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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 10/24: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Styles vs. Bully TNA Title re-match

Oct 24, 2013 - 10:00:17 PM


TNA Impact Results
October 24, 2013
Semi-Live in Salt Lake City, Utah
Episode #43 of 2013
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The post-Bound for Glory Impact opened with a recap of events from Bound for Glory, including the undercard title changes, then Kurt Angle turning down the Hall of Fame and losing to Bobby Roode. Finally, A.J. Styles capturing the TNA World Title after thwarting TNA president Dixie Carter's plan. Tonight, Styles defends the title against Ray in an instant re-match.

Live in the arena, a fiddle was heard. Out came Carter to a remix of her theme music. Carter sauntered down to the ring with a smile on her face before entering the ring, which was covered in A.J. Styles imagery and merchandising. Plus, a big "Welcome Back A.J. Styles" banner hanging across the ring.

In the ring, Carter said she might have made a "little, bitty mistake recently" that she needs to clean up. Carter said everything in the ring is her way of admitting to a mistake. She said the future is a legend here in TNA - a man who overcame all the odds at Bound for Glory. Carter said she is so proud to call this man her World Hvt. champion... A.J. Styles.

Styles emerged on-stage with the TNA Title slung over his shoulder. Styles held up the title on the aisleway as Dixie tried to act genuinely happy for her new champion. Once in the ring, Styles flashed his title belt to the crowd as Tenay plugged Styles vs. Ray for the title tonight.

After Styles's music stopped, Dixie said she's been trying to motivate Styles to glory the past six weeks. So, she is here to help Styles. Carter moved her shoulders around to indicate she is ready to pay. And they're going to start with a fancy, private dressing room that is almost as good as her. Dixie noted she loves to drink, then pulled out a box. She said she gave the same gift to an ex-General Manager who shall remain nameless (Hulk Hogan). Dixie tried to quiet boos before noting she went to Craiglist to find a similar watch for Styles.

Dixie then asked for a vehicle to be unveiled ringside. She said A.J. wanted her to pay and that's what she's done. "Are you ready for us to move forward?" Dixie asked. Styles said Dixie thinks he's going to be on Team Dixie after this. The crowd booed. Styles said he's not buying any of this manipulation from her. Dixie sold with sad eyes. Styles said this is not what he was talking about when it comes to Dixie paying him. He noted he's a truck guy and a fancy car isn't going to work for him. Styles added that he doesn't want to separate himself from the boys in the locker room who helped build this company.

Styles said Dixie didn't believe in him, went against him, and lost. Dixie told "darling" A.J. that he may just be a little upset about Sunday and she may not have acted lady-like when he called for the re-match tonight, but A.J. doesn't have to defend the title tonight. All they have to do is get on her private jet, get out of this God-forsaken town (boos), and go somewhere fine. "All you have to do is be on agreement," she said. Dixie promised A.J. that she will cancel the match tonight if he agrees.

Aces & Eights's music interrupted. Bully Ray and Brooke emerged on-stage with something to say about that as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:12]

[Q2] Back on Impact, Ray was int he ring with Brooke. Ray asked for clarification because he didn't travel all the way to "Salt Crap City" to not get his title back. Styles told Bully to calm down before reminding Ray who the champion is right now. Styles said he's not getting on Dixie's private jet and if she thought he would, then she's dumber than everyone thought she is.

Styles said he didn't come to SLC to sit around and do nothing, as he came here to defend the title. Because that's what a champion does. Styles said he's going to beat Bully tonight in this ring and there is noting he can do about it. Bully replied that Styles needs to remember he's fighting him, not Dixie Carter. Ray said he would like to offer one word to sum up Styles's win at Bound for Glory: "lucky." Ray said there is no way a kid like A.J. could beat a man like him.

