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TNA Impact
MCMAHON'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 9/30: Final hype for Bound for Glory, Ciampa also wrestles on Impact, Dollhouse vs. BP, more; Overall Reax

Sep 30, 2015 - 11:07:14 PM


TNA Impact Wrestling Results
September 30, 2015
Taped in Orlando, Fla.
Report by PWTorch contributor Mike McMahon (@MikeMcMahonPW)

Impact opens with a video package recapping last week, including Drew Galloway becoming the No. 1 contender for the TNA World TItle.

In-arena: TNA Hvt. champion Ethan Carter III and Tyrus are headed to the ring. Josh Mathews introduces the show and sets up the Bound for Glory main event between ECIII and Drew Galloway.

In-ring: ECIII has a mic. He said he’s not in a good mood. Despite being the World Champion, ECIII said that he’s not in a good mood considering that BFG is Sunday, and no one is talking about the champ, everyone is talking about the No. 1 contender.

ECIII said that Dixie Carter is cheering so hard for Galloway, it’s like she’s a cheerleader back at Ole Miss. He then calls her out to the ring. Dixie walks to the ring fairly aggressively and she doesn’t look happy. ECIII hands her the mic and she tells him that she doesn’t believe what she’s hearing. Dixie said that ECIII has been a great TNA World Hvt. Champion, in the ring. She said that outside of the ring, his behavior has been deplorable.

Dixie said the reason everyone is talking about Galloway is because he fought for TNA. Dixie said that ECIII made it abundantly clear to her that he wanted nothing to do with that fight. She asked him how he sleeps at night, not willing to fight for their family’s company.

ECIII said he would have led Team TNA so much better. ECIII addressed Galloway into the camera and said that he could never beat ECIII. That, of course, brought out Drew Galloway. Mathews asked if Galloway would play the Ole Miss to ECIII’s Alabama this Sunday. [Reax: Is Dixie, an Ole Miss alum, feeding the announcers lines like Vince does now?]

ECIII mockingly called Galloway their “noble savior.” Galloway told ECIII to shut his bloody mouth. He said it’s not just that he’s entitled, he said it’s that ECIII turned his back on their company. ECIII responded that his name was Carter, and it was his company.

Galloway said that ECIII better pray he never stops talking, because that’s the second-best thing he does. He said the best thing he does is in the ring, and he’s an animal there. Galloway said that at BFG on Sunday, he’d tear him apart. “Stand up?” responded ECIII. “Bound for Glory? No. You’re encountering an undefeated World Heavyweight Champion. … At Bound for Glory … stand up? No, you’re going to stand down.”

Galloway said he wanted ECIII to know he wasn’t a savior. But at BFG, he will be the TNA World Hvt. Champion. Mathews called this one of the most anticipated matches in some time.

In-studio: Mathews and Pope run down the show tonight as well as the card at Bound for Glory.

[Commercial Break at 9:13]

[Q2] Backstage: ECIII confronted Dixie backstage and said he hopes she enjoys the BFG preview, where he’ll destroy Drew Galloway. He called himself the franchise player, and said tonight he’s going to destroy Drew Galloway before BFG even starts.

Video: A promo highlighting the history between James Storm and Mahabali Shera was shown.

1 -- JAMES STORM vs. MAHABALI SHERA -- No Disqualification match

As Shera made his way to the ring, Storm ran down the aisle and the brawl started from there. They quickly ended up back in the ring, where Storm hit a low blow about 30 seconds into the match to put Shera down and take control.

Storm chops Shera in the corner as Mathews talks about the Revolution basically being dismantled. Shera starts to make a comeback with some clotheslines. Shera scoops up Storm and hits a fallaway slam. Storm back in control and goes under the ring to grab some steel chairs. He sets up both chairs in the ring and grabs Shera in the corner. He sets up Shera on the top rope and appears to be setting up a superplex off the top through the chairs. But, Shera fights him off and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Storm comes back in, though, and tosses Shera off the top through the chairs.

Storm goes back to the outside and finds a table under the ring. He brings that to the inside and sets it up in the ring. Storm tries to powerbomb Shera through the table, but he can’t pick him up. Storm goes back under the ring and grabs a beer bottle. He takes a drink and sets the beer down on the apron. He tries to spit in Shera’s face, but he ducks and the liquid ends up in Earl Hebner’s face. Shera hits a spear and goes for the pin, but Hebner isn’t counting because he was blinded by the beer.

