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TNA Impact
MCMAHON'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 9/2: ECIII vs. Matt Hardy for TNA World Title, two title changes, Lashley vs. Masters, Bram wrestles on pre-taped show, more; Overall Reax

Sep 2, 2015 - 11:20:26 PM


TNA Impact Wrestling TV Results
September 2, 2015
Taped in Orlando, Fla.
Report by Mike McMahon (@MikeMcMahonPW), PWTorch contributor

Backstage: Matt and Jeff Hardy are shown arriving to the building. Impact begins with Josh Mathews talking about Hardy’s match for the TNA World Title tonight. Ethan Carter III is next shown arriving next before Impact cuts to a video package on last week’s GFW invasion.

In-arena: Jeff Jarrett and the GFW roster enter the ring for a promo. Jarrett has the mic and said hell truly froze over the night he walked back into TNA Wrestling. Jarrett said he came back sincerely humbled. He said he stood in the ring with his wife and children and celebrated the King of the Mountain Title win from Slammiversary. Jarrett said he lived, ate, and breathed TNA for more than a decade.

Jarrett said he was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and given the opportunity to sincerely thank each and every person that helped build TNA.

[Reax: There’s loud booing throughout this entire promo. Jarrett sounds like he’s talking loudly to overcome it, but it also sounds like it could be post-produced. It’s really hard to tell.]

Karen Jarrett now has the mic and said she saw Jeff’s hard work and knows how great he is. Karen said she had Bully Ray taken out so that Jeff could have what he deserved. Karen then addressed the crowd, who appeared to be somewhat loud, and said they would want to hear what she had to say.

Karen said she called Chris “The Adonis” and said she had him take out Bully Ray and Drew Galloway. Karen said she was there for the hard times, but all of the fans were ready to jump on the bandwagon of whatever regime walked in. She said she did what needed to be done.

Jeff thanked Karen for always supporting him. He also thanked her for setting the wheels in motion for what’s about to take place. He said he’s taking the joint back over, the place that he built. He said that tonight begins a corporate, hostile takeover. Jarrett said he’s in the process of building another wrestling empire.

Jarrett said he still has ownership stake in TNA, so there’s nothing anyone can do. Jeff addressed Dixie Carter and “the boys in the back,” saying that nobody can compete with the GFW roster, and he was going to prove it.

He handed the mic to Chris Mordetzky and he said the GFW roster is not impressed with the TNA roster. He then challenged anyone in the locker room to come out and face him. That brought out Bobby Lashley as the show went to a break.

[Reax: This promo is a step in the right direction, at least so far. Jarrett is keeping the focus on himself and TNA/Dixie, which is the better story than TNA vs. GFW. The story of a scorned Jarrett coming back to take over TNA is at least recognizable. GFW is a brand with very little penetration. TNA might be circling the drain in some ways, but trying to make the point that GFW, which doesn’t even have television exposure, is “better” or even more prominent than TNA isn’t factual.]

[Commercial Break at 9:08]

Back from the break, Mordetzky and Lashley were in the ring ready for their match.


Lashley and Mordetzky start things off with some lock-ups and tests of strength. Mordetzky has control in the corner early before Lashley seizes it back with a clothesline. After going for another clothesline, Mordetzky reverses it into a Mordetzky Lock attempt, but Lashley connects with a full nelson slam.

[Q2] Mordetzky is working over Lashley’s lower back and then applies a chinlock. Lashley powers to his feet and lands some right hands to the gut. He now breaks out of the chinlock, but Mordetzky whips Lashley into the ropes. He goes for a splash, but Lashley tosses him over the top and to the outside.

Lashley follows and throws some animated right hands before going for an Irish whip into the steps that Mordetzky reverses and then rolls back into the ring looking to get Lashley counted out.

Lashley rolls back in, though, and Mordetzky hits a butterfly suplex. Mordetzky begins posing and playing to the crowd. That allows Lashley to recover in the corner and he hits a kick to the gut. Lashley hits a clothesline in the center of the ring and both men are down.

