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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 12/19: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of "Final Resolution" Impact - Tournament Finals, Angle vs. Roode, Feast or Fired reveal, more

Dec 19, 2013 - 10:00:08 PM


TNA Impact "Final Resolution" Results
December 19, 2013
Taped in Orlando, Fla.
Episode #51 of 2013
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The "Final Resolution" special opened with a video package on TNA World Hvt. champion A.J. Styles. After Styles left, Dixie Carter set up a tournament to determine who will look after her causes as TNA champion. Tonight, it's Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus in the tournament finals.

- Backstage: Magnus was shown walking down the hallway. He asked a production assistant where Dixie Carter and Jeff Hardy are. Nothing. Magnus told him to drop it, then vowed to get everyone's attention when he speaks in the ring tonight.

- In-ring: Magnus's music played to bring out the tournament finalist. Magnus entered the ring as Mike Tenay noted Magnus is concerned after Jeff Hardy visited Carter at the end of last week's Impact broadcast. Once in the ring, Magnus said he loves this business. "I love it," he said. Which is why he and the rest of the wrestlers in the back put their bodies on the line. Magnus said he is proud that to have made his living for the last five years in the U.S., but there was some adjusting to do early on. Specifically, money. But, it's not about that for him. For him, it's always been about pride, honor, dignity, and respect. He wonders if the same can be said for his opponent, Jeff Hardy. "Hardy, Hardy" chant from the few in attendance.

Magnus said he's as big of a Hardy fan as anyone, but maybe there's just one little demon creeping its way back in. Greed. And he says that because Hardy was filmed having drinks with Dixie Carter. Magnus said he thinks Hardy owes them an explanation. Because this is the most important match of his life and he won't let Hardy, Dixie, or Jeff fool him.

Hardy's music provided an answer, bringing out the other tournament finalist. Jeff Hardy entered the ring to stare down Magnus, then noted Magnus is jumping to a big conclusion. Magnus said this is the biggest night of his life, so he's not going to let any chances go. He wants an explanation. Magnus brought up 10-10-10 (when Hardy turned heel to become TNA champ). Hardy wiped his forehead in frustration, saying that was a different time and place. Magnus said he doesn't think it's so much different. Magnus said everyone has forgiven him, but what are his creatures going to think if he sells out.

Hardy sold inner conflict, then told Magnus to worry about his life. "Don't worry about mine," Hardy exclaimed in a defensive manner. Hardy threw down the mic and walked off as the announcers wondered why Hardy was not being straight-forward.

- Backstage: Christy Hemme was standing by with Kurt Angle. Angle said tonight is the night that everything changes when he beats Roode not once, but twice. Angle said this is only the beginning for him.

- Video Package: Angle vs. Roode feud that has been brewing for months.

- In-ring: Hemme was quickly in the ring to introduce the 2/3 Falls match. Angle was introduced first. Tenay said the opening bell is next.

[Commercial Break at 9:11]

[Q2] Backstage: Jeremy Borash was standing by outside a Conference Room. Inside was the Feast or Fired decision. Chavo Guerrero was the first to the conference, then Zema Ion interrupted with horn noises. Chavo vowed to punch him in the face, then both entered the conference room.

- In-ring: Bobby Roode was in the ring preparing for the three falls match with Angle. Angle laser-beamed him with his eyes, then the bell sounded.

1 -- KURT ANGLE vs. BOBBY ROODE -- Two-out-of-three Falls match

"Bobby Sucks" chant early on from the few in attendance. The match quickly moved to the floor, where Angle lit up Roode with high-impact offense. Back in the ring, Angle snapped off three German Suplexes. Angle tried to follow with an Angle Slam, but Roode shoved off, got the ref involved to land a low-blow out of his sight, and Roode nailed a high-impact power for a quick pinfall.

*** Roode 1, Angle 0 at 4:12 ***

[Commercial Break at 9:22]

Back from break, Angle tried fighting back against Roode down one fall, but Roode cut him off and continued to wearing down Angle. Roode airballed a running knee drop, giving Angle an opening to deliver a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle ate the post on a corner attack attempt, then Roode tried a crossface, but Angle rolled through into an Angle Slam. Angle covered for a three count.

*** Roode 1, Angle 1 at 9:56 ***

Now even at one fall apiece, the two wrestlers engaged in what would normally be a one-on-one match with nearfalls and submission reversals galore.

[Q3] Angle delivered another Angle Slam at 14:00, but Roode kicked out just before three. Angle tried another Anklelock, but Roode rolled through, captured Angle near the ropes, grabbed the ropes for added leverage as the ref entered Tunnel Vision Mode not looking at the ropes and registered a three count. Roode wins. Angle covered his mouth, stunned, at his loss. "Where does Angle go from here?" Taz asked.

