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CALDWELL'S TNA DESTINATION X PPV RESULTS 7/10: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Styles vs. Daniels, Ultimate X, RVD vs. Lynn

Jul 10, 2011 - 9:52:19 PM

TNA Destination X PPV Results
July 10, 2011
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA's X Division-themed PPV started with a video package recapping the history of the X Division, including some bombs being dropped out of planes. The video transitioned to Abyss and Brian Kendrick discussing various philosophies and assorted nonsense. Apparently Abyss's mission is to end the X Division tonight.

Impact Zone: Live inside the venue, the camera focused on the amateurish six-sided ring as Mike Tenay introduced the show. The tagline for the main event is finding out who's the "best ever" out of A.J. Styles and Daniels. Tenay was joined by Jeremy Borash, who was filling in for Taz. Tenay said Taz is "on assignment" tonight. Borash and Tenay broke down the history of the X Division in a few soundbytes before focusing on whether Kendrick can defeat X Division champion Abyss tonight.

In-ring: Christy Hemme introduced Kazarian to start the show. Tenay noted Kazarian is a five-time X Division champion. Out next was Samoa Joe to start the in-ring portion of the PPV.


Quick start to the match and they quickly found themselves on the floor, where Joe landed a knockdown clothesline before high-fiving fans ringside. Joe, fired up, stalked Kazarian, who came back with forearm smashes. Joe then nonchalantly stepped aside as Kaz tried a turnaround splash from the ring apron, causing Kaz to eat the floor.

Back in the ring, Joe ripped into Kaz with strikes before leaning on Kaz with his boot to wash his face. Joe continued to destroy Kaz with signature offense before Kaz hip-tossed Joe to escape a rear naked choke. Joe came back with a hard knockdown clothesline, though, and resumed control of the action. Joe attempted a Musclebuster, but Kaz fought him off and landed a springboard dropkick that put both men on the mat.

At 5:00, they came to their feet trading bombs. Joe mainly no-sold before landing multiple forearm strikes. Kaz caught him off the ropes, though, and scoopslammed Joe before executing a springboard Tornado DDT for a two count. Tenay noted Joe is currently in the BFG Series, but Kaz is not in the Series, so the match doesn't count for standings. The crowd tried to rally behind Joe, who found himself up top. Kaz teased the Flux Capacitor, but Joe blocked and punted Kaz to the floor. Joe then flew through the ropes with a suicide dive/elbow smash that knocked both men to the floor.

Back in the ring, Joe and Kaz teased finishing moves before Joe nailed a powerbomb into STF center ring. Kaz fought the hold and eventually bit his way out of the hold. Kaz followed with a dropkick sending Joe to the corner, but Joe countered a corner splash with an E. Honda-style frontslam. "Joe, Joe, Joe" chant as he stalked Kazarian for the rear naked choke. Kaz slumped down to the mat, then Joe leaned back to trap Kaz center-ring. Kaz faded a bit, but managed to grab the bottom rope for a break. Joe started arguing with ref Earl Hebner, who tried stealing the spotlight arguing with Joe. The argument gave Kaz an opening to quickly roll up Joe for a three count out of nowhere. Post-match: The camera zoomed in on Joe frothing at the mouth and selling shock over the loss. Kaz was shown ringside satisfied with a win by the skin of his teeth. They went to a replay of the high points in the match

WINNER: Kaz at 11:19. Standard Even-Steven booking where Joe completely dominated the match before Kaz snuck out a sudden victory. Good action throughout and the display of signature moves from Joe was suitable for a "High School Reunion" type PPV event. (**3/4)

X Division Flashback: Styles vs. Daniels vs. Joe at Unbreakable main-eventing a TNA PPV.

Earlier Today: Daniels was shown arriving at the building. ... Also "earlier today," Curry Man, Sangriento, and Suicide were shown signing autographs. Eric Young was shown walking through a crowd to approach the three masked men looking for a tag partner tonight. Shark Boy then walked into the shot and suggested he team up with Young for kicks and giggles.

Impact Zone: Douglas Williams came to the ring flanked by British Invasion. Williams's face appeared to be completely burned. Williams's open challenge was answered by a man named Mark Haskins, who was on the U.K. Tour earlier this year. Haskins looks like a combination of several independent wrestlers. Prior to the match starting, Williams asked Magnus and Rob Terry to take it to the back so he could handle this. Williams then cut a promo on Haskins as the crowd tried to figure out Haskins.