Storm comes back with a cowbell off Shera’s head. He then picks Shera up for an Eye of the Storm through the table but Shera kicked out at two. Storm goes back to the outside and breaks the beer bottle on the post. He carries the jagged bottle edge back into the ring. Storm goes to cut Shera but Manik and Abyss come to the ring.

Storm asks what they’re doing there. Manik and Abyss point to the sky, taking the Revolution pledge. But they bring the fingers down and point at Storm. Abyss drops Storm with a Black Hole Slam and Manik follows that with a frog splash. Shera is back up and hits a Sky High for the win.

WINNER: Mahabali Shera in about 7:00.

Post-match: Shera celebrates as Manik and Abyss look on.

[Reax: For what it was, a seven-minute hardcore match, this was pretty good. Storm taking control early with the low blow made Shera fight against the odds right from the start. He took some impressive bumps here as well, in particular coming off the top through the chairs and taking the Eye of the Storm through the table. They also did the spot where Shera was screwed out of the win with Hebner blinded, but that wasn’t actually the finish. They still went through and Shera won the match. That was a nice change of pace.]

Backstage: A cameraman caught up with Bobby Roode, who talked about the importance of the King of the Mountain Title.

[Commercial Break at 9:29]

[Q3] Backstage: Dixie said she needed to up the ante for BFG. She said tonight, if Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy win the main event tonight against ECIII and Tyrus, then Hardy would he added to the World Title match on Sunday at BFG, making it a triple threat match. Dixie said she also has another surprise later tonight.

In-arena: KOTM champion Bobby Roode was shown coming to the ring.

Roode said he has been blessed to be a champion in TNA. He said today, he proudly stands there as TNA King of the Mountain Champion. He said a lot of people have asked what the title means? Roode said that it means pro wrestling. It represents the passion, dedication, and love of the sport.

Moving forward, Roode said he would defend the KOTM TItle with honor, dignity, and respect. He said he wanted to kick that off on the biggest night of the year at Bound for Glory. He said he would put it on the line in an open challenge. Roode said that at BFG, the title will be on the line, and he will prove once again, why he is the “it factor” of professional wrestling.

Lashley’s music hit and he headed to the ring with a mic. Lashley told Roode that he wanted to extend his hand for sheer respect. “Now with that being said, I came TNA for two reasons,” Lashley said. “To compete against the best wrestlers in the world today. In the hierarchy of the wrestling business, you are at the top of the food chain. No. 2, I came to TNA to collect as many titles as I could get my hands on.”

Lashley told Roode they had some incredible matches, and he wanted one more time. Lashley said that he wants to fight to the finish for the KOTM Title. He asked Roode what he thought, and Roode looked to the crowd. Roode said that as Lashley extended his hand him, he would extended his hand back and said it would be an honor to defend the title against Lashley at Bound for Glory.

[Reax: It’s going to be nice to see a wrestling match where there isn’t really a feud. Just two guys, who both respect each other, having a babyface match to see who is better. Generally speaking, a babyface vs. heel match-up is still the roots of pro wrestling, but once in a while a match like this can be a nice way to freshen things up. Roode is a good person to put in this spot, too, because he’s very believable in everything he says when he talks about being respectful to the business. Oh, but I wonder where they got the idea for an open challenge?]

Backstage: Taryn Terrell is talking to The Dollhouse and said that tonight, they would have the advantage and they would end the Beautiful People forever.

[Commercial Break at 9:42]


2 -- D.J. ZEMA vs. TOMMASO CIAMPA vs. TREVOR LEE -- triple threat match

Mathews said that he thought that we had seen the last of Lee after GFW was kicked to the curb, but Lee and Brian Myers are owed an automatic rematch for the TNA Tag Titles, and that will happen at Bound for Glory.

After a lot of fast back-and-forth between the three, Ciampa hits a vertical suplex on Lee. Ciampa then plants knees on Lee’s face in the corner. D.J. Z hits an elbow off the second rope on Lee. Ciampa delivered a monster clothesline on Lee, flipping him over. Ciampa gets a two count after a backstabber on Lee. Lee then scored the pinfall on D.J. Z. after turning him inside out with a cross-body.

WINNER: Trevor Lee pins D.J. Z to win the match in about six minutes.

