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CALDWELL'S TNA HARDCORE JUSTICE PPV RESULTS 8/8: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of ECW-themed PPV headlined by RVD vs. Sabu

Aug 8, 2010 - 9:56:45 PM

TNA Hardcore Justice Results
August 8, 2010
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

-- Tonight's ECW-themed PPV will feature TNA World Hvt. champion Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu in a non-title match. Sabu is replacing Jerry Lynn, who was originally scheduled to face RVD on tonight's PPV. Also announced is Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven with Mick Foley as special referee.

The PPV opened with a slideshow-style video package with ECW Original photos of Tommy Dreamer, Brother Devon, Raven, Brother Ray, Rhino, Dreamer again, Al Snow, RVD, Taz vs. Sabu, Mick Foley, Sandman, Stevie Richards, and shots of the exterior of the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. They mixed in recent photos and close-up shots

Impact Zone: They went live to the arena where it looked like it was Halloween with some dark lighting and blue lights in the arena. Taz was introduced first to hype the PPV. He said he's looked into the eyes of the "extreme athletes who are going to perform for you tonight and it's going to get extreme." He said that desire is in their eyes tonight. Taz paused for an "E-C-W" chant before mocking criticism of what some people believe ECW was. Taz claimed ECW revolutionized "this friggin' business" and said they were the "true renegades of this industry...and that's a shoot." He said he has a message to the folks who want to piss on what ECW did. "You don't get it, you're never going to get it, so you might as well kiss my ass," he said into the camera. Taz did his signature catch phrases before sending it back to ring announcer Stephen Deangelis.

In-ring: Cue up FBI's theme music to bring out Tracy Smothers, Little Guido, Tony Luke, and Big Sal E. bringing up the rear. It's six-man tag to start. Kid Kash then came out first for the other side of the team. Tenay noted Kash's history in TNA and ECW. Out next were Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger as Kash's partners. Deangelis handled formal ring intros, including introducing Big Sal E. as residing in Snookie's poolhouse on the Jersey Shore.


The bell sounded and the lights were turned down so they were nearly wrestling in the dark. They couldn't interject some artificial smoke so they looked like they were in a "smoky arena?" Tenay noted there are certain "names and initials" they aren't legally allowed to use, so they're going to let the audience fill in the blanks. Smothers and Diamond tagged in after the smaller wrestlers started things off. Taz noted Diamond looks like he's about "three diamonds," with Diamond looking heavy.

Diamond rolled to the outside and grabbed a mic. "Simon has a problem," he said, which drew a "Shut the f--- up" chant. Diamond suggested they have an extreme dance-off right now. Diamond asked for the DJ, which prompted Swinger to do a horrible dance. Diamond did the robot. Taz said it's like Elaine from Seinfeld. Smothers took the mic and said Michael Jackson just rolled over in his grave. Smothers asked for some music of his own and FBI proceeded to dance. Sal E. joined the dance party as well. I can't believe this is airing on pay wrestling television in 2010. Diamond eventually ended the party by knocking Smothers to the outside, but Sal clotheslined the heels to the outside. A brawl broke out on the floor, then Kash went running off the referee's back for a flip dive onto everyone on the outside.

Back in the ring, the action resumed with back-and-forth action. All six men ended up sprawled in the ring. Diamond then proceeded to execute two suplexes and a faceplant suplex consecutively. A rapid-fire series of moves were executed before they went to the finish where Guido hit the Killswitch on Diamond for the pin and the win. Post-match: Diamond collected himself as Kash and Swinger contemplated their loss.

WINNERS: FBI at 10:45.

Announcers: Taz and Tenay were shown on-camera. Taz suggested Tenay might be a bit out of place tonight. Tenay said he's not here to imitate Joey Styles. He said he's here as Mike Tenay, the fan and student of the game. Taz said he knows Joey Styles would give Tenay a stamp of approval tonight. Tenay and Taz then talked about Jerry Lynn being scratched from the line-up tonight and TNA booking RVD vs. Sabu tonight. Tenay and Taz sent it to a "Where Are They Now" video package.

