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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 12/27: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Open Fight Night - Aries vs. Roode ends without a finish to cap off 2012

Dec 27, 2012 - 9:01:51 PM


TNA Impact Results
December 27, 2012
Taped 12/11 in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The final TNA Impact of 2012 opened with a look at Aces & Eights recently taking out Kurt Angle, then setting their sights on Hulk Hogan. Plus, Christopher Daniels beat A.J. Styles at Final Resolution, which sent Styles home doing things on his own terms. And, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode continue to chase Jeff Hardy's TNA World Title.

Impact Zone: Open Fight Night started with full pyro as Todd Keneley introduced the show. Keneley noted anyone can be called out at any time. Bully Ray's music then played to begin the show. Ray stomped out to the ring not dressed to wrestle. Mike Tenay noted Ray has some explaining to do after Hulk Hogan saw Ray and Brooke Hogan make out at the end of last week's show.

In the ring, Ray said it's quite obvious that over the past couple of weeks and months, he and Hulk Hogan cannot get along. He said he doesn't know what he has to do in order to prove to Hulk that he is trustworthy. Ray said since tonight is OFN, he wants to call out Hulk Hogan. But, not to fight, only to talk. Ray circled the ring to near-silence in the Impact Zone before Hogan's music played.

After Hulk's music played for a bit, Brooke Hogan walked out instead. Ray sold concern, then asked Brooke where her father is. Brooke milked the awkward moment for a bit before whispering, "He knows." Ray asked what she's talking about, then Brooke said Hulk knows about them. Are they talking about something else, or the segment at the end of last week's show that everyone saw, suggesting that Brooke and Ray don't watch the show? Brooke whispered off-mic that someone must have snapped a photo of them. She said that she wants to show Hulk the man she knows that Ray is, but not here. Cat-calls as Ray and Brooke continued to talk off-mic. Ray then stormed out of the ring, but paused on the entrance ramp to continue the conversation with Brooke. End Logic Failure Segment.

Announcers: Keneley reset the show, noting Brooke and Bully's exchange was an awkward way to start the show. Keneley, Tenay, and Taz then hyped Open Fight Night tonight.

Suddenly, Austin Aries's music played. Aries walked out dressed to wrestle, then hit the ring to call out the fans. The fans?! Aries said he's going to make this short and sweet because he should be TNA World Hvt. champion right now, except Bobby Roode stuck his nose in his business last week against Jeff Hardy.

Aries said he's not mad at him, though, since they screwed each other. He said they're 1-1, so they will settle this in the ring tonight. Aries said they will decide who faces Hardy next for the TNA World Title, but they're not doing this right now. He said this will be settled in the final main event of 2012. Aries said this will be an electric main event. Aries's music played to wrap up his promo.

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] Impact Zone: Back from break, a man from the Isle of Samoa was introduced. Out came Samoa Joe looking for a piece of someone. In the ring, Joe took the mic and dramatically announced that he has come to pick a fight. He said Aces & Eights can't handle their business individually, so he's going out one of the masked men. Joe vowed to remove the mask and expose him for being a moped-riding b. The A&E theme then played to bring out one of the large masked A&E members.


Joe quickly pounded MM into the corner before delivering rapid-fire right hands. Joe followed with an enziguiri that Keneley called "concussion-like impact." Very, very bad, robotic cliche. MM absorbed Joe's early attack before landing offense including a running splash to the back of the neck. Silence as MM worked a rudimentary chinlock. A lone soul started a slow clap to rally Joe, who avoided a corner splash before landing a knee to the chin.

Joe, who was still wrestling in a cut-off t-shirt, wanted the Muscle Buster, but MM blocked. Joe tried to come back with the rear-naked choke and applied it center-ring. MM tried to fight the hold, then faded away. Ref Earl Hebner decided MM had enough and called for the bell.

WINNER: Joe via TKO at 2:57. Another easy win against Aces & Eights. It reinforces a somewhat-facetious storyline theory that A&E members are such bad wrestlers that TNA management rejected them for roster spots, so they donned masks to hide their identities to wreak havoc, and then got access to TNA by force.

Post-match: Joe prepared to unmask MM as the crowd cheered. However, A&E members hit the ring to chase away Joe. A final A&E member with a big gut stood on the ropes to stare down Joe, who smirked as he celebrated his victory on the outside.

