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CALDWELL'S TNA AGAINST ALL ODDS PPV RESULTS 2/13: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Anderson vs. Hardy, Genesis re-matches, fluid X Division situation

Feb 13, 2011 - 9:56:07 PM

TNA Against All Odds PPV Results
February 13, 2011
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA's PPV line-up tonight: TNA World Hvt. champion Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy in a ladder match, KO champion Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James, X Division champion Kazarian defending the X Title in a match to be revealed on the PPV, Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett, Brother Devon vs. Bully Ray, Samoa Joe vs. The Pope, RVD vs. Matt Hardy, and Immortal vs. Fortune.


TNA's second PPV of 2011 opened with a video package featuring top stars and key angles leading to the PPV set to the backdrop of a rock band yelling and screaming.

Impact Zone: Fireworks shot off inside the arena as Mike Tenay introduced the show and posed the question of whether Immortal or Fortune will have the upper hand tonight. At the announce desk, Tenay and Taz were introduced on-camera. Tenay and Taz focused on the TNA World Title ladder match coming up tonight. Next on the topic list was Angle vs. Jarrett, which they called weird and uncomfortable. Tenay then noted Generation Me was prevented from arriving in Orlando for the #1 contender X Division Title match. The Shore's music then interrupted.

Robbie E. and Cookie made their way to the ring with Robbie scheduled for the #1 contender match. Robbie took the mic and said he has good news and bad news. He said that due to GenMe's travel issues, he is the new #1 contender to the X Title. Cookie sold excitement as the crowd told Robbie he sucks. Robbie said the bad news is no one gets to see Robbie wrestle tonight. "I know, it sucks," he said. Robbie told ref Hebner to count out GenMe to make this official.

1 -- ROBBIE E. (w/Cookie) vs. MAX BUCK vs. JEREMY BUCK -- #1 contender match to X Division Title

The bell sounded and Robbie fist-pumped with every count by the referee before he reached a ten. Robbie is new #1 contender.

WINNER: Robbie via count-out in 0:27.

Robbie and Cookie then celebrated as Taz referenced Kazarian defending the X Title later tonight. Robbie continued to fist-pump up the entrance ramp before Kazarian came out. Robbie and Cookie backed up as Kazarian tried to look tough standing on the ramp. Kazarian took the mic and said Robbie might be okay with leaving here with a cheap victory, but as a member of Fortune, he can't just show up and not give everyone what they came to see. He said maybe Robbie didn't get the memo that there is going to be an X Division Title match tonight. And since Robbie is the #1 contender, that match is going to be Robbie against...the TNA X Division champion, Kazarian. He said that match is going to happen right now.

2 -- X Division champion KAZARIAN vs. ROBBIE E. (w/Cookie) -- X Division Title match

It's odd to see Kazarian playing babyface after the rushed transition into Fortune turning face on TV. Kazarian knocked Robbie into the ring and quickly took control of the action. Kaz then knocked Robbie back to the floor and Cookie interjected herself into the match, allowing Robbie to take control of the match via the distraction. Robbie dominated for a few minutes, which got sympathy on Kaz and built to his comeback at 5:00. Kaz ducked a clothesline and landed a series of clotheslines of his own followed by a dropkick. Kaz followed with a springboard turnaround leg drop for a nearfall.

Kaz went for his inverted Tombstone piledriver finisher, but Robbie slipped out. They bounced off the ropes and Cookie popped Kazarian through the ropes with an accessory, but Robbie could only score a nearfall on the subsequent pin attempt. Robbie took forever to follow-up, then Kazarian caught him in the corner with the inverted Tombstone (named the Fade to Black) for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Kazarian at 7:11 to retain the X Title. Okay opener. Some slow spots, but the crowd was more receptive to Kazarian in a babyface role than I expected, which was a good sign. (*1/2)

Backstage: Christy Hemme was with Scott Steiner and Beer Money. Steiner stumbled through his opening lines in a classic Steiner Promo Moment that will be on YouTube by the end of the week. Steiner took a few swigs of beer to calm himself down before finishing the promo. I sure hope he was just pretending to be drunk and/or in an altered state of mind. Robert Roode then played the voice of reason cutting a promo on Fortune.

