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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 6/12: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of final hype for Slammiversary - PPV main event airs, #1 contender match, Abyss & Brooke return, more

Jun 12, 2014 - 10:00:09 PM


TNA Impact Results
June 12, 2014
Taped in Orlando, Fla.
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Impact opened with Eric Young's music. In a voice-over, Mike Tenay noted this Sunday is Slammiversary, where Young will defend the TNA Title against MVP at the PPV. Young, dressed to wrestle, bounced down to the ring and took a mic.

Young told MVP to bring his buddies and Dixie Carter down to the ring because he has something to say. MVP's music played to bring out MVP flanked by Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. On the stage, MVP told Young to understand that he does not like Dixie Carter, they are not working together, and it's just the two of them at Slammiversary.

Young said he knows things will not be one-on-one on Sunday, which MVP took exception to. MVP vowed to take the TNA World Title, then Young can go off to do more extreme fishing. Young retorted that he just wants respect from MVP. And that respect would be reflected by a fair fight on Sunday. MVP said he would like to promise that, but King is a bit of a hothead and Lashley is unpredictable.

Young said he wants to talk man-to-man that if a bigger and better man takes this title from him, he's cool with it. But, a screwy outcome is garbage. Young said he is willing to do anything to ensure a fair fight. Anything. MVP said he is not unreasonable, so he is willing to grant Young a fair fight by picking the stipulation. However, Young will have to earn that chance by beating the three of them in one night.

MVP summed it up that if Young can beat two of them tonight, he can pick the stipulation at Slammiversary. Young retorted that he does not think MVP is man enough to take the title from him at the PPV, which led to MVP booking tonight's title situation. First up, Bobby Lashley against Young.

[Commercial Break at 9:09]

1 -- TNA World Hvt. champion ERIC YOUNG vs. BOBBY LASHLEY -- non-title match

Back from break, the bell sounded and Young slid out of the ring to yank down Lashley from the outside. The match returned to the floor, where Lashley rammed Young back-first into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Lashley continued to assault Young with power offense targeting the lower back to soften up the champ.

[Q2] Young came back with a crucifix pin for a two count, which gave Young an opening to land offense on Lashley. EY tried a top-rope move, but Lashley caught him in mid-air and delivered a big powerslam. Three count for the win. Now, Young has to beat MVP and Kenny King after losing to Lashley to pick the stipulation at the PPV.

WINNER: Lashley at 5:12.

Post-match: Lashley entered the ring with the TNA Title belt and beat up Young a little more. Lashley measured Young for a belt shot, but Samoa Joe's music played. Joe stormed the ring in street clothes and picked a fight with Lashley, who answered with a monster clothesline. But, Joe low-bridged Lashley, who went spilling over the top rope to the outside. Joe stood his ground in the ring as Lashley glared at him from ringside. No mention or hype for the Joe vs. Lashley match at the PPV on Sunday.

Somewhere: Jeff Hardy, as Willow, said he is broken and bruised, but he will take the fight to Magnus and Bram. And he is not alone tonight. Hardy noted his patience is on vacation.

[Commercial Break at 9:21]

Backstage: Eric Young was shown talking to a trainer. Young said he thought he felt something pop in his back. The trainer said he doesn't think EY should go back out there tonight.

Backstage: Samoa Joe said what happened out there is not right. He said Bobby Lashley is his next victim, then MVP is next.

Impact Zone: Magnus's music played as Tenay briefly mentioned Joe vs. Lashley Sunday at the PPV. Out came Magnus and Bram to the ring. Bram introduced a man who the crowd will learn to fear, Magnus. Magnus said Bram is his oldest friend who promised to bring back the old him. Magnus said he was trying to be everyone "they" want. Who are "they?" Magnus said "they" wanted him to be a watered-down, suit-wearing joke. He said it makes him sick to look at himself from the past six months.

Magnus said he and Bram are unstoppable together. Bram growled that Jeff or Willow knows who the real Mac Daddy is. Willow's music provided the answer, then Hardy stumbled out on-stage in a stupor dressed as Willow. On the entrance ramp, Willow told Bram and Magnus this is their chance to run. He said behind this mask, he is not responsible for his actions. He led the crowd in a "Hardy, Hardy" chant, then wigged out and said where Jeff Hardy cannot go, he can go. "Willow, Willow" chant.

