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CALDWELL'S TNA GENESIS PPV RESULTS 1/8: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Roode-Hardy, Angle-Storm

Jan 8, 2012 - 9:48:05 PM

TNA Genesis PPV Results
January 8, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The first TNA PPV of 2012 opened with footage from "earlier today" when TNA World Hvt. champion Robert Roode was shown arriving at the building at 4:30 p.m. for his title defense against Jeff Hardy, who was shown arriving at 6:00 p.m.

Impact Zone: Pyro shot off and Mike Tenay introduced the show before they went to a shot of Tenay and Taz on-camera introducing the show. Tenay noted there will be four title matches tonight, with none more important than Roode vs. Hardy for the TNA Title tonight.

In-ring: Zema Ion came out first for the X Division Title opening match. Ion tried to slap hands with rapper Rick Ross, who no-sold him ringside to a pop. Kash was out next, followed by Jesse Sorensen complete with football to play up his high school football gimmick. The magician, X Division champion Austin Aries, was out last to defend his title.

1 -- X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. KID KASH vs. JESSE SORENSEN vs. ZEMA ION -- X Division Title match -- four-corners elimination match

The bell sounded and Aries mocked the classic slow-clap at a wrestling event before bailing from the ring to let the other three wrestlers battle. Moments later, Kash followed Aries's lead, allowing Sorensen and Ion to trade rapid-fire moves. Kash eventually re-entered for a three-way Tower of Doom spot. Aries then tried to sneak in a pin on all three, but they all kicked out. The action then moved to the floor, where Sorensen nailed a flip-dive onto all three opponents.

Back in the ring, Aries connected with a 450 splash on Sorensen, but Sorensen kicked out, drawing a "Jesse, Jesse" chant. Sorensen then came back with a close nearfall on Aries following a top-rope splash. Kash was eliminated, then the action broke down moments later with the three remaining. Sorensen pulled out a quick small package pin on Ion for the next elimination. Moments later, Sorensen had a pin on Aries, but Ion still had the referee occupied complaining about his elimination. It allowed Aries to kick out of a pin when the ref finally came around to making a count.

Even after the referee dispute, Ion did not leave the ringside area, which allowed Ion to pull Sorensen's foot from the floor as Sorensen was perched on the top rope. It allowed Aries to crotch Sorensen, then deliver an Avalanche Brainbuster, as called by Tenay, to allow Aries to score the pin for the win. Afterward, Ion applauded his work ringside before Aries took a bow with the X Division Title belt.

WINNER: Aries at 10:50 to retain the X Division Title. (**1/2)

Backstage: Brother Devon's sons walked onto the interview set with Jeremy Borash dressed like The Pope. JB tried to get to the bottom of why they're following Pope, who descended from a flight of stairs to join Devon's sons. Pope said he should slap around JB, but then no one would be able to hold the mic for him. Pope then cut a promo on Devon to preview their grudge match next.


Pope came out first with Devon's sons, then Devon stormed the ring to begin the fight before the bell sounded. Devon continued the onslaught, included rapid-fire rights as TNA zoomed in to expose the pulled punches. Pope then "inadvertently" bumped the ref into the top rope, causing Devon to be crotched on the top turnbuckle. Pope followed with an assault as the crowd tried to rally behind Devon. Pope included repeated stomps in his attack, drawing Ron Garvin references from the announcers. They cut to a shot of Terrence and Terrell watching ringside as Pope continued the assault.

Pope then randomly asked for T&T to enter the ring. The ref told them to get out of the ring, but T&T remained in the ring. They didn't immediately follow Pope's instructions, drawing Pope's ire. Pope then blasted both sons, revealing his true colors. Devon fired himself up Ultimate Warrior-style, then blasted Pope with repeated blows. Devon fired up the crowd, then delivered a powerslam for a nearfall. Pope came back with an uppercut, though, before Devon delivered a flying shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Pope cut off Devon's attack again, though, as they continued to lose a crowd that was hot for the expected finish moments earlier. Pope tried his exposed knees corner finisher, but Devon avoided and delivered a lift-up reverse DDT for the pin and the win. Afterward, T&T slowly re-entered the ring and approached Devon to hug and re-unite.