Where Are They Now: Tod Gordon. Gordon was shown on-camera addressing a camera. In a separate shot, Pitbull Gary Wolfe was shown driving. In a separate shot, Blue Meanie was shown doing his dance. Back to Gordon again saying he's doing this promo from the office where the formation of ECW began. He thanked the audience for making this possible. Wolfe said he had "prior commitments" and couldn't be there. Meanie thanked TNA, especially Dixie Carter. He's figured this out. They aired final words from Gordon, Wolfe, and Meanie.

Video package: A.J. Styles was shown on-camera talking about The Sandman vs. Raven feud. He referenced Sandman taking repeated cane shots from Raven. He said Dreamer is either the stupidest or toughest wrestler in the world. Velvet Sky talked about catching the tail-end of ECW in Toronto.

Backstage: Al Snow was talking to Head that you can't chant "those three letters" and they can't afford any more legal problems. Stevie Richards interrupted Snow to tell him to calm down. In walked Super Nova doing the mock Hogan gimmick with the blue gear and black spray-on beard. Next was one of the Phi Delta Slam members dressed up like Blue Meanie. "We can't even afford the real one?" Richards asked. It's the PDS member on the production team who runs water to Dixie Carter during each TNA PPV. The other BWO members walked off, leaving fake Meanie in the locker room.

In-ring: C.W. Anderson came out for the next match. 2 Cold Scorpio was out next wearing an all-black jump suit. Tenay noted they could have used Scorpio in the first match of the PPV.


Tenay said this match is a representative of the different styles ECW offered that weren't just "hardcore matches." Taz referenced Paul Heyman as the man who ran the show and wanted to give the audience a different mix. Scorpio executed an early dropkick that sent Anderson to the outside, then Scorpio followed with a corkscrew splash on the floor. Back in the ring, Anderson and Scorpio traded offense and pinfall attempts. Scorpio hit a 449 Splash (came up short of executing a full turn) for a nearfall, then Anderson came back with a Double A-style spinebuster for a two count. Scorpio then went back up top and hit a big moonsault with an extra revolution for a leg drop across the throat. Scorpio with the pin for the win. After the match, Scorpio pulled Anderson back into the ring and shook his hand for "mutual respect."

WINNER: Scorpio at 6:48. Scorpio looked sharp in the ring. Good performance. Anderson didn't stand out, as the match was about Scorpio. (**)

Video package: KO champion Madison Rayne was shown in a video talking about the similarities between ECW and TNA. Matt Morgan was shown next. He talked about bouncing at a bar when ECW ran a show and people came in by the drones to see that. Morgan said he talked to the guys after that and that stood out in his mind. Mr. Anderson said wrestling was a "PG product and campy" at the time before "that company" brought something different.

Backstage: RVD was on the couch with Bill Alfonso. He said just the thought of him against Jerry Lynn one more time has him stoked. He said he knows Lynn has been training for the return match as well. RVD said Lynn must have been training too hard and he won't be able to make it tonight. He said he gave a lot of serious thought on who should replace Lynn. RVD walked through his decision-making arriving at Sabu. Alfonso struggled to put together two sentences before RVD asked Alfonso what side he's going to be on tonight. Alfonso vowed to call it right down the middle. Better finish to the promo from Fonzie before he blew his whistle at RVD.

In-ring: Justin Credible came out for the next match. They're billing him as P.J. Polanco. Tenay and Taz talked about the history of the Impact Players, with Lance Storm. Stevie Richards came out next, flanked by Super Nova and fake Meanie. Taz noted Richards being a fitness freak, which is why he'll be one of the more in-shape wrestlers on the PPV tonight. The fans chanted "Justin Credible" during his formal ring intro. Richards's "managers" were introduced as Hollywood Nova and Blue Tilly, who drew boos. Richards shrugged that off before he was cheered during his intro.


The match moved to the floor early on where Credible landed a suplex on the padding. Credible followed with a slingshot plancha before rolling Richards back into the ring. Credible and Richards battled in the corner before Richards flung Credible over the top rope onto the ring steps. Back in the ring, the camera opted to zoom in at the wrong time with Credible calling moves and Richards's right hand jabs leaving light. Richards then hit a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Richards went to the second rope for a smash, but Credible hit a standing kick to block. Credible then talked trash to Richards, who answered with a big Stevie Kick on Credible for the pin and the win. Richards celebrated as Taz suggested the ring rust for Credible might have affected him.