WINNER: Roode at 14:47 to win 2-1. Imagine a TNA world where referee mistakes are the exception, not the rule, and how much heat would be on the outcome if this were an extreme rarity pulled out of the storytelling toolbox for specific occasions. Instead, it's the same ol' thing where the heel cheated to win, the ref missed it, and they move on.

- Backstage: JB was standing by outside the Feast or Fired conference room. Gunner and James Storm walked in to discuss Gunner taking one of the FOF briefcases over Storm, who said we'll see if Gunner's "little gamble paid off." Gunner, indignant, asked what that's supposed to mean. Storm said they'll find out soon enough.

[Commercial Break at 9:34]

- Moments Ago: Roode beat Kurt Angle 2-1 Falls.

- Backstage: Kurt Angle sat dejectedly in his locker room. Angle said Bobby Roode isn't out-wrestling him right now, but he's out-smarting him right now. Angle said he's never been out-smarted before and sold choking back tears. Asked if Roode has his number, Angle's voice cracked as he said he can't think about it and his pride won't let him admit that. Angle said he has the holidays coming up. "I don't know," Angle said about what he's going to do next. Solid follow-up on Angle's loss.

- Video Package: Madison Rayne used to be best friends with Gail Kim. Then, Gail got too big of a head. Now, Madison is coming after the Knockouts Title.

- Backstage: Ethan Carter III walked up to JB outside the Feast or Fired Conference Room. Carter said he's not getting a pink slip because he is a Carter. But, if he gets the pink slip, he knows who's in charge. Carter's personal ringtone played, then TNA cut to another camera "eavesdropping" on ECIII as he walked down the hallway talking to Dixie Carter about making sure they're covered if he does get a pink slip.

- Backstage: Eric Young displayed a present to a roving camera.

[Commercial Break at 9:42]

[Q4] Still to come: Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus in a Dixieland match.

- In-ring: Eric Young came to the ring dressed not to wrestle. As EY made his way to the ring, TNA replayed events from last week when EY told Joseph Park that he is Abyss.

Now in the ring, Young stood in front of a table and noted he dropped a bomb on Park last week. He nicely asked his buddy to come out to the ring. Out came Park dressed in a suit. EY told Park to follow along with him because they're starting a new science experiment. EY said he got Park a match next week against Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

Park freaked out, but EY told him it's going to be Park's kind of match: a Monster's Ball. Park told EY that he's lost it because that's his brother's match. Park said he has to put his foot down on this one and refuse the match.

EY said he figured Park would turn it down, so he brought him presents. Young opened up one of the presents, which was a disfigured steel chair. Park comically said he uses this all the time in the courtroom. EY ignored him and gave him the next present, which was a bag of thumbtacks. EY told Park not to fall in these. The next present was barbed wire. Park said he appreciates all of this, but it doesn't do anything for him. Park refused to be part of this.

EY said he has one final gift. "Is this almost over?" Taz asked. EY showed him the barbed wire baseball bat, Janice, which finally convinced Park to take the match. Tenay wondered aloud if the lightbulb finally went off for Park, who stared at Janice as he slowly walked up the entrance ramp.

- Feast or Fired Conference Room: JB was standing by with the briefcase holders. Their fates will soon be revealed.

And, the first hour of a "PPV-quality" Impact special concludes with one match and two long-form in-ring promo segments.

[Commercial Break at 9:54]

- Earlier Tonight: Magnus confronted Jeff Hardy about possibly "selling out" to become TNA Champ. Hardy responded by telling Magnus to worry about his own life.

- Backstage: Jeff Hardy was sitting down in a chair. Samoa Joe then walked in and asked Jeff if he's feeling some guilt if he's sitting here looking concerned. Joe said he would get it since they work in the pro wrestling industry. He said he understands the attraction of a shortcut, but Hardy said if Joe is looking for an explanation, he's not getting one. Hardy walked off. Overall, it seems like the storyline deal is Hardy was talking to Dixie Carter about his "contract situation," which he doesn't want to talk about publicly, and others are interpreting as him looking to get ahead.

Feast or Fired Reveal

[Q5 -- second hour] Conference Room: Dixie Carter walked into the Feast or Fired room to talk about herself and her concepts. Gunner rolled his eyes. Carter dramatically said their lives are about to change. JB said only the law firm of "Smith & Stone" know the contents of these briefcase.

