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CALDWELL'S TNA VICTORY ROAD PPV RESULTS 3/13: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Sting vs. Hardy 90-second TNA Title match

Mar 13, 2011 - 9:48:46 PM

TNA Victory Road PPV Results
March 13, 2011
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This month's TNA PPV offering opened with a video package focused on new TNA champion Sting, who is making his first title defense against former champ Jeff Hardy.

Impact Zone: Back in Orlando after two TV episodes in North Carolina, TNA started the show with Mike Tenay setting the stage for Victory Road leading to Lockdown next month.

Bully Ray, with weapons in-hand, came to the ring to start the show. Ray took a mic and was interrupted by "You suck" chants. Ray thanked men like Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. "Men who know how to take a wrestling company to the top," he said. Dreamer's music then interrupted to bring out Dreamer for an ECW throwback match. Ray addressed Dreamer, saying he was surprised Dreamer had the balls to show up for the match. Ray said him, Hogan, and Bischoff are "like this now." He said this match is now No DQ. Falls Count Anywhere in the building. Ray asked "fatass" what he thinks about that, prompting a right hand strike from Dreamer.

1 -- BULLY RAY vs. TOMMY DREAMER -- No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match

As expected, the match moved to the floor early on. Dreamer used audience participation with a chair, bottle of water, and a giant stuffed yellow toy from one of those recent animated movies you've seen 1,057 commercials for and can remember the name of the movie. Taz had trouble determining what the object was. Dreamer took the fight into the crowd where Ray gained control of the match. Back ringside, Dreamer started chucking objects into the ring, including an inflatable doll. Didn't that ruin an X Division match about three years ago? Ray ended up in 69 position on the inflatable doll. Really tacky. Wasn't this a serious feud on TV?

Dreamer scored a nearfall following a DDT at 7:30, then dumped the doll to the outside and retrieved a table. Ray blocked a table spot, then smashed a trash can over Dreamer's head. Ray then took a mic and started yelling at Dreamer while smashing him with Kendo stick shots. He called out to Devon, telling him this is for him. Suddenly, Team 3D's music hit. Devon's sons came out on-stage, one wearing a neckbrace. Devon then snuck into the ring behind Ray, who took a 3D from Dreamer and Devon. Dreamer fell on top of Ray for the win. Devon, Dreamer, and Devon's sons took a curtain call standing over a fallen Ray to conclude the bit.

WINNER: Dreamer at 10:45. The felt like the type of match a promotion working under the impression that no one is watching their PPV would produce to get easy laughs and pops from an easy crowd. Overall, it felt like an extended version of a TV match. (n/a)

Backstage: Christy Hemme conducted an interview with the Beautiful People and Winter ahead of Angelina Love and Winter defending the Knockouts Tag Titles.

2 -- Knockouts tag champions ANGELINA LOVE & WINTER vs. SARITA & ROSITA -- Knockouts Tag Title match

Before the match, the heel challengers cut a promo vowing to take the Tag Titles. Out came Angelina and Winter, who was sporting a blindfold for some reason, and the tag champs were sans Velvet. The tag champs dominated the first three minutes with quick in-and-out tags working over Rosita. The match broke down at 4:00 with the tag title belts involved behind the ref's back. Velvet Sky then ran out attempting to help the champs, but she inadvertently helped the challengers, well, kind of, as they pinned Winter for the win. The finish was all off. Afterward, more tension was teased between Velvet and Winter & Angelina, as Velvet tried to explain what happened. Winter & Angelina left, ignoring her explanations.

WINNERS: Sarita & Rosita at 4:58 to capture the KO Tag Titles. Messy finish #2. Fine match to advance the TV program teasing more tension for a potential Beautiful People break-up.

Video: Jeff and Karen Jarrett were shown leading the kids around Universal Studios. Jeff annoyed Karen saying how he excited he is to ride the rides. "This isn't what I had in mind," Karen said.

Backstage: Christy Hemme brought in Matt Morgan for his thoughts on facing Hernandez tonight. Morgan very slowly addressed Hernandez, telling him he took away that "magic moment," that "one shining moment" (NCAA tournament reference) of him winning the TNA Title for his dad, wife, and his fans. Morgan vowed to knock Hernandez off his pedestal. He said after this is said and done, his sights are still set on the TNA Title, with this being a bump in the road. Morgan told Hernandez he's taking him out. He addressed Sting, Hardy, and Anderson that he will not stop until he wins the title. What about RVD? Morgan said Hernandez is just a bump in the road for him.

