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WWE NXT Report
JAMES'S WWE NXT RESULTS 8/21 & 8/28 & 9/4: Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn MOTY contender, A.J. Lee title defense, Summer Rae, Swagger, new feuds & developments

Sep 5, 2013 - 1:02:18 PM


WWE NXT TV Reports Catch-up
Taped at Full Sail University
By Justin James, PWTorch contributor

August 21, 2013 NXT Episode

[Q1] Pre-credit video started with a high energy presentation on the Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro rubber match tonight.

The show started with Bayley facing A.J. Lee for the WWE Divas Championship. Given some of what Bayley has shown in her debut match against Paige, there is a chance that this can be a solid match so long as she keeps her gimmick out of the way. Hopefully, A.J. can slap the goofy out of Bayley and bring back the aggression. Tom Philips and Alex Riley have the call.

1 - Divas champion A.J. LEE vs. BAYLEY - WWE Divas Title match

Bayley wants a huge to start off, but A.J. looks afraid. The crowd wants them to hug it out. A.J. looks like she will, then he knocks Bayley down. A.J. with a pair of neckbreakers and a cover. A.J. claims she's hugging Bayley's neck as she applies a hold. Bayley fights out, but bounces right into an elbow. Bayley dodges a corner charge, but looks ashamed that A.J. got hurt, then starts hugging A.J. repeatedly. Philips wants to know if Dr. Shelby is around. Bayley starts to lose her fear of hurting A.J., who plays up a mouth injury. Bayley seems sorry and offers a hug, but A.J. takes advantage. Shining Wizard from A.J. wraps it up.

WINNER: A.J. Lee in 4:15. Bayley's gimmick takes so much away from her in-ring abilities. Emma had to tone down the klutz routine for the same reason, and she's clicking as a result. But, Bayley right now seems to be dangerously close to Festus territory at this point.

Backstage, Tyler Breeze is staring at himself in his phone. A woman bumps into him and he asks if she wants to take a picture. She is flattered and agrees, but than he says, "of me." She is reluctant. The photobomber is back, it is definitely C.J. Parker. Breeze is furious at the results.


O'Brian immediately takes the fight to Zaki. Typical Ascension squash. Zaki didn't land a single blow or tag in Hicks.

WINNERS: The Ascension in 2:00.

Scott Stamford confirms that C.J. Parker is the photobomber, and announces that the "new and improved" Parker is re-debuting next.

[Q2] Baron Corbin, who hasn't been on NXT in quite some time, is out to face the repackaged C.J. Parker. Parker's new music is a knock-off of the Jimi Hendrix version of "All Along the Watchtower" and he does a dance like he's a stoned flower child. The flowery yin-yang reminds me of RVD. Philips: "He looks like the 'Predator' guy hit over the head with a flower child." That may be the best commentary he has ever had.


Parker dances a bit, then tangles up with Corbin. Corbin gets in some offense, but Parker fights out of the corner. Parker wraps it up.

WINNER: C.J. Parker in 2:00. NXT now has three wrestlers with ridiculous in-ring mannerisms. Hooray.

Post-match, Renee Young enters the ring for an interview. She asks where he's been. I'd guess "hanging out with RVD and Jack Swagger." But he says, "it's more like 'where haven't I've been.'" He's says he is just having a little fun. She brings up the photobombing, he says she needs to mellow out, he's just "photolovin.'" Tyler Breeze with the interruption. The 'Tron shows the picture from earlier. Breeze is steamed. Parker says Breeze needs to be cool. Breeze calls him a Lenny Kravitz wanna-be. Parker almost hits Breeze, and Breeze scampers.

[J.J.'s Reax: Breeze is slowly growing on me with his performances. ]

Dolph Ziggler is advertised as being on next.