Impact Zone: A.J. Styles came out in a suit to join Tenay and Taz on commentary for the six-man tag match. Out first were Immortal members Rob Terry, Gunner, and Murphy a/k/a Uncoordinated Security. They did three different poses trying to look intimidating before Beer Money's music hit to bring out Roode and Storm as two-thirds of the opposition. Cue up the siren to bring out Scott Steiner. Taz declared that he's bigger. "He got huge!" Taz said.

3 -- TNA tag champions BEER MONEY (ROBERT ROODE & JAMES STORM) & SCOTT STEINER vs. ROB TERRY & GUNNER & MURPHY -- six-man tag match

As the bell sounded, Taz asked Styles what's up with Ric Flair in the Immortal-Fortune issue. In classic TNA fashion, they used the PPV to plug a bigger event on TV - Ric Flair back on TNA TV on Thursday to address the situation. Steiner cleaned house with belly-to-belly suplexes, leading to Rob Terry tagging in and flexing in Steiner's face. Steiner wasn't impressed. He asked him to flex again. They just stood there and posed before Steiner kicked Terry in the groin as Beer Money occupied the referee for a conversation. Steiner with a classic slow-motion elbow drop, then some push-ups.

Murphy tagged himself in as Styles talked about Eric Bischoff trying to play mind games with guys like him in Fortune. He said guys like Terry, Gunner, and Murphy will eat up what Bischoff is selling. Storm tagged in and worked on Gunner, who used a distraction from Terry to take control. The Immortal trio began tagging in and out working over Storm, who broke free from Terry and hot-tagged Roode into the match. Roode and Gunner had a miscommunication of sorts, then Roode landed multiple right hand strikes and chops. Roode landed a neckbreaker, but it was good for a two count only.

The action broke down, then there was a lot of standing around. Terry and Murphy then accidentally collided before Beer Money double-suplexed Terry. The tag champs did their Beer...Money chant with the crowd before Murphy attacked Storm. Roode then dropped folks with spinebusters before Terry teased a chokeslam to zero heat. Terry then took a spinebuster for good measure. Suddenly, Gunner was caught up top and Roode warmed up the crowd for Steiner to enter the ring and deliver an old school Frankensteiner. Steiner with the cover for the win.

WINNERS: Steiner & Beer Money at 10:13. What it was supposed to do - make Beer Money and Steiner look dominant against lesser foes. Styles was mainly in the background on commentary, which was fine. (*1/2)

Backstage: Christy Hemme was with Devon and his sons. Devon said he made a big mistake including his sons in the match with Brother Ray tonight. Devon said he cannot take the chance of Bubba using his sons as a sacrificial lamb to get to him tonight. Devon told them to listen to him that he does not want them anywhere near the ring tonight. Devon said this match tonight is between him and Ray only.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz plugged The Pope vs. Samoa Joe up next. You would think a feud that was stretched out over the first two months of 2011 would receive a higher place on the card than the third full match of the PPV. They aired a video package on the Joe vs. Pope feud leading to their match tonight.


Taz noted his friendship with Samoa Joe dating back to when he first debuted in TNA and said Joe is not in a good mood tonight. The bell sounded and Pope danced around the ring teasing Joe while trying to avoid locking up. Pope dipped out of the ring when Joe approached him and continued to stall ringside. It looked like Pope was wearing tapdance shoes as part of his ring gear tonight. Pope eventually left the ring and started walking up the entrance ramp. The crowd chanted, "You suck," as Pope teased leaving, but a masked Okada showed up on the stage. He took an unintentionally comedic fighting stance trying to intimidate Pope back to ringside. Pope then turned around and took a suicide dive smash from Joe.

Back in the ring, Joe landed right hand jabs to Pope's chin before landing an elbow smash and standing enziguiri kick. Okada remained ringside looking like a distraction in his goofy outfit. Joe then smashed Pope with a running boot to the head and landed more right hand jabs. Pope then cheated to take advantage, following the formula from the previous two matches. They randomly cut to a shot of Okada ringside and Taz laughed to himself before making a Lone Ranger reference. Seriously, who decided that was a good costume choice?

