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CALDWELL'S TNA FINAL RESOLUTION PPV RESULTS 12/5: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Hardy vs. Morgan II, several title and stipulation matches

Dec 5, 2010 - 9:53:12 PM

TNA Final Resolution PPV Results
December 5, 2010
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA's final PPV of 2010 began with a video package on TNA World champion Jeff Hardy saying he would tell the old Jeff Hardy to stop destroying his body for the fans and having nothing to show for it. He said friendship is an illusion and everyone is messed up. They showed footage of the build-up to Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA Title tonight.

Suddenly, the screen went completely dark as they went to the Impact Zone. No video, just the sound of people screaming. No announcers either. The PPV theme song continued to play in the background before stopping. A technical difficulties graphic came on the screen and all audio faded out.

Four minutes into the PPV broadcast (opening video and downtime), they went to the Impact Zone with Mike Tenay setting up the title match tonight. Taz said they're a little tardy, but they're here.

1 -- INK, INC. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) vs. BEER MONEY (Robert Roode & James Storm) -- #1 contender match for TNA Tag Titles

Tenay and Taz set the stage that Immortal/Fortune want all of the gold in TNA, so Beer Money is looking to get the Tag Titles back. Tenay apologized for the technical difficulties at the start of the PPV as the opening match began. The females in the crowd were hot for Ink, Inc. early on as they executed flashy offense to control the match early on. Beer Money had miscommunication issues to keep feeding the crowd's interest in the match before Beer Money cheated to take control of the match.

After being isolated for a few minutes, Neal made a hot tag to Moore, who landed high-flying offense before playing to the partisan crowd. The action broke down moments later and both members of Beer Money were cleared to the outside to set up some moves on the outside. Shannon executed an Asai moonsault on Roode, then took a ride on Storm's booze cruiser for a babyface pop. Back in the ring, Moore executed a neckbreaker on Roode for a two count. Neal then tagged in and cleaned house. He looked like the Red Rooster with his red Mohawk flapping. Neal charged Roode, but ran into a superkick from Storm. Beer Money hit the DWI on Neal and that was good for the three count.

WINNERS: Beer Money at 10:45. Basic, formula tag match to start the PPV. The match was fine and sets up another potential classic between the Guns and Beer Money. The vocal females in the crowd were firmly behind Ink, Inc., which kept the crowd into the match. (**)

Backstage: Christy Hemme brought in Knockouts champion Madison Rayne for an interview. The camera zoomed in and out at a seizure-inducing, dizzying rate. It was seriously way over-the-top to completely distract from anything Rayne said. She vouched for Tara in the next match against Mickie James.

2 -- MICKIE JAMES vs. TARA -- Falls Count Anywhere match

Tara came to the ring on her motorcycle before dipping out of the ring when Mickie made her entrance. Tara pointed to the floor, saying she wants to start the fight on the floor. So, they did. Jackson James is the special referee, of note. The action moved into the ring for a short while before returning to the outside. From the outside, they went deeper into the Impact Zone exploring the entire building. A few onlookers cheered on Mickie, who was whipped into a trash receptacle.

The Knockouts left the building and Tara sent Mickie flying into a row of wheelchairs against the wall of the soundstage. One of the Universal Studios rides was in the background as Mickie took a bottle of water from the Impact Zone concessions and sprayed Tara with it. Mickie and Tara trash-talked each other as Mickie shoved Tara into the chainlink fence separating the Impact Zone from Universal Studios. They moved closer to the theme park exchanging control of the "match."

Next was the men's restroom outside of the Soundstage. A couple of guys were taking care of business. One guy was taking the Browns to the Super Bowl and he charged out of a stall with newspaper in hand. Taz noted he failed to wash his hands. The ref had enough and stormed off. Suddenly, Madison came out of a stall with a fire extinguisher. She sprayed Mickie, who dropped to the restroom floor. Tara made the cover and told the referee to come back. Three count and it was over.

WINNER: Tara at 10:25. Only in TNA can there be outside interference in a Falls Count Anywhere match. They took an intense, physical feud that was hot at last month's PPV and turned it into comedy here. At least it seems to be setting up Madison vs. Mickie for the Knockouts Title. (n/a)

Backstage: Robbie E. and Cookie cut a promo ahead of the X Division Title match. Christy Hemme had enough of Cookie complaining and told her to get lost. Hemme walked off the set, asking, "Really?"

