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CALDWELL'S TNA LOCKDOWN PPV RESULTS 4/15: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Roode-Storm main event, Angle-Hardy, Lethal Lockdown opener

Apr 15, 2012 - 9:51:21 PM

TNA Lockdown PPV Results
April 15, 2012
Nashville, Tenn.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Live inside the arena, Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme were shown ringside to introduce the PPV card. Borash noted Team Bischoff vs. Team Bischoff in Lethal Lockdown will open the PPV. JB also announced a new match of KO tag champions ODB & Eric Young vs. Sarita & Rosita for the Knockouts Tag Titles. After running down the line-up, JB fed to a video package on the Bischoff Family Feud.

Backstage in a pre-taped interview, Hemme asked new TV champion Devon about his title defense against Robbie E. tonight. Devon said it will be the same outcome as Victory Road when he pinned Robbie one, two, three.

Back to the arena, JB was with So Cal Val and a representative for Direct Auto Insurance inside the Lethal Lockdown cage. After the DAI rep made an insensitive reference to tornadoes, JB sent it to Borash and Taz ringside to discuss Storm-Roode.

Suddenly, Eric Young's entrance music interrupted. TNA went to an independent show-style camera shot of EY and ODB coming out to the ring in a small arena setting. The newlyweds entered the Lethal Lockdown cage with JB and So Cal Val to discuss their honeymoon, Nashville, and the KO Tag Title match to try to engage and warm up a sleepy crowd.

After a video package, JB and Hemme were back ringside to discuss Lethal Lockdown. JB then ran down the line-up again. JB continued to play up Nashville to try to wake up the crowd before JB brought in TNA president Dixie Carter, who was in the crowd with the fans. Dixie gave a shout-out to Nashville before asking if they're ready for Lockdown. JB asked who wins the main event. Dixie picked James Storm over Roode, who tried to scare her and Sting into submission the last time TNA was on PPV last month.

In another pre-tape backstage, JB brought in Kurt Angle, whose face looked bloated compared to how Angle has looked recently. Angle told Jeff Hardy that he owns the steel cage and he will own Hardy tonight. He called his son an idiot for looking up to Hardy, then vowed to end Hardy's career once and for all tonight. Already starting with the hyperbole.

Back inside the arena, JB and Hemme were positioned next to the steel cage to discuss the Knockouts Title match. Hemme backed Velvet Sky against Gail Kim tonight. JB then sent it back to Tenay and Taz ringside to discuss Roode-Storm again. Next was a discussion of Bischoff vs. Bischoff in Lethal Lockdown. Taz's analysis was essentially that Eric Bischoff doesn't like anyone and no one likes him.

Back to ringside, JB and Hemme went over the rules for Lethal Lockdown before discussing Angle-Hardy tonight. JB fed to a video package on Angle-Hardy to add a visual description to the events. The stark difference between Angle facially in recent months vs. tonight in the backstage interview was quite evident.

Back live, JB and Hemme were inside the Lockdown cage to go over the PPV line-up one last time. PPV is next.


Earlier Today: James Storm was shown packing the back of his truck before hopping inside to drive to "my town," Nashville. A Montgomery Gentry reference to begin the PPV. TNA then transitioned to a video package documenting the build-up to Roode-Storm for the TNA World Title in tonight's PPV main event.

Live inside the arena, Tenay introduced the PPV, wondering whether Storm will exercise his home field advantage against Roode tonight.

Backstage: A group of men were shown chatting ahead of the Lethal Lockdown match. Garett Bischoff walked into the shot to address the men - X Division champion Austin Aries, A.J. Styles with odd-looking blue gloves on, RVD, and Mr. Anderson. GB demanded he start the match tonight. Apparently he took a crash course in the Sheamus School of Babyface Promos, saying he knows he's going to get his ass kicked tonight. But, he has to prove himself and earn respect. Everyone decided to let Garett do his thing and sent him off to the ring. Out first for the heel team was Gunner. The bell rang two separate times to signal the start of the match.


Gunner dominated Garett Bischoff early on, fulfilling Garett's prophecy that he would take a butt-kicking tonight. Further capturing the point, Bully Ray was the second heel out to join Gunner in dismantling Garett. Big heat on Ray, getting the crowd involved in the proceedings. As the countdown clock ticked down for the next entrant, the crowd chanted Aries's name. After a pause, Aries's music played to bring out the X Division champ. Aries went right after Bully Ray with a rapid-fire attack on his TV foe. Ray then accidentally clotheslined Gunner before Aries continued the attack on Ray. But, Aries ran into a big boot from Ray to cut him off.