Alexander Rusev, advertised as being from Bulgaria, and wearing a leather skirt, is making his debut. He is holding up a piece of wood with "Ziggler" written on it. He's a big boy. Philips says he is trained in Muay Thai and has sumo training. He takes off the skirt and has a shorter leather skirt underneath. He does the routine from "Kickboxer" and taps his knees, then breaks the wood over his knee. Ziggler comes out to a big pop.


Crowd chants "That was Awesome" before anything even happens. Rusev's size gives an earlier advantage. Ziggler starts to take things seriously after getting knocked down.

[Q3] Resev rocks Ziggler with knees in the mid-section while tangling Ziggler in the ropes. Jawbreaker gets Ziggler out of a waistlock. Ziggler with a comeback, but Rusev quickly turns it around. Ziggler surprises Rusev and lands the Fameasser for a nearfall. Rusev holds the ropes on a Zig Zag attempt, then responds with a running spinning heel kick for a nearfall. Rusev goes to the top rope for a splash, but Ziggler rolls under and responds with a Zig Zag for the win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler in 6:30. If there was any doubt, Ziggler is the Chris Jericho of his generation. For Ziggler, he is bumping hard to put over the next group of wrestlers long before he's even hit his own prime. Rusev had some decent moves here (particularly the spinning heel kick) and he seemed very agile. They are trying to package him like Samoa Joe.

Sami Zayn is out to a nice reception for his two-out-of-three falls match with Antonio Cesaro. They brawl (started by a flip dive from Zayn to Cesaro on the ramp) before they even get to the ring. The ref gets some space between then, makes sure they are ready, and calls for the bell.

5 - SAMI ZAYN vs. ANTONIO CESARO - Two-out-of-Three Falls match

The moment the bell rings, Zayn charges Cesaro in the corner and creams him with a big boot and a schoolboy for the first pinfall.

FIRST FALL: Sami Zayn at 0:10.

That looked brutal. Zayn clears Cesaro from the ring, then takes the fight to the outside. Zayn continues to dominate Cesaro. Zayn with ten punches in the corner, but gets caught at nine. Zayn frustrates Cesaro. Top rope crossbody gets a nearfall. Cesaro flapjacks Zayn into the turnbuckle.

Cesaro starts to dominate Zayn with grinding offense. Riley uses his history with The Miz to explain why grudge matches can be so good. Cesaro catches a kick and somehow lifts Zayn up for a powerbomb barely even bending his knees. Zayn starts to fight back but Cesaro no sells it, angering Zayn even more. Cesaro embarrasses Zayn on the mat. Gutwrench suplex, but Zayn slides down and rolls up Cesaro for two.

Zayn turns up the speed. Cesaro with a suplex into a bridge for two.

[ Commercial Break ]

[Q4] Cesaro locks on a chinlock hold out of the break. He catches Zayn, but Zayn slips out and rolls up Cesaro for two. Cesaro wants to surprise Zayn with a back body drop but Zayn sees it and kicks off of Cesaro. So smooth. Zayn charges but gets caught in a Cesaro chinlock. Zayn taps to the chinlock.

SECOND FALL: Antonio Cesaro via submission at 10:00. Mark that in the history books, someone tapped to a chinlock.

The crowd wills Zayn back to his feet, but as soon as he gets there, Cesaro flattens him for a nearfall. Cesaro tries to Van Gogh Zayn while the ref can't see. Zayn on the apron, Cesaro on the second rope inside the ring, and suplexes Zayn back into the ring. Zayn barely manages to kick out. Cesaro can't believe he didn't win there, I can't believe he managed to do that. Cesaro blocks a schoolboy attempt and lifts Zayn up for a power move, but Zayn slips out and rolls up Cesaro for two. Cesaro pops out of the cover and immediately locks in a seated chinlock, but Zayn flips over Cesaro and bridges Cesaro for two. Cesaro eats turnbuckle then shoe leather for two.

