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CALDWELL'S TNA FINAL RESOLUTION PPV RESULTS 12/9: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Hardy vs. Roode in the main event, Aries vs. Bully

Dec 9, 2012 - 9:48:06 PM


TNA Final Resolution PPV Results
December 9, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


- Pre-Show Notes: The main event will be the TNA World Title match of Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA World Title. The PPV will open with James Storm coming to the ring with "something to say," according to TNA's Twitter.

TNA's final PPV of 2012 opened with a video package on Jeff Hardy closing his eyes and seeing several images. Hardy said he's not here seeking praise, forgiveness, or redemption. Hardy noted destiny will reveal itself one day and write the book on his life. The video was interrupted by Bobby Roode trying to ruin Hardy's TNA Title run.

Impact Zone: Live in Orlando, full pyro shot off to kick off the show. Todd Keneley introduced the show and promised to cap off 2012 in grand fashion. Keneley introduced Mike Tenay and Taz as his co-announcers before James Storm's music interrupted. Storm, looking different with a goatee instead of a full beard, came out to the ring dressed to wrestle.

In the ring, Storm said he's out here to have some fun. He said last Thursday, there was a little incident with Aces & Eights. Storm said he told Jeff Hardy that he would watch his back. "And that's what I did, jack," Roode said, shouting out to Duck Dynasty. Storm noted that he looked to the ramp and saw Bobby Roode give A&E the thumbs up. And that didn't sit well with him. Storm said he's here to ruin Roode's celebration party before he even gets a chance. He told Roode to come down to the ring so he can punch him in the face.

Suddenly, Daniels & Kazarian's music interrupted. Kaz, also dressed to wrestle, walked out on-stage and said Willie Nelson once sang that mommas shouldn't let their sons grow up to be cowboys. Kaz said he thinks Storm fits that. He then called "Jimbo" the biggest whiner in TNA. On top of that, he's a drunk. Kaz called him a raging, proud alcoholic. "Yeah, here's to alcoholism!" Kaz said after the crowd cheered. Kaz then vowed to do Storm and "these turds" a service by ending Storm's routine.

Storm, laughing, said Kaz had all day to "come up with a promo" and that's all he came up with? Storm said he's about moonshine, which popped the crowd. Kaz then mocked applause for alcohol before Storm paused for a "Whoop his ass" chant. Storm said he has a great idea that Kaz can take Roode's ass-whipping for him. He then told Kaz to ask his "boyfriend" first, referring Christopher Daniels. Kaz then noted there's no referee out here. Storm said where he comes from, he doesn't need a ref to whoop his ass. Suddenly, a ref appeared on the entrance ramp. A fight began on the outside and Keneley noted the "saloon doors are open and they have a bar fight tonight."


The bell sounded once the two men entered the ring to make this match official. Kaz waited out Storm's early aggression and took control of the action. Kaz then took the fight to the outside, where he landed a double axehandle blow to the neck before flipping off the audience. Back in the ring, Kaz continued the attack. Kaz then tried bouncing off the ropes to build momentum, but it gave Storm an opening to cut off Kaz and mount a comeback.

Storm caught Kaz in the corner for an Alabama Slam into a codebreaker a/k/a Closing Time. Storm, still wrestling in his t-shirt, wanted to end it, but Kaz ducked behind the ref to avoid Last Call. Kaz then teased Fade to Black, but Storm escaped. Kaz then turned around and ate the Superkick, and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Storm at 6:09. Basic feel-good opening to give Storm a 15-minute spotlight at the start of the PPV. Also, if Roode were to capture the TNA Title in the main event, it sets up a Roode vs. Storm situation. (**)

Announcers: Keneley, Tenay, and Taz tried to break down footage from Thursday's Impact, but got caught off-guard when they were shown on-camera. Awkward pause. Taz tried to make the save. Keneley then introduced footage from earlier today.

Earlier Today: Roode and Hardy were shown arriving in the building ahead of their title match clash.

2 -- X Division champion ROB VAN DAM vs. KENNY KING -- X Division Title match

The Code of Honor was recognized to set this up as a face vs. face match-up. On commentary, Tenay noted it's the first time Rob and King have ever faced each other. In the ring, RVD and King traded moves in a rapid-fire sequence before King caught RVD with a thrust kick. RVD decided to dip to the outside to catch a breather as King smiled in the ring. Back in the ring, more moves and counters. King then popped RVD in the head with a leaping kick that knocked RVD off the top turnbuckle to the floor.