Pope continued to work over Joe, who then blocked a flying smash from the second rope and made a comeback with signature strikes and a snap powerslam. Joe nodded toward the crowd before attempting a move from the fireman's carry position, but Pope slipped out and landed a knee strike to the face. Pope then easily removed a top turnbuckle pad. Joe put on the brakes, then rolled up Pope and transitioned into the rear naked choke. Pope instantly tapped out, as if he were trying to avoid the hold. The bell sounded and Joe released the hold before having a conversation with the referee.

Post-match: Pope somewhat smiled to the camera acknowledging he tapped out rather than putting up a fight. They randomly cut to Okada again. Joe got up and stared at Pope, wanting to know why he avoided competing. Pope bowed and extended his hand, but Joe wasn't buying it. Eventually, Joe shook hands, then Pope smashed him with a knee. Okada got up on the ring apron and pointed the least intimidating finger ever. Pope easily discarded him with a knee strike before ramming Joe face-first into the exposed steel. Pope posed in the ring with his sunglasses, then Joe slowly got up in the background with blood coming down from his forehead. A blade mark was obvious via the close-up camera shot. Joe did a primal scream toward Pope, who quickly bailed from the ring and escaped Joe's wrath for now.

WINNER: Joe via submission at 8:31. It was hard to take this match seriously with an unintimidating Lone Ranger lookalike standing ringside. Formula, going-through-the-motions match with little crowd heat. The feud is obviously continuing based on the post-match. (*1/2)

Backstage: Mickie James, who appears to have lost weight, stumbled through a promo on Madison Rayne ahead of their Knockouts Title match tonight. Mickie said that when Madison "lays down tonight," she won't be getting back up.

5 -- Knockouts champion MADISON RAYNE vs. MICKIE JAMES -- Knockouts Title match -- Last Knockout Standing match

Mickie James was out first in an outfit paying tribute to her Native-American heritage. Madison Rayne was also dressed up in a Beauty Queen-inspired outfit. Before the bell sounded, Mickie complained about Madison's potentially loaded glove, but Madison assured Mickie and the ref that it was a standard-issue glove. The match went to the outside early and often. Madison pulled a Pope feigning leaving the match, then Mickie attacked her and they fought ringside back into the ring. Mickie eventually knocked down Rayne and took her glove. As the ref was applying a ten count on Rayne, Tara entered the ring and Mickie KO'ed her with the glove. From behind, though, Rayne grabbed a foreign object and used it to KO Mickie when Mickie turned around. Madison naturally went for a pin, but the ref waved her off and slowly counted to ten on Mickie, giving Madison the win.

WINNER: Rayne at 8:28 to retain the KO Title. (*1/2)

Backstage: Jeff Hardy was shown applying make-up while cutting a promo on Mr. Anderson.

Impact Zone: Back in the arena, Matt Morgan came to the ring and waited out a "Morgan, Morgan" chant. Morgan said he was going to have a word first, but he told Hernandez to get out to the ring now. Hernandez walked out with a cocky, smug smile before taking a mic. Hernandez cock-walked over to Morgan, who told him to start explaining himself. Hernandez called Morgan the "great white hype." He said he cost Morgan his title shot because he's still waiting for his title shot. Hernandez said he went to Mexico to be with his people. And they love him. They appreciated him. They treated him like the star he truly is. "Not how they treat me here, like a second-class citizen," he said. Who's "they?"

Hernandez continued to play up a racial aspect of this feud and said this is Hispanic-America. He said this is "our" country. Hernandez said he came back to TNA to stick it to every gringo like Morgan. He told Morgan that if he doesn't like that, he can take his candy-ass out of "our" country. Hernandez landed a cheap shot, then dropped Morgan with a shoulder tackle. Hernandez then landed the Attitude Adjustment on Morgan and his music instantly played. Hernandez posed in the ring before cockily walking out of the ring.

Backstage: Hemme brought in Matt Hardy, who said he's tired of playing the good guy. He said he fought through a potential career-threatening injury while his brother left to TNA. Hardy said he's cold-blooded now. Hardy said RVD is just a stepping stone for him. He said he doesn't like RVD and he's 3-0 against him. Hardy said he'll write the final chapter in Matt Hardy vs. RVD with a smile on his face and cold blood running through his veins. Hemme backed off, selling intimidation.