3 -- X Division champion ROBBIE E. vs. JAY LETHAL -- X Division Title match -- Cookie suspended in a shark cage

Before the match, Cookie complained that she was not going in the shark cage. Lethal had enough and dragged Lethal into the ring to star the match. Cookie decided to peace out and started to leave. You knew this was coming. Shark Boy returns. Shark dragged Cookie to ringside and threw her in the shark cage. Ref Earl Hebner called for the cage to be raised and the bell sounded to officially begin the match. Cookie continued to interject herself into the match by screaming down at Lethal from inside the cage. Lethal dominated early on and Robbie accepted one hard chop, then a second, and a third. Robbie sold like a pro here.

Robbie took control moments later and gave a shout-out to Cookie that he has this under control. Cookie screamed at Hebner to count faster following a two count. Robbie slapped on a hard reverse chinlock and maintained the hold for a while. Lethal sold fading out as his hand was dropped twice before clenching his fist on the third drop. Lethal mounted a comeback and landed a handspring elbow smash followed by the Lethal Combination for a two count. Lethal and Robbie then collided mid-ring as Cookie shouted instructions from the cage. She managed to toss an object to Robbie over Hebner's head, but Hebner took it away when he saw it. Cookie then tossed a second hairspray object to Robbie, but Lethal stole it and used it. Hebner felt the spray as Lethal went for a pin, so Hebner DQ'ed Lethal.

Post-match: Cookie was lowered to ringside in the cage and escaped with the win. Cookie posed in the ring with the X Division Title as Robbie sold on the floor and Lethal dejectedly walked off. Cookie continued to parade around with the title belt until Shark Boy re-emerged. Shark took a slap to the face, then a second slap. Shark turned around, then hit a Stunner on Cookie.

WINNER: Robbie via DQ at 8:11. An expected over-booked finish to continue presenting The Shore as heels who effectively circumvent the rules. Unfortunately for Lethal, the babyface to finally give Robbie and Cookie (or just Cookie) their comeuppance wasn't the babyface in the match, but a character who hasn't been on TV in months. Whether it's on PPV or TV or at a house show, violence against women doesn't need to happen, and it fits TNA's traditional misogynistic booking. As for Robbie, I was really impressed with his work in this match first selling for Lethal, then his offensive attack. It was a step up for him. (**)

Backstage: Hemme was with Tommy Dreamer, who was dressed in a XXL black sweatshirt and a trucker TNA t-shirt. The camera zoomed in and out a bunch of times again as Dreamer talked about the RVD vs. Rhino match tonight and their long friendship.

4 -- ROB VAN DAM vs. RHINO -- First Blood match

The match began with RVD in control of the action. He showboated to the crowd several times before the action moved to the floor. Rhino landed a suplex on the floor to take control of the action. Back in the ring, Rhino landed a Gore that temporarily KO'ed RVD. Naturally, Rhino began celebrating and playing to the crowd. Why not immediately grab a knife or a cheese grater from under the ring and try to slice open RVD's forehead? Rhino took his time retrieving a trashcan that he placed in-between the turnbuckles in the corner. It didn't come into play immediately, as RVD made a comeback and hit a Five-Star frogsplash. The trashcan came into play when RVD tried to smash Rhino, but Rhino punched him in the groin before hitting a DDT.

Rhino tried to finish off RVD with a piledriver into a trashcan lid, but RVD blocked. RVD then surfboard kicked a trashcan lid into Rhino's face. No blood yet. RVD placed a trashcan into Rhino's body, then went to the opposite corner. Poor Rhino had to sell for a while as RVD showboated on the top turnbuckle before going coast-to-cast with the Van Terminator. Rhino came up bleeding heavily from the forehead, giving RVD the win and more time to showboat. The announcers speculated on Rhino's future in TNA and Immortal after the loss.

WINNER: RVD at 12:24. Rhino showed a different side to his character working heel, while RVD seemed to be going through the motions in a middle-of-a-PPV match. The First Blood stipulation is inherently flawed, as there are so many ways to make someone bleed without needing to go through the steps of a standard wrestling match. Considering the parameters of the match were not established ahead of time, it created unintended logic questions. On a show with so many stipulation matches, this match won't stand out on the overall PPV line-up. (**1/4)

Backstage: Hemme brought in Kazarian to ask Kazarian about A.J. Styles vs. Doug Williams. Hemme used the heel term "betray" to describe Williams leaving Fortune to set his own path as a babyface. Poor writing and/or delivery. The camera zoomed in and out on Kazarian as he said he hopes Williams loses and crawls back under the rock from which he came from.