WINNER: Richards at 6:33. Fine match. (*1/2)

Post-match: Credible grabbed a Singapore cane and blasted Richards with multiple cane shots to the back. The lights then went out. Lights back on and The Sandman was standing there with his gut hanging out. Sandman smirked at Credible, who turned to the ceiling. Credible tried a cane shot, but Sandman side-stepped and hit a Russian legsweep. Sandman then hit a cane shot to the head. Of course. Head shot. Sandman then broke his cane in pieces and stood over Credible's fallen body.

Where Are They Now: Francine. She said she couldn't make it due to her new role as a wife and mother. Francine gave a shout-out to the boys in the locker room, Paul Heyman, and the fans for helping her have a 15-year run. Good to see she's moved on and appears to be doing well.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz talked on-camera about Francine being "hardcore" back in ECW. They talked about the atmosphere in the building and mentioned fans coming to TNA from around the world. Tenay then sent it to a video acknowledging the wrestlers who have died since the Original ECW. It was a basic message thanking the wrestlers who came before them. No mention of names.

In-ring: Brother Runt, dressed as Little Spike Dudley, came out for the next match. Al Snow was out as his opponent. Snow had Head with him, which prompted shots of the fans in the crowd also waving Head around. Rhino then came out next as Tenay noted Rhino being the last champion in the Original ECW.

4 -- AL SNOW vs. LITTLE SPIKE DUDLEY (BROTHER RUNT) vs. RHINO -- triple threat, elimination-style match

Rhino measured Runt for an early Gore, but Snow grabbed his foot from the outside. Taz told a story on Runt coming to ECW back in the day trying to get into the business through ECW's training school. On the floor, Rhino and Snow launched Spike halfway across the entrance floor to get a pop. Back in the ring, Snow and Rhino battled while Spike tried to find himself. They proceeded to cut to a shot of about five or six TNA wrestlers backstage watching the action. Spike then re-entered the ring and three-way action broke out again. Snow then played a trick on the ref before Runt dropped Snow with an Acid Drop for a three count. Snow is gone at 5:52. Rhino proceeded to Gore Spike out of his boots seconds later. Rhino made the pin for the win.

WINNER: Rhino at 6:01. About what you would expect with plenty of spots using Spike's size for some comedy. Rhino, as expected, picked up the win. (*1/2)

Backstage: Per the Twitter account, Mick Foley was shown backstage reading Hulk Hogan's recent book. Foley put the book down before talking about the Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven feud. Foley predictably turned it into talking about himself before remembering to talk about the match...oh yes, Dreamer vs. Raven. Foley said they need someone to be there "mentally and physically" to help decide closure on the feud.

TNA video: Brutus Magnus talked about the "Hardcore Originals" raising the bar back in the day. Chris Sabin, sans facial hair, was shown talking about his first images of ECW with hardcore action that was "so captivating to watch." Sabin said two guys destroying their bodies while wrapped in barbed wire might sound weird in a different context. He said his favorite back in the day was RVD. Sabin said they inspired him because he was their size and not some giants.

In-ring: Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten came out for the next match. Balls is going by "Kahoneys." Balls has dropped considerable weight, perhaps in an unhealthy fashion, since his run on WWE's ECW. Rotten was slow to enter the ring and they were given their formal ring intros. Balls took the mic and said they are the most hardcore tag team in wrestling. He said they are the most extreme tag team in the history of wrestling. Unfortunately, they don't have a match. He issued an open challenge to anyone in the back.

Joel Gertner's voice interrupted. Sans music, out walked Joel Gertner in some crazy fur coat while flanked by Brother Ray and Brother Devon wearing the old-school tie-dye. I'm not sure tie-dye was the right color combination to cover for Ray's girth. Pause. Pause. Gertner eventually took the mic and introduced himself as the "bacon in her eggs, the man for whom she begs, and the man between her legs, the lyrical miracle, the sexual intellectual, and the quintessential stud muffin." Gertner added a lewd promo on Lady Gaga and Taz sent 'er home. Gertner then transitioned to a promo hyping Team 3D. He teased introducing them as Dudleys, but cut himself off and introduced them as Team 3D.