2 -- DOUG WILLIAMS (w/British Invasion) vs. MARK HASKINS

The announcers stressed Williams bringing a "ground and pound" style to the X Division last year that allowed him to keep the title throughout the year. After a series of nearfalls for each man, Haskins scored a too-close-for-comfort-nearfall and Williams bailed to the floor for a breather. Back in the ring, Haskins continued to frustrate Williams, who found himself on the floor again. Williams used Haskins's over-aggression against him to whip Haskins back-first across the ring apron to resume control of the action.

Back in the ring, Williams stretched Haskins with a bow & arrow submission followed by a modified Gory Stretch. The action moved up top, where Haskins knocked Williams to the mat before executing a dropkick. The two men then came to their feet for a standing exchange. Haskins won the exchange before executing high-flying offense as part of his comeback. The crowd popped when Williams teased the Chaos Theory, but Haskins escaped and executed a Diamond Cutter/RKO for a nearfall. Haskins tried to follow with a top-rope move, but slipped. The crowd booed, then he went up top again and missed with a Shooting Star Press. Williams followed right up with a roll-up for the win. Post-match: Williams started to leave the ring, but returned to the ring to shake Haskins's hand.

WINNER: Williams at 7:42. The crowd had no emotional investment in Haskins, so they ended up cheering for the heel "teacher" over the unknown "student." Haskins showed flashes of promise in the ring, but there wasn't enough to gauge his potential for TNA. (*1/2)

Backstage: So Cal Val brought in Austin Aries for a promo. Aries evaluated Val's outfit: not quite a Dress of the Year, but three stars. Aries then talked about Wrestling Mattering. He shouted out to people who bought the PPV and told anyone watching a stream to choke on their food. Aries said he's not a spot monkey or a midget wrestler, but someone who can beat anyone on the entire roster. Aries said all he needs is an opportunity. He said he'll take advantage of his opportunity beating three other good, but not great, wrestlers.

Impact Zone: Generation Me came out first for an impromptu tag match. Some random music played next to bring out Eric "Grizzly Redwood" Young and his multiple title belts. Shark Boy was out next to team with Young.


Tenay and Borash recapped the Prince Brotherhood Justice era for Young Boy and recent issues between GenMe, which should make for an interesting match-up. Young and Shark spent the first minute trying to figure out who should start the match. Shark finally started things off and quickly took advantage on LittleMe Jeremy. Young tagged in and lost control, allowing BigMe Max to tag into the match. Young and Max exchanged offense, countered each other, and did other assorted fast-paced things before Young landed an enziguiri. Shark then re-entered and lost control, allowing GenMe to isolate Shark.

Suddenly, Young was in a different outfit, which inspired Shark to break free and hot-tag Young. The action broke down and Jeremy hit a combination of moves on Shark to clear him to the outside. Max scored a close nearfall on Young back in the ring, then the action broke down inside the ring again. Young then hit a wheelbarrow jawbreaker of sorts on Max and it was good for the win.

WINNERS: Young & Shark at 7:22. The scheduled outcome doesn't say much about the X Division that GenMe - who were representing the "division" with Kendrick on TV the past three months - lost to a comedy team the announcers said were teaming together for the first time. Aside from that, a "feel good" match for the live crowd. (*)

Backstage: Daniels was talking to some random person about doing some promotional interviews. A.J. Styles then approached Daniels to talk about "tearing it up" tonight.

Backstage: So Cal Val brought in Shiima Xion for an interview on his contract opportunity tonight. Shiima talked up the idea of him facing stacked odds against Aries, Evans, and Low-Ki. He stumbled a bit, but got the point across about believing he belongs in TNA.

Video package: Ultimate X preview.

Impact Zone: Tenay and Borash set the stage as construction was underway in the ring to set up the Ultimate X match. Borash talked up the match being dangerous and career-threatening before Tenay noted Shelley's experience in this match. Once the structure was set up, Shannon Moore came out first. The Shore was out next, followed by Amazing Red. Alex Shelley, the veteran, was out last as Tenay noted this is the 25th edition of Ultimate X. That's way too many.

