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CALDWELL'S TNA VICTORY ROAD PPV RESULTS 3/18: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Sting-Roode main event, Angle-Hardy, Storm-Ray

Mar 18, 2012 - 9:50:16 PM

TNA Victory Road PPV Results
March 18, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The third TNA PPV of 2012 opened with a video package documenting the build-up to Sting vs. TNA World Hvt. champion Robert Roode in the main event. If TNA really wanted to sell Bully Ray's "hostage" angle, he would interrupt the opening video. After the video aired, they cut to the Impact Zone for pyro and crowd shots before Mike Tenay introduced the show. On-camera, Tenay and Taz talked about the big events on tonight's PPV. Tenay then asked for fan feedback via Twitter during the show. Tenay said they'll read some tweets during the show. Tenay then requested questions for X Division champion Austin Aries.

Bully Ray was nice enough to wait out the opening video, pyro, and extended Twitter discussion before his music played to "hold the show hostage." Ray stormed the ring and told production to shut off his music. Ray sent a ref scurrying from the ring before pacing around. Ray approached the hard camera, but was interrupted by a "We want Devon" chant. Ray, annoyed, waited out the chant for a very long time to see who would give in first - him or the crowd. Ray was eventually satisfied before asking rhetorically if the crowd knows who he is. "You suck, you suck" was the crowd's response via chant. Ray replied, "I am Bully Ray...and, as of right now, I am the talk of the wrestling world."

Ray said he is trending worldwide on Twitter. A quick review indicates heels lie unless he changed his name to Kendall Marshall. Ray vowed to take this PPV hostage and the people will get nothing. Ray said the people only get a PPV if he gets what he wants. And, what he wants is for his match against James Storm to be a #1 contender match for Lockdown. Ray said he doesn't care if wrestlers, referees, security, or the "pig police" come to the ring. He will not leave until he gets what he wants.

Cue up James Storm's theme music to answer Ray. Storm slowly made his way out to the ring as Ray danced around in the ring, ready for a fight. Storm said it seems there's a lot of beer-drinkers in Orlando, Florida tonight. Storm called Ray's calves "chicken legs," which prompted a "chicken legs" chant. Storm said it will be real easy to remove Ray from the ring once he knocks out Ray and they drag him out of the ring. Storm answered Ray's request for a #1 contender match by saying Ray didn't have to waste these people's time because they can do the match right now.

1 -- JAMES STORM vs. BULLY RAY -- #1 contender match for the TNA World Title

Storm hit the ring and the ref called for the bell to start the match. Ray quickly cut off Storm and went to work on the current #1 contender. Ray then tried to grab Storm's beer, spilled it on the ring steps, then took a swig, and walked right into the Last Call Superkick that caused Ray to spit the beer into the air. Storm with the pin for the win.

WINNER: Storm at 1:10 to retain #1 contendership. Hot start to the show. These are two of the best talkers in wrestling right now and this was a nice change of pace from the usual start with a fill-in-the-blank X Division match.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in X Division champion Austin Aries. Borash pulled out his phone and read a Twitter question about why Aries isn't given a main event slot. Suddenly, a random man dressed like a tourist walked into the shot. It was Eric Bischoff with a gray goatee and protruding stomach over a black shirt. Bischoff took the mic from Borash and insulted him, following up on Bischoff's Facebook post dogging Borash last tweek. Borash retorted that Bischoff doesn't have any power any more. Bischoff added another insult, then took the mic and interviewed Aries. After insulting JB again, Bischoff interviewed Aries, who played up the idea that he doesn't need to be in the main event to be the main event. Bischoff said it's great to be standing next to a man like Aries. They exchanged an awkward greeting to wrap up the interview.

Impact Zone: Zema Ion came to the ring to challenge Aries for the X Division Title. Ion sprayed himself sufficiently with a bodyspray before Aries's music played to bring out the champ to a default face reaction.