Back in the ring, RVD regrouped and took control of the action. But, King crotched RVD on the top rope before landing a roundhouse kick to the back for a nearfall. King then went for a corkscrew slingshot splash, but it wasn't clear if King landed or RVD blocked. The crowd reacted with silence since the result was unclear, realized the silence, and started a slow clap as the two men reset.

RVD made a comeback with a monkey flip into Rolling Thunder. He wanted Five-Star, but King blocked him. But, RVD came off the top with a thrust kick after slipping somewhat. RVD wanted a Five-Star Frogsplash, but King avoided. King then teased the Royal Flush, but Rob countered with a body-scissors into a quick roll-up for the win.

WINNER: RVD at 9:22 to retain the X Division Title. The story was fine with King trying to out-do his inspiration, but the match was clunky at times, which took away from the story. Typical RVD TNA match where 75 percent of the offense looks solid and the other 25 percent looks completely off. Less is more. (**)

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Christopher Daniels for an interview on facing A.J. Styles tonight. Daniels talked about his long history with Styles and vowed to write the final chapter in his favor.

Impact Zone: After the announcers hyped the Tag Title match up next, Joey Ryan's 1970s music played to bring out Joey and Matt Morgan as the challengers. Morgan was still wearing Hulk Hogan's Shea Stadium robe. Techno music then brought out the tag champs.

3 -- TNA tag champions CHAVO GUERRERO & HERNANDEZ vs. MATT MORGAN & JOEY RYAN -- TNA Title match

Joey and Chavo were set to start things off, but Joey ducked under the ropes to avoid an angered Chavo following the challengers's sneak-attack on Impact. After Chavo and Joey had their moment, Morgan and Hernandez came face-to-face for a big-man stand-off. Hernandez got in some offense, but couldn't knock Morgan off his feet, so Morgan came back with a big discus clothesline. Morgan stood tall and glared into the hard camera, then tagged in Joey, who called out for a tag.

Hernandez took advantage of Joey entering the ring by delivering a delayed vertical suplex. Chavo entered and delivered offense to Joey. But, Morgan grabbed Chavo from the ring apron and palm-thrusted him head-first into the top turnbuckle. Morgan then entered, delivered offense to Chavo, and made his way back to the apron after tagging in an excited Joey. Meanwhile, Taz talked about buzzards in the forrest or trees. "Taz invents his own cliches," Tenay noted, incorporating a playful jab at Mr. Cliche Keneley.

The match built to Hernandez hot-tagging and cleaning house. Hernandez power-slammed Joey, but Morgan broke up a pin attempt. Morgan then executed a vertical suplex on Hernandez. Morgan followed by suplexing Joey on top of Hernandez, but it was only good for a two count. The action broke down with all four men in the ring, then Hernandez clotheslined Morgan over the top rope to the feet. Morgan landed on his feet, though. But, in the ring, Hernandez gave Joey the Pounce before Chavo came off the top with a frogsplash. Chavo had the pin on Joey, but Morgan yanked the ref out of the ring, drawing a DQ.

Post-match, Chavo tried to splash Morgan, but Morgan caught him in mid-air and smashed Chavo into the ringpost. Hernandez then came flying over the top rope with a big splash to Morgan, knocking Morgan off his feet for the first time. Morgan sold back pain as Joey helped him retreat up the entrance ramp to the back. Ringside, Hernandez checked on Chavo, who sold pain from Morgan's attack, then told Morgan that this is not over.

WINNERS: Chavo & Hernandez via DQ at 10:36 to retain the Tag Titles. Basic tag match that apparently keeps this feud going. Morgan continues to be a focal point in his matches and on commentary, but being stuck in the third match of the card every month won't elevate him in the eyes of the viewers from a perception standpoint. (**)

Backstage: JB referenced a tweet from James Storm on showing up, drinking beer, wrestling hurt, and winning his match tonight. Borash then brought in Austin Aries to discuss his match against Bully Ray tonight.

Video package: Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray feud, also involving Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan.


As Aries and Bully felt each other out, Tenay noted Aries has a vanity license plate and money clip dedicated to his "Greatest Man That Ever Lived" moniker. Ray over-powered Aries early on, then slowed down the pace with elbows and clotheslines. Ray followed with a big back-body drop, but was slow to follow up, which allowed Aries to cheat to take advantage. Aries delivered offense for a moment, but Ray came back with snake-eyes into the top turnbuckle.