Ray said here's what happened. It was all Earl Hebner's fault. He said he kicked out when Styles hit the Spinal Tap, but Hebner didn't see it. "That is the only fathomable way that you could have beaten me," he said. Ray said he's tired of talking, so here is what's going to happen: he's going to beat the piss out of him, beat him, and take his title. Ray told A.J. to remember that he is nothing but a boy, while he is a god.

A.J. told Ray that he seems pretty concerned about his family when Ray needs to be concerned about his family - all three of them left over in Aces & Eights. Styles said he's going to beat Ray tonight, then he's going to take his belt and go into the crowd to celebrate with his fans. And while standing the crowd, he's going to say: "Do you know who I am? I am the World Hvt. champion, the Phenomenal A.J. Styles!" Ray responded with a sucker punch to the jaw before discarding the Styles merchandise.

Ray beat up Styles with the merchandise and various signage before the lights suddenly went out. Mr. Anderson's music played before Anderson emerged on-stage. Anderson ran down to the ring and stood opposite Ray before landing right hand strikes as Tenay recapped Ray taking out Anderson with a piledriver on the stage weeks ago. Anderson drove Bully to the corner and landed corner punches as Taz called for someone to stop Anderson. Ray eventually bailed from the ring to recover as Anderson played to the crowd. The audience popped for the return, but didn't buy all the way into Anderson since everyone seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop with Anderson turning heel again.

[Commercial Break at 8:23]

Back on Impact, Anderson was still in the ring. Anderson took the mic and said he's really missed everyone. Anderson asked if they missed him, too. He said he really, really really missed Bully Ray (boos), then asked if Bully missed him. Probably not. Anderson then rolled his neck and shoulders around to indicate his neck feels good. He said he's been sitting home the last few months "watching the product." Anderson said he can tell the "boys," "agents in the back," and the fans are getting "sick and tired of it."

Anderson tried to continue, but Dixie Carter interrupted. She brought out security to have Anderson handcuffed and removed from the ring because he's not authorized. Anderson played the rebel by encouraging some fun with the handcuffs, noting he hasn't been arrested in a while. Anderson took out one of the security guards, then two guards squared off with him as if they were doing a ritual dance or something. Anderson eventually gave up and put out his hands for the guards to stop squaring off and cuff him.

[Q3] Anderson was hauled out of the ring before meeting Dixie on-stage. "You are not authorized here," Dixie squealed. Anderson sold being confused to mock Dixie. Taz called this second-grade as TNA cut away from Anderson-Dixie to the announce position. Taz predicted Ray regaining the TNA Title tonight before Tenay noted Anderson is on a mission to end Aces & Eights and Bully Ray.

Tenay switched gears to Kurt Angle, saying they will hear from Angle tonight. An aged Angle was shown arriving in the building earlier today. Tenay then went to video footage from BFG when Gail Kim captured the Knockouts Title with help from Lei'D Tapa.

In-ring: Lei'D Tapa was introduced to the ring, followed by new KO champion Gail Kim. Tenay said it's Knockouts tag action on the other side of the break.

[Commercial Break at 9:34]

Back on Impact, Aces & Eights's music played to bring out Brooke joining Tapa. Velvet Sky was introduced first for the face duo, followed by former KO champion ODB, who Tenay noted has revenge on her mind tonight.

1 -- KO champion GAIL KIM (w/Lei'D Tapa) & BROOKE vs. VELVET SKY & ODB

Gail and Brooke resumed their pre-BFG spat about not working together by arguing over who should start the match. ODB took advantage by quickly taking control of the match. The match quickly broke down, which took the ref out of position. This allowed Lei'D to sneak into the ring and smash Velvet, allowing Gail to score the pin.

WINNERS: Gail & Brooke at 3:37. More reinforcement of Tapa's role as Gail's bodyguard.

Tonight: Styles vs. Bully for the TNA Title in a PPV re-match. Up next, the Impact TV debut of Dixie Carter's nephew, Ethan Carter III.

