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CALDWELL'S TNA SLAMMIVERSARY PPV RESULTS 6/10: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Roode vs. Sting headlines 10th Anniv. PPV

Jun 10, 2012 - 9:51:46 PM

TNA Slammiversary PPV Results
June 10, 2012
Arlington, Texas at UT-Arlington
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA's anniversary PPV recognizing 10 years in business opened with a video package documenting the origins of TNA. Jeff Jarrett was focused on, then Kurt Angle's big TNA debut mid-way through company history, then Hulk Hogan and The Outsiders, X Division big moments, Angle and Samoa Joe back when Joe had BA status, Elix Skipper's walk-the-cage huracanrana voted the Top Moment in TNA history by PWTorch readers, the president of the company marking out for Hulkamania, Impact from England, and now Bobby Roode as TNA Champion.

Live from Arlington, Mike Tenay introduced the show as TNA picked up crowd shots and showed one side of the arena full to the balcony. The set-up looks major leagues. To begin the PPV, Hulk Hogan's music played. Out came Hogan to a star reaction and he played to the crowd on-stage. Hogan then slowly made his way down the entrance ramp to the ring as TNA went to a wideshot of the arena. Taz chimed in that there's a lot of energy in the building tonight.

Once in the ring, Hogan warmed himself up before doing the cup-the-ear routine trying to get the crowd warmed up. Hogan continued to stretch out his promo time before welcoming everyone to Slammiversary, which he called a celebration of ten years. He said the next ten years is going to be twice as awesome. After pausing for some scattered chants, Hogan said TNA is "shooting to the moon" and things keep changing around here. He noted he likes pushing people's buttons, and the first button he's pushing tonight relates to the first match. Hogan announced the first match is going to be Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries, and the button he's pushing is the match will be for the X Division Title.

Hogan's music played, then he slowly made his way down the entrance ramp to a side exit. Enter Samoa Joe to challenge for the title. Joe stood on-stage and surveyed the crowd before making his way to the ring as Tenay noted Joe exceeds the divison's weight limit, but Hogan is changing things up tonight. Strong reaction for Joe before Austin Aries came out to defend.

1 -- X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. SAMOA JOE -- X Division Title match

Once the bell sounded, both men acted fired up to open the PPV before locking up and exchanging holds. The two men felt each other out before Joe slapped Aries across the face, then Aries came back with strikes that Joe no-sold. Aries then dropped Joe to the outside with a head scissors, but Joe destroyed Aries, who attempted a suicide dive. Joe played to an appreciative crowd before chopping Aries back in the ring. Awesome first two minutes. Joe followed with a big corner kick before washing Aries's face with his boot. Joe followed with a corner boot that missed Aries, but Aries sold like it connected.

Aries and Joe went back and forth countering each other's offense before resetting at 4:00. Another counter sequence saw Aries roll out of the way of an attempted elbow suicide dive before flying back into the ring to deliver a suicide dive to Joe back on the outside. "Aust-in Aries / Let's Go Joe" dueling chants picked up as the two men re-entered the ring with Aries in control. But, Joe countered a corner attack with a running sideslam for a close two count. Joe followed with knee lifts, then a sit-out powerbomb for a two count that he turned into a modified Boston Crab. Aries refused to tap, so Joe flowed into an STF mid-ring. Then, into a modified Rings of Saturn, which Aries countered into a quick roll-up for a two count.

The two men reset at 7:15 with Joe collecting himself while Aries sold in the corner. Joe followed up with rapid-fire headbutts, then wanted a top-rope superplex, but Aries headbutted Joe down to the mat. Aries then executed a top-rope 450 splash, but Joe kicked out of a pin in-time. The crowd popped for the nearfall as Aries sold shock. The two men re-engaged by trading bombs from their knees as the crowd picked up a dueling chant. Joe then avoided a discus clothesline and slapped on a sleeperhold. Joe then fell down to the mat with a rear-naked choke, which Aries countered into a bridge pin for a close two count.