Ray then came off the top with a missile dropkick that sent Aries flying across the ring. The announcers popped as Aries sold like Shawn Michaels. Ray tried to follow with a running splash, but Aries ducked and Ray ate the floor. Aries then wanted a suicide dive, but Ray intercepted with a big boot to the face. Ray scored a nearfall back in the ring.

Aries came back with successive offense into a running corner dropkick. Aries then teased a Brainbuster, but Ray countered with a Bubba Cutter for a two count when Aries got his foot on the bottom rope. The crowd, apparently wanting to see Ray lose via DQ, then chanted for tables. Taz called the crowd bloodthirsty. Speaking of blood, Ray came up bleeding on the outside moments later. The camera zoomed in on a straight-line cut across Ray's forehead as Ray gasped for air.

Aries wanted to inflict more punishment, but Brooke Hogan jogged down to the ring to check on Bully. Aries smiled, then dragged Brooke into the ring. Brooke crawled toward the corner to avoid Aries, then Ray grabbed Aries from behind and threw him away. As Ray checked on Brooke, Hulk Hogan came down to ringside. Hogan eyeballed Ray, who told Hogan to get her out of here. A scene from Hogan's Knows Best unfolded as Hulk dragged Brooke away by the arm. Back in the ring, Aries low-blowed Ray from behind with ref Earl Hebner distracted by the HKB scene unfolding ringside. Aries then pinned Ray for the win.

WINNER: Aries at 13:08. Eye-rolling conclusion more fitting for a TV match; the finish explains why the match with the most interest coming into this PPV was slotted fourth on the card. By the way, who thought it was a good idea to incorporate Hulk and Brooke together in TNA storylines? TNA is apparently oblivious to the vanity promotion perception of this promotion. Or, they just don't care as long as Spike TV remains happy. (**)

Video package: Velvet Sky's return to TNA on Thursday's Impact. ... Backstage: JB brought in Tara, along with Jesse, to discuss Tara's Knockouts Title defense against Mickie James.

5 -- Knockouts champion TARA (w/Jesse) vs. MICKIE JAMES -- Knockouts Title match -- Taryn Terrell referee

"Farmer's Daughter" Mickie was out first, followed by Tara and her Hollywood boyfriend. Mickie got in offense early on, but Tara came back with a sustained attack as Jesse shouted encouragements from ringside. After the action spilled to the outside, Mickie surprised Tara with a pin attempt back in the ring, but Jesse had Taryn's attention. So, Tara resumed control after Mickie scored the visual pin.

The match moved to the outside again, where Mickie fired up the crowd with a running splash. But, back in the ring, Tara nailed Widow's Peak for the pin and the win. Post-match, Tara and Jesse made out in the ring to celebrate.

WINNER: Tara at 7:53 to retain the Knockouts Title. Fine match that mainly served as a bridge to Velvet getting back in the title picture as the next title challenger. (**)

Backstage: JB read off a tweet from RVD having nice things to say about Kenny King. Borash then brought in Bobby Roode to inquire about his business relationship with Aces & Eights. Roode dismissed the question, then talked up his World Title quest. Roode noted he is willing to do anything to regain his World Title. And, he will prove that it Pays to be Roode. As for JB's "stupid question," Roode noted he's about business and his investment will pay off after A&E softened up Hardy on Impact.

Video Package: Kurt Angle bringing along Wes Brisco, who won Gut Check thanks to D-Lo Brown to earn a TNA contract.

Impact Zone: Devon and D.O.C. led Aces & Eights to the ring through their back entrance. Kurt Angle then marched to the ring with Samoa Joe as Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff brought up the rear for an eight-man tag grudge match. Before the bell sounded, Taz played up the idea of younger wrestlers Wes and Garett "getting it" by being humble and thankful for their position.

6 -- KURT ANGLE & SAMOA JOE & WES BRISCO & GARETT BISCHOFF vs. TV champion DEVON & D.O.C. & TWO MASKED MEN -- eight-man tag match

Devon started things off against Angle. After Angle gained control, he tagged in Joe, which caused Devon to bail from the ring since Joe wanted a piece of him after Devon stole the TV Title from him on Impact. Joe then blasted D.O.C. with right hand jabs and tagged in Wes, but A&E took control once Wes entered. One of the masked individuals picked Garett apart until Garett tagged in Wes. Wes executed a few moves before tagging in Joe. Joe picked apart the other masked, flannel-wearing individual before A&E used numbers to gang-attack Joe on the outside.

