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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 2/6: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Glasgow Night 2 - Lockdown main event set, Angle vs. Magnus, MVP follow-up, more

Feb 6, 2014 - 10:00:31 PM


TNA Impact Results
February 6, 2014
Taped 1/30 in Glasgow, Scotland
Episode #6 of 2014
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Earlier Today: The American Wolves were shown arriving at the building. MVP joined them and walked into the building.

Somewhere: Eric Young was beating up Abyss. Mike Tenay said they're scheduled for a Monster's Ball match tonight. Tenay and Jeremy Borash tried to introduce the show as EY and Park exchanged control backstage. Young beat Abyss into the arena, landing on the stage area. But, Abyss took control on the stage. A bell arbitrarily sounded, so apparently the match is official now.

1 -- ABYSS vs. ERIC YOUNG -- Monster's Ball match

Down to ringside, Abyss set up a table and teased a chokeslam, but EY blocked. Abyss then tossed EY and weapons into the ring. But, EY blocked and knocked Abyss to the floor, where Young tried to unmask Abyss. Abyss blocked the attempt, then sent Young back into the ring. Abyss wanted a running splash using a chair, but EY jabbed Abyss in the Parks to uncomfortably block.

EY wanted a top-rope missile dropkick and connected. But, only a two count on the cover. Young tried to follow up, but Abyss ran him head-first into a chair in the corner. Abyss then chokeslammed Young, Tenay sold dejection that it's over, and EY kicked out just before three.

Next, Abyss left the ring and grabbed a bag of thumbtacks. Abyss dumped the tacks on the mat, then tried to suplex EY Into the tacks, but EY blocked and delivered a sunset flip powerbomb that sent Abyss into the tacks. Young covered, but the tack drop was not enough for a pinfall. EY spit out some tacks, then tried a top rope move, but Abyss recovered and punched him off the top rope through a table on the floor.

Abyss then went under the ring and retrieved Janice - his barbed wire 2x4. Abyss measured Young for a Janice shot, but Young reached up and yanked off the mask, revealing Joseph Park. Park, embarrassed, grabbed Young for the Black Hole Slam. It was good for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Park/Abyss sold being stunned over the developments. Park then picked up a piece of shattered glass and sold being stunned who he saw in the mirror. Tenay asked what's next for Abyss.

WINNER: Park/Abyss at 9:37. Have not missed Abyss matches where someone goes into a pile of tacks, and it's not the finish. As for the outcome, still waiting for the emotion viewers are supposed to feel from the Abyss storyline. Sadness and sympathy that Park doesn't know he's Abyss? Ridicule that Park has been lying about not being Abyss for two years? Anger toward the announcers for being the only ones who were produced to not see that Park and Abyss are the same? They're taking a while to get the desired emotion.

[Q2] Dixie Carter's Office: Bobby Roode walked into Carter's office with a contract for a TNA Title shot against Magnus. Dixie said she can't do it. She said she can't just sell things like this anymore because she's not in complete control. Roode sold frustration, hearing another broken promise from Dixie. Dixie then suggested Roode face #1 contender Samoa Joe and if he wins, then he'll get the title shot. Roode freaked out about having to face Joe tonight. He said if this is a set-up, this is going to come back and bite Dixie right in the ass.

Up Next: MVP speaks for the first time. Good attempt at a hook to keep "Cops" viewers tuned in beyond Q1.

[Commercial Break at 9:16]

Still to come: Joe vs. Roode in the latest #1 contender match.

Moments Ago: Joseph Park realized that he is Abyss.

In-ring: MVP's music played to bring out the "new investor." MVP, dressed in a suit, marched down to the ring. Tenay said MVP is bringing an "infusion of capital" into the company. Once in the ring, MVP said the half-man, half-amazing MVP is back. He said a lot of people have been wondering where he is. MVP said he's been living life and calling his own shots. Along the way, he learned that there are consequences to actions.

MVP said they all want to see a change. No longer will people run around doing whatever they want without regard for the talent or the fans. He said he loves pro wrestling and he is a professional wrestler. And because he loves pro wrestling so much, he could stand by and watch the business he loves get run down. So, he decided to make a change. MVP said he learned a long time ago that he could not make change from being a talent, so he took his income, invested it, made some more money, and found some like-minded people who also put their money behind him to make change.

MVP said TNA has all the components to be great, but mis-management has been keeping TNA from reaching its full potential. He said that will not happen again. MVP said his agenda is very simple. Suddenly, Rockstar Spud's music interrupted.