Next out for the heels was Kazarian to give the heels a three-on-two advantage. Kazarian was sporting very short hair, which the announcers drew attention to. Who knew it would take six years for Kaz to heed the recommendation he cut his hair? The heels continued to dominate Garett and Aries before the countdown clock expired to bring out A.J. Styles to a strong reaction. Styles, sporting blue biker gloves, cleaned house before turning his back to pose for the crowd, only to turn around and take a knock-down chest bump from Ray.

The countdown clock expired at 11:11 to bring out Christopher Daniels for the heels. Daniels joined Ray, Kaz, and Gunner going after the three faces, including Bischoff, who had not been on his feet in several minutes. Gunner then brought GB to his feet and proceeded to throw him into the cage wall. Gunner again brought GB to his feet for Ray to deliver a double axehandle smash from the second rope. The heels stood around waiting for the next entrant, which was Mr. Anderson to make it four-on-four. Anderson seemed a bit off trying to get in his offense on the heels before Ray and Styles took center-stage trading blows. Styles, appearing to be agitated, then lifted Ray into the air and dropped him to the mat with a takedown. Ray no-sold, though, and punched Styles before the heels double-team-suplexed Styles.

Out last for the heels was Eric Bischoff to boos. Bischoff mean-mugged on the way to the ring before entering the cage to grab his son, allowing the heels to tee off on Garett's chest. Eric high-fived the heels as the crowd chanted for RVD, but they were 45 seconds too early. Eric then trash-talked his son before the countdown clock expired at 17:15 to bring out RVD as the last entrant in the match. RVD got his shine cleaning house with signature offense on the heels as Eric Bischoff tried to hide in the corner.

After RVD got in his offense, Anderson reached toward the ceiling a la calling for the mic drop. Instead, the top of the steel cage slowly came down. The usual assortment of guitars, kendo sticks, trash cans, and hockey sticks were attached to the Lethal Lockdown lid. Styles quickly grabbed a hockey stick and smashed Ray with it several times. Ray then took a trashcan lid shot to the head as Garett Bischoff continued to sell on the mat. Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff continued to cower in the corner. The director missed some action, focusing on Aries stomping a mudhole in Ray. Meanwhile, Garett continued to look asleep in the corner.

Styles and RVD then brought Eric out of the corner into the ring. Aries delivered a bodyslam, then RVD went to the corner for a Five-Star Frogsplash, which Gunner blocked by fighting through the faces to crotch RVD. Ray, recovered from multiple attacks, then helped the heels regain the advantage by lawn-darting Aries into the side of the Lockdown cage. Ray tried a top rope move, but Aries crotched him and dropped Ray onto Daniels. Meanwhile, Eric was back in the corner and Garett remained out of the picture.

At 23:00, Styles and Kaz fought to the top of the cage, and Styles dropped Kaz to the mat. Styles then swung his body into position for a diving elbow smash. RVD followed right up with a Five-Star Frogsplash on Kazarian, but Ray prevented a pin attempt. Daniels then scooped up a lifeless Garett Bischoff to feed to Eric, who landed Kendo stick shots to Garett's back. "I told you!" Eric shouted at Garett. Apparently everyone else was KO'ed, as Eric remained in the spotlight for a while. Suddenly, Garett got up with Jeff Jarrett guitar in-hand and popped it over Eric's head. Garett pinned Eric for the win.

Post-match: The faces suddenly came to life and helped Garett celebrate the win as the announcers noted Eric Bischoff is gone from TNA and can no longer use his last name. The announcers also claimed Garett earned respect tonight, which is despite Garett spending the majority of the match face-down on the mat. After a replay of the high points, they showed Garett confidently walking to the back as the heels helped Eric out of the cage.

WINNERS: Team Garett Bischoff at 26:03. This had its moments, but boiled down to a vehicle for mid-card and upper-mid-card stars to yield to Garett Bischoff, mis-using the likes of Styles, Ray, etc. Also, on the near-ten-year-anniversary show, the finish was a reminder that TNA is a vehicle to get over Jeff Jarrett with the guitar coming into play for the finish, even if they are in Nashville, where the guitar is synonymous with the city. (**1/2)

In-ring: Former TNA tag champions Motor City Machineguns came out first for the TNA Tag Title match, which was slotted second on the show. After the Guns entered the cage, Samoa Joe & Magnus came out to defend the titles. Tenay noted every match from here on will be pinfall, submission, or escape the cage.

2 -- TNA tag champions SAMOA JOE & MAGNUS vs. MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS (ALEX SHELLEY & CHRIS SABIN) -- TNA Tag Title match -- steel cage match

Very methodical pace during the first seven minutes, with the champs playing heel and dominating the action while the crowd looked for a reason to get involved. Sabin eventually broke free from Joe and tagged in Shelley as Magnus tagged in for the champs. Shelley and Magnus battled before Magnus blocked Sliced Bread #2. TNA went to a random shot of one lone fan in the arena chanting behind the announce desk, but the rest of the crowd did not respond. Back in the ring, Joe broke up a pin attempt by Shelley as all four men became involved in the ring. Suddenly, Joe grappled Sabin with the rear-naked choke. It looked like they were resting as Magnus tried to hold off Shelley in the background.

The action broke down again as this turned into a Texas Tornado-style match with the ref not trying to take control of the action. The tag champs then cut off another Guns finishing attempt before they hit their double-team combo for the pin and the win. Afterward, Joe confidently walked out of the cage with his Tag Title belt as Magnus followed closely behind.

WINNER: Joe & Magnus at 11:18. A big letdown match that never moved out of first gear. Just oddly-booked with the Guns having very little offense compared to the champs, the crowd dead throughout (was this whole crowd comp'ed?), and an anti-climatic finish. Not exactly a strong PPV comeback for the Guns. (*1/4)

Backstage: JB brought in Robbie E. and Rob Terry for a TV Title match preview interview. After the promo, they cut to the ring for introductions, starting with Robbie E. and Rob Terry. Hemme then introduced Devon from the entire state of New York, which brought out the TV champ for his first PPV title defense. Rob Terry refused to let the match start, so Devon punched him off the cage platform to begin the match.

3 -- TV champion DEVON vs. ROBBIE E. (w/Rob Terry) -- TNA TV Title match -- steel cage match

Robbie E. took advantage of Terry's pre-match involvement to take control of the match from the outset. The lone vocal fan in the arena from the previous match was back for this match, trying to get a "Devon" chant started. Suddenly, Devon dropped Robbie with a spinebuster and scored the pin for the win. Post-match: Rob Terry hit the ring and jumped Devon from behind. There was a light chorus of boos before the crowd became quiet again as Terry dismantled Devon. The heels then stood over Devon before TNA played Robbie's music on the way out.

WINNER: Devon at 3:24 to retain the TV Title. Another anti-climatic finish after another weak title match. This crowd is making the Impact Zone sound like Chicago for Money in the Bank 2011. (1/2*)

Backstage: JB plugged Twitter items before bringing in Matt Morgan. JB asked Morgan if it's a bigger deal to end Crimson's streak or beat his rival, Crimson, tonight. Morgan said for the first time in his career, he's going into tonight's match with nothing short of revenge on his mind. Morgan told Crimson he answers for his sons tonight and he's turning that cage into a prison cell. Quick, intense, and to the point.

4 -- Knockouts champion GAIL KIM (w/Madison Rayne) vs. VELVET SKY -- Knockouts Title match -- steel cage match

Velvet Sky was out first for the next title match. She spent extra time playing to the crowd to try to get them involved. Gail Kim then came to the cage with on-again/off-again friend Madison Rayne and the match quickly started. Gail controlled the action, then Velvet made a comeback. As Velvet was prepared to win, Madison distracted Velvet from the outside. Velvet then tried to roll up Gail, but Gail rolled through into a quick pin to retain the title. After the finish, Gail and Madison quickly scampered away from ringside to avoid Velvet's wrath. TNA stayed with Velvet for a while selling frustration over the loss.

WINNER: Gail at 7:25 to retain the Knockouts Title.