Mordetzky and Lashley climb to their feet and face off with some punches. Lashley ducks one and hits a German suplex. He followed that with a clothesline and spear in the corner. Lashley picks up Mordetzky for a vertical suplex. Lashley is back up setting up the spear, but Mordetzky gets to his feet and side-steps the spear, sending Lashley to the corner before hitting a spinebuster.

Mordetzky back to his feet and he looks for the Mordetzky Lock. He can’t get Lashley’s shoulders to crack, though, and Lashley counters with a takedown. Lashley scoops up Mordetzky and hits him with a running powerslam. Lashley connects with the spear on the second time. As soon as he does, the GFW roster hits the ring to cause the disqualification.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley via disqualification in 8:15.

[Reax: Nothing says, “this group is a legitimate threat” like a DQ finish in the first match of the “invasion.” Mordetzky should have won clean. That would have given GFW some juice early on. Right now, GFW has nothing to build itself on. It’s barely a company. A win here at least gives them something to stand on.]

Post-match, The Wolves run out to help Lashley, who is swarmed by almost the entire GFW roster. Jarrett is in the ring, too, and everyone is beating down Lashley and The Wolves.

Jarrett grabs a mic and calls for Karen. He tells her to bring the special surprise.

[Commercial Break at 9:22]

Back from the break, Karen Jarrett is walking down the aisle with a Feast or Fired briefcase. Meanwhile, the GFW roster continues beating down Lashley and The Wolves.

Karen said that Magnus gave it to her, and it’s the Feast or Fired Tag Team briefcase. Jarrett said to Earl Hebner that he was cashing it in right now and Brian Myers and Trevor Lee were going to wrestle for the titles.

Hebner grabbed the mic and said he wasn’t cashing anything in. Jarrett shoved Hebner and Hebner shoved back. Jarrett then hit Hebner before the GFW roster kicked him out of the ring.

Jarrett called for another referee. Scott D’Amore dragged Brian Stiffler to the ring and told him to ring the bell, which he did.

2 -- TNA Tag Team champions THE WOLVES (EDDIE EDWARDS & DAVEY RICHARDS) vs. BRIAN MYERS & TREVOR LEE -- Tag Team Title match

Lee and Myers start to swarm Eddie Edwards.

[Q3] Lee pulls Edwards back up and Edwards starts to get some offense with some right hands, but Lee quickly takes control back. He tags in Myers, who lands a suplex and a cover for a two count.

Myers lands a knee to Edwards’s head and wraps on a chinlock. Edwards gets to his feet and tries to punch his way out. Myers releases, but he immediately hits a bodyslam. Myers tags in Lee. Edwards lands some elbows near the ropes and applies a Boston Crab on Lee. Davey Richards has Myers wrapped in a Texas Cloverleaf, but Sonjay Dutt breaks it up. With the referee distracted, Lee grabs the briefcase and lays out Eddie Edwards for the pin.

WINNERS: Brian Myers & Trevor Lee in 2:29 to win the TNA Tag Team Titles.

[Reax: That does more to establish GFW as a threat, although it didn’t happen without a beat down before the match and interference during it. At the very least, GFW has some gold to get this feud rolling a bit. They couldn’t have protected the Wolves anymore than they did.]

Post-match, GFW pours into the ring and celebrates the win while Richards and Edwards are shown on the outside.

Backstage: The roving cameraman catches Bobby Roode, who said he doesn’t care about the chaos with GFW. He said he’s just tired of being disrespected by everyone. Tonight he has the chance to win gold again, and championships are the most important to him.

[Commercial Break at 9:34]

Back from the break, Mathews and Pope are in their announce studio reacting to what they just saw in the Tag Title match, as well as plugging the upcoming Bound for Glory tour.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is hyping the main event between Matt Hardy and ECIII for the TNA World Title before welcoming in the champion for an interview. ECIII, who looks extremely tanned, even by his standards, was again a little cute with his promo talking about the Hardys as if their story were some sort of children’s novel. ECIII said as his new personal assistant, he had some rules for Jeff Hardy. He told Jeff to get ready to do the work.

