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CALDWELL'S TNA BOUND FOR GLORY PPV RESULTS 10/14: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Aries vs. Hardy, Storm vs. Roode

Oct 14, 2012 - 9:56:50 PM

TNA Bound for Glory PPV Results
October 14, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Comcast's PPV channel was not working tonight, so I missed the first 12 minutes of the PPV waiting for Comcast to manually order the PPV...

1 -- X Division champion ZEMA ION vs. ROB VAN DAM -- X Division Title match

Joined in-progress... Van Dam hit a Five-Star Frogsplash for the pin and the win. New X Division champion.

WINNER: RVD to capture the X Division Title. I don't see RVD remaining champ until next year's Destination X PPV when the X Division champ can cash in the X Title for a TNA World Title shot, but it appears the direction of the division is to give established stars X Title runs unless someone blows up like Austin Aries. Ending Ion's title reign in a match that was "set up" in a two-minute segment on the Impact before the PPV is questionable, though.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Magnus ahead of his TV Title challenge against Samoa Joe. Borash asked Magnus if this is the most important match of his career. Magnus said it's the biggest night for the company, so of course it's a big match for him. Magnus said it's time to finally become TV champ.

2 -- TV champion MAGNUS vs. SAMOA JOE -- TNA TV Title match

The bell sounded three separate times to signal start of the match. Joe then blasted Magnus with rapid-fire right hands before engaging in an argument with the referee. Magnus used the distraction to punch Joe over the ref's head. Joe eventually came back with a rear-naked choke, which Magnus barely escaped. Joe came back a second time and Magnus was forced to tap out this time. Joe retains the title.

WINNER: Joe at 9:00 to retain the TV Title.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Bobby Roode to discuss his Street Fight against James Storm tonight. Roode said they've hated each other their entire careers and King Mo can't do anything to stop his hatred for Storm. Roode reminded Storm that he beat him at Lockdown, then Storm took his ball and went home. He said he's sending Storm home forever tonight. After Roode walked off, JB said the match is next. Yes, the match that could have headlined tonight's "WrestleMania of TNA" is slotted third on the PPV. It makes you wonder if TNA is planning to have them involved in something later in the show. This led to a video package documenting the build-up to this match.

3 -- BOBBY ROODE vs. JAMES STORM -- Street Fight -- King Mo special enforcer

Once ref Earl Hebner called for the bell, Storm and Roode came face-to-face for a staredown. Fists then started flying before Roode back-dropped Storm over the top rope to the floor. On the outside, Storm yanked Roode to the floor and landed a big kick. Roode then took control and stared down Mo. This caused Roode to lose control, allowing Storm to take control before staring down Mo as well. Storm then slammed Roode into the guardrail as Hebner and Mo looked on. Storm tried to follow with Eye of the Storm through the announce table, but Roode escaped and catapulted Storm into the ringpost. Storm came up bleeding profusely from the forehead, which drew follow-up from Roode via steel chair shots to the back.

With Storm bleeding uncontrollably, Roode tossed Storm into the ring. Roode tried to follow up with a Kendo Stick, but Storm intercepted and blasted Roode with the stick. Storm then placed a trashcan in front of Roode's crotch and whacked the can with a stick. Taz said he thinks Roode may have lost a little blood, too. Storm tried to follow up, but Roode back-dropped Storm over the top rope onto the entrance ramp connected to the ring. Roode missed with follow-up, allowing Storm to DDT him onto the ramp. The camera zoomed in tight on Mo wincing, then zoomed in on Storm's blood absolutely covered in blood.

For his next trick, Storm retrieved a crutch/brace from a ringside fan and used it to jab Roode in the gut. The two men then traded trashcan lid shots to the head. Well, that's what King Mo had in mind when he signed up for this. Storm finally blasted Roode with a KO shot, sending Roode face-first to the ramp. Storm, whose eyes were blinded from the blood, tried to charge Roode once he got up, but Roode countered with a spinebuster onto the ramp. Storm wobbled around ringside to recover, then grabbed a beer, drank it, and doused his blood-stained face with beer. And, the fight continued to the announce position.

At 10:00, Storm positioned Roode for a move onto the announce table, but Roode blocked and proceeded to spear Storm off the A-Level announce table through the C-Level Spanish announce table a few feet away. The crowd then demonstrated a lack of emotional investment in Storm winning by chanting, "This is Awesome," after the heel delivered a big move. Back in the ring, Roode got into it with Hebner, so King Mo entered the ring to argue with Roode. This allowed Storm to drop Roode with a codebreaker. Storm then warmed up the jukebox for the Last Call Superkick, connected, and covered Roode, but Roode kicked out, shocking the announcers. Taz said he doesn't remember the last time that happened.