They stagger to their feet. Zayn counters a back body drop with a wicked running sunset flip powerbomb. Cesaro rolls out of the ring to save the match. Zayn runs along the floor ringside, drives through the ropes in the corner, lands on Cesaro on the other side of the corner at ringside, and transitions into a tornado DDT onto the ramp. Both men are down and the entire crowd is on their feet.

Zayn makes it into the ring and Cesaro is out cold. Cesaro gets in at nine-and-three quarters, then Zayn immediately into a cover for two-and-seven-eighths. Zayn with a wristlock and kicks and a springboard spinning DDT, but Cesaro catches him on the armdrag and reverses with a front suplex, but Zayn holds on. Cesaro carries Zayn all over the ring trying to shake him loose. Cesaro with a press slam into a European Uppercut, and right into the Neutralizer for the win.

WINNER: Antonio Cesaro in 15:30. That was a beyond superb match. The counters and reversals were layered on top of each other into strings of three and four. There wasn't a moment of drag in there, even the holds were quick and to the point. Cesaro isn't just insanely strong, he is superbly conditioned to be able to do those power moves for 15 minutes straight without a moment's break. The second rope suplex to Zayn involved leverages that I cannot imagine, and the press slam to uppercut was amazing. Zayn was insane, particularly his dive through the corner of the ropes from ringside to ringside. This was a "total package" of a match, and there were several "shout at the scream" moments. The only other matches I've seen this good on NXT were an earlier Zayn vs. Cesaro bout, and Regal vs. Ohno.

Post-match, despite the fact that the crowd was 100 percent behind Zayn, Cesaro gets a hero's reaction and a standing ovation. The crowd followed with a unanimous "Match of Year!" chant. It's a serious contender.

Final Reax: C.J. Parker is a really silly character, as is Bayley. I like the potential of Tyler Breeze. The Ascension is treading water until they can step up to Graves and Neville. But that last match... if you consider yourself a fan of professional wrestling, and do not watch it, you are missing something special.


August 28, 2013 NXT Episode

[Q1] Odd start before the credits, with Corey Graves talking to Renee Young backstage and off mic, and Rick Victor interrupts. He says that The Ascension is tired of waiting and they will rise. Graves says that he's right there and Conor O'Brian comes out from behind to attack him. Victor holds Graves on the floor while O'Brian tells him to "stay down" and hits him with a piece of backstage decor.

"The Moonchild" C.J. Parker is out. Apparently he's on a "cosmic journey of peace" which seems to involve beating up Tyler Breeze. William Regal and Tony Dawson have announcing duties. And there's Tyler Breeze to take himself way too seriously.


Breeze looks furious as he takes his final selfies. Lots of "No!" and "Yes!" chants before anything even happens. "Breeze is gorgeous" chant. Parker hints he may attack the cell phone, sending Breeze into a rage. Breeze frames his face with his hands and says, "This is gorgeous!" Breeze tells Parker that he's disgusting while picking him apart. More selfies, which allows Parker to recover. Parker with a spin, then a running senton, and double knees in the corner. Breeze ducks a punch to the face. Breeze uses the phone as a weapon in the corner where the ref couldn't see to steal a win.

WINNER: Tyler Breeze in 3:30. Breeze is really growing on my as a character, and the FSU audience, too. He is starting to get the Bray Wyatt treatment. His in-ring plays up the character so well too. Even his music is perfect. But, winning a match by a single blow from a cell phone to the nose? C'mon.

Backstage, Renee Young has the dancing Emma in an interview. Emma says that her feud with Summer Rae is personal. Apparently, she has a guaranteed title match after Rae stole her spot a few weeks ago. "Her destiny" (who is she, Del Rio?) is going to have to wait until she can deal with Summer Rae. She's going to celebrate by blowing bubbles and playing "Dance Dance Emma-lution."

Scott Stamford in a pre-credit video promises Adrian Neville against Conor O'Brian as the main event.

The ring announcer announces that she has been informed that Tyler Breeze has left the building. Mixed reaction to that. Emma comes out, bubble wand in hand. She leaves the bubbles with the timekeeper. Summer Rae is disgusted at getting bubble juice on her.