2 -- X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. ZEMA ION -- X Division Title match

Ion established himself as the heel in the match by slapping Aries once they came face-to-face. Ion then bailed from the ring to make Aries think about it as the crowd chanted the champ's name. Aries waited out Ion's attempts to stall before finally clearing Ion from the ring. Aries then grabbed his phone from So Cal Val to send out a tweet. The tweet was, "It's a #GREAT day to be #GREAT...and a #GREAT day to #LiveTweet! #TGMTEL > @ZemaTNA #VictoryRoad." There's no way he typed that in five seconds, so it must have been pre-prepared.

Back in the ring, Aries and Ion exchanged offense before Ion came off the second rope with a twisting body press for a two count. On the outside, Ion executed a moonsault, prompting the announcers to reference Jesse Sorensen suffering a serious neck injury on the same move last month. Back in the ring, Ion continued to wear down Aries, including mocking Aries's pendulum elbow drop that he eventually missed with after taking forever.

Ion then tried a belt shot, but the ref pulled the belt away, allowing Ion to use his spray to down Aries. Ion tried a make cover, but Aries escaped in time. Ion followed with a facebuster-like maneuver, but it was also good for a nearfall only. Ion couldn't follow up on his offensive attack and Aries came back with the Brainbuster. The still-blinded champ followed with the Last Chancery submission and Ion tapped out.

WINNER: Aries at 11:10 via submission to retain the X Division Title. The match seemed to start and stop without reaching the next level expected for an Aries match. The bigger issue, though, was the presentation of the match, especially the announcing. Itdefined down TNA by making it seem like this PPV is reaching about 50 people who are part of a fanclub, rather than making it seem like there's a huge audience, this is a major event, and the PPV viewer is part of a significant gathering of viewers. (**1/4)

Video Package: A spotlight on Detroit aired. Alex Shelley was shown in a dark locker room as the music video-style video aired. Text on the screen said the Motor City Machineguns are coming.

Impact Zone: After a video package aired on the Tag Title feud, Matt Morgan and Crimson came out to challenge for the belts. The champs, Samoa Joe and Magnus, were out next. They took their time coming to the ring to sell the idea they're operating on their own time since they're the champs. After ref Earl Hebner held up the belts, the bell sounded to start the match.

3 -- TNA tag champions SAMOA JOE & MAGNUS vs. MATT MORGAN & CRIMSON -- TNA Tag Title match

The bell sounded and the crowd chanted, "Morgan, Morgan." After Morgan waited out the chants, Crimson slap-tagged himself into the match, prompting a brief discussion between Crimson and Morgan. Magnus then took down Crimson, causing Morgan to sell frustration and demand a tag. But, Crimson regained control and shook off a tag request from Morgan. Joe then tagged in and teed off on Crimson with rapid-fire offense. The announcers have been quiet on the Twitter discussion thus far in the match; of note, "#VictoryRoad" is trending worldwide.

Crimson regained control of the match and continued to ignore tag requests from Morgan. Crimson then landed his trademark knees to the chin, followed by a neckbreaker for a two count. Crimson continued to ignore Morgan before pointing to Morgan and delivering a snap suplex to Magnus for a two count. The crowd tried to encourage Crimson to do the right thing by chanting, "We want Morgan." Crimson remained in control, though. The crowd chanted, "Tag your partner," prompting Crimson to mouth, "Shut up," as he worked over Magnus.

Magnus came back with a clothesline to Crimson, putting both men on the mat. Crimson opted not to make a tag as Magnus tagged in Joe. Joe came in hot on Crimson, then pulled a great old-school Joe move simply walking away from a second-rope attack attempt. Joe then tried a corner attack, but Morgan saved his tag partner by yanking Crimson out of the way. Morgan tagged himself into the match, then cleaned house on Magnus and Joe. Morgan wanted to finish off Joe, but Crimson tagged himself back into the match. Morgan and Crimson started arguing, then Morgan tagged himself back into the match.