3 -- MATT MORGAN vs. HERNANDEZ -- First Blood match

Morgan came out second and quickly hit the ring to jump-start the grudge match by attacking Hernandez. Morgan landed a big elbow, then another, and a third. Morgan followed with a headbutt, then clotheslined Hernandez over the top rope to the floor. On the floor, Morgan ran Hernandez into the ring steps. No blood yet. Morgan then re-entered the ring and removed the top turnbuckle pad. Hernandez recovered on the floor, though, and tried to jab a sharp object into Morgan's forehead, but Morgan blocked. Hernandez then tried to rip out Morgan's eyeballs. Hernandez followed with a corner attack, then he played to the crowd rather than trying to draw blood.

Morgan, behind "Morgan, Morgan" chants, slowly climbed up Hernandez's leg and waited for Hernandez to bounce the ropes, where he delivered a discus clothesline. Morgan made a big comeback, including a fallaway slam. Morgan pointed to the floor, then went to the outside to retrieve the sharp stick introduced by Hernandez. Hernandez kicked it away, though, back-flipped to the top turnbuckle, and Morgan dropped him with a top-rope toss.

Suddenly, what appeared to be a fan charged the ring as Morgan was about to finish Hernandez. Meanwhile, Hernandez pulled out a chain. Morgan stole it, then popped Hernandez in the face. No referee. Hernandez then picked up what appeared to be a ketchup packet or a fake blood sample and squirted it across Morgan's chest. Must have been one of those big new ketchup packets from Chick-Fil-A. Still no ref. Morgan wanted to follow with the Carbon Footprint, but ref Jackson James suddenly stormed the ring and saw blood on Morgan's chest. He called for the bell, giving Hernandez the win. Hernandez, with blood on his forehead after a poor attempt to gig, walked off bragging about the win. Morgan argued with ref Jackson, then flipped him off and left the ring.

WINNER: Hernandez at 8:35. Decent undercard match before the awkward, latest over-booked finish that the crowd did not react to. It didn't help having the fan run-in during the finish. Three for three on non-clean finishes so far. (*1/4)

Backstage: Max and Jeremy Buck were standing by with Christy Hemme. Max said Jeremy had just a great idea...that he should become X Division champion tonight. Jeremy wasn't so sure about that. Max said the focus shifts from GenMe to Gen Max tonight. Hemme asked little Jeremy if he was okay with that. Jeremy unconvincingly whispered, "Yeah."

Backstage: JB brought in X champ Kazarian to discuss the X Title match. Kazarian tried to insert a Charlie Sheen reference that fell flat. Kaz said he plans to make his career by becoming the greatest X Division champion ever.

Earlier Today: Cookie was yelling at Robbie, who was trying to order from catering. Robbie blew off Cookie, who had something important to share apparently.

4 -- X Division champion KAZARIAN vs. MAX BUCK vs. JEREMY BUCK vs. ROBBIE E. (w/Cookie) -- Ultimate X match -- X Division Title match

The bell sounded and Cookie tried to get involved by grabbing Kaz's leg from the outside. Where's Traci to fight her off? On cue, Tenay referenced Traci, calling her "one of Kazarian's girlfriends." Max and Jeremy accidentally knocked each other down, then Robbie cleaned house as Cookie screamed encouragement. Well, "encouragement." Robbie took his sweet time approaching the cables to attempt to climb toward the belt, giving Kaz time to kick him down to the mat before dropping a leg from off the cable.

On the floor, Robbie ate a plancha from Kaz, then Max dropped Kaz with a baseball slide kick. Max and Jeremy were alone in the ring, then Max slingshot Jeremy over the top rope to splash Kaz and Robbie. Max was alone in the ring, but apparently still needed Jeremy's help to try to climb the cables. This gave Kaz an opening to re-enter the ring, where Kaz and Max battled. Max was apparently fine to climb the cables by himself moments later, as he nearly grabbed the belt, but Kaz cut him off. GenMe then nailed a tandem dropkick on Kaz. Max then climbed the cables and nearly reached the belt, but Kaz swung him off the big cable into a mid-air cutter.

Robbie re-entered the match, but Max cut him off. Cookie freaked out some more, then Kaz shoved Max off the top turnbuckle face-first into one of the trusses holding up the structure. That drew oohs and aahs. Jeremy, Kaz, and Robbie then set up a three-way Tower of Doom spot that floored all three.

After the dust cleared, Jeremy found himself up top, but Kaz dropped him with an enziguiri. Kaz followed with the Flux Capacitor, which was captured with a nice overhead camera shot. Everyone was down, then Kaz and Robbie started climbing from opposite sides of the cable. GenMe then yanked Robbie down and landed a double kick. Kaz found himself caught hanging from the cable and GenMe rocked him back & forth before dropping him to the mat. Jeremy tried to climb the cable, but Max told him it's about him winning the X Title. Max pulled Jeremy down, then they argued. Max thought they had an agreement, but Jeremy climbed the cable and they met at the middle.

