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CALDWELL'S TNA DESTINATION X PPV RESULTS 7/8: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Roode vs. Aries, new X Division champion, Joe vs. Angle

Jul 8, 2012 - 9:51:57 PM

TNA Destination X PPV Results
July 8, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA's X Division-themed PPV opened with a two-minute video package documenting the build-up to Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries for the TNA World Title and the history of the X Division.

Impact Zone: After pyro shot off inside the arena, Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash introduced the show and set the stage for the TNA Title match, new X Division champion determined in Ultimate X, Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle in a Bound for Glory Series match, and A.J. Styles vs. Daniels in a grudge match.

Out first for the "Last Chance" X Division qualifying match was Rubix a/k/a Jigsaw. More generic X Division music brought out Mason Andrews a/k/a Scorpio Sky, followed by Lars Only a/k/a Johnny Yuma, and finally Dakota Darsow.

1 -- MASON ANDREWS vs. LARS ONLY vs. DAKOTA DARSOW vs. RUBIX -- X Division Title tournament Last Chance match

The crowd picked their favorite, Rubix, early on in this match. After all four men got some one-on-one spotlight in the ring, Rubix cleared the ring and landed a leaping flip dive onto the other three competitors on the outside. Back in the ring, Scorpio Sky applied a submission on Lars as they cut backstage to show Kid Kash watching intently since he faces the winner of this match. Darsow, Sky, and Lars set up a three-way Tower of Doom spot before Rubix flew across the ring with a coast-to-coast dropkick on Darsow to put everyone on the mat. Next was a series of high-impact moves with everyone getting in their stuff. Sky then dropped Lars with a TKO-like finisher for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Scorpio Sky/Mason Andrews at 8:22. The crowd was behind Rubix, but, otherwise, there was nothing to emotionally invest in. At times, the match just came across like a bunch of spots strung together. (*1/2)

Post-match: As the three Last Chance losers cleared out of the ring, Scorpio Sky stood tall in the ring before Kid Kash stormed the ring to start things with Sky.

2 -- KID KASH vs. MASON ANDREWS -- X Division Title tournament match

Kash dominated Sky, who continued to sell the effects of the four-way qualifying match. Tenay noted Kash wrestles professionally and competes in MMA, making Kash and Sky similar opponents. Kash continued to dominate, but became frustrated as Sky continued to kick out of pin attempts. Kash offered a middle finger and slap across the face, but Sky kicked out again. Sky tried to make a comeback, but Kash delivered an emphatic knock-down clothesline. Kash then kicked Sky to the floor and jawed with some fans ringside before sending Sky back into the ring.

Back in the ring, Kash wanted a second-rope moonsault, but Sky got his knees up just in time to block Kash. Both men sold on the mat before Sky came back with a flying elbow into a flying dropkick. Sky followed with a head scissors, then came off the top with a dropkick for a two count. He followed with a leaping bicycle knee, and appeared to have the match won, but Kash kicked out in time. Kash then tried to come back with knee strikes, but Sky ducked a second knee, pushed Kash to the mat, and rolled him up for a quick pin and the win. Sky advances to the Ultimate X title match.

WINNER: Andrews/Sky at 8:10. Sky looked much more comfortable in this singles match than his qualifying match on Impact two weeks ago. Fine singles match, overall. (**)

Backstage: Christy Hemme brought in Samoa Joe for an interview and discussion of Aries vs. Roode tonight. Joe made his pick of Aries taking the title. Hemme then shifted things to the Bound for Glory Series. Joe said one year ago when he got to the BFG Series, his goal was to hurt, kill, and maim. This year, his goal is to seize the opportunity in front of him to challenge for the World Title. Joe said Kurt Angle is not an indestructible wrestling machine tonight, but the man he will make tap out. Joe called Kurt a means to his ends of 10 points.

Impact Zone: Hemme magically returned to the ring for ring introductions on the next X Division Title tournament match. Out first was Doug Williams, followed by Kenny King, who JB said has stepped up in the last week.

3 -- KENNY KING vs. DOUG WILLIAMS -- X Division Title tournament match

As King and Williams locked up, JB gave a thorough recap of King's journey to TNA and noted his Chippendale's line of work in Las Vegas. Williams dominated early on with matholds as the announcers talked about Williams growing up watching World of Sport in the U.K. Williams and King came to a stalemate, so Williams offered a handshake, but then kicked him in the gut. King quickly returned fire with a twisting press on the floor.

