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CALDWELL'S TNA SLAMMIVERSARY PPV RESULTS 6/28: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live PPV from Orlando - King of the Mountain match, Storm vs. Magnus, more

Jun 28, 2015 - 9:50:31 PM


TNA Slammiversary PPV Results
June 28, 2015
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The announcers positioned at ringside were Josh Mathews with Mike Tenay and "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero. Christy Hemme was the ring announcer.

In-ring: An X Division Title elimination match was announced first. D.J. Zema was out first, followed by Manik to The Revolution theme music. X Division champion Tigre Uno was out next to make his first title defense.

1 -- X Division champion TIGRE UNO vs. MANIK vs. D.J. ZEMA -- triple threat elimination match for the X Division Title

D.J. Zema got the spotlight early, then all three wrestlers knocked each other down with rapid-fire offense. After a reset, Zema chucked Manik over the top rope onto Tigre. Zema then flew over the top rope with a flip-dive onto his opponents. Back in the ring, Zema hit more high-flying offense, but he could not get a fall. Tigre then caught Zema in the corner and nailed him with a split-legged corkscrew moonsault for a pin.

*** Zema eliminated by Tigre at 9:36 ***

The match continued with Tigre getting in successive offense. Manik came back with close pin attempts, with Mathews calling nearfalls WWE-style. Tigre then German Suplexed Manik into the corner turnbuckle and hit the split-legged corkscrew moonsault for the pin and the win. Johnny B. Badd streamers shot out to celebrate the win for Tigre.

WINNER: Tigre at 12:07 to retain the X Division Title.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash was standing by to thank fans and business partners for 13 years. JB said it's been an incredible experience working with so many different people. He then brought in Robbie E. with a different look to talk about his grudge match with Jessie. Five years later, Robbie said the goofball Robbie E. is gone. He did a babyface promo on Jessie trying to take away his love for pro wrestling by trying to injure him. He said Jessie is his b----.

Video Package: Explosion of the Bro-Mans.

In-ring: Early 1990s WCW heel music played to bring out Jessie "The Man" Godderz sporting a Rick Rude robe. Long pose for Jessie before he took the mic. And he paused for boos. Jessie said Robbie wants to call him a b----. He laughed to himself. "Look at me," he said. Jessie paused again to stretch out the talking segment. He talked about putting Robbie out of commission for a month, then TNA suddenly jump-cut to Robbie interrupting. Robbie and Jessie fought ringside before the bell sounded.


Mathews framed this as Robbie wanting to be a better wrestler who works on his craft, as opposed to Jessie who wants to rely on his physique. After a brief stay in the ring, the fight returned to the outside, where Jessie whipped Robbie into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Jessie took his time working over Robbie. Meanwhile, the announcers played WWE TV arguing amongst themselves. The crowd wanted a comeback from Robbie, who responded with a DDT for a close two count.

Jessie came back with a bucklebomb to give himself some breathing room. He tried to follow up in the corner, but Robbie met him in mid-ring and they collided to the mat. Jessie got the advantage when they returned to their feet, but he could not put away Robbie. Jessie then went to a Boston Crab trying to force a submission, but Robbie made it to the bottom rope for a break. Robbie suddenly came back with a basic-looking Scorpion Death drop, which looked like a sure-nearfall, but Jessie remained down for a three count. The crowd was excited for Robbie getting the win.

WINNER: Robbie at 11:18. Fine match establishing Robbie as a strong babyface fighter.

Backstage: JB brought in Matt Hardy, who talked about wanting to be known as a great singles wrestler by winning King of the Mountain tonight.

In-ring: Bram was introduced to the ring for the next match. As Bram came to the ring, TNA showed Matt Morgan saving Vader against Bram last Wednesday on Impact. A slimmed-down Morgan was then introduced as Bram's opponent. Mathews said if Morgan would have stuck around longer, he might have been a multiple-time TNA champion. That's a loaded comment. Before the match started, Morgan took the mic for a pre-match promo. Morgan said the people don't want to see them wrestle, but fight. He put a Street Fight on the table. There was no verbal confirmation from Bram, and the bell suddenly sounded.

3 -- MATT MORGAN vs. BRAM -- Street Fight?