Joe came back with a power throw out of the corner, then fired himself up. He wanted a top-rope Musclebuster, but Aries slipped out and landed elbow strikes into a sick crucifix throw. Aries followed with a running strike into a discus forearm smash that rocked Joe. Aries followed with a corner kick into the brainbuster center-ring. The crowd popped for Aries's feat of strength executing the brainbuster, then Aries made a cover for the pin and the win. Post-match: Taz said you won't find anything else more physical than that match in pro wrestling on PPV. They replayed high points from the match, then returned live to show Aries celebrating his victory as Joe sold the effects of the finish. Aries and Joe then came together center-ring and they fist-bumped as a show of respect. On the way, Aries said that's why he's the greatest.

WINNER: Aries at 11:48 to retain the X Division Title. Excellent, excellent opening match. Just great from start to finish with a hot crowd behind the action. Aries was able to continue his quest of successfully defeating big-man wrestlers and Joe got some of his mojo back working with the perfect opponent. A little longer and the match easily would have been four stars. (***1/2)

Exterior Shot: TNA showed footage of Arlington, Texas, home to the Cowboys and Rangers as the Texas flag fluttered in the breeze. Tenay thanked the audience for joining the PPV. Ringside: Tenay and Taz talked on-camera to reset the show following the opening match.

Arena: Kid Kash made his return to TNA for a match against Hernandez added last-second after Impact. Hernandez then made his return sporting new facial hair and a slimmed-down frame returning in his homestate.


Hernandez over-powered Kash early on before knocking him to the floor. Hernandez wanted to fly, but Kash walked away, as Taz equated Hernandez to Randy White of Cowboys fame. After dodging Hernandez's flying attack, Kash took control of the action back in the ring. Kash landed big chops to the chest to annoy Hernandez before executing some surprising high-flying offense on Hernandez that were borderline botches. Kash got cocky, though, and walked into a slingshot shoulder block from Hernandez.

Hernandez made a comeback with power offense before flying over the top rope with a missile splash. Hernandez then brought Kash back into the ring for the finish. After avoiding some desperation offense from Kash, Hernandez set up Kash center-ring to deliver a big top-rope splash. (TNA cut to a great camera shot over Hernandez's head as he landed the splash.) Hernandez then scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: Hernandez at 5:52. The chemistry was hit or miss throughout, and there was no back-story for why this match occurred, but a fine return for Hernandez. (*1/2)

TNA Moment #3 video package: A.J. Styles becoming the first NWA-TNA X Division champion on June 19, 2002.

Arena: Robbie E. and Rob Terry came to the ring sporting matching cardigans as Taz tried to make some references to what the people in the crowd are wearing. TV champ Devon and Garett Bischoff then came out as Garett did the young babyface deal of looking around the arena "soaking up the moment" with a breathless stare.


Robbie went after Garett early on, but Bischoff came back with some basic wrestling holds. Robbie then scampered over to his corner to tag in Terry. Bischoff ducked a clothesline, then tried some kicks and strikes, but Terry no-sold and shoved him away. Bischoff tried some offense, but Terry continued to fling him away. Suddenly, Madison Rayne emerged on-stage looking completely different. The heels then cornered Bischoff and worked him over as Devon waited for a tag. The crowd reacted when Devon broke up a pin attempt on Bischoff as Madison smiled on-stage.

Bischoff eventually escaped Robbie and made a hot tag to Devon, who entered the match fired-up for his team. Devon cleared Robbie before knocking Robbie off the apron. Eventually, the match broke down with all four men in the ring. Bischoff then took Terry out of the ring, leaving Devon and Robbie in the ring. Devon then hit a big shoulder tackle on Robbie for the pin and the win. Post-match, Devon and Bischoff did a dance number before celebrating in the ring.

WINNER: Devon & Robbie at 5:56. The crowd was into Devon, but not Bischoff. Okay tag match. (*1/4)

Backstage: Jeremy Borash did a big build-up before bringing in special guests from the beginning of TNA. It was Daniels and Kazarian. Kaz said he was in the first-ever Ultimate X match and noted you always remember your first. Daniels, holding glasses of champagne, vowed to successfully defend the Tag Titles tonight, continue to expose A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter, and continue to be role models. Daniels took a sip, but didn't like the taste. JB then sent it back to the arena.

