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CALDWELL'S TNA BOUND FOR GLORY PPV RESULTS 10-10-10: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Angle vs. Anderson vs. Hardy, "they" reveal

Oct 10, 2010 - 9:56:55 PM

TNA Bound for Glory PPV Results
October 10, 2010 (10-10-10)
Daytona Beach, Fla. at the Ocean Center
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

After one of the worst wrestling shows of the year Thursday night on a live Impact, can TNA rebound with tonight's "biggest PPV of the year?" Four title matches, Lethal Lockdown, Monster's Ball, handicap match with a potential "third man," and a comedy tag match are on the docket for tonight's live TNA PPV...

The PPV opened with a backstage hallway shot of Kurt Angle walking. It was shot slow-motion, Reaction style. After video clips of Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson to set up the three-way TNA Title match, they cut to rapid-fire clips of the other top stars on the PPV. No voice-over man here, just straight video clips in rapid-fire fashion. They showed a close-up of Mick Foley getting stitched up. Mr. Anderson training. Hardy flying. Angle bleeding. Anderson intense. Hardy charismatic. Angle saluting. One Night. Will Change Everything. Great intro video.

Arena: After crowd shots of the fans in the arena, they cut to the announcers positioned ringside to set up the PPV. Mike Tenay and Taz talked up Abyss's "final match," the "they" reveal, Kurt Angle's career on the line, and the TNA World Title on the line. Tenay made a point to emphasize there is no count-out, No DQ, and no time limit for the Angle vs. Hardy vs. Anderson match.

During ring introductions for the opening TNA Tag Title match, we got a good look at the top part of the arena curtained off with just the lower section filled. The BFG set looks very slick with three big TVs side-by-side to display full graphics with a row of bright lights below the TV screens.


Rapid-fire start with the Guns landing double-team offense on Max. Shelley then tried to bounce off the ropes for offense on Max, but Jeremy yanked his foot from the outside. GenMe had a touch of offense before the Guns came back with more signature double-team offense. The Guns then went flying to the outside with double suicide dives, even landing on their feet like cats. Back in the ring, Shelley hit a top-rope cross-body block on Jeremy for a two count. Jeremy then pulled the ref aside to create a distraction to give GenMe an opening. They capitalized with a big neckbreaker off the second turnbuckle to focus on Shelley's injured neck, which Shelley sold nicely. Jeremy taunted Shelley, then GenMe began working over Shelley with their own double-team offense.

At 6:00, the audience tried to rally behind Shelley, but GenMe cut him off. Jeremy tried a top rope move, but Shelley fought him off. Shelley then fought off Max on the ring apron and came off the top with a double foot stomp to Jeremy's chest. Shelley then inched his way toward Sabin to make the hot tag, with Sabin coming in hot with rapid-fire offense. Sabin then came off the apron with a big leaping springboard clothesline on Max for a close nearfall. Max went looking for a tag to Jeremy, but Jeremy was KO'ed on the outside. Back in the ring, the Guns hit a combination neckbreaker for a close two count that Jeremy just broke up in time. More teased highspots, then Max hit a sick wheelbarrow slam on Sabin in the ring for a close two count. Max had a "freak out" facial expression selling the nearfall.

They reset the match with all four men involved in the action. Suddenly, all four men were in the corner. Jeremy then cleared off Shelley and Max nailed a bulldog on Sabin. GenMe then hooked up with a sick 450 splash on Sabin as he was hanging across the middle rope. Max had a pin, but Shelley broke it up just in time. Shelley then suddenly snapped off a double DDT on GenMe, leaving all four men stunned in the ring. Another sequence of rapid-fire offense and bodies flying everywhere, then Max hit a spear center-ring. Jeremy then followed with a springboard splash from the apron and Max made a cover for another nearfall.

At 12:00, Max "officially tagged in" Jeremy, who came off the top with a 450, but Shelley got his knees up. Sabin then came running out of the corner and jumped up top to give Jeremy a big overhead release German Suplex. Sick spot. Shelley then went up top and the Guns nailed the Skull & Bones combination splash for the pin and the win. Guns retain the tag titles. Taz excitedly fed to a replay of the "huge air show" in the ring showing off the various highspots in the match.