Back in the ring, King and Williams exchanged mat wrestling holds, smiling as they countered each other. Williams came back with a corner elbow into a flying European Uppercut for a two count. Williams followed with more offense before King ducked a clothesline, nailed an atomic drop, and followed with an enziguiri to the back of the head, which floored both men. King followed with a spin kick for a nearfall, then a spinebuster for a nearfall. King and Williams awkwardly tried to set up a top-rope move, with King appearing to be blown up, so Williams knocked King to the floor. Williams then landed a running knee to King's face as a fan on the front row shouted, "C'mon, Nigel!"

Both men were nearly counted out trying to get back into the ring, but they made it back at nine. Williams scored more two counts on pin attempts, but then King ducked a second-rope attack and nailed sort of a throw-down slam out of the fireman's carry position, which is the Royal Flush. King made the cover for the win to advance to the Ultimate X match later tonight.

WINNER: King at 10:35. Another match where they seemed to throw together a bunch of moves to make up for a lack of back-story in this tournament. It was good for the most part, but also lacking a key emotional connection with the audience. (**)

Backstage: Hemme brought in Daniels to discuss his Last Man Standing match against A.J. Styles tonight. Daniels, holding a martini, continued to accuse Styles of sleeping with the boss, impregnating a druggie, and laying down instead of standing up when the going gets tough. Daniels accused Styles of not being a man at all.

Impact Zone: Hemme was magically back in the ring again to introduce Sonjay Dutt for the next tournament match. Rashad Cameron, playing heel, was out next to face Dutt.

4 -- SONJAY DUTT vs. RASHAD CAMERON -- X Division Title tournament match

Dutt and Cameron tried to create an issue early on, with Cameron pie-facing Dutt to establish himself as the heel in the match. Meanwhile, JB talked up Dutt's rock-star status in India, but did not mention TNA's cousin promotion, Ring Ka King, by name. Rashad lost control of the match, then Dutt knocked him to the outside and landed a flying dropkick. Rashad re-gained control on the floor, then scored a two count back in the ring. Rashad noticed a quiet crowd, so he screamed at the crowd to look at Sonjay looking pathetic.

Rashad continued to scream at the crowd, then applied a body scissors submission center-ring. Rashad lost his focus, though, arguing with ref Earl Hebner. Dutt came back with a corner attack, then springboard splash from the ring apron for a close two count. The two men then traded moves as the crowd and announcers remained silent trying to figure out what they were going for. Rashad then got in Hebner's face again. The unforced error allowed Dutt to make a comeback, then nail his new moonsault double stomp finisher to the stomach for the pin and the win. Post-match: JB brought up Ring Ka King, noting Dutt's journey back to TNA's spotlight.

WINNER: Dutt at 7:16. Good showing from both men, especially Cameron in the heel role. The crowd is already worn out seeing similar moves in each match, though. (**1/4)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz went back to Against All Odds 2012 in February when Zema Ion took out Jesse Sorensen, who suffered a broken neck that night. They talked up Sorensen's recovery before introducing a video package on Sorensen's rehab.

Impact Zone: Jesse Sorensen, sporting a neckbrace and dressed in street clothes, came out on-stage to be re-introduced to the crowd. Sorensen embraced his mom and girlfriend ringside, then slowly entered the ring, where Hemme was waiting. Sorensen paced the ring before looking down at the spot where he was injured by Ion earlier this year. Sorensen noted Dixie Carter asked him beforehand if he feels nervous, and Sorensen replied that it's good just to feel. Sorensen said he sat in ICU for days after the injury, unsure if he would ever be able to walk again. He said the last thing he heard before leaving the arena was the crowd chanting his name. And, that same chant motivated him to return to the ring because God put him on earth to be a pro wrestler. Sorensen thanked everyone for believing in him and supporting him through his recovery.

Sorensen turned his attention to Zema Ion, saying he hopes Ion wins the X Division Title tonight. He said just like Ion tried to take his career from him, he plans to take the X Title from Ion. Sorensen made a promise that he will be X Division champion this time next year at Destination X 2013 and he will cash in to become TNA World Hvt. champion. Sorensen's music played for him to leave the ring, but Ion came out before Sorensen could leave. Ion mocked Sorensen's neck injury on the way to the ring before Hemme introduced the next X Title tournament match. JB played up Ion's heel-ishness by noting Ion has not called, texted, or visited Sorensen since the injury back in February.

5 -- ZEMA ION vs. FLIP CASSANOVA -- X Division Title tournament match

Ion dominated early on, then pulled out hairspray to accentuate his wild hair-do tonight. The unforced error allowed Flip to come back with a knee to the gut followed by a springboard twisting press for a nearfall. That was Flip's last gasp, as Ion came back with a Widow's Peak-like finisher for the pin and the win. Post-match, Ion played up his cockiness before spraying his hair with more spray on the way out of the ring.

WINNER: Ion at 3:55; Ion, Sky, King, and Dutt will compete in Ultimate X to determine the new X Division champion. (*1/4)

Backstage: Hemme brought in King, Dutt, and Sky to discuss the Ultimate X finals. King said it's his coronation day. Dutt said he will finally become X Champ. Sky said it's his moment. Bobby Roode suddenly entered the shot and asked Sky about it being his moment. Roode said this is his moment and his show. He told all three that the only match that matters is him walking into the main event and destroying their "poster boy" Austin Aries.

Impact Zone: Hemme introduced a change-of-pace Bound for Glory Series match, starting with Samoa Joe. Tenay plugged Joe-Angle as one of the best rivalries in TNA before Kurt Angle emerged on-stage. Angle embraced his children ringside before entering the ring to face Joe.

6 -- SAMOA JOE vs. KURT ANGLE -- BFG Series match

JB noted he talked to Angle on the way back to Orlando from Friday's house show and Angle is looking for submission victories from here on out in the Series. Joe and Angle grappled and exchanged holds early on before coming to a stalemate. Joe then grounded Angle in the corner before washing his face and landing a running boot. Joe knocked Angle to the floor, then landed a flying suicide dive elbow to the face. Joe was slow returning to the ring, though, allowing Angle to kick him in the chest and gain control of the match.

Angle continued the attack as both men teased submission attempts throughout Angle's attack. Angle then went for three German Suplexes and connected with all three to put both men on the mat selling the effects. Angle then tried an anklelock to get 10 points, but Joe kicked him away. Angle tried to charge Joe, but Joe delivered a frontslam out of the corner. Joe then wanted a Muscle Buster, and he connected center-ring. Joe made a cover, but Angle kicked out in-time. Joe sold frustration as Angle recovered nearby.

With 3:30 left in the time limit, Joe went for a rear-naked choke, but Angle dropped down into the anklelock. After fighting the hold, Joe countered into the rear-naked choke center-ring. Angle teased tapping out, but elbowed out before reaching his feet and executing a desperation Angle Slam. Angle with a cover, but Joe kicked out in-time. Angle, fired up, came to his feet and dropped the straps. Joe escaped an anklelock, then slid over Angle into a rear-naked choke. 45 seconds remaining as Angle fought the hold. 30 seconds remaining as Angle faded in the hold. Suddenly, Earl Hebner called for the bell, indicating Angle was out. So, Joe gets a submission win for 10 points.

Post-match: Tenay said Angle may not have tapped out, but, in the opinion of Earl Hebner, Angle was not responding, so he stopped the match. Angle then woke up and Hebner explained his point of view that Angle was out. Angle sold frustration with the decision as Joe left the ring in possession of first place in the BFG Series with 37 points vs. James Storm's 36 points.

WINNER: Joe via TKO/submission at 14:38. Excellent sports-like match and finish. Everyone played their parts well making sure Joe was credited for a resume-building victory over Angle, while Angle didn't lose anything due to the ref's decision. (***)

Video package: TNA documented the Styles-Daniels feud that has "turned personal" due to Daniels's recent allegations. ... Impact Zone: Daniels came out first, followed by Styles as JB noted this is his favorite rivalry in TNA history. JB also defended Styles as the face of the company and above the allegations from Daniels.

7 -- TNA tag champion CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. A.J. STYLES -- Last Man Standing match

After Daniels tried to play games by stalling early on, this turned into a "fight" with the action spilling to the outside. Back in the ring, Styles took out months of frustration on Daniels with strikes and corner chops and punches. Styles then lost control after he whipped Daniels across the ring to the corner, leading to a kick to the face from Daniels. Daniels then interjected a chair into the match. After some teased moves using the chair, Daniels landed a uranage across the seat of the chair, prompting Styles to sell a back injury.

The match moved to the floor, where Daniels jawed with fans ringside in-between smashing Styles into the ring steps. Styles came up bleeding from the forehead before Daniels rolled Styles back into the ring. In the ring, Styles blocked a chair shot before landing a springboard smash that sent the chair into Daniels's face. Daniels rolled to the outside for a breather, but Styles smashed Daniels head-first into the ring steps that Daniels propped up moments earlier. Daniels then came up bleeding from the forehead and staggered into a right hand blow from Styles.

At 11:00, Daniels staggered up the entrance ramp to the top of the stage. The two men then traded blows as Daniels teased falling off the stage near the announce position. Styles built a head of steam to send Daniels into oblivion, but Daniels charged him and they double-clotheslined each other. Back on their feet, Styles took control with right hands as the fans chanted for Styles to push Daniels over the stage. Styles paused to hear the chants, which allowed Daniels to block a Clash tease into a back-drop onto the stage. Daniels's control was only momentary, though, as Styles came back with a springboard reverse DDT leaping off a section of the platform to execute his trademark move.

The ref started counting out Daniels, but Kazarian came out of nowhere to shove Styles off the stage to the ground below. After reprimanding Kaz, ref Brian Hebner hopped down to Styles to begin a ten count on him. Styles reached his feet at nine, though. Daniels cursed his bad luck, then blasted Styles into a guardrail. Daniels then jogged down to ringside to retrieve a table, which he dragged back toward the stage area.

Daniels wanted Angel's Wings through the table, but Styles shoved Daniels into Kaz. Styles followed with a Pele Kick to Daniels. He then wanted the Clash off the ramp and connected through the table below on the ground. Big pop for the move as the announcers went silent to sell the moment. Ref Hebner paused before starting a ten count. Daniels started getting up, but collapsed to the ground. Meanwhile, Styles managed to pull himself up just before ten, then collapsed to the ground after ten. Styles wins.

WINNER: Styles at 17:41. Another memorable bout in the Styles-Daniels series, which was enhanced by the Clash off the stage through a table being the finish and not a nearfall. Well-done by both men incorporating the TV feud into this match. (***1/4)

Announcers: On-camera, JB and Tenay continued to talk about the Styles-Daniels match, noting it's the type of match to take years off their careers. The announcers then turned their attention to the Roode-Aries match and offered some TNA tweets on who will win the match. JB also offered poll results with 71 percent of voters picking Aries to win the title match tonight.

Backstage: Hemme brought in Austin Aries for his thoughts on the two title matches he's involved in tonight. Aries wished the X Division guys good luck in Ultimate X tonight and said the X Division is in his rear-view mirror now. He then cut a promo on Roode, offering his soundbyte that Roode has been winning matches with beer bottles, while he wins with brainbusters. Aries said he's going to make everyone proud to have him as champion and vowed not to leave this PPV empty-handed.

Announcers: As the TNA crew continued to set up Ultimate X, JB and Tenay recapped the four tournament matches to arrive at tonight's semi-main event for the vacant X Division Title.

8 -- MASON ANDREWS vs. ZEMA ION vs. KENNY KING vs. SONJAY DUTT -- Ultimate X match for vacant X Division Title

The focus was on King early on, and he was the first to tease climbing across the cables toward the X Title belt, but Dutt dropkicked him to the mat. Ion then teased climbing for the belt, but King and Andrews (Scorpio Sky) yanked him down to the mat. Meanwhile, Dutt was taken out of the match when he suffered an apparent injury attempting a running moonsault and landing awkwardly on the bottom rope. So, at least temporarily, it was down to a three-way match. Scorpio Sky made it half-way across the cables toward the belt, but King intercepted him with a mid-air spear.

After being "medically evaluated," Dutt returned to the match and scaled the Ultimate X trusses while the other wrestlers battled on the cables. Suddenly, King dropped both he and Sky with a neckbreaker off the cables. Meanwhile, Ion and Dutt climbed to the very tip-top of the structure. They did a spot where Dutt had to look up in order for Ion to spray him in the face with hairspray. Dutt then slowly fell down to the mat, leaving Ion on top of the structure. Ion then reached down and grabbed the title belt, unhooked it, and is the new X Champ.

Post-match: Hemme brought in Ion to discuss becoming new X Division champion. As the fans booed, Ion demanded some respect. Ion dedicated this win to all of his haters and critics. But, most of all, he wants to dedicate this win to his biggest inspiration, Jesse Sorensen. "Without you and without breaking your neck, I may never have realized my true potential," Ion said. Ion noted he is now the prettiest X Division champion of all-time.

WINNER: Ion at 8:50 to become new X Division champion. TNA is obviously going all the way with an Ion-Sorensen feud if they gave the title to Ion when Ion represented the lack of depth in the X Division after Aries. Overall, an unremarkable finish to the tournament. (*3/4)

Video package: Roode-Aries feud setting up tonight's PPV main event for the TNA World Title. ... The announcers then broke down a Tale of the Tape on the match and recapped how they arrived at Aries cashing in the X Title to challenge for the World Title.

Impact Zone: Austin Aries, sporting a cape, emerged on-stage to enter the ring, where JB awaited for formal ring intros. Bobby Roode, sporting a Ric Flair robe, then took his sweet time entering the ring to make Aries wait a little longer. Once everyone was assembled, JB introduced the participants, noting Aries was undefeated as X Division champion.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion BOBBY ROODE vs. AUSTIN ARIES -- TNA World Title match

Once the bell sounded, JB regained the broadcast and shared a moment he had with Aries in the ring where Aries told him he is so ready for this match. JB also shared his experiences being on the road with Roode, observing his disciplined lifestyle as champion. Aries and Roode went through a feeling-out process early on, exchanging control before coming to a stalemate three minutes in. Aries eventually cleared Roode to the outside and landed a double axehandle to the back. Aries rolled Roode back into the ring to "Next World Champ" chants, but missed with a top-rope splash attempt. Roode then took control of the action.

Roode retained control when he side-stepped Aries trying to fly at him with a suicide dive on the outside. After eating the guardrail, Aries sold face-first on the mat before Roode rolled him back into the ring to score a two count on a pin attempt. Roode then went to work on Aries's mid-section as Aries tried to regain his bearings following the suicide dive crash. "Give up! You're not even in my league!" Roode shouted at Aries. Roode continued to taunt Aries, who came up bleeding from the nose. Aries had enough of Roode's taunts and fired off chops and forearms before clotheslining Roode to the floor. Aries then went for the suicide dive, this time connecting on the outside.

Back in the ring, Aries landed a missile dropkick before measuring Roode for a corner attack, but Roode intercepted and delivered a powerslam for a nearfall. Roode tried to follow with a spear of sorts, but Aries dipped his mid-section and floated into a Last Chancery submission. Roode countered into a cross-face, though. Moments later, Aries countered into the Last Chancery. Roode teased tapping out, but instead raked Aries's eyes for an escape. The two men then blocked finishing attempts before Roode nailed a spinebuster for a close two count. Aries then missed a desperation corner attack and sold a shoulder injury. Roode followed right up with a cross-face targeting the shoulder and neck. The crowd tried to rally behind Aries, who fought the hold before crawling on his belly to the bottom rope for a break.

At 20:00, Roode left the ring and retrieved the title belt. Roode re-entered with possession of the belt, but ref Brian Hebner cut off Roode and sent the belt to the outside. Roode low-blowed Aries during the distraction and made a cover, but Aries kicked out in-time. Roode then argued with the ref, allowing Aries to recover in the corner. Aries then flew at Roode with a corner dropkick before attempting the brainbuster, but Roode escaped and shoved Aries into Hebner. Roode followed right up with a belt shot to the face. Roode then dragged the ref toward a pinning situation, but Aries kicked out just before three.

Next, Roode wanted a Fisherman Suplex, but Aries countered into a quick roll-up for a two count. Roode tried again, but Aries slipped out and landed a kick strike to the chest. Aries then followed right up with the brainbuster center-ring. Aries made the cover and it was good for the win as the Impact Zone exploded. New World champ, ending Roode's lengthy title run. Post-match: The announcers excitedly talked up Aries's journey to this moment before confetti fell from the ceiling for Aries to celebrate the moment. Aries smiled and pointed around the ring as Tenay noted Destination X 2012 will always be remembered for when Austin Aries became TNA World Hvt. champion. They signed off nine minutes before the top of the hour.

WINNER: Aries at 22:42 to capture the TNA World Title. Excellent, PPV main event-worthy match with a surprising result after Aries stood tall at the end of Impact on Thursday. But, after Ion's win in the Ultimate X match, it seemed like TNA would end on a "feel-good moment" with Aries winning the title, especially after months of cheap finishes for Roode to retain the title. Aries winning makes sense after building momentum on PPV through Bully Ray and Samoa Joe, but it seems like Roode was settling into a groove as top champion. Now, does TNA change the destination of Roode-Storm at Bound for Glory, or does Roode regain the title before the BFG PPV? It should be interesting to see how this plays out. (***1/2)


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