4 -- ROBBIE E. (w/Cookie) vs. ALEX SHELLEY vs. SHANNON MOORE vs. AMAZING RED -- Ultimate X match -- #1 contender match to the X Division Title

Lots of flips and flops early on. Robbie teased an early climb to the red "X" hanging atop the structure before Red yanked him down to the mat. Shelley was the next wrestler to tease a climb, but Robbie yanked him down. Cookie a/k/a Vickie Guerrero screamed and shouted at Robbie to start climbing, but Red distracted him. Robbie then distracted himself posing for the hard camera, allowing Shannon to trap Robbie on the floor. Red, Moore, and Shelley then did some overly-choreographed moves in the ring before Robbie re-entered and took advantage of his size advantage to take control again. Red suddenly clocked Robbie with multiple spin kicks before splashing Shannon and Shelley on the floor. Robbie tried to climb the structure again, but Red dropkicked him in mid-air to knock both men down to the mat.

For their next trick, Moore re-entered the ring and climbed all the way to the top of the structure. Moore's Mohawk was nearly touching the ceiling. Meanwhile, Cookie was trying to hold Shelley in the corner to prevent him from climbing. Shelley had to sell forever as Moore and Red started racing toward the middle of the structure. Moore got to the middle and stepped down to the center of the criss-crossed cables to stomp Red down to the mat. Shelley finally escaped Cookie and reached the middle to kick Moore down to the mat. Shelley sat on the X and unhooked it, which gave him the win.

Post-match: After a replay of the high points of the match, Chris Sabin walked out on-stage and applauded Shelley. They hugged on the entrance ramp before posing for the camera. Sabin gingerly walked back up the ramp to pose with Shelley some more.

WINNER: Shelley at 10:37 to become #1 contender to the X Division Title. The first-half featured typical overly-choreographed spots and some awkwardness before the match improved in the second-half building to a climax. Still, it came across like four men thrown together in one match to find a spot for them on the card. (**)

Backstage: Low-Ki was interviewed by So Cal Val about having a shot at a TNA contract tonight. Low-Ki offered a motivational speech and vowed to win a TNA contract tonight.

Impact Zone: Jerry Lynn, looking weathered, was out first for the next match of the show. RVD was out next as Tenay noted RVD has never really competed in the X Division, but his "style is X Division," which doesn't even mean anything.


Borash took control of the commentary to recap Lynn's career and discuss Lynn having some resentment toward RVD going back to their '90s feud and using the matches to advance their respective careers. There was discussion about the performance aspect of their matches, and nothing about who won or lost more matches. The wrestlers squared off with each other and avoided locking up as Tenay recapped this match being scheduled to happen at Hardcore Justice last year. Borash talked about his Forever Hardcore documentary and continued to talk up the RVD-Lynn series from ECW.

At 5:00, Lynn and RVD had that same exchange from Impact countering and avoiding each other's signature moves before Lynn sold frustration as they came to a standstill. RVD flashed that cocky smile toward Lynn and followed with a spin kick that knocked Lynn to the floor. RVD teased a flying move, but Lynn backed away to avoid. RVD then cockily invited Lynn back into the ring for a handshake. Lynn accepted, then threw RVD over the top rope into the guardrail. Lynn mocked RVD's signature gestures before inviting RVD back into the ring.

Back in the ring, Lynn won an exchange with a German Suplex with a bridge for a two count. Lynn then settled into a chinlock as RVD reached out looking for air. RVD fired back with a big spin kick that sent Lynn flying to the floor. RVD followed on the outside with signature offense to start wearing down Lynn. Back in the ring, RVD landed a slingshot legdrop before measuring Lynn for a Five-Star. Lynn hopped to his feet, though, and shoved RVD off the top rope into the guardrail on the floor.

Lynn rolled RVD back into the ring, then picked up a steel chair on the floor. Hebner reprimanded Lynn, who teased using it before they did a spot where Lynn countered RVD's counter to leg drop RVD into the chair. Lynn scored a two count and RVD came up bleeding from the forehead. Lynn then grabbed another chair as the camera zoomed in on RVD having a cut on his eyebrow. They set up another chair spot where Lynn executed a sunset flip bomb that sent RVD into the chair for a two count. That was Lynn's last gasp as RVD came back with a roundhouse kick sending the chair into Lynn's face. RVD followed right up with the Five-Star Frogsplash for the pin and the win.

WINNER: RVD at 16:52. Right at or slightly above expectations for RVD vs. Lynn in 2011. Good sequences and a decent story to the match (compared to the rest of the PPV), plus RVD looked more inspired than he has in past TNA matches where he's obviously been going through the motions. (***1/4)

Backstage: Val brought in Jack Evans to talk about his contract opportunity tonight. Evans referenced Eminem's "One Shot" and said he's not missing an opportunity of a lifetime.

Impact Zone: Christy Hemme introduced the four participants in the TNA contract match. First out was Austin Aries, followed by Shiima Zion (going by Zema Ion). Low-Ki and Jack Evans rounded out the field.