Spud marched down to the ring as JB described him as the poster-boy for mis-management. Spud approached MVP, who called Spud "Dixie's lapdog." Isn't that Ethan Carter III? Spud ignored the jab, then said perhaps MVP should introduce himself to Dixie Carter. Spud said she is more than happy to talk fairness with MVP, with out-stretched arms. MVP said at the end of his out-stretched arms are well-educated fists.

MVP told Spud to take a message to Dixie Carter: with the blessing of "The Board," he has scheduled a match tonight. It's TNA champ Magnus against Kurt Angle in a non-title match. MVP's music played as MVP shooed Spud out of the ring.

[ JC's Reax: And, TNA is back to the Hulk Hogan "worked shoot" speeches about TNA "reaching its potential" and "getting to the next level." Viewers must be wondering if TNA will ever just "arrive" or "be" to where they don't have to talk about getting to the "next level" or what's preventing them from getting there every 3-6 months. ]

Backstage: Bully Ray was shown looking down at a coffin in a dark corner of the arena. Ray vowed to stick Mr. Anderson in the coffin next week. Ray felt the wood, then said the next person he sees will go in the coffin. Ray walked off.

[Q3] [Commercial Break]

Angle Plug: Kurt Angle's TNA Hall of Fame induction in three weeks.

Video: Chris Sabin asked someone if they're rolling. Sabin, sitting in a purple lounge-looking room, quietly said it doesn't feel real to him that Velvet Sky left him last week. Sabin said they're in a very special room right now that means a lot to them. So, he invited her to join him later tonight.

In-ring: Curry Man was introduced to the ring for the next match. Bully Ray's music then played, ending the fun and games. Bully wheeled the coffin down to ringside as Curry Daniels Man tried to ask what's going on. Ringside, Ray grabbed a mic before entering the ring to confront Curry.

Ray told a confused Curry Man that he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curry sold not understanding and attempted to talk to Curry, who started stomping his feet to fire up the crowd. Curry then tried a corner charge, but Bully big-booted him to the mat. Bully then removed his shades, hood, and zip-up jacket. Ray called out "Anderson!" then delivered a spike piledriver center-ring.

Tenay said this was not a scheduled match, so it's about sending a message. Ray dragged Curry out of the ring, placed Curry inside the coffin, and sent a message into the camera that he's going to end Anderson's career next week. Ray intimidated some kids on the front row before exiting to the back.

Dixie's Office: Magnus approached Dixie Carter to complain about facing Kurt Angle tonight. Magnus told Dixie that things better work out. Dixie then adjusted her make-up as Rockstar Spud tried to offer some fake compliments. Ethan Carter III then walked in. "Oh, it's only Ethan," Dixie said. "Only Ethan?" ECIII said. Dixie told Carter that she doesn't have time for him, as she's waiting for the investor. Dixie complained about several things, then Carter asked why she doesn't have time for her own blood. Dixie put him off until next week. Carter reluctantly accepted the rain check and left.

[Commercial Break at 9:42]

[Q4] In-ring: Back from break, Austin Aries's music played to bring out the X Division champion dressed in street clothes. Tenay and JB talked up Aries's recent X Division Title victory over Chris Sabin before the champ entered the ring for a speech. Aries directed the crowd in an "Austin Aries" chant, then hyped himself to applause.

Aries said he has held every major title in this company, including the World Title. And, he's the man who created Option C. Aries said what that means is he can cash in the X Division Title for a shot at the TNA World Title. He said he has every intention of repeating that once again.

Before Aries could finish his speech, the Bro-Mans's music played to bring out tag champs Robbie E. and Jessie on-stage. The duo danced on-stage, then D.J. Zema Ion bashed Aries from behind with his Feast or Fired briefcase. Ion demanded a ref come down to the ring because he's cashing in his briefcase.

2 -- X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. D.J. ZEMA ION -- X Division Title match

Ion covered, ref Earl Hebner slid into the ring, and Aries kicked out just before three. Ion kept trying to pin Aries, but Aries kicked out. In the middle of the action, Tenay quickly plugged the "One Night Only" Old School PPV premiering Friday night.

Aries continued to kick out of pin attempts, then avoided a corkscrew splash from Ion. Aries, in his pants and dress shirt, followed with a suplex. Aries removed the shirt, then corner-dropkicked Ion. A fired-up Aries followed with Brainbuster Suplex for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Aries at 2:11 to retain the X Division Title. Good showcase for Aries to overcome a stacked deck in his dress clothes.

Up Next: Magnus vs. Angle.

Dixie's Office: Dixie Carter tried to get Rockstar Spud to calm down. The investor is coming.