[Reax: Who edited the sound here? You could CLEARLY hear a match going on in the ring.]

Backstage: Dixie Carter was shown arriving.

3 -- King of the Mountain champion P.J. BLACK vs. BOBBY ROODE -- King of the Mountain Title match

On his way to the ring, Roode said he’d keep it short and sweet. He said it’s TNA Wrestling. He told Black he’s a TNA guy. He said he was a TNA original. Roode said everything Black saw, Roode helped build. He said that over the years, some people have hated him, others have loved him, but at the end of the day when he stepped into the ring he earned everyone’s respect.

[Q4] Roode said he didn’t know what’s going on with GFW, but he told Black he needed to know one thing. He said this was TNA’s house. Roode, cutting a babyface promo right after reinforcing himself as a heel opposite Rockstar Spud a few weeks ago, pointed at the crowd and said “this is our house.” Roode put the mic down and finished his ring walk.

Black landed a kick before the bell, but Roode quickly struck back as the match began with an in-ring brawl. Roode and Black brawled on the outside after Roode dumped Black over the top. Roode with more right hands near the barricade. This is a regular singles match, as Mathews says the KOTM Title can be defended in any type of match, not just the KOTM Match.

[Reax: So what’s the point of calling it the KOTM Title? I know! From now on, the Knockouts Title can be won by the men, well just because.]

Roode hits a clothesline and goes for a cover, but Black kicks out. With Roode on the outside, Black hits a suicide dive through the middle rope. Black rolls Roode back in the ring and hits a springboard elbow off the top rope back inside the ring.

[Commercial Break at 9:49]

Back from the break, Roode hits a bulldog from the second rope. Back to their feet, Black lands a right hand, which is followed by Roode and they exchange rights.

Roode hits a spinebuster, but Black kicks out at two. Roode whips Black into the turnbuckle and lands a pair of splashes. He goes for another cover, but Black again kicks out at two. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb, but Black wiggles out of his. He hits the top and lands a reverse DDT, but Roode kicks out at two.

Black lands a springboard moonsault, but Roode kicks out. Another springboard moonsault attempt, but Roode gets his knees up. Roode locks on the crossface and Sonjay Dutt runs in. Roode chases him off, then Black rolls him up for a two count.

Roode re-applies the crossface. Dutt goes to interfere again, but Drew Galloway takes him out. Roode then catches Black on another springboard attempt and hits the Roode Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Bobby Roode at 12:28 to win the TNA King of the Mountain Title.

[Reax: Good match and a good, simple story. Roode wanted gold, he said so, and GFW was there to get in the way. Although I do wonder why only one GFW member hit the ring, and not everyone. Especially where a DQ would result in Black retaining.]

Post-match, Jarrett hit the ring with a mic for another promo and said he wasn’t leaving the ring until he got back what was his. He said he wasn’t leaving the ring until he got back what Dixie stole from him.

[Q5] Out walks Dixie, who asks, “Stole from you?” Jarrett said that was right. He said no more Dixie Carter and no more of her stupid, idiotic business mistakes. Dixie said at least she admits her mistakes.

[Reax: This is TNA. Where Dixie Carter argues that she’s an idiot, but less of an idiot than Jarrett.]

Jarrett said that he and Dixie were a successful team until she stole his power and replaced him with regime after regime that failed miserably. Jarrett said those days are over, and that’s why GFW is in the ring. Dixie said Jarrett left TNA. She said she was there since day one fighting the fight.

[Reax: No, she hasn’t been there since Day One.]

Dixie said Jarrett removed himself from power. She said Jarrett taught her a lot about wrestling, and even more about ego. She said when you lead with ego and don’t get your way, you take your ball and go home. Just like he did with TNA.

[Reax: Ego? Like hiring a camera crew to follow you around in hopes of getting a reality show? He did teach her a lot!]