WINNERS: Guns at 12:54 to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Heck of a PPV opener continuing to showcase the Machineguns. A shorter version of this type of match was badly missing on the live Impact to whet the appetite of viewers for the PPV. The match was heavy on highspots, but still told a good story of GenMe trying anything possible to (a) win the titles and (b) prove they belong. Meanwhile, the match continued to get over the "resiliency" characteristic for the Guns that helps them connect with the audience. (***3/4)

Backstage: Christy Hemme talked to Madison Rayne and Tara about the four-way Knockouts Title match tonight. Madison quickly started ripping Hemme, complete with Bozo the Clown, skank, and b---- references in a two-sentence span. Madison said there's no truth to the rumor Tara is turning on her. Madison walked off, leaving Tara to contemplate matters.

Arena: Mickie James bounced out to the ring as the special referee for the four-way Knockouts Title match. Madison and Tara came out first, and together, for the title match. Beautiful People then made their dual entrance and Mickie James held up the KO Title. Taz said it looks good in her hands and noted she's a five-time "women's champion.

2 -- Knockouts champion ANGELINA LOVE vs. VELVET SKY vs. MADISON RAYNE vs. TARA -- Knockouts Title match -- Mickie James special referee

Madison was screaming at everyone early on, including ref Mickie, who she cut a promo on during the pre-match interview. Madison screamed at Tara to do work, so Tara obliged with offense on Sky as Angelina paced on the apron looking to pick a spot in the four-way style match. Tara then teased the Widow's Peak on Sky, but Sky countered. Tara countered back with a roll-up and hooked the tights for the win, which Mickie didn't see. Tara sold being a bit nervous with the win considering Madison's frame of mind. Mickie then entered the picture and dropped Madison with a kick to the head

WINNER: Tara at 5:58 to capture the Knockouts Title. Another KO Title match, another title switch for a belt that means very little at this point. They're clearly setting up for Tara vs. Mickie in a WWE special. (*)

Backstage: Eric Young was covered in temporary tattoos a/k/a drawings from a five-year-old all over his body. Hemme asked EY about his "weird relationship" with Orlando Jordan. Young surmised that OJ thinks he's his dad and he's going to show him what a father figure looks like. EY then walked in sporting a white lace outfit covering him from head to toe. EY freaked, then OJ told him to get ready for their match.


EY had a prop with him on the way to the ring: a TNA Rule Book. They zoomed in on the cover, which looked like something that was printed up at Kinko's down the street before the show. OJ started things off, then EY tagged in and started celebrating with everyone in the match. EY clapped hands with Jordan, but then slingshot him into the ring. Ink, Inc. then hung out Young to dry on the top rope. OJ was positioned behind EY and Ink, Inc. yanked up and down the top rope to get a cheap pop before knocking them to the outside.

Back in the ring, Orlando cut off Shannon and made a sensual cover for a two count. EY then picked up then rulebook and began reading it before kicking OJ's hand off the ropes as he was attempting to gain additional leverage. EY then ran across the ring to fire up the crowd on behalf of Ink, Inc. I saw Super Dragon do that spot at a PWG show years ago. Suddenly, Young took the "hot tag" for Moore and cleaned house on his partner, Jordan. EY celebrated, then Moore and Neal hit a combination top rope neckbreaker on Jordan for the pin and the win. EY celebrated with Ink, Inc. and the Rule Book post-match as Jordan came to life in the background. EY then made nice with Jordan to conclude the bit.

WINNERS: Ink, Inc. at 6:38. One of those examples where TNA has no idea how to get over a character (EY), so they go for the "silly wrestling shtick" to draw cheap heat because some of the decision-makers don't take the genre seriously. (n/a)

Backstage: Jeff Hardy vowed to give someone Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb tonight. Short, brief, and effective.

Impact Zone: Next up is the X Division Title match. Out first was Douglas Williams sporting new black pants. Very sharp. Two head bobs later, Jay Lethal came out to defend the X Division Title.

4 -- X Division champion JAY LETHAL vs. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS -- X Division Title match

Very quick transition from the silly comedy to the unhyped X Division Title match. Lethal hit the Lethal Combination early on, sending Williams rolling to the outside. Back in the ring, Lethal continued to dominate, then hit a springboard moonsault for a two count. Lethal tried to follow with a handspring elbow, but Williams countered with a nice release German Suplex for a two count. Williams continued to work over Lethal before teasing the Rolling Chaos Theory and connecting, but it was only good for a two count. Slow count from ref Hebner, the elder, and Williams argued with Hebner. The crowd chanted, "That was three," which isn't good with the audience is agreeing with the heel. After the debate between Williams and Hebner, Williams tried a top rope huracanrana, but Lethal countered into a sunset flip pin for the win.