[Q3] Hardy told Magnus he's glad he found himself. Now, at Slammiversary, "we" will take you down. Hardy continued to talk in riddles about who "we" are. Hardy said you never know which of them will show up, then vowed to have someone in his corner who will instill fear in them. "We!" he said before pausing. "The People," someone in the crowd filled in during the pause.

Suddenly, Abyss's music played to bring out Magnus's briefly-associated bodyguard who Magnus dumped after a month. Abyss and Hardy cleared the heels from the ring, with Magnus bailing early and Bram putting up a fight before being knocked out of the ring. Hardy and Abyss stood in the ring as Magnus and Bram retreated up the ramp to the back.

Last Thursday: Bully Ray opened up Ethan Carter III in the First Blood main event. Then, MVP and Co. roughed up ECIII.

Backstage: Ethan Carter III told Bully Ray that no one makes a Carter bleed. He said everyone will pay. But, he's not waiting for Sunday to expose Bully Ray as the violent heathen that he is. "Do you know who I am?" Carter said. "I'm a Carter and the world needs us."

[Commercial Break at 9:34]

Back from break, D.J. Zema was at the D.J. booth. Zema said he would like to introduce a man who has finally gotten over his crippling fear of clowns, Robbie E. Out came Robbie and Jessie Godderz as Tenay plugged Robbie facing Knux up next. Then, the carnival carnie growled the line-up for The Menagerie. Out came Rebel leading the way for the group as Robbie freaked out in the ring. Long, drawn-out entrance, then the bell sounded.

2 -- ROBBIE E. (w/Jessie and D.J. Zema) vs. KNUX (w/The Menagerie)

The music kept playing even after the bell sounded. The entrance lighting stayed on, too. Robbie couldn't focus on the match, instead focusing on Crazy Steve walking around ringside with his balloons. And the music kept playing, then Knux posed with Rebel.

[Q4] Jessie and The Freak had a posedown ringside, a wrestling hold or two were attempted in this four-sided thing assembled in the middle of a sound studio, a man in a vest identified as Knux suddenly delivered a cross-body, the music kept going, the Jersey Shore guy made a comeback, who's the face in this match?, the crazy clown got involved, Robbie delivered a top-rope clothesline, a man sounded a horn, a clown got on the apron, the D.J. kept blowing his horn, another move or two were attempted in the four-sided platform, the music looped for the fourth time, The Freak knocked around some folks ringside, and Knux eventually scored a three count rendered by an older man in a striped shirt. A bell sounded to signal the end of the action, and the music kept going. Robbie wound up the balloons and stumbled down the entrance ramp as an unpictured man providing commentary described this a nuthouse.

WINNER: The man in the vest at 3:10.

Backstage: Rockstar Spud told Ethan Carter III that he got his special surprise. Down the hallway walked Brooke, returning to TV like Abyss tonight.

[Commercial Break at 9:48]

Last Thursday: Bully Ray opened up Ethan Carter III. Now, ECIII is seeking revenge on Bully. Where is Dixie Carter? She's in Dallas at meetings concerning MVP.

Impact Zone: Ethan Carter III's music played. Out came ECIII and Rockstar Spud, who was in his latest Jonny Fairplay suit. Already in the ring were three stool-like seats. ECIII said the audience deserves the truth about Bully Ray's checkered past. Therefore, he would like to introduce Brooke.

Brooke walked out to the ring in a fowl mood with some things to discuss about her relationship with Bully Ray back in the Aces & Eights days. Everyone sat down on their stools before ECIII began a line of questioning. Brooke noted the relationship is not still going on. Did it end because Bully is a man who had late nights, drinking problems, and other women? Brooke said it's none of the above. Perhaps it ended because Bully threatened to put Brooke through a table. Brooke said he never threatened her that way.

Rockstar interjected that he would like to continue this line of questioning as random buzzing and booing played in the background. Spotlight, please. Rockstar put a spotlight on Brooke to quiz her on why she is trying to protect Bully. The hot light did not produce answers, then Spud pulled out an envelope claiming to have the results. "The DNA does not lie!" Rockstar declared. Rockstar pulled out a document and claimed Brooke had a child with this man and he has pictures. On the screen was a split-screen of Bully frowning and a baby. Rockstar told Brooke that she is a hussy and a liar. Brooke took exception and the lights came back on.