5 -- TV champion A.J. STYLES vs. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS -- TNA TV Title match

Styles played heel by stalling early in the match, but the crowd was split on supporting Doug or Styles. Williams cleared Styles to the floor early on and landed a cannonball splash off the ring apron. Back in the ring, Styles and Williams went back and forth showing how evenly matched they are in the ring. Styles took momentary control and did his signature high-flying moves to get babyface pops. Styles then caught Williams's knee on the middle rope, giving him an opening to slap on the figure four leglock. Williams escaped, then mounted a comeback with uppercuts and elbow strikes. Williams executed an exploder suplex that resulted in a two count.

The action continued to go back-and-forth with Styles in control and Williams fighting back from his knees. Styles landed a Pele kick that could have resulted in a fall, but Williams fell to the outside. Styles tried a high-flying move, but Williams caught Styles with a waistlock and proceeded to bounce Styles off the guardrail into Rolling Chaos onto the ringside padding. Great sequence. Back in the ring, Williams teased the Styles Clash and connected. Williams made a cover and it was good for a three count to win the TV Title.

WINNER: Williams at 14:50 to capture the TV Title. Terrific match with Williams showcasing his technical skills to eventually win over the crowd, which was partial toward Styles early on. Very interesting finish with Styles losing clean to Williams. Styles's stock has really fallen after entering 2010 as TNA World champion. (***1/2)

Backstage: Hemme caught up with Generation Me in the entrance area. The camera continued to zoom in and out every few seconds. GenMe said it's not about tag titles, tables, ladders, or chairs, but the end of a career. Max Buck said they're ending the Machineguns's careers tonight.

6 -- TNA tag champions MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS (ALEX SHELLEY & CHRIS SABIN) vs. GENERATION ME (MAX BUCK & JEREMY BUCK) -- TNA Tag Title match -- Full Metal Mayhem match

GenMe came out first and waited for the Guns to meet them on the entranceramp to initiate the match. The tag belts were suspended above the ring TLC-style. The teams went back and forth trading offense early on. Sabin took a chair near the head/neck region when Jeremy tossed a chair toward his face, which was too close for comfort. Max Buck was the first to tease climbing a ladder looking for the tag belts, but Shelley yanked him down. The Guns then crunched Max inside the ladder before suplexing Jeremy on top of the ladder. Next, Max was hung up in the tree of woe to take a surfboard dropkick. This led to Shelley coming off the top with a double foot stomp onto both GenMe'ers, who were stacked up inside chairs and ladders. The Guns backed off to the corner to let the audience soak in the climax of the sequence of moves punishing GenMe.

Shelley began climbing the ladder, but it was apparently too short for the champs to reach up and grab the tag belts. Cue up the short jokes. The Guns then brought in two more ladders, which were of equal height. So, after stalling for time to allow GenMe recover, all four men battled on top of the three ladders in-play. Eventually, all four men came back to the mat where the Guns took control again. The Guns then placed a table on top of the three ladders positioned in the center ring of the ring. The construction area did not come into play immediately, as Shelley KO'ed Jeremy on the outside by delivering Sliced Bread #2 off the apron through a table.

Sabin and Max then climbed up the ladders and stood on the table about 10-15 feet in the air. They traded chair shots and Max took a flatback bump off the table through a table on the mat below. Sabin then reached up and took the TNA Tag Titles. Sabin was bleeding from the forehead as the camera zoomed in on Sabin selling shock they kept the ittles. Meanwhile, Shelley sold a left knee injury as he re-entered the ring to celebrate.

WINNERS: Guns at 16:27 to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Ambitious, creative match, but that was almost the match's downfall with several overly-choreographed spots that seemed too complicated at times and almost canceled out the really innovative spots they brought to the table. On a PPV heavy with stipulation matches, the teams tried to stand out, but with mixed success. Individually, Sabin continues to stand out as a future singles star for this company. Sabin vs. Max Buck in a singles feud down the road could be money. (***)

7 -- THE POPE D'ANGELO DINERO vs. ABYSS -- Casket match

Abyss called for the casket to be opened 20 seconds into the match, but Pope blocked and moved the action to the floor. Pope rammed Abyss's head into the guardrail several times and teased a casket entry, but Abyss blocked and they re-entered the ring. They returned to the floor and Abyss dropped Pope onto the edge of the casket in a painful-looking spot. Back in the ring, Abyss nailed a charging corner splash and took control of the match. Abyss called for the lid and headbutted Pope into the casket. Abyss took a deep breath and slowly approached the lid, but Pope kicked the lid open. Pope then fired himself up and made a comeback, including a bulldog from the second rope that always looks so dangerous with the head/neck region involved.