Emma poses to confuse Rae, then tries the Emmalock a few times. Rae gets caught on a Thesz Press attempt, but transitions into a DDT, rolls through and starts the hair brawl. Emma hair brawls too, then goes in offense. Emma with a more aggressive moveset. Rae wraps Emma's arm in the ropes, then continues to work the arm.

[Q2] Rae with a Full Nelson using the legs. Emma leans back to get a two count. Rae is able to reverse for a two count of her own. Emma dodges in the corner, and the Dillemma in the ropes. This draws an "E-C-Dub" chant. Catapault into a roll-through into the Emmalock for a tap-out win.

WINNER: Emma in 4:30. Emma has been adding to her moveset, and was more aggressive to play up the feud. Nice match.

Post-match, Rae assault Emma, then dumps the bubble juice all over Emma. Emma is blinded, and Rae gets her heat back by mocking Emma's dance. Looks like this beef will continue.

"Earlier tonight," Scott Dawson, Sylvester LaFort, Colin Cassidy, and Enzo Amore are talking. Amore has a leopard print shirt, a leopard print watch band, and managed to shave a leopard print pattern into the undercut of his mullet, and dye it to look like leopard print, too. Cassidy has a leopard print belt to match. Amore congratulates Dawson for having his name on his hat. LaFort says Cassidy and Amore should join them to take out Mason Ryan and make a lot of money. Cassidy is doubtful and brings up Dawson's losing record (pot? kettle? Both black), angering Dawson. LaFort brings up that they are at least making money, but Dawson wants to know when he is going to get paid. Amore turns down the offer. Dawson, "You just committed a 5-to-10, I'm gonna beat your brains in for five to ten minutes."

- A Scott Dawson package advertises Enzo Amore against Scott Dawson.

- Summer Rae is storming out of the building, where a camera person just happens to be filming someone texting. Sasha Banks comes out and expresses her dislike of Rae's post-match attack. Rae says that stuff like that is why she has her slot. She reminds Banks that she's on Raw and Smackdown weekly, and that Summerslam is named after her. She points out that Banks barely gets onto NXT, and says that Banks would do better to follow Rae. Rae says she heard Banks is facing Paige in two weeks, and she is sure that it will be a nice, clean match and Banks will lose because she lacks a spine. She tells Banks to get it together, grow a spine, and beat Paige.

The ring announcer is cut off by Sylvester LaFort, who introduces Scott Dawson. Dawson lacks his BBQ sauce and flashlight. But he has a towel or a t-shirt. Enzo Amore comes out to a big reaction. He fires up the crowd with his catch phrases. "If me and Big Cass had a dime for each time we got beat up as kids, we'd have zero dimes!" It's because they aren't S-A-W-F-T. Amore has leopard print wrist wraps and boots.

3 - ENZO AMORE (w/Colin Cassidy) vs. SCOTT DAWSON (w/Sylvester LaFort)

Huge "Enzo" chants to start the match. Dawson immediately backs Amore into the ropes. Amore with a headlock and Dawson sends him to the mat to start an assault. Front suplex from Dawson into the ropes. Dawson showing more fire than usual. Amore struggles for traction. Regal: "this is like watching a weasel against a cobra." Amore slips out of a suplex. Alexander Rusev comes from nowhere to take out Cassidy ringside, Dawson uses the distraction to beat Amore.

WINNER: Scott Dawson in 3:30. Effective way to put over Amore as the outclassed babyface. Smart move by NXT to turn Amore and Cassidy, considering that their boos turned to cheers in the FSU arena. Amore has that Santino Marella quality of being a total goof that the audience can hate or love with minimal change in the character itself. The consistent use of leopard print tonight was hilarious in its subtlety.

Post-match, Rusev is joined by LaFort and Dawson to solidify the new team.

