music played to bring out Hogan for an unannounced appearance. Hogan posed on-stage, then walked toward the ring as TNA cut to various crowd shots of excited tourists. In the ring, Hogan said the crowd makes him feel like he's 18-years-old again. Hogan claimed 2012 has been one great year for Impact Wrestling. He said he saw this little teeny company start to grow and now it's become a full-fledged monster. He said what's so cool is they have so much talent in the back that it's hard to decide who the greatest of the great is. Hogan plugged voting for Wrestler of the YEar that will run until the end of the year. He said the January 3 episode will be a "very special episode," where the winner is revealed.

Suddenly, Aces & Eights's music interrupted. Devon walked out with other A&E members, then accused Hogan of telling so many lies that he thinks Hogan is starting to believe them. Devon said 2012 was the Year of Aces & Eights, not TNA. He said A&E was the year that A&E beat the hell out of every single one of those TNA so-called wrestlers "back there." Devon said it goes like this: this club represents the truth, not the garbage that Hogan has been spewing.

Devon continued that 2013 will be the year - pause for "Hogan, Hogan" chant - for Aces & Eights and the year that A&E be revealed and goals be accomplished. He said the only thing with that is that in 2013, Hogan will not be around to see any of it unfold. A&E then hopped on the ring apron to circle Hogan, but Bully Ray stormed the ring to chase off Aces & Eights. Devon called Ray a piece of crap as Ray shouted at them to get in the ring. "Your ass is next!" D.O.C. shouted unconvincingly toward Ray.

[Q4] Hogan and Ray then came face-to-face in the ring. Hogan slowly approached Ray, looked around the arena for some advice on whether to trust Ray, heard a few "Don't do it" catcalls, and walked past Ray out of the ring. Ray continued to sell frustration that he can't earn Hogan's trust. Hogan smirked and started to leave the ringside area as Ray shouted after him from inside the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Moments Ago: Bully Ray made the save for Hulk Hogan, but Hogan still doesn't trust Ray.

Locker Room: Jeff Hardy addressed Austin Aries through the locker room camera. Hardy said Aries destroyed his body to get the TNA Title, but he beat him twice. Hardy said he's willing to beat Aries three times to prove his point.

Hallway: Brooke Hogan brought in Mickie, Velvet Sky, and Tessmacher, who tried to get a title shot by noting Mickie and Velvet have been gone, while she has been here in TNA battling for a fair re-match against Tara. Velvet and Mickie also made a case for never getting a fair shot against Tara. Brooke said she thinks she knows what direction she wants to go.

Backstage: Kaz was shown walking down the hall with possession of two Christmas present boxes.

[Commercial Break]

Video Package: A.J. Styles's rough 2012.

Kaz Christmas Special

Impact Zone: Three minutes before the top of the hour, Kaz was introduced in the Impact Zone. Kaz walked to the ring holding a big present and a small present. The ring was already set up with a giant chair and Christmas tree with more presents. Kaz said he's in a great mood, set up his Christmas decorations, and brought out everyone's best friend - and the man who beat A.J. Styles to cause him to lose his smile - Christopher Daniels.

[Q5 -- second hour] Once in the ring, Daniels sat down on the big Christmas chair and sipped his apple martini. Kaz stroked Daniels's ego, then said he arranged for a very special visitor to come celebrate with Daniels. Kaz introduced Santa Claus, leading to Taz bringing up childhood issues about never liking Santa Claus. A slender Santa made his way to the ring as Daniels acted like a child celebrating Santa's arrival.

Once in the ring, Santa down in the Christmas chair before Kaz gave Santa a gift - a purple scarf. Well, actually, purple Zubaz pants. Daniels then asked for a picture sitting on Santa's lap. "This is weird," Taz said. Santa then asked Daniels if he has been a good boy this holiday season. Daniels smiled huge and said he's been so good. "You know what I did? I got rid of the biggest loser in Impact Wrestling history, A.J. Styles!" he said. Santa said that since Daniels has given these fans what they wanted all year long, he will grant Daniels his holiday wish. Daniels thought it over, then said he would like to use his wish to give to someone else. Daniels said he would like Santa to give A.J. Styles's kids presents because Styles is such a loser.