[Reax: I would have liked to see Ciampa get a better intro into TNA, assuming he is sticking around. If it were a tryout match, then it makes sense. If it was a true debut, well it’s hard to make your debut in a triple threat. It’s hard to establish who you are and what your moves are when there are two other guys in there with you flying around. The match seemed to be there in order for TNA to give Lee a win heading into BFG on Sunday. It would have been smarter to give him a one-on-one win over D.J. Z, and debut Ciampa in a squash match elsewhere on the show. It's night/day compared to how WWE NXT simultaneously debuted Ciampa.]

Backstage: Jeremy Borash announced The Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People in a three-on-two match up next. Madison Rayne interrupted and asked where the Dollhouse got their name. Angelina Love, in a sling, said that they hate the Dollhouse. Angelina said she’s not afraid of the Dollhouse, even though her shoulder is hurt. Velvet Sky said that Taryn is all bark, and no bite. Velvet said they’re going to tear the Dollhouse one limb at a time.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Video: A vignette on Brooke aired, where she talked about wanting to reclaim the TNA Knockouts Title. She said she was going to go home and work twice as hard to get ready for another shot.

[Q5 -- second hour] Backstage: A cameraman asked for ECIII’s reaction to Dixie’s announcement earlier in the show about Matt Hardy. ECIII called himself a winner. He said he thought Dixie Carter was a winner, but winners don’t make decisions like this. He then called Matt Hardy a weed, and said tonight he’d lose.

In-arena: Marti, Jade, and Rebel were introduced to the ring for their match against the Beautiful People.

3 -- THE DOLLHOUSE (Marti Bell & Jade & Rebel) vs. THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne) -- handicap match

Just like Shera-Storm earlier in the night, a brawl started on the ramp before the match. Now in the ring, Velvet hit a splash in the corner on Marti Bell. Velvet with a huge clothesline on Bell, but she kicked out of a pin. Madison Rayne tagged in, then Jade for the Dollhouse. Madison Rayne hit a dropkick on the apron and went for a cover, but it was only good for a two count. Velvet tagged back in. She landed a series of kicks on Jade before hitting a neckbreaker.

Dollhouse took control of the match after Velvet was distracted by the Dollhouse and Jade hit a dropkick. Rebel tagged in, and she continued to attack Velvet in the Dollhouse corner. Jade back in. She hit a suplex on Jade, then Velvet hit a clothesline for a double-down. Marti and Madison tagged in.

Marti fired Madison into the corner. Jade broke up a pin and Velvet sent Jade to the outside. Madison Rayne and Marti Bell were the legal competitors at this point. On the outside, Jade put Velvet’s arm on the steps and grabbed a chair, but Velvet escaped in time. On the apron, Rebel threw powder in the eyes of Madison Rayne and Marti Bell rolled her up for the win

WINNERS: The Dollhouse in 8:00.

[Reax: Wow, powder to the eyes! Somewhere, Mr. Fuji is smiling!]

Backstage: Eric Young was going crazy, screaming as he counted. He said he’s not afraid of anyone in TNA.

Still to come: ECIII & Tyrus vs. Drew Galloway & Matt Hardy

[Commercial Break at 10:11]

[Q6] Back from the break, Mathews plugged a major announcement coming from Dixie Carter on Monday at noon.

Video: Gail Kim was shown talking about defending her Knockouts Title against Awesome Kong at BFG. She said that Kong is the toughest opponent of her career. She said the match at BFG is about their legacy, and finding out who truly is the best.

In-arena, Eric Young was walking to the ring. He grabbed a mic and said he had Chris Melendez beat last week. EY said he only lost because of the “30 guys who ran interference.” Young then said he’s afraid of nobody. He said no one is brave enough or good enough. EY said he’s too strong to die.

That brought out … Robbie E.? Robbie said that EY needed to do everyone a favor and shut up. Robbie E. said he’s from Jersey, so he loves to fight. Robbie and Eric Young begin brawling in the ring, but EY hit a low blow and tossed Robbie out of the ring. Young grabbed the mic and asked if that was it? So out came Chris Melendez, who had his leg back. He climbed into the ring and hit a double leg takedown on Young. Punches were thrown on the mat, but EY suplexed Sarge. Young then grabbed a chair and tried to smash Melendez’s face, but he ducked. Melendez stole the chair and Young retreated up the ramp.

Before he could make his way to the back, though, Mr. Anderson cut him off at the top of the ramp. Anderson called for his mic from the rafters. He asked if EY just called himself “God?” He then mocked him, saying he was looking for him his whole life. Anderson said that everyone in the back wants to fight Eric Young. Anderson then went on the attack, throwing right hands at EY and tossing him back into the ring for a few moves from Robbie and Melendez before Anderson hit a mic check on EY to close the segment.