Pope called for the casket to be opened and he dumped Abyss inside. Pope tried to close the lid, but Abyss grabbed Pope around the throat and knocked Pope back to center ring. Abyss then rolled Pope into the casket and again took his sweet time approaching the lid. He tried to close it, but Pope blocked by pushing against the top of the plastic-looking lid. Pope made another comeback and connected with the DDE double knee smash to the back. Pope rolled Abyss into the casket again, then tried to close the lid while standing on the floor, but Abyss punched through the Styrofoam-looking side of the casket and connected with Pope's groin. Abyss proceeded to chokeslam Pope into the casket and he closed the lid this time for the win. Abyss showed off his fist, which was bleeding from the punch-through-the-casket move.

WINNER: Abyss at 11:40. It was what it was - another gimmick match that seemed laughable at times because of how cheap the casket looked. (*1/4)

Backstage: Ref Hebner gave Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett pre-match instructions as Jeff Jarrett danced around talking trash. Suddenly, Immortal security jumped Samoa Joe from behind. Jarrett tried to call them off as Joe sold a knee injury.

Video package: They went to a video on Jeff Hardy. Suddenly, the video ended and they went back to a dark Impact Zone. Tenay started to talk, then they cut to a video on Joe vs. Jarrett. It's obviously been a rough production night. The TNA Title match was a very fluid situation right before the PPV that probably threw off the production team.

Impact Zone: Jeff Jarrett came to the ring first for the semi-main event. Samoa Joe limped out next as the medical team tried to check on Joe, who told them to get lost. Jarrett smiled as he saw a wounded opponent across the ring from him.

8 -- JEFF JARRETT vs. SAMOA JOE -- Submission match

Joe circled around the ring early on to avoid locking up with Jarrett. Joe eventually lured Jarrett into an armbar, but Jarrett reached the ropes for a break. Joe remained seated on the mat to taunt Jarrett before applying a keylock that Jarrett escaped. Jarrett came back with a front anklelock, but Joe escaped and landed right hand blows. Joe then rolled Jarrett onto his stomach and applied an anklelock, but Jarrett broke the hold again. Joe came back with a Texas Cloverleaf and Joe sat down on the hold center-ring. Jarrett, again, escaped to the ropes.

Jarrett had enough and teased leaving the ring, but Joe slapped on a rear naked choke. Jarrett tapped, but they were outside of the ring. The announcers noted Hebner's pre-match instructions the finish must happen inside the ring. So, inside the ring, Joe applied a Crossface. Jarrett tapped, but his foot was under the ropes, so ref Hebner waved it off. Joe then hit the Musclebuster and slapped on a rear naked choke, but TNA security hit the ring to distract the ref. Joe cleared them from the ring, but it gave Jarrett an opening to slap on the Anklelock. Joe was forced to tap out, giving Jarrett another win over Joe.

WINNER: Jarrett via submission at 9:05. Fun, different match focused on actual wrestling holds. It was a classic heel victory with Jarrett winning only because of circumstances rather than actual skill. The feud doesn't seem to be over, as Joe needs to conquer Jarrett before the program is over. Big picture - is this the best use of Joe? Probably not, but it's keeping him in the main event picture. (**1/4)

Backstage: Hemme brought in Mr. Anderson, who was dressed in a referee t-shirt. The camera - shockingly - slowly zoomed in on Anderson in normal fashion. Anderson talked before Matt Morgan walked into Anderson's interview time. He said he wants a No DQ match because he knows Immortal will try to interfere. Anderson, who apparently has the power to add stipulations, said he's going to call it right down the middle. "Ya know, just like an a-hole would," he dryly said. They cut to a video package on Jeff Hardy.