Backstage: Robbie E. and Jessie traded one-liner jabs, which resulted in Robbie booking a Bro-Off for tonight. Robbie and Rob Terry walked off, leaving Jessie to turn his nose up at them.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Kenny King was shown talking to recent Gut Check winner Christian York. King acted like the 15-year-veteran talking up York taking TNA by storm, like him. King said it's only a matter of time until he becomes X Division champion. King continued to talk arrogantly, then shook hands with York, who faked a smile. After King left, York asked rhetorically, "Where do they find these guys?"

Impact Zone: The Robbies came to the ring in matching cardigans before Robbie E. called out Jessie for the Bro-Off. Jessie, now with "Narcissist" Lex Luger-sounding music, emerged on-stage with Knockouts champion Tara to make their way to the ring for the Open Bro-Off challenge.


2 -- ROBBIE E. (w/Rob Terry) vs. JESSIE (w/KO champ Tara) -- Bro-Off

In the ring, Jessie reminded Robbie that he's actually Mr. Pec-tacular. Robbie said there are three rules to a Bro-Off. (1) Every bro for himself. (b) Everything you do has to end in a "bro." In the background, Terry looked like he was smelling something bad in the ring. Robbie then asked for his music to play. Robbie did some exercise moves passing as dance moves before telling Pec to top that. Jessie then did a dramatic pose for Tara, who enjoyed Jessie's portion of the Bro-Off as Taz provided play-by-play. Upon completion, Jessie said that's how you Bro-Off, dude.

Robbie quipped that it wasn't as bad as he thought it was, but noted in a Bro-Off that it's bros before hoes (pointing to Tara). And, the other problem is that Jessie ended his sentence with "dude," not "bro." So, Robbie declared himself the winner. But, Rob Terry interrupted and said there is one more bro to go. Terry removed his sweater, then did his own pose to show up Jessie. The music suddenly changed to a dance theme that led to Terry doing the splits, some sort of drop-down, then a one-arm push-up. Terry hopped to his feet, then threw his fist in the air, stunning Robbie, Jessie, and Tara. "Bro," Terry declared. Terry then left the ring, leaving the trio in the ring with their jaws hanging down to the mat. On-stage, Terry just shrugged his shoulders for the punchline.

WINNER: Terry in 7:00?

Backstage: Rob Van Dam was shown doing warm-up exercises. Keneley said the X Division champion has something to say on the other side of the break.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back from break, Rob Van Dam was on his way to the ring. Once in the ring, RVD took the mic and said it's obvious his efforts have elevated the X Division to a new level. So, tonight, he must confront rising issues in the division. Backstage, Kenny King excitedly rubbed his hands as Christian York watched in the background. RVD, sounding off with his speech, said he's going to call out...Christian York. When was York even on RVD's radar? York then told King better luck next time and hit the ring to face RVD.

3 -- X Division champion ROB VAN DAM vs. CHRISTIAN YORK -- non-title match

York knocked RVD to the outside early on, then rolled the X champ back into the ring. York climbed up-top and delivered a missile dropkick that floored RVD. York scored a nearfall, then climbed to the top turnbuckle. RVD cut him off, but York regrouped and delivered a double-stomp to RVD's back for a two count.

[Q4] At 2:40, York measured RVD for a corner attack, but RVD avoided. RVD and York then traded forearms from a standing position before RVD caught York in mid-air into a sidewalk slam. RVD followed with a split-legged moonsault, but only scored a two count. RVD delivered a thrust kick, then hit Rolling Thunder. RVD wanted to end the match with a Five-Star Frogsplash, and he connected center-ring. RVD covered York and it was good for the win.

WINNER: RVD at 4:05.

Still to come: Aries vs. Roode in the main event. Impact abruptly cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

A&E Clubhouse: Devon talked to the other A&E members about needing to make his new recruit feel at home. Devon called out to D.O.C., who emerged through a side door with females in-tow.

OVW: Another check-in on Joseph Park's progress at TNA's training facility. Park talked on-camera about his family's long history of fighting. He said he thinks he's set the bar on what it takes to be a pro wrestler. On-camera, Danny Davis said Park doesn't offer anything. Back to Park, who, disillusioned, said he thinks he's really learning the craft. Back to Davis, who recapped Park snapping once he saw blood. Davis said he needs to capitalize on whatever or whoever he was channeling. He said Park needs to keep watching tape and getting ring time.

Backstage: The roving cameraman followed Christopher Daniels over to Kazarian, who noted their merchandise is still not for sale, but Kurt Angle shorts are for sale. Daniels said he has one last present for the entire world to conclude 2012.

[Commercial Break]

Last Thursday: TNA replayed Hulk Hogan's ra-ra speech aimed at the power-brokers about TNA growing from a tiny company to a "full-fledged monster." The video was to set up the Wrestler of the Year voting that concludes next Thursday on the first Impact of 2013.