Arena: Mr. Anderson's music played to bring out Anderson for the three-way #1 contender match. Anderson, sporting new short hair, stood on-stage and said there appear to be some a-holes in the building tonight. He asked the crowd if they just called him an a-hole before noting this a-hole hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. After introducing himself twice, Anderson strutted to the ring. Rob Van Dam was out next as the crowd chanted along with Van Dam. Out last was Jeff Hardy, whose music the crowd did not recognize until he emerged on-stage. Hardy, sporting his trademark wild facepaint, took a victory lap around the ring, including getting WWE's Sign Guy on-camera, before entering the ring to start the match.

4 -- JEFF HARDY vs. MR. ANDERSON vs. ROB VAN DAM -- #1 contender match to TNA World Title

The match started on a random note with Hardy attacking Van Dam out of nowhere. Some three-way spots ensued, including Hardy running off Anderson's back as Anderson sold on the mat to land a corner leg smash on RVD. Next was a Tower of Doom tease, but Anderson broke it up by flinging RVD to the outside and super-plexing Hardy. Van Dam tried to follow with a Five-Star Frogsplash out of nowhere, but both men moved out of the way and RVD ate the mat.

After a reset, all three men started landing moves on each other almost in video-game fashion without any flow. Someone needed to take control of the match. Van Dam slowed things down momentarily by working on his opponents one-by-one before they set up a three-way pin spot with dual nearfalls. Anderson came up the aggressor following the nearfalls and cleared RVD from the ring before scoring a nearfall on Hardy. Anderson then took the action to the outside, so Hardy decided to come off the top rope with a big splash onto both opponents.

Hardy and RVD returned to the ring, where Hardy nailed Whisper in the Wind for a close two count. Hardy then hit Twist of Fate that appeared to cause some neck whiplash for RVD. Hardy wanted to end it with a top-rope Swanton Bomb, and he connected, but Anderson pulled the ref away from the pin count. Anderson then cleared Hardy from the ring, dropped RVD with the Mic Check, and pinned Van Dam for the win. Anderson gets a title shot against Roode-Sting on Impact in four days.

WINNER: Anderson at 11:24 to become #1 contender. Good finish after some hit or miss three-way action in the tired three-way match formula. Anderson scoring the win was surprising, but a match-up against Roode or Sting feels the freshest out of the three individuals in the match. (**3/4)

Backstage: JB brought in Crimson to discuss his Open Challenge. Crimson flashed his heelish grin and said it doesn't matter who accepts his Open Challenge because he will beat anyone. He put his big arm around JB and said no one will beat him.

Arena: Crimson strutted out to the ring and recapped his Open Challenge to find an individual who can beat him. He said everything is bigger in Texas, and he's looking at the biggest drop of losers he's ever seen in his life. "You Suck" chant from the crowd before Crimson noted he came here to fight. He said he could fight a "crappy Maverick," one of the Rangers, or even one of the "damn Cowboys" if he has to. No love for the Stars? Crimson then sat back to see if anyone accepts his challenge. As Crimson waited, a light "Goldberg" chant started up. Crimson continued to wait before James Storm's music played to bring out Storm returning after a two-month absence. Crimson flipped out and sold concern as Storm made his way to the ring.

5 -- "COWBOY" JAMES STORM vs. CRIMSON -- Open Challenge

Crimson tried to run at Storm once he hit the ring, but Storm blocked his attack and cleared Crimson to the outside. Storm continued to fight in his long jacket before slapping Crimson across the chest. Crimson then blind-sided Storm, who turned his back for a moment. Crimson ripped off Storm's jacket and choked him with it as the crowd chanted, "Let's Go Cowboy(s)." Storm then made his comeback, fired up the crowd, warmed up for a Last Call superkick, and connected. Storm with the pin for the win. And, Crimson's "streak" is over. Post-match, Storm celebrated with a beer as he soaked in the moment returning from his brief absence.

WINNER: Storm at 2:10. Good return for Storm as he gets back in the title quest springboarding off this victory. (n/a)

Backstage: JB brought in X Division champion Austin Aries to find out what's next for Aries. He said in less than one year, he's gone from a guy fighting for a contract to one of TNA's biggest stars. Aries said he's passed every test every month, and what he wants next is to be The Man. Quite simply, he wants to be the "main event" and will do whatever he has to do to get there. Foreshadowing for the Destination X PPV hype.

TNA Moment #2 video package: October 2009 when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff joined TNA and Dixie Carter.

Arena: Back live, TNA president Dixie Carter's music played to bring out Carter all-smiles. Tenay thanked the Carter family for making the past ten years possible. In the ring, Dixie shouted out to DFW before saying this is a very surreal moment right now appearing in front of her family, friends, and largest TNA crowd in the U.S. She said there are a lot of people to thank including her parents, the Jarretts, and Spike TV. More importantly, to the wrestling fans who have supported TNA. She said they love the word "wrestling" and she hopes they are having a good time tonight. Dixie thanked every wrestler who has set foot in this ring and hyped the current roster. She then asked everyone to come out on-stage.

A.J. Styles led the group out as heels and faces tried to maintain character. Taz noted Styles was the first one out, playing up Dixie's and Styles's "photo scandal" storyline. Daniels and Kazarian filed in behind the rest of the group before Hogan came out last. Crimson continued to sell his loss as Sting was shown. Dixie thanked everyone for being part of TNA, then said she would like to introduce the first TNA Hall of Fame inductee. Dixie rolled video from June 18, 2003 when Sting debuted in TNA during the Wednesday Night PPV Era. Hogan, Joe, Aries, Angle, Styles, Crimson, and Devon talked in sit-down soundbytes about Sting as TNA showed highlights of Sting in TNA. As the video continued to play, they cut back live to show Sting watching the video on the entrance ramp.

After the video ended, they cut back to show Sting almost no-selling the video before his music played. Sting appeared to be fighting back tears while trying to downplay the announcement - almost appearing to be embarrassed by the attention - before entering the ring to walk around next to Dixie Carter. Dixie and Sting hugged before Dixie introduced Sting to the crowd.

Dixie said when TNA was a "small, struggling company," they needed an "icon" like Sting. Dixie said Sting said he would come in and help them for a while, but he continued to come back year after year (to a big payday). Dixie said she thinks Sting is doing his finest work, then announced they will have a formal introduction at Bound for Glory later this year. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and "Thank you, Sting" chants greeted Sting. Sting said he was not prepared for this because he just came here to wrestle. Sting thanked the men and women on the roster, the crowd, and Dixie, then noted it will be "Showtime" tonight in the TNA World Title match. Sting's music played to end the announcement segment. Announcers: Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera talking up Sting. Taz claimed no one knew who was going to be inducted, then heaped praise on Sting for his contributions to TNA.

6 -- Knockouts champion GAIL KIM vs. MISS TESSMACHER -- Knockouts Title match

Miss Tessmacher, introduced as hailing "from the great State of Texas," came out next to challenge for the Knockouts Title. KO champ Gail Kim then came out to make her latest title defense. Back-and-forth early on before Gail dropped Tessmacher hard on the ropes to begin a sustained attack. Gail then got cocky when she continued to cut off Tessmacher's comebacks, which ultimately led to her demise when Tessmacher suddenly rolled up Gail out of nowhere for a quick three count. Tessmacher sold the moment as her hand was raised, while Gail sold shock over the sudden loss. Ringside: Christy Hemme brought in Tessmacher for an instant reaction to the title win. She called her win "truly epic" and proclaimed, "God Bless Texas."

WINNER: Tessmacher at 7:01 to capture KO Title. As Tenay foreshadowed, the "homestate advantage" storyline played out to end Gail's lengthy title run dating back to November 2011.

Backstage: JB tried to talk up social media before Bully Ray covered JB's mouth and introduced himself from New York to boos. He said he has Joseph Park right where he wants him. Ray pulled out his contract to remind Park that he will not be responsible for any damage inflicted on Park tonight. As for Abyss, Park said perhaps he did not leave Abyss for dead, but if Abyss shows up tonight, he will not be wrong twice.