Morgan and Bram traded bombs in the middle of the ring to begin the match. Morgan took control and dominated Bram with trademark offense, including a leg drop across the ring apron. Bram had nothing going for him, so he went under the ring looking for Hornswoggle or a weapon. Morgan eventually dragged Bram out from under the ring, but he did not see Bram possessing a turnbuckle hook. Bram lightly bopped Morgan with the weapon, then he went under the ring to retrieve a wide variety of weapons.

Bram worked over Morgan with cookie sheets and chairs and trashcans and anything else he could find. Bram eventually rolled Morgan back into the ring. Bram took too long to return to the ring, allowing Morgan to make a comeback. Morgan called for a chokeslam, but Bram elbowed out. Bram picked up a trashcan, but Morgan charged across the ring with a big Carbon Footprint right into Bram's face. Bram rolled out of the ring to avoid a cover, though.

After hitting his finish, Morgan recovered to the corner and seemed to be struggling to catch his breath. Bram stalled for a while pretending to look for weapons as Morgan pointed to his throat. They eventually resumed the match with Morgan nailing a chokeslam onto chairs, but Bram kicked out of a pin. Bram then low-blowed Morgan and delivered an elevated DDT onto a chair for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Bram at 9:30. Another endorsement for Bram picking up a win over a legacy star. The question is where is this advancing to?

Backstage: JB brought in Ethan Carter III and Tyrus to discuss a tag match tonight. ECIII said everyone will get to see him become TNA champion this Wednesday on Impact. But, tonight, they focus on Mr. Anderson and Bobby Lashley. Tyrus told ECIII to not worry about them, just focus on Kurt Angle this Wednesday. Tyrus vowed to take care of Ken and Bobby, then he covered JB's mouth to prevent him from talking.

In-ring: Austin Aries was unceremoniously introduced to the ring for the next match. Davey Richards was out next as Aries's opponent. Mathews noted that the winner will pick the stipulation for Match #5 of the TNA Tag Title series this Wednesday on Impact.

4 -- AUSTIN ARIES vs. DAVEY RICHARDS -- Winner picks Match #5 stipulation -- TNA has already revealed 30-minute Iron Man Match for Match #5

Aries was the heel in this match-up, routinely leaving the ring to try to frustrate Richards when Davey put together offense. Aries eventually just jogged away from ringside toward the back, luring in Richards. They battled on the entrance ramp, then Davey whipped Aries into the ring steps. Aries quickly recovered and snapped off offense against Davey back in the ring. Aries maintained control for a while, then Davey made a comeback. Aries suddenly called out for Bobby Roode, apparently disoriented from Davey's attack.

The match returned to ringside, where Aries squashed Davey into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Aries nailed a twisting missile dropkick, sending Davey to the corner. Davey blocked a corner dropkick, then tried an alarm clock kick, but Aries ducked and slapped on the Last Chancery. Davey fought, then swung his foot to the bottom rope for a break. They reset, then traded forearm blows from their knees. Aries had enough of his elbow pad and tossed it aside to inflict more punishment. But, Davey came back with a t-bone suplex, then he climbed to the top rope for a flying double stomp. He did not connect in-full, though, and Aries kicked out.

Suddenly, Bobby Roode strolled down to ringside. Roode tried to encourage Aries, but Eddie Edwards showed up to yank Roode away from ringside. But, in the confusion, Aries rolled up Davey from behind and got a three count, with a slight hook of the tights.

Post-match, Aries asked for the mic. Aries high-fived Roode, then bragged about out-classing Davey Richards tonight. Aries joked about Match #5 being a bra & panties match. Then, he got serious that it will be a 30-minute Tag Team Iron Man match.

WINNER: Aries at 17:25. Good match. It could have meant a lot more if there was not a somber mood hanging over the show with the company's future in question.

Ringside: Mathews, Tenay, and The Pope reacted to the TNA Tag Title Series going down to the wire.

Backstage: JB hyped the King of the Mountain match, then brought in Eric Young to discuss his participation in the match. Young called out Jeff Jarrett as his main target in the match.

Video Package: Knockouts division centered on KO champion Taryn Terrell and The Dollhouse. After they came to the ring, Taryn cut a promo about being the greatest Knockouts champion in TNA history. She finished by running down Awesome Kong and Brooke ahead of the next match.