[Q4] [Commercial Break at 9:45]

Locker Room: A camera was in position to document Bro-Mans fixing themselves up in the mirror. Robbie said they're going to have the biggest "cele-bro-tion" in history, then proceeded to spray their hair with hairspray.

In-ring: ECIII was introduced to the ring. "The following," Christy said before stopping. "The following," Christy said before stopping again. "The following contest is scheduled for one fall," before introducing ECIII. The former Derrick Bateman entered the ring and posed for the hard camera before a horrible techno/dance instrumental theme played. Out came this week's jobber, Dewey Barnes. Barnes tried to fire up the crowd as Tenay noted he's another "hand-selected" opponent by Dixie Carter.


ECIII toyed with Dewey at the start as Tenay plugged a Halloween edition of Impact next week and Impact on the road in Cincinnati two weeks. "Impact is coming to your town," Tenay said without conviction. ECIII continued to toy with Dewey as Taz called this an easy day off facing a "nerd" like Dewey Barnes. Barnes made an obligatory comeback with awkward-looking sledgehammers before landing a top-rope dropkick. Carter escaped the pin at one, then grappled Dewey for a front-face legsweep facebuster. ECIII made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Carter at 2:36.

Post-match, Carter was not content with the victory, as he grabbed a mic. Carter introduced himself over his theme music before noting the world needs the Carters. ECIII continued to pose leading to break.

Up Next: Kurt Angle Speaks Tonight.

[Commercial Break at 9:56]

[Q5 -- second hour] Impact returned at the top of the hour with a video package on Sting vs. Magnus, who beat the Main Event Mafia leader at the BFG PPV. Included were post-match comments from Sting that he just wanted to motivate Magnus, but he didn't think he would beat him. He said he hopes the match wasn't in vain and it helps Magnus's career.

Somewhere: Magnus, dressed in a suit, was shown talking to Sting. Magnus, sounding sincere, said he was so wrapped up in the moment that he didn't realize how he acted by ignoring Sting's gesture. Sting said he's good on that, but just wants to know if he passed the torch or lit a fire under Magnus. Or both. Magnus offered his hand and said he's just living in Sting's world. Ever-trusting Sting accepted Magnus's handshake.

BFG Video Replay: Kurt Angle declined the Hall of Fame induction, leaving Sting alone in TNA's Hall of Fame. Angle said he plans to set a new standard for himself, then will join Sting in the Hall of Fame. But, then Angle lost to Bobby Roode.

In-ring: Kurt Angle's music played to bring out Angle all-smiles. Angle took a victory lap and entered the ring showing no effects of being stretchered out of the ring and selling paralysis. Tenay said Angle was "knocked unconscious" and tore knee cartilage on a mid-match moonsault.

Once in the ring, Angle looked around the arena before noting last weekend was a tough weekend for him to forget. Angle said he turned down the Hall of Fame last weekend because he has so much more to prove. And, when that time comes, he will take his place in the Hall of Fame.

As for his Bound for Glory match, Angle said it was one of the most physical matches he's had with Bobby Roode. Angle said he did knock himself out with the last move of the match --- suddenly, Bobby Roode's music interrupted. Roode, dressed in a suit jacket and white dress shirt, walked out on-stage before slowly walking to the ring.

In the ring, Roode got in Angle's face and told him that he made a smart decision giving up the match on Sunday. Roode continued that he lived with the failure of losing for two years after BFG 2011, but now it's Angle's turn to live with that feeling in his gut. Angle replied that Roode is a bad SOB, but he (Angle) is better than him.

Angle challenged Roode to a match right here tonight, but Roode produced a document noting that Angle is not cleared to wrestle tonight because of his injuries. Roode said that as much as he would like to kick Angle's ass again tonight, he is simply not allowed. Angle said he doesn't know where Roode got this, but he is not medically wrestled. But, the doctor didn't say anything about a fight. Angle punched Roode, drawing security into the ring to separate the two, extending the feud.