The two brothers traded blows while hanging on the cable. Max eventually kicked Jeremy down, then Robbie used a ladder to knock Max down. Kaz then started tight-rope walking across the top of the cable. Robbie tried using a ladder to grab the belt, but Kaz kicked him with his foot, grabbed the title, climbed down the ladder, and fell to the mat with possession of the belt to win and retain.

WINNER: Kazarian at 14:22 to retain the X Division Title. Good story to the match with the brothers battling over the belt and Kaz taking advantage of their issues. They didn't over-do the big spots and focused more on telling a good story to differentiate the match from past Ultimate X matches. And this should be the last Ultimate X match for the year. (***)

Video: Back to the "honeymoon," with Karen trying to tell the kids to behave. Jeff snuck up behind Karen and said things can't get any better. Jeff had an idea for some games and something that's hot...bubbly...large...a pizza! Karen wanted a bottle of champagne instead. Karen said she's not having fun. Jeff told everyone to eat up. Karen said the kids have eaten nothing but crap today. He has one more stop. Jeff asked for a kiss, then told Karen she's getting wet on the next ride.

Backstage: Hemme brought in Beer Money. Storm checked out Hemme, who at least refused the advance. Storm said they've been entertaining the fans for seven or eight years and it's a lot of fun. They wanted Hemme to bend over and do the Beer...Money routine, but Hemme figured out their game and asked for a little respect. Roode said she's right, as it's an example of them looking for respect in TNA. Roode said Shannon Moore hasn't shown them any respect. Storm said you don't come on national TV and call out the tag champs without something bad happening. Storm said respect is not going to save Shannon from his ass-whipping tonight.


It looked like Neal was sporting the USC Trojan headgear with a dark red Mohawk and the sides bleached blonde. Less than a minute into the match, Taz made the same reference. Tenay added that he's like Tommy Trojan. The two teams went back and forth throughout the first part of the match. Beer Money then double-teamed Neal and the action broke down with all four men in the ring. Moore took control with a glancing moonsault on Storm, then a bulldog on Roode. Neal started playing to the crowd looking for a response, then Ink, Inc. attempted a top-rope combo, but Roode knocked down the challengers. The ref let the action go with all four men loosely in the ring before Moore landed another moonsault on Roode.

At 10:00, Roode came back with a spinebuster on Moore for a nearfall. All four men remained in the ring as the action continued. Beer Money executed a double suplex on Moore, then did their Beer...Money routine. They wanted the DWI, but Neal tackled Storm. Moore hit a neckbreaker on Roode, but Roode kicked out and Moore pounded the mat in frustration. Moore wanted to use the Book of Dilligaf, but Neal waved him off. Moore insisted, giving Storm an opening to hit a superkick on Neal. Beer Money followed with the DWI on Moore for the pin and the win. Taz called it a very physical match.

After the match, Beer Money showed respect to the challengers. Neal accepted their respect, but Moore took a swig of Storm's beer and spewed it in Roode's face. Moore bailed from the ring and Neal begged him to be reasonable. Moore told Neal they need to toughen up to become tag champs.

WINNERS: Beer Money at 12:30. This one fell off the rails around the 9:30 mark with all four men in the ring with no order restored. If it's going to be a Texas Tornado style tag match, then make it Texas Tornado. It's my pet peeve about tag wrestling in this era, especially on the independents, and it was exemplified in this match. Otherwise, the match was fine. (*1/2)

Backstage: Hemme was with Matt Hardy, back to the braids, and Ric Flair. Hemme called Matt Hardy "cold blood" rather than "cold blooded." Apparently he's an amphibian. Flair said he likes Hardy being cold-blooded. Hardy, with his eyes half-open, cut a promo on A.J. Styles that it's not a happy ending in the wrestling business. He said nice doesn't make you successful or make you more money. Hardy told Styles to keep that in mind.

6 -- A.J. STYLES vs. MATT HARDY (w/Ric Flair)

Styles started off in control with right hand strikes that sent Hardy reeling across the ring. Hardy followed with his trademark drop down, leap frog, dropkick that sent Hardy to the outside. Styles tried a flying move, but Flair grabbed his foot from the outside and chucked his jacket at Styles. The distraction gave Hardy an opening to take control. It was only momentary, as Styles cut off Hardy near the ropes and landed a moonsault on the floor. Flair distracted Styles again, giving Hardy an opening to ram Styles into the ringpost. Hardy tried to whip Styles into the guardrail, but Styles slid underneath the guardrail, then popped to his feet and landed a flying forearm smash that drew a reaction from Flair.