WINNER: Devon at 10:20. They had the "feel-good" finish after Pope showed his true colors, then randomly went to a back-and-forth exchange that took the crowd out of the finish and poured water on a potential hot ending. (*1/4)

Backstage: JB brought in Sting after talking about Roode-Hardy and Hardy's journey back following Victory Road last year. Velvet Sky interrupted, then Sting walked into the shot. Sky said she has important business to talk to Sting about. She made her case to be the new VP of the Knockouts, then intentionally rambled on as Sting tried to answer. Sky finished with a plan to keep Madison Rayne occupied during the Knockouts Title match tonight. Sting seemed to agree, just to get her to leave. After Sky left, Sting talked about Hardy re-building his name brick-by-brick, then closed by noting he is in charge of TNA, not Roode.

In-ring: Gunner was introduced along with Ric Flair, who was given a very non-descript introduction. Flair is definitely not a protected legend in this company. RVD came out next to face Gunner.

3 -- GUNNER (w/Ric Flair) vs. ROB VAN DAM

The crowd chanted RVD's name throughout the opening five minutes as RVD regularly exchanged looks with Flair ringside. Also, the PPV feed froze momentarily during the opening. Flair came into play late in the match when ref Earl Hebner became occupied with Flair on the floor. Behind the ref's back, Gunner dropped RVD on the exposed concrete with a DDT, playing off his recent TV matches. RVD sold being knocked out, then Gunner rolled RVD into the ring for a pin and the win. Post-match, Hebner did the "X" signal to bring out referees, agents, and medical personnel to place RVD in a neckbrace and put him on a stretcher. Flair tried to pick a fight with Al Snow and D-Lo Brown before leaving with Gunner. While on a backboard, RVD tried to fight the medical assistance, selling that he did not want to leave the ring in a neckbrace. RVD was stretchered to the back to conclude the segment.

WINNER: Gunner at 6:50. With RVD's contract reportedly coming due soon, the injury angle came across like a write-off, but that remains to be seen. Regardless, TNA needs to follow up on TV to continue building up Gunner as an imposing heel.

Backstage: JB talked solemnly about a "very dire situation" with RVD. He then brought in Jeff Hardy for a pre-title match interview. Hardy was already painted up for the main event, sporting the neon color scheme from the Genesis PPV poster. Hardy waited out "Hardy, Hardy" chants and cut a brief promo as the PPV feed froze for a second time.

Impact Zone: A bird cage was positioned ringside for the Knockouts Title match. After challenger Mickie James came out, champion Gail Kim and Madison Rayne came out. The referee then informed Madison that she would have to enter the cage. As Madison protested, Velvet Sky came to ringside to enforce the cage stipulation and called for the cage to be raised into the air.

4 -- Knockouts champion GAIL KIM (w/Madison Rayne) vs. MICKIE JAMES -- Knockouts Title match

Gail jumped Mickie as the bell sounded to put Mickie's focus on the match, rather than Madison in the cage. Gail then continued the assault as Mickie struggled to make a comeback. When the match moved to the floor, Mickie finally scored some offense before picking up a nearfall back in the ring. The action came to a halt moments later when Madison tossed brass knuckles into the ring from the cage. (That was a little too convenient based on the storyline that Madison did not know in advance she would be in a cage.) After the knucks came into play, the ref reprimanded Madison and Gail, then Madison tossed down another set of brass knucks as the ref turned his back. This time, Mickie grabbed the knucks, used them on Gail, and the ref turned around to see the smoking gun, causing a DQ. Afterward, Velvet consoled an upset Mickie, who slowly walked out of the ring selling frustration.

WINNER: Gail via DQ at 6:20. Another non-clean finish for a Knockouts Title match, as expected following TNA's booking pattern.

