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CALDWELL'S TNA BOUND FOR GLORY PPV RESULTS 10/16: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Angle-Roode, Hogan-Sting

Oct 16, 2011 - 9:52:22 PM

TNA Bound for Glory PPV Results
October 16, 2011
Philadelphia, Pa.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


TNA's pre-show started with Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme running down the PPV line-up inside the Liacouras Center at Temple University. After the initial line-up rundown, JB went to a video package hyping Robert Roode's TNA World Title quest.

Backstage: JB brought in Mr. Anderson for a promo. Anderson said he learned how to fight dealing with people like Bully Ray growing up. He said the best way to shut up a bully is punch him in the mouth. Anderson tried to build up a babyface reaction for later on by endorsing Philadelphia.

In-ring: Mike Tenay and Taz hyped the pre-show match for the TNA Tag Titles. Out first was Ink, Inc. to challenge for the Tag Titles. Neal brought an American flag with him to the ring before Mexican America came out in possession of a Mexican flag.

A -- TNA tag champions MEXICAN AMERICA (HERNANDEZ & ANARQUIA w/Rosita and Sarita) vs. INK, INC. (SHANNON MOORE & JESSE NEAL w/Christina Von Eerie) -- TNA Tag Title match

One minute, 15 seconds for the first outside interference and referee distraction of the night. Moments later, there was a spot where Moore appeared to be legit KO'ed, as Anarquia made a cover and pretty much had to pull off the pin because Moore wasn't responding. The match continued with Mexican America still working over Moore. Moore eventually scored with a desperation moonsault to make the tag to Neal, who cleaned house. Neal then scored with a spear and appeared to score a pin, but Anarquia apparently broke up the pin in time.

The action momentarily broke down before Neal missed with a splash on the outside. Moore then hit a moonsault on Anarquia, leaving bodies everywhere. Hernandez was the last man standing and airballed a big dive on the floor. Suddenly, the women were in the ring. Sure, why not. Von Eerie ripped off Sarita's mask and slammed her. Anarquia and Von Eerie were left in the ring, where Von Eerie pantsed Anarquia. Tenay and Taz had no idea what to say here. In all of the confusion, Hernandez rolled up Neal from behind for the win.

WINNERS: Mexican America at 8:02 to retain the Tag Titles. What a mess. Why would anyone spend $35 on the subsequent PPV broadcast after watching that on the pre-show? Unbelievable incompetence from TNA that made the product look like a joke.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz broke down the PPV line-up and noted Hogan-Sting will not be a wrestling match, but a fight. Tenay fed to a video package on the Sting-Hogan feud going back to the end of last year when Hogan and Eric Bischoff took control of the company from Dixie Carter.

Backstage: JB tried to set up the Jarretts for commentary on Jeff Hard, but Karen interrupted and cut a promo on Jeff Hardy. Jeff then cut a promo that he can't believe Jeff Hardy showed up here at the building. Jeff sold that he couldn't find the words to describe his anger and ended the interview. Basic marketing indicating a top star will be on the PPV broadcast, so spend the money to see what Hardy does.

Arena: JB and Hemme gave the final sales pitch for the PPV.

Live PPV broadcast

The PPV started with a three-minute video package recapping the build-up to Hogan-Sting and Angle-Roode. One of the BFG banner graphics suggested a match/encounter between Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett.

Arena: Tenay set the stage before Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera. Tenay said the future direction of TNA will be determined tonight both inside the ring (Angle-Roode) and outside the ring (Hogan-Sting). They continued to stress the idea of the company's future in the balance. As for the title match, Taz said everyone is saying this is Robert Roode's time. Well, except for Hulk Hogan. As expected, they're starting off the PPV with the standard PPV-opening X Division Title match.

In-ring: First out was Brian Kendrick sporting a combination Sabu and Kamala look. Kendrick did a pre-match victory lap before dancing in the ring. Austin Aries was out next to a strong reception from the vocal males. Aries was sporting a cape for some reason. Taz noted Aries's ovation and history in Philadelphia. "Austin Aries" chant before the match started. Aries acknowledged it with a self-satisfied half-smile, trying to still remain in heel mode.