Ray then took the mic to stretch this out some more. Ray said the audience is looking at four of the most hardcore men to ever set foot in a wrestling ring. He said the last thing the people want to see is a "wrestling match," as they paid to see an old-school South Philadelphia Street Fight. Sound the bell as Taz noted they're pretty far away from South Philadelphia right now.


They went to a split-screen of Axl battling with Devon as Ray battled with Balls. Taz slipped and called Kahoneys by his "given name" of Balls Mahoney. The pairs then switched in the ring and on the floor. The match then moved into the crowd. It looked like your standard Team 3D TNA PPV match with the brawl-through-the-crowd formula. They went back to a split-screen as Taz and Tenay traded jokes, while Tenay cackled. Ray and Balls then went to the top of the bleachers and Balls stood there waiting for Ray to hit him with Head. Back to ringside, Ray started throwing weapons into the ring. Meanwhile, Rotten was calling spots on the outside with Devon.

Back in the ring, Balls hit Ray with a cookie sheet shot to the head and Ray did a cartoon bump. Ray then avoided a dive from the second rope and hit Balls with a frying pan shot. Rotten did some blows on Devon before Ray missed Rotten's face by a few inches with a big boot. Suddenly, Balls entered the ring with a Luke Skywalker light saber. Devon had one too and handed it over to Ray. Balls and Ray proceeded to have a light saber battle. Yes, this is occurring on pay wrestling TV in 2010. Balls stuck his saber through Ray's t-shirt before winding up with Balls punches, but Ray countered with a saber to Balls's crotch. Ray stood tall after winning that sequence and posed for the crowd.

The match resumed with all four men in the ring holding chairs. They had a chair fight that went bad, and then it got worse when the ref shot off into the ropes and attempting a double-clothesline on Balls and Axl. Team 3D then put an end to it with chair shots to the head. They were pretty soft shots to be fair. Devon pinned Balls, who kicked out. Ray also pinned Rotten, who didn't kick out, but the ref stopped his count anyways. Rotten rolled out of sight before Team 3D hit the Whassup? headbutt. 3D then brought a table into the ring and Gertner handed them lighter fluid. Ray and Devon squirted fluid on the table as Balls sold in the ring. Devon then lit the table on fire and they put Balls through the flaming table with a double powerbomb. Cover and the win for Team 3D. After the match, they replayed the flaming table spot a few times as Team 3D posed for the crowd.

WINNERS: Team 3D at 11:54. This set tag team wrestling...scratch that...wrestling back about, oh, 15 years.

Post-match: Ray took the mic and proclaimed that Team 3D is the greatest tag team in the world. Wow. Suddenly, The Gangstas showed up on the scene. Mustafa and New Jack had weapons a-plenty with them. Their music continued to play as the Gangstas landed weapon shots to Team 3D, including Ray continuing to do his cartoon sell with a face-first dive on the mat. New Jack proceeded to do a dance with a hockey stick before slamming it across Devon's crotch. The brawl continued as the music rolled over for a fourth or fifth time. New Jack had a guitar in hand, then he borrowed Double J's gimmick with a guitar shot over Gertner's head. So, with all of that over, Team 3D proceeded to hug them to end the bit. In other words, that was all fake stuff. Balls and Rotten then entered the ring and took a curtain call after taking a fake beating.

Backstage: Raven was shown talking before the match against Dreamer about the differences between them. He talked about finally getting the betrayer back after Dreamer took his family and glory. But, then they'll hug each other after it's all over.

TNA video: Jesse Neal talked about watching some of the ECW PPVs when he was a kid. He said being at a live event was when he truly felt it. Kazarian talked next. He said he started training as a wrestler in 1998 and he remembered being in the ring with the likes of Candido, Storm, Lynn, who actually could work. Kazarian said he was living a dream only six months into his training. He said the roots of the X Division are in the type of RVD vs. Lynn matches ECW offered.