Backstage: JB brought in Bully Ray to discuss the Monster's Ball match against Abyss up next. Ray said when Abyss challenged him to the match, he was nervous for just one second before telling himself that he's the biggest and toughest wrestler in TNA. Ray claimed to be the king of these types of matches. After giving a shout-out to Mick Foley and Terry Funk, he also claimed to be the King of Hardcore. Ray vowed to make Abyss lose badly before dragging Abyss back to Immortal to make him kiss everyone's feet.

Impact Zone: Ray, with Kendo stick in hand, came out first for the Monster's Ball match and tried to intimidate So Cal Val ringside. Ray walked around the ring, which was surrounded by weapons, before entering the ring. Abyss was out next with no weapons in his possession.

5 -- ABYSS vs. BULLY RAY -- Monster's Ball match

The two men felt each other out with weapons shots that were blocked or no-sold. Abyss finally had enough of the duel and went under the ring to retrieve his trust Janice barbed wire board. Ray saw it, then bailed from the ring and said he was leaving. Ray walked to the back, so Ray followed him to the back. Suddenly, Ray re-emerged and Abyss love-tapped him back down the entrance ramp toward the ring. The crowd was taken out of the match during the disappearance and slow-motion re-emergence.

Back ringside, Abyss started bleeding after brushing up against some barbed wire positioned ringside. Abyss shook it off, rolled Ray back into the ring, and went back under the ring to find his bags of fun from the mid-2000s TNA PPV era. Also in-play was a cheese grater, which Abyss drove into Ray's crotchal region. Abyss then went into the bag of tricks to dump thumbtacks on the mat. Abyss tried a tack slam, but Ray low-blowed Abyss to block. Ray went for comedy complaining about the state of his balls following the cheese grater spot, then introduced a table into the ring. Abyss "turned the tables" on Ray, though, with a chokeslam through the table that scored a nearfall.

Abyss went back to the outside, where he found two barbed wire boards to toss into the ring. Ray used the break to catch his breath, though, and slam Abyss into one of the boards, drawing gasps from the crowd. Ray made a cover, but Abyss rolled a shoulder to escape the pin. Ray made a sandwich with the other board, then came off the second rope with a splash onto the barbed wire sandwich. Abyss kicked out again, though. Ray then tried to use Janice on Abyss, but Abyss blocked and chokeslammed Ray into the thumbtacks. Ray kicked out of the pin, though, surprising the crowd.

Ray recovered moments later and began blasting away on Abyss with Kendo stick shots. Ray took his time in-between shots, though, which allowed Abyss to regain his strength and deliver a Black Hole Slam into one of the barbed wire boards. Abyss made the cover on the board and it was good for a pin and the win this time.

WINNER: Abyss at 15:28. Abyss could go 20 years without doing this match and it would still seem like it's too soon. But, if they toned it down two notched, they still could have accomplished the goal of getting over Abyss as a dominant monster. TNA tried to present the match as "fresh" since it's been a while since Abyss has done this type of match, but it still reeks of mid-2000s TNA when Abyss tried to use every stunt in the book to get over. Saving this type of match for a true blow-off in a main event that TNA really builds up on TV and tries to get people to pay money to see would at least be understandable.

Backstage: TNA tag champions Crimson and Matt Morgan talked to JB about defending the Tag Titles against Samoa Joe and Crimson tonight. Crimson was focused and deliberate, then Morgan offered a different tone with a passionate promo about showcasing their abilities and size in the title match.

6 -- TNA tag champions MATT MORGAN & CRIMSON vs. SAMOA JOE & MAGNUS -- TNA Tag Title match

Morgan and Joe started things off. They exchanged aggressive blows, then Joe delivered an enziguiri, but Morgan popped to his feet and delivered a clothesline. After their stalemate, Magnus and Crimson tagged in to have an exchange. Joe re-entered and continued the beating on Crimson. Suddenly, they cut to a split-screen of Abyss and Ray still fighting backstage. The backstage shot was given priority on the screen, rendering the Tag Title match an afterthought in a smaller window. Back to the Tag Title match, the crowd chanted for Morgan as Taz continued to focus on Ray-Abyss, but noting Ray was trending on Twitter.

