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WWE NXT Report
JAMES'S WWE NXT "TAKEOVER: UNSTOPPABLE" REPORT 5/20: Owens vs. Zayn for the NXT Title ends in wild fashion with a major debut, plus spectacular NXT Women's Title match, more; Overall Reax

May 20, 2015 - 9:10:43 PM


WWE NXT Takeover "Unstoppable" Report
May 20, 2015
Full Sail University
Report by Justin James, PWTorch contributor

Big things are happening for the NXT roster coming into Takeover: Unstoppable. Sami Zayn is still on for his NXT Championship match with Kevin Owens and Hideo Itami has been scratched from the #1 Contender Triple Threat match, but he will be "involved" in some way.

Also, NXT just wrapped up an excellently-received tour of Philadelphia, Pa. and Albany N.Y. I was fortunate enough to attend the first night in Philly and I can tell you that if you get the chance, your NXT dollars will be well spent. Oh, and Kevin Owens destroyed John Cena on Raw and is scheduled for a match at Elimination Chamber. And Neville is heating up the main roster in a big way.

Pre-event video hyping NXT, talking it up as a rising phenomenon. Extra hype for Zayn-Owens, additional focus on the matches lined up for tonight.

Tyler Breeze has a bunch of models coming out in furry hooded vests and boot covers all doing selfie videos. He has a furry cape. With the special entrance, Takeover already feels like WrestleMania. Given some of the recent noise Triple H has been making I would not be surprised to see NXT getting even more resources.

The announcers are Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton. Video "from a fan" "earlier today" of Hideo Itami getting ambushed in the parking lot. Kevin Owens walks by with a mere "that's a shame" comment as Itami is writhing in pain. They announce it as a torn rotator cuff.

Special pre-entrance for Finn Balor, with someone talking backwards. Balor has wings and spikes on his back, paint on his face and on his legs. The crowd is so hot for Balor. "Holy s---" just for his entrance. Announcers make sure to hit the highlights for folks who may be watching NXT for the first time after the recent main roster hype. Even Balor's back is painted. Breeze totally no-sells the entrance, though.

1 - FINN BALOR vs. TYLER BREEZE - #1 Contender match

Balor with an early headlock, Breeze out, then a shoulder tackle puts Breeze down. Breeze tries to hide in the ropes, but Balor drags him away by the foot. Breeze with a headlock of his own. Back-and-forth pacing indicates a long match ahead. Balor gets kicked off the apron onto the ramp. Breeze stomps him on re-entry to the ring. Neckbreaker only gets one for Breeze. This crowd is so hot tonight. Breeze grounds Balor with a tight side chinlock. "Chinlock City" sign in the crowd.

Sunset flip, then Balor rolls through and delivers a dropkick to reset the match. Double count. Balor in the corner, gets knees up to put himself on the offensive. Balor dropkicks Breeze's head right into the ropes, then hits a double footstomp from the apron to Breeze's back on the outside. Balor to the top, but Breeze rolls across the ring. Balor follows up with offense. Slingblade, but Balor runs right into the Supermodel Kick. Super close nearfall for Breeze off the kick.

Breeze tries to take off the turnbuckle cover, but he only loosens it. Breeze stomps Balor in the corner. Balor ducks the Beauty Shot, rolls under a double foot stomp, his a cover for two. Balor with a cover, but a kick-out sends Balor in to the exposed turnbuckle. Beauty Shot on the rebound and Balor kicks out. INSANE sequence putting over Balor hard.

Breeze can't find Balor, then starts heading up the ramp. Balor ambushes him, climbs up the stage decor, and hits a clothesline from the set. Back in the ring, corner dropkick, then Coup de Grace and it is over.

WINNER: Finn Balor in 11:30 to become the #1 contender to the NXT Championship. Really fantastic match. The final minutes or so was just unbelievable. I completely bought into the turnbuckle + Beauty Shot ended the match and who wouldn't? Great way to kick off Takeover for the folks who never saw NXT before.

Backstage, Kevin Owens is shaking his head watching on a monitor.

Hafthor Bjornsson from "Game of Thrones" is in the audience sitting next to Stephanie McMahon.

Video package from the Philly and Albany shows. Mick Foley, Joey Styles, and Triple H are focused on. Fantastic package that makes NXT look like "must-see" TV.

New presentation for Emma, with some darker lipstick and more serious ring gear.