[Q5 -- second hour] Backstage: Bobby Roode said Austin Aries is so predictable for calling him out tonight. Roode vowed to beat Aries, then take back the TNA Title from Jeff Hardy at Genesis.

1.3.13 video: Sting is returning for vengeance on Aces & Eights. Sting called out D.O.C. as his first victim. He vowed to put an end to A&E once and for all.

Impact Zone: Bad Influence's music played to bring out Christopher Daniels, who danced his way to the ring. Once in the ring, Daniels greeted the audience before noting he is a ring general, national treasure, and the one with the rear that makes the girls cheer. Daniels said he had a great 2012 and he wants to give back to all the little people. So, here on OFN, his present is another match against A.J. Styles, because it's one last time...until the next time.

Styles's music played and Keneley excitedly talked about the match happening again. "Styles" emerged on-stage and lifted the hood to reveal Kazarian. In the ring, Kaz did Styles's poses and glove-pose. Daniels then asked "A.J." if he's ready to do this one more time...again. Styles, speaking in a mock Southern accent accentuating syllables like Styles would, said there is nothing he would like more in this world than to wrestle Daniels one more time. But, he can't beat Daniels. After all, Daniels is smarter than him, better looking than him, and a better wrestler. "Styles" noted it's been the worst year of his fricken' life, so he's just going to go find Claire Lynch and -- Daniels cut him off and said not to do that. Daniels said they aren't going to have Styles vs. Daniels one near-last-time, but the fans do have permission to worship them.

Suddenly, techno music played, which could only mean Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Out came the tag champions looking to pick a fight with Daniels and "Styles" Kazarian. In the ring, Kaz mockingly kept doing Styles's glove-pose as Chavo spoke. Chavo said they're going to make Bad Influence's final memory of 2012 not so good with a foot up their rears.

4 -- TNA tag champions CHAVO GUERRERO & HERNANDEZ vs. DANIELS & KAZARIAN -- non-title match

Chavo and Hernandez controlled the action early on to quickly put Bad Influence in their place as the announcers talked up the two teams feuding throughout the year. Daniels found himself in a tough spot in the face corner, then dropped down to both knees and begged off as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back on Impact, the action broke down in the ring before Hernandez settled into a delayed vertical suplex on Daniels, which lasted a good 30 seconds. Daniels and Kaz then had a mis-communication, which led to Hernandez clotheslining Daniels to the outside. Hernandez rolled Daniels back into the ring, then the heels caught Hernandez coming back into the ring to finally take control of the match.

[Q6] As the heels worked on Hernandez, Taz played contrarian on commentary, saying it's okay to take shortcuts as long as you win. Silence from Keneley or Tenay, offering no response from the face position. Hernandez eventually broke free from Daniels and tagged in Chavo simultaneous to A.J. Kazarian tagging in. Chavo worked on Kaz, then delivered one, two, and Three Amigos suplexes. Daniels broke up a pin, then Chavo found himself on the receiving end of a double-team combination. Taz mocked Keneley for naming the move (Hart Attack), then the action broke down in the ring.

The tag champs knocked B.I. to the outside, then executed back-to-back high-flying moves on the floor. Back in the ring, Chavo covered Kaz for a nearfall. On commentary, Tenay listed Chavo's tag runs - TNA, WCW, and WWE - before Chavo cut off Kaz trying to imitate Styles. Chavo then nailed a top-rope frogsplash on Kaz for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Chavo & Hernandez at 14:32.

Backstage: The roving cameraman asked TNA World Hvt. champion Jeff Hardy for his thoughts on "Bobby" and "Austin." Hardy said they're great inside the ring, but he doesn't care for them at all outside the ring. As for revenge? Hardy said it will be coming real soon, but he will first enjoy watching them beat each other up tonight. "But, yeah, revenge is on the way," Hardy said.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Tenay provided his "Keys to Victory" for Roode and Aries in the main event, as sponsored by Five-Hour Energy.

Video package: Another look at Aces & Eights's path of destruction taking out various TNA stars.

A&E Clubhouse: Devon was shown taking a swig of alcohol before the camera showed A&E's spokesman addressing a certain "asshole" they brought into the group. The camera revealed Mr. Anderson. Anderson, sporting a beard and hunting cap, said he's all ears. Devon said they have a certain agenda to be physical...and even more physical as the ladies approached Anderson to coax him to join the group. Anderson said this might not be up his alley, but it would be rude not to consider it. Anderson asked for time to think about it as Devon smiled.