The argument then led to Magnus catching Morgan from behind. The tag champs combined on a series of moves as Crimson walked off to the ringside area. Morgan then approached Crimson, who told him he's the real winner. Morgan responded with a double middle finger salute before escaping a double-team. Morgan was poised to finish off Joe and/or Magnus, but Crimson hit the ring and speared Morgan. "I'm the winner," Crimson said as he left the ring. Back in the ring, the tag champs hit their double-team combo for the pin and the win. Post-match: Crimson smirked ringside as the tag champs celebrated and Morgan sold in the ring.

WINNERS: Joe & Magnus at 10:14. Solid story here. The tag champs took a bit of a back-seat, but the plan seemed to be giving Crimson and Morgan some juice ahead of a clash at Lockdown. Will the match be improved from their previous bouts? Perhaps, now that they have a solid story to work with.

Backstage: Borash was backstage again. Borash apologized for his co-worker, Eric Bischoff, then slipped in a few digs before bringing in World Hvt. champion Bobby Roode. JB read a tweet asking Roode how he plans to beat Sting tonight. "You want to ask the champ a Twitter question?" Roode asked with the right amount of indignation in his voice. Roode began entering promo mode, but James Storm slowly entered the interview to tell Roode he doesn't want a match, but a fight. Storm called him a chump, then Roode sneered, took a deep breath through his nose, and walked off. JB was left alone after Storm walked off, too.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz plugged Twitter some more as they reset the show. Taz admitted he's been reading tweets rather than calling the matches, then Tenay plugged an interview with TNA president Dixie Carter still to come tonight. Robbie E.'s music then played to interrupt the Twitter discussion.

Impact Zone: TV champion Robbie E. and Rob Terry made their way to the ring as Terry reviewed the text on his clipboard. Terry unhooked the velvet rope to provide Robbie an entrance into the ring as Tenay and Taz bantered back and forth. In the ring, Robbie took the mic and said they have some bad news tonight. "Due to every wrestler in the locker room already being contracted to a match, it looks like the Robbie E. Open Challenge isn't going to happen, man," he said. Robbie noted he wanted some stiff competition tonight as an "R-V-D" chant arose. Terry whispered something in Robbie's ear, then Robbie said they're going to open the Challenge to any fan in the Impact Zone. Robbie said one of these fans tonight could be a star.

Robbie proceeded to make fun of various fans in the crowd before Robbie approached three women facing the hard camera on the front row and said they're about 400 pounds each. Robbie then approached So Cal Val and asked if she wants to wrestle Robbie E. He said they're actually going to wrestle tonight at the DoubleTree, Room #511. Val was indignant, then Terry said that she's definitely not on the list. Back in the ring, Robbie proclaimed that no one deserves a shot against him. He said the Challenge is officially cancelled. Robbie said they should give them what they really want: posing. Suddenly, a man emerged in the crowd. It was a slimmed-down Brother Devon. Robbie declared that the Challenge is cancelled as Devon slipped into the ring in jeans and a cut-off t-shirt. Ref Brian Hebner then took the mic and played booker by booking the match and calling for the match.

4 -- TV champion ROBBIE E. (w/Rob Terry) vs. BROTHER DEVON -- TNA TV Title match

Devon quickly went off on Robbie, who was unprepared for this challenge. Devon then clotheslined Robbie over the top rope to the floor before following up on the outside with right hand blows. Chaos ensued ringside involving a chair and Terry with a cheap shot on Devon. Suddenly, a random woman tried to yank the chair away from Robbie. The announcers said it was Brooke Hogan. How could they be sure? After order was restored, the match returned to the ring, where Devon made a comeback. Devon then scored with a spinebuster and it was good for the pin and the win. Of note, the post-match replay did not include footage of the mystery blonde woman identified as Brooke getting involved.

WINNER: Devon at 3:03 to capture the TV Title.

Backstage: Dixie Carter, with stars in her eyes, was backstage with Jeremy Borash to make an announcement. Carter hyped Slammiversary in June and said to celebrate ten years, they are going to the Dallas market at UT-Arlington's new arena for the PPV. Borash then turned their attention to Sting. Dixie said she trusts Sting and she will be ringside to support Sting against Robert Roode. Dixie listed the offenses by Roode over the past few months and said she hopes Sting wins tonight.