1 -- X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. BRIAN KENDRICK -- X Division Title match

The crowd established early on they were in favor of Aries and not in favor of Kendrick, who was booed by the vocal males when he scored early offense. Aries was cheered when he returned fire and scored close nearfalls. Kendrick came back with a pin attempt following a Tornado DDT, which led to an audible "Aries, Aries" chant. Aries then nailed a flying suicide dive on the floor. Back in the ring, Aries landed a flying dropkick in the corner. He wanted a brainbuster, but Kendrick countered with knees to the head for a two count. Aries then blocked Sliced Bread #2, but Kendrick nailed it on a second attempt. He made a cover, but Aries grabbed the bottom rope just in time. "Austin Aries" chant before Aries blocked a Sliced Bread attempt from the ring apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Aries executed another corner dropkick before delivering a brainbuster suplex. Aries made the cover and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Aries at 10:28. Very good match to start the PPV. Nice finishing sequence and the crowd was fully invested, not just because of Aries, but the good action. (**3/4)

Backstage: JB and Traci Brooks were orchestrating a photo session with Karen Jarrett's kids, which drew Karen's ire when she walked into the office. Karen sent the kids away before reprimanding "Aunt Traci" on her behavior. She noted she will be special referee for the four-way Knockouts Title match and told Traci not to leave this room under any conditions...unless she's in trouble.

Video package: Build-up to Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn... In-ring: Lynn was out first for the Full Metal Mayhem match. The crowd followed the script and booed Lynn before RVD returned to Philadelphia to a strong reaction.

2 -- ROB VAN DAM vs. JERRY LYNN -- Full Metal Mayhem match

A ton of counters and not a lot of mayhem to start things off. After two stand-offs following counter exchanges, the two men collided near the ropes and kind of fell to the outside. RVD tried a springboard moonsault from the guardrail, but Lynn moved and RVD ate the padding. As RVD sold the effects, Lynn pulled out a ladder and slid it into the ring. A chair was also introduced into the proceedings. Meanwhile, RVD randomly posed for and talked to the ringside fans.

Back in the ring, the two men then traded chair-assisted offense, continuing the match theme of there being numerous counters. This was followed by a chair toss to the head by Lynn to RVD. There should be a fine attached to that until people learn. Lynn then introduced a second ladder, leading to a dangerous spot when Lynn tried a sunset flip powerbomb onto the ladder, but completely missed and RVD ate the ringside guardrail on the back of his neck. Back in the ring, RVD recovered and delivered a Van Terminator sending a chair into a ladder into Lynn's face. Lynn sold unconsciousness as the crowd popped. RVD then made a cover on Lynn for the pin and the win. Afterward, RVD and Lynn sold respect before Lynn left the ring and RVD celebrated.

WINNER: RVD at 13:15. The presentation from TNA was this was "fun to go back in time," but this set the wrestling industry back two decades. Too many dangerous spots around the head/neck region for comfort. It wasn't entertaining at all in that respect. Just shaking my head at a replay showing all of the dangerous spots. It would be like ESPN still glorifying head shots on defenseless NFL receivers because it "gets a reaction." (n/a)

Earlier today: TNA president Dixie Carter arrived at the building with her company on the line.

Video package: Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan vs. Crimson hype. The voice-over man said the winner will likely be in line for a future World Title shot.

In-ring: Samoa Joe was the first man out for the three-way match. Matt Morgan came out next as Tenay talked about the "heat" between Morgan and Joe going back to the Bound for Glory Series. Ref Earl Hebner kept Joe and Morgan apart before Crimson came out third.

3 -- SAMOA JOE vs. MATT MORGAN vs. CRIMSON -- three-way match

Joe started the match telling Morgan and Crimson to beat each other up, but they jumped Joe for an early double-team attack. Crimson then accidentally popped Morgan in the mouth, but Morgan kept his cool and the two big men pin-balled Joe across the ring with strikes. Joe came back with a leg sweep targeting Morgan's right knee after dumping Crimson to the floor. The match moved to the floor after Joe splashed Crimson with a suicide dive. The seven-foot Morgan then went up top, balanced himself on the top turnbuckle, and splashed Crimson on the floor. Joe admired his handiwork turning the two men against each other before the match returned to the ring.

