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CALDWELL'S TNA SACRIFICE PPV RESULTS 5/15: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Sting vs. RVD, four title matches, Chyna PPV return

May 15, 2011 - 9:52:13 PM

TNA Sacrifice PPV Results
May 15, 2011
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA Sacrifice opened with a video package focusing on Sting vs. RVD for the TNA World Title tonight.

Impact Wrestling Zone: Mike Tenay opened the broadcast hyping the Jarretts vs. Angle & Chyna as well as the TNA Title match, in that order. Cue up Mexican America's theme music to bring out Hernandez and Anarquia for the opening tag match against Ink, Inc. The babyface tandem came out with Neal waving the U.S. flag. Apparently Moore is back on the same page with Neal. At least the announcers stressed differences between Neal and Moore so as not to completely ignore their previous tension. Prior to the bell sounding, Tenay stressed they're now in the Impact Wrestling Zone.


The women got involved early and often, but Moore and Neal were able to make comebacks following the heels gaining illegal advantages. Moore then hit a springboard moonsault on Hernandez ringside that drew a reaction. Sarita then took her interference a step forward by slipping into the ring to attack Moore from behind with the ref distracted. HernArquia took advantage of the third instance of interference to isolate Moore for an extended length of time. Moore then avoided a top rope attack and hit a moonsault on Anarquia. Neal hot-tagged into the match and clobbered the heels. The action broke down with some awkward spots ensuing. Rosita then interfered again and the action broke down even further. Eventually, Hernandez gave Neal a shoulderbreaker and scored the win.

WINNERS: Hernandez & Anarquia at 9:39. That was pretty laughable at times. Awkward spots, Anarquia continues to look like a bad independent wrestler with a deer-in-the-headlights look, there was enough blatant interference to fill an entire PPV, plenty of referee incompetence, and a decision that ultimately meant nothing. A flying start for the Impact Wrestling era with the same ol', same ol' in TNA. (*)

Announcers: Right after that match, Tenay, on-camera, stressed tonight's PPV is the first in the "Impact Wrestling" era. Tenay and Taz then discussed the reveals on last Thursday's Impact, including Chyna teaming with Kurt Angle. Suddenly, Jeff Jarrett's music hit. Karen Jarrett, on crutches, hobbled out with Jeff helping her down the ramp. The announcers discussed Karen's injury claims on Twitter over the weekend as Jeff slowly helped Karen arrive in the ring.

Inside the ring, Jeff took the mic and said he has a special announcement to make. Jeff noted that on Friday morning, Karen was handing out the orders to the hired help at Casa de Jarrett when...pause for a "bulls---" chant...she slipped and fell on one of Cody's action figures. It was actually a Jeff Jarrett figure since it's his favorite, he noted. Jeff said Karen was rushed to the hospital and they informed them that Karen has a Grade 3 sprain and her ankle is broken in two places. Jeff stressed that's what the doc said. He said they're as disappointed as the people are. Jeff said there will not be a Jeff & Karen Jarrett vs. Angle & Chyna match tonight. "We want Angle" chant as Jeff said it's doctor's orders. He thanked everyone for understanding and told them to enjoy the show.

Suddenly, Mick Foley's music interrupted. Foley, in a suit jacket and dress shirt, strolled to the ring. Jarrett quickly cut off Foley and said he appreciates his concern coming out here. Foley said he saw the X-ray, but you can see certain things, such as the gender of the subject. In certain instances, race and size are also visible. He said a 6'6" African-American male is not how he could describe Karen. Foley noted to Jeff they're standing inside a wrestling ring. He said wrestling matches take place inside a wrestling ring because...wrestling matters. Karen continued to rant & rave about not having anything to wear. Foley said he suspected that, so he had an outfit made for her. Foley continued to talk before telling Karen she's going to look so good when she gets destroyed by Chyna tonight. Cue up Foley's music. Karen then ripped off her ankle boot and chucked it down at Foley. Karen walked around the ring, screaming at Jeff to do something.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash was with Brian Kendrick. Borash noted he has a match against Robbie E. tonight. Kendrick said he has a theory that the world is nothing more than language. And not just words, but the inward being expressed outwardly. Kendrick, continuing to talk in his dry tone oblivious that he doesn't sound normal, said the X Division was originally built to be a showcase for courageous warriors to fight. He said it's been redefined by the powers-that-be as filler and a platform for irrelevant wrestlers to get their wiggles out. Kendrick said he's on a mission now. Back live, Taz: "What the hell did he just say?" Outside of all that "insider talk" non-sense, that was so great in the land of absurd.