D.J. Zema Ion was the first to open his case. Ion slowly opened up the case to find an X Division Title shot. Up next was Gunner as James Storm stood behind him. Asked if he's going to pick Storm if he wins a Tag Title shot, Gunner said that's a "clown" question. Gunner opened up the case and revealed a TNA World Title shot. Gunner popped up and exclaimed that's what he deserves. Gunner calmed down as Storm gave him an evil glare. Gunner ignored him and walked off. Storm continued to glare at him.

So, Chavo Guerrero and Ethan Carter III. Chavo said whatever is in this briefcase does not change that he's still a Guerrero. ECIII's comments were that he will never lose, nor be fired. Because he is a Carter. Suddenly, Sting interrupted dressed as Steve Borden. Sting said he asked ECIII to do something great, but now his legacy is on the line. Sting said that makes him nauseous, just like what Dixie has done to this company.

Sting said it sucks that Chavo has a 50/50 chance of being fired when ECIII has been handed in this company. Sting offered to take the contents of ECIII's contents, but only if he fights him one time. Carter said this is the Icon, Sting, challenging him to do something great again. ECIII paused and said he'll take the briefcase instead. Sting backed away, then JB asked them to open their briefcases simultaneously.

Dramatic music before the cases were opened to reveal ECIII getting a Tag Title shot and Carter getting a pink slip. Dixie and ECIII hugged and talked excitedly, then Sting told Chavo not to worry. Sting screamed at the Carters that this is only the beginning for them. "You disgust me," Sting told Dixie before telling ECIII that he's not done with him. Sting left, then Carter said he's so over-dramatic. Carter hugged and celebrated with ECIII as Chavo sat in his chair with hands folded.

[Commercial Break at 10:07]

- Backstage: Magnus was sitting down in his locker room space preparing for the TNA Title tournament final. Magnus said Jeff Hardy doesn't seem to want to answer questions, but that's okay. Magnus said all of the questions will be answered soon enough.

- In-ring: Gail Kim's music played for a wrestling match. Kim and Lei'D Tapa came to the ring, then ODB was introduced for the face side. Madison Rayne was out next as ODB's tag partner.


2 -- KO champ GAIL KIM & LEI'D TAPA vs. ODB & MADISON RAYNE -- Knockouts tag match

Gail put the boots to ODB early on as Madison stewed on the outside wanting a piece of her former BFF. Madison finally got the tag and unloaded on Gail. But, Tapa came to her employer's aid. This brought in ODB as the action broke down.

The match came down to Madison and Gail, who taunted Madison before trying Eat Defeat, but Madison knew the counter and backslid Gail for a three count.

WINNERS: Madison & ODB at 5:45. Basic storytelling putting Madison on the chase for the KO Title and seemingly having Gail's number.

- Backstage: Sting walked into Jeff Hardy's holding area to talk to him about things. Sting said he knows what it's like to be second-guessed, but he owes his Creatures and family an explanation. Hardy said he knows, but he doesn't think Sting understands. Sting said the thing is he really does. "I do," he said with a hand on Hardy's shoulder. Sting walked off.

[Commercial Break at 10:20]

- Next Thursday: Joseph Park vs. Daniels & Kazarian in a Monster's Ball match.

- Earlier This Week: Rockstar Spud and Dixie Carter were at Dixie's residence. Spud tried to explain why he didn't get the TNA Title belt from A.J. Styles last week, but Dixie said she doesn't want to hear it. "I...don't...have...a...WORLD TITLE!" Dixie said. Dixie told Spud to get a belt-maker on the case to make sure she has a TNA Title to present the title tournament winner.

- Video Package: Tenay, not pictured, fed to a video on how TNA arrived at Magnus vs. Hardy in the finals of the title tournament.

- In-ring: Jeff Hardy's music played to bring out Hardy 32 minutes before the top of the hour. Hardy walked underneath a ladder on the way to the steel cage assembled for the Dixieland match. Once in the cage, Hardy said he knows he's made a lot of mistakes, and Magnus wants to focus on the past. He said he took a shortcut back then, but it didn't last. "Remember Victory Road 2011?" Hardy asked, drawing silence from the few in attendance. Hardy said he's a new man and now he has a wife and child to think about. Hardy said he loves to entertain the Creatures right here in this ring.

[Q7] Hardy moved along to contract talk. Hardy said Dixie Carter wants to offer him big money and big contracts, but that would mean Dixie owns him. Hardy said he told Dixie last week that she can take her big-money contract and stick it. Hardy said he's going to be like A.J. Styles and win the title, then own this company.

Dixie's music interrupted to bring out the TNA president as Hardy sold frustration. Once in the ring, Dixie said Hardy wants to compare himself to A.J. Styles. She said she sees one glaring similarity to Styles: everything he and his family have they owe to her. Dixie told Hardy that he can talk about the mistakes he made, but she stuck by him. Hardy tried to say that he knows that - but Dixie cut her off and reprimanded him for interrupting. Dixie claimed to be there for Hardy, unlike the Creatures, and that is why Hardy got to keep his job.

