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CALDWELL'S TNA LOCKDOWN RESULTS 3/9: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live PPV from Miami - Magnus vs. Joe for TNA Title, Lethal Lockdown, more

Mar 9, 2014 - 9:56:47 PM


TNA Lockdown PPV Results
March 9, 2014
Live in Miami, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA Lockdown opened with footage of TNA World champ Magnus arriving in Miami earlier in the day. Samoa Joe was also shown arriving at the building in anticipation of challenging Magnus for the TNA World Title.

Live in Miami, TNA cameras panned the arena, which showed fans on the floor and an empty upper portion covered by dark lighting. Bad Influence was introduced for the first match dressed in matching blue and yellow Japanese-influenced outfits mocking Great Muta. Chris Sabin was introduced next as their partner.

Out first for the Japanese trio was X Division champion Senada, making his TNA debut as X Division champion. TNA showed Senada capturing the title last Sunday in Japan, then TNA introduced Nakanoue as Yasu. Nakanoue looks like he could be Satoshi Kojima's brother. "Here we go," Taz said before Great Muta was introduced as the final participant. The gathered crowd popped for Muta, who made an elaborate entrance playing up his mystical character.


The first portion of the match built to Muta tagging in after the crowd called for Muta's presence in the ring. Muta tagged in and got in signature offense before green-misting Daniels in the face. Yasu tagged in next and the heels took control of the match. Included was double-team offense from Bad Influence.

Sanada then took a hot tag and snapped off fast-paced offense before avoiding a clothesline from Bad Influence and B.I. collided. Muta then tagged in and the action broke down. Muta misted the heels again, then tagged in Sanada. First, a Shining Wizard from Muta, then a moonsault from Sanada onto Daniels for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Team Muta at 9:26. Fine opener introducing the audience to new X champ Sanada and bringing Muta back to a U.S. ring. (**1/4)

Announcers: Mike Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera for the first time in several weeks to talk about the opening match and discuss Lethal Lockdown later on.

Suddenly, Rockstar Spud interrupted. Spud, dressed like Jonny Fairplay, walked out to the ring in a bright blue checkered suit. Spud attempted some Miami-related sports labels to describe Dixie Carter, then introduced her on-stage. Dixie thanked the crowd for their (booing) response, then attempted to dismiss the Miami Heat's "King" LeBron James to play up herself as royalty. Dixie tastelessly said some of the people in the crowd look like they've been hit by a hurricane, then dismissed MVP. Dixie talked up her investment in TNA, then said she went to New York to ensure that her team is victorious tonight. She ran down Jeff Hardy and said she is blocking Hardy from entering the building, then returned to sports-related insults. Dixie fluffed her hair, then told everyone to enjoy the rest of the show.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash was standing by with Velvet Sky, who was answering questions. JB then interviewed Eric Young about Lethal Lockdown later tonight. After EY offered his thoughts, JB fed to a video package on Mr. Anderson vs. Sam Shaw.

In-ring: Sam Shaw was introduced first for the next match. Shaw came out to ringside looking for Christy Hemme, but she was not ringside. So, Shaw entered the cage, climbed to the top corner, and cut a promo. Shaw called for Christy to come down to ringside or else he would "professionally end it." Shaw acted as if he were prepared to throw himself from the top of the cage, committing suicide, but Mr. Anderson's music interrupted.

Anderson told Shaw to calm down, then introduced himself. Anderson got back to business that Shaw doesn't want to do that. Because the cage isn't high enough. Anderson said all he would do is injure himself. Anderson said what he can offer him is a beating, then a ride wherever he wants to go, presumably to kill himself. Anderson led the crowd in "creepy bastard" chants, then entered the cage to face Shaw.

2 -- MR. ANDERSON vs. SAM SHAW -- Escape the Cage match

Shaw was still standing on top of the cage when the bell sounded. He eventually climbed down and started the match. Christy emerged ringside a minute into the match to cheer on Anderson. If Vince Russo is truly back in Creative, then Christy will turn on Anderson and join Shaw. Shaw gained control two minutes in, then started climbing the cage, but kind of got stuck. So, Anderson grabbed him to help Shaw reset himself. They continued to battle in this corner of the cage while the crowd chanted for C.M. Punk and Christy sold concern ringside. Anderson then back-suplexed Shaw down to the middle of the ring. Both men sold on the mat as Christy continued to sell concern.

