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CALDWELL'S TNA SACRIFICE PPV RESULTS 5/13: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Roode-RVD main event, Aries-Ray, Angle-Styles

May 13, 2012 - 9:50:04 PM

TNA Sacrifice PPV Results
May 13, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA's fifth PPV of the year began with referee Earl Hebner knocking on TNA World champ Bobby Roode's locker room door. Hebner and Roode engaged in a conversation on Hulk Hogan sending Hebner into his locker room to retrieve the TNA Title belt to hang above the ring for the his ladder match title defense against Rob Van Dam in the main event.

The PPV then transitioned to a video package documenting the build-up to this month's top PPV matches, including Roode vs. Van Dam for the TNA Title.

Impact Zone: After fireworks shot off, Mike Tenay quickly introduced the first match of the show for the Tag Titles. Out first were Kaz and Daniels, and the announcers discussed their blackmail angle with A.J. Styles rather than the imminent title challenge. Joe and Magnus then came out to defend the belts.

1 -- TNA tag champions SAMOA JOE & MAGNUS vs. KAZARIAN & CHRISTOPHER DANIELS -- TNA Tag Title match

Magnus, who TNA president Dixie Carter said in a recent interview is at the same in-ring skill level as wrestler-in-training Garett Bischoff, opened up the match dominating Daniels with crisp, sound offense. Magnus and Joe then took turns right-handing Daniels in the face, creating a pinball situation. Joe then shoved Daniels into the corner, washed his face with his boot, and went for the running kick, but Kaz pulled Daniels out of the ring to the floor. Daniels regrouped, then tagged in Kaz, who took a big elbow from Joe. Joe then tagged in Magnus, who delivered a running boot that Joe followed with a running sentaun for another double-team combo.

The heels tried to cheat to take advantage, but Magnus thwarted Daniels. The second attempt worked, though, allowing Kaz to cut off Magnus and give he heels a double-team situation exchanging tags to begin wearing down Magnus. As the heels continued to wear down Magnus, TNA cut to a shot of Joseph Park sitting in the Impact Zone intently watching the action. Magnus then broke free of Kaz and slowly made his way to the champs's corner to tag in Joe.

Joe entered with rapid-fire clotheslines, then easily side-stepped a desperation moonsault attempt from Daniels. Joe then E. Honda-slammed Daniels out of the corner staring into the hard camera and offering a throat-slash gesture. A fresh Magnus re-entered, then the action awkwardly broke down and temporarily took the crowd out of the action. Daniels then scored a close nearfall to reset the action. In the chaos, the tag champs scored with their double-team finisher, but Kaz yanked Magnus out of the ring to break up a pin attempt. After another reset, Daniels and Kaz hit a high/low combination on Magnus for the pin and the win. New tag champs. Afterward, the champs celebrated with the titles as Joe consoled Magnus on the loss. Joseph Park tweeted, "Joe and Magnus got robbed. I do believe it was borderline felonious."

WINNERS: Daniels & Kaz at 10:54 to capture the Tag Titles. This was a fun, entertaining match at the outset, then TNA over-booked the final few minutes with the chaos losing the audience and leading to some awkward exchanges. If the intent was to get heat on the heels for a "tainted victory," it failed due to the over-booking and ten years of TNA booking the same finishes where everything breaks down and there isn't a sense of wrongdoing because the line separating right and wrong is non-existent. Keep it simple, folks. (**1/2)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz reset the show and plugged social media items. Tenay claimed the Sacrifice hashtag is already trending on Twitter, but a check of Twitter indicates that's not the case. But, #HappyMothersDay.

2 - Knockouts champion GAIL KIM vs. BROOKE TESSMACHER -- Knockouts Title match

Prior to the match, TNA ran a video on Brooke's modeling-turned-wrestling aspirations. Gail, fresh off her wedding in California three days ago, came out second to defend the title. After shoving down Brooke, Gail dominated the match early on, then Brooke made a comeback and scored a very close nearfall. Brooke sold shock, then Gail returned the favor with a very close nearfall of her own. Moments later, Gail rolled up Brooke and scored a pinfall with her feet on the ropes. Gail quickly rolled out of the ring and celebrated with her title after escaping another month.