Brooke was a little excited to have Kong by her side going against The Dollhouse, then she charged the ring to attack the heels and cue up the bell. Brooke and Kong worked together to clear the ring, sending The Dollhouse to the outside for a strategy session. The strategy did not work, as Marti ended up falling on top of Jade for a visual 20 count while Kong contemplated how hard to squash the heels with a double splash. But, Brooke tagged in and lost control of the match.

Brooke eventually made it back to her corner to tag in Kong, who cleaned house. Marti then accidentally wiped out Taryn, leaving Jade in the ring to take the fall from Brooke, who tagged back into the match. Afterward, Taryn angrily took her title belt and screamed at the victorious face duo.

WINNERS: Kong & Brooke at 8:01. Basic booking giving the faces a measure of revenge while on the title chase.

Backstage: JB brought in Magnus to discuss his match against James Storm. Magnus oddly talked about shining with Storm in the ring tonight. The guy tried to bump his wife, right? Magnus talked about growing up in TNA. He said he loves his family, and he hates Storm, but he will try not to let the devil out tonight. Definitely felt like a farewell promo, but it doused water on the build-up to this supposed grudge match.

Video Package: James Storm conning Mickie James to get close to Magnus and their family.

In-ring: James Storm was introduced to the ring first. Christy Hemme said this is an Anything Goes, "unsanctioned match." Mathews said he thinks this is what Storm wanted from the beginning. Storm ripped up a fan's sign at ringside, then Magnus was introduced as Storm's opponent. Magnus did a dramatic, slow walk to the ring. Then, he picked up the pace when Storm left the ring to meet him on the floor to begin brawling.

6 -- MAGNUS vs. JAMES STORM -- Anything Goes match

Magnus and Storm eventually made it into the ring, where Magnus set up a table looking to inflict punishment to Storm, but Storm fought off Magnus. So, Magnus adjusted and catapulted Storm into the table. Storm rolled out of the ring to recover, then high-tailed it to the production area of the building. Magnus followed up and the fight continued toward an Exit. A production staffer kept shouting, "High Voltage," trying to warn the wrestlers about potentially getting hurt. TNA did a production trick flickering the arena lights and putting color bars on the video screen before the wrestlers returned to ringside. Order was restored, then the wrestlers fought back into the ring.

In the ring, Magnus caught Storm to deliver a powerbomb through the table. But, Magnus was unable to make a cover. Storm eventually rolled out of the ring, so Magnus delivered a baseball slide kick. But, Storm cut him off, then went under the ring to grab a second table. Storm placed Magnus on the table, then grabbed a brew and stalked Earl Hebner. Meanwhile, a dude on the front row was squeezing a mini rubber chicken. Magnus recovered while Storm was pre-occupied, then placed Storm on the table. Magnus wanted a top-rope elbow drop down to the floor, but Storm moved and Magnus crashed hard through the table.

The match returned to the ring, where Storm pulled out a baggie containing a white powder. He ripped off an opening with his teeth, then poured out the substance in his hand. But, Magnus blew the powder in Storm's face, which also blinded Earl Hebner. Magnus checked on Hebner, but turned around to take a Last Call superkick. Storm covered, but Magnus kicked out.

Storm decided he needed more cowbell, but Magnus ducked a cowbell shot and hit a uranage for a nearfall. Mathews was full-out WWE mode calling the end of the match on every pin attempt. Storm then hit a second Last Call, Mathews went WWE predicting the end, and Magnus kicked out again. Storm decided to regroup by grabbing another chair and a guardrail, then setting it up in the ring. But, Magnus blocked a top-rope attack and suplexed Storm across the guardrail. No pinfall, though.

Reset, then Storm came up holding a beer bottle, unbeknownst to Magnus. Magnus charged Storm, who collided with Magnus and the beer bottle exploded in Magnus's face. Storm kind of fell down on top of Magnus and Hebner made a three count. The announcers said Magnus should have won this match.

Post-match, TNA replayed the high-points from the match, then showed Storm being helped away from ringside. Magnus was also helped out of the ring. Storm was given an unspoken send-off, while Magnus pointed to his heart and thanked the crowd.

WINNER: Storm at 16:40. The match was really hurt by the pre-match promo, where Magnus dumped water on his quest for revenge on Storm, which was the main talking point from the announcers. Storm, the heel, then "winning the feud" over Magnus when Magnus was supposedly fighting for his family made Magnus look like a chump. Strange booking for a presumed last chapter.