[Commercial Break at 9:53]

Last Week: Sam Shaw was creepy. And, TNA cameras found Sam's creepster room. Has Christy Hemme watched the tape yet? Has someone informed Christy of her creepy co-worker?

Earlier Today: Christy Hemme was shown powdering herself. Sam Shaw then walked in. Christy was apparently tipped off or watched the show, as she asked Sam what his issue is. Sam said he likes to collect things of beauty. Christy then gave Sam the break-up speech, saying they need to keep this professional, as co-workers. Sam didn't seem to get the message, but said he gets it. Christy left, then Sam turned creepy.

Backstage: Bobby Roode complained to a roving cameraman about jumping through Dixie Carter's hoops. Magnus then walked in and told Roode to back down. He told Roode to stop whining and complaining about his "tasks" and focus on facing Samoa Joe tonight. Roode retorted that he's the same Joe who made Magnus tap out last week. Magnus said he'll tap out any day of the week in a tag match when the title isn't on the line. Roode ignored his excuse, then said he and Joe are going to beat each other up for one reason: to take the title away from Magnus at Lockdown.

[Q5 -- second hour] Still to come: Magnus vs. Angle and Roode vs. Joe.

Dixie's Office: MVP walked in and shook hands with Dixie Carter. MVP and Spud acted pleasant this time. Dixie told MVP that they could have worked together instead of MVP acting mysterious. She asked MVP to tell her something about himself. Dixie instead talked about herself, saying she single-handedly built this company from the ground up. MVP said that's very, very impressive. Dixie hyped the talent roster and said she is very fair to work for.

MVP said that's an interesting perspective. He said he would like to know if Jeff Hardy, A.J. Styles, and Sting would share her same view. Dixie said they are disgruntled employees who want to ruin the company. Dixie switched the subject back to herself. And MVP. Dixie said she's sure that MVP will get a "great rub" from working with her. MVP said her reputation is just as he heard.

MVP suggested they start discussing the future of TNA out there in the ring. In front of the ticket-buyers. Dixie tried to talk over MVP, who said he's also about fairness. MVP cut off Dixie before she could interrupt, then walked off. Spud said he thinks he was a nice guy. Dixie wasn't so sure.

In-ring: Kurt Angle was introduced to the ring as Tenay hyped a Dixie-MVP Summit to come. Magnus was then introduced as Angle's opponent.

[Commercial Break at 10:06]

3 -- TNA World Hvt. champion MAGNUS vs. KURT ANGLE -- non-title match

The bell sounded back from break. Angle dominated early on, snapping off suplexes and slams before applying the Anklelock. But, Ethan Carter III slipped in the back door with a chop-block to Angle's leg. The bell sounded for a DQ as JB relayed Angle having a bum left knee.

Ringside, ECIII continued to attack the knee before grabbing a steel chair. Carter slammed the chair across the knee, then sent Angle back into the ring to attack the knee. JB said ECIII is sending a message to Angle, as well as to Dixie Carter to pay attention to him.

[Q6] Ref Brian Hebner tried to get Carter off Angle, but was unsuccessful. Carter eventually released, then took deep breaths to collect himself. The ref did the "X" signal to try to make this look real. Then, a stretcher came to ringside and various medical personnel entered the ring to check on Angle and help him out of the ring. Carter watched, showing no remorse for his actions.

WINNER: Angle via DQ at 2:30. Not much in the way of actual wrestling on the show thus far.

[Commercial Break at 10:17]

Moments Ago: Ethan Carter III took out Kurt Angle's left knee.

Backstage: Samoa Joe told a medic to watch over Kurt Angle. Joe saw a camera and freaked out. Joe yelled a message to Dixie Carter that she started a war with the wrong man. He vowed to stand alone if he has to. "By God, you will all pay!" Joe huffed.

Earlier Tonight: Abyss/Joseph Park beat Eric Young in a Monster's Ball match.

Backstage: EY had a towel over his head recovering from the match. Young said "crazy" is the only thing that Park/Abyss will understand. Now that he's pulled off the mask, he doesn't know what's going to happen next.

Video Package: Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky drama.

Purple Studio: Sabin told the camera and audio man that they are witnessing something special. Sabin said he and Velvet Sky shared their first kiss right here in this room on the European Tour. Sabin had a box, presumably with a ring inside. Velvet Sky then walked in and tried to figure out what's going on with the cameras. Sabin politely asked her to take a seat.

[Commercial Break at 10:26]

[Q7] Hype Video: "Old School" One Night Only PPV premiering Friday.