Still to come: Styles vs. Bully for the TNA Title.

A&E Holding Area: Bully Ray screamed at Knux and Garett Bischoff about what Mr. Anderson did tonight. Bully told them to go down to the jail and make sure Anderson does not post bail to come back to Impact tonight. Meanwhile, he will get back his TNA Title from A.J. Styles. "Get it done!" Ray shouted.

[Commercial Break at 10:13]

[Q6] Dixie's Office: Dixie Carter was shown on the phone complaining to someone about not doing his/her job. Dixie said she just needs this little thing done.

In-ring: Bro-Mans were introduced to the ring for their celebration after capturing the TNA Tag Titles at Bound for Glory. A guy was in the ring pretending to be a DJ working the turntables. Robbie introduced the DJ, who had zero rhythm as he pretended to bounce to the music. The music stopped, but the amateurish-looking DJ continued to work the turntables.

Robbie began his promo, but was interrupted by chants of "You Can't Wrestle" directed at the duo. Robbie tried to continue, but James Storm's music interrupted to bring out former tag champions Storm & Modern Day Viking.

After GunStorm hit the ring, the DJ continued to work the turntables in the background before eventually removing his headphones to engage in the discussion. Storm told the DJ to leave the ring. He did the obligatory "what, me?" hands in the air complaint before leaving the ring. Storm then ran down Robbie and Jessie's fake alcohol, protein bairs, and skinny jeans before challenging them to a Tag Title re-match next week.

Hold on. Bad Influence's music interrupted. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels marched to the ring to run down this exchange. Kaz said he sees two bros, a crying cowboy, and a viking. He noted they are petitioning for a Tag Title shot so that they can become World tag champions...of the World again.

Daniels, holding his appletini, then complained about the wrong beverages for this celebration. Daniels called Storm lower-class and Bro-Mans pretentious posers. Storm stole Daniels's drink of choice, tasted it, and told Viking to get rid of it. So, Viking threw it in Daniels's face. A brawl broke out, then Eric Young's music played to bring out EY and...Joseph Park. No Abyss, who apparently only works PPVs.

In the chaos, Daniels smashed Park with a bottle over the head, putting Park down for the count. But, Park came up bleeding from the forehead. Which means the transformation into Abyss. After Bad Influence bailed from the ring, Park spun Jessie around and dropped him with a chokeslam. Park then shoved EY aside and bailed from the ring.

Backstage: Styles and Bully Ray were shown walking down the hallway. The PPV main event re-match is next.

[Commercial Break at 10:27]

Earlier Today: Tenay announced TNA's new "Where Action Never Ends" deal to "experience Impact 24 hours a day."

Next Thursday: Kurt Angle will be cleared to wrestle and face Bobby Roode in a BFG re-match. Quite the prognostication.

In-ring: Aces & Eights's music played to bring out Bully marching down to the ring with Brooke following behind. Ray shouted to Taz what their message is tonight, then Taz relayed that Ray only needs 10 minutes to regain the title. A.J. Styles was introduced next. After he entered the ring, Jeremy Borash handled formal ring introductions and the same ref from the PPV, Earl Hebner, kept them separated.

Ray interrupted the formal ring intros, shouting at JB that he doesn't need anyone introducing him. So, Ray handled it himself, getting in Styles's face. So, Styles punched him in the mouth to begin the match.

3 -- TNA World Hvt. champion A.J. STYLES vs. BULLY RAY (w/Brooke) -- TNA World Title match

Styles, wrestling with taped ribs from the PPV, snapped off a dropkick in the early going to show that he's good. Styles turned his back to pose for the crowd, then turned around and ran into a back elbow smash from Bully. But, Styles responded with a leaping kick to the head for a two count. Styles couldn't follow up, allowing Ray to chuck Styles into the air and Styles came crashing down on his taped ribs. Styles in trouble heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:38]

Back from break, Ray continued to work on Styles in-between mocking Hulk Hogan by doing Hulk's signature poses. The announcers avoided saying Hogan's name before Ray slapped on a bearhug to work the ribs.