After the title match, they cut to Tenay and Taz ringside to discuss the finish. Suddenly, Ric Flair's music interrupted to whoos. TNA cut to a behind-the-entrance shot of Flair hunched over making his way to the ring. They cut to Flair's front to show the two-time WWE Hall of Famer make his way inside the steel cage. Inside the cage, Flair waited out Whoos before asking the crowd if they have any idea who just walked into this ring. "Hey hey, I'm asking you a damn, serious question," before directing his question to "fat boy" and "no teeth" on the front row. "I am the Nature Boy," Flair slowly said. "Ric Flair."

Flair said his life gets greater and bigger every day. Why? "'Cause I'm that damn good, that's why," he said. Flair said he's a special kind of cat and, tonight, this guy is down here telling you he's pissed off. He said that's not good for the person he's pissed off with. Flair said Hulk Hogan just won't leave him alone and tonight, he ended Eric Bischoff's career, which drew a reaction. Flair said that ain't funny to him. He then called out a fan on the front row.

Suddenly, Hulk Hogan's music interrupted. Not even a big reaction for Hogan tonight. Hogan slowly made his way out as Flair talked over Hogan's music that Hogan pissed him off tonight. Hogan cut his music, then slowly approached the cage. Hogan tried to sell a sold-out crowd chanting his name as Flair reminded him he's pissed him off. Hogan then said as GM of Impact Wrestling, he has to admit that Flair is single-handedly the greatest wrestler of all-time. Flair said he just wants to talk to Hogan, then demanded Val open the ropes for Hogan.

In the cage, Flair noted he's had a problem with Hogan for 30 years, insisting he should have been in the Lethal Lockdown match, not Eric Bischoff. Hogan calmed down Flair and asked him if he knows where he is. Hogan got the name of the PPV wrong, calling it Lethal Lockdown. Hogan then ran down the items tonight: Bischoff is gone from TNA, Bischoff cannot use his name again, and if they lock up tonight, they will tear the roof off this building. So, Hogan going from selling a feud with Flair to evaluating a predicted performance. Flair answered by saying Hogan has really pissed him off. Flair started to remove his jacket, then Hogan popped Flair in the face. Hogan did a hand motion, then left the cage.

Flair got up and started doing his routine removing his clothes and dropping wrestling moves on his wardrobe. Hogan eventually disappeared to the back before Flair shouted, "Where are you going?" again. Flair then directed his anger toward Tenay, telling him he'll kick his ass, too. "He's snapped," Tenay declared. Flair kept going by calling out fans ringside. He asked someone off-camera if the person wanted to ride Space Mountain. They stayed with this before cutting to a video on Morgan-Crimson. Was this just about trying to wake up the crowd with former top industry stars doing an intermission skit?

5 -- MATT MORGAN vs. CRIMSON -- steel cage match

Crimson tried to run over, around, and out of the cage early on. Morgan then cut off Crimson with a clothesline. He had a chance to leave the cage and take the win, but going back to the pre-match promo where Morgan said this is about revenge, he opted to return to the ring. Morgan landed some offense, but Crimson clipped him from behind to begin targeting the left knee. Crimson wore down Morgan before Morgan made his comeback at 5:30.

Morgan played to the hard camera side of the crowd before delivering a back suplex that dropped Crimson on his neck. Morgan followed with a corner splash before measuring Crimson for a flying splash that sandwiched Crimson in-between the ropes and steel cage. Morgan then missed with a corner boot and Crimson tried to climb out of the cage, but Morgan pulled him down to the top turnbuckle. The two big men towered in the corner before Crimson dropped Morgan and Morgan landed across the ropes. Morgan sold a knee injury as he remained hung up in the ropes. Crimson then blew Morgan a kiss and climbed over the top rope down to the floor for the win. Afterward, Morgan sold the knee injury as Crimson taunted him on the way out.

WINNER: Crimson at 7:59. Perhaps this is the end of the feud, even though Morgan hasn't gotten his revenge. It's just not a good match-up for either man, and doesn't help their progression. (*1/2)

6 -- JEFF HARDY vs. KURT ANGLE -- steel cage match

A video package introduced this match-up before a much-heavier Kurt Angle came out to the ring, followed by Hardy. Apparently the KO Tag Title match has the buffer spot before the main event. Hardy delivered rapid-fire offense before Angle cut him off. The announcers focused on Angle's recent injuries that cut off his Olympics run before Angle and Hardy collided in the corner on a Hardy dropkick attempt. Both men took their time selling the effects before resetting with Hardy in control. Angle then flung Hardy into the side of the cage before Angle went on the attack. The crowd sustained noise for the first time all night with chants for Hardy and boos for Angle as Angle methodically picked Hardy apart.