Joey Styles tribute: Brother Ray, RVD, Jerry Lynn, Simon Diamond, Rhino, The Sandman, Stevie Richards, and Tommy Dreamer talked on-camera about Joey Styles helping get them over as the voice of ECW.

In-ring: Next was the "Final Showdown" with no time limit. Cue up Mick Foley's TNA theme to bring out the special referee. Taz then gave a special shout-out to Joey Styles as Foley made his way to the ring. Raven was out next and he walked by Beulah, with Dreamer's kids, and TNA president Dixie Carter, who standing by. Dreamer then came out and walked over to his family to give his kids a kiss. Carter was given some more TV time as Dreamer entered the ring. After formal ring intros, Foley brought them in for pre-match instructions. Raven ended the conference with a kick to the groin before the bell sounded.

6 -- TOMMY DREAMER vs. RAVEN -- Mick Foley as special referee

The match quickly moved to the outside where Raven sent Dreamer into the guardrail, then followed with a Russian legsweep into the rail. Back in the ring, Dreamer sent Raven back-first into a chair propped up in the corner. Dreamer gritted his teeth, continued to sell, and moved to the outside where he landed punches on Raven. Raven smiled at the pain then shot a smile to Dreamer's family. The match moved back into the ring as Taz shared some road stories with Heyman. Taz said he wonders what Paul Heyman is thinking watching this right now. He's probably thinking about UFC delivering a cutting-edge PPV last night. The match moved back to the floor where Dreamer was busted open. Raven continued to mock Dreamer's family, so Dixie ushered Beulah and Co. away. This part must be real!

Raven continued to punish Dreamer, who came back with a weapon shot to the head using a fan sign. Raven was busted open at this point, then Dreamer slingshot Raven throat-first into a ladder he brought into the ring. Dreamer and Raven proceeded to stand on the ladder propped up in the corner, then they kinda flung each other to the mat. Foley made a two count for Raven. Taz shared another story, this time on Dreamer's testicles. Dreamer then came back with a Death Valley Driver and opted not to make a cover. He hung Raven upside down in the corner, then stood on his testicles. Dreamer went to the opposite corner, then landed the E-C-W basement dropkick.

Next out was the barbed wire. Dreamer wrapped it around Raven's head, then placed it across Raven's mouth with a Crossface-like submission. Suddenly, the BWO 2.0 hit the ring, including Fake Meanie, and stomped on Dreamer. The crowd crapped on the run-in. Fake Meanie went up top and proceeded to airball a big gut splash. Dreamer then hit a double DDT and neckbreaker. Raven followed up with a kick to the gut and a Raven's Effect DDT, which led to a two count. Foley then interjected himself into the action with multiple punches on Raven. Foley then grabbed the WWE Original Mr. Socko and shoved it down Raven's throat. Suddenly, some dude entered the ring and hit a leg drop on Dreamer. Apparently it's a Mikey Whipwreck parody. Foley then shoved a barbed wire Socko down his throat.

So, next out were the handcuffs. Raven cuffed Dreamer's hands behind his back as Beulah stormed the ring. She's going by Trisa. Raven grabbed a chair and smashed it over Dreamer's head. Yes, an unprotected chair shot to the head. Raven tried one on Beulah, but Mick Foley tried to interject himself, only to take a mule kick and chair to the back. Beulah landed a low blow on Raven. Dreamer then hit a DDT with no hands available, as Raven slipped underneath his armpit. Dreamer made a cover, but Raven kicked out. Raven then followed with a kick to the knee and an Evenflow DDT for the pin and the win. And the "out" of the knee injury came into play. Post-match: They replayed the big points in the match. Dreamer and Beulah then walked out together as Dreamer thanked the crowd for their support.

WINNER: Raven at 17:15. Well, it was about what you would expect, complete with chair shots to the head. They had a chance to pay proper tribute to the dead wrestlers and broken bodies before them by showing they've learned from the mistakes of the past. Lessons not learned.