2 -- BRIAN KENDRICK vs. ROBBIE E. (w/Cookie)

Kendrick started the match seated in the ring covering himself with his karate gi. Robbie screamed at him to wake up, then Kendrick popped him with a clothesline. The announcers continued to talk about this X Division re-definition idea, when all it should be about is winning and losing matches. Kendrick continued to wrestle in his robe before finding himself on the floor face-to-face with a screaming Cookie. Back in the ring, Kendrick found a clothesline from Robbie that sent Kendrick back to the floor. Robbie waited for Kendrick to re-enter the ring and the camera picked up on Kendrick having a big cut across his lip.

Kendrick, still in his robe, was victimized by the robe when Robbie choked him with it before throwing him to the floor. Robbie executed a suplex on the floor, then Cookie put a boot in Kendrick's throat. Kendrick, crawling on the floor looking like a small child in his over-sized robe, then landed a standing kick when Robbie tried to follow out. Back in the ring, Kendrick came off the top with a missile dropkick, then he dramatically dropped the robe at 5:55.

They came to a standstill and appeared to call for the finish. Moments later, Robbie cut off Kendrick and wanted a neckbreaker, but Kendrick shoved him off and landed a leg whip for the pin. Post-match: Kendrick resumed a yoga position to re-enter his trance as blood covered his mouth. Kendrick grabbed ref Hebner's arm, then extended his hand to Robbie, who asked what's wrong with him. They eventually played tug-of-war with Cookie before Robbie rescued her to safety.

WINNER: Kendrick at 6:41. That was so bizarre. It came across like amateur hour out there. Kendrick does a great job with his character, but, like Eric Young, there's no context to the character since there's no foundation to what goes on in TNA. (*1/2)

Backstage: Tara talked to Jeremy Borash about being free of Madison Rayne if Mickie beats Rayne, then Rayne barged into the interview to get in Tara's face.

3 -- Knockouts champion MICKIE JAMES vs. MADISON RAYNE -- Knockouts Title match -- if Mickie wins, Tara is free from Rayne

Moments after the bell sounded, Tara came to ringside, which drew a stern tongue-lashing from Madison. Mickie and Rayne went back and forth early on before the ref was bumped. Madison then tried to use an illegal object from the outside, but Tara yanked it away from her. Champ and challenger traded close nearfalls before Tara entered the ring with a loaded glove. She acted conflicted on which wrestler to pop, then she dropped Madison and Mickie made the cover for the win. Ringside, Tara celebrated her freedom while Mickie celebrated with the belt.

WINNER: James at 6:57 to retain the KO Title. Same ol' interference-filled booking continues tonight. The silver lining was a good payoff for viewers interested in seeing Tara finally drop Madison. (*1/2)

Backstage: Borash was with Fortune. X champ Kazarian cut a promo on his X Title opponent tonight, Max Buck. He said he wouldn't be a star if he weren't thrown by a ninja. A.J. Styles then tried to make sense of Tommy Dreamer's issues with him. He said it's now No DQ match. He vowed to wrap a chair around Dreamer's head. What? Did a babyface just say that in 2011? What? Next, Beer Money talked about Matt Hardy's mind games re-introducing Chris Harris.

IWZ: Max Back, in full cocky mode, was out first for the X Title match. Tenay noted Max received this title shot via winning Ultimate Xscape at Lockdown last month. Kazarian was out next sporting new full-length wrestling tights. Tenay talked up Kaz's resume as one of the original X Division wrestlers and long-reigning X champ.

4 -- X Division champion KAZARIAN vs. MAX BUCK -- X Division Title match

Max continued to play up his cocky heel persona flashing a smirk to the camera after early offense against Kaz. The announcers continued to promote the ridiculous X Division vs. Bischoff storyline, with the wrestlers having to "prove they belong" or needing to "earn a spot." TNA should promote itself as such a premiere platform for pro wrestlers to compete that everyone on the roster has already earned a spot and deserves to be featured. That "you're not a star" rhetoric brings down the entire promotion.

