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CALDWELL'S TNA NO SURRENDER PPV RESULTS 9/9: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - BFG Series finals

Sep 9, 2012 - 9:47:05 PM

TNA No Surrender PPV Results
September 9, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The ninth TNA PPV of the year opened with footage from earlier today of Jeff Hardy, then Samoa Joe, then James Storm, then Bully Ray arriving at the building for semi-final matches in the Bound for Glory Series tonight.

After a PPV intro video aired, Mike Tenay introduced the show live from Orlando. A bracket showed that it's Joe vs. Hardy and Bully Ray vs. James Storm in the BFG Series semi-finals tonight. The winners advance to the finals later in the PPV.

Impact Zone: Jeff Hardy was out first for the first of two BFG Series semi-final matches. Tenay noted it's a return bout from Thursday's Impact when Hardy submitted Samoa Joe to advance to the Final Four of the Series. After Hardy completed a long ring entrance, Joe made his way to the ring still selling the effects of a left elbow injury from Impact.

1 -- JEFF HARDY vs. SAMOA JOE -- BFG Series semi-final match

Hardy quickly went after Joe's injured arm, then knocked Joe to the outside. Joe was able to avoid Hardy's move running off the ring steps for a splash, but then turned around to take a big splash as Hardy changed course with a running clothesline from the apron. Back in the ring, Joe came back with right hand jabs, followed by a running boot and butt splash for a two count. Joe ragdolled Hardy into the corner before delivering an enziguiri for a close two count.

At 5:00, Joe settled into a nervehold trying to wear down Hardy and keep him grounded. Joe cut off an attempted comeback with a trademark snap powerslam, then the two men came to their feet and traded blows before Joe yanked Hardy through the ropes to the floor. Joe followed up by flying through the ropes with a big suicide dive elbow smash. Joe continued to sell the arm injury, though.

Back in the ring, Joe rocked Hardy with a headbutt, prompting Taz to compare Joe's head to a cash register. Joe and Hardy traded control before Hardy landed a sweeping clothesline that took both men to the mat. Hardy followed up with Whisper in the Wind, but only scored a nearfall. Joe then came back with an E. Honda frontslam out of the corner before calling for the end. Joe slowly lifted Hardy to his feet, then teased a Musclebuster, but couldn't complete it due to his injured arm. Instead, Hardy flipped Joe over before hitting the Twist of Fate. Hardy then climbed up-top, but Joe sprung to his feet and crotched Hardy.

Joe again tried the Musclebuster, but Hardy slipped down Joe's back for a two count that popped the crowd. Hardy followed with a headlock into an armbar submission center-ring. Joe teased tapping out, but held on, then used his weight to roll on top of Hardy for a nearfall. But, he left himself exposed, and Hardy crucifix-pinned Joe for a quick three count.

Post-match: Joe sold shock realizing his journey back to the TNA World Title was over. Joe stared at Hardy, who recovered in the corner, then Joe came to his feet and began stalking Hardy, who decided to avoid Joe's potential temper. Joe then thumbs-up'ed Hardy and left the ring, leaving Hardy to celebrate the win.

WINNER: Hardy at 12:34. Nice, competitive bout stressing the importance of a chance to challenge for the TNA World Title at next month's PPV. Hardy and Joe have good chemistry and it wouldn't be a bad thing to see another match or two from these two on a future TV or PPV show. (**1/2)

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in James Storm to discuss his BFG Series match against Bully Ray tonight. Storm noted it's his destiny to beat Ray tonight after Ray beat him last year. He said it's his time. "Sorry about your damn luck," Storm concluded.

The announcers reviewed the bracket, which showed Hardy in the BFG Series Finals against the winner of the next match.

Impact Zone: Bully Ray was out first to test his mettle in a BFG Series semi-final match. Ray stood on-stage and took a deep breath before marching to the ring and telling the cameraman that he plans to finish business tonight, then in Phoenix (at BFG). James Storm was out next and nearly tackled Ray upon entering the ring before ref Earl Hebner kept them away from each other.