Arena: Bully Ray came out first for the grudge match before Joseph Park emerged sans music. Park was sporting an Under Armour track suit as he sold that his stomach was in his throat having to face Ray in an unfamiliar environment. A "Yankees Suck" chant started up as Park made his way around the ring avoiding entering the ring. This was followed by a "Let's Go Rangers" chant. Park waited out the chants before struggling to enter the ring.

7 -- BULLY RAY vs. JOSEPH PARK -- Anything Goes Match

Park, still sporting glasses, wiped his forehead with a towel before slowly approaching Ray, who offered the first shot. Park then took off his glasses and re-approached Ray. Park swung and missed Ray, who easily ducked out of the way before asking Park if he's serious. Ray then slapped Park across the face before offering his chin again. Ray ducked two punches, then slapped Park across the top of his head.

Next, Ray offered to put his hands behind his back. Park took a loogie in the eye, then slaps to the face as Ray called him a coward. "Joseph, Joseph" chant from the crowd. Park then slapped Ray across the face to a big reaction after Ray missed with a corner attack. But, Park made TNA Babyface Mistake #1 turning to the hard camera to celebrate, prompting Ray to blind-side him. Park sold on the mat before Ray went on the attack to boos. The crowd then tried to get at Ray with a "New York sucks" chant, prompting Taz to wonder what happened to Southern hospitality. Ray retrieved a chair, but fell on the mat when Park kicked the ropes (because of the vibrations ). Park slowly picked up the chair, Ray begged off, Park turned his back, and Ray attacked him again.

Ray went on a sustained attack, including a chair shot across the back. On the outside, Ray teed off on Park with right hand strikes while he taunted the crowd. Back in the ring, Ray went for a butt bomb from the second rope, but Park avoided, then Hulked Up. Park fired off lefts and rights before Ray covered up. Park blew himself up, which Taz noted, before the two men kind of collided center-ring in a weird spot. Park then turned around and ate a boot to the face from Ray.

Ray turned his attention to a table underneath the ring, which Ray slid into the ring. Ray then pulled out a Kendo Stick and threatened ref Earl Hebner before setting up the table in the ring. A light "ECW" chant started up as Ray set up shop center-ring. Ray went for a Kendo Stick shot, but Park hit him in the gut with a lucky punch. Park then caned Ray across the head and kind of dove on top of Ray for a close two count. Park spit up drool before surveying the table in the ring. Park charged Ray, who elbowed Park in the face to knock him to the outside.

Park then rolled underneath the ring, disappearing from sight. Suddenly, Abyss emerged. They didn't show his face, and just focused on his trademark get-up from behind. Ray turned around, sold shock, and Abyss landed a chokeslam through the table. Abyss slid back underneath the ring, then Joseph Park re-emerged, selling that he did not know what was going on. Park then stumbled into the ring and covered a KO'ed Ray for the pin and the win. After the win, Park continued to sell shock as the announcers talked about how weird that was.

WINNER: Park/Abyss at 10:23. Well, that was...something. Ray was solid in his heel role walking the crowd through this odd match. But, the crowd didn't exactly play along with TNA trying to pull a fast one with the Abyss/Park switcheroo at the end.

Backstage: JB brought in TNA World Hvt. champion Bobby Roode to discuss his latest TNA Title defense against Sting tonight. Roode said he doesn't give a crap about Sting's Hall of Fame induction because the only thing people will remember from tonight is him ending Sting's career and leaving as still World Hvt. champion.

Arena: Hulk Hogan's music played again. Hogan stood on-stage and asked the crowd to give it up for Joseph Park and Slammiversary. He then noted he has one more surprise for everyone tonight. He introduced Christian Cage, the current WWE Intercontinental champion. The crowd popped for Christian being announced, then Christian walked out on-stage and shook hands with Hogan. Christian, dressed in a white dress shirt and jeans, slowly made his way down to the ring for this historic moment of a current WWE wrestler appearing at a TNA event. Taz said he's shocked to see Christian here tonight.