Backstage: JB brought in Drew McIntyre to discuss the King of the Mountain main event still to come. Drew said he will deal with the Beat Down Clan this week on Impact. But, for now, they engage in "entertaining carnage" in the King of the Mountain match.

Announcers: As the ring was cleaned up, TNA experienced technical difficulties. Mathews was heard, then video package music, then generic music, then Mathews. TNA stayed with a shot of the ring being cleaned up. Mathews tried to cover for the situation, saying this must have been the result of Storm and Magnus brawling in the high voltage area. Mathews was eventually heard again saying they are dealing with technical issues right now.

Suddenly, the lights went out. And Ethan Carter III's music played. ECIII and Tyrus made their way out. Mr. Anderson was then introduced as one-half of the babyface opposition. Anderson went for the mic drop, but there was no audio, so he covered by selling being super-mad and charging the ring. But, he waited for Bobby Lashley, who showed up in a Bellator jacket.

Before the match started, Mathews said they're going to try to work through the technical issues. Mathews and Tenay joked about the audience not having to listen to Pope anymore.


ECIII and Lashley battled early on, then Tyrus interfered from the ring apron, allowing ECIII to isolate Lashley. ECIII missed a corner attack, though, allowing Lashley to tag in Anderson. Anderson teed off on ECIII, then wanted a fireman's carry maneuver on Tyrus, but ECIII grabbed Anderson's ankles to trip him. So, the heels resumed control on Anderson. Lashley eventually got a hot tag and teed off on ECIII. But, he could not get a three count. Lashley wanted a dominator, but ECIII slipped out and caught Lashley with a TKO.

ECIII called for the end, but Lashley pushed him away into Titus O'Neil's lift-up, turnaround spinebuster. But, Tyrus broke up the pin. So, Anderson and Lashley worked over Tyrus, then knocked him down to the mat. The face duo then wanted a suplex on Tyrus, but he blocked and double-suplexed the faces. Tyrus tried to nail the spike on Lashley, but Lashley ducked and nailed a spear. But, ECIII caught Lashley with the One Percenter for the pin and the win.

Post-match, ECIII grabbed a planted fan's replica TNA Title belt and entered the ring to hoist it in the air. ECIII shouted off-mic that this is his house now. No sign of Kurt Angle, who TNA was still advertising graphically for the PPV as of Sunday evening.

WINNERS: ECIII & Tyrus at 10:13. They really made Lashley feel like "just another guy," in stark contrast to how Bellator presented Lashley for his MMA return fight a few weeks ago. Fine presentation of ECIII, though.

Announcers: Before the main event, Mathews set up a discussion on the King of the Mountain main event. Mathews said he doesn't think the four "Impact wrestlers" will let Jarrett win since he's representing Global Force Wrestling. Suddenly, the deal has shifted from five guys fighting for bragging rights to a TNA vs. GFW situation, throwing off the dynamic of the match.

Backstage: JB brought in Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett, who was dressed like a queen entering battle to match Jarrett seeking to become King of the Mountain again. Jeff said he's here for one more match to make one last climb and win the King of the Mountain belt. He said if he wins, this relationship will go to a whole 'nother "global level."

In-ring: Drew Galloway (McIntyre) was introduced first for the main event. Eric Young was out next, then Matt Hardy. Bobby Roode came out fourth, then TNA paused. Cue up Jeff Jarrett's familiar music to bring out Jeff along with Karen Jarrett for "one final match," as described by Tenay. Once everyone was in the ring, JB handled formal ring introductions, his mic cutting out every other syllable due to the audio issues.

8 -- JEFF JARRETT (w/Karen Jarrett) vs. BOBBY ROODE vs. MATT HARDY vs. ERIC YOUNG vs. DREW GALLOWAY -- King of the Mountain match for made-up King of the Mountain Title

Once the bell sounded, the five wrestlers kind of walked around each other, then Hardy & Roode and Drew & EY paired off, leaving Jarrett as the odd-man out looking to find his role in the match. Jarrett eventually found Roode and landed right hands, then he found EY and back-dropped Young across the ring. Jarrett Strut, then Roode grabbed Jarrett from behind and rolled him up for a pin 2:10 into the match. The result was Roode became eligible to hang the title belt on the hook above the ring and send Jarrett to the penalty box.