Morgan and Crimson then started to get heated with each other. Morgan won the crowd and the exchange with a shoulder tackle before Joe yanked Morgan to the outside and ran him into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Joe delivered high-impact offense on Crimson before Morgan became involved again. A final three-man exchange led to Crimson delivering a spear on Joe for the pin and the win. Post-match: Crimson and Morgan stared each other down before Morgan limped off and the vocal males booed Crimson as the winner.

WINNER: Crimson at 7:14. Fine execution of the story with Joe trying to pit the faces against each other, then Joe getting his comeuppance by taking the loss. Noteworthy was Joe getting that Austin Aries reaction from the vocal males. (*1/2)

Backstage: JB tried to promote the PPV before Bully Ray snuck up behind him for a pre-match promo. Ray did the opposite of Anderson on the pre-show by cutting a promo on Philadelphia, saying he spent 15 years taking every dollar from them. Ray then walked off to the entrance ramp as his music played. After Ray came out to the ring, Mr. Anderson stormed the ring to begin the street fight.

4 -- BULLY RAY vs. MR. ANDERSON -- Philadelphia Street Fight -- Falls Count Anywhere

After some basic holds, Anderson went to the floor to retrieve a pro-A-hole sign. Anderson popped it over Ray's head, then revealed it was a loaded sign complete with a street sign. Anderson then popped Ray clean over the head with the street sign. Another fine-worthy offense. The match then moved to the floor, where Anderson threw a beer into Ray's face. On the other side of the ringside section, a woman threw a beer onto Anderson. The action moved to the stage, where Ray mocked Anderson's mic drop gimmick before Anderson popped him in the face with the mic. The match moved backstage, where Ray scored with a piledriver for a nearfall. They returned to the stage area on the floor before spilling over the guardrail toward the ringside area.

Back in the ring, Anderson landed a few punches before going to the floor to remove a section of the guardrail. Anderson heaved the rail into the ring, but Ray cut off Anderson with a clothesline. Ray then grabbed a table and set it up in the ring. But, Anderson recovered and back-dropped Ray onto the guardrail, causing it to bend in the middle. Anderson decided a top-rope move was the next court of action, but he missed with a senton splash and crashed into the rail. Ray followed right up with a Full Nelson suplex through the table, but Anderson kicked out of a pin attempt.

Anderson, with blood coming from his mouth, came back with a Mic Check into the guardrail, but Ray kicked out. Ray then rolled out of the ring to catch his breath and Anderson followed to the outside, where he retrieved a trashcan. Anderson smashed Ray over the head with the can, which thankfully bent with the blow, and Ray found himself flat on a table. Anderson then went back into the ring for a top-rope move and brushed Ray with a flying senton after over-shooting. The crowd was disappointed, then Anderson and Ray called an audible and Anderson finished off Ray with a Mic Check through the table. Anderson made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Anderson at 14:33. The story carried the contest, which still had one too many head/neck blows for comfort, but it delivered on what was advertised. Anderson needed an impressive, decisive win to reverse course on his TNA career, and this accomplished the goal. (**)

Backstage Office: A camera "eavesdropped" on Eric Bischoff as he was talking to referee Jackson James. Bischoff revealed the plot that Jackson, his son, was working on Immortal's behalf all along with questionable officiating. Bischoff told Jackson to make sure Hogan wins tonight. He said it could get ugly and they want Sting taken out on a stretcher tonight. Bischoff and Jackson hugged it out to conclude the segment.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz sold shock over the revelation. Taz said that explains a lot. Tenay focused on Bischoff's line about Jackson "always being there for us." They sold they were stunned before trying to transition to Knockouts Title match hype.