[Q5 -- second hour] Bully Ray's music played and Bully marched down to the ring. ECIII and Rockstar bailed, leaving Brooke alone in the ring with Bully. Bully asked ECIII how his head is feeling after he made him bleed in the middle of the ring last week. He vowed to put Carter through one of his tables one day, then circled the ring, still ignoring Brooke's presence. Bully then turned to face Brooke, noting he didn't expect to see her out here tonight.

But, the bottom line is Brooke was an awesome girlfriend. He said they had a great time together and he's sorry it did not work out. Bully said he's in a different place in his life right now and he just wants to - they hugged. ECIII gagged and said this is making him nauseous. Carter said their issue needs to end on Sunday. The crowd chanted for tables. "You want tables?" ECIII asked. "There's a time for tables. A time would be Sunday at Slammiversary. The place - Dallas, Texas, Carter Country. Bully Ray, I am officially challenging you to a Tables match."

Carter told Bully that if he ever thinks he will put Dixie through a table, it will happen over his dead body. Bully asked if he heard right, then Bully repeated "over your dead body" over and over, getting the crowd to join in. Bully said normally he would jump at the opportunity to have that tables match. But, if Carter puts it like that, he would like to do something that hasn't been done in a long time. "ECIII, I challenge you to a Texas Death Match." Carter recoiled at the sound of that as Rockstar freaked out. "Over your dead body!" Bully repeated over and over. ECIII calmed himself down, collected himself, and said, "Challenge accepted." No explanation to the audience of what a Texas Death Match is.

Still to come: Gail vs. Britt vs. Mad in a Knockouts Title #1 contender match. And, up next, Eric Young vs. Kenny King.

Backstage: Kenny King warmed himself up ahead of facing EY tonight. MVP and Lashley made sure King is ready. And okay, then King kept walking.

[Commercial Break at 10:06]

Impact Zone: Apparently Eric Young was cleared by the trainer in the last hour. Young walked down to the ring wincing and selling the back work from Bobby Lashley in the opening match, then handed over the title belt to ref Brian Hebner. Kenny King then emerged as Young's second opponent tonight.

3 -- TNA World Hvt. champion ERIC YOUNG vs. KENNY KING -- non-title match

Tenay said MVP would be in the driver's seat at Slammiversary if King wins this match, but they never discussed what would happen if Young loses the series. Is it just that the match is guaranteed to be screwy with a lot of interference if EY doesn't get to pick the stip? The match started with Young landing right hands, but still wincing from the back pain. King put it to Young, then King looked into the camera and told MVP that he's got this.

[Q6] Back in the ring, King worked on Young's back with a mat-based hold. Young fired back with rights, then flew at King with a forearm into a clothesline. Young scoopslammed King, sold the back pain, and climbed to the top turnbuckle, where King crotched him. King then smashed Young into the mat with a sidewinder slam. "I told you!" King shouted into the camera as the NBA Finals game hit Halftime. King airballed a follow-up move, stumbled across the ring, and walked into a spike piledriver from EY. It was good for the pin and the win, with the story of Young overcoming King's cockiness despite the pain.

WINNER: Young at 5:11.

Still to come: Young vs. MVP three days before the PPV.

Backstage: Madison Rayne was standing in a strange lighting set-up. Rayne said she senses a strange vibe from Brittany, but she cannot worry about that; just becoming #1 contender to the Knockouts Title again.

[Commercial Break at 10:18]

Backstage: The trainer resurfaced and told Eric Young he told him not to go out there to the ring, but he did anyways. Young said he has to do it. "All right," the trainer said and walked off. What kind of trainer is this guy? Jeremy Borash resurfaced and asked EY about his final match tonight. Young caught his breath and said he's going to take care of MVP to get the stipulation at Slammiversary.