Purple Studio: Velvet Sky said this is a bit awkward. Chris Sabin redirected to them going through ups and downs, but when she told him that it's over in the ring, he felt like his soul was shattered. Later, though, he saw everything clearly. Sabin pulled out a ring as Velvet freaked out. Sky tentatively approached the ring box as Sabin asked her to go ahead. Sky opened the box, which was empty. Sabin said it means he wants her out of his life. He said he's tired of hearing everyone talk about her. Sabin challenged her to a match next week, then said they are officially through because he says when they're through, not her. Sabin left, then Sky cried.

Earlier Tonight: MVP addressed Rockstar Spud and booked Magnus vs. Angle tonight. Then, MVP sat down with Dixie Carter in her office. Still to come: More from MVP and Dixie in the ring.

Up Next: Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode. Last week, Joe became #1 contender to the TNA World Title. But, he has to become #1 contender again tonight.

In-ring: Bobby Roode was introduced to the ring for the main event. Samoe Joe marched down to the ring next to intimidate Roode before the bell sounded.

[Commercial Break at 10:36]

4 -- SAMOA JOE vs. BOBBY ROODE -- Winner faces Magnus for the TNA World Title at Lockdown

The bell sounded back from break. Feeling-out process, then Joe knocked down Roode to the corner. Joe face-washed Roode with his boot, then went for a charging boot, but Roode got up and back-elbowed Joe. Roode then dropkicked Joe off the ring apron to the floor.

[Q8] Roode tried to wear down Joe as the crowd tried to rally behind Joe. Roode turned his back to gloat, though, allowing Joe to snap off a powerslam. Joe, his chest turning red, stalked Roode for a Musclebuster, but Roode avoided and nailed an enziguiri kick for a nearfall. Roode couldn't follow up, though, and Joe went back to the Musclebuster. This time, he connected. Joe then slapped on the rear-naked choke and Roode tapped out.

WINNER: Joe via submission at 6:52 to retain the #1 contender slot. It's Magnus vs. Joe for the TNA World Title at Lockdown.

Backstage: MVP was shown walking down the hallway. Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud were shown walking down another hallway. Their "summit" is next.

[Commercial Break at 10:49]

Dixie-MVP Summit

Impact returned eight minutes before the top of the hour with Dixie Carter's theme music playing. Carter and Rockstar Spud walked down to the ring with a full ring entrance before drawing boos. Carter said tonight is not just about her, but another very special person. Carter said this man is not only a VIP, but MVP. JB called it a welcoming tone.

MVP then came out sans American Wolves as Carter pretended to be happy to see MVP. Spud also pretended to be happy to see MVP, who said it's an honor to be here tonight. Dixie said they have a lot of business to get down to in front of all these people. Dixie asked to start with "their" vision for the future.

Dixie said they need to start at the top. And that is TNA World champion Magnus, which drew boos. Dixie said he has accomplished everything they hoped he would. Instead of focusing on the Magnus vs. Joe title match that was just set, the conversation continued to focus on Dixie playing the role of a snobby American. Dixie tried to calm down the crowd, which cat-called over Dixie.

Dixie tried to speak that everyone needs to follow her lead. If so, they will all be very, very successful. Dixie said she has dealt with all kinds of investors and people in her 11 years here. Some good, some bad. Dixie said she hopes MVP falls into the "good" category. And, they should talk about some changes.

MVP jumped in to discuss the "changes." MVP said that after learning everything about "you," "you," and "you," he has learned that they agree on only one thing - agree to disagree. MVP told Dixie that she has no wrestling knowledge and her mis-management has almost single-handedly brought this company to its knees. MVP said his name is MVP and he did not come here to be a butler at a Paula Deen party. He said her reign is over. "I intend to be very, very hands-on," he said.

MVP said changes will take effect very soon. "The party is over," he declared. MVP smiled in Dixie's face as Dixie pointed her finger at MVP. Spud tentatively wagged his finger in MVP's face, then joined Dixie leaving the ring. Spud angrily waved off the cameraman ringside as Dixie flailed her arm to wave off MVP. MVP waved good-bye as Tenay said the party is over to close Impact.

[ JC's Reax: The segment felt like it was on a different show than the show that just featured Samoa Joe re-affirming his #1 contender status to Magnus's TNA World Title. The money-making focus is Joe being prime and ready to take down Dixie's group by taking the TNA Title from Magnus. Instead, the follow-up segment was about vague "changes" and Dixie's character being a snob. Not the ideal way to start promoting a Magnus vs. Joe title match at the first PPV of the year. Just a weird conclusion to an over-booked show. ]

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