Back in the ring, Hardy dropped Styles on the back of his neck/head in the corner. Hebner checked on Styles, then Hardy threw Styles to the outside where Flair landed chops and strikes. Back in the ring, Styles tried running the ropes, but Styles fell down. Hardy then slingshot him across the middle rope. He followed with a unique submission hold wrapping his legs around Styles's back and wrenching Styles's neck forward while hanging in mid-air. Styles reached the bottom rope for a break to escape. Hardy then put Styles across the middle rope and Flair proceeded to grab Styles's crotch with a claw grab. Taz called it "five on two."

Hardy followed with a cravat hold wrenching Styles's neck with another submission hold. Styles escaped, though, and they started trading right hand bombs. Styles won the exchange with a clothesline, then a DVD into a backbreaker from the fireman's carry position for a two count. Styles tried to follow with a discus clothesline, but Hardy ducked and hit the side effect for a nearfall. Hardy, breathing heavily, teased the Twist of Hate, but Styles countered into a backslide for a two count. Styles then nailed the discus clothesline and both men collapsed to the mat.

At 15:00, Styles called for the Clash, but Hardy blocked with the Alabama Slam for a two count. Hardy then stalked Styles for a corner clothesline, but Stlyes blocked with a back elbow smash. Styles tried to follow with his trademark springboard back flip, but Flair had the ref distracted and he didn't see Styles's pin. Flair then poked Styles in the eye from the ring apron, but Styles came back with the Pele kick to Flair. Hardy took advantage with a spike DDT of sorts, then hit a top rope moonsault, but it was only good for a two count. Hardy sold that he was stunned.

At 17:00, Styles blocked the Twist of Hate, then caught Hardy on the top rope with a Pele kick out of nowhere. Styles went up top, posed, then hit the Spiral Tap. Styles made the pin and ref Hebner countered through Flair trying to grab his arm to give Styles the pin and the win. Refreshing to see a ref count through an outside interference attempt. Post-match, Flair stomped his feet in anger before Styles bounced from the ring. Styles then came back to ringside and punched Flair in the crotch before walking off with two victories for the price of one.

WINNER: Styles at 17:38. That was a pretty good to very good PPV singles match. Hardy has almost been forced to reinvent himself as a full-gutted, brawler-type, which suited him well in this match opposite the more athletic Styles. It was good to see Styles back in a singles spotlight where he can be of most benefit to TNA. (***1/4)

Video: Back to the honeymoon, Part 3. Karen was tired of the rides and "honeymoon." Karen said it's a "freakin' family vacation," not a honeymoon. Karen told Jeff she's done with this and he knows what's missing. Jeff said he gets it. He misses him too. He misses Kurt. Karen was about to lose it. Jeff said he's the better man and rise above this. Thursday on Impact, he's calling for a truce to put all of this behind them. Karen wanted to know where the kids are. Jeff said they're out having fun. The kids re-emerged and everyone got soaked. Karen screamed being covered in water.

Backstage: Hemme brought in Mr. Anderson to ask him about RVD being treated unfairly recently. Anderson was taken back, saying he's been screwed so many times trying to get to the title. Anderson tried to find analogies on Hogan & Bischoff screwing Dixie out of control of the company. He dropped a d-bag reference on the type of people who finish last, and said a-holes always finish first.

7 -- MR. ANDERSON vs. ROB VAN DAM -- #1 contender match to TNA Title

RVD was out first, then Anderson paused on the stage to do his customary pre-match mic work. In the ring, the two challengers stared off each against each other to sell the intensity of the match-up. Early on, Van Dam tried a leap frog spot, but he fell on Anderson's head and the two men fell to the mat. A few fans did a "You f'ed up chant," and Anderson shouted back that he meant to do that. On the floor, RVD set up Anderson for a trademark spin kick as Anderson was draped across the guardrail, but Anderson moved and RVD ate the guardrail. Anderson laughed in RVD's face, then took him back into the ring to wrap RVD's leg/knee around the ringpost.

Anderson resumed the attack in the ring with submission holds and strikes trying to work over RVD's knee and leg. Moments later, RVD grabbed a headlock and walked around the ring selling no effects of the leg work by Anderson. RVD then came to his feet again not selling the effects and Anderson dropped him with a clothesline. Next was a double knock-down clothesline that put both men on the mat at 10:00. They started trading bombs like in the Hardy-Styles match, then RVD did a back-flip and ate the ringpost. They proceeded to bump heads and both men fell to the mat.