Reset with Shaw getting to his feet and making eye-contact with Hemme. Shaw walked toward the cage door to escape, but ref Earl Hebner had trouble finding the keylock. He just needed to slowly pull out reading glasses to milk this even longer. But, Anderson bumped Shaw into the cage door, sending Hebner flying to the floor on the other side of the door. Back inside the cage, Anderson sent Shaw head-first into the bottom turnbuckle, popping Hemme. Shaw sold being unconscious, then Anderson talked trash in Samuel's ear.

Christy was way over-the-top excited as Anderson climbed over the cage wall to escape, but Shaw grabbed Christy through the camera opening. Christy shrieked as Shaw pulled her inside the cage. Meanwhile, Anderson dropped to the floor, unofficially winning the match, but ref Hebner was out of the picture. So, Shaw was alone in the cage with Hemme. Anderson then took the key from Hebner and opened the door to free Hemme from the cage before Shaw could do anything.

So, Anderson was back inside the cage, where he helped Hemme out, but Shaw low-blowed Anderson from behind. Shaw then put Anderson in his submission finisher, placing Anderson on the mat as Hemme high-tailed it to the back. Shaw then walked out of the cage door and Hebner woke up to render a decision in Shaw's favor.

WINNER: Shaw officially at 10:08; Anderson unofficially at 8:02. An over-booked, ridiculous scenario for a cage match. Just silly. (n/a)

Backstage: Bobby Roode was shown talking to Bro-Mans. Austin Aries then walked in and sold concern about whatever "insurance policy" Dixie Carter is talking about for their Lethal Lockdown match tonight. Roode said he will figure it out, but they don't need to worry with this team. Aries wanted to make sure he gets his percentage of shares if they win, but Roode cut off that discussion again.

Video Replay: Ethan Carter III "injured" Kurt Angle last Thursday on Impact, canceling their match tonight at Lockdown.


Ethan Carter III was introduced to the cage to brag about taking out Angle. He then ran down Angle for scheduling surgery before Lockdown, depriving him of the chance to become the new Face of American Wrestling. Therefore, he has issued an Open Challenge to anyone on the TNA roster. Who's it going to be?

Suddenly, Bobby Lashley came out on-stage. Lashley had trouble removing his shirt as ECIII freaked out about Lashley not being on the current roster. Lashley entered the ring and Carter said he knows for a fact that Lashley is not on the roster. ECIII vowed to injure Lashley, like he did to Angle, then told him to leave the ring. "Bobby, leave this ring! You are not on the roster! I am warning you!" he shouted.

Lashley looked back and forth to the crowd, then Lashley lifted ECIII in the air for a running powerslam. Lashley followed with a spear, then he posed in the corner. Lashley's music played as ECIII rolled out of the cage. Lashley's music played as Taz wondered aloud if Lashley is back in TNA. Lashley then took a victory lap around the ring.

WINNER: No Match.

Vignette: Kenny King is the "King of the Night" in Las Vegas.

Backstage: Velvet Sky continued answering questions on her laptop.

Backstage: TNA World champ Magnus spoke from somewhere in the building. Magnus said his interview time was cut off, so he is scheduled for an individual address. Magnus said it's fitting because he has to handle everything himself nowadays. Something about this situation tonight doesn't sit right with him, though. Magnus said he has Samoa Joe figured out, then vowed to fight back if Joe backs him into a corner. He told Joe just to make it easy on himself and bow down to him.

In-ring: JB was standing by to introduce the next match. Out first was Manik. Then, a theme sounding like Los Matadores's WWE theme played to bring out a debuting Tigre Uno.

4 -- MANIK vs. TIGRE UNO -- cage match

Standard opening for this kind of match-up - running, move avoidance, counters, reversals, and a stand-off complete with a pose. Taz said he'd like to see what they could do if not inside the cage. Uno then moonsaulted Manik for a two count. Uno and Manik went back and forth before Manik delivered a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. Uno made a comeback by dropping Manik on his head right into the mat. Uno then came off the top with a corkscrew splash - Sabre Tooth, as described by Tenay - for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Uno at 7:42. Basic, fast-paced, singles match culminating with TNA trying to get over Uno's finishing move. (**)

Video Package: Gunner vs. James Storm feud.

In-ring: James Storm was introduced first, complete with new heel music. Storm was also sporting new facial hair and a new hair-do, almost like a samurai. And maybe a pirate. Storm sneered as he entered the cage, then clashing noises played to bring out Gunner. Storm tried to attack him in the entrance way, but Gunner was ready. The fight continued ringside, complete with Storm bouncing a steel water bottle off Gunner's head, splashing water across the ringside area. Gunner and Storm continued fighting ringside as weapons were tossed inside the cage for later use.