[Q8] Styles broke free and landed a springboard flying forearm smash for a close two count. Styles tried to lift Ray on his back for a power move, but Styles sold too much pain. Ray then sat on Styles for a two count. Ray tried to follow with a flying butt bomb from the second rope, but Styles avoided. Styles wanted a springboard 450 Splash to end it, but Ray moved in time.

With both men on their feet, Ray shoved Styles out of the corner right into ref Earl Hebner, bumping the ref. Styles slapped on a Calf Killer and Bully tapped out, but the ref was down with a left knee injury. Styles then tried to wake up Hebner as Ray brought a chain into the ring. Ray with a chain to the face, then he dropped Styles with a Cutter. Ray covered, but Styles kicked out just before three as Hebner did the slow count recovering from the bump.

Ray, freaking out, grabbed the chain again as Hebner continued to sell. Suddenly, Mr. Anderson showed up and snapped Ray neck-first across the top rope. Styles then crucifix-pinned Ray and Hebner registered a three count out of sight of the camera shot. Styles retains.

WINNER: Styles at 13:45 to retain the TNA World Title.

Post-match: As security watched and took up space, Anderson beat up Bully Ray ringside. Anderson drove Ray up the ramp as security continued to pretend like they were trying to separate Anderson from Bully. Dixie Carter then appeared on the video screen with a clipboard. "A.J. STYLES" was printed on the paper. She told Styles not to leave. "DO NOT leave the ring," Dixie said as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:50]

Back from break, Dixie's music was playing to bring out Carter with the clipboard in-hand. Styles continued to recover from the match before Dixie approached Styles to remind him that he turned down her offer earlier tonight. "I thought that's what you wanted!" she shouted. Dixie said she has been talking to her attorneys tonight and now she has a contract for Styles. Dixie said it's full of everything A.J. would ever want.

"A.J., listen to me. I want you in TNA. I want you to sign this contract. Let's put all of this mess behind us and move forward together," she said. "And that is real." Dixie handed the contract to Styles, who surveyed the piece of paper as the crowd chanted for Hogan. A.J. said this is an amazing contract... by a horrible human being. "A horrible human being who uses people to pad their banking account, buy their fancy cars, buy their million dollar homes on the blood, sweat, and tears on every man and woman who has ever stepped into this ring," Styles said.

Styles said Dixie didn't believe in him months ago when he didn't have a contract. So, as far as this contract goes... Dixie crumbled up the paper, wiped his butt with it, and threw it down at Dixie's feet. Styles shot Dixie a look of disdain before noting he's not done yet. Styles said it wasn't about the money, then told Dixie that money can't fix her problems. He said Dixie doesn't respect the title, him, or the fans. Styles told Dixie to look at the title because it's his. "I'm taking it from you," he said. "Because I'm leaving."

Styles said he's taking this title to the fans. "That is not yours to take, A.J.," Dixie scolded him. A.J. then took the keys to Dixie's signing bonus vehicle and walked off as Dixie shouted that she'll come up with a fresh contract for Styles. Styles did not go into the crowd to celebrate, but left through the back as Dixie called for A.J. to get back here right now.

Backstage: A.J. was shown entering the signing bonus vehicle and driving off. "Ah-Jay!" Dixie shouted. The car sped off as Impact signed off with Dixie shrieking, "That is it."

FINAL THOUGHTS: TNA is running a few duplicate angles here - A.J. Styles "walking off with the title" a la C.M. Punk two years ago, Mr. Anderson "crashing TNA" despite apparently not having a contract a la Big Show right now, and Dixie Carter playing The Authority heelishly trying to create order. Of course, WWE's stuff is a replica of past angles, so it's all being recycled and the Xerox of the Xerox of the Xerox is less impactful with each copy.

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