4 -- MADISON RAYNE vs. GAIL KIM vs. BRITTANY -- #1 contender match to the Knockouts Title

Christy Hemme introduced Brittany, then Gail Kim, then Madison Rayne for the three-way, first-fall contest. The winner gets Angelina Love for the KO Title at Slammiversary. Speaking of which, one minute into the match, Angelina and Velvet Sky walked out on-stage to pose and taunt the competitors. Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:27]

[Q7] Back from break, the Beautiful People were on commentary with Tenay and Taz. Meanwhile, Britt was dumped to the outside, setting up Gail vs. Madison one-on-one for a period. Britt re-entered and they set up a triple superplex spot that knocked down all three Knockouts. Reset, then the BP decided to walk down to ringside. They occupied their personal ref Stiffler, leading to Madison being knocked out of the ring. Gail then dropped Britt with Eat Defeat for the win. It was more about the BP ensuring Madison did not win than trying to help either of the three competitors win. Afterward, the BP and Gail trash-talked back and forth setting up the title match on Sunday.

WINNER: Gail at 10:10 to become #1 contender to the KO Title.

Backstage: TNA cameras "snuck up on" MVP having a conversation with ref Brian Hebner. MVP then told the roving cameraman that he wants a fair match against EY tonight once the bell rings.

[Commercial Break at 10:37]

Tweet: Dixie Carter believes she will get revenge on MVP at Slammiversary. "What's that all about?" Tenay asked.

This Sunday: Tenay and Taz ran down the Slammiversary line-up, focusing on Bully vs. ECIII, Joe vs. Lashley, Kenny King vs. Austin Aries, Angelina vs. Gail for the KO Title, Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm, Willow vs. Magnus, and Young vs. MVP for the TNA Title.

Impact Zone: MVP was introduced for the main event. MVP took his time entering the ring, then had a conversation with ref Brian Hebner.

[Q8] Eric Young's music played to bring out the TNA champ second. The explanation for EY being granted a champion's entrance as King and Lashley suddenly jumping Young from behind. They put the boots to EY's back, then Taz introduced an item that the bell cannot ring until both men are in the ring. Since when in TNA? A good chunk of matches start with someone on the outside or an unfair start. Can't get heat on the heel when the rules are rarely discussed, adhered to, or enforced. MVP smirked at getting a pre-match advantage before Young was rolled into the ring.

5 -- TNA World Hvt. champion ERIC YOUNG vs. MVP -- non-title match

Once Brian Hebner called for the bell, MVP put the boots to EY, then Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:47]

Back from break, MVP was taking his time working over Young. Taz said it doesn't look like EY is going to win here, but if he does, he gets to name the stipulation on Sunday. MVP was unable to score a three count, though, as EY kept fighting back. MVP put Young in a Camel Clutch, trying to injure the back and get a win in the process. But, EY kept fighting. MVP paused to pose, then delivered a powerbomb. Young shook and shook, but kicked out a pin attempt.

MVP tried another powerbomb, this time a Bucklebomb into the corner. Young shook and shook again, then took a corner Yakuza kick. Only a two count, though. More nearfalls, frustrating MVP. So, MVP grabbed a chair, re-entered the ring, sat down in the chair, and had a one-sided conversation with Young. MVP told Young to keep fighting his little fight, then MVP delivered a chair shot to the back, DQ'ing MVP.

WINNER: Young via DQ at 9:22; Young gets to pick the stip on Sunday.

MVP smiled and told Hebner to get lost. MVP stared down at Young, then Christy announced Young as the winner via DQ. Taz said that's real big. But, he thinks the beat down has just begun. On-cue, Lashley and King entered the ring to taunt an injured Young. MVP told Young that it does not matter what stipulation Young picks on Sunday because he cannot and will not beat him. "Because I am taking the TNA World Title," MVP said.

MVP's music played as the announcers wondered what stipulation Young will pick on Sunday. MVP then posed with the TNA Title belt as Lashley pretended to take pictures of MVP. MVP eventually dropped the title belt at Young, then the heels bailed from the ring. Back in the ring, Young collected himself and tried to put a few words together. "I know it doesn't look like it, but I won," Young said, his voice comically trailing off at the end. Young announced a steel cage match for Sunday. MVP was non-reactionary on the entranceramp. Young said he's just crazy enough to beat MVP on Sunday. Tenay excitedly declared the steel cage will keep out Lashley and King on Sunday. Did Tenay miss the Lockdown PPV when half of the matches were compromised? Tenay said you have to join them on Sunday for Young vs. MVP in a cage.

Next Thursday: Who won the top matches at Slammiversary? Tune in next Thursday to find out.

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