2 -- BULLY RAY vs. JAMES STORM -- BFG Series semi-final match

After the bell sounded, Ray got in Storm's face to tell him how things are going down tonight. Storm shut him up with a big loogie to the forehead. Ray sold with his eyes, then backed away and bailed out of the ring. On the outside, Ray grabbed a sign and failed to rip it up, popping the crowd. Ray then chucked a steel chair across the ringside area to continue selling his anger and frustration. Back in the ring, Ray shoved Storm hard across the chest, so Storm reached back and smacked Ray across the face. Ray backpedalled to another corner and sold anger as the crowd chanted, "You got b----slapped." Storm smiled at Ray, then went for a lock-up, but Ray backed away to the corner to complain. They locked up and again did the shove and slap exchange again before Storm whipped Ray hard across the ring. Ray opted to bail to the outside again.

Ray eventually returned to the ring and the two men locked up again. Meanwhile, the crowd picked up another "Devon's better" chant, angering Ray. And, again, Ray and Storm did the shove and slap exchange. Storm followed with ten emphatic punches in the corner, showing great fire. Storm followed with a back-body drop, then Ray bailed to the floor again. On the outside, Storm bounced Ray's head off the ring steps before Ray rolled back into the ring.

In the ring, Storm went for the Last Call Superkick out of nowhere, but Ray moved and Storm sold a leg injury upon missing his finisher. Ray then kicked Storm's leg as he hung in the ropes, giving Ray an opening to begin working on Storm's "injury." Ray and ref Earl Hebner then got into it when Ray ignored Earl's warnings about punches to the face. Ray went back to the corner to work on Storm, but exposed himself to a headbutt to the groin. Storm followed with a powerbomb out of the corner for a two count.

At 10:30, Ray and Storm exchanged right hand blows before Storm shut up Ray again with a corner kick. Storm then came off the top with a cross-body splash for a close two count. Ray came back with a sidewalk slam, but Storm kicked out again. Suddenly, Storm went for a flying splash, but nailed ref Hebner instead. Ref down, then Bully dropped Storm with the Bubba Bomb. Ray was slow to make a cover, then a second referee hit the ring to count a nearfall. Ray tried to follow with a flying back splash from the second rope, but Storm avoided. Storm then accidentally bumped the second ref when Ray ducked another flying splash.

At 13:00, Storm picked up Hebner to revive the original ref. Storm then accidentally shoved Ray into the referee, and Ray's butt bumped Hebner. Storm followed with the Last Call Superkick, then scored a visual three count as the crowd counted to eight. Suddenly, Bobby Roode hit the ring and blasted Storm with a beer bottle shot to the head. Storm fell over, Roode draped Ray's arm over Storm, and Hebner ignored the beer bottle fragments that were suddenly around his arm and counted a three count for Ray.

WINNER: Ray at 13:54. This went as expected with Roode returning to cost Storm his BFG Series match, setting up a Roode vs. Storm grudge match at Bound for Glory next month. The multiple ref bumps were over-done, but the heart of the booking was fine to set up the grudge match that has been one year in the making. As for the match itself, Ray was terrific and Storm showed great babyface fire that has been missing the last few matches. Great chemistry. (**1/4)

Backstage: JB brought in Knockouts champion Miss Tessmacher for a good-length interview discussing her desire to beat her "teacher," Tara, with the Knockouts Title on the line tonight after Tara beat her on Impact last month.

3 -- Knockouts champion MISS TESSMACHER vs. TARA -- Knockouts Title match -- Taryn Terrell referee

Before the match, Tenay reviewed the Tale of the Tape for this title match. Tara was out first, followed by the Knockouts champion ready for her "test" against her teacher. Tessmacher wanted to be friendly early on, but Tara slapped her, indicating it's time to wake up and wrestle. The match turned into a back-and-forth with multiple stalemates to sell an even match-up. Tara took control, then went for the Widow's Peak, but Tessmacher rolled through for a decisive pinfall to "prove herself" against Tara.