5 -- Knockouts champion WINTER (w/Angelina Love) vs. VELVET SKY vs. MADISON RAYNE vs. MICKIE JAMES -- four-way Knockouts Title match -- Karen Jarrett special referee

The story early on was Karen officiating in favor of the heels (Rayne and Madison). The heels then became upset with each other, so Karen tried to restore order, while ignoring the babyfaces when they were on the advantage. Karen was eventually bumped, which brought out Traci Brooks to check on Karen. In the confusion, Velvet had a pin on Rayne, Traci tried to decide what to do, and then counted the pin for Velvet. New KO champion. Post-match: Karen was helped away and Velvet celebrated while Winter and Angelina stewed ringside.

WINNER: Velvet at 8:31 to capture the KO Title. That was a complete mess with an over-complicated situation. The crowd did respond to the title change, though, after wanting the match to end about 30 seconds in.

Backstage: JB brought in Kazarian for his thoughts on his two Fortune buddies, A.J. Styles and Daniels, facing off tonight and Robert Roode challenging for the World Title tonight. Kaz said he knows Roode is ready, but he's torn on A.J. vs. Daniels. He said he just hopes it's over quickly.

Video Package: Styles vs. Daniels feud, complete with a different style music video promoting the match. Very nice change-of-pace hype video. ... In-ring: Daniels, sporting dark, long pants instead of his wrestling shorts, was out first for the I Quit match against Styles. Styles came out next and took his time entering the ring to make Daniels think about the situation.

6 -- A.J. STYLES vs. DANIELS -- I Quit match

Daniels tried to get Styles to quit a few seconds into the match, but Styles blew him off, then Styles sustained an attack, but Daniels wouldn't quit either. On the floor, Daniels tried to grab a toolbox from under the ring. He found a wrench and chucked it at Styles, who ducked to avoid the baseball throw. Daniels then tried to jab a screwdriver into Styles's face, but Styles fought him off. Daniels then sustained an attack and congratulated himself on a BME to Styles's lower back. Daniels opted for a single-leg Boston Crab, but Styles refused to quit.

Daniels then retrieved a chair and placed it on Styles's throat before sitting on the chair. He said he's been dreaming of watching Styles die in front of him and now he'll get everything Styles has been given in TNA. Daniels said he'll tell his wife that his last words were, "I love you." Daniels then addressed the hard camera and told Wendy to take the kids out of the room so they don't see Styles murdered in cold blood. Too heavy-handed. Styles then made his comeback after Daniels took too long talking and Styles fired up the crowd. Daniels told Styles to die, but Styles hit a Pele kick, then the Styles Clash. Styles picked up a chair to bash Daniels, but grabbed a screwdriver instead. Daniels backed away to the corner and said, "Okay, A.J., I quit. Don't hurt me." The crowd booed the anti-climatic finish, then Daniels ran away from the ring to avoid Styles's wrath.

Post-match: Styles pounded the mat as he left the ring. Styles posed on the stage, then Daniels jumped Styles from behind. Daniels then dropped Styles with Angel's Wings. For some reason, Daniels was rewarded with his music playing. "He never beat me!" Daniels declared, hinting the feud will continue. Daniels then "kicked dirt" onto Styles. On-camera the announcers sold they weren't happy with the non-conclusive finish that didn't resolve anything and said Styles won't be happy with how the match finished.

WINNER: Styles at 13:42. This had potential to be a stand-out match, but the mid-match promo took this from a heated, competitive battle to an unrealistic, unentertaining situation with the vow to kill someone. (Of note: A.J. Styles was trending on Twitter following this match.) (**)

As the announcers tried to transition away from Styles-Daniels, Jeff Jarrett's music interrupted. Jarrett walked out in street clothes and stared down the crowd on the way to the ring. In the ring, Jarrett told "Jeffrey Nero Hardy" that no one in TNA wants him part of the company. In fact, no one in the building wants anything to do with Hardy. Boos, then a "Hardy, Hardy" chant. Jarrett said the fans are singing a different tune because they walked the line before the show and 9/10 people said they hope to never see Hardy again. Jarrett said Hardy's hiding right now, but he's calling him out. Jarrett vowed to take Hardy out of this company tonight.