In any event, RVD followed with a cross-body block near the ropes that took both men over the top rope to the floor. RVD got up, started walking up the ramp showing no effects of the leg work, and walked into a Mic Check from Anderson. Meanwhile, Jackson James was doing a ten count. Some kids were screaming at Anderson to get in the ring. James reached a ten count as Anderson dove just short of the ring apron. "Now what?" Taz asked. JB announced it's a double count-out. Taz said this is a number one contender's match. Tenay said he wants to see one of these two men advance. There was a subsequent chant of "Re-start the match" followed by a responsive "No." The ref stood between RVD and Anderson as they tried to recover to their feet. Meanwhile, Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera talking about them hopefully getting an answer on who's the #1 contender on Impact this week.

WINNER: Double count-out at 12:54. The finish was fitting considering how bad of a match this was for its place on the card. Not aesthetically-pleasing, clunky, and they seemed to get lost several times. RVD appears to just be going through the motions at this point and him completely no-selling Anderson's extensive leg work was pretty bad. (1/2*)

Video: Jeff Hardy, wearing shades like a cool character from an '80s movie and wearing no face paint, said he's bringing Sting back to reality tonight. ... Video: Sting talked about his journey from no interest in pro wrestling to becoming one of the most recognized stars in wrestling over the past 20 years.

Tale of the Tape: Sting has an inch and 25 pounds on Hardy. Nice addition to the pre-match hype. Tenay and Taz broke down the "Tale of the Tape" as they approached the bottom of the third hour.

Impact Zone: They went back to the building as Hardy's music played. No sign of Hardy. They went to some wide shots of the arena as the announcers were quiet. Hardy then stumbled out on-stage before doing a bit of an odd walk to the ring. He even stumbled on the ring steps and almost fell to the floor. Hardy posed on the turnbuckles before Sting's music hit to bring out the new TNA champ in his return to the Impact Zone. Tenay said he's followed Sting since the beginning of his career and he's amazed by Sting's World Title win at this stage of his career. They went back to a shot of Hardy limping around in the ring as Sting posed in the ring. The announcers asked when the fire will go out for Sting after he shocked Hardy by winning the title on March 3. JB handled formal ring intros with Hardy on the floor and Sting bouncing up and down in the ring.

After JB handled the intros, the familiar Immortal music hit to bring out Eric Bischoff calling for a time-out. He said there's a slight change in plans. Bischoff said there was a little situation on March 3 where The Network got involved in their business. Bischoff shook Hardy's hand (and paused for a secret meeting) and said that since Mr. Hardy was taken advantage of, he wants Sting to know he will be fair. Bischoff went for a handshake (and paused for a secret meeting), but Sting just stared at him. Bischoff told him to have it his way. He said he wants to make this a level playing field. He talked to Hulk Hogan and they decided to pay back Sting by adding a stipulation that it's a No DQ match. Sting then popped Bischoff, cutting off his promo. Bischoff rolled to the outside and ref Hebner called for the bell.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion STING vs. JEFF HARDY -- TNA World Title match -- No DQ match

Hardy spent the first minute teasing which side of the crowd he would toss his t-shirt to. Seriously. In a TNA Title match. Sting then cornered him, Hardy kind of ducked, walked across the ring, and dropped the t-shirt in the ring. Moments later, Sting grabbed Hardy and dropped him with the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting made the cover for a three count. Afterward, Sting shot Hardy a look and Hardy sold that he was upset he lost the title. Sting took his belt and walked to the back. A fan shouted something at Sting and he shouted back, "I agree, I agree."

WINNER: Sting at 1:28 to retain the TNA Title. The word from backstage at the PPV is that Hardy was in no condition to perform. TNA needs to step up and start holding people accountable. They're playing with fire continuing to play games with the likes of Jeff Hardy, who obviously has health issues that need to be addressed. If they're not going to give him the help he needs, then cut ties with him rather than continuing to put him on TV. Someone in TNA management needs to step up and do something before something worse than a 90-second main event title match on PPV happens. (n/a)

Announcers: They went to Taz and Tenay, who narrated a full-length video package recapping all of the events from the PPV matches trying to stretch out the PPV. Taz encouraged people to watch Impact for fall-out from the Anderson-RVD match. Yes, watch the free TV show to figure out what viewers spent $35 on. Tenay and Taz signed off at 10:44 p.m. EST, one of the earliest PPV sign-offs in TNA history.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I'm not sure who had a worse night - the NCAA Selection Committee or TNA. What can you say? This was a promotion reinforcing a minor league, health-risk reputation. It's not even the quality of the matches in the final two slots, but trotting out Jeff Hardy in a PPV main event while apparently in no condition to perform.


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