5 -- JAMES STORM vs. GUNNER -- Last Man Standing cage match

Once both men entered the cage, the bell sounded to make the match official. Storm dominated, then grabbed the tag rope to choke Gunner. Storm continued to try to choke the life out of Gunner, who gasped for air. Storm tied the rope around Gunner's throat, then low-blowed him. After TNA set a tone of death earlier in the show with Shaw teasing suicide, this came across like Storm was trying to murder Gunner. So, the crowd seemed to disengage.

The crowd re-engaged when Gunner woke up and started no-selling corner turnbuckle smashes. Gunner landed a high knee to the jaw, then measured Storm for right hand strikes. Storm blocked a third and chucked Gunner head-first into a chair propped up in the corner. Gunner reached his feet at an eight-count, then Storm jabbed him and popped him with the chair. "Stay down!" Storm shouted.

Gunner responded with a spear, then he kind of dropped Storm onto the mat near the chair. The ref applied a ten count on Storm as some of the crowd looked for something to get excited about chanting "this is awesome." Storm avoided the count, then Gunner came off the top rope, but Storm sent the chair flying into Gunner as he came down to the mat.

Storm followed with a chair shot to the back, then set up two unfolded chairs. Storm wanted a powerbomb in-between the chairs, but Gunner blocked. Gunner then took Storm to the top turnbuckle and super-plexed him down through the chairs. Both men sold on the mat, then Gunner got up at eight and Storm remained down for nine and ten, giving Gunner the win.

WINNER: Gunner at 11:50. At least the high point of the match was the finish, as opposed to a transition to another finish. Gunner needed to win here to build credibility on the depleted babyface roster. By default, the best match thus far. (**1/2)

Earlier Tonight: Dixie Carter vowed to prevent Jeff Hardy from entering the building.

Backstage: The Wolves hyped themselves up, then MVP walked in and told them to calm down. Davey Richards refused to calm down, noting that Austin Aries tried to break his arm on Impact. Eddie Edwards yelled, trying to force some emotion, then MVP told them to stay focused on the task at-hand check-mating Dixie Carter in Lethal Lockdown.

Video Package: Knockouts Title feud.

6 -- KO champion MADISON RAYNE vs. GAIL KIM (w/Lei'D Tapa) -- Knockouts Title cage match

Gail Kim was introduced first, along with Tapa. On commentary, Tenay said it's "a little different" seeing the Knockouts in the steel cage. Or, an international six-man tag or a Manik vs. Uno match. Madison Rayne was out next to defend the KO Title.

Champ and Challenger went back and forth early on as Tapa tried to find a way to get involved from outside the cage. Tapa's distraction allowed Gail to take control, but she couldn't score a pin or submission, even after a top-rope neckbreaker. Tapa again tried to help from outside the cage, but Madison survived again. Madison then nailed a spear off the top rope and it was enough for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Rayne at 8:55 to retain the KO Title. Solid Knockouts match. Gail continues to be one of TNA's top performers, male or female. (**1/2)

Somewhere: Samoa Joe offered a counter promo to Magnus's earlier solo promo. Joe vowed to bash Magnus over and over again until he is unconscious, then collect his title belt.

Video Package: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus.

In-ring: Samoa Joe was introduced first for the TNA World Title semi-main event. TNA champ Magnus slowly made his way out next. Once both men were inside the cage, JB handled formal ring introductions.

7 -- TNA World Hvt.c hampion MAGNUS vs. SAMOA JOE -- TNA World Title cage match -- Joe's Rules -- knockout, submission, tap-out only

Magnus tried to control the match early on, frustrating Joe. Joe responded with right hand jabs, finally getting in signature offense that rocked Magnus in the corner. Joe followed with a face wash into a running boot to the face. Magnus sensed he was in trouble with Joe building momentum, so he cut off Joe to slow things down.

Joe re-built momentum by sending Magnus face-first into the cage wall ten times, then he butt-smashed him into the cage and finished with a back-kick that rocked Magnus into the cage again. The camera focused on Joe while Magnus recovered on the mat. Magnus came up bleeding slightly from the forehead, so Joe punched and punched and punched away at Magnus's forehead to draw blood.