Impact Zone: Hardy came out first and Tenay and Taz talked in circles around the idea of Hardy being "held back" and "held down" in WWE after Jeff left for TNA. Too much of this "insider" discussion typical for TNA following the Hernandez promo. In the context of a wrestling show, the issue should be based on whether he won or lost matches, not "backstage politics" that have nothing to do with the outcome of a wrestling match in the context of a wrestling show presenting worked matches as real competition.


The match moved to the floor early on and RVD landed a roundhouse kick to Hardy's back as Hardy was draped across the top rope. RVD rolled Hardy back into the ring, then played to the crowd. Hardy used RVD's showboating to his advantage to kick the ropes as RVD was re-entering. Hardy nearly scored a pin, then RVD rolled to the outside and Hardy followed up by smashing RVD into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Hardy continued to dominate. Hardy then mounted RVD and sort of hip-thrust RVD while driving his head into RVD's mid-section. The announcers weren't sure what to make of it. Hardy continued to score nearfalls before the camera zoomed in on him selling a combination of anger and determination.

RVD fought back at 9:00 and avoided a corner attack with a back kick to the mid-section. Both men sold on the mat before RVD slowly pulled himself to his feet. RVD absorbed a right hand blow, then ran over Hardy with a clothesline before dropping him with a crescent kick. RVD landed a kick to the chin before delivering a springboard split-legged moonsault for a nearfall. Hardy then ducked a kick and hit the Side Effect for a two count.

Hardy started dancing around in the ring wanting the Twist of Fate as the camera zoomed in on his angered facial expression. "Matt Hardy's getting a little weird," Taz said. RVD blocked the Twist, then the fight moved up top. Hardy wanted a superplex, but RVD fought him off with forearms. Hardy recovered and back body-dropped RVD to the mat. "That was nasty," Taz said. Hardy then missed with a moonsault trying to follow up. RVD suddenly sprung up top and landed a Five-Star Frogsplash for the pin and the win. Post-match: Hardy sold anger and frustration as Taz noted Bischoff must not be happy with Immortal's performance tonight.

WINNER: RVD at 13:18. Better than last month's effort. Hardy appeared to be in better conditioning than RVD, who needed to catch a second wind mid-way through. A lot of time was spent on the outside early on to "create motion" and avoid long stretches in the ring stretching out a near-15-minute match. (**1/4)

Backstage: Hemme caught up with Bully Ray trying to get a word. Ray was shown pacing back and forth before screaming at Hemme to shut up. Ray asked Hemme if she was going to cry. From the "misogynistic TNA promo playbook," Ray said he likes to see women cry to show how weak they are. Ray got in Hemme's face and said he hopes to beat Devon and his kids tonight. Hemme, with her head turned to avoid Ray being so close to her, didn't say anything as Ray asked her if she likes that... A video package followed up the promo highlighting the feud at this point.

7 -- BROTHER DEVON vs. BULLY RAY -- Street Fight

Ray came out first and did the bit where he hid behind the entrance stage. Devon's music hit and he jogged down the ramp before looking around for Ray. Ray, with chain in-hand, tried sneaking up behind Devon, who turned around in time to pop Ray with a right hand. The bell sounded as they brawled around ringside. Devon grabbed a camera cable and choked Ray around the neck as fans on the front row screamed at Ray. Devon grabbed a liquid substance and smashed it over Ray's forehead, which splashed onto the camera lens.

Back in the ring, Ray smashed a Kendo stick across Ray's back. Ray dropped to his knees and begged off before landing a chop to the chest. Devon then answered a comeback attempt with a blow to the mid-section. Devon followed by placing Ray's head within a few feet of a chair. Suddenly, Devon's sons came down to ringside, distracting Devon. Devon told them to leave and return to the back, which gave Ray an opening to smash Devon from behind with a chair. Devon's sons tried to get involved, but Ray fought them away. Devon then recovered and attacked Ray from behind. One of the sons picked up a trash can and popped Ray in the head. They then set up Ray to accept the What's Up headbutt from Devon.