The announcers noted it appears Hardy is bleeding, but they couldn't tell with Hardy wearing so much facepaint. Blood was then visible on the mat after Hardy took a bump. Angle continued to slowly work over Hardy, but Hardy made a comeback with Whisper in the Wind for a two count. Hardy then nailed a Twist of Fate into a Stone Cold Stunner before climbing up top. Hardy took too long, though, and Angle scampered up top to deliver an Angle Slam from the top turnbuckle.

At 10:00, Hardy tried to climb out of the cage, but Angle cut him off. Hardy flung Angle away, though, and swung his body into a flying Vader Bomb of sorts for a two count. After some of the crowd evaluated the performance via chant, Hardy teased leaving the cage, but Angle applied the Anklelock, only to have Hardy counter with an Anklelock. Angle escaped, though, but took a Twist of Fate. Hardy then went up top and delivered a Swanton Bomb center-ring. Hardy wanted another Bomb, and he connected from the opposite corner. Hardy made a cover, but Angle kicked out again.

The match reset with Angle calling for time-out, which lured Hardy into his trap for a blow into the cage wall and Angle Slam for a two count. Angle had enough and dropped the straps before getting into his stance. Angle wanted another Angle Slam, but Hardy escaped and hit an Angle Slam of his own. Hardy then ripped off his shirt and climbed up top again. It wasn't good enough for Hardy from the top turnbuckle, so Hardy went to the top of the steel cage. Hardy posed as the announcers worried about Hardy, then came off the top with a Super Swanton Bomb. He made an immediate cover for the pin and the win.

After the match, Hardy took a victory lap while Angle sold in the ring. Hardy eventually finished his victory lap before Angle was shown being helped out of the ring selling the effects of the finish and his hamstring injury.

WINNER: Hardy at 14:51. The first match of the night that felt PPV-worthy, and an excellent match at that. Both men's health was a concern coming in and Angle showed up to Lockdown out-of-shape, but they worked relatively smart to make the most of their 15 minutes without going over-board. Also, the lesson of tonight's PPV so far is that Hardy and Angle seem like the only full-time wrestlers who are over in this company at a mainstream level. (***1/2)

Announcers: Following Hardy-Angle, Taz and Tenay were shown on-camera for a break in the action. Next up was the Knockouts Tag Title match. Rosita and Sarita came out first, then EY and ODB came out to the ring sporting Nashville Predators jerseys to get the crowd on their side.

7 -- Knockouts tag champions ERIC YOUNG & ODB vs. ROSITA & SARITA -- KO Tag Title match -- steel cage match

ODB and EY took control early on with a quick-strike attack, but the challengers cut off ODB and began wearing her down. Sarita and Rosita then tried flirting with EY, which prompted ODB to chug the liquid in her signature flask. This led to ODB scoring a pin to retain the titles.

WINNERS: ODB & EY at 4:30 to retain the KO Tag Titles. Basic buffer match to try to energize the crowd, but not tax the audience before the main event.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz exchanged thoughts on the Storm vs. Roode feud to give the crowd a breather before the main event. Tenay then sent it backstage for an interview with Roode.

Backstage: JB brought in Roode ahead of the main event title match. Roode right walked up to JB's face and soaked up the moment before declaring this is the moment the entire wrestling world and James Storm have been waiting for. He said he is out for blood and he will prove he is the most dominant World Hvt. champion in the history of TNA.

TNA then transitioned to a video package on Roode-Storm, with Roode providing the narration on what he plans to do to Storm in the ring at Lockdown. Storm chimed in late with short, but sweet words about what Roode did to end their relationship. He said the b.s. stops at Lockdown.

In-ring: Back live, a pick-up truck pulled up inside the arena and James Storm emerged ready for the main event. Storm spewed beer into the crowd on the way to the ring before entering the cage for the main event. Next out was Robert Roode, who made a very slow entrance, looking like Triple H. Roode locked eyes with Storm as he stood on the entranceway, then decided to walk around ringside taking his sweet time to enter the cage and make Storm wait.