Once in the ring, Christian surveyed the audience before grabbing a mic. "Welcome Back" chant from the crowd. Christian paused to look around the arena before noting the question he's been asked the most this week is whether the rumors are true that he will be appearing at Slammiversary this Sunday. "Drink it in," he said before the crowd chanted, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He said it's indeed true that Christian Cage is standing right here in a TNA ring. He then pointed out that the last time he was here, there was a six-sided ring. Christian said things may have changed since he was last in TNA, but the fans have remained the same. He said the fans that allowed TNA to be in existence for ten years and beyond is worth a round of applause.

Christian said he's been asked to be here tonight to introduce the #1 moment in TNA history. Video rolled of the #1 moment being January 15, 2006 when Sting returned to TNA to confront Jeff Jarrett. Hey, there's Monty Brown. Christian was also involved. And, that was that for Christian, as TNA suddenly cut to a video package on the Tag Title feud. (There was no mention of WWE during Christian's appearance.)

Arena: As tag champs Daniels and Kazarian came out to defend the Tag Titles, Taz noted he doesn't keep up with TNA president Dixie Carter's tweets, so he was not aware of Christian returning tonight. Taz continued to present a defense for not being prepared because he shares the Internet at home. Kurt angle, then A.J. Styles came out to challenge for the Tag Titles. As he should, Styles ran into the ring to attack Daniels and Kaz due to the "personal" grudge-feud nature of their feud.

8 -- TNA tag champions CHRISTOPHER DANIELS & KAZARIAN vs. KURT ANGLE & A.J. STYLES -- TNA Tag Title match

Daniels and Kaz cut off Styles once the bell sounded, then Styles engaged in a wrestling exchange with Kaz to clear him from the ring. The action then moved to the floor, where Styles nailed a high-flying move on Kaz. Angle then smashed Daniels on the outside, but it was out of camera view. Back in the ring, Styles tagged in Angle to a pop. Angle then went to work on the heels before tagging in Styles, who went back-and-forth with Kaz before Daniels provided a distraction. Kaz and Daniels then went to work on Styles as Angle paced on the ring apron.

Angle eventually tagged in at 8:00 and went nuts on Kaz and Daniels with suplexes and throws. Angle then set up for successive German Suplexes on Kaz, and used an assist from Styles to deliver a double third German on Kaz and Daniels. Angle then slapped on the Anklelock to Daniels, but Kaz broke it up. Styles and Kaz then tagged into the match, and Styles cleaned house. Angle then re-entered and all four men were involved at this point.

A series of sequences customary for a four-way match occurred before Styles and Daniels came together center-ring to trade headbutts and strikes. Daniels then landed an STO and wanted the BME, but Styles moved and Angle dropped Daniels with a German Suplex. Angle then went up top and landed a frogsplash on Kaz. He had the pin, but Daniels yanked the ref out of the ring. Styles then nailed Daniels on the outside with a springboard gainer splash. Back in the ring, Angle grappled Kaz and slapped on the Anklelock. Angle grapevined it, Kaz reached for the ropes, and reached again, but he had to tap out, giving Angle and Styles the title win. Ringside, Styles sold that he was stunned to have won as Angle kissed the mat to celebrate victory. They replayed big moments from the match before returning live to show the new tag champs getting their hands raised in victory.

WINNERS: Angle & Styles at 14:23 to capture the TNA Tag Titles. This looks like the "feel good moment" before the main event with a likely Roode PPV Finish. Solid semi-main event match. Angle and Styles are better as singles wrestlers, but they were still good here. (**3/4)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz talked about the Tag Title match, then transitioned to focusing on the TNA World Title main event. A video package documented the build-up to Roode vs. Sting before TNA returned to the announcers to break down the Tale of the Tape and Bullet Points on the main event.