Devon was apparently accepting of their role in the match now and led them in the "get the tables" spot. Devon rolled a table into the ring and his sons returned to the floor. From behind, though, Ray low-blowed Devon, who gasped for air. Ray then pulled out handcuffs and cuffed Devon to a corner turnbuckle. "You're a nobody!" Ray screamed at Devon. His sons then re-entered the ring and tried to uncuff Devon, but Ray knocked down one of them. The other one then charged Ray and tried landing right hand blows before Ray kicked him in the head. Ray then covered one of the sons for a match victory. Didn't Devon decline the stip of his sons being officially booked in the match before the match? Who knows.

WINNER: Ray at 9:24.

Post-match: Devon cried out in agony while still trapped in the corner. Ray set up the table for one of Devon's sons, but Devon cried out to Ray for him to take the table. Ray then spit in Devon's face and warmed up for a chair shot to the head, but Ray paused in mid-air. Devon called for security as Ray reconsidered popping one of Devon's sons. Ray dropped the chair and appeared to be in a daze. Ray then grabbed one of Devon's sons and screamed at Devon, "You're weak." Ray proceeded to powerbomb one of the sons through the table and Devon turned his back, not able to watch. Ray continued to be in a Kevin Steen-like trance before dropping down to his knees. "Because you're weak," Ray told Devon.

Ray slowly left the ring before a TNA production assistant cut the handcuff to free Devon, who checked on his son. Ref Earl Hebner tried playing the voice of reason telling Devon to calm down because they're trying to help. The announcers talked in low tones as Devon's son was fitted for a neckbrace and backboard. The Impact Zone was silent as Taz talked just above a whisper about Ray entering a different place "doing something like this."

Backstage: Jeremy Borash was with Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett to discuss "perhaps the most personal match in the eight-year history of TNA." Jarrett said Kurt Angle has no chance of beating him tonight. He guaranteed victory and said, like Ric Flair would, that Angle is going to "walk that aisle" with Karen Angle for their wedding vow renewal on March 3.

Backstage: Hemme brought in Kurt Angle for a responsive promo. Angle said all he has to do is beat Jeff Jarrett tonight. Angle said when he sees Jeff, all he sees is Jeff taking advantage of his kids. Angle looked into the camera and sent a message to his own children that they're coming home with him after tonight.

Impact Zone: The Jarretts were out first for the semi-main event. Fitting the theme of everyone playing dress-up tonight, Karen appeared to be playing a 1960s go-go dancer. As Kurt came out, Jeff dipped to the outside as Karen talked him up. Taz talked about his personal relationship with Kurt to continue playing up the "personal" aspect of this match. Taz said this would be the biggest victory of his career.

8 -- KURT ANGLE vs. JEFF JARRETT (w/Karen Angle) -- Angle gets custody if he wins, Angle walks Karen down the aisle if Jeff wins

Angle and Jarrett took their time going through a feeling-out process to start things off. Angle lowered his head to feed Jeff, then he countered a headlock into a back-drop suplex. They went to a double-box screen of the match action and Karen selling concern while the Against All Odds logo flashed on the screen trying to compromise viewers's retinas. Angle just toyed with Jarrett the first four minutes before dumping him to the floor at Karen's feet. Angle smashed Jeff with right hands in front of Karen, who slapped Angle. Angle ignored her and went back to work on Jeff with multiple right hands. Angle screamed at Karen to slap him again, but Karen backed away. The action remained on the outside and Jeff finally landed some offense.

Back in the ring, Jeff landed a seated splash across Kurt's neck on the second rope before going up top for a cross-body splash. Angle rolled through, though, and scored a nearfall. Jeff then popped up and clotheslined Angle to cut him off. Jeff took his time going up top for a follow-up move, and Angle ran up the top turnbuckle like a cat to suplex Jeff. Angle followed with a snap belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Next was the first Anklelock attempt that Jarrett easily escaped. No matter, as Angle followed with one, then two, then three German suplexes. Jarrett did his classic "roll the shoulder" to avoid a three count. Angle wanted the Angle Slam, but Jarrett hit an enzuigiri kick.