WINNER: Gail at 7:10 to retain the Knockouts Title. Another month, another babyface foe, and another victory for Gail.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in the new tag champs Kazarian and Daniels to talk about their Tag Title victory. Kaz drew attention to A.J. Styles, saying they know he's been "whistling Dixie" for a while now. Meanwhile, they've "gone about their business" and won titles, like tonight. Daniels said their picture tonight winning the titles is worth 1,000 words. He said A.J.'s nightmare is just beginning. He then gave the world permission to worship

Impact Zone: The Shore's music played to bring out Robbie E. and Rob Terry in matching cardigan sweaters. Light boos and applause followed them. TV champion Devon then came out to defend the title. Prior to the bell sounding, Tenay stacked the deck against Devon, describing this three-way match as essentially a handicap match.

3 - TV champion DEVON vs. ROBBIE E. vs. ROB TERRY -- three-way TV Title match

Robbie and Terry double-teamed Devon early on. When Devon teased a comeback, Terry cut off Devon and Robbie went back to work, saying he's got this. Terry then built a head of steam and delivered a near-clumsy double axe-handle that led to a nearfall for Robbie. Devon then made a comeback with clotheslines for both men, but Terry cut off Devon.

Terry then made a cover, but Robbie yanked the ref away from the cover to put Terry in his place. Robbie went too far, though, by placing his hands on Terry. In the background, Devon readied for a big corner splash and sandwiched both men. Devon then rolled up Terry from behind for the pin and the win. On commentary, Taz noted it's repetitive booking, calling it the ol' "dissension within the ranks" finish. As Devon celebrated on the way out, Robbie called out for his TV Title. In the background, Terry stood with arms folded, selling anger. Robbie then turned around and tried to explain himself before giving Terry a big hug. Terry accepted and rubbed Robbie on the head to indicate they're still good.

WINNER: Devon at 5:28 to retain the TV Title. Exactly what you would expect - basic TV match on PPV, heels eliminate each other, Devon gets another win, and Terry quickly forgets about Robbie taking away his opportunity to win a title that needs a lot of rehab.

Up next: Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson. A little early on the card for Hardy, who was one of few wrestlers on the roster who was actually over with a mainstream crowd in Nashville last month. TNA rolled a video package on the Hardy-Anderson issue revolving around their desire to get at World champ Roode before the two men came out for the next match.


Big reaction for Hardy in the Impact Zone tonight. The two men danced around the ring a bit before slapping hands to adhere to the Code of Honor. Hardy did a soccer-style quick clap to the audience before they locked up to begin the respect match. Hardy landed a series of armdrags to start things off before applying an armbar. Hardy then head-scissored Anderson, who rolled to the outside to try to figure things out after a slow start.

Back in the ring, Hardy splashed Anderson in the corner, but then Anderson got his boots up to block a lift-up dropkick in the corner. Anderson followed with a clothesline and made a cover for a two count as Hardy sold injuries. Anderson went to work on Hardy's left arm/elbow, which Hardy was selling. Anderson then locked on a mat submission targeting the left shoulder. Hardy escaped, then executed a one-arm Mic Check of sorts that put both men on the mat.

At 9:00, Hardy built momentum with one-arm clotheslines and elbows before flying at Anderson with a left-arm lariat. Hardy tried a desperation Whisper in the Wind, but Anderson moved. Anderson then hit Hardy's Twist of Fate, but only scored a nearfall. Anderson tried to follow with a Swanton Bomb, but Hardy got his feet up to block. Hardy immediately went up top and delivered a Swanton of his own. Hardy made a cover, but Anderson kicked out in time.