WINNER: Lethal at 8:16. It was difficult for the crowd to get into this more-serious athletic match after an over-booked KO Title match and superfluous comedy tag match. The finish was an example of a good "sports finish" in pro wrestling that can be parlayed into a re-match with Williams appearing to be cost the match via an MLB umpire dressed as Earl Hebner slow on a three count, but, unfortunately, there likely won't be any follow-up. (**1/4)

Post-match: Lethal randomly went into the crowd to celebrate with the crowd. Taz said Lethal was hot-dogging it a bit. Suddenly, Rob E. jumped Lethal in the audience as Cookie annoyingly yelled in the background. The fight spilled over the guardrail to ringside, then into the ring. Rob E. dropped Lethal with a Cutter before standing over him. Cookie presented Rob with the X Division Title before Rob took the mic. Rob called him a disgrace to New Jersey. The crowd chanted "boring" as Rob cut a promo vowing to take the title back to Jersey.

Arena: After a video package on the RVD vs. Abyss feud, Abyss made his way to the ring and placed Janice on the announce table. In the ring, Abyss took the mic and said he has prophesized about "their" arrival. He said the date is upon them. It begins with taking out RVD and continues with the "take over" on 10-10-10. RVD's music interrupted as Taz speculated on who "they" is/are. RVD then slowly walked out and kicked Abyss in the head immediately upon rolling into the ring.

5 -- ABYSS vs. ROB VAN DAM -- Monster's Ball match

The crowd was hot for RVD as Taz noted this is it for Abyss since he's supposed to be fired after the match. RVD took the early advantage and used a chair to knock Abyss to a seated position in the corner. RVD followed with a surfboard dropkick to the face, with Abyss getting his hands up to absorb the chair blow. On the floor, RVD hit a turnaround splash that took both men to the ground. Back in the ring, Abyss ran over RVD with an elbow to the face. He tried to introduce his barbed wire board, but RVD countered a slam with a bulldog into the wires. Abyss shook and twitched, then RVD tried to follow with Rolling Thunder, but Abyss moved and RVD ate the wires back-first, which helps explain RVD wearing a t-shirt to wrestle here.

RVD rolled to the floor to sell and recover while Abyss went looking under the ring for a table. Abyss then cracked a trashcan over RVD's head before rearranging the guardrails. Abyss placed a second barbed wire board across the ring apron and guardrail for use later on in the match, as Abyss rolled RVD back into the ring. RVD then cut off Abyss and knocked him back-first onto a standard issue Home Depot table propped up ringside. RVD then followed with a Rolling Thunder onto Abyss through the table for one of those five-second pops before the audience is disinterested.

Back in the ring, RVD hit a spin kick taking a chair into the face. He then wanted a coast-to-coast dropkick, but Abyss came to his feet and threw the chair across the ring into RVD's face to send him flying off the top rope through the barbed wire board below. Some of the ringside fans, who were so concerned with the health of the babyface, chanted, "This is Awesome," as RVD was selling near-death on the board scraps. Back in the ring, Abyss went for a suplex into another barbed wire board, but RVD shoved Abyss off into the board. RVD was instantly recovered and went for another coast-to-coast, this time connecting with the board into Abyss's face. Van Dam then went up top for the Five-Star Frogsplash and paused to do the Rob-Van-Dam thumbs-to-shoulder pose. The pause cost him, as Abyss moved out of the way.

On the outside, Abyss rolled to the floor and was instantly recovered calling for Janice. Abyss retrieved his board from the announce table and brought it into the ring, but RVD ducked a Janice shot. RVD then chucked a chair into Abyss's face. He then walked over to Janice and slowly picked it up to bash Abyss in the gut. Abyss started shaking and convulsing before RVD kicked him in the face to drop him to the mat. RVD followed with the Five Star Frogsplash for the pin and the win.

WINNER: RVD at 12:58. The babyface gets the victory and the heel gets his comeuppance. They kept the "Foley and Flair" blood and gore and guts to a watchable minimum, but it was still your basic no-sell gimmick stunt match. (**1/2)

Post-match: Taz noted that's supposed to be it for Abyss as RVD celebrated in the ring. Taz still wanted to know who "they" is. The problem with TNA's booking of this is that there's more emphasis on the heel revealing a surprise rather than a top babyface, RVD, finally getting his revenge on Abyss, who nearly ended his career and life in the storyline. As RVD left the ring, Abyss leaned into the camera and said, "10-10-10. Get ready, here we come."