Jarrett wanted to finish off Angle with The Stroke, but Angle rolled through into his second Anklelock attempt. Jarrett escaped, then crotched himself. Karen distracted the ref as Kurt hit the Angle Slam and scored a visual three count. Kurt then argued with Karen before Jeff low-blowed Kurt from behind. Jeff then hit The Stroke center ring. He made a cover, but Kurt kicked out, causing Karen to pace even more. Jarrett went for The Stroke again, but the ref was bumped and Jarrett flew to the outside.

On the floor, Kurt landed right hand blows rocking Jeff. Karen then raked Angle's back from behind and Angle began stalking Karen. Jeff smashed Angle from behind, though, before sending Kurt flying into the ring steps. Jarrett was limping at this point and rolled Kurt back into the ring. Karen sold complete confidence as Jeff approached Kurt for a chair shot. Kurt kicked Jeff in the gut, though, and the chair fell to the mat. Kurt wound up a chair shot, but he ref came to and took the chair away. Jeff tried a roll-up from behind, but Kurt kicked out in time. Kurt responded with a t-bone suplex for another nearfall.

Angle went up top, but Karen distracted him, allowing Jeff to kinda hit a top-rope Stroke. It didn't come off cleanly and Jeff made a cover, but Kurt kicked out. Jarrett sold frustration not being able to put away Angle, who came back with a German Suplex before dropping the straps. Angle went for the Anklelock, but Jarrett pulled Karen into the ring. Jarrett tapped out, but the ref was preoccupied with Karen. Jarrett came back with a chair shot to the head (Kurt got his hands up to absorb the blow, at least). Jarrett went for another pin, but Karen kicked out again. The crowd chanted, "You tapped out" toward Jeff, distracting him. They went to a few nearfall exchanges before Jeff finally rolled up Kurt and trapped his shoulders to the mat for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Kurt leaned against the bottom rope and started crying as Karen checked on Jeff ringside. "You did so good," Karen encouraged Jeff, who crawled on his hands and knees up the entrance ramp. The camera cut back and forth between Kurt and Jeff. Neither man was reacting. It was as if they were sharing mutual respect keeping their eyes locked together. The camera stayed on Jeff for a while before he finally stood up. Kurt was shown standing in the ring looking down at the ground. Kurt then took off his boots and placed them in the middle of the ring. Taz said that means in the wrestling business you're done. Jeff finally cracked a smile as he left to the back. Taz asked for a shot of the ring again where Kurt's boots remained center-ring. Tenay and Taz paused to allow the moment to breathe before transitioning into a discussion of the TNA World Title match.

WINNER: Jarrett at 16:13. The expected bag of tricks so Angle wouldn't lose clean to Jarrett. Good drama throughout, although the uncomfortable nature of the feud was still a dark cloud hanging over the proceedings. (***)

Backstage: Hemme was with TNA World Hvt. champion Mr. Anderson, who said he would agree the odds are stacked against him tonight in Jeff's type of match, the ladder match. Anderson channeled Jesse Ventura and said there "might be a little conspiracy, Gorilla." Anderson cracked some jokes before saying he loves competition and he looks forward to beating Hardy tonight.

Impact Zone: After a video package on the Hardy vs. Anderson feud, they cut to a shot of Hardy's title belt hanging above the ring. The announcers broke down the Tale of the Tape before they zoomed in on the title belt again. It looks like a lost artifact from the Legends of the Hidden Temple game show on Nickelodeon.

Jeff Hardy was out first for the main event. Hardy slowly made his way to the ring before Mr. Anderson's music hit and Anderson marched to the ring past a ladder in the entrance ramp. No mic drop on the stage tonight. Jeremy Borash handled the formal ring intros and noted there are two referees: Earl Hebner and Jackson James. Is this leading to a "controversial" double finish to be resolved on Impact? Anderson asked for Borash to repeat his name to complete the ring introductions. Hebner gave Anderson final instructions before Jackson gave Hardy final instructions. Of note, Hardy had half of his face painted tonight.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion MR. ANDERSON vs. JEFF HARDY -- TNA World Title match -- Ladder match

The bell sounded and Hardy spit in Anderson's face. Hardy took two right hands, then bailed to the floor. Hardy stumbled around ringside, then tried to retrieve his personal ladder, but Anderson blasted him with right hands. Anderson then shoved Hardy into the personal ladder, knocking it over on the ground. Back in the ring, Hardy caught Anderson trying to re-enter the ring and caught him with a spinning neckbreaker into a ladder. Taz called that "uuuh-gly" before noting Anderson's concussion issues that started with Hardy. Anderson then snapped to attention and dropped Hardy with an emphatic neckbreaker. He started climbing a ladder, but Hardy knocked him down and dropkicked him into the corner. Hardy followed by dropkicking the ladder directly into Anderson's man region. Tenay said that's what separates Champion from Challenger. Is that what Anderson calls them?