2 - CHARLOTTE & BAYLEY vs. DANA BROOKS & EMMA - Tag Team match

Bayley and Dana Brooke to start and Brooke pantomimes breaking Bayley in half. Bayley gets Charlotte in, then catapults into Charlotte. Full nelson letting Bayley get a shot in. Brooke tags in Emma, who acts flattered. Bayley shoves Emma to the ground. Emma runs to the outside, then pulls Brooke off the apron to shield herself from Bayley. Bayley hits a dropkick through the corner ropes to both. Distraction from Brooke lets Emma rip Bayley off the turnbuckle. Emma starts to grind Bayley, then rapid tags keep Bayley cornered. Emmamite Sandwich, but Graves says it isn't called that anymore, without offering a new name. Emma paint-brushes Bayley a number of times, then elbows her right off her feet.

Distraction from Charlotte gives Bayley the time to recover. Bayley with a suplex, tags in Charlotte, and Brooke is in. Chops from Charlotte, who is on fire. A running kick drops Brooke, then Charlotte kicks Emma to the outside, letting Bayley get a handle on things. Double DDT from Charlotte to Brooke and Emma. The crowd is on their feet for Charlotte. Cover gets two. Emma pops off the ropes with an elbow, then gets boots up in the corner. Cross-body off the top, but Charlotte rolls through into a mid-ring figure four. Bridge pin, but the action breaks down. Bayley-to-belly takes out Brooke, then Natural Selection ends it.

WINNERS: Charlotte & Bayley in 6:51. Really exciting match there. Charlotte and Bayley are true stars just waiting for the spots to open on the main roster.

Post-match, Bayley and Charlotte hug, then do the Flair Strut. The crowd is eating out of their hands.

The camera pans over new NXT signees on the front row. When it reaches Uhaa Nation (still unnamed in NXT) the crowd erupts into "Uhaa!" chants. Nation breaks out laughing.

Quick recap of the Corbin-Rhyno feud. This matchup is super-hot, until you actually watch Corbin work a match over a minute.

Corbin has a new vest, made up of different color patches. It looks like he should be a member of the Harper Family.


Lock-up and a quick break. Shoulder tackle plants Corbin hard. Corbin outside, but he immediately runs back in, takes a boot and a clothesline, and goes out again. Fast follow-up from Rhyno, who wrecks Corbin on the outside. Rhyno sits on the top, but Corbin knocks him down to the outside and follows up. "Cor-bin Sucks" to the New Day rhythm.

Corbin with offense in the corner, then continues to wear down Rhyno. Rhyno causes a double knock down and a double count. More back-and forth. The crowd wants the Gore. Belly-to-belly from Rhyno, who then warms up the Gore, but eats a clothesline. End of Days ends it.

WINNER: Baron Corbin in 7:15. Much, much better than their match in Philly. They sped it up and took out the long periods of plodding offense from Corbin and made it into a hot brawl that was pretty entertaining.

Recap of Kevin Owens tearing John Cena apart on Raw. Backstage, Greg Hamilton catches Kevin Owens for an interview. He wants to know about the last week. Owens asks him if he means the tour, and reminds us about defending his title on three house shows, then reminds us that he attacked John Cena, too. Owens said that he proved that the NXT Title is the "real prize" by stepping on the U.S. Championship, drawing a huge reaction from the crowd. He tells Sami Zayn to stay away tonight, or else it will be the last time anyone ever (waves hand in front of face) sees Sami Zayn.

New outfits for Enzo Amore, Big Cass, and Carmella. Carmella doesn't even get booed. Amore with a vintage promo involving paper towels and toilet paper. Big Cass is fired up. For the tag champs, Blake is still wearing the pigtails that drew so much heat on the live tour. The question of course, is if Carmella will turn on Amore and Cassady.

4 - NXT tag champions WESLEY BLAKE & BUDDY MURPHY vs. ENZO AMORE & BIG CASS (w/Carmella) -- NXT Tag Team Championship match

Amore and Blake start it. Amore with the offense. He's about to take a double team, but he manages to take Big Cass, who shakes his head to warn off the champions. Chop from Murphy, who begs forgiveness. Then he does it again. Big Cass yanks Murphy off the turnbuckle into a front suplex of sorts. Blake runs interference on Amore to let Murphy clear him from the apron with a clothesline. "Harley Quinn" chants directed at Blake. Amore gets cornered. Powerbomb into a backstabber double team on Amore for a nearfall. Murphy plants Amore on the top and looks for a superplex, but Amore blocks. Amore fights him off, then lands a flying DDT from the top rope.

Double tag and Big Cass creams Murphy and Blake at the same time. The crowd is crazy for Cass. Empire Elbow forces Murphy to break up a cover. Big Cass fends off the illegal double team, hits East River Crossing, and tags Amore's limp body to press slam him onto Blake. Suddenly, Alexa Bliss comes out and attacks Carmella, then takes a superkick. Bliss knocks Amore off the top, then Blake flops into Amore for the win.