The two men reset by trading right hand bombs. Anderson then blocked Hardy's signature double-leg split by shoving him away. Anderson followed up with a roll-up for a two count, but the ref called for the bell. Anderson got up selling that he disagreed with the finish. Hardy sold concern with the finish as Anderson questioned Hebner. They went to a replay showing Hardy kick out in time. Back in the ring, Hebner just kind of walked around in the ring before Anderson and Hardy shook hands and embraced. After a few more replays, Tenay's announcer character lost whatever credibility he has remaining by being produced to flip-flop to thinking Hebner got it right despite it being clear that it was your basic, mid-match nearfall kick-out.

WINNER: Anderson at 11:36. Well, they attempted a "creative finish" using TNA Reference Incompetence to give Anderson a singles victory over a top star while protecting Hardy. It's just when you have non-finishes up and down the card, this finish doesn't really help either man and keeps it even-steven.

Backstage: Christy Hemme brought in X Division champion Austin Aries to discuss his match with Bully Ray tonight. Aries said he's pound-for-pound the best wrestler in pro wrestling and asked Ray how he's going to feel when this "little man" defeats him.

Video replay: TNA cut to the end of Impact on Thursday when Abyss re-appeared and issued a warning to "Joseph Park" to back off. Back in the Impact Zone, JB brought in Park for an interview in the crowd. Park shouted out to Juan from Kentucky and said he's really enjoying this. Borash asked Park about Abyss returning on Impact last week. Park said he didn't see it following Bully Ray's assault. He said he knows Abyss is close and he wouldn't be surprised if he appears tonight. Park then shouted to Austin Aries ahead of his match with Ray tonight.

Crimson's music then played to bring out Crimson without a match tonight. Crimson issued an open challenge after claiming he took out Matt Morgan last week on Impact. Crimson then called out a ref to officiate his match. Baby Hebner entered the ring and Crimson told him to start counting.


Brian Hebner began a slow ten count. At eight, Eric Young's music played to bring out EY and ODB, the Knockouts tag champions. EY should have been counted out, as he stood on the entrance ramp for a while playing to the crowd. ODB spoke on the mic, then EY answered the challenge. The ref should be at a 30-count by now. In any event, EY stormed the ring and locked up with the ref before Crimson ran him into the corner. EY came back with a dropkick that cleared Crimson to the floor. Back in the ring, Crimson cleared Young to the floor, and Young sold an arm injury.

Back in the ring again, Crimson continued to work over Young as ODB paced nervously ringside. ODB then tried to confront Crimson, who shoved down ODB. Man-on-woman violence returns in TNA. In the background, EY got fired up, so he stripped down to his wrestling trunks to express himself. Crimson absorbed EY's attack, then hit the Red Sky bomb for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Crimson at 6:08. A basic TV match/angle trying to get heat on Crimson for cockily picking apart the lovable, huggable EY.

Backstage: Borash was nervously waiting for Bully Ray to enter the interview set for a chat. As Ray entered the shot roaming around in the background, JB read a tweet question on how Bully is going to handle Aries, who is better than him. Ray cut a promo on Twitter, promoted MySpace (because he's old-school), and said he sees pure fear in Aries's eyes. He called himself legitimate, channeling Brock Lesnar, before offering final words for Aries.

Impact Zone: In the ring, Christy Hemme introduced Bully Ray, who came out on-stage and jawed with Tenay and Taz at the announce position. Ray then came to the ring as TNA cut to a shot of Joseph Park throwing up a sad face in the crowd. Aries was out next to face Ray in the grudge match.

6 -- X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. BULLY RAY -- non-title match

Once the bell sounded, Aries and Ray came face-to-face for a mid-ring confrontation. Ray looked down at Aries before shouting down at Aries that he smells fear. Aries shook it off, backed up to the corner, and propped himself up on the top turnbuckle to sell he's not concerned. Aries returned to mid-ring and jawed back at Ray. Ray then backed away and told the ref to get him away. Great first 1:45 to this match. The two men danced around and teased a lock-up before Ray ducked under the top rope and demanded Aries give him space. Ray ducked under the top rope again, then looked into the crowd as they taunted him. Great first 3:00 to this match with no contact. Ray tried to duck under the rope a third time, but Aries kicked the rope to crotch him. Aries made the first contact at 3:11 with strikes before Ray blocked a splash with a bodyslam.