Storm decided he didn't want to wait and walked out of the cage to approach Roode from behind. Storm landed a right hand and the fight began ringside. Storm continued to dominate, then he took a swig of beer and spit it in Roode's eyes. They moved to the announce table, where Storm stood tall after blasting Roode into the table. Ref Earl Hebner pleaded with Storm to get Roode inside the cage, but the fight continued ringside. Roode then hobbled away toward the entranceway to get away from Storm, but Storm chased him down and continued to blast away at Roode. Storm then retrieved a chair, but missed with a wild swing. Roode then smashed Storm into the cage wall and grabbed Storm's six-pack of beer. Roode took a drink, then spewed it into Storm's face as the camera focused on Storm bleeding from the forehead. Roode landed right hands to the forehead, drawing more blood. TNA cut to Montgomery Gentry and Storm's wife ringside as Roode dragged Storm into the cage to officially begin this match after a five-minute pre-match brawl.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion ROBERT ROODE vs. "COWBOY" JAMES STORM -- TNA World Title match -- steel cage match

The announcers talked dejectedly about the match as Roode continued to smash Storm and Storm continued to bleed. "Fight, you p-----," Roode shouted at Storm, unbleeped. Moments later, Storm slowly stood up and no-sold Roode's attack before landing right hands, only to have Roode cut him off and score a two count. Roode then slowed things down and arrogantly walked around the ring before landing chops and punches in the corner. Roode continued to slow things down before taunting Storm that he never needed nor wanted him as a tag partner.

Once again, Storm stood up and no-sold the attack. Storm delivered rapid-fire strikes, punches, and kicks before putting his boot on Roode's throat. Storm followed with a back body drop before TNA cut to a shot of Storm's wife clapping. Back in the ring, Storm teased the Eye of the Storm, but Roode slipped out. No matter, as Storm followed with a catapult into the cage. But, he couldn't capitalize and a now-bleeding Roode delivered a slam for a two count. Roode sucked air as he pulled himself up to his feet with blood flowing from his forehead. Storm then caught him with a backstabber, but it was only good for a two count.

At 10:00, Roode tried recovering near the cage, but Storm scraped his forehead across the wall. Storm was slow to follow up, allowing Roode to back body drop Storm into the cage wall. After an escape tease, Roode grabbed Storm and slapped on an armbar into a crossface center-ring. Storm faded as Roode told him to quit, but Storm rolled towards the ropes for a break. The fight moved to the top turnbuckle, where Roode teasing climbing out of the cage, but Storm cut him off. Storm then nailed a flying codebreaker from the second rope. He wanted the Last Call Superkick, but Roode pulled ref Brian Hebner in the way and Brian took the Superkick.

After the ref bump, Roode opened the cage door and could have walked out of the cage, but asked ref Earl Hebner (who was in charge of the cage door) to give him the six-pack of beer. Roode smashed a beer bottle over Storm's head, then called for Earl to enter the ring. Roode made a cover, but Storm kicked out before three. Roode sold that he was stunned by the nearfall, then walked right into the Last Call from Storm. Roode rolled away, though, and Storm couldn't make a cover. Storm then went for another Superkick, connected, and Roode fell through the cage door to the outside, landing on the ground. So, Roode wins to retain the World Title.

Post-match: Roode remained KO'ed on the floor before the ref placed the title belt across Roode's stomach. Storm, selling near-tears in the cage, bent down and said he's sorry, apparently aiming the message to his deceased family members. Storm then left the cage, grabbed the title belt draped across Roode's stomach, and spit down at Roode. (In the background, Brooke Hogan was trying to get her TV time in classic Hogan Family fashion.) Storm then chucked the title belt away, flipped off Hebner, and hopped over the guardrail. Storm hugged apparently his mom as his wife stood in the background applauding. They cut back to Roode receiving medical attention on the floor to sell the imagery of Storm being the uncrowned winner. TNA then signed off nine minutes before the top of the hour.

WINNER: Roode at 19:10 to retain the TNA World Title. This didn't quite have the Hardy-Angle heat, but felt pretty close to a TNA PPV main event. The match never reached its climax, though, with a Bound for Glory finish of the babyface challenger not completing his journey and TNA ending the PPV on a downer note yet again. Roode looked very strong as a heel champion, but this slow progression of his heel champion persona on the monthly PPVs is not worth shelling out $35 for each month. (**3/4)

FINAL THOUGHT: Overall, this PPV is not recommended unless you need to see Hardy-Angle again. Thumbs Down.


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