Video package: They focused on the various conspiracies and indecipherable talk involving the Sting, Nash, and Pope vs. Eric Bischoff feud setting up the handicap match tonight. ... In the arena, Sting, Nash, and Pope came to the ring as Mike Tenay said he's tired of all the talk and conspiracy theories from Sting and Co. Taz said he's hoping for answers tonight. Jeff Jarrett, then Samoa Joe came out separately. Tenay said he wishes they had Hulk Hogan here tonight. He said Joe is fighting for Hogan tonight.


Joe and Pope started things off to let the younger wrestlers do most of the work early on. Pope took a knee to the jaw and slowly backed away to his corner to bring in Sting, which drew a pop. Joe then stomped away on Sting, who came back with a Stinger Splash in the corner. He tried a second, but Joe responded with a uranage slam that sent Sting reeling to the outside. On the floor, Sting rammed Joe into the guardrail to take control of the match.

Back in the ring, Kevin "three days" Nash took a tag and landed signature knees to the mid-section on Joe in the corner. Pope then tagged in and stomped away on Joe before bringing Sting back into the ring. Joe ducked a double clothesline, then knocked down both Pope and Sting with a clothesline. Nash cut off Joe from tagging in Jarrett, then landed a splash in the corner. Nash tried again, but Joe ducked and hit an enzuiguiri kick.

Joe then went to his corner looking for a tag, but Jarrett dropped off the ring apron and bailed. Joe sold that he was stunned as Nash, Sting, and Pope were assembled in the background. The trio beat down Joe before Nash tagged in and dropped the straps. Nash then dropped Joe with a Jackknife Powerbomb, which drew a pop. Nash made the cover on Joe for the win. Post-match: Sting shouted down at Joe before the victorious trio left the ring. Tenay wanted to know why Jeff did that.

WINNERS: Nash & Sting & Pope at 7:45. Well, now we can all expect another elaborate storyline centered on Jeff Jarrett that will ultimately confuse the audience even more. (*1/2)

In-ring: Team 3D's music hit to bring out Brother Ray and Brother Devon. Ray started his "big announcement" promo asking the audience if they're having a great time or what. Ray went back to the origins of their tag team and talked himself up, including tag titles held: ECW, WCW, WWE, NWA, All-Japan, New Japan, and TNA. Ray talked up TNA's tag division and said there comes a time when you wonder what's left to do. Ray said as of this moment...pause to try to make this dramatic...Team 3D is officially retired.

Ray said they have one last request to go out with one more match. He said if they're going to have one more match, they want to wrestle the best tag team in wrestling today, so that must mean they want Motor City Machineguns. Ray said if the Guns beat Team 3D, they can put on their resume they officially retired Team 3D. But, if Team 3D wins, they retire as the 24-time tag champs. Ray thanked the crowd for their support before Devon said his line to conclude the bit.

Ray then left the ring and shook hands with Taz, who sold that was a bit put off by them not telling him ahead of time. Taz then addressed a future Team 3D vs. Guns match by saying the Guns shouldn't take the match because they have nothing to prove. Tenay sold surprise and Taz said it wouldn't make sense to put the titles on the line. Tenay said the Guns should prove they're the best. Taz said they already have because they're the champs.

Backstage: After a video package on the EV2 vs. Fortune feud, they cut to Fortune standing backstage to address the Lethal Lockdown match up next. Styles and Kazarian had the usual lines from the Reaction videos building up to the PPV. Morgan said EV2 likes to brag about the ass-kickings they take, so now they get their wish. Styles said it's over tonight, with them never to return. Flair had more to say. He told EV2 to feast their eyes on this. He did his Whoo dance and strut as Hemme giggled.

In-ring: Out first were Mick Foley and EV2, with EV2 consisting of Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Sabu, and Raven. Taz noted Fortune having the man advantage before Ric Flair led out Fortune, consisting of Beer Money, Styles, Matt Morgan, and Kazarian. Flair and Foley nearly came to blows on the outside before the bell sounded before they were separated to begin the match.


The match began with Kaz and Richards inside the cage. Stevie took the early advantage and did a mock Flair strut, which set off Flair ringside. Morgan held 'em back as Richards continued to work over Kazarian in the cage. The countdown clock for the first additional entrant was up and A.J. Styles entered the cage #2 for Fortune to set up the two-on-one advantage on Richards. They put him in a double figure-four, then Tommy Dreamer hit the ring and cut off Fortune. As they reached the next countdown, all four men were down in the ring.