5 -- Knockouts champion GAIL KIM vs. MADISON RAYNE -- Knockouts Title match

After a video package on the recent tension between champ and challenger, Madison came out first as the default heel. Gail came out as the default face and they embraced in the ring to suggest all previous issues are gone. And, that was quickly gone within the first 20 seconds. Madison worked over Gail early on, then she sold a knee injury, allowing Gail to make a comeback. Gail couldn't put Madison away, though, and Madison continued to score close falls. She began arguing with the ref, which allowed Gail to finish off Madison with Eat Defeat for the win. Post-match: They stayed with Madison, who sold the effects and was helped out of the ring.

WINNER: Gail at 7:13 to retain the KO Title. Solid match given plenty of time to tell a good story in the ring despite the heel vs. heel set-up. (**)

Backstage: JB brought in Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to discuss recent developments. Daniels cut off a line of questioning aimed at Kazarian and screamed that he's running the show around here. Kaz never got a word in here.

Impact Zone: Daniels and his subject, Kazarian, came out first for the featured tag match of the show. A.J. Styles was out first for the babyface duo and the crowd met him with "A.J., A.J." chants. Mr. Anderson was out last and addressed the men, women, and a-holes from the stage. A giant shiner was noticeable underneath Anderson's left eye as he completed the intro before stomping out to the ring.


Anderson started things off as the announcers noted Styles and Anderson have a common enemy in Daniels. They cut to a shot of Dixie Carter ringside with "Repo Games" host Josh Lewis, who Tenay said will be appearing on Impact this Thursday. A.J. Styles then entered the match and wore down Daniels before tagging in Anderson to continue the attack on Daniels. Styles re-entered, then ate the ringside area when he missed with a flying attack.

Back in the ring, Daniels went to work on Styles as the crowd looked for a reason to get involved in the action. Daniels then slapped in Kazarian, who took his time entering the ring and ate a corkscrew head scissors from Styles for his trouble. Daniels then cheap-shotted Styles to help Kaz after his screw-up. Back to Daniels wearing down Styles. And, Kaz re-entered the match and Styles dropped him with high-flying offense that popped the crowd. Styles sold the effects of the heel attack and finally made a tag to Anderson, who came in hot with clotheslines and elbows to the heels. Anderson followed with a running front flip slam for a two count on Kaz.

After Anderson's flurry, the match broke down with all four men in the ring. After a series of high-impact moves, all four men found themselves on the mat. After a reset, Styles and Daniels flew to the outside, leaving Anderson and Kaz in the ring. Anderson tried offense, but Daniels grabbed his foot from the outside. Anderson and Daniels then kind of crashed into each other on the outside, leaving Styles and Kaz in the ring. Styles immediately hit the Clash on Kaz for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Styles & Anderson at 14:00. The match never really moved out of second gear, but a fine finish to the match despite no pay-off to the story of what Daniels is holding over Styles. Anderson dropped weight after looking out-of-shape in his TV return, but he still has some work to do. (**)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz noted highlights from the show thus far before plugging Twitter items so far. Tenay asked for questions sent to Sting before going backstage again.

Backstage: JB brought in Kurt Angle, who was smiling like a heel as JB set up the interview. Angle continued to look way-too-happy before sending a message to his kid that he hopes he watches him destroy his hero, Jeff Hardy. Angle continued to act like a crazed dad trying to send a nice message to his son about tearing out Hardy's hair, tearing off Hardy's socks, and ripping off Hardy's facepaint.

Impact Zone: Kurt Angle was out first, followed by Jeff Hardy, who took a victory lap around the ring to continue stretching out the show. Hardy appeared to embrace Brooke Hogan, who picked up her second cameo of the show. Taz read a few tweets on the match before the bell sounded.