[Q7] Impact Zone: Gail Kim was introduced by Christy Hemme. In the ring, Gail said she knows exactly who she's calling out. Gail said 2012 was her year until someone ended her run with a fluke victory. So, she's ready to erase those bad memories before regaining the gold in 2013. So, she's calling out Miss Tessmacher.

5 -- GAIL KIM vs. MISS TESSMACHER -- Taryn Terrell referee

After Tessmacher entered the ring, the two former Knockouts champions circled the ring glaring at each other before locking up. Tessmacher then cleared Gail to the outside and confidently waited for Gail to return to the ring. Gail regrouped and took control back in the ring. Tessmacher then made her comeback, but couldn't score a three count. Gail then won with Eat Defeat to build momentum heading into 2013.

WINNER: Gail at 5:25.

Backstage: Aries and Roode were shown a split-screen walking down the hallway ahead of their main event clash.

[Commercial Break]

1.3.13 video: Sting is returning. He named Devon, saying he's coming back for his bat. Is it his prized Louisville Slugger? But, first, he's going after D.O.C. Sting vowed to make it Showtime.

Announcers: Keneley set up next week's show: Devon & Masked Man vs. Angle & Joe in a steel cage main event, 2012 Wrestler of the Year announcement, and Sting making his "long-awaited return."

[Q8] Impact Zone: Bobby Roode was introduced first for the TV main event. Taz said it's time to knuckle up for a good old fashioned fight. Austin Aries then came out last as Keneley recapped "I screwed you, you screwed me, and now we're even, so let's fight." Taz paid lip-service to the match, calling it a "massive, massive main event" as the bell sounded. How could it be a massive main event without a formal ring intro and match sponsor?

6 -- BOBBY ROODE vs. AUSTIN ARIES -- Winner unofficially becomes #1 contender to the TNA World Title

Early on, Aries sold a knee injury, drawing Roode's ire seeing a con from another con artist. Roode complained to the ref, then tried to attack Aries, but Aries suckered him in. Aries knocked Roode to the outside, then danced around in the ring to show that's he fine. Roode ran back into the ring and shoved Aries, which led to break. But, not before TNA suddenly cut a different camera filter showing Jeff Hardy apparently standing in the crowd watching the match? The camera circled around Hardy as his inner thoughts were heard in the forefront and the apparent sound of Roode and Aries continuing to wrestle was lightly heard in the background.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break six minutes before the top of the hour, Aries was in control. Aries then missed with a leaping elbow drop. Roode tried to follow with a top-rope move, but the two men continued to block each other with heelish moves. Aries then boxed Roode's ears to knock Roode to the mat. Aries tried to follow with a missile dropkick, but Roode moved. Roode tried to follow up, but Aries applied Last Chancery. Roode fought, then countered into a cross-face. As Aries escaped, Taz randomly started talking about blackjacks and black dice. "What am I talking about?" Taz self-evaluated.

Two minutes before the top of the hour, Roode caught Aries in the corner and tried a pin, but ref Earl Hebner caught Roode's feet on the ropes. Roode argued with Hebner, then Aries tried a roll-up with a hook of the tights, but Hebner called that off. Roode then nailed a clean spinebuster for a two count.

Roode, frustrated, tried to retrieve a chair, but ref Hebner yanked it away. Aries then decked Roode and left the ring to retrieve the chair. Ref Hebner pulled the chair away from Aries, then said he's tired of both of them. "I'm sick of you!" Hebner said as the focus turned toward Earl. Roode and Aries then threw their hands in the air to say they're wrestling clean before kicking Earl in the gut and chucking him through the ropes to the outside.

Back in the ring, Roode and Aries had a power struggle over the chair before Jeff Hardy's music played. Hardy snuck in the back door, waited for Roode and Aries to turn around, and double-clotheslined the two heels. Hardy cleared Roode from the ring, then measured Roode for Twist of Fate. Hardy ripped off his undershirt, then posed in the ring as the audience cheered. Hardy stood tall to close out 2012 as Roode and Aries recovered.

WINNER: No Decision when Impact went off the air at 14:22. Seemed to be too much comedy and focus on the ref for a match attempting to reinforce Aries and Roode as top heels and potential threats to Hardy's title.

FINAL THOUGHTS: There were some decent items tonight, but what was the overall point of this show? Sure, it was the third show of a two-day TV taping following a PPV, but it came across like TNA ran out of ideas before returning live next Thursday instead of really trying to cap off 2012 with some matches that felt important.

Alerts: Follow PWTorch columnist Greg Parks live-tweeting during Impact here @GregMParks.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for an "Impact Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Impact, email to .

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