6 -- AUSTIN ARIES vs. ZEMA ION vs. LOW-KI vs. JACK EVANS -- four-way TNA contract match

Low-Ki asserted himself early in the match before Evans unleashed high-flying offense as Borash noted Evans was trending on Twitter during Impact on Thursday. Aries then did sort of a fingernail scrape of doom splash attack on all three men before all three men kicked him in the head to clear Aries to the floor. Aries re-entered moments later leading to various sequences involving all four.

Aries and Ki then came face-to-face to jaw with each other before applying submission holds on the other two opponents in each other's faces. Good sequence before it came down to Aries and Ki again. Aries put a finger in Ki's face and Ki responded with a hard chop to the chest. Aries responded, prompting a standing exchange. Ki had a bridge pin, but Evans came out of nowhere with a sick splash on Ki to break up the pin. More four-way sequences before Ki took a dive to the outside. Evans tried a splash on Ki, but Ion yanked down the ropes to send Evans flying to the outside. Ion tried to fly on Ki, but Aries cut him off with a mid-ring clothesline for a two count. More four-way sequences ensued with an added level of intensity and all four men found themselves on the mat. The crowd chanted, "Sign them all," as Aries tried a pin attempt on all three opponents, to no success.

At 11:00, Aries and Ion had a standing exchange before Aries delivered a neckbreaker across the middle rope. Aries tried a top-rope move, but Ki executed a running cartwheel into an enzuigiri knocking Aries off the top to the mat for a nearfall. Ki then went up top, but Evans cut him off with a super top-rope huracanrana for a two count. Evans called for the 630 splash, but Ion knocked him off the top. Ion then nailed a 450 Splash on Ki, but Aries broke up a pin. Evans then tried the 630 Splash on Ki, but Ki got his knees up. Aries followed with lightning kicks on everyone before dropping Ki with a brainbuster suplex. Aries made the cover and it was good for the win. Aries gets the contract. Post-match: The crowd chanted, "Sign them all," as Aries's music played and they went to a replay of various high points in the match.

WINNER: Aries at 13:32. Amazing display of athleticism. Aries was the star, Evans is so charismatic and would be a valuable asset for any national promotion, Ion was impressive, and Low-Ki showed what WWE missed out on. Multiple-man matches are over-played, but this worked well as opposed to the Ultimate X match. (***3/4)

Ringside: Afterward, Val interviewed Aries about winning a TNA contract. Aries said he's the greatest man that ever lived and no one should be surprised. Aries took the TNA contract on a clipboard and celebrated on his way up the stage.

Backstage: Abyss was reading more Art of War. Abyss talked to Brian Kendrick through the camera and vowed to end the X Division. They rolled to a video package recapping the Abyss/Bischoff vs. X Division feud... In the Impact Zone, Kendrick came out first, followed by Abyss. Hemme handled formal ring intros to make the only title match of the PPV official.

7 -- X Division champion ABYSS vs. BRIAN KENDRICK -- X Division Title match

They went for comedy early on with Kendrick attempting a flying cross-body, only to have Abyss just stand there like a brick wall, causing Kendrick to fall to the mat. Abyss continued to toy with Kendrick as TNA continued to send a message through the commentary that X Division wrestlers are novelty acts who can't hang in the "main event" scene and can't match up with a heavyweight like Abyss. Abyss took his time working over Kendrick while posing for the camera. Abyss then picked up his book and started thumbing through the pages for additional instructions. Kendrick tried body shots once Abyss turned around, but Abyss no-sold and beat him to a pulp in the corner. Abyss looked for more wisdom from the book while Kendrick tried to find his feet.

Kendrick suddenly landed a desperation shot to the face that opened up Abyss, who slowly turned around once he saw blood coming down from his forehead. Kendrick then used Abyss's anger against him to clear Abyss to the floor. Kendrick followed with a suicide dive on the floor, then continued to hold the advantage back in the ring. Kendrick wanted Sliced Bread #2, but Abyss caught Kendrick on the top turnbuckle and countered with the Shock Treatment. Kendrick kicked out of a pin attempt, though. Kendrick tried to fight back with gut shots before Hebner was bumped in the corner. Kendrick then hit Sliced Bread, but the ref was down and Kendrick scored a visual three count.

On cue, Eric Bischoff strutted down to the ring to boos. Bischoff shouted at Kendrick that he should fire him. Kendrick acted tormented, then landed a right hand that floored Bischoff. Suddenly, Immortal stormed the ring. Some X Division scrubs then hit the ring and Bully Ray started throwing haymakers. Immortal easily cleared the ring before Kendrick found himself alone in the ring. The next wave of X Division scrubs then hit the ring, ending the temporary feuds that were made up for the show. Eventually, Abyss and Kendrick were left alone in the ring. Kendrick scored a quick roll-up and Hebner counted a three from outside the ring to give Kendrick the win.

Post-match: Kendrick celebrated with the X Division wrestlers as Immortal stood dumbfounded on the stage. Abyss sat dejected on the ring apron as Borash offered some words about the X Title going back to a "true X Division wrestler," whatever that means. Some confetti fell to the ring as Kendrick's victory was celebrated. Abyss eventually made his way to the stage and Ray asked him what happened out there. Abyss shoved down Ray, whose eyes bugged out as Abyss walked to the back, with Ray dumbfounded.

WINNER: Kendrick at 10:16 to capture the X Division Title. It wouldn't be a TNA PPV without an overbooked, overcomplicated, ref-bump title match. The match story continued the inept TV build-up of the three X Division wrestlers equaling one "normal" wrestler and the "X Division brand" being comprised of brain-sharing individuals who don't have individual identities. (*)

Impact Zone: After a video package recap of the A.J. Styles vs. Daniels feud/friendship, Daniels came out first for the main event. A.J. Styles was out next before Hemme handled the formal ring intros.


A handshake started the match as Borash described each man's TNA history and their friendship/mutual respect. Styles and Daniels came to an early standstill before slapping hands to show respect. Lots of counters and counters to the counters early on before Daniels mounted some sustained offense following a leaping dive over the top rope onto Styles on the floor. The match seesawed back to Styles before Daniels yanked Styles across the ring apron to regain control. The crowd seemed to be a bit worn out by this point. At 17:30, Daniels landed a Death Valley Driver for a close two count. Styles then mounted a big comeback before slipping on the top rope attempting a springboard dive. Daniels tried to take advantage with a pin, but Styles kicked out.

At 20:00, both men found themselves on the mat following a float-over dropkick that seemed to affect both men. Daniels was up a split-second before Styles, who caught Daniels in the corner for a spinning sit-out driver out of the torture rack position for a nearfall. Daniels came back with an STO into the Koji Clutch. Styles managed to reach his feet to break the hold, then both men tumbled through the ropes to the ring apron. Back in the ring, Daniels back-flipped over Styles, who back-flipped over Daniels into his signature springboard reverse DDT for a nearfall.

At 25:00, Daniels knocked down Styles, who appeared to be woozy from a blow to the back of the head or being blown up. Daniels then tried the BME, but Styles got his knees up. Styles followed with the Clash center-ring, but Daniels kicked out in time. Tenay said they have seen everything but a three count from Styles and Daniels. Styles regrouped, went to the ring apron for a springboard move, and missed when Daniels got his knees up. Daniels followed with Angel's Wings, but Styles kicked out in time. Daniels sold shock before evaluating what he has to do next.

At 27:30, Daniels went up top, but Styles crotched him. Styles then attempted a superplex, but Daniels blocked and set up for a Super Angel's Wings. Styles back-dropped Daniels to the mat, though, and positioned himself for the Spiral Tap, which the crowd chanted for. Styles connected center-ring and made the cover to pick up the win over Daniels. Borash said it was the very move Styles used to become the first-ever X Division champion over nine years ago.

Post-match: After a highlight package on the match aired, they cut back to the ring to show Daniels fighting a lot of different emotions. Styles offered a handshake, but Daniels turned away to sell inner turmoil. Daniels then returned to center-ring for a handshake as Tenay said Styles proved tonight he's the best-ever in the X Division. They signed off ten minutes before the top of the hour with Styles standing tall in the ring.

WINNER: Styles at 28:28. Strong conclusion after a methodical start and some off-moments around the 20:00ish mark. The match was lengthy trying to be epic, but the problem is there was never really a sense of the "match could end at any point" until the final few minutes, which caused the audience to sit on their hands for a while. Also, there was nothing on the line, so there wasn't a sense of urgency for anyone to actually win. That captured several of the matches on this show. Also, like Samoa Joe in the opener, both men showed their age with the miles adding up after years of wrestling at a high level trying to maintain a difficult style. (***)

Hardcore Justice PPV plug: Abyss said, "hardcore is my life," previewing TNA's next PPV offering in August.

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