Suddenly, James Storm's music interrupted. Storm walked out on-stage dressed for a night on the town, then slowly made his way to the ring. Storm said he won't stand for them mocking a special day like Christmas. Storm said they can come out here and run down Styles, that's one thing, but they won't run down Christmas on his watch. In the ring, Daniels told Santa that Storm is the reason why Styles cannot wrestle for the TNA Title for one whole year because Storm was selfish. Daniels told Santa to put this man on his naughty list.

Storm then entered the ring to give Santa a real reason to get on the naughty list. In the ring, Santa said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" instead of "Ho, Ho, Ho!" which stopped Storm short. Storm questioned who Santa really is, then quizzed "Santa" on whether he knows what presents he got as a kid. Santa of course did not know, then Storm asked Santa what he asked for on Christmas last year. Santa guessed something country. "Is it a Travis Tritt CD?" Santa asked. Storm said that's very close, but he asked for a case of beer. Storm then superkicked Santa out of the chair. Daniels and Kaz bailed from the ring, then Storm told "Santa" to put that in his pipe and smoke it. Taz said Santa's one-liners were killing him as Storm closed the segment by throwing presents into the crowd.

Backstage: Austin Aries mocked Jeff Hardy's inner thoughts bit by staring into the camera to wonder if they can hear his thoughts. Aries said he'll talk instead. He said Hardy challenged him to a match tonight, and it's the biggest mistake of Hardy's career. Aries vowed to become TNA Champ tonight.

Still to come tonight: Aries vs. Hardy III.

Backstage: Brooke Hogan was shown walking down the hallway reading a piece of paper. Keneley said Brooke will make her final decision next.

[Commercial Break]

Mystery Vignette: Sting is returning 1.3.13. The video showed Sting naming the Aces & Eights members he plans to take out one by one upon returning to TNA after being taken out by A&E.

Aces & Eights video: The A&E group was shown sitting around a table in their clubhouse. The spokesman asked what happened out there earlier. D.O.C. admitted they were tricked. The spokesman then said they need bodies - not just anyone, but smart muscle. Devon said he might have someone in mind - a little arrogant, but maybe pissed off enough to want to do this. The spokesman allowed Devon to prove it, then the group approved the plan.

[Q6] Backstage: Brooke was with Velvet and Mickie James. Brooke said she wants Velvet to watch closely, then gave the title shot to Mickie. Velvet, upset, wished Mickie good luck with no conviction.

3 -- Knockouts champion TARA (w/Jesse) vs. MICKIE JAMES -- Knockouts Title match -- Taryn Terrell referee

After Mickie came to the ring for the title match, Tara and Jesse slowly walked out to the ring to make Mickie wait as long as possible before the match started. Once the bell sounded, they traded early nearfalls. Mickie then built offense, which brought Jesse on the ring apron. Mickie covered Tara, Taryn was distracted, and Mickie only scored a delayed two count on a visual three count. Mickie still maintained control and scored close nearfalls, so Jesse dragged Tara out of the ring to safety. On the way back into the ring, Jesse ran interference again, allowing Tara to blindside Mickie for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Tara at 6:55 to retain the KO Title. And, Tara clears another hurdle put up by Brooke Hogan. Now it's Brooke's move again.

Backstage: Austin Aries was shown walking down the hallway ahead of the main event title match. TNA cut to Hardy also walking down the hallway leading to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q7] Earlier This Week: Joseph Park struggled with his wrestling training at OVW. Danny Davis was shown yelling and screaming at Park while Gut Check winners and other OVW talent were shown standing around the ring trying to encourage Park. Davis tore into Park, then had a student demonstrate a forearm to the mouth. Park came up bleeding, then exploded on the student with overpowering offense. Davis sold shock, then Park looked around and tried to figure out what happened.