Aries and Ray traded offense, then Aries bit Ray's calves. A few fans on the front row chanted, "Yes!" before Aries went up top. Ray kicked Aries off the top rope, though, and Aries flew through the air and landed back-first on the floor. Aries was very slow to reach his feet and the camera focused on purple discoloration and some cuts across Aries's back. Aries slowly made his way back into the ring and Ray followed up with kicks and stomps to the injured back. Ray taunted the crowd as the ref checked on Aries to see if he wanted to continue. Ray then slapped on a bear hug as the camera focused on bruises covering Aries's back. Aries tried to build momentum off the ropes, but Ray back-body-dropped him.

The ref again checked on Aries, who stood up and took a big chop to the chest. Aries popped up, though, and landed a big uppercut before screaming in Ray's face. Aries took another slap, got up, and landed blows before taking another slap. Ray screamed at Aries to stay down, but Aries got up and came back with chops of his own. The two men screamed in each other's faces before Ray used a heelish eye-rake to cut off Aries. The two men traded control yet again before Ray landed a big flying chokeslam, but Aries kicked out of a pin attempt. Ray then sent Aries off the ropes and threw Aries into the air for a lift-up Ace Crusher, which Taz called his own version of 3D. Ray made a cover, but Aries kicked out in time. Ray sold shock in the corner as the ref checked on Aries.

Ray retrieved his trademark chain, which brought Joseph Park down to the front row to demand the ref do something about it. Ray then yanked Park through the guardrail to the ringside area. Park sold concern, then Aries came flying through the ropes with a splash on Ray. Back in the ring, Aries landed a top-rope missile dropkick before nailing a corner kick. Aries then lifted up Ray - shocking the announcers - and connected with a brainbuster. Aries made a cover, but Ray kicked out. Big pop for the nearfall. Next, Ray tried a running powerbomb, but Aries slipped out and flowed into the Last Chancery submission. Ray fought the hold initially, but tapped out, giving Aries the win.

Post-match, Park was happy ringside and applauded the outcome. After a few replays of the high points, the announcers talked up the match and Aries's sequence of moves to put away Ray. The crowd chanted, "You tapped out!" at Ray.

WINNER: Aries via submission at 13:18. Amazing, amazing match and storytelling. Great beginning, middle, and end, very strong intensity, and a difference-making win for Aries if TNA follows up on TV coming out of this PPV. Ray and Aries have been the highlight of Impact the past few months and this was a great extension of their work. (***1/2)

Backstage: JB brought in A.J. Styles. Styles offered some basic thoughts on facing Kurt Angle next. Borash wanted to talk about the Dixie Carter photos, though. A.J. blew it off and said he's here to wrestle. The crowd applauded in the background. TNA ignored Styles's request by introducing a video package on Daniels & Kaz revealing pictures alleging an inappropriate relationship between Styles and Dixie Carter.


Angle was a man on a mission quickly making his way to the ring for wrestling competition. Styles, out second, took his time making his way down the ramp into the ring. Meanwhile, the announcers questioned whether Styles can truly focus on wrestling Kurt tonight with the allegations hanging over him. Once the bell sounded, the two former amateur wrestlers circled around each other before showcasing their wrestling skills on the mat. Angle won the exchange and got up with a big smile on his face. Angle won the next exchange, driving Styles out of the ring to the floor.

Styles took his time re-entering the ring, where Angle had dropped his kneepad to tell Styles to shoot on him. Styles landed a kick to the chest, instead, and the two men went back to wrestling holds and exchanges. Angle avoided the drop-down, leap frog, dropsault sequence, but then found himself in the Styles Clash. Angle countered into an Anklelock tease, though, and Styles escaped. Stalemate.