Cue up new Jeff Hardy theme music that sounded like the intro to Ink, Inc., Crimson, or any number of people on the roster. It transitioned to vocals from Hardy wanting "one more shot." Hardy then emerged on-stage and slowly made his way to the ring. In the ring, Hardy took a mic and said he only has one thing to say to him. Hardy then kicked Jarrett in the gut and a fight broke out.

The fight was cut off when security stormed the ring to separate them. A brief "Let them fight" chant broke out before Jeff and Jeff did the traditional wrestling pullapart bit breaking free from referees to attack the other one, then being separated. Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, and Simon Diamond then got their TV time hitting the ring to join refs and security. The crowd was so invested in the story that they started a "D-Lo" chant. The camera followed Jarrett as he was dragged away from the ring shouting, "No one wants you here!" Hardy was left alone in the ring once the dust settled. Hardy posed in the ring as Tenay said Jarrett might be wrong, based on the crowd reaction.

Video Package: Hogan-Sting feud recap. The match is officially in the semi-main event slot. After the video aired, Tenay and Taz tried to sell the stipulation. Taz said control of the company is the biggest stipulation you could have in a match. How about a title match for the top prize in a promotion being the most you could have on the line in a match? Tenay and Taz then sent it to the ring, where Christy Hemme editorialized a bit during her ring introduction for Hulk Hogan.

In-ring: Hogan came out on-stage sporting taped fists. He was wearing jeans with red kneepads, a sleeveless Impact t-shirt, and red bandana. The crowd popped and they cut to a shot of Dixie Carter standing in the crowd. Someone almost hit Dixie in the face with a sign and she mouthed, "C'mon" in frustration. Tenay noted Jackson James is the referee here. Sting then came out next sporting a Hulkamania t-shirt and traditional Sting jacket and long pants. Big reactions for both men. They showed Dixie applauding and cheering on Sting from ringside. Before the bell sounded, the two men paced the ring, selling nervous energy.

7 -- HULK HOGAN vs. STING -- No DQ match for control of TNA

Once the bell sounded, Hogan danced around the ring before doing some shadow boxing. He then pointed to the entrance ramp and Ric Flair's music hit. Flair came out to ringside as Dixie sold disgust ringside. Hogan shook hands with Flair as Flair's music kept playing. Dixie was shown panicked before the music stopped. Loud "whoos" before Hogan and Sting went back to circling around each other. The two men locked up (yes, a lock-up in a "fight") and Sting worked a side headlock for a while. Hogan then delivered a shoulder tackle and started going nuts with his poses and a crotch chop. Sting, shocked, threw away his t-shirt and went after Hogan, but Hogan knocked him down to the mat. They cut to Dixie sitting in her seat with her hands underneath her chin.

Hogan knocked Sting to the outside and Sting went looking for Flair before returning to the ring, where Hogan landed more offense. Hogan then dumped Sting to the outside again and Flair choked the life out of Sting before delivering chops right in front of Dixie. Hogan followed up with a low blow to Sting as ref Jackson James watched. Hogan bit into Sting's forehead before Flair handed Hogan a foreign object. Hogan rammed it into Sting's head over and over before rolling Sting back into the ring.

In the ring, Sting came up bleeding from the forehead. Hogan then did a combination P.S. Hayes/Ric Flair strut as Sting bled onto the mat. Sting suddenly came back with right hands and Hogan actually took a bump on his back. After chasing Flair on the outside, Sting landed another right and Hogan took another bump on his back. Sting bought Hogan some more time by running to the outside to chase down Flair. Back in the ring, Sting jabbed Hogan with a weapon and Hogan took a flatback bump. Hogan was bleeding from the forehead now. Sting hit a Stinger Splash, then knocked Flair off the apron. Sting followed with a Stinger Splash to Hogan's back before slapping on the Scorpion Deathlock. Hogan tapped out, but ref Jackson James ignored it. Hogan kept tapping, though, so Jackson reluctantly called for the bell.

WINNER: Sting via submission at 9:43 to win control of the company. They tried to deliver an acceptable match considering the physical limitations in the ring. Add in a few bells & whistles and it went about as well as anyone could reasonably expect.