Magnus staggered around the ring while Joe stalked him, then Joe landed headbutts to keep opening up Magnus's forehead. Joe let up, though, allowing Magnus to run Joe into the cage wall. Joe came up bleeding from the forehead, too, then Magnus applied a figure-four leglock. But, Joe reversed it to put the pressure on Magnus. After the hold was released, Magnus applied a Camel Clutch to work on Joe's lower back.

Joe and Magnus returned to their feet and traded blows before Joe knocked down the champ and followed with a back-splash. Joe then snapped off a powerslam into a cross arm-breaker. Magnus reached out for help, then found a way to reach his foot to the bottom rope for a break. Joe quickly tried to follow with a Musclebuster, but Magnus eye-raked to block. Magnus then came off the top with an elbow drop. But, Joe answered the ref's call for whether Joe was knocked out.

Joe fired up and chopped away at Magnus's chest before delivering a Musclebuster center-ring. The announcers declared the match over, then Taz accidentally said he should go for a pin. Joe followed with a choke-out submission as the announcers continued to predict a new champion. Suddenly, an arm popped through the ring. It looked like Abyss's arm. The hand couldn't find Joe, though, and eventually grabbed Joe. Joe tried fighting off the hand as the crowd groaned. Joe was eventually dragged into the hole. The crowd chanted "bulls---" as Magnus processed what was happening.

A few moments later, Joe re-emerged through the hole in the ring with a crazed look in his eyes. Joe stomped away at whatever was pulling him down inside the hole, then he stalked a bug-eyed Magnus. Suddenly, Abyss emerged through the hole with Janice. Abyss smashed Joe with his barbed wire bat as the crowd sat silently. Magnus then locked eyes with Abyss and realized they were on the same page. Magnus put Joe in Joe's rear-naked choke, then the ref dropped Joe's hand three times to render a knockout ending.

WINNER: Magnus via knockout at 19:25. Following WWE's lead at Elimination Chamber, about what you would expect from TNA finding different ways to compromise the cage in one show. The positioning of this match in the semi-main event pointed to TNA trying to get heat on the heels with a screwjob ending here before the heat is transferred to a babyface celebration in the main event. They didn't get as much heat on the heels, though, with Abyss's unintentionally comedic hand-through-the-ring spot that didn't quite go according to plan. (**1/2)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz covered for Joe taking the loss, noting Joe should be furious and mad and angry and pissed off right now. Meanwhile, Magnus and Abyss stood tall on-stage. Tenay then switched to the Lethal Lockdown main event. Suddenly, something was happening backstage.

Backstage: Eric Young tried to confront Abyss, noting that Abyss was supposed to be getting help. Agents got their TV time restraining EY as Abyss made big eyes to sell that he was in a different zone. Magnus said Abyss sure got help, just not what EY expected.

Dixie's Office: Dixie Carter was on the phone ensuring her "insurance policy" was ready for tonight. Dixie sent off Rockstar Spud, then Bobby Roode walked in and demanded to know what the policy is since he is the team captain. Dixie told him things are better left unsaid, then told him just to trust her. Roode laughed and said he will never trust her with her track record. Dixie ignored his jab, then told him to take advantage of the Man Advantage tonight.

Video Package: Team MVP vs. Team Dixie for control of wrestling operations.

In-ring: JB was standing by to introduce the main event. Austin Aries was introduced first for the heel team. MVP was out first for his team in a #2 Miami Hurricanes jersey. MVP took a victory lap around the ring playing to his hometown crowd, then he removed the jersey and entered the cage to square off with Aries.

8 -- TEAM MVP (MVP & EDDIE EDWARDS & DAVEY RICHARDS & JEFF HARDY) vs. TEAM ROODE (BOBBY ROODE & AUSTIN ARIES & TNA tag champs ROBBIE E. & JESSIE) -- Lethal Lockdown cage match -- winning team gains control of "wrestling operations"

The bell sounded with Aries and MVP in the ring sans referee. Aries, who turned on MVP on Impact leading to the PPV, took a big boot early on. But, Aries responded with the Last Chancery submission. MVP sold as if he might tap, but the match cannot end until everyone is in the ring and if there is a ref present. Aries released the hold, then casually posed in the corner. Aries mocked MVP, who responded with forearm smashes to the face as the crowd sat quietly waiting for another entrant since there was no chance of the match ending at this point.

Four minutes in, D.J. Zema introduced Robbie E. to the ring as the next competitor in the match. Robbie and Aries wore down MVP two-on-one as Taz said one of the Wolves will be coming out next to help MVP. What if Hardy wants to come out second? After a two-minute interval, the Wolves's music played to bring out Eddie Edwards to help MVP even the odds.