Angle and Hardy paused for dueling chants that leaned heavily toward "Let's Go Hardy." Hardy frustrated Angle early on, prompting Angle to slip out of the ring to gather himself and stall. Back in the ring, Angle took control of the match and began wearing down Hardy. Angle lost control on the outside and sold pain after being sent hard into the guardrail. Hardy tried to follow with a running dive off the ring steps, but Angle moved and Hardy ate the guardrail. Angle quickly re-entered the ring and smiled to the crowd, indicating he was playing opossum...or that he's still crazy.

Hardy eventually re-entered the ring and Angle began wearing down Hardy. TNA cut to a bad angle that showed Angle clearly whispering some instructions in Hardy's ear as they struggled in a headlock. TNA cut back to a hard-camera shot as Hardy escaped the hold, then teased a comeback with a clothesline, but both men found themselves on the mat. At 12:00, Hardy fired off a series of clotheslines, then Hardy came off the top with Whisper in the Wind for a two count. Angle quickly made a comeback with one, two, and three German Suplexes, though. And, Hardy came right back with offense before going up top. Hardy wanted the Swanton Bomb, but Angle popped to his feet, quickly climbed up top, and suplexed Hardy to the mat. It was only good for a close two count, though.

Hardy reset by dropping the straps and teasing the Anklelock, but Hardy kicked off and Angle ate the ringpost with an attempted corner attack. Hardy then hit the Twist of Fate, but Angle kicked out in time. The action then moved to the floor, where Hardy repeatedly bounced Angle's head off the ring steps. Hardy then hobbled back into the ring and wanted the Swanton Bomb, but Angle popped up again. This time, Hardy cut off Angle and came off the top with Swanton, but Angle got his knees up just in time. Ouch. Angle immediately followed with the Angle Slam, but Hardy kicked out just in time. Angle sold shock as the camera zoomed in on blood trickling from Angle's forehead from a laceration.

At 17:15, Angle reset by trying to choke Hardy with one of Hardy's arm bands. The ref reprimanded Angle, then Angle went for the Angle Slam again, but Hardy countered with the Twist of Fate. Hardy was slow to make a cover, though, and actually never attempted a cover. The two men came to their feet and Hardy landed a kick to the head before going up top again. Hardy wanted the Swanton and connected this time. Both men sold the effects, then Hardy made a cover, but Angle shifted his weight on top of Hardy, grabbed the ropes out of the ref's view, and scored a three count for the win.

Post-match: Hardy yelled at ref Brian Hebner for blowing the call, but Angle got his hand raised ringside. They went to a replay of high points from the match, including the finish, which showed Hardy had his shoulder up as well as Angle having a handful of the ropes. Back live to Angle, who told his son that daddy is better. The crowd chanted, "Bulls---" at the ref, which is the chant TNA should want to get - not a "This is awesome" chant - to show the crowd was invested in the match.

WINNER: Angle at 19:08. Excellent, excellent match after a series of "decent work, but nothing that stood out" type matches. Angle and Hardy have great chemistry in the ring and it appears TNA is setting up a re-match at Lockdown, which is a scary thought because of the potential craziness each man could try in the cage. (***1/2)

Backstage: JB hyped Twitter trends during the show tonight. He gave a shout-out to the U.K. before bringing in Sting to answer some questions from Twitter. Sting ignored the question, saying he's sick of talking, sick of Twitter, and sick of waiting. He's a wrestler...and it's time to wrestle. Sting walked off, leaving JB stunned. This led to a video package on the Roode-Sting main event build-up.

Impact Zone: TNA champ Bobby Roode slowly made his way to the ring to soak in the moment of being the champ in the main event. Sting then made his way out to a loud reaction as they showed Dixie Carter applauding ringside. Once both men were settled in the ring, JB handled formal ring intros while Earl Hebner stood by as referee.