[Q3] Video package summarizing the amazing Zayn vs. Cesaro match from last week. The announcers did a really good job with this match, and the video package emphasizes that.

Renee Young conducts and in-ring interview with Sami Zayn. Regal reinforces Michael Cole's assessment of "one of the best matches I've seen in years." Zayn is greeted with "Match of Year!" chants. Zayn, of course, says it's nice to see Young again, and thanks the crowd. He's conflicted because despite the critical praise for the match, he lost. He concedes that Cesaro is better. Young tries to talk over a demand from the crowd for "one more match." Zayn says he'll be ready for the next encounter with Cesaro, whenever it may be, but he needs to move forward. He makes Young blush with compliments. He's focused on the NXT Championship. That draws Bo Dallas to big boos.

Dallas with a goofy grin: "Sami, just because a couple of people on the Internet said you had a good match, doesn't mean you are championship caliber." He reminds Zayn that he lost. Zayn thanks Young, and says that he will take it from here, to shoo her away. Zayn wants to know why Dallas is out there, because he sounds like he is challenging him. Dallas says he wants to face Zayn, but Zayn injured him at Summerslam Axxess, and calls Zayn "green." Dallas insists that everyone loves him, to big boos, prompting the "No!" chants. He says they aren't booing him, they are "Bo-ing" him. Zayn has the audience clarify. Zayn challenges Dallas for the NXT Title.

Zeb Colter interrupts before Dallas can answer. Colter tells Dallas that as a hard-working American, he doesn't need to answer Zayn's questions. He says that Zayn needs to prove his citizenship before he can get a title shot. Zayn tells Colter to tell Cesaro that he will get them deported back to hell once he becomes the NXT champion. Jack Swagger ambushes Zayn and Dallas calmly walks away. Gutwrech powerbomb puts Zayn down. Swagger lays a Gadsen flag on Zayn to conclude.

Video package on the NXT roster at Summerslam Axxess. Fun package. John Cena puts over Adrian Neville in a sound bite.

[Q4] Adrian Neville has new music. The old music wasn't great, but this one is still pretty generic. The Ascension comes out. Their music was used in a pre-Summerslam video package.


Neville doesn't look intimated by O'Brian's size. That size gives O'Brian immediate domination of the match. Turnaround cross-body gets a surprise two count, but Neville deals with Victor, which lets O'Brian retain control.

[ Commercial Break ]

Post-commercial message announces Jack Swagger against Sami Zayn for next week.

Neville dodges a boot in the corner to start a comeback. Neville is finally able to drop O'Brian to the mat. O'Brian counters a top rope crossbody with a flapjack. Neville returns to the attack. Neville with the Red Arrow for the win.

WINNER: Adrian Neville in 5:00. Too short to get much involvement in the match.

Post-match, Rick Victor comes into the ring to beat down Neville. Graves staggers out to the ring with taped ribs, but the help is momentary. The injured Graves takes the Fall of Man.

Final Reax: Nice show that felt like a decent two-hour Raw with the fluff removed. Lots of new storylines moving forward in new directions. It will be interesting to see where Sasha Banks goes; NXT is short on heel Divas and Banks has never really gotten much crowd support anyways. The face turn of Enzo Amore was an unexpected treat. Amore fills that Santino/Slater niche of having a gimmick that will never be main event quality, but they meet a critical need for any wrestling promotion, much like the clowns at the circus. It is nice to see NXT exercising the same restraint with Paige as they do with their NXT champions, in terms of limiting ring and promo time, to focus instead on the contender situations.


September 4, 2013 NXT Episode

[Q1] No pre-credit video, and Bayley is immediately out for a match, partnering against the impressive Charlotte. Despite debuting against Bayley, they are all smiles to each other. During her entrance, Charlotte does a somersault and on the roll through transitions into a headstand then stands up, a very impressive and casual display of strength and agility. They are facing Alicia Fox and Aksana, who hasn't been seen in the ring in quite some time. Tom Philips and Alex Riley have the call.