WINNER: Tessmacher at 6:55 to retain the Knockouts Title.

Backstage: Hulk Hogan had Bobby Roode arrested by "police officers." Roode told Hogan, "Screw you," then James Storm chased down Roode from behind and blasted him with right hands. Hogan told the "officers" to get them out of here. Storm screamed at Roode that he's going to kill him. Hogan had both men hauled away from the building.

Video package: Austin Aries vs. the Aces & Eights group.

Aries Fight Segment

Impact Zone: Austin Aries marched to the ring sans TNA Title belt with his wrists taped. Aries, dressed for a fight, said he's not coming out here for a wrestling match or as TNA champ. He said that's all bulls---, then paused and called out Aces & Eights for a war. Aries dropped the mic and paced around the ring before picking up the mic again to remind Aces & Eights of their deal for a fight. He said he has nothing else on his schedule tonight.

Suddenly, a random masked man emerged through the back of the Impact Zone before slowly making his way to ringside to zero reaction. The man teased entering the ring, but Aries stomped him away. The man circled the ring to no reaction, then became frustrated when Aries cut him off. Aries then hopped on the top turnbuckle to indicate he's ready for a fight. Aries then suicide-dived the random Aces & Eights member before blasting him around ringside.

Back in the ring, Aries tried to rip off the masked man's head covering, but the man gutted him before shoving him to the outside. The masked man played to the crowd, seemingly not fitting this group's M.O. Back on the outside, the masked man whipped Aries into the ring steps. And, back inside the ring they went. The big man corner-splashed Aries as this segment dragged on. Fans were shown heading for the exits in the background before the big man lifted Aries in the air for a powerbomb, but Aries used powder to the face to escape the big man. Aries followed with left-arm lariats to the man's powdered face before delivering a big splash on the outside. The fight continued up the ramp, then returned to the ring, where the big man shoved Aries off the top turnbuckle to the floor on the outside.

On the floor, the masked man retrieved a chair and measured Aries for a shot, but swung wildly and missed. Aries then popped the masked man with a roll of quarters before delivering an emphatic brainbuster for a "show of strength." Before Aries could remove the man's mask, other Aces & Eights members hit the ring and bumped around for Aries. They eventually knocked down Aries until the TNA locker room emptied to fight off the group. Included was an injured Kurt Angle and PPV opponents.

The locker room eventually stood tall as the announcers noted Jeff Hardy was KO'ed during the melee. Bully Ray, who faces Hardy in the BFG Series finals tonight, then came out at the end of the melee to act like he was involved. Hulk Hogan then emerged on-stage before slowly entering the ring. Hogan told the staff to lock down the Impact Zone before Ray reported to Hogan that Hardy was hurt. Trainers checked on Hardy, who sold a left shoulder injury. Hogan then told security to lock down every entrance and exit. Meanwhile, Hardy was helped to the back selling his injury. As order was restored, Ray played nice with Aries, offering a fist bump to the TNA Champ.

On-camera: Tenay and Taz asked for a camera shot of what happened to Hardy. They showed one of the Aces & Eights members lawn-darting Hardy into the ringpost, injuring his shoulder. After burying the lead on the situation here, Tenay brought up that Hardy has the BFG Series finals match tonight. Taz said he doesn't know how Hardy will be able to compete tonight. Tenay then asked "Keith" what's happening next. They went to an X Division video package to promote a supposed Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion grudge title match, moments removed from them fighting together against Aces & Eights.

4 -- X Division champion ZEMA ION vs. SONJAY DUTT -- X Division Title match

After some complicated exchanges early on, Dutt flung Ion to the outside. Dutt followed with a baseball slide dropkick before rolling across the apron into a head scissors. Back in the ring, Ion took control before slapping Dutt hard across the face. Dutt did not have an answer right away, as Ion slowed things down with a chinlock. In the middle of the match, TNA cut to a backstage shot of police arriving at the Impact Zone to put the building on lock down. Back in the ring, Dutt made a comeback before the two men battled up-top. Dutt then chucked Ion off the top turnbuckle down to the floor. Dutt followed with a springboard moonsault that put both men on the ground.