Backstage: Matt Hardy walked into Drew Galloway’s locker room. Hardy said that he didn’t expect the news that if they won, he’d be added to the BFG main event. Hardy said for months he has been chasing ECIII. Hardy said he respects Galloway and he couldn’t have a better partner, but he told Galloway that at BFG, he had to “do his thing.” Galloway snickered and said he loved it. Galloway said that ECIII is rattled, and he’s glad Hardy is going to get what he deserves. Galloway said he deserves it, but it’s his opportunity as well at BFG. Galloway said that on Sunday, for the World Title, the best man is walking about champion and he intends on that being himself.

[Commercial Break at 10:28]

[Q7] Back from the break, Mathews ran down Eric Young for being taken out in the last segment.

Backstage: Eric Young was yelling at Dixie Carter, saying it isn’t fair that he has to face everyone. He demanded that Dixie Carter do something about it. Dixie said that it isn’t fair, he’s right. At least not at BFG. She said that at BFG, he only needs to worry about Kurt Angle, because that’s who he is facing. Young said he sent him home already.

In-studio: Mathews and Pope introduced a BFG promo video running down the card for Sunday's PPV.

In-arena: ECIII and Tyrus were introduced for tonight’s main event against Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway.

[Commercial Break at 10:37]

Back from the break, Matt Hardy was introduced. Drew Galloway was out next.


Galloway and ECIII started the match. ECIII paced the ring and Galloway followed him around. They finally had a stare down in the middle of the ring, then ECIII backed off and tagged in Tyrus without ever making contact with Galloway. Galloway and Tyrus then locked up to start the match.

[Q8] Hardy tagged in, but Tyrus and ECIII ganged up on him in their corner. Hardy tried to make a comeback for several minutes and tried the Twist of Fate on ECIII, but the Champ shoved Hardy away before he could lock the arms. Hardy was still locked in the corner as Galloway jumped in trying to save his partner. Meanwhile, Hebner backed him to his corner. Tyrus then applied a rear chinlock, preventing Galloway from making a tag.

[Reax: Who does he think he is - Randy Orton coming out of a commercial?]

ECIII and Tyrus took turns choking Hardy heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:49]

Back from the break, Tyrus was holding Hardy, then he slammed him to the mat with a powerslam. ECIII tagged in. Hardy finally came back with a DDT, then Side Effect, but Hardy could not reach the corner. He finally did and hot-tagged Galloway, who exploded into the ring, taking out ECIII. Galloway hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Tyrus. Now back in the ring, it was Galloway in there with Tyrus. Galloway hit a big kick on Tyrus and picked up the win while ECIII was retreating up the ramp.

WINNER: Drew Galloway pinned Tyrus to made the BFG main event a three-way, adding Matt Hardy to the match.

Post-match, Galloway and Hardy shook hands, and then had their hands raised by Hebner. ECIII was shown at the top of the ramp, looking nervous.

Dixie Carter emerged from backstage with a mic. She said that at BFG, the main event will be ECIII defending the TNA World Title against Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy. She said the match will be fair. Dixie said that Jeff Hardy is available that night, thanks to ECIII firing him, and Dixie hired him to be the special referee that night. Drew Galloway looked happy about this news as the show went off the air.

[Final Thoughts: I’m not sure why Galloway was happy that Jeff Hardy is the special referee at BFG. Theoretically, it’s not good for him. I also think I see where this angle is going. My guess is that Hardy turns on Matt and helps ECIII retain. We then find out that ECIII never really fired Hardy, and it was all an elaborate plan and he’s still his assistant, which he should be considering it hasn’t been 30 days. So that’s my guess. ECIII retains on a screwy finish with Jeff Hardy costing someone - probably Matt - the title. Not sure if that makes Hardy a heel or not. He wasn’t a heel for doing what he was told by ECIII in the first week of this storyline, so perhaps the crowd will understand. But, I think the most likely scenario involves Hardy doing ECIII’s bidding, and then turning heel.

The person who gets lost in all of this is Galloway. I would have preferred to see him get a bigger push as a singles start coming out of the TNA-GFW feud. That being said, adding Matt Hardy to this BFG makes a lot of sense and I like the move. The PPV seems thrown together in two weeks after the GFW angle ended. Hardy-ECIII has been an angle since the start of the summer, so it makes it feel as if there were an actual build to this PPV on Sunday.]

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