Aksana and Bayley start things, with Charlotte getting the crowd to cheer for Bayley. Aksana offers a hug, and Bayley falls for it. Aksana tags in Fox to continue the attack. Bayley is isolated in the corner. Bayley is begging for the tag, then a belly-to-belly from Bayley allows a double tag. Charlotte wants a quick cover, but Fox slips out. Charlotte is moving like Kofi Kingston.

Charlotte to the top, but Fox grabs her for a slam. Charlotte rolls through on impact and fires back with a clothesline for two. Charlotte with a torture rack, but Bayley tags herself in to Charlotte's dismay. Fox immediately sends Bayley to her own corner, but Bayley dodges a big boot and Aksana gets sent to the floor. Bayley capitalizes with a quick roll-up for three.

WINNERS: Bayley & Charlotte in 4:30. Folks, Charlotte is the one to watch as a potential match with Paige having some real legs to it. She had about a minute of ring time, and made the most of it.

Post-match, Charlotte forgets the confusion and celebrates with Bayley big time.

Backstage, Scott Dawson and Sylvester LaFort are talking, and Alexander Rusev shows up. LaFort says that tonight is about taking out Mason Ryan. They vow to watch each other's backs. Rusev has "Mason" written in Sharpie on a board, and Rusev breaks it on his knee. LaFort and Dawson vow to go to Sizzler after Rusev beats Ryan.

It is Rick Victor against Corey Graves. Victor has Graves's title that he stole last week after the backstage beating.

2 - COREY GRAVES (w/Adrian Neville) vs. RICK VICTOR (w/Conor O'Brian)

Graves tosses his jacket at Victor to distract him, and follows with a double leg takedown and a mauling on the mat. Graves grounds Victor.

[Q2] Victor with kicks and knees to Graves' taped ribs. Running cross-body put Victor down, but Graves is in too much pain to follow up. Graves wants to rally, but Victor dumps him ribs first into the ropes and he bounces out onto the ground.

[ Commercial Break ]

Graves is taking a beating, but trying to fight back. Victory with uppercuts and chops in the corner. Fireman carry into a gut buster for two. Match starts to really drag as Victor maintains control. Graves mounts a full comeback, barely able to move his left arm or breath. O'Brian threatens to get involved so Neville takes him out. Victor suddenly picks up Graves and wants a move from the fireman's carry, but Graves hangs onto his neck and rolls him up for a win.

WINNER: Corey Graves in 9:30. The match was about two minutes too long, it started to move too slowly near the end. Nice ending, with Neville taking out O'Brian before he could actually interfere with the match, a nice twist on the usual WWE formula. Good match to put over Graves as the plucky underdog with heart.

Post-match, O'Brian rushes the ring, but Graves is already gone, and Graves snatches back his title.

Backstage, Sasha Banks is putting on makeup, and Summer Rae comes in asking if she's figuring out how to be relevant next week. Banks wants to be left alone. Rae makes Paige out to be a snob and suggests that Banks lose control of her anger and destroy Paige. Banks looks conflicted as Rae leaves her.

Backstage, Renee Young has an interview with an angry Paige. She asks about Summer Rae's mind games. Paige says it doesn't matter, and that Banks is really good, but she's the champion for a reason. Paige says that she's the anti-Diva, which means that she's there to cover opponents, not be a cover girl, and that Banks needs to ask Summer Rae what it's like to take a beating from Paige.

[ J.J.'s Reax: Interesting to see how they have been developing this storyline. I am curious to see where it is going. Summer Rae continues to do a good job evolving her character, while Paige's promo was just right, holding the right level of respect for her opponent, confidence in herself, and anger towards Summer Rae, in a manner that didn't undercut anyone. It appears the silliness with dance battles is behind them. ]

[Q3] Sylvester LaFort cuts off Byron Saxton to introduce Scott Dawson himself. He then introduces Alexander Rusev as the newest member of his money making "legionnaires." Rusev has another "Mason" board to break. I'm waiting for Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy to show up.