Back in the ring, Dutt springboard splashed Ion for a close two count. Dutt then tried another springboard move, but Ion intercepted with a mid-air powerbomb. Ion followed with a modified Rings of Saturn, trying to re-injure Dutt's shoulder. But, Dutt reached the bottom rope for a break. Dutt and Ion then traded multiple pin attempts before Ion bridged out of a pin into flapjacking Dutt on his stomach and face. Ion with the pin for the win.

WINNER: Dutt at 11:32 to retain the X Division Title. It was fine, but over-done on the high-flying seemingly for the sake of doing high-flying moves. It would have been nice if the back-story was stressed before the PPV, but the X Division hasn't been on TV in a month. (**)

Outside: Hulk Hogan met with cops arriving at the building. He said he wants no one leaving or entering the building.

Backstage: JB provided a medical update on Jeff Hardy, who was being tended to by a medic while Al Snow watched. JB's update was then interrupted by Magnus, who said Hardy is suffering from a lack of common sense. He said Hardy led with his heart over his head by interjecting himself in the Aces & Eights business on the most important night of his career. Magnus said he will prove himself next against Rob Van Dam.


Magnus taunted RVD early on, telling him he has him beaten mentally. On the floor, RVD set up Magnus for a trademark spin kick across the guardrail, but Magnus moved and RVD ate the rail. Magnus worked on RVD's leg on the outside before rolling him back into the ring and delivering a big knock-down clothesline. Magnus followed with a Texas Cloverleaf center-ring, but RVD reached the bottom rope to avoid submitting.

RVD made a comeback, then launched Magnus off the top turnbuckle. RVD tried to follow with a rolling monkey flip, but Magnus blocked with a big clothesline for a nearfall. RVD suddenly sprung to his feet and delivered a kick to the chest. He then went up-top for the Five Star Frogsplash and connected. After pausing to sell the effects, RVD pinned Magnus for the win.

WINNER: RVD at 10:07. Fine match. Magnus was able to showcase his skills in a spotlight match and RVD showed more fire than usual. (**)

Backstage: JB recapped the "chaotic situation" backstage before turning his attention to the Tag Title situation. JB brought in the champs Daniels and Kazarian to discuss Hulk Hogan's "deplorable" actions. Daniels said if anyone should be calling the cops, it should be them. Daniels rattled off the List of Offenses against Hogan before vowing to prove why they are the faces of TNA.

Video package: Claire Lynch/A.J. Styles storyline recap, then a look at Hogan's recent mission to get the Tag Titles off Daniels and Kaz.

Impact Zone: A.J. Styles was out first for the challengers, followed by a banged-up Kurt Angle, who was sporting a taped-up right hamstring. Angle gingerly walked to the ring and gingerly walked into the ring before embracing Styles. The tag champs were out next to defend the Tag Titles. Before the bell sounded, Daniels humped the second-rope and Taz and Tenay argued about Taz being two-faced about his thoughts on Daniels. TNA PPV, folks. Ring the bell.

6 -- TNA tag champions DANIELS & KAZARIAN vs. A.J. STYLES & KURT ANGLE -- TNA Tag Title match

Angle started the match and took his time working on Daniels while the announcers discussed his right leg injury. Angle and Styles pinballed Daniels with right hands before Styles tagged in to battle Daniels. Kaz tagged in, then Angle and Styles combined for a huge back drop that put Kaz high in the air before crashing to the mat. The heels eventually cheated to take control of Styles, then kept him away from Angle with in-and-out tags.

Styles broke free from the heel corner before springing across the ring to tag in Angle, who exploded on Kaz with a German suplex for a two count. Kaz then accidentally clotheslined Daniels before Angle executed two Germans on Kaz. But, a distraction from Daniels allowed Kaz to come back with a slingshot DDT from the ring apron. The heels then went to work on Angle while taunting Styles.

Angle came back with a huge throw off the top turnbuckle that took Kaz clear across the ring. Styles then tagged in for Angle and worked on Daniels, who also tagged in. Styles nailed his trademark springboard reverse DDT, but Daniels kicked out of a pin. Angle then tagged himself in before going to the top turnbuckle for a big splash on Daniels for a two count. Angle, fired up, dropped Kaz with the Angle Slam. Daniels then ate an Angle Slam. Angle covered, but Daniels grabbed the bottom rope to break up the pin. Angle followed with the Anklelock, but Kaz kicked Angle in the head to break up the submission.

Styles and Kaz tagged in moments later for the next sequence. Kaz monkey-flipped Styles into Daniels, but Styles head-scissored Daniels before Pele-kicking Kaz for a two count. The action reset with Styles coming off the ropes with a springboard 450 splash as Angle held off Daniels with the Anklelock, but Kaz kicked out of Styles's big move, causing the crowd to nearly lose it when Daniels kicked out. The action broke down, then Kaz and Styles were alone in the ring. Kaz proceeded to drop Styles with the Wave of the Future, crunching Styles's head and hushing the crowd, but Styles kicked out of a pin attempt.

Kaz, frustrated, wanted to end it by mocking Styles with the Clash, but Angle broke it up before taking himself and Daniels over the top rope with a clothesline. Angle grabbed his groin/leg area to sell further injuring himself, which brought the ref over to check on Angle. Back in the ring, Kaz avoided the Styles Clash, then Daniels threw the contents of his martini glass in Styles's face as the ref checked on Angle. Kaz then pinned Styles for the win, prompting Taz to rescind his earlier comments on winning by any means necessary, saying anything but using a martini.

WINNERS: Daniels & Kaz at 19:30 to retain the Tag Titles. Daniels & Kaz are now getting the Bobby Roode-as-World-champ booking, retaining their titles through nefarious means to continue frustrating the audience and building to a big moment when they are eventually de-throned. The match itself turned out to be very strong after a slow start. (***1/2)

Earlier Tonight: The announcers recapped the first two BFG Series matches tonight. TNA showed Jeff Hardy defeat Samoa Joe and Bully Ray defeat James Storm after Storm scored a visual three count and was victimized by Bobby Roode. The video continued to Aces & Eight's involvement tonight and Hardy's potential injury affecting tonight's BFG Series finale.

Outside: Hulk Hogan was shown talking to the assembled police officers. Hogan gave them instructions to make sure no one gets inside the building to interrupt the biggest match of the night.

Backstage: JB was standing by as Bully Ray paced around in the background. JB said they have no update on Jeff Hardy, then Borash asked Ray about events tonight. Bully said the Aces & Eights crap has to end and a small part of him feels bad for Hardy. Ray said it doesn't matter, though, because he was going to beat Hardy anyway. Ray vowed to win tonight, then go on to beat Austin Aries at Bound for Glory. Ray followed with a promo saying everyone must respect him after he re-dedicated himself over the last year-and-a-half. He said he is the locomotive and Hardy is on the tracks. Ray asked Hardy if he knows who he is. He said is Bully Ray and he's destined for greatness.

TNA cut to a shot of the Impact Zone, then police officers came out and filled key locations inside the Impact Zone. Bully Ray was then introduced first. Before walking to the ring, Ray stopped at the announce table to have a conversation with Taz about doing what he has to do. After Ray slowly made his way to the ring selling the importance of this match, Jeff Hardy's music played. No sign of Hardy, though. His music stopped, so the crowd picked up a "Hardy, Hardy" chant. Hardy's music played again, then Hulk Hogan slowly walked out on-stage selling concern.