Back in the ring, A&E wore down Joe with in and out tags. Devon attempted a spinning elbow strike that barely grazed Joe, then covered for his attempted move by shouting toward the crowd, "Who's the man?" to draw boos. One of the masked individuals then lost control of the match for A&E, which allowed Joe to tag in Angle. Angle cleaned house on A&E members before the action broke down with everyone involved in and out of the ring.

Back in the ring, D.O.C. chokeslammed Angle, but Wes big-splashed D.O.C. A rapid-fire exchange of offense followed. Joe then smashed Devon with a suicide dive forearm smash on the outside. In the ring, Angle dropped the straps and slapped on the anklelock on one of the masked men. D.O.C. tried to break up the submission with the hammer, but Garett stole it, then Wes speared D.O.C. out of the ring. Angle followed with an Angle Slam to the masked man for the pin and the win.

Post-match, Team Angle stood tall in the ring as Devon screamed at them from the outside as he recovered with his troops. After a replay of Angle winning for his team, the faces got their hands raised in the ring.

WINNERS: Team Angle at 11:22. Fine eight-man tag match. The issue is that A&E was re-re-re-inforced as a non-threat following the Alberto Del Rio formula of losing on PPV, then trying to get heat back on TV. In this case, TNA will likely have the group create more violence on Impact after the A&E spokesperson/leader calls out Devon for failing with his assignment. TNA has invested so much time in this group, but they're not taken seriously at this point, and, as Greg Parks pointed out on Twitter, it's another month without storyline advancement related to what they want or are trying to accomplish. (**)

Video package: A.J. Styles vs. Daniels feud.

7 -- A.J. STYLES vs. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS -- One Last Time grudge match -- Pinfall or Submission only

As the bell sounded, the announcers played up the idea of them knowing each other so well that each will have to try something different to get a win. The two men started with a feeling-out process exchanging control back and forth. Styles sustained offense for a full minute as Keneley took Tenay's cliche about Styles putting a "full court press" on Daniels. Styles increased his control with a suplex onto the edge of the ring apron, causing Daniels to cry out in pain. Daniels then came back with a uranage across the ring apron, returning the favor. Daniels then took Styles around the ring trash-talking fans, punishing Styles, and shooting the bird to a ringside camera.

Back in the ring, Daniels continued the attack, focusing on Styles's back. Daniels maintained control for a few minutes before Styles shot Daniels off to the ropes and they collided in mid-air with a dual cross-body. The camera then zoomed in on a laceration next to Styles's eye that was producing a chunk of blood. After the two men sold on the mat, Styles came to his feet with a burst of energy to deliver a reverse torture-rack slam for a nearfall.

At 16:00, Styles snapped off a head scissors, but Daniels came back with a sit-out slam for a nearfall. Styles blocked a corner attack, then snapped off a crisp back-flip reverse DDT for a close two count. Styles tried to follow with a top-rope move, but Daniels crotched him before delivering a superplex that took its toll on both men. Back to their feet and they traded bombs in a heavyweight-style fight before Styles popped Daniels with a Pele Kick. Back to their feet and Styles rocked Daniels with a kick to the head.

At 20:00, Styles grappled Daniels for the Clash and connected. Styles was slow to make the cover, though, which allowed Daniels to escape a pin attempt. Styles then took Daniels to the top turnbuckle and set up for a Super Styles Clash, but Daniels hung on to the ropes to block, causing Styles to crash to the mat on his neck. Daniels then scooped up a woozy Styles and delivered a Styles Clash of his own. Daniels pinned Styles for a clean three count, stunning the crowd.

Afterward, a shocked Daniels taunted Styles, then taunted the crowd, then spit on Styles before celebrating. After Daniels left, Styles was shown looking completely out of it to sell the effects of the finishing sequence.

WINNER: Daniels at 21:37. A big boost for Daniels, who could perhaps springboard off this win to a title shot against Jeff Hardy, assuming Hardy retains in the main event. As for Styles, it looks like more of that "descent into darkness" foundation being laid before Styles "rises from the ashes" in 2013. It was fitting for the storyline that Styles's 2012 ended with a bragging rights loss to Daniels. (***1/2)

Video package: Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode feud leading to tonight's PPV main event.