The wrestlers were unable to take advantage of the "power play" and a 2:00 countdown clock expired to allow Jarrett back into the match. But, as soon as Jarrett left the box, Eric Young attacked him, then pinned him on the floor. Young was eligible and Jarrett had to return to the penalty box. EY started to climb up the ladder trying to put the title belt on the hook, but Hardy tipped over the ladder. The four non-penalized wrestlers battled, but no one scored a fall, so the 2:00 clock expired again to bring out Jarrett.

Jarrett hit the ring with a flurry of right hands, but EY kicked Jarrett in the groin, sending Jarrett reeling to the outside to recover. Suddenly, back in the ring, Matt pinned Roode and the ref scrambled over to another pin situation to count Drew pinning EY with a small package. Everyone was now eligible, except for Jarrett. Mathews was confused by the rules, but corrected himself. Drew and Matt, now eligible, tried to climb the ladder, but Jeff suddenly scrambled into the ring to cut them off. Jeff hit multiple Strokes, but his pins were broken up.

The 2:00 clock expired to bring out Roode and EY to continue the match in the ring. Roode and Young worked together to take out dudes, then they posed and sang Canadian-style. But, Young suddenly turned on Roode. And they clotheslined each other over the top rope to the floor. Suddenly, there was a Tower of Doom spot in the ring. Jarrett took out McIntyre and Hardy, but EY and Roode slid back into the ring to cover Drew and Matt, sending them to the penalty box. No pin for Jarrett. The crowd tried to rally behind Jarrett, who had yet to score a fall to become eligible to hang the belt.

The match continued with Jeff, EY, and Roode having a three-way battle in the ring. Young decided to leave the ring and grab Jeff's guitar, but Karen slapped Young. EY scared her away, then grabbed the guitar, but Jarrett low-blowed Young. Jarrett picked up the instrument, measured Roode, and popped the guitar over his head. Jarrett then covered Roode to finally become eligible. But, the clock expired to bring out Hardy and Mac from the penalty box. Wrestlers battled for control of the title belt, then Jeff knocked down Matt and Drew. Jarrett called for the belt, set up a ladder, and started to climb. But, Young grabbed him and kind of flung him over the top rope. Young then gave Jarrett a piledriver off the ring apron onto a ladder. Karen freaked out as Jeff slumped down to the floor.

Meanwhile, the clock expired to bring out Roode from the penalty box. Suddenly, Drew was on top of the penalty box. He measured the three conscious wrestlers and splashed the trio of Roode, Hardy, and EY with a big splash to the outside. Drew recovered, then dragged himself into the ring with the title belt. But, Matt slid into the ring to block Drew. And drop him with a Twist of Fate off the ladder. Matt then picked up the title belt, climbed the ladder, and Roode cut him off from behind. Roode nailed a spinning sit-out powerbomb while Karen tried to revive Jeff in the background.

Back in the ring, EY and Roode battled for control of the belt. But, they didn't see Jeff sneak back into the ring. Jeff cut off Young, then nailed a Stroke off the ladder. Jarrett picked up the title belt, started to climb, and he placed the title belt on the hook. Mathews wondered what this means for their future, going straight from the finish to asking big questions surrounding a made-up title they just introduced a few days ago. Pope asked if Jarrett will stay here in TNA to defend the title or if he takes it to Global Force.

Post-match, Jarrett took a victory lap around the ring as Mathews wondered what this means for TNA's future. Kids from the Jarrett/Angle Family then spilled into the ring to celebrate with Jeff and Karen. Mathews signed off at 10:50 p.m. EST. No Kurt Angle on the show.

WINNER: Jarrett at 20:56 to win the King of the Mountain match/newly-introduced title. And now TNA has come full circle to why TNA started in the first place 13 years - a home for Jarrett to be the biggest star of the show. The overall deal came across forced with Mathews trying to sell the idea of the KOTM Title being the key to TNA's future. Jarrett winning keeps him linked to TNA, presumably to set up a situation on Global Force's turf, but there's a lot to sort out from this fluid story. Overall, if you bought the PPV to see Jarrett return to TNA, then it was a satisfying conclusion to a show that felt like a retirement banquet. If you bought the PPV because TNA was visually advertising TNA World champion Kurt Angle up until the start of the PPV, or for something beyond a "One Night Only" level pre-taped PPV, then you might feel like Knicks fans after the NBA Draft.

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