Hogan slowly made his way toward the ring as Ray paced inside the ring. Hogan eventually entered the ring and said it looks like they have a problem. "Actually, it comes down to you and I having a little problem," Hogan told Ray. Hogan told Ray to forget about what's written on the chalkboard in the back. He noted there is no Jeff Hardy out here and suggested Ray is benefiting from the Aces & Eights thing. Ray spoke that he wants to win this tournament and he knows Jeff Hardy wants to win the tournament, but they can't take away what happened. Ray asked if Jeff can't answer the bell, then what are they going to do. Hogan said he never dreamed the BFG Series would end with the ball in Ray's court. So, if Ray really feels the way he feels, he won't let the referee ring the bell and win the match that way. Instead, what Ray will do is give him the courtesy of four more days on Impact. The crowd booed. Hogan told Ray if he's going to win, then win it the right way when Hardy can really defend himself.

Ray, annoyed, paced the ring before giving the mic back to Hogan. Hogan told Ray that this is going to be Ray's legacy. Suddenly, Jeff Hardy's music played again. Hardy slowly came out on-stage with his body taped and his shoulder hanging by his side. Ringside, Hogan shook hands with Hardy, who slowly walked around the ring for a victory lap while Ray waited in the ring. Hardy then very slowly approached the ring as TNA showed cops inside the Impact Zone. The bell sounded, making the finale official.

7 -- BULLY RAY vs. JEFF HARDY -- BFG Series finals

After the bell sounded, Ray extended a fist and Hardy bumped it, with Ray making it seem like he's about respect tonight. Hardy attempted an early warm-up kick, but he sold that even a basic kick sent pain through his body. Ray stalked Hardy, then popped the injured shoulder before targeting it some more. Hardy rolled to the outside to recover, then Ray destroyed Hardy's shoulder again back in the ring. Taz said perhaps Hebner needs to make a judgment call and end the match.

As the crowd sat quietly, Ray splashed the injured shoulder for a nearfall. The announcers sold dejection as Ray removed the tape over Hardy's shoulder to better target the injury. Ray removed Hardy's t-shirt as Taz encouraged Ray to go ahead and finish Hardy, go to Phoenix, and face Aries for the title. Ray then missed with a big splash and Hardy came back with a few punches before using a good leg to deliver a kick. With one good arm, Hardy climbed to the top-rope and delivered a Swanton Bomb. Hardy covered Ray, but Ray kicked out in-time. Ray came back with a Bubba Bomb, but Hardy kicked out of a pin.

Hardy made another desperation comeback, capped off by a top-rope Whisper in the Wind, but Ray kicked out of a pin. Hardy then airballed a second Whisper in the Wind, seemingly taking the wind out of his sails. Bully followed with the Bubba Cutter and Tenay sold it was the end, but Hardy kicked out of a pin. "Let's Go Hardy" chant led to Hardy coming up with a Twist of Fate out of nowhere. Hardy then climbed up-top for another Swanton, but Ray moved out of the way of this one. Bully hit another Bubba Cutter, but Hardy kicked out again.

Bully missed with a corner splash at 11:00, then Hardy came back with a Stunner into a Twist of Fate. Instead of making the cover, Hardy went to the top turnbuckle for another Swanton, but he took too long, allowing Ray to stand up and crotch him. Hardy fought off Ray, though, and hit a Swanton Bomb. Hardy covered Ray and it was good for the win, popping the crowd. Taz declared Hardy destined for Phoenix and Bound for Glory. Tenay called it an incredible, almost-miraculous effort from Hardy.

WINNER: Hardy at 12:23. Interesting outcome having Hardy win to set up a face vs. face title match at Bound for Glory. 12 percent of Torch readers picked Hardy to win the BFG Series and only 19 percent wanted to see Aries vs. Hardy in our pre-No Surrender poll. The top vote-getter was Aries vs. Joe with 43 percent, followed by Aries vs. Ray with 26 percent. (**)

Post-match: Hardy sold pain while Ray remained face-down in the middle of the ring. Hardy made it to his feet and continued to sell the shoulder as TNA cut to various shots of the police monitoring the building. After fireworks shot off, Hardy posed on the top turnbuckle. After a few replays of the match, they cut back to a final shot of Hardy celebrating and Ray selling shock will recovering in the ring. Tenay signed off at 9:47 with a plug for Aries vs. Hardy at Bound for Glory.


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