Hardy tried to follow with more ladder weaponry use, but Anderson reversed a legsweep into a side Russian legsweep sending Hardy back-first into the ladder. Taz randomly said some people sitting at home might be thinking, "Well, that's a fake ladder," but that's the furthest thing from the truth. Why in the world would an announcer even bring that up? Taz said Hardy wasn't even moving, to prove the damaging effects of the ladder. Moments later, Hardy was back on the offensive. Hardy went for a giant leg drop leap-frogging a ladder, but Anderson moved and Hardy ate the mat.

Anderson pulled himself up at 8:00 and avoided a corner attack. He then took a back body drop into the "not fake" ladder and both men fell to the mat selling the effects of the match action thus far. Hardy aggressively went to work on Anderson's lower back before knocking him to the outside. One young fan ringside encouraged the champion, "Come on, Mr. Anderson!" Anderson then fought back against Hardy by flinging Hardy's personal ladder back into his face. Anderson limped around ringside trying to follow-up on Hardy, but Hardy whipped Anderson into the ring steps

Back in the ring, Anderson countered a suplex attempt by suplexing Hardy into a ladder hung upside down like a "V" and the ladder collapsed with Hardy inside it. The crowd "oohed" before Anderson came to his feet and tried to scale a ladder, but Hardy cut him off and nailed a Hate just without the "Twist," as Taz noted. Hardy then requested his own ladder from ref Jackson James, who obliged. The match came to a standstill for a moment before Anderson dropped Hardy back-first into Hardy's ladder with a rolling sentaun. Anderson followed by going up top for a Swanton Bomb, but Hardy moved and Anderson clutched the back of his head to sell hitting his head on the "concussion spot."

Hardy tried climbing two ladders as Anderson sold the effects of missing the top rope move, but Anderson cut him off. They fought on top of the ladders trading right hand blows. Hardy rocked Anderson and got his hand on the title belt, but Anderson fought him off. He swung the belt away from Hardy, then tried the Mic Check, but Hardy blocked by grabbing the title belt in mid-air. He fell to the mat anyways and both men sold the effects of crashing & burning. Hardy was the first one up and went straight up the ladder to simply just grab the belt without the dramatic over-selling to become new TNA World champion. The audience was caught off-guard by the anticlimactic finish and Hardy held up his title belt. The next stop for TNA's champion: Superior Court on Wednesday morning.

Post-match: Hardy climbed down the ladder and Earl Hebner got his shine raising Hardy's hand in victory a few times. Hardy celebrated in the ring before Hebner tried to raise his hand once again. The trademark credits came on the screen as the announcers continued to discuss the main event, focusing on it being a reverse of Genesis with Immortal gaining the top title after losing the important undercard matches.

WINNER: Hardy at 18:15 to capture the TNA World Title. Well, TNA must be confident in a favorable resolution for Hardy at Wednesday's Superior Court date where he's facing felony and misdemeanor drug possession charges. Or, they decided it was time to end Anderson's trial first run as World champion. As for the finish, it was a pleasant surprise not to see a "controversial finish" involving two referees with TNA delivering a clean finish, even if it was anticlimactic. The match itself was fine, but not "PPV main event" level. It's hard to find that on TNA's roster. There are a lot of two-to-three-star wrestlers in this company. (**3/4)

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PWTorch offers a VIP membership for $10 a month (or less with an annual sub). It includes nearly 25 years worth of archives from our coverage of pro wrestling dating back to PWTorch Newsletters from the late-'80s filled with insider secrets from every era that are available to VIPers in digital PDF format and Keller's radio show from the early 1990s.

Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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