At 7:30, Kaz went for his reverse piledriver finisher, but Max escaped and scored with a nearfall on a leg whip. Kaz then popped up and showed some fire, trying to wake up a sleepy crowd. Max then followed up with a running buckle bomb in the corner before executing a snap neckbreaker from the second rope for a two count. Max then went up top and landed a big 450 splash, but Kaz kicked out in time. Max then taunted Kaz, who slowly came to his feet, blocked a suplex, and hung Mux out to dry across the top rope. Kaz followed with a dangerous-looking sunset flip powerbomb that sent the back of Max's head directly into the floor. It wasn't good for a pin, though, as Kaz rolled Max back into the ring and scored a two count. Moments after that scary-looking bump, the crowd chanted, "This is wrestling."

Moments later, Kaz tried the reverse piledriver for a third time, but Max slipped out. Kaz then nailed a Shining Wizard for the pin and the win. Kaz retains. Afterward, the announcers talked up Kaz adjusting his gameplan to finish off Max with a new maneuver. They went to a replay of high points from the match before Tenay went back to asking how Bischoff could disrespect the X Division wrestlers after that match. Kaz was shown holding up the title belt as Tenay said that's what Impact Wrestling is about.

WINNER: Kazarian at 11:21 to retain the X Division Title. Stronger second-half than the first-half. Good nearfalls at the end that actually got a sleepy crowd involved in the action. (**1/2)

Backstage: Borash was with Abyss, whose body could not be seen hiding beneath his hood. Abyss cut off Borash and cut a promo on Crimson. Abyss basically did a babyface promo saying he's been sliced up, ripped up, had his teeth kicked in, and yet he still keeps going. Abyss vowed to teach Crimson a lesson in pain and humility.

IWZ: A bell tolled to bring out Abyss to his new generic rock music. Cue up some more hard rock music to bring out Crimson. Tenay recapped Crimson's background when he debuted on "Impact Wrestling" five months ago. He said he's still undefeated and undefeaten. Well, no, since he's lost a series of tag matches on TV.


The bell sounded and the two men stayed in their respective corners before meeting center-ring. The match quickly moved to the floor, where Abyss smashed Crimson into the guardrail and ring steps. Back in the ring, Abyss stalked Crimson while also taunting the ringside fans. Abyss landed a big corner splash before going to a neck vice. Crimson eventually broke free and made a comeback before applying his cravate into a neckbreaker for a two count. Crimson missed with a corner attack, then Abyss goozled him and delivered a chokeslam for a nearfall.

It wouldn't be a TNA PPV without Abyss going under the ring in search of a weapon. He rediscovered Janice, much to the crowd's horror. Abyss re-entered the ring with Janice in-hand, scared away ref Mike Posey, and stalked Crimson. Crimson ducked a Janice shot, though, and nailed a spear for a two count. Abyss then cut off Crimson with a boot to the head and wanted the Shock Treatment, but Crimson countered with a Cactus Jack-style double underhook DDT. It was only good for a two count, though.

Abyss stumbled out of the ring after the nearfall, then yanked a curious Crimson head-first across the top rope. Back in the ring, Abyss wanted a Vader Bomb, and he connected. Abyss made the cover, but Crimson kicked out. Crimson slowly made his way to his feet after taking the nearfall, then Abyss missed with a corner attack. Crimson followed with a sky-high bomb and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Crimson at 10:43. Serviceable big-man match. It's typically difficult to pull off a match with big men trading big moves and nearfalls for ten minutes, but it was above-expectations. (**)

IWZ: After a video package hyping the Tag Title match on the card, Hemme introduced Matt Hardy as the first man out for the challengers. Chris Harris then came out sporting a goatee. Beer Money was out next looking all-business for the title defense.


Harris, who was sporting his old AMW trunks, wanted to start it off with his former tag partner, Storm, but immediately tagged out to Hardy. In the early going, the two teams traded control and the partners tagged in and out throughout. Harris then spewed beer in Storm's face to give the heels control. Harris took advantage by landing some punches on his former tag partner before quickly tagging out.