3 - MASON RYAN vs. ALEXANDER RUSEV (w/Scott Dawson and Sylvester LaFort)

Rusev is able to get a draw against Ryan on the first lock-up, but Ryan sends him into the corner twice. Rusev with a kick to get an edge, but Ryan runs him over quickly. Running spinning heel kick drops Ryan. Rusev with a rapid series of head drops. Ryan is reeling. Ryan dodges a charge and starts a comeback. Ryan hip-tosses Dawson over the ropes and into the ring then clears him off the opposite side with a clothesline. LaFort with a distraction that lets Rusev take advantage and lock in a nasty looking Camel Clutch for a quick submission win.

WINNER: Alexander Rusev in 4:00. Mason Ryan is becoming a real NXT success story. He went from "dangerous in the ring" to "adequate" and this match with Rusev was actually enjoyable. A lot of the success comes from how he has been used, first as the monster who cleared something like 11 people from a Royal Rumble in a minute to dominating Amore and Cassidy, setting him up to make Rusev look like a legitimate threat. Rusev definitely has potential here.

Outside the arena, Leo Kruger is chuckling over Xavier Woods writhing in pain.

Sami Zayn is out first for his heavily advertised match against Jack Swagger. It will be good to see where Swagger is at, since it has been so long since he wrestled a long singles match.

4 - SAMI ZAYN vs. JACK SWAGGER (w/Zeb Colter)

Initial fire out of the bell showing the personal nature of this match. Zayn corners swagger but Swagger bounces out. Zayn with a dropkick to cut Swagger off. Swagger wants to send Zayn sky high but Zayn kicks him. Zayn wants a dive to Swagger outside, but Swagger moves so Zayn transitions mid-air to springboard back into the ring instead. Zayn wags a finger at Swagger to show he's not a fool. Zayn demands swagger return to the ring. Swagger delays so Zayn heads ringside to continue the fight.

Zeb Colter keeps Zayn's attention letting Swagger run Zayn over. Swagger showing more motivation than he has in a while.

[ Commercial Break ]

Zayn is fighting out of a hold, but runs into a belly-to-belly for two. Swagger with speed and strength to keep Zayn in the corner, then a clothesline sending Zayn down hard.

[Q4] Zayn low bridges Swagger to get some needed space. Big flip dive over the top and the crowd is on their feet. Zayn with a top rope cross-body for two with major hang time. Zayn can barely get to his feet, but fights out of the Patriot Lock. Gutwrench powerbomb gets a close nearfall for Swagger, and the crowd is going nuts. Straps are down and Swagger has the Patriot Lock in mid-ring. The crowd is begging Zayn to not tap, and he finally gets to the ropes. Swagger toys with Zayn.

Zayn gets feet up on a Swagger Bomb attempt, and manages a cross-ring big boot on his gimpy ankle for a very close call. The crowd is totally exploding. Repeated double axe handles put Swagger down. Zayn hobbles to the top rope, but Swagger hits the rope, then meets Zayn up top. Sunset flip powerbomb and Swagger kicks out as the ref's hand hits the mat to stay alive.

Bo Dallas comes out from the back to big boos. He acts like he is cheering for Zayn. The distraction lets Swagger put on another Patriot Lock, and this time, Zayn has to tap. Dallas acts disappointed.

WINNER: Jack Swagger in 15:00. The match moved so fast, it felt like five minutes, not 15. Zayn with another excellent match, and Swagger reminded everyone what he's capable of when given room to work outside of the WWE formula.

Overall Reax: Another good episode of NXT that built storylines and lays foundations at the same time. Few lowlights on the show, and lots of highlights. For those who want to know what the WWE will be like in five years, catch Charlotte's minute of ring time, Corey Graves, Paige's promo, and the Zayn vs. Swagger match.

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Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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