At 13:00, Storm stalked Roode for another Superkick, but Roode grabbed Storm's foot and whipped Storm into a steel chair wedged in the corner. But, Storm kicked out of a pin attempt. Roode proceeded to roll out of the ring to retrieve a steel chair from under the ring. Roode smashed Storm across the back, then grabbed a black bag and spilled the contents - thumbtacks - across the middle of the ring. Roode then wanted a top-rope superplex, but Storm blocked with headbutts. Storm then shoved Roode off the top into the tacks below. Roode freaked out as Taz grimaced. Storm then came off the top with an elbow drop into the tacks. That wasn't the finish, though, as Roode kicked out of a pin attempt.

At 16:00, Roode low-blowed Storm to end his comeback. Roode then grabbed a six-pack of beer from under the ring. He tried to blast Storm with a bottle shot, but Storm hit a low-blow of his own. Storm then chugged the beer and smashed the bottle over Roode's head. Storm then slowly picked up Roode, glared into his eyes as the crowd chanted, "One more time," backed up, and smashed Roode with Last Call, which sent Roode flat-back into the tacks. Storm covered and it was good for the win.

Afterward, Storm celebrated with a beer as King Mo paced around the ring. Storm ignored Mo, then left the ring, leaving Mo to follow him out of the ring. TNA went to a replay of the high points of the match and the finish. Storm was then shown fired-up as he celebrated the victory on-stage. Hebner and King Mo then raised Storm's hand in victory.

WINNER: Storm at 17:31. Brutal conclusion to the feud. It will be interesting to see where Storm goes from here, assuming the feud is actually over. Also, when and if King Mo is ready for an in-ring debut, it looks like his first opponent will be Bobby Roode.

Backstage: JB brought in Joey Ryan to discuss his match against Al Snow tonight. Joey removed his sunglasses and said he should have been handed a TNA contract before he even competed on Gut Check. Ryan noted 87 percent of the TNA audience said he should have been given a contract, then criticized the Gut Check judges for telling him and the audience no. He said tonight, it all changes. He said when he defeats Al Snow, he will become a full-time member of the roster. Joey said opposites do attract, though. He said there's a disgusting man named Al Snow in this match and a movie star-quality Joey Ryan. He added that he has homefield advantage on the West Coast tonight. He then vowed to bring sleazy back to Bound for Glory. This led to a video package on the Joey-Snow feud that started in May.

4 -- JOEY RYAN vs. AL SNOW -- If Joey wins, he receives a TNA contract

As Joey made his entrance, Taz recapped his decision not to give Joey a TNA contract as the final judge in the Gut Check voting. Snow then came out dressed in track pants and a black tanktop. Once the bell sounded, Snow dropped down to the mat to allow Joey to start with the advantage, but Snow quickly reversed and slapped around Joey. Snow then dropped down again, so Joey tried to kick Snow, but Snow grabbed his foot and slapped him. Snow followed with a back-elbow smash before slowly running the ropes and delivering an elbow drop. Snow followed with a headlock as Taz noted Snow helps train TNA wrestlers, which keeps him in shape.

Joey came back with a punch to the face before delivering a suplex for a one count. Joey then stalked Snow as Taz noted Joey's independent background. Joey and Al started exchanging blows before Joey whipped Snow hard into the corner turnbuckle. Joey landed a punch, which seemed to wake up Snow a bit. After Joey posed for the hard camera, Snow came back with a clothesline and a back-body drop. Snow then measured Joey for a series of headbutts before grabbing Joey's chest hair. The ref broke it up, though, and Snow followed with an inside-grip suplex dropping Joey straight into the mat. Snow covered, but Joey kicked out. The crowd then chanted for head and Taz noted it's a horny crowd.

At 6:30, Snow left the ring and went under the ring to find the Head mannequin. "I didn't know it was that easy," Tenay noted. Back in the ring, Snow tried to use the mannequin, but the appropriately-named referee Stiffler yanked it away from Snow. The ref was bumped during this. Joey used the distraction to knock Snow to the outside before making out with the mannequin. Snow then pulled a Fit Finlay by trapping Joey inside the ring apron to smash him with right hands. Suddenly, Matt Morgan hopped the rail and destroyed Snow ringside. Morgan, dressed in blue jeans and no shirt, rolled Snow back into the ring. This allowed Joey to pin Snow once the ref woke up.