The action temporarily broke down at 6:00 before Roode scored a close nearfall on Harris with a fisherman suplex. Roode then tried to tag in Storm, but Hardy cut off Storm on the floor. Hardy then resumed control of the match in the ring, working on Roode's lower back. The heels traded tags working on Roode's lower back as Taz discussed Harris not appearing to be in ring shape. Hardy and Roode then bumped heads center-ring for a double knock down. Harris then tagged in and spit in Storm's face.

Roode broke free and tagged in Storm and Harris realized Hardy was nowhere to be found. Storm stalked Harris to finally get his hands on Harris, who took a series of clotheslines. Storm with ten punches from the mount position. Then, six more. Storm continued to wail away at Harris before landing a DDT for a nearfall when Hardy broke up a pin. Roode then tossed Hardy to the floor and put a boot in his chest.

In the ring, Storm landed a sort of twisting DDT from the second rope for a nearfall. Beer Money stalked Harris for the DWI, but Hardy broke it up. Hardy with the side effect on Roode. Storm countered Twist of Hate with a backstabber, then Harris dropped Storm with a spinebuster. Roode followed with a better spinebuster on Harris. Beer Money then did their chant before setting up Harris for the DWI. Storm had second thoughts and went up top for the old-school AMW guillotine leg drop. Storm with the cover on Harris for the win.

WINNERS: Beer Money at 13:51. Beer Money didn't exactly have good opponents to work with, so the match was below their standards. Harris looked very rusty, which is being nice, and the match didn't seem to have any flow leading to the finish. The crowd didn't really buy into the match story since Harris was randomly re-introduced on TV this week and most people probably had no idea who Harris is. The payoff for Storm would have been stronger with some foresight to re-introduce Harris ahead of time. (**)

Backstage: Bully Ray screamed in Borash's face. He said he strikes fear in people and imposes his will on people. Ray said because he can. He told Borash he's the kind of guy who listens to Lady Gaga. Borash then asked Ray for his thoughts on Dreamer piledriving Styles. Ray asked why Borash should care. He said he knows why, Dreamer knows why, and the info is on a need-to-know basis. Ray said he could take advantage of Borash right now and do whatever he wants to do. Ray said A.J. Styles represents everything he hates about modern-day pro wrestling. He said Styles wants to sit on his Twitter and play video games. He said real pro wrestlers drink whiskey and chase women. Ray said he takes craps bigger than him. Ray yanked the mic away from Borash and looked into the camera to cut a promo on Styles. He said he will try to take him out and finish the job next time he gets a shot. Ray vowed to take out Styles, then take his redneck wife out. The crowd could be heard groaning in the building. Ray also vowed to take out Fortune after he takes out Styles.

7 -- A.J. STYLES vs. TOMMY DREAMER -- No DQ match

The bell sounded and the two men came face-to-face. Styles yelled in Dreamer's face, then Dreamer paced the ring before locking up. Dreamer sold reluctance to really give it to Styles, who screamed in his face. Styles then caught Dreamer in an armbar and Dreamer begged for a break, but ref Jackson James said it's No DQ. Dreamer continued to beg, then Styles dropped the hold and screamed at him to wrestle. Styles tried to follow with a corner attack, but Dreamer dropped him with a standing kick that folded up Styles on the mat. Dreamer then picked up an attack and scored a few nearfalls.

Styles shook off the attack and landed a dropsault before landing a plancha on the floor. Styles showed intensity shouting to the crowd, trying to wake them up. Still on the floor, Styles threw water in Dreamer's face. The announcers brought up EV2 and Taz said under his breath that ship has sailed...thankfully. Styles then crotched Dreamer across the guardrail before sliding underneath the guardrail to deliver a springboard elbow smash off the guardrail. "How do you get spring off a steel guardrail?" Tenay said.