Arena: Sting's music played to bring out the main event challenger first. Once Sting entered the ring, Bobby Roode's slow, dramatic music played to bring out Roode on-stage wearing a robe customary for someone who considers himself a top star. Roode slowly strutted down to the ring as he looked around the arena to sneer at the crowd. Roode then entered the ring and walked past Sting to pose on the top turnbuckle as TNA went to an overhead camera shot. JB then handled formal ring intros for the main event. Awesome how JB said Sting weighed in at a certain weight "this morning," suggesting there was an actual weigh-in for the main event to create more of a sports feel. After formal ring intros, Roode bailed to the outside and continued to stall before finally entering the ring to start the match.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion BOBBY ROODE vs. STING -- TNA World Title match

Once the bell sounded, Roode slipped to the outside again to continue stalling. Sting then trapped him on the floor and ran Roode into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Sting landed successive blows to the mid-section, then face before hip-tossing Roode across the ring. Sting tried a second Scorpion Deathlock, but Roode slipped to the outside again. Sting tracked down Roode again and ran him into the ring steps this time. Roode eventually trapped Sting playing his cat & mouse game, and went on the attack. The crowd tried to rally behind Sting, who escaped a sleeperhold before slapping on a sleeperhold of his own. Roode back-dropped out of the hold, though, and both men sold on the mat.

Roode and Sting reset at 7:00 before the match moved to the top turnbuckle. Sting blocked Roode, then delivered a superplex. He wanted the Scorpion again, applied the hold, and sat down on Roode's back. Roode teased tapping out a few times, but reached the bottom rope for a desperation break. Roode quickly slipped out of the ring to sell the back before Sting ran him into the guardrail on the floor. Roode tried to run away to the back, but Sting dragged Roode down the ramp and back into the ring.

Once in the ring, Roode rolled out of the ring, where Sting met him with a Stinger Splash into the guardrail. The action moved to the broadcast table and the announcers cleared out while So Cal Val crawled away out of harm's way. Sting then slapped on the Scorpion Deathlock on the announce table, and Roode tapped out, but the ref noted to Sting that it has to be inside the ring. Sting released the hold, thinking he won the match.

During the confusion, Roode retrieved James Storm's left-over six-pack of beer. No one thought to remove it from ringside? Roode teased a bottle shot, but Sting stole it. The ref then took it away from Sting, but Roode pulled out another beer bottle and popped Sting across the forehead with it. The bottle didn't shatter like a gimmicked bottle, but broke into a few pieces. Roode then made a cover, the ref re-entered the ring and ignored the broken bottle in standard TNA Incompetent Refereeing fashion, and counted a three count for Roode. The crowd booed the finish.

WINNER: Roode at 10:54 to retain the TNA World Title. A typical TNA PPV main event with a tricks and short-cuts to get through a serviceable main event. If TNA wants to take the next step, improving their PPV main events is a Top 5 item to address. (**)

Post-match: Sting immediately stood up behind Roode and stalked the champ from behind. Sting, with blood on his forehead from the bottle shot, approached Roode and clotheslined him over the top rope before clotheslining the ref to a pop. Sting then dragged Roode up the entrance ramp to the stage, where he delivered a suplex. Next, Sting took Roode to the edge of the stage and delivered a Scorpion Death Drop off the stage through a gimmicked crash set below. Sting held his head, then stood up and fired up the crowd as his music played. Tenay said Roode escaped with the title again, but Sting got the last word. Tenay plugged Roode vs. Anderson for the TNA Title this Thursday on Impact as Sting walked around the arena. Sting then re-entered the ring as medics checked on Roode near the stage. TNA signed off nine minutes before the top of the hour with Sting standing tall after the main event loss.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Thumbs Up PPV. Not a strong Thumbs Up, but a solid Thumbs Up. If you came in with healthy expectations and knew what to expect from the main event, then you shouldn't walk away disappointed from this show. What will be interesting is whether people remember this PPV more for a WWE wrestler appearing on the show or anything else that occurred. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe opening the PPV and perhaps James Storm's return will give Christian a run for his money in the memorable department, but with so many stars at the same level and with TNA giving away so many star vs. star matches on Impact (similar to WWE on Raw and Smackdown), a lot of these matches will just blend into the collective memory.


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PWTorch editor Wade Keller has covered pro wrestling full time since 1987 starting with the Pro Wrestling Torch print newsletter. launched in 1999 and the PWTorch Apps launched in 2008.

He has conducted "Torch Talk" insider interviews with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Eric Bischoff, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Bruno Sammartino, Goldberg, more.

He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


Wade Keller, editor

James Caldwell, assistant editor

Bruce Mitchell (since 1990)
Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

We also have a great team of
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