Dixie told Hardy to think about what is best for her company, not for Hardy's little girl and wife. Dixie told Hardy that if he doesn't do what's best for her company, he's going to be out of a job like A.J. Styles. Dixie said the way she looks at it, Hardy needs Dixie Carter a lot more than she needs Hardy. Dixie told Hardy not to let the Creatures and little family down. "Let's make the right decision," Dixie said in her best kindergarten teacher voice. Dixie said because this match is so important, she's going to stay right here to watch.

[Commercial Break at 10:34]

- In-ring: Magnus was introduced for the main event. Magnus walked out on-stage and shared a look with Dixie Carter, who was positioned on the stage. Once everyone was in the ring, JB handled formal ring introductions in the ring. Interestingly, JB introduced Magnus as "This is Magnus," similar to how Sting is introduced. JB then broke down the rules: exit over the top of the steel cage and climb a ladder on-stage to retrieve a title belt hanging over the stage.

3 -- JEFF HARDY vs. MAGNUS -- TNA Title tournament finals -- Dixieland match

As the match started, Taz described this match as fitting for Dixie Carter, who makes people jump through hoops in her company. The match moved to the top turnbuckle early on, where Hardy missed with a top-rope Swanton Bomb after ramming Magnus head-first into the side of the cage.

Suddenly, Ethan Carter III appeared on-stage to stand next to Dixie four minutes into the match. Back in the ring, Hardy and Magnus fell down to the mat and sold the effects of the cage match heading to break.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 10:45]

Impact returned 11 minutes before the top of the hour with Dixie pretending to sell concern on-stage. Meanwhile, Hardy tried to climb through a camera hole in the cage, but Magnus pulled him back inside the cage. Hardy followed with a double-foot dropkick before slowly climbing the cage wall. Magnus blocked his exit, though, so Hardy adjusted and delivered a Vader Bomb from the cage wall. Back to a shot of Dixie holding her hands pretending to sell anxiousness.

At 10:00, Hardy dropped Magnus with Twist of Fate, but Magnus blocked a second attempt and Magnus clipped his knee. Magnus slapped on the Texas Cloverleaf, then released the hold and slowly started climbing the cage wall, but Hardy hobbled over to cut him off. Magnus shook off Hardy, then delivered a top-rope elbow drop. Magnus, selling being exhausted, couldn't follow up, allowing Hardy to nail Whisper in the Wind.

At 13:00, Hardy climbed to the top of the cage, balanced himself, decided not to exit the cage, and "entertained" the Creatures with a big corkscrew splash from the top of the cage. TNA replayed the move three times before both men sold on the mat. Magnus then tried to exit the cage, but ECIII ran down to ringside and attacked Magnus. Hardy exited the cage, too, and smashed ECIII before giving him Twist of Fate on the floor. Tenay said Hardy doesn't want anyone's help.

Hardy and Magnus reset on the floor, exchanging uppercuts and forearms. The two men battled up the ramp, then Hardy came face-to-face with Dixie, who stood in the way of Hardy climbing the ladder. Hardy wiped his sweat in Dixie's face, then Dixie freaked out as Hardy climbed the ladder. But, Rockstar Spud suddenly showed up and tipped over the ladder, sending Hardy crashing down hard on the entrance ramp.

Reset, then Spud and Dixie re-positioned the ladder. Spud told Magnus to hurry up and grab the title belt. Magnus looked down at Hardy, then again, then decided to climb the ladder as Dixie and Spud encouraged him from the base of the ladder. Magnus climbed the ladder and retrieved the belt as Dixie and Spud celebrated as if this were the conclusion of an elementary school play.

Post-match: Magnus stood atop the ladder holding a replacement title belt as Dixie did some finger-pointing down to Hardy, who continued to sell the effects of being chucked off the ladder.
After a replay of the final moments, TNA cut back to Dixie holding Magnus's hand in the air. Spud celebrated to the right while ECIII reluctantly applauded to the left, either hurting from not having the spotlight or from Magnus kicking him off the cage. Magnus continued to hold the title belt in the air as Impact signed off.

WINNER: Magnus at 17:45 to become Dixie Carter's TNA Title champion. The wrestlers did their best to make an over-complicated match work, but Carter's presence as a mis-cast heel authority figure took away from the match, making this seem like elementary school children were fighting over who gets the last cookie at lunchtime. It's just the wrong tone for supposedly Superstar Wrestlers competing for titles and glory.

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