The action moved up the steps up of the IWZ into the bleacher seats, clearing a few tourists. Styles clotheslined Dreamer over the bleacher railing and Dreamer landed on the floor with a thud. Styles tried to follow up, but Dreamer rammed him into the base of the bleachers. Dreamer dumped Styles back to ringside, then went looking for a trash can filled with weapons. Styles, who had a cut around his left eye, proceeded to dropkick the trash can into Dreamer's face. Styles then went looking for a table under the ring that he introduced into the ring. Some people in the crowd chanted for fire, apparently still stuck in 1998. Styles then went running off the table with a corner splash on Dreamer, which drew a reaction from the crowd. Styles tried a suplex onto the table, but Dreamer countered with a DDT.

Dreamer retrieved a fork, flashing back to when Styles used a fork on Dreamer. Dreamer taunted Styles with it, but Styles blocked Dreamer and cracked a trash can over Dreamer's head. Styles then wanted a Styles Clash into the table, but Bully Ray stormed the ring and popped Styles with a chain. Daniels then came running into the ring to chase off Ray. Back in the ring, Dreamer set up Styles for a piledriver through a table that seemed to take more out of Dreamer than Styles. Dreamer made a cover for the win. Tenay quickly noted the win was due to Ray's interference.

WINNER: Dreamer at 13:04. Did Dreamer just pin Styles in a close-to-the-main-event PPV match in the year 2011? As for the weapons and stunt bumps, it's long over-due for TNA - and pro wrestling in general - to move on from this type of match. (*1/2)

IWZ: After a video package hyping the Jarretts vs. Angle & Chyna match, Jeff's music hit. And the big reveal of what ridiculous outfit Foley would make Karen wear was...standard wrestling gear. They built it up as if Karen would be forced to wear a clown suit or something to make her look silly. After the Jarretts arrived in the ring, Kurt's music hit to bring out Angle with a big smile on his face. Chyna then came out sporting a red, white, and blue gladiator-like outfit. Tenay recapped the history between Chyna and Jarrett dating back a decade.


The bell sounded and the crowd was awake for Angle, who flashed a big smile to Jeff, who continued to sell concern with the proceedings here. The fans taunted Karen with a chant of, "Chyna's gonna kill you." Taz got confused on the chant and declared it's all fun & games at Sacrifice. The crowd then chanted for Chyna and Angle obliged. Karen opted not to enter the ring and dipped to the outside trying to avoid Chyna, who was patient in the ring waiting for Karen. Jeff sold concern as Karen slowly approached the ring apron.

Suddenly, Jeff was legal, making Kurt legal. Jeff put the boots to Kurt before hugging it out with Karen. Kurt then slapped on an anklelock and Karen entered the ring, which occupied Kurt's attention. Kurt tried to bring Karen to Chyna, but Jeff cut off Kurt at the knees from behind. The crowd chanted for Chyna again while Jeff continued to work on Kurt. The two men traded control of the match before Angle landed an Angle Slam for a two count. "Get up!" Karen screamed.

Kurt then dragged Jeff to the corner and Jeff used a mule kick behind the ref's back. Kurt crawled over to Chyna, though, and Chyna entered the match. Chyna nearly injured everyone on a scoop slam to Jeff, but followed with a better suplex on Jeff. Chyna then stalked Karen into the ring where Karen found Kurt as a roadblock. Kurt gave directions to Chyna, who landed a big corner splash on Karen. Next was a DDT of sorts before stereo anklelocks were applied. The Jarretts tapped out, giving Kurt and Chyna the win. Taz said ex-husbands are rejoicing around the world. More of that women-hating theme from TNA's writers. After a replay, Kurt and Chyna left the ring in celebratory mode. Meanwhile, Jeff checked on Karen, who remained face-down in the ring.

WINNERS: Angle & Chyna at 10:19. Solid payoff for people who paid to see the Jarretts get their comeuppance and/or see a bit of Chyna, who was clearly limited in what she was capable of doing. TNA smartly limited her exposure and saved her big spots for the end of the match. It was also a night-off for Angle, who needs to be protected in the ring considering his health. This was the first match on the card the audience truly invested in, and it featured someone (Chyna) who had never been in the company before last week's TV. (n/a)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz hyped the TNA Title match coming up in the main event. They broke down the talking points in favor of Sting and RVD before feeding to a video package going through both men's recent histories.