Morgan tagged into the match at 6:45 and threw Magnus across the ring with a fallway slam. Joe then took a back elbow smash and clothesline. Morgan fired up and clothesline Magnus before delivering his signature suplex into a frontslam for a two count. The action broke down when Joe attacked Morgan from behind, then Morgan tried to fight off both challengers. Crimson re-entered and dragged Magnus to the outside, leaving Morgan and Joe in the ring. Joe then took the action to the floor with a flying forearm smash to Crimson.

Morgan was left alone in the ring, so Magnus re-entered the ring looking for an attack. But, Crimson KO'ed Joe on the floor, then re-entered the ring for a double-team finisher on Magnus. Morgan made the cover and it was good for the win. Afterward, Morgan and Crimson shoved each other around to celebrate as the challengers slowly walked away from the ring.

WINNERS: Morgan & Crimson at 9:25. Tough spot following Monster's Ball. Also, the match-up wasn't favorable with three BA-types and Magnus, whose character hasn't been developed for the audience to care about him right now. The match needed someone to balance the bigger stars so they actually stood out. (*1/2)

Backstage: JB brought in James Storm, who was drinking from a beer bottle. Borash asked Storm if he's ready for Kurt Angle tonight, which prompted Storm to question JB's line of questioning. Storm then put his hat and sunglasses on JB and asked JB the same question. Storm did his own interview and repeated that he has to believe that he can beat Angle for a third time tonight. He said Angle might suck in the ring tonight, but Angle will swallow...his foot down his throat. Storm signed off with his catchphrase after drinking more beer.

Impact Zone: After a video package on Angle-Storm, Kurt Angle came out first for the semi-main event. James Storm was out next as they randomly cut to a ringside shot of celebrity chef Robert Irvine, the fiancé of Gail Kim. As the wrestlers completed their entrances, Tenay noted Angle plans to use mat wrestling to combat Storm's "bar fight" offense.


Once the bell sounded, Angle bailed from the ring to frustrate Storm and avoid another quick pinfall loss like in their first match-up. After a brief back-and-forth, Angle bailed again, so Storm attacked him on the floor and high-fived the ringside fans. Back in the ring, Storm delivered ten punches in the corner, but took his time working on Angle, which allowed Angle to find an opening to start attacking Storm. As Angle wore down Storm, the announcers talked up Angle's 2012 Olympics quest and hardcore training regiment.

After Storm teased a comeback, Angle delivered his trademark trio of German Suplexes. He then went up top to deliver a top-rope moonsault for a two count. Angle took too long to follow up, allowing Storm to hit a DDT for a nearfall. Angle came back with an Angle Slam, but Storm kicked out. The crowd wasn't reacting much to the nearfalls here. Angle tried to get the crowd involved by mocking Storm's superkick warm-up, but Storm blocked a superkick and delivered a cutter for a two count. Storm went up top, blocked Angle's attempted overhead toss counter, and delivered an elbow drop for a nearfall.

Storm tried a superkick for the decisive blow, but Angle pulled ref Hebner in the way, then delivered a low blow in the confusion. Angle followed with a kick to the face and made the cover for the win. Post-match: Angle had a conversation with ref Hebner before leaving the ring flashing a big, heelish smile. Storm checked his jaw as he recovered, then Tenay and Taz recapped a video replay of the match. Afterward, Angle celebrated on the stage while Storm sternly matched eyes.

WINNER: Angle at 13:44. Fine singles match to continue the Storm-Angle program and keep Roode and Storm away from each other in the title picture. Angle is definitely (and smartly) not taking many risks in the ring to preserve his Olympics push and overall career at his age. He's good enough to where he can get by with a perfectly fine match. (**)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz set up the title match main event, but they were interrupted by something going on backstage. Bully Ray was shown wiping blood off his hands as the roving cameraman asked him what happened to Abyss. Ray unconvincingly said he doesn't know, obviously hiding something. They suddenly cut to a video package on Roode-Hardy.