Dixie said she would make Jarrett an offer he couldn’t refuse. She said it would either get rid of him, or her, for good. She proposed one match, winner take all. Dixie said she’d put her majority shares against his minority shares. She said she would only do it for the men and women who chose to stay in TNA and fight for this company.

Jarrett asked if Dixie really wanted to accuse him of being selfish. He said she didn’t know the real Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett said he walks on earth to serve, not to be served. He said the GFW roster believes in him, and they all believe in him because they understand he’d get in the trenches and fight. He said the proof is in the pudding. Jarrett said he has his team, but Dixie has nobody behind her.

[Reax: Is Jarrett a heel or a babyface? I can’t tell.]

Out walks Drew Galloway. He told Jarrett that he thought TNA would lay down and die. He said that Jarrett and GFW can “go straight to hell.” Galloway said he’s here to stand up for Dixie, their company, and their future. He said if he wanted a hostile takeover, he needed to go through all of them.

That brought out the Wolves and Bobby Lashley. Galloway suggested that GFW start waving the white flag of surrender. He said Team TNA was ready for war. So it will be Team GFW vs. Team TNA. Either Jarrett or Dixie leave for good.

[Reax: Well, they got the right idea. Jarrett vs. Dixie is the feud here. But two weeks? Is this just because they were afraid about GFW or even TNA jumping before the next tapings? They’re going to blow this off in two weeks? All righty, then.]

[Commercial Break at 10:08]

Back from the break, Pope and Mathews react to the GFW vs. TNA match in two weeks. Mathews then plugged the Knockouts calendar.

In-arena: Kenny King has the mic. He said he’s not going to lie. He said he was going through an identity crisis over the last year. He said tonight he has no crew, he’s just out here on his own two.

King said that he doesn’t want to be the type of king who sucker-punches a dude. He said he doesn’t want to be the king who takes orders, because Kenny King is a leader. King said he wants to bring back Open Fight Night, and he called out anyone to come out and face Kenny King.

[Reax: So Kenny King is a babyface now? Or, is it a ruse? TNA does love turning guys. This should be a nice, fresh start for King, though. He was a heel under MVP for so long, after being kept off TV for several weeks, this change is a welcome one for his character.]

[Q6] Bram comes out to accept that challenge. Oops. Bram and King start to brawl on the ramp.


On the outside, King and Bram continue to brawl. Bram hits a clothesline on a flying King. Meanwhile, Pope says he wants to be King’s tag team partner. Bram then chokes King in the corner and whips him into the turnbuckle. Bram continues the assault on King. King starts to fight back, but misses a springboard moonsault. Bram hits a Brighter Side of Suffering for the win.

WINNER: Bram at 3:38.

[Reax: Well, that was a nice three-minute comeback for Kenny King. He’s new! He’s improved! … and he lost in three minutes with barely a touch of offense.]

Backstage: Borash interviews Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. Matt said they made a deal with the devil, but Jeff’s belief in him fuels him. Matt said that everyone will see tonight that Matt Hardy will not die, and neither will his dream.

[Commercial Break at 10:21]

In-arena: Velvet Sky walks to the ring for a promo as Mathews runs down what happened last week with Rebel joining The Dollhouse.

Velvet has the mic and says she has been keeping to herself. She said the entire landscape of TNA has changed dramatically since she arrived in TNA. She said the Knockouts division is always changing and so has she. Velvet said that Taryn created a cult of monsters, and that they’re more out of control now than ever before. She then called out Taryn Terrell.

Terrell appeared on the screen and said her doctor has advised she remains calm. She said Velvet will wish she never knew her. Taryn said she never crossed paths with Velvet because she would destroy her. Taryn said she has been on multiple television shows, movies, and magazines.

Taryn said this is her house, and she must play with her Dollhouse. That brought out The Dollhouse. Velvet asked if they really wanted to do this? Velvet said they didn’t have enough people, and she then attacked Jade. But, Marti and Rebel quickly piled on. Angelina Love and Madison Rayne came out to even the numbers.

Pope said he has chills because this is The Dollhouse against the Beautiful People.