8 -- STING vs. TNA World Hvt. champion BOBBY ROODE -- non-title main event -- No Holds Barred match

The bell sounded and the two men came face-to-face for a showdown, with Sting's crazy facepaint on full display. The crowd was eerily quiet, waiting for the first lock-up. The two men danced around the ring in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, then Sting landed a dropkick that sent Roode flying to the outside. "You still got it" chant from the crowd as Roode sold disbelief ringside. Roode then teased walking away, but Sting caught up with him on the ramp and dropped him with a clothesline. Sting then brought Roode over toward Brooke Hogan and smashed Roode into the guardrail. Next was a trip to the area of the crowd chanting, "Over here."

Sting continued the ringside assault before Roode made a comeback and chopped Sting right in front of Dixie. Roode tried a chair shot, but Sting ducked and the chair bounced off the ringpost. Sting then crotched Roode across the guardrail before landing a flying splash that sent some kids in the crowd running for higher ground. Sting had enough on the outside and sent Roode back into the ring, where Roode begged off before suckering in Sting for an eyepoke. Roode then wrapped Sting's leg around the ringpost to begin targeting the knee.

Sting teased a comeback at 9:00, but Roode escaped a two count on a backslide and kicked Sting at the knee to resume his attack. Roode applied a figure-four leglock and Tenay referenced Sting's numerous battles with Ric Flair throughout his career. They cut to a shot of Dixie selling concern as Sting remained locked in the hold. Sting then rallied to his stomach to "reverse the pressure," leading to Roode releasing the hold. Roode then went back to the knee, cutting off Sting. Roode tried another figure-four, but Sting reversed with a small package for a two count. Roode came to his feet and tried chopping Sting, but Sting no-sold and fired up in classic Sting mode. Sting delivered clotheslines, then a back body drop, and a series of kicks to Roode's left leg.

The match moved up-top, where Sting crotched Roode before climbing up top for a big superplex. Sting came to his feet and rallied the crowd before setting up the Scorpion Deathlock. Sting sat down on the hold, but Roode made it to the bottom rope for a break. Roode then regained momentum by dropping Sting throat-first across the top rope before spearing Sting for a two count. Roode decided to use the No Holds Barred stipulation by introducing a chair into the match, then tried a powerbomb, but Sting blocked and delivered a Scorpion Death Drop, but Sting smashed the back of his head onto the seat of the chair as he delivered the move. That was not pretty and dangerous. After a pause, Roode draped an arm over Sting's chest and scored a three count.

WINNER: Roode at 16:41. Above-expectations with Roode delivering in the heel role and Sting involving the crowd early on - using the stip effectively - to hold up his end of the bargain. The post-match will be the big story coming out of this, though... (**1/2)

Post-match: The announcers quickly covered for Sting, saying he left it all out in the ring and was on the verge of victory, claiming Sting did not know the chair was in-play in the ring. Roode celebrated the win, then Roode threw ref Hebner out of the ring. Roode then left the ring, approached Dixie Carter ringside, and picked up another chair. Dixie, with arms folded, told Roode to let it go.

Roode then slowly slid the chair back into the ring before grabbing Dixie and throwing her into the ring. Roode stalked Dixie, who crawled around the ring before Roode screamed at Dixie to look at Sting. "He's an embarrassment!" Roode shouted. Sting made a recovery in the background, then cut off Roode, who rolled out of the ring. Roode wasn't done, though, as he re-entered the ring to smack Sting across the back with a chair. Roode then dragged Sting to the corner and taped Sting to the corner with duct tape.

Roode wasn't done with Dixie, as he dragged her to the opposite corner before screaming, "Kiss my ass, b----." Dixie escaped, then tried to un-tape Sting as Roode stalked her for a chair shot. Roode couldn't do it, though, before dropping the chair and screaming at Dixie. Roode then grabbed facepaint from Sting's face and wiped it across Dixie's face. "What are you going to do, Dixie?!" Roode shouted. Dixie then un-taped Sting while screaming at Roode to stop it. "Fire Bobby, Fire Bobby" was the chant from the crowd as TNA signed off ten minutes before the top of the hour with Roode slowly walking away. Intense, but is the takeaway that no one in the company likes Dixie and Sting since no one helped them out?


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