IZW: Mr. Anderson's music hit prior to the main event. Anderson, in a Packers jersey, noted he's the special guest commentator for the evening to do a little scouting (since he gets the winner for the TNA Title at Slammiversary). There was some scattered noise in the crowd as Anderson paused before finishing his intro. Anderson then sat down at the announce table, where he had an iMac ready for him to continue his in-PPV chat. Cue up RVD's theme music to bring out the challenger. Jeremy Borash handled ring intros for the main event. World champ Sting then came out with belt in-hand for his third PPV title defense. Once Sting entered the ring and handed over the belt, RVD took it from Hebner and posed in the corner. Sting sold annoyance by RVD's pre-match antics, then the bell sounded.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion STING vs. ROB VAN DAM -- TNA World Title match

Sting and Rob started with a feeling-out process before RVD acted cocky turning his back on Sting to pose in the corner. Sting then locked up and shoved him to the floor. RVD calmly paced the ringside area before returning to the ring to deliver a martial arts kick to Sting. RVD then posed some more and continued to play up a cocky demeanor. Anderson noted RVD is taking a different approach here. RVD resumed an attack with kicks and strikes in the corner. RVD missed with a corner attack in the opposite corner and spilled to the floor.

The action spilled into the stands where Sting did the same spot Dreamer did on Styles whipping him into the base of the grandstands. RVD reversed a second whip and both men collapsed to the floor. RVD was selling a right knee injury after missing with an earlier guillotine leg attempt. And the two men walked up the steps into the grandstands to continue their brawl. Did the agents who put together Dreamer-Styles and Sting-RVD not come together and make sure this walking-brawl style match was protected for the main event so Styles-Dreamer didn't take away the novelty of seeing this? The two men continued to brawl in the stands before eventually making it back to ringside. Ref Hebner was letting it all go since there typically would have been a count-out by now.

Back in the ring, RVD climbed up top and nailed a martial arts kick that floored Sting. Rob wanted Rolling Thunder, but Sting got his knees up to block. Sting then came to his feet and pounded his chest to fire up the crowd. Sting made his comeback and tried a Stinger Splash, but RVD countered with a roundhouse kick to intercept Sting. Sting and RVD traded control, then they slipped on a Scorpion Death drop spot. It hit the crowd with a thud. Sting then picked up RVD and re-executed the Death drop. Sting made a cover and it was good for a win, which seemed anticlimactic coming right after the botched spot.

WINNER: Sting at 12:43 to retain the TNA World Title. Obviously better than PPV title defense #1 vs. Hardy and better than PPV title defense #2 last month vs. RVD and Anderson. But, the walking-brawl mid-way through the match took away from what could have been an opportunity for Sting and RVD to prove something in a singles main event spotlight. Instead, it came across like a cheap way to get through a main event going longer than ten minutes. The botched spot before the finish took away some of the steam from a satisfying conclusion to the main event, while RVD nonchalantly just accepting the loss and acting like he didn't care about regaining the title throughout the match was also a hindrance. Ultimately, it wasn't a prove-'em-wrong performance for either wrestler. (**)

Post-match: They went to a replay of the big spots in the match as Anderson noted he has something special for Sting this Thursday on Impact. Sting and RVD then shook hands and embraced in the ring as Anderson decided to go ahead and congratulate the champ. Anderson left the broadcast position and made his way to the ring. The trademarks flashed on the screen as Anderson entered the ring. Anderson and Sting then came face-to-face. The PPV signed off with Sting leery of Anderson, who just flashed a mild smile toward him.

Slammiversary PPV: The next chapter in TNA's history will be revealed on June 12.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Awful undercard and decent-to-acceptable second-half of the card. Too much of the show seemed like everyone was going through the motions. As for whether anything is different under the "Impact Wrestling" banner, it's all still the same with run-ins, referee incompetence, outside interference, weapons, etc. Overall, TNA was missing a match like Steiner vs. Morgan, which they began hyping at the first set of TV tapings, to better bridge the middle of the show to the main event matches. Instead, the show had too many matches the crowd had no emotional investment in. TNA really needs to get out of Universal Studios, even though they have numerous other issues to deal with.


Keller Coverage: Follow Torch editor Wade Keller's real-time PPV report now live at

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