Coming Thursday: "Whole F'n Show" Impact special with six matches, including "possibly Kurt Angle's last match." And Reaction debuting after Impact.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash, complete with orange glow, was joined by So Cal Val to promote TNA's website. The Gangstas then walked in. They actually gave New Jack promo time. He told Mustafa to take Val away. And now JB is his bitch. New Jack led Borash away.

Paul Heyman tribute: Taz, Al Snow, Rhino, Mick Foley, Raven, Stevie Richards, Simon Diamond, and The Sandman talked up Heyman. Diamond claimed Heyman was the first one to "pull back the curtain" and let the "Internet" into wrestling.

In-ring: TNA World Hvt. champion Rob Van Dam came out with Alfonso for the main event match. Alfonso then ran to the stage to accompany Sabu on the way to the ring. Alfonso told both men he would call it...right down the middle. Sabu was completely bald here. He looks like Yul Brynner in "The King and I."

7 -- TNA World Hvt. champion ROB VAN VAM vs. SABU -- non-title match

The match started and stopped a few times as Alfonso kept blowing his whistle. Meanwhile, the announcers talked about Jerry Lynn not being able to be here for the main event due to a back injury. Alfonso then introduced a chair and Sabu took advantage with a chair toss to the face. Sabu then ran off the chair with a splash onto RVD ringside. Back in the ring, RVD chucked a chair into Sabu's face and made a cover for a two count. Sabu then came back with a knock-down clothesline for a two count. They had the same thought of a springboard smash and collided mid-air. Alfonso then entered the ring and handed each man a bottle of water for a water break. Sabu and RVD then simultaneously rushed to the outside and pulled out tables. They met each other in the middle of the outside area and RVD landed a kick strike to the face.

Back in the ring, Sabu blocked a top-rope attack with a chair toss. Sabu followed with a springboard huracanrana sending RVD off the top into the chair on the mat. Sabu then hit an Arabian Facebuster for a two count. Sabu followed with a Camel Clutch that RVD broke free. RVD then hung Sabu out to dry across the tope. Fonzie held a chair in Sabu's face and RVD hit a flying kick strike sending the chair into Sabu's face. Mild pop for a choreographed spot. RVD then hit a split-legged moonsault for a two count. Some more spots, then Sabu hit a swinging DDT into the face of a chair. Sabu tried to follow with a surfboard leg drop through a table, but RVD moved and Sabu crashed through the table. RVD then hit a Five-Star Frogplash for the pin and the win.

WINNER: RVD at 17:13. Fine main event. Psychology wasn't exactly a strong suit here with a lot of spots thrown out there trying to stretch this past 15 minutes. Unfortunately, they couldn't deliver RVD vs. Lynn tonight to try to make the PPV halfway passable, but RVD vs. Sabu was fine to present to ECW fans. (**)

Post-match: RVD celebrated the win as Taz plugged RVD having a big title match against Abyss on Thursday night. They showed Sabu holding his side to continue selling the finish as RVD celebrated for the fans. Sabu then came to his feet and hugged RVD to conclude the story.

Curtain Call: The locker room emptied out with the ECW Originals coming to the ring with beer in hand to close the night. And Paul Heyman still remains the story with Taz referencing him being the mastermind of ECW. They showed Dixie drinking a beer ringside with stars in her eyes being part of the show. Tommy Dreamer took the mic and thanked the audience for their support. He thanked Dixie, who saluted him with a beer like a co-ed at a frat party. Brother Ray then dragged Dixie into the ring to celebrate the historical event of everyone getting PPV paydays again. Dreamer thanked Dixie and claimed to have delivered "one hell of an f'n pay-per-view." End show, followed by a Bound for Glory PPV plug for October. No Surrender is next in September.

FINAL THOUGHTS: About what I expected coming in with realistically low expectations. The PPV seemed to end with a thud happening in the middle of a TNA promotion trying to find an identity. Their cause wasn't helped being in the Impact Zone, trying to create an artificial "ECW feel," a limited pool of wrestlers available, guys exposed in the ring without Paul Heyman there to hide their weaknesses, plenty of shortcuts, and chair shots to the head. Okay, can TNA finally move on to the year 2010 now that they have this lingering ECW issue out of their system? Oh wait, there's still the lingering WCW issue.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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