MVP and Eddie got in some double-team offense on the heels, then another two-minute period expired to bring out Jessie to help give the heels the advantage again. The heels had enough of dominating, slowing down as the next period expired to bring out Davey Richards. Davey was sporting a taped left elbow/shoulder to sell Aries's attack on Impact. A few crowd members tried to encourage with an unbleeped "F--- 'em up, Davey, f--- 'em up" chant, which Taz acknowledged.

The Wolves slapped on stereo Boston Crabs on Bro-Mans as the interval expired to bring out Bobby Roode as the final entrant for Team Dixie. Roode and MVP came face-to-face center-ring and traded blows before Roode nailed a spinebuster. The heels took control before the final countdown block expired.

Instead of Jeff Hardy coming out, a Willow video flashed on the video screen. The lights went out as Taz noted they've seen from this "Willow dude" the past few weeks on Impact. Suddenly, Jeff Hardy, as Willow, was standing atop the cage. Willow then came off the top with a big splash to the heels, then Willow freaked out in the ring. The sound of air being blown then filled the arena as the top of the cage was slowly, slowly lowered on top of the cage, taking steam out of the match. Taz filled the time by noting Willow's body ink looks like a certain charismatic enigma.

Suddenly, Dixie Carter's music interrupted. From on-stage, she introduced a special referee for this match - her insurance policy. Bully Ray's music then played to bring out Bully on-stage. Bully came down to ringside and removed a table from under the ring as the crowd sat quietly while chaos unfolded everywhere. The heels dominated while Bully watched in the corner, then began taunting the faces. Roode put Davey in a cross-face submission to try to force Davey to tap out and end the match. Roode's submission dragged on for a while as the heels held off the faces. Suddenly, the faces back-dropped out of the heels's grips and kind of fell onto Roode to break up the submission.

MVP tried to get the crowd involved with a Ballin' elbow drop, but Bro-Mans cut him off. The heels then used the available weapons to their advantage, including Aries sending Eddie through a chair via Brainbuster. Meanwhile, Dixie and Rockstar Spud watched from the stage with concerned expressions. The announcers sold this being over for Team Dixie, then Ray suddenly stepped in front of Roode as Roode tried a Roode Bomb through a table on the faces. Suddenly, Roode shoved Ray, who responded with a Bubba Bomb to Roode. MVP then dropped Roode with a Shining Wizard and pinned him for the win.

WINNERS: Team MVP at 26:55. A clustermess that resembled an independent wrestling battle royal at times. The crowd didn't seem to know how to receive Bully helping the faces win since the last time Bully was on TV, he was threatening Mr. Anderson's family, breaking "wrestler code," and vowing to kill Anderson. But, it was necessary since the face side of the ledger is depleted at the moment and, as Greg Parks pointed out in the post-game Livecast, it gave the audience permission to cheer the popular Bully. As for the top TNA storyline, it remains to be seen whether this leads to Dixie being phased out of her heel role or if she remains on TV for a while protesting being double-crossed by Bully. Overall, a feel-good win for the live crowd, but too many issues with the Lockdown format and several stories colliding, rather than flowing together. (*1/2)

Post-match: Dixie and Spud freaked out on-stage. Ray and MVP came face-to-face, then Ray celebrated with MVP, who joined the Wolves and Willow in celebrating the victory. Taz declared that MVP is running the ship now. MVP then walked up on-stage to taunt Dixie, who tried to shove him away. Dixie then charged down to ringside to approach Bully inside the cage. "I own your ass!" Dixie shouted toward Bully, who no-sold her angry reponse.

Ray turned his back to stand tall in the cage as Spud tried to hold back Dixie. Ray then approached Roode and sent him through a table with a Bubba Bomb to put a final exclamation point on the show. Taz said there's a whole new landscape in TNA going forward. Tenay said complete wrestling control is in MVP's hands. "Thanks to that man!" Taz declared over a final camera shot of Bully to close the PPV at 10:56 p.m.

What's next? Sacrifice in April could have a combination of Joe vs. Abyss and Magnus vs. Bully, or Bully vs. Roode with Joe getting a re-match against Magnus. MVP could also be in the mix depending on the balance of wrestling vs. non-wrestling for MVP's character going forward.


Livecast: Join Caldwell and Greg Parks, in-person at Lockdown, on a special post-Lockdown PPV show at 11:30 p.m. EST at

Live Tweets: Follow the PWTorch Staff live-tweeting during Lockdown by CLICKING HERE.

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