The two men traded control before Styles whipped out an emphatic powerbomb. Styles stood over Angle for a few moments to let everyone soak up the move before making a cover for a nearfall. Styles then elbowed Angle through the ropes to the floor. Styles and Angle had another counter-counter exchange on the floor, which Styles eventually won, before Styles rolled Angle back into the ring. Angle avoided a corner attack before landing a suplex. Angle followed with a backbreaker, then went to work on Styles's mid-section with a body scissors. The two men returned to their feet, then collided mid-ring with cross-body blocks.

At 12:00, they reset with another fast-paced exchange before Styles landed a backbreaker across his knee for a two count. Styles followed with a springboard forearm smash for a two count. He tried to follow with the Clash, but Angle back-dropped out of it. Styles then sent Angle flying through the ropes to the outside. Styles followed with a springboard flying forearm smash on the floor that put both men on the floor. Back in the ring, Angle punted Styles in the stomach before suplexing him for a two count. Angle then lost control when Styles nailed a Pele Kick. Styles followed right up with the Clash, but Angle kicked out of Styles's finisher.

At 16:00, Styles reset with an attempted suplex, but Angle countered with a release German Suplex for a two count. The two men sold on the mat before coming to their feet to trade right hand bombs. Styles then tried the back-flip reverse DDT, but Angle avoided, then the two men stood and countered. Another counter into the Angle Slam for Kurt. A cover resulted in a two count only, though. Angle stood up and called for the end, wanting the Clash. However, Styles back-dropped out of his own finisher. Styles then tried a standing huracanrana, but Angle blocked in mid-air and nailed the Styles Clash. Angle rolled him over, but only scored a two count. For his next trick, Angle tried a moonsault, but Styles moved. Styles then went for a springboard 450 and splashed Angle hard across the chest. Styles made a cover, but Angle barely kicked out.

At 20:00, Styles went up top, but Kaz and Daniels suddenly came to ringside. Daniels took out Styles's leg as ref Brian Hebner acted completely oblivious. Angle then hit the Angle Slam, but Styles kicked out. Moments later, Angle slapped on the Anklelock. Styles fought momentarily before tapping out.

Post-match, Kaz and Daniels hit the ring to attack Styles. Angle caught his breath, then blasted away at Kaz. Daniels took a right hand, too, and scampered out of the ring. Angle talked trash to Daniels before returning to Styles. Angle extended his hand to Styles and helped him to his feet before they stood tall in the ring with Daniels complaining ringside. Angle whispered something in Styles's ear before the two men went their separate ways.

WINNER: Angle via submission at 20:45. Another excellent outing, but it was held back by a sense that Daniels & Kaz would interfere at some point during the match. The first 20 minutes was outstanding, though. Just great wrestling and a chance for Styles to showcase his in-ring skills in a long-form match for the first time in what seems like years. (***1/2)

Video: Tenay fed to a TNA Slammiversary Top 10 moment from Lockdown 2010 when Angle went for a top-of-the-cage moonsault on Mr. Anderson. Back to the announcers, Taz and Tenay hyped Slammiversary next month. Taz said they do everything bigger in Texas, then Taz noted he has some people from Texas in his ear right now. The announcers transitioned to a discussion of Roode-RVD in the main event before going backstage to JB.

Backstage: Borash said 76 percent of TNA fans voted for RVD to win the TNA World Title tonight. JB then brought in Robert Roode to discuss his title defense up next. Roode said something isn't right tonight - he doesn't have his World Title belt because it's hanging above the ring right now. Roode declared there isn't a soul in this company who can stop him (foreshadowing?) and no one can stop him from becoming the longest-reigning World champion in TNA history. JB then fed to a video package on the Roode-RVD feud.

Impact Zone: The camera focused on Roode's title belt hanging above the ring for the ladder match main event. Rob Van Dam was out first to challenge for the title, then Roode slowly made his entrance to make sure everyone got a good look at the champ. Roode's right - he looks naked without a title belt. Once everyone was assembled in the ring, JB handled formal ring intros. Kayfabe, why would Earl Hebner be assigned this match after he blew the call on Anderson-Hardy earlier in the show?