Impact Zone: Five Hour Energy is presenting tonight's main event, which started with Austin Aries being introduced as the challenger for the TNA Title. Hardy was out second with possession of the TNA Title belt and custom Jeff Hardy belt. Once Hardy finished posing in the ring, Jeremy Borash handled formal ring introductions for the main event. With the stage set, ref Brian Hebner presented the TNA Title belt to the hard camera as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

4 -- TNA World Hvt. champion JEFF HARDY vs. AUSTIN ARIES -- TNA World Title match

The bell sounded back from break to begin tonight's main event. As champ and challenger felt each other out, Taz noted Hardy is wrestling with stitches around his eye after Aces & Eights attacked him last week. Hardy shook off the stitches and controlled the action early on, which drew Aries to the floor for a time-out. Aries kept walking around the ring, which frustrated Hardy, who wanted a big move on the outside. Aries then rolled back into the ring, where they resumed the battle. Hardy knocked Aries to the floor, then measured him for a high-flying move again, but Aries again avoided Hardy. So, Hardy went for a desperation splash, but Aries moved and Hardy ate the guardrail. Time for a break at 4:25.

[Q8] [Commercial Break]

Back from break, Aries was in control as the announcers plugged Sting returning to TNA on the January 3 Impact. Aries settled into a pattern of offensive move, then crowd-taunt as Hardy struggled to find an opening. Aries shouted down an "Aries Sucks" chant before Tenay brought up Aries being trained by Eddie Sharkey, who Tenay noted also trained Rick Rude. Hardy teased a comeback moments later, but Aries blocked Twist of Fate. Aries and Hardy then collided mid-ring.

At 13:00, Aries reached his feet first and delivered a discus forearm strike in the corner. Aries followed with a running dropkick for a close two count. Hardy then came back with a powerbomb grip that he turned into an overhead facebuster. But, Aries kicked out at two. Hardy tried a high-risk follow-up, but Aries moved and Hardy ate the mat.

At 15:00, Aries grappled Hardy for a suplex, but Hardy blocked with a knee to the head. Hardy, limping to sell the effects of the match, followed with Twist of Fate, but he could not capitalize. Hardy tried again, but Aries avoided. Hardy tried to come back with a split-leg drop, but Aries shoved Hardy into the ref, bumping Brian Hebner.

After Aries and Hardy recovered, Hardy tried to check on Hebner, which only got him a low-blow from Aries for his trouble. Aries then delivered a Brainbuster, but there was no ref. So, Aries called for another ref. Aries pinned Aries, then a new ref hit the scene, but Bobby Roode yanked the ref out of the ring. Roode then counted for Aries, who didn't realize it was Roode and not the ref. Aries turned around, thinking he won the title, but found a middle finger and a spinebuster from Roode.

At 17:30, the ref and Hardy woke up as Roode bailed from the ring to some cheers. Meanwhile, Aries tried to figure out what happened as he reached his feet. Hardy then hit Twist of Fate before slowly climbing to the top rope to deliver the Swanton Bomb to Aries. Hardy covered Aries and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Hardy at 18:05 to retain the TNA World Title. Solid work in a main event slot. It looks like Roode will assume the tweener role in an imminent three-way title match.

Post-match, Roode shouted into the ring from the entrance ramp. Taz said he doesn't think Roode wanted to help Hardy, but just screw over Aries. Back in the ring, Hardy accepted his title belts before TNA replayed the ending.

Backstage: Before Impact ended, the roving cameraman walked up to Hulk Hogan for thoughts on the TNA Title picture. Hogan said it's chaotic and he's looking forward to getting it straightened out in 2013. The cameraman asked about Aces & Eights, which Hogan blew off before suddenly stopping in his tracks. The roving cameraman found what Hogan was seeing: Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan behind a vehicle. Rey then pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Hogan angrily jumped into his car as the roving cameraman noted that Hogan is seeing what Ray is all about. Hogan sped out of the parking garage as Impact closed with a shot of Brooke and Ray making out. WWE Week Moment: where's Brooke Hogan's bodyguard to stand tall to close the show?

Alert: Following tonight's Impact, if you watched the show, we're looking for your Reax and 0-10 score sent to

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