Post-match: Morgan stepped into the ring and stood over Al Snow. Morgan talked trash, then Joey tried to crawl up to Morgan, but Morgan stopped him in his tracks. Morgan then shook Joey's hand and the two men posed side-by-side. Morgan then looked into the camera and told TNA that time's up. "The alarm just went off!" he shouted.

WINNER: Joey at 8:25 to win a TNA contract. Interesting development, and Morgan looked like a big deal making his return with an updated look. Will Morgan be a bodyguard-type for Joey, or was Joey just a pawn in Morgan's scheme to go after members of TNA management?

Backstage: Daniels and Kazarian discussed their TNA Tag Title defense up next.

Arena: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez came out first for the three-way Tag Title match. Kurt Angle then came out by himself and slapped hands with Wes Brisco on the way to the ring. A.J. Styles was out next as the announcers wondered if Angle and Styles are on the same page tonight. Next out were Daniels and Kaz with the Tag Title belts hanging from their crotch. After the two men posed and Taz called out Daniels for wearing his colors, the bell sounded to start the match.

5 -- TNA tag champions DANIELS & KAZARIAN vs. A.J. STYLES & KURT ANGLE vs. CHAVO GUERRERO HERNANDEZ -- three-way TNA Tag Title match

Daniels wanted nothing to do with Styles, so he tagged in Chavo to start things against Styles. Meanwhile, Tenay and Taz entertained themselves with random comments and quips. Taz said it's time to get the car back on the rails, leading to Tenay re-focusing on the match. Early on, the match was all about people blind-tagging into the match to break up other teams's momentum. There wasn't much flow to the action as a result.

Styles then dropped Kaz with a Pele Kick to hot-tag Angle into the match. Daniels also tagged in. Angle took out Daniels with rapid-fire offense before delivering a release German Suplex. Kaz then took two Germans after entering the ring. It took a few moments, but Angle finally got the third German after an interruption from Daniels. Angle then suplexed Chavo, who tried to get involved. Suddenly, Kaz slingshot-DDT'ed Angle. Hernandez then entered the ring to Pounce Kaz out of the ring. Next, Styles smashed Hernandez, Daniels took out Angle on the outside, and Hernandez flew over the top rope onto Daniels as a rapid-fire sequence of entries and exits continued.

At 11:30, Kaz escaped serious injury attempting some sort of flip move onto Hernandez on the outside. After the announcers freaked out with concern, Styles came off the top rope with a springboard splash onto everyone ringside. Back in the ring, Chavo wanted Three Amigos on Angle, but Angle avoided the third one and hit an Angle Slam. Angle then climbed up-top for a moonsault, but Hernandez blocked. Styles then tagged in and helped Angle double-suplex Hernandez. Styles clotheslined Chavo, then Kaz entered the ring and hit a Cutter out of fireman's carry position. Kaz brought in Daniels, who hit the BME, then covered Styles, but Styles kicked out in-time.

At 14:00, Daniels and Kaz tried to figure out what they could do next to put away Styles. It didn’t matter, as Styles came back with a springboard back-flip into a reverse DDT. Styles teased the Clash, but Daniels shoved Styles into Hernandez, who tagged in. Hernandez shoulder-tackled Daniels, then Border-Tossed him. Chavo came off the top with a Frogsplash, then Hernandez covered Daniels. Hernandez scored the pin to boos and there are new tag champs.

WINNERS: Hernandez & Chavo at 15:33 to capture the TNA Tag Titles. There didn't seem to be a great reason to switch the titles to a team featuring Chavo unless TNA has a follow-up plan that will work better than Chavo's first few months in TNA. It will be interesting to see where Daniels and Kaz go from here if they don't win back the titles. Meanwhile, it looks like Styles and Angle can return to chasing the TNA World Title.

Post-match: Christy Hemme brought in Chavo and Hernandez to discuss their Tag Title victory. Chavo said he told everyone that they would come here and win the Tag Titles. Chavo breathlessly said they delivered. He then got a reaction shouting out to Eddie to drown out some scattered boos. Chavo and Hernandez then left with the belts.

6 -- Knockouts champion MISS TESSMACHER vs. TARA -- Knockouts Title match -- Taryn Terrell referee

After a video package promoted the Knockouts Title feud, Tara came out first. TNA cut to random people at ringside over-acting for the camera. The announcers identified them as British Bootcamp contestants. Tessmacher then came out to defend the title against her "teacher." TNA cut to a guest timekeeper, Jennifer Larsen, who rang the bell to start the match. Tara dominated early on, punishing Tessmacher ringside. Tessmacher came back with a top-rope huracanrana, but couldn't put away Tara, who then finished off Tess with Widow's Peak for the win.

Post-match: Tara took the mic and cut a long promo about winning the title and introducing her "Hollywood boyfriend." As expected when TNA started this angle, it was Jesse from Big Brother as a way to introduce him to the audience. Jesse hit the ring apron, removed his t-shirt, and proceeded to make out with Tara in the ring. The crowd did not react to him, though.

WINNER: Tara at 6:25 to capture the Knockouts Title. No knock against each individually, but collectively, it's almost comical to see TNA go wild for former WWE stars by switching titles to RVD, Chavo, and Tara so far tonight.

Video package: Sting's Hall of Fame induction ceremony last night. ... Announcers: Tenay and Taz set up the Aces & Eights situation leading to a video package documenting how they got to Aces & Eights vs. Sting & Bully Ray tonight.

In-ring: Sting's music played to bring out Sting and Bully Ray, who was sporting an old-school Sting make-up look. The crowd popped for Ray, who followed behind Sting on the way to the ring. The Aces & Eights theme music then played to no reaction. From the side of the arena, two masked men emerged with possession of Joseph Park, who looked a bit disheveled. The two A&E members dragged Joseph through the crowd and cuffed him to a guardrail. Ray then took the fight to the two random members, and the ref called for the bell.

7 -- ACES & EIGHTS vs. STING & BULLY RAY -- If A&E wins, they get full access to TNA; if A&E loses, they must go away forever -- No DQ match

The fight continued ringside with Ray and Sting dominating the two random masked men. Sting and Ray then double-teamed the bigger dude with a flying elbow smash. The crowd then chanted for tables, but the big dude cut it off by whipping Ray into the guardrail. The other dude then moved the big dude out of the way of a Stinger Splash, so Sting ate the guardrail shoulder-first. Sting cried out in pain, then returned to the ring, where the A&E members went after his shoulder.

The crowd sat quietly as the two unidentified masked men went to work on Sting as Ray unsuccessfully tried to get a tag. Sting then avoided an elbow drop and fired up the crowd teasing the Scorpion Deathlock, but the other dude broke it up. Sting came back with a Scorpion Deathdrop, then Ray warmed up the crowd for a hot tag. Sting eventually reached his corner and brought in Ray, who ran over the masked men with rapid-fire offense. The masked men eventually cut off Ray, but Ray delivered a double clothesline.

At 6:30, the action broke down with all four men in the ring. A&E took control, then the big dude grabbed a chair and slowly entered the ring. Ray kicked him in the head, though. Suddnely, a third A&E member hit the ring and low-blowed Ray. The man then lifted his mask slightly and spit toward Park. Suddenly, Park freaked out, busted through the handcuff, and hit the ring to tackle the third member. Park blasted the third man through the ring to the entrance ramp and fought him up the ramp.

Back in the ring, Aces & Eights remained in control. Suddenly, Ray cut off one dude, then held up the big dude in the air for a Doomsday's Device. Sting then came off the top with a clothesline as Taz called it a Road Warriors moment. Sting then slapped Ray across the chest and said it's time to get the tables. Ray took his instructions and went under the ring to grab a table. Tenay said it's time to do away with Aces & Eights once and for all, which of course means it's not happening. Suddenly, the other A&E member yanked Sting out of the ring and threw him into the guardrail.

Suddenly, back in the ring, a fourth A&E member hit the ring and lift-slammed Ray through the table. The other member then covered Ray and scored a three count, drawing sad boos from the crowd following the anti-climatic ending.

WINNERS: Aces & Eights at 10:51.

Post-match: As A&E stood tall in the ring, the crowd chanted for Hogan. Hogan's music eventually played to bring out the check-mated GM, who caused TNA to lose by adding the No DQ stipulation earlier in the night. Hogan met each A&E member with right hands as he slowly walked down the entrance ramp. Hogan then ripped off his t-shirt and slowly entered the ring to face the last member - the fourth member who put Ray through the table. Hogan then did his Hulk Up routine and no-sold blows from the member. Hogan then struggled to deliver a Big Boot. Hogan, Sting, and Ray were left alone in the ring and Hogan said it's time to lift the mask.

Sting held up the fourth member and Hogan removed one mask, then a second mask to reveal... Devon. A fan sign in the background suddenly flashed in the crowd: "TNA As You Imagined It." Ray stood shocked in the corner as Devon smiled for Hogan and Sting. Hogan sold shock as Devon smiled, then told him it was always him. (It looks like the Garett Bischoff follow-up will be on TV.) Devon led the other three Aces & Eights away while shouting at Hogan: "How do you feel?" In the ring, Bully Ray remained shocked and asked, "Why?" Some vocal males ringside chanted, "This is awkward," as Hogan, Sting, and Ray remained motionless in the ring.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Austin Aries. JB tried to set up Aries for a question, but Aries shot him down and said he gets himself in trouble whenever he talks. Aries then cut down Jeff Hardy leading to a video package on the TNA World Title program leading to the main event.