Backstage: JB brought in Robert Roode to talk about his title defense against Jeff Hardy. Roode called this pathetic. He said it's disgusting. Roode said not only does it disgust him standing next to JB, but he has to listen to the people in the crowd chant Hardy's name over and over again. Roode waited for the "Hardy, Hardy" chant, paused, smirked, and said Hardy is nothing but an embarrassment. He said he does not like to be embarrassed and there is no redemption. He said he got his chance to become World champion and he took advantage. And that means he will do whatever it takes to remain World champion. He told Jeff to remember that. " takes," he repeated.

Tale of the Tape: Tenay and Taz broke down the Roode vs. Hardy match-up before Hardy came out first to challenge for the title. After Hardy's up-beat music played, ominous music played to bring out heel champion Robert Roode. With everyone in the ring, JB handled formal ring introductions before the bell sounded at 10:25 p.m. EST.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion ROBERT ROODE vs. JEFF HARDY -- TNA World Title match

The match moved to the floor early on. Hardy cleared out the front row fans, then delivered a flying leg splash to Roode, who was leaning against the guardrail. Back in the ring, Roode crotched Hardy on the top turnbuckle, then began working over Hardy's leg/ankle. Roode continued the assault as the crowd tried to rally behind Hardy. Roode's cockiness caught up to him, as he mocked Hardy's top-rope pose before missing with a top-rope move. Roode was the first man to his feet, but Hardy blasted away with right hands followed by a back drop. Hardy delivered signature offense, but Roode came back with a spinebuster for a close two count.

At 15:00, Roode measured Hardy for a top-rope suplex, but Hardy blocked and face-planted Roode down to the mat. Hardy tried to follow with a Swanton Bomb, but Roode rolled to the floor to avoid Hardy. Roode tried to leave and he grabbed his title belt, but Hardy chased him down on the ramp and hit Roode from behind. Hardy ran Roode down the ramp into the ring, then the ref sort of stumbled around, allowing Roode to cheap-shot Hardy on the way back into the ring. Roode followed with a Fisherman Suplex with a bridge pin, but Hardy kicked out.

Hardy came back with a Twist of Fate and Whisper in the Wind, but Roode kicked out in time. The crowd chanted Hardy's name as Hardy measured Roode for another Twist of Fate, but Roode escaped and slid out of the ring. Roode asked for his title belt again, but Hardy chased him down again. Back in the ring, Hardy ducked a belt shot, then the ref broke up a Twist of Fate that would have sent Roode into the title belt, then Roode tried a quick roll-up with his feet on the ropes, but the ref saw it and stopped it. Quick sequence there.

Roode and Hardy reset with the two men standing inches away from each other. The ref was standing very close to them, which signaled what Roode was about to do: kick the ref in the crotch. Ref Hebner dropped to the mat as Hardy hit the Twist of Fate, then called for the bell for a DQ as Hardy was preparing for a pin. The verdict was announced as the crowd chanted for Sting to rectify the situation. Didn't they learn last month that Sting leaves before the main event?

Post-match: As Hardy's music played, Hardy went up top for a Swanton Bomb to "send the crowd home happy." Hardy then threw down the title belt onto Roode before doing a victory lap. Ringside, Hardy angrily yelled into the ring, where Roode was shown clutching his title belt. Hardy did a final victory lap and left the ringside area. "Dammit, Bobby Roode did it again," Tenay said to close the PPV. Tenay added that Hardy should be the champ and they signed off 12 minutes before the top of the hour.

WINNER: Hardy via DQ at 19:43; Roode retained the World Title. They seem to be building to a No DQ steel cage match to give Hardy a fair shot at the title. The match was okay-to-acceptable for a PPV main event with good heat on the final five minutes after the Ray-Abyss match hurt the crowd for the rest of the show. As for the outcome, TNA runs the risk of the wrong heat on the promotion for booking another non-clean main event finish (which is one reason why discerning viewers are not spending money on the PPVs), but this crowd was into the story thanks to Hardy's popularity and the slow development of Roode's heel persona as champ. (**1/4)


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