[Q7] Madison grabbed the mic and said she was sorry to interrupt, but it looked like their play time was over. Angelina Love said that The Dollhouse just met the new and improved Beautiful People. Velvet said it was on now.

[Reax: The crowd responded really well to seeing the Beautiful People reunite. There isn’t much there for the Dollhouse to do, outside of continuing to all go after Gail Kim at once, so this should be something fresh. If this doesn’t ignite the Dollhouse a bit more, though, it’s probably time to cut the cord on the group.]

Video: Highlights from the first Hardy vs. ECIII match play.

Backstage: Dixie Carter said that the match in two weeks is an investment in the people who chose to stay and fight for her. She told Team TNA she knows that they would not let her down. Davey Richards said they always treated The Wolves like family, and they needed to fight for their family. Dixie said she would do whatever it takes and will always stand with them.

In-arena: ECIII and Matt Hardy make their walks and Jeremy Borash makes the ring introductions.

5 -- TNA World champion ETHAN CARTER III vs. MATT HARDY -- TNA World Title match; if Hardy loses, Jeff Hardy must become ECIII’s personal assistant

ECIII and Hardy lock up to start the match. ECIII grabs a side headlock, but Hardy pushes him into the ropes. ECIII lands a tackle. Off the rope, Hardy hits a hip toss and Hardy starts to then take control with some right hands and knees.

[Q8] Hardy hits a neckbreaker and ECIII kicks out at two. Hardy clotheslines ECIII to the outside.

[Commercial Break at 10:46]

Back from the break, ECIII has Hardy in a sleeperhold. Mathews said Hardy had momentum going into the break, but ECIII took over. Hardy responds with a running bulldog. He climbs to the second rope and hits an elbow off the second rope. ECIII kicks out at two on a side effect. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, but ECIII rams Hardy into the ref in the corner. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate, but Brian Hebner is out cold.

Hardy covers and ECIII is down for more than a three count, but there’s no referee. Hardy goes to wake up the referee, but Tyrus hits him in the mid-section. ECIII hits Hardy with the TNA World Title, but Hardy kicks out at two. Jeff Hardy was looking on, watching that all happen.

ECIII grabs the belt again, but Jeff grabs the other end. Some tug of war and Hardy hits ECIII. Matt Hardy rolls up ECIII, but it’s only a two count. Both men are down. Hardy, from his knees, hits a right hand. ECIII responds with one of his own. Another right by Hardy. Now Hardy grabs ECIII’s head and hits multiple headbutts. On the outside, Jeff Hardy nails Tyrus with a steel chair.

ECIII hits a TKO on Hardy in the ring, but Hardy kicks out at two. ECIII looks nervous after Hardy kicked out and Tyrus has been taken out. ECIII goes for splash in the corner, but Hardy moves. Hardy hits a Tornado DDT, but only gets two.

Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate but ECIII rolls through and hits a clothesline. ECIII mocks Hardy, looking for his own Twist of Fate, but Hardy pushes him to the corner. ECIII hits a low blow and then a sunset flip for the pin.

WINNER: Ethan Carter III at 13:04 to retain the TNA World Title.

Post-match, ECIII celebrates while pointing at Jeff Hardy to come into the ring. ECIII demands that Jeff raise his hand in victory. Hardy looks long and hard at ECIII and then raises his hand as Matt looks on and TNA goes off the air.

[Final Thoughts: Some good, some bad. Some just really funny. The World Title match was quite good again, and the live crowd was into the nearfalls. The finish was a little flat with the sunset flip, but at least they threw in the low blow. ECIII’s promos are hit-or-miss, with more misses than hits, but he’s been effective as a cheating, dirty heel.

It was nice to not see Eric Young running around with any prosthetic limbs this week. I’d be more than happy if TNA just dropped that feud with Chris Melendez without ever explaining it... The sound editing on this show wasn’t good, with the opening promo sounding like it was post-produced and the audience clearly being able to hear a match going on while they were interviewing ECIII backstage.]

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