Post-match: Dixie jumped up and down in celebration before Flair smashed Sting from behind. Immortal, led by Eric Bischoff, then hit the ring and delivered an attack on Sting. Abyss was shown watching in the distance. Bischoff then went for a chair shot, but Jackson stole the chair from Eric. Eric then cracked a chair over his son's back as Hogan was shown getting up in the background. Immortal continued to beat down Sting, who looked up to Hogan and asked Hogan to help him. Sting crawled toward Hogan as the crowd encouraged Hogan to help. Hogan then ripped off his t-shirt, Hulked Up, and went to town on Immortal. Hogan and Sting had Immortal caught in the middle and they cleaned house.

The only man left from Immortal was Bischoff, who was cowering in the corner. Hogan and Sting then came together before Hogan pointed down at Bischoff. Hogan and Sting slowly picked up Bischoff before Hogan wound up a big right hand and decked Bischoff. Dixie had stars in her eyes ringside. "I'm back," Hogan said. Hogan then dumped Bischoff out of the ring before standing tall with Sting. Sting said he wants Hulkamania back. Sting did Hogan's poses as Dixie was shown crying ringside. Hogan and Sting then shook hands before Hogan's music played. Dixie was shown hugging husband Serge ringside as the announcers recapped what happened. Sting left the ring first, followed by Hogan, who limped out of the ring and bent over ringside, selling the adrenaline was wearing off.

Segment Reax: And now the money starts rolling in with Hulkamania back in TNA. At least, that was the sales pitch that someone with decision-making power in TNA bought. And, it was classic Hogan stealing heat from the actual main event.

Video Package: They cut to a video on Robert Roode's journey to the main event of Bound for Glory. ... In-ring: Robert Roode was out first for the TNA World Title main event. Kurt Angle, sporting tape around his hamstring due to a pre-match injury, was out next. No formal ring intros since they're running up against the clock. Tough assignment getting the crowd invested here.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE vs. ROBERT ROODE -- TNA World Title match

They started with a quick offensive exchange. The crowd was still invested early on, including the vocal males chanting for Roode. Angle then wanted a moonsault, but Roode delivered an overhead toss and Angle landed face-first on the mat. After a pause for everyone to recover, Roode delivered successive offense before snapping off a neckbreaker for a two count. Roode tried a top-rope move, but Angle cut him off with a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. Roode came back with a Crossface, but Angle countered with the anklelock. Roode fought the hold, then countered right back with a Crossface. And, back to the anklelock for Angle. Roode escaped, then delivered a spinebuster. Roode followed with a Fisherman Suplex with a bridge pin, but Angle rolled a shoulder just in time.

At 10:00, the crowd broke out in a "Let's go Angle / Let's go Bobby" chant. Angle went back to the ankelock, but Roode countered. Roode continued to sell the leg work, then Angle used the ref as a shield to distract Roode, who walked into a mule kick from Angle. Angle followed with the Angle Slam, but Roode kicked out in-time, popping the crowd. Angle followed with two German Suplexes and Roode countered #3 with another Crossface. Angle escaped, though, and both men sold the effects of the match thus far. Another dueling chant as they reset. Angle then speared Roode, who kicked out of a pin.

Angle tried another top-rope move, but Roode blocked and re-applied a Crossface center ring. Angle fought out, though, and the two men traded finishing moves. Angle then hit the Angle Slam and scored a pin despite Roode's hand being under the bottom rope and Angle using the ropes for leverage. It looked like the ref stopped his count, so the crowd didn't know what to think. The ref called for the bell anyways and the ref did the X signal as Angle took off his boot. Angle was then helped out of the ring as Roode sat in the corner selling disbelief over the outcome. They signed off at 10:52 p.m. EST.

WINNER: Angle at 14:15 to retain the TNA World Title. This was certainly Hogan's TNA dream night. TNA dropped the ball only allotting 15 minutes to the match and not going all the way with Roode after the build-up. If they were going to do this finish, the match needed to be about 25 minutes so Roode was legitimized as being able to "hang with Angle." Instead, he looked like another typical TNA babyface unable to win the big one. Even if Roode gets a re-match due to the non-clean finish, they can't get back to the position they were in leading to BFG. (***)


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