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion BOBBY ROODE vs. ROB VAN DAM -- TNA World Title match -- Ladder match

RVD quickly took control of the match before flinging Roode over the top rope to the outside. Van Dam tried to retrieve a ladder ringside, but Roode sneak-attacked him. Van Dam shook it off, though, and landed a spin kick from the apron to Roode as the champ was draped across the guardrail. RVD sold the effects of his move before retrieving the ladder and propping it up ringside. Back in the ring, Roode cut off RVD and landed a snap DDT.

The ladder was then brought into the ring to begin being used as a weapon. RVD whipped Roode hard into the ladder in the corner, but Roode came back with a catapult that sent RVD head-first into the ladder. RVD's head disappeared in-between the rungs in the process. Roode followed up with a suplex attempt, but RVD blocked and suplexed Roode onto the ladder. For his next trick, RVD placed the ladder on top of Roode, then brought a chair into the ring to score with a running surfboard dropkick that crunched Roode.

At 10:00, RVD went under the ring to retrieve a second ladder. Taz pointed out this one was not painted black like the first ladder. RVD tried scaling the ladder, but Roode cut him off. RVD then tipped it over and Roode landed on his feet before landing a knock-down clothesline. The camera focused on the original black ladder, which has the old color scheme and old website address on the side. Time to get a new ladder. Roode then sent RVD off the ropes and delivered a Double R spinebuster into the second ladder center-ring. RVD sold major back pain before coming back with a monkey flip into the original ladder. RVD followed with Rolling Thunder onto the ladder before the camera focused on a big cut on RVD's left elbow. It looked like a popped pimple.

RVD collected himself, then went up top for a Five-Star Frogsplash, but Roode rolled out of the way and RVD ate the second ladder stomach-first. Roode then used the ladder as a weapon to keep RVD out of the ring before setting up the ladder center-ring. Roode very slowly began climbing, which allowed RVD to springboard onto the ladder. But, RVD lost his footing and his leg got caught in the ladder rungs. The ladder tipped over with RVD's leg caught inside, then Roode tried to climb the ladder to the top, but RVD loosened himself. RVD tried climbing the ladder, but Roode kicked him off and RVD landed back-of-the-head-first onto the chair. Not good to see. Roode then reached the top of the ladder, grabbed the title belt, and unhooked it. Roode retains.

Post-match: Roode clutched his title belt after another title retention. Meanwhile, RVD got to his feet, limped on one leg, and threw a fit, knocking around the ladders. Black-shirt TNA reps tried to check on RVD, who threw himself through the ropes to the outside and stood on the floor with hands-on-hips. In the ring, Roode clutched his title belt before TNA went to a replay of the big moves during the match. Back in the ring, Roode flashed his "I did it again" smile. They signed off at 9:49 p.m. with Roode soaking in the win.

WINNER: Roode at 15:27 to retain the TNA World Title. Exactly how it was expected to go down per RVD's post-Impact promo Thursday - RVD got in his spots and he did some cool moves to pop the live crowd, but he did not stress title aspirations in the interview, which pointed to Roode retaining. It will be interesting to see if RVD drifts back to the mid-card after the match (depending on whether TNA turns the finish into an injury angle) or stays in the title picture for Roode's next title defense at Slammiversary. Will it be King of the Mountain? Overall, not a blow-away ladder match or main event, but it was satisfactory since it was unrealistic to expect RVD to win this match. Also, thumbs up for Roode coming out of this with a strong victory that has been desperately needed during his title run. (**3/4)

OVERALL THOUGHTS: This was a two-match show mixed with the usual over-booking. I can't recommend a replay until the top wrestling companies lower the replay price, but Aries-Ray and Angle-Styles are worth watching, especially Aries-Ray. I'm at a thumbs in the middle - when TNA lets their wrestlers go to work in the ring, it's great; when TNA gets in the way, it's bad.


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