Arena: Jeff Hardy came out first for the title match. Hardy was wearing a bright red mask that looked like a combination of Vader's smoking mask, Kane's welders mask, and Great Muta's facepaint. Hardy removed it to reveal a black and white facepaint scheme. After Hardy celebrated with the crowd and did a victory lap, Austin Aries came out to defend the TNA Title. Once Aries hit the ring, JB handled formal ring intros half-an-hour before the end of the hour.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. JEFF HARDY -- TNA World Title match

As the match started, the crowd picked up a dueling chant for both men. Aries controlled and the vocal males drowned out Hardy's fans with cheers. When Hardy took control, the vocal males's boos were most audible. The dueling chant grew louder as the match wore on, which led to Tenay taking the opportunity to hype the importance of the match.

At 12:00, Aries wanted a Brainbuster, but Hardy blocked with a front-face suplex. Aries then kneed Hardy in the gut to cut him off once again. Aries followed with a corkscrew splash from the apron, but Hardy kicked out of a pin attempt. Hardy suddenly came back with a sick-looking powerbomb move that he turned into a high-impact overhead release facebuster. Taz said Hardy is emptying the playbook tonight.

After a pause to let everyone soak in the move, Hardy tried to follow with offense, but Aries cut him off again. Hardy then blocked a second-rope move and nailed a double-leg drop into a dropkick for a two count. Hardy followed with Whisper in the Wind, which grazed Aries for a nearfall. The vocal males tried to get under Hardy's skin with a "Hardy Sucks" chant, but Hardy maintained control by sending Aries to the outside. On the floor, Aries cut off Hardy and rammed him hard into the guardrail. The ref began a ten count, but Aries decided to deliver a suicide dive splash on the outside. Aries then rolled Hardy into the ring, but only scored a two count. The camera focused on blood covering Aries's forehead as Aries gasped for air.

At 18:00, Aries slapped on the Last Chancery, but Hardy put his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Aries proceeded to chuck Hardy through the ropes to the entrance ramp, where he wanted a Brainbuster, but Hardy avoided. The two men then crashed and burned near the ropes as they collided on the rampway. Aries followed with an uncomfortable-looking suplex that dropped Hardy back-of-the-head-first onto the space connecting the rampway and ring.

Back in the ring, Aries delivered a missile dropkick as Taz suggested Hardy might have a concussion right now. Sure, Taz is exaggerating to stress a point, but it would be something to stop the match for if true, so it's not worth the comment. Aries didn't follow up successfully, though, allowing Hardy to hit a Twist of Fate. He then slowly climbed to the top for a potential finisher, but Aries cut him off. Aries then snapped off a top-rope huracanrana and got a crazy look in his eyes after executing. Aries followed with a snap dropkick before delivering a big Brainbuster. Aries covered Hardy, but Hardy kicked out just in time, which freaked out the crowd and announcers.

At 22:20, Aries scooped up Hardy and placed him on the top turnbuckle. Aries tried to follow with a Low-Ki double foot stomp, but Hardy avoided, then sort of swung his body into a cutter on Aries. Hardy followed with a Twist of Fate, then climbed to the top turnbuckle. Hardy nailed the Swanton on Aries and made the cover, scoring a three count for the win. New TNA World champ. The vocal males booed as TNA tried to drown out the crowd by playing Hardy's music.

Post-match: Hardy posed with the title as Tenay said the final chapter has been written in Hardy's redemption story. On the outside, Aries rolled around on the floor, selling the effects of the ending. Taz said Aries has nothing to be ashamed of. In the ring, Hardy knelt down in the ring and posed with the title belt. Hardy continued to celebrate in the ring as the PPV signed off four minutes before the top of the hour.

WINNER: Hardy at 23:03 to capture the TNA World Title. Excellent PPV main event with an invested crowd. The fall-out from this should be interesting, especially if it leads to Aries going all-out heel after losing his title. But, that Hardy bump on the back of his head was too scary, especially on a show that featured way too many head shots to be comfortable with the head injury knowledge available today. (****)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Any and every former WWE wrestler not currently on a roster is probably making a phone call this week since this show was all about former WWE stars. Overall, a thumbs up show, but not a strong thumbs up. Too many down moments and questionable booking decisions held this show back.

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