WINNERS: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy in 8:50 to retain the NXT championship. If anything was going to happen, I figured Carmella would be the weak link, but I expected her to turn, not for Bliss to interfere. I am not sure if she works as a heel, but we will see.

In the crowd, Eva Marie is spotted. Is she legally allowed that close to a wrestling ring?

Video package on Becky Lynch's rise to face Sasha Banks, including a full history of Lynch's heel turn, and now face turn.

Lynch will lots of fog. She's dressed steampunky with goggles and dyed her hair orange. She looks just like Chandra the Pyromancer (nerd reference). Sasha Banks has a new outfit, too.

5 - NXT Women's champion SASHA BANKS vs. BECKY LYNCH - NXT Women's Championship match

Banks pushes Lynch into the corner. Lynch pops out of the corner with an armbar, then a drop toe hold. Rapid covers traded. Dueling backslide attempts. More quick covers. Banks wants a Thesz Press, but Lynch ducks under and cinches in an armbar. Banks scampers to the corner.

Banks slows the pace down. She wraps Lynch up the the ropes, then attacks the left arm while mocking Lynch's mannerisms. Lynch uses the time to recover enough for a surprise cover, but Banks kicks out and returns to the attack without letting go. She does her crossed-arm hold, then lifts Lynch into a Backstabber while retaining the hold, rolls Lynch over, and smashes her face into the mat while keeping the hold. Crazy stuff from Banks. Lynch rams Banks into the corner multiple times to finally break the hold.

Banks sets up double knees into the corner and hits it, making sure to damage the arm. Banks looks like she will tear Lynch's arm off, using her foot to push it in a way that I can't describe. The announcers are verbally recoiling. She grabs the arm and braces her feet on the should to keep yanking, but Lynch rolls her into a cover to force a break. "Sasha's gonna kill you" from the crowd and it sure looks that way. Lynch rolls into another cover, but Banks kicks out without letting her hold go. Lynch stands up with Banks still wrapped around her arm, flips her up, and delivers a suplex with Banks seated on her shoulder.

Lynch gets her second wind and delivers offense. Banks to the top, where a missile dropkick gets two. Brutal retaliation from Banks with a running double knee drop into the corner, then a cover for a nearfall. Banks looks like she's running out of tricks. She jaws at Lynch, then slaps her. European uppercut in response. Lynch wants a tilt-a-whirl, Bbut anks slips out. Banks to the outside. They brawl ringside. Lynch rolls Banks in. Suplex from Lynch, kip up, leg drop to the arm, and Lynch with an armbar using her legs. Another beautiful suplex for a nearfall. "Suplex City" from the crowd.

Lynch into an armbar. Banks is inches from the ropes, she scoots closer, Banks almost there... and she makes it. Banks sends Lynch to the outside to buy herself some time. Banks hits a cross-body from the ring to the outside through the ropes, but Lynch catches her, then dumps her into the steps. This is such a physical match. Lynch rolls Banks back in, then heads to the second rope, but she is spent. Banks jumps up and hits a superplex into the Bank Statement. Lynch taps.

WINNER: Sasha Banks in 15:33 to retain the NXT Women's Title. I cannot believe how good this match was. I expected a lot, but nothing this incredible. The sheer physicality, the in-ring store told, and Banks's incredible mastery of her character made this a can't-miss match.

Post-match, Banks makes her way out. Lynch sells for a long time. The audience is totally nuts for Lynch as she stumbles out.

Video package on the Kevin Owens-Sami Zayn feud. They take it back months, then years.

Look, this should be the only match capable of topping Lynch-Banks, and it is the obligatory main event, but with Zayn injured, what will the match quality be like?

Zayn doesn't seem injured on his way out. Graves compares him to Manny Pacquiao, saying that Zayn's been cleared to fight, but he isn't 100 percent and will be embarrassed. Owens is brazenly wearing a John Cena "The Champ is here" U.S. Championship shirt. The announcers question his focus.

6 - NXT champion KEVIN OWENS vs. SAMI ZAYN -- NXT Championship match

Owens immediately heads outside out of the bell in typical Owens fashion. Zayn calmly watches from the inside. "John Cena Sucks" from the crowd, letting Zayn ambush Owens from behind. Zayn unloads on Owens, but Owens weathers it to roll into the ring, then bludgeons Zayn when he follows. Clothesline clears Owens out of the ring. Body drop from Zayn outside. Zayn clobbers Owens on the steps, then Owens rolls into the ring and gets offