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CALDWELL'S TNA NO SURRENDER PPV RESULTS 9/11: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - three-way TNA Title match, BFG Series finals

Sep 11, 2011 - 9:51:00 PM

TNA No Surrender PPV Results
September 11, 2011
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA's monthly PPV opened with a live shot inside the Impact Zone to show a silent Impact Zone. Former U.S. military officer Jesse Neal was on-stage in front of the assembled TNA roster for a moment of silence as a U.S. flag was shown on the big screen. They cut to a shot of Rosita, whose father died on 9/11. America the Beautiful played as cameras picked up various shots of the wrestlers, including Kurt Angle. "U-S-A" chant as Rosita was shown fighting back tears.

Video package: They cut to an intro video focusing on the BFG Series, which is now down to four wrestlers. Who gets the World Title shot at Bound for Glory next month?

Impact Zone: Back inside the building, fireworks shot off before Mike Tenay introduced the show and noted Kurt Angle defends the World Title against Sting and Mr. Anderson tonight. He plugged the BFG Series before TNA cut to a live shot of Tenay and Taz at the announce table. Tenay sent it to the ring to start the show with, what else?, an X Division match.

Kid Kash was out first for a #1 contender match to the X Title. Jesse Sorensen, billed from Katy, Tex., which is on the outskirts of Houston, brought a football with him to the ring, signed it, and handed it off to a ringside fan.

1 -- KID KASH vs. JESSE SORENSEN -- #1 contender's match to the X Division Title

Kash and Jesse went back-and-forth early on as the announcers talked about the new weight limit for the no-limits X Division. Taz threw out a Bischoff quote on the X Division being a "brand within a brand," which means nothing of substance. Kash then blasted Jesse with multiple kick strikes, followed by a front-face slam for a two count. Kash began taunting Jesse, who teased a comeback before Kash cut him off. Kash played to the crowd, then shoved ref Brian Hebner, who shoved back. Kash backed off, then slammed Jesse to the mat again. Kash wanted a top rope move and nearly botched a springboard moonsault, landing on Jesse's forehead. They reset, then went to the finish of Jesse countering a move into a slam that resulted in a pin out of nowhere.

WINNER: Sorensen at 7:55. Sloppy at times and Sorensen had a case of the over-sells. Not a strong opener. (*1/2)

Backstage: JB brought in Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle. JB asked Angle for his reaction to finding out at the last minute (along with the audience) that he had a title defense tonight. Angle redirected to Hogan, wanting to know why he let this happen. Hogan gave Angle some jibberish about the business moves fast and Angle needs some food. Hogan asked Angle what he wants him to do about it. Angle just stormed off, then Hogan told JB not to look at him like he's the bad guy. Hogan is completely disinvested in this. JB then plugged the first BFG Series match of the night, noting Storm needs a submission win tonight since he's nine points behind #1 Bully Ray.

Impact Zone: Bully Ray came to the ring as Tenay recapped the BFG Series leaderboard. James Storm was out next as Ray sold intensity in the ring and the announcers noted Storm had a last-second curveball thrown at him that he needs a submission victory tonight.

2 -- BULLY RAY (49 pts) vs. JAMES STORM (40 pts) -- BFG Series match

Once the bell sounded, Ray stalled, then left the ring and ripped up a fan's sign. Ray returned to the ring, then stalled again. Back to the outside Ray went, which brought Storm to the outside to chase Ray back into the ring. Taz said everyone's had it with Ray trying to avoid fighting. This brought up a "Pussy Ray" chant. Ray teased re-entering a fourth time, but bailed when Storm tried to get at him. Storm turned his back in frustration, which allowed Ray to smash him from behind. Ray did a Stan Hansen shout & pose, then began working on Storm's lower back. Ray suddenly missed with a corner attack and Storm locked on a submission, but Ray bailed to the floor after escaping.

Back in the ring, Ray teased locking up with Storm, but ducked under the ropes to stall again. The crowd started its own "Beer...Money" chant before Storm finally got his hands on Ray to apply an armbar submission. Ray escaped, slid to the outside again, and Storm followed up with right hand strikes before smashing Ray's injured left arm into the ring steps. Ray blocked follow-up offense, though, took a swig of beer, distracted the ref with a chair, and spewed the beer in Storm's eyes to temporarily blind him. Ray then telegraphed a Bubba Bomb, which Storm countered into another submission. Ray made it to the bottom rope to escape, though, then Storm followed up with a Sharpshooter. Ray fought the hold, then crawled to the bottom rope for a break.

Storm reset with strikes to the injured shoulder before applying another armbar submission, Robert Roode style. Ray escaped, though. Storm then grabbed his beer, took a swig, and spewed the ref in the eyes on accident. Storm then applied a submission and Ray tapped out this time. The ref was slow to come around, then called for the bell. The crowd thought it was for Storm, but the ref ruled a DQ about 15 seconds after a DQ should have been rendered.

Post-match: Ray took the mic from So Cal Val after screaming at her, then declared himself as the next World Hvt. champion. Somewhere off-camera, Storm apparently knocked down ref Jackson James after the DQ finish. Tenay reviewed the leaderboard, which now has Ray with 52 points and Storm with 30 points. So, Roode and Gunner, with 42 points, can only tie via a submission victory in their match later on, which would then set up who knows what to determine the BFG Series winner.

WINNER: Ray via DQ at 11:48. Good story to the match with Ray stalling and Storm bringing out several submission moves that he can incorporate into his arsenal down the road as a singles wrestler. The only drawback to the match was the latest attempt to use Jackson James in a screwy referee-focused finish that didn't come off smoothly, yet again. (**)

Impact Zone: Winter and Angelina Love were out first for the Knockouts Title match mid-way through the first hour. "Captain America" Mickie James was out next to defend the title in a re-match from two Impact episodes ago.

3 -- Knockouts champion MICKIE JAMES vs. WINTER (w/Angelina Love) -- Knockouts Title match

Winter attacked Mickie from behind before the opening bell, but instead of ref Earl Hebner resetting the participants to ensure a clean start to the match, he called for the bell. One of those little things TNA consistently does that doesn't make any sense. The match started off with a basic formula of Winter wearing down Mickie to set up a comeback, then the match completely broke down with interference, mist-spewing, referee incompetence, and Winter pinning Mickie to re-capture the Knockouts Title while Mickie's face was covered in a rub substance, which ref Earl Hebner ignored. Post-match, medics checked on Mickie as Winter and Angelina regrouped since Angelina took mist in the confusion.

WINNER: Winter at 8:38 to capture the Knockouts Title. Just a complete booking mess and another title change continuing to hot-potato the title.

Backstage: JB brought in Gunner to talk about Gunner needing to win by submission tonight just to tie Ray in the BFG Series. Gunner spoke slowly about preparing for this moment his whole life. Ray then stepped into the camera shot and shoved JB aside to tell Gunner he better not quit, submit, or give up, no matter what Roode tries to do to him. "You got it, young boy?" Ray asked. Ray told Gunner the last thing he wants to do is face him in the finals. What finals? Gunner took his tongue-lashing and walked off, then Ray told JB bullying is his business and business is good.

4 -- TNA tag champions MEXICAN AMERICA (HERNANDEZ & ANARQUIA w/Rosita and Sarita) vs. "THE POPE" D'ANGELO DINERO & BROTHER DEVON -- TNA Tag Title match

The challengers held the early advantage, then Rosita hopped on the apron to try to distract Pope, who forced himself onto Rosita for a cheap pop. Ref Jackson James lost control of the match, allowing the heel tag champs to take control in the confusion. The heels began working on Devon as Pope protested from his corner. Pope eventually took a hot tag at 7:00 and cleaned house before taunting Rosita. Pope followed with a top-rope cross-body splash on Anarquia for a two count. The action broke down again moments later and the tag champs collided mid-ring before Sarita randomly entered the ring. Rosita then tried a cross-body splash on Pope, who caught her in mid-air, then spanked her over her knee.

The match broke down again and Rosita got involved again. Anarquia then blocked a suplex by Pope as Rosita held down Pope's foot from the outside. Anarquia made the cover, Sarita continued to hold down Pope's foot, ref Jackson James ignored the outside aid, and Anarquia scored a pin for the win. Post-match, Pope laughed at the outcome as MA celebrated ringside.

WINNERS: Mexican America at 9:45 to retain the Tag Titles. Another over-booked mess that continued to set back TNA's tag division a few years.

Backstage: Mr. Anderson, with his gut hanging out and randomly sporting headphones around his neck, was brought in by JB for an interview about the three-way title match tonight. Anderson tried to explain the story that he doesn't like Sting and Sting doesn't like him, but they have a common-bond hating Immortal. From that tub of lard Bubby Ray to that gray-haired weasel "Eric Bitchoff." Anderson then told JB to picture a sunset off in the distance that he's going to ride into before turning his cap around to note the a-hole does what he wants...and then gets his way. Anderson walked off, leaving JB to wonder what just happened in that interview.

Impact Zone: Samoa Joe was out first to a mild "Joe, Joe, Joe" chant as Tenay and Taz recapped Joe's anti-BFG Series storyline the past few weeks ever since he hit negative ten points. Matt Morgan came out to a strong reaction for his return match after a pec tear.


"Morgan, Morgan" chant as the opening bell sounded. Morgan landed early offense, but Joe came back with chop. Morgan then turned it around with hard chops and slaps of his own. Morgan followed with his rapid-fire elbow strikes in the corner that put Joe on the seat of his pants. Morgan followed with a running knee to the face, then a headbutt. The crowd chanted for Morgan as the match moved to the floor. Joe came back with right hand strikes, re-entered the ring, and delivered a flying elbow suicide dive. Joe popped up, then shot a double-bird gesture to the crowd before rolling Morgan back into the ring.

In the ring, Joe landed right hand jabs. Morgan came back with a corner attack, then uncharacteristically went up top, steadied himself, and landed a cross-body splash for a two count. Joe then yanked Morgan's arm across the top rope to regain control. Joe began targeting the left shoulder with throws, strikes, and submission holds. Morgan recovered to his feet and the two men started trading blows before Morgan rebounded off the ropes and delivered a discus clothesline to begin a comeback. Morgan fired himself up, then measured Joe for a corner splash and a sidewalk slam for a two count. Joe came back with a belly-to-belly throw after an awkward pause for a count, drawing a "Morgan, Morgan" chant.

They reset at 10:00 with Joe measuring Morgan for a rear-naked choke, but Morgan rammed Joe into the corner for a break. Joe re-applied, then brought Morgan to the mat with the hold firmly applied. Morgan stomped his foot trying to get the crowd to rally behind him, then he draped his foot across the bottom rope for a break. Joe had to control his temper arguing with Hebner, then he charged Morgan, but missed with a corner attack. Morgan followed right up with the Carbon Footprint and it was good for the pin. Post-match: Joe seethed as he collected himself on the mat and Morgan celebrated the victory.

WINNER: Morgan at 11:35. Solid singles match with a refreshingly clean finish. Good action and a nice back-and-forth creating the idea of Joe and Morgan on an equal level before Morgan used Joe's temper against him to score the win. (**1/2)

Backstage: JB brought in Beer Money, specifically Robert Roode. Storm paced in the background, selling frustration, as JB set up a question for Roode about being prepared for tonight. Roode said he's given everything to get to this point of being in-line for a TNA Title shot. Roode told Gunner he's had a hell of a run the last 12 months, but this is his time. Roode said he will walk into Bound for Glory and challenge for the TNA Title. Roode then turned his attention to Bully Ray and said he's going to whip him in the ring. Storm brought Roode back to the interview and told Roode to win, then "beat that piece of s---," Bully Ray. Storm finished the pep talk by telling Roode he deserves this.

6 -- GUNNER (42 pts) vs. ROBERT ROODE (42 pts) -- BFG Series match

Roode quickly targeted Gunner's left arm to begin wearing him down for submission attempts. Gunner cut him off with a DDT straight into the mat, though, and began working on Roode's upper body. The two men began trading control and submission attempts before Roode delivered a spinebuster to reset the match. Roode followed with an armbar center-ring, but Gunner crawled across the ring on his belly to reach the bottom rope for a break. They exchanged holds again, then Roode re-applied the armbar. Gunner teased a rope break, but Roode transitioned to a Cross-face. Gunner fought the hold, but couldn't hold on and was forced to tap out, giving Roode the win.

Post-match: Eric Bischoff's music hit to bring out Bischoff to address Roode. Bischoff disingenuously congratulated Roode before telling him he just called out Bully Ray, which he can't back up in the ring. Bischoff said since Roode and Ray are tied atop the standings, they're going to settle it tonight.

WINNER: Roode via submission at 11:58. Nice focus on Roode to set up the finals. Good to see two consecutive clean, solid singles matches delivering good action viewers want to see. (**1/4)

Backstage: JB brought in Austin Aries, who shushed JB and told him the time for talk is over. He said Brian Kendrick's philosophical rants are meaningless and his own witty comments, while entertaining, are meaningless now. Aries said it's time for Total Nonstop Aries, which means he's bringing his A-Double game to top Kendrick's A-Game. Aries vowed to prove he's the best in wrestling and the next - and maybe last - X Division champion.

7 -- X Division champion BRIAN KENDRICK vs. AUSTIN ARIES -- X Division Title match

Aries was out first, followed by Kendrick wearing his Sabu and Kamala-inspired pants while slinging the title belt around in the air like a toy. Once the bell sounded, Kendrick attempted an early armbar submission, so Aries rolled to the floor to take a breather. Aries bailed again moments later and Kendrick followed out, where he took a standing Russian legsweep into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Aries followed up with repeated offense targeting the back. Kendrick then came back with a pin attempt, but Aries got his foot on the rope, which ref Jackson James saw this time and stopped his count. Aries followed by throwing Kendrick clear over the top rope before flying through the ropes with a suicide dive that missed when Kendrick moved.

Back in the ring, the two men reset and started trading forearms. Aries then side-stepped a charging Kendrick and Kendrick went flying to the outside. Aries tried to follow with a twisting splash, but maybe caught two percent of Kendrick, causing both men to splatter on the floor with Kendrick selling that he took the blow. Back in the ring, they traded rapid-fire pin attempts before the PPV froze momentarily. It was stuck on Aries preparing to suplex Kendrick for about 15 seconds before the PPV returned with Kendrick delivered a suplex for a two count. They went to the finish, which started with the referee caught in the corner. Aries then delivered a kick that could have been low before landing a spinning brainbuster suplex. Aries made the pin for the win. Afterward, Aries did a victory parade in the ring before taking a victory lap ringside.

WINNER: Aries at 13:24 to capture the X Division Title. Solid, unspectacular match. Just good work for the most part. And, the right outcome to give the division a firm cornerstone champion to build upon. (**1/2)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz noted they're forced to go to overtime in the BFG Series based on the results tonight. Tenay then sent it backstage.

Backstage: JB brought in Bully Ray, who was selling deep thought. Ray said he didn't expect to have to wrestle twice tonight, but he'll have to take care of things himself. He said tonight is not about tag wrestling, but one more match that he has to win to get the opportunity to wrestle for the World Title. Ray said he can't be beat and can't be stopped. He said Gunner didn't get the job done, but he did one right: softened up Roode for him. Ray said he's going right after Roode's injured neck and declared himself the next World champion.

Impact Zone: Ray was out first selling confidence while Roode slowly made his way to the ring selling a neck injury. Ray didn't wait for Roode to enter the ring and met him halfway down the ramp to talk trash in his face. Roode stood his ground before Ray walked back into the ring and Roode completed his ring entrance. Also in the ring was JB to handle formal ring intros on the BFG Series overtime finals.

8 -- BULLY RAY (52 pts) vs. ROBERT ROODE (52 pts) -- BFG Series Finals

Once the bell sounded, the two finalists came face-to-face to "sell the moment," as the crowd chanted "Beer...Money," then "Pussy Ray." The two men started jawing with each other before Ray backed away to a neutral corner. He teased locking up before stalling, just like the match with James Storm. Ray then approached a man on the front row to intimidate him, but the large man stood up to stare down Ray, who backed away. Ray eventually re-entered the ring to lock up with Roode and begin the match. They got over Roode's toughness early on, as he absorbed a round of punches before delivering a big knock-down clothesline that sent Ray scurrying to the outside again.

Back in the ring, Ray locked up and delivered a shoulder block before channeling Stan Hansen again. Another lock-up and another shoulder block for a two count. Roode came back with a Crossface out of nowhere and Ray grabbed ref Earl Hebner to gain some leverage for a counter into a quick pin for a one count. Ray came back with a neckbreaker to target the neck and begin a methodical attack. Ray then delivered hard chops that Roode had enough off and no-sold before firing himself and the crowd up. Ray and Roode had a great tough-guy exchange before Roode backed Ray into the corner and delivered a flying neckbreaker for a two count.

At 12:00, Ray delivered a Bubba Bomb, but Roode kicked out in time. Ray sold frustration before going to the second rope for a flying butt splash that did not connect. Roode followed right up with a spinebuster nad made a pin near the ropes. It was good for the win, giving Roode the win and the BFG Series victory. Post-match: Roode sold exhaustion as blood spilled from his nose. Roode posed in the ring before doing the belt-around-the-waist motion. After a replay, they showed Roode celebrating in the crowd as Ray sold shock, then disappointment in the ring. Roode declared he's the next World Hvt. champion as he continued his celebration ringside. Good to see TNA actually stay in a moment rather than abruptly cutting away.

WINNER: Roode at 12:30. Very good singles match based on the story and hard physical exchanges. Roode is getting his main event shine and Ray continues to be a top-notch heel for TNA. Overall, a nice four-match sequence of strong singles matches with clean finishes. (***)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz set the stage for the three-way TNA World Title main event before going backstage.

Backstage: JB said they want to take a special moment to acknowledge the tragedy of 9/11. Borash brought in Rosita out-of-character to discuss the loss of her father. Rosita said time is supposed to heal all wounds, but it hasn't been the same since she lost her father. Rosita said her father was an amateur wrestler and taught her how to apply a proper headlock. She said she became a wrestler to honor him and every time she goes into the ring, she thinks of him. Rosita said it's been a hard day today and she appreciates being here with support from her family and the company. JB thanked her for her thoughts before they went to a video package hyping the title match main event.

Impact Zone: Mr. Anderson was out first for the PPV main event. His music stopped when the mic dropped. Anderson asked where his a-holes are and noted this a-hole hails from Green Bay. Crazy Sting was out next as the second challenger in the match. TNA World champion Kurt Angle was out last and he slowly made his way to the ring to survey the situation. JB handled formal ring intros before the bell sounded with plenty of time for a PPV main event.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE vs. STING vs. MR. ANDERSON -- three-way TNA World Title match

Once the bell sounded, Angle bailed to the outside to let Sting and Anderson fight, but they opted to wait for Angle to return to the ring and double-team him. The challengers eventually cleared Angle to the outside and battled each other while Angle regrouped on the floor. Angle re-entered and delivered a double German Suplex that took its toll on all three men. Angle took control of the match and applied a rear naked choke on Sting. They did the bit with one hand drop, then a second hand drop, then a teased third hand drop that didn't pop the crowd when Sting tried to sell fire that he was still alive. Sting then came back with a DDT, but Anderson broke up the pin.

At 10:00, Angle started his German Suplex sequence on Anderson, then had the same offering for Sting. Angle tried pins on both, but they each kicked out. Angle and Anderson battled up, like they were waiting for Sting, but he was down and out in the corner. Angle then threw Anderson off the top rope with an overhead suplex for a two count. Sting came to life and dumped Angle to the outside before grappling Anderson for a Scorpion Deathlock. Anderson considered tapping, but Angle broke it up and delivered an Angle Slam on Sting. Angle made a cover, but Sting barely rolled a shoulder to escape. Anderson was next in line for an Angle Slam that also resulted in a nearfall.

At 13:45, Angle dropped the straps and applied the Anklelock on Sting. Anderson took his sweet time teasing breaking it up, so Sting rolled through to escape the hold. Suddenly, there was life in the crowd as something was going on off-camera. Apparently it was Hogan, as they went to a spot moments later where Angle took Sting to the outside and whipped him into the guardrail, where Hogan was standing by to mace Sting.

Back in the ring, Sting stumbled into the ref to tease the Scorpion Deathdrop since he was "blinded," but Angle grabbed Sting and delivered the Angle Slam. Angle pinned a blinded Sting for the anti-climatic pin and the win. Afterward, Hogan made his way into the ring to celebrate with Angle. Tenay said Immortal has Angle's back and Robert Roode needs to watch out at Bound for Glory. They signed off 51 minutes past the top of the hour.

WINNER: Angle at 15:28 to retain the TNA World Title. A now-typical TNA PPV main event this year: cheap outside interference, slow action, an anti-climatic finish, a sense of indifference toward the characters, and an exhausted crowd nine matches into the PPV. Apparently Hogan costing Sting the TNA Title that Sting's character doesn't even care about will set up the Hogan-Sting match at BFG, assuming Sting beats Ric Flair on Thursday's Impact. Not much juice behind a Sting-Hogan match right now based on the feeling in the crowd during the PPV, but TNA has a few weeks of TV to attempt to get people interested, if that match is actually happening. (*3/4)

OF NOTE: As pointed out by PWTorch columnist Greg Parks, there was no mention of Jeff Hardy on this PPV. He wasn't booked for the PPV and his return on Thursday's Impact seemed like more of a "TV story" than something that would be incorporated into the PPV, but TNA not even making a passing mention of Hardy was interesting.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Slight thumbs up this month due to the strength of the middle of the show and TNA trying to make new main-event stars out of Roode and Storm, as individuals, and Bully Ray. The booking at the beginning and end of the show was terrible, though, which is usually what drags down these TNA PPVs.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here or email us at

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