Impact Zone: Bobby Roode's music played to bring out Roode looking like a combination of Rick Rude and Ric Flair in the dark lighting of his ring entrance. Roode then slowly made his way to the ring, paused to glare at ringside fans flipping him off, and then continued his march into the ring. Jeff Hardy's music then played to screams to bring out the TNA champ. Hardy emerged sporting a big helmet from the Vader collection before removing the helmet to reveal a Christmas red & green facepaint look tonight. As Hardy took a victory lap, Taz noted it appears Hardy is in the Christmas spirit tonight. Once everyone was in the ring, JB handled formal ring introductions.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion JEFF HARDY vs. BOBBY ROODE -- TNA World Title match

Before the bell sounded, Tenay stressed Aces & Eights's attack on Hardy on Thursday's Impact and suggested it would factor into Hardy's ability to compete tonight. After the bell sounded, Roode immediately targeted Hardy's mid-section and ribs, trying to capitalize on Thursday's attack. Hardy avoided the early flurry, then inflicted punishment of his own to Roode. Hardy couldn't maintain control, though, and Roode re-asserted himself by attacking Hardy's ribs.

Roode maintained control of the match, wearing down Hardy with methodical offense. Hardy tried to make a comeback, but Roode chucked Hardy clear through the ropes, splattering Hardy on the floor. On the outside, Roode stared down the audience before whipping Hardy into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Roode slapped on a reverse chinlock as the camera zoomed in on some sort of bruise on Roode's back.

Hardy got the "adrenaline rush" to make a comeback, then came off the second rope with a flying splash for a two count. Hardy sold pain to his ribs after executing the move, then came off the top rope with Whisper in the Wind for another close count. Hardy followed with a scoop slam into a modified Vader Bomb for another nearfall. Hardy decided to go for his finisher, but Roode blocked Twist of Fate and nailed a Double R spinebuster. Keneley did the ol' "new champion!" line before Hardy kicked out of a pin.

Roode was slow to follow up, which allowed Hardy to catch him with a surprise Twist of Fate. However, Roode bounced to the outside, which meant Hardy could not make a cover. On the outside, Hardy asked for fans to back up. Hardy then tried to run off the ring steps to splash Roode, but Roode moved and Hardy crashed into the guardrail and fell into the stands, looking like a crash-dummy. The ref checked on Hardy to see if he could continue, then Roode dragged Hardy into the ring to make a pin, but Hardy kicked out.

At 20:00, Roode tried to follow up with a top-rope move, but Hardy smashed Roode with right hand jabs to the gut. Hardy then came off the top rope with a Swanton Bomb and connected. Hardy sold like RVD after a Five-Star and could not make the cover. This allowed Roode to recover and measure Hardy for a big spear, but Hardy kicked out in time. Roode then looked toward the back and Aces & Eights emerged in the crowd. They didn't move towards the ring, though. Roode screamed at them to do something, then Roode turned around and took Twist of Fate. Hardy covered Roode for the win.

WINNER: Hardy at 23:00 flat to retain the World Title. Good, not great main event. The show needed a great main event, though, after feeling like a glorified TV show for most of the night. (**3/4)

Post-match: As Hardy received his title belts, Aces & Eights hit the ring to inflict a beating to Hardy. TNA isn't waiting for Thursday to re-re-re-heat the group. The group set up Hardy for a double powerbomb and connected as some fans screamed while others stood quietly. Roode then came-to and complained about them not finishing the deal after he paid them. "I should be World Hvt. champion!" Roode shouted. Devon then jabbed Roode with a baseball bat before other A&E members beat him down. The group stood tall in the ring as the PPV signed off at 9:48.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This PPV captured why it's a good move that TNA is dropping two PPVs next year. (Dropping another two would be even better.) This PPV really didn't need to happen, TNA was uninspired in their presentation, and the show did not come close to warranting a $40 PPV buy. It wasn't a bad show, just not a PPV-worthy show outside of the Styles vs. Daniels match.

Alert: Follow PWTorch columnist Greg Parks live-tweeting during tonight's TNA PPV @GregMParks. Also follow PWTorch editor Wade Keller now live-tweeting @TheWadeKeller.

If you watch tonight's PPV, we're looking for your Reax and 0-10 score sent to for a Reax feature on Monday.

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