Robert Roode then entered as #3 for Fortune to clean house on Dreamer and Richards. Roode ripped off some thunderous chops on Richards before landing a series of knees to the gut. Dreamer was opened up across the forehead as Roode raked his face across the side of the cage. Flair had his hand cocked from the outside and punched Dreamer through the camera hole. Flair told Foley to do something before Morgan stepped in-between. Roode then took Dreamer to the EV2 side and screamed down at EV2 to look at Dreamer now. Roode was on another level of intensity here.

Sabu was in there next as #3 for EV2. Sabu got in some offense on Styles before rocking Roode with a forearm. Sabu then waited for Richards to position himself for a flying splash in the corner. The action came to a standstill for a bit as Fortune regained control. Dreamer's entire face was covered in blood at this point. James Storm then entered #4 for Fortune to continue Beer Money's beat down on Dreamer. Raven was in next as #4 for EV2 and he landed some offense before blowing his nose into a snot rag to give Kaz a treat. Roode was bleeding at this point.

At 15:50, Matt Morgan readied on the outside before storming the cage as the final entrant for Fortune. Raven took a big punch to the face before Morgan kneed Sabu in the gut and dropped him with a big powerbomb into the side of the cage. Morgan held it there for a second to get the move over before picking up an attack on Dreamer with rapid-fire elbows. Styles then sent Richards into Morgan's big boot. Morgan pounded his chest and played to the hard cam as Flair "whooed" in the background. Morgan then picked up Sabu again and landed a series of head butts before holding up his hands, which were covered in blood. Everyone on EV2 was bleeding here.

Rhino then entered as the final entrant in the cage match. Rhino tackled all of the Fortune members before giving Morgan a belly-to-belly suplex. He wanted the Gore on Storm and connected center ring. Rhino then looked up to the sky and called for the top of the cage to come down to officially begin Lethal Lockdown. On the outside, though, Foley and Flair resumed their brawl from Thursday and took the fight to the announce table. The top of the cage eventually came down and the wrestlers began grabbing for weapons. Meanwhile, Flair was busted open on the entrance ramp with Foley landing right hands.

EV2 had control at this point as men seemed to just be walking around trying to figure out what spots to execute. Raven and Morgan suddenly started a big weapon brawl trading trashcan lid shots and Kendo stick shots. Raven tried to tackle Morgan in the corner, leading to a brawl in the corner. Morgan then tried a Carbon Footprint, but ate the cage and sold a right knee injury. Richards proceeded to chuck Kaz into the cage door, sending Kaz flying to the floor through the door. Richards then chased Kaz on the outside and Kaz started scaling the cage to the top of the cell. There was a table up there, then Richards gave chase. Oh, and a ladder.

The fight was in the ring, on the cage, and on the floor as the director tried to keep up with a lot of action everywhere. At 23:00, Kaz placed Richards on the table positioned on the top of the cell. Kaz then climbed the ladder and suddenly Brian Kendrick appeared on top of the lid. Kendrick tried to attack Kaz, but tipped over the ladder and both men fell to the lid. Kendrick then recovered and back-dropped Kaz through the table. Back inside the cage, Styles and Dreamer were brawling as Kendrick was meditating on top of the cage. They cut away from that shot to show Dreamer give Styles a Dreamer Driver off the top turnbuckle for the pin and the win.

Post-match: they showed men selling various injuries in and out of the ring. Morgan was shown holding his right knee, Raven was covered in blood, Kendrick was still doing his thing on the cage lid, and Dreamer quickly celebrated the victory as they cut away.

WINNERS: EV2 at 23:38. The babyfaces got the ultimate victory over the heels to apparently conclude the feud...unless of course it continues again. Satisfying brawl with some stand-out individual performances during the match. It will be interesting to see where they go from here with both groups since it seemed like EV2 was gone after this. (***1/4)

Backstage: Hemme brought in Kurt Angle for his pre-match thoughts. Angle said he doesn't want to talk about retiring if he doesn't win the TNA Title match. He firmly concluded the interview.

Arena: Back in the arena, they showed the various carnage in the ring while Richards was trying to climb down from the lid. Tenay said the three-way is next.

Video package: They aired a lengthy, well-done, not-overly-loud video package hyping Hardy vs. Angle vs. Anderson for the title coming up next in the main event. Back ringside, Tenay and Taz broke down the talking points for the title match, including Angle "having momentum" after winning the $100k battle royal on Impact. Taz hyped there will be a winner with no shenanigans or tomfoolery here.

8 -- JEFF HARDY vs. KURT ANGLE vs. MR. ANDERSON -- TNA World Title match for the vacant TNA World Hvt. Title -- No DQ, no time limit match

The bell sounded and Hardy and Angle went to work on Anderson early on. Anderson then avoided a corner attack and Angle fell to the outside. Tenay noted TNA management wanted to "make this wide open" with the No DQ, no time limit addition to the match. Anderson teased an early pin, but Angle re-entered to break up the pin. All three men then came together for a double German Suplex, with Angle suplexing each opponent onto the other to draw a crowd pop. Angle then chucked Anderson to the outside and went to work on Hardy. Hardy countered a whip to the ropes, though, and dumped Angle over the top rope to the floor with Angle selling a head injury. They cut to a shot of TNA president Dixie Carter ringside for her first camera time of the PPV.

Angle re-entered the ring with a burst of energy and executed a series of German Suplexes on Anderson. Hardy re-entered the picture and Angle applied a double anklelock, but neither man tapped. Angle, with a cut over his right eye, went up top, but Anderson cut him off. Anderson then executed his Rolling Sentaun bomb from the top and Angle sold that injured rib. Suddenly, Hardy came off the top with a Swanton Bomb onto both men to break up Anderson's pin. Hardy covered both men, but both kicked out.

At 11:00, they reset with Angle and Anderson battling up top. Angle then hit a twisting bodyslam from the top. Angle couldn't make a cover, though, and Hardy covered Anderson for the nearfall. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Anderson, then went up top and nailed the Swanton Bomb. He made the cover, but Angle yanked Hardy off the cover and right into the Anklelock center ring. Anderson broke it up, then pulled Angle into his grasp for the Mic Check, resulting in a two count. Angle, with another burst, went up top and hit a moonsault on Hardy for another close two count. Hardy rolled to the floor and it was up to Angle and Anderson for the moment. They teased finishers as the ref was getting too close to the action. Yep, right on time, Hebner was bumped.

Angle and Anderson had a double knock down, then Eric Bischoff came to the ring with steel chair in hand. Taz sold befuddlement. Bischoff entered the ring with chair in hand and looked down at Angle and Anderson. Suddenly, Hulk Hogan's music hit. The crowd popped as Bischoff sold confusion. They cut backstage to show Hogan limping out on crutches. Hogan slowly, slowly made his way to the ring and needed help getting into the ring. All this going on in the middle of a World Title match. Hogan needed assistance getting into the ring as the wrestlers sold mid-match transition holds like they were shot.

Hogan confronted Bischoff about what he was doing, then Bischoff took the crutches from Hogan. Hardy then entered the ring to play peacemaker. Hogan handed a crutch to Hardy to square off against Bischoff. Angle came to his feet and Hardy broke the crutch over Angle. Hogan and Bischoff liked what they saw before Hardy broke the other crutch over Anderson's back. Hardy then covered Anderson and made the cover for the win. So, the man facing felony drug charges is TNA's new champion.

Post-match: They cut to a shot of Dixie Carter looking stunned ringside. Jeff Jarrett, then Abyss came to the ring and celebrated with Hogan, Hardy, and Bischoff. RVD stormed the ring and over-acted confronting Hardy about what he's doing. Hardy then decked RVD with the title belt and Abyss hugged him. TNA had a Xerox of the 1996 Bash at the Beach scene with the fans pelting the ring with trash. They started to sign off with Abyss posing for the hard camera. Hardy and Hogan then hugged as someone blasted two of them square in the face as the PPV went off the air.

WINNER: Hardy at 18:37 to become new TNA Hvt. champion. So, we can see where the storyline will probably be explained with Jeff Jarrett wanting control of his company back, Hardy "selling out" after RVD was favored by Carter over him, Bischoff likely getting Carter to sign over the company to Bischoff and/or Hogan instead of firing Abyss, and then TNA establishing a babyface alliance spearheaded by Angle, Anderson, RVD, and Joe to combat Abyss, Hardy, and Jarrett. Some people will probably feel let down by the "they" reveal and the non-finish to the main event title match. We'll see what TNA makes of it in the weeks to come on TV. (***1/2 prior to the finish)

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