Impact Zone: Mr. Anderson came out first for the TNA Title main event where a casual audience member likely had no idea who was challenging for the title before the previous segment considering TNA decided for the second straight month not to give Morgan any pre-match PPV time to focus on his quest for the TNA Title. After Morgan came out as the challenger, Jeff Hardy's music hit. Hardy eventually walked out to the ring with a very slow gait. In the hours leading up to the PPV, it wasn't clear if Hardy would actually be wrestling on the PPV.

Hardy eventually made it to the ring and Jeremy Borash handled the formal ring introductions. Mr. Anderson whispered in Borash's ear that it's now a No DQ match. The crowd chanted, "Morgan, Morgan" and booed Hardy, who was crouched in the corner. This was followed by a loud, "You suck" chant aimed at Hardy.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion JEFF HARDY vs. MATT MORGAN -- TNA World Title match -- No DQ match -- Mr. Anderson special referee

Anderson called for the bell and the match was on. Morgan dominated early and landed signature rapid-fire elbow smashes in the corner. Morgan then choked Hardy across the top rope and Anderson casually leaned against the top rope before saying, "Yeah, it's No DQ." Hardy then slingshot Morgan across the top rope to take control of the match. Hardy settled into a chinlock before Morgan came to his feet. Hardy tried right hands, but Morgan no-sold and side-stepped a desperation Whisper in the Wind attempt. Morgan then smashed Hardy with a discus clothesline for a close two count. Morgan scored another close two count and kept his cool as Anderson told him it was a two.

Hardy suddenly came back with a Twist of Hate, but Morgan kicked out. Hardy didn't like the count, then took out his anger on Morgan. Morgan suddenly nailed the Carbon Footprint, but he sold a knee injury immediately afterward. It gave Hardy an opening to put his foot on the bottom rope to break a subsequent pin. Morgan continued to sell the knee and couldn't execute a suplex, so Hardy nailed a Twist of Hate for another two count. Hardy ripped off his t-shirt and went for the Swanton Bomb, but Morgan got his knees up to block. On commentary, Taz said Hardy was behind closed doors all day, so they didn't know what mindset he was in for the title match.

Hardy and Morgan came to their feet, but Hardy ducked out of the ring and dared Anderson to count him out. Anderson slowly counted to eight, reached nine, and stopped before ten. He left the ring and told Hardy to get back in the ring. Hardy piefaced Anderson, then again. And a third time. Anderson then reached back and popped Hardy with right hands before rolling Hardy back into the ring. Morgan rolled up Hardy, but Hardy kicked out with Anderson maintaining a normal cadence. Back on their feet, Hardy nailed a third Twist of Hate. Anderson then very slowly dropped to his knees, made a one count, made a two count, held the two, Morgan kicked out, and Anderson dramatically said it was a close nearfall.

At 10:00, Hardy slipped out of the ring and lured Morgan into popping him with a chair to the knee. The chair entered the ring with Hardy and Anderson was bumped to the outside. Morgan then smashed Hardy with the Carbon Footprint and had the visual three count with Anderson on the floor. Suddenly, Eric Bischoff showed up and led Jackson James to the ring. Bischoff rammed Anderson into the ringpost before throwing Jackson into the ring, not realizing Morgan still had a pin going. Morgan almost scored a three count, which would have been hilarious if Bischoff accidentally cost Hardy the title. Morgan glared at Bischoff, who turned to leave. Morgan then held up the chair and wanted a chokeslam, but Hardy kicked him low. Hardy then hit another Twist of Hate, this one on the chair. Hardy made a cover and it was good for a three count. Hardy retains the TNA Title.

Post-match: Hardy kind of crouched down on the mat catching his breath. They cut to a shot of Anderson bleeding on the floor and in a pool of blood. Hardy took his title belt and celebrated before they replayed the main sequences during the match. To close the PPV, they focused on Hardy and Anderson in back-and-forth shots. They cut to a shot of Morgan holding his head with his face down before a final shot of Hardy on the entrance stage holding his TNA Title belt.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy at 12:31 to retain the TNA Title. Another over-booked TNA Title match with the heel winning to keep the program going, although they seemed to be looking ahead to Hardy vs. Anderson rather than another re-match for Morgan, who has another "out" after the visual three count and ref bump. As for Hardy, he can put together a good performance in his sleep, which seems to be part of the problem where he can get by with his "I don't care" attitude because of how good he is as a performer. We received word that Hardy was almost pulled from the PPV because he was hammered backstage, but TNA stuck with the original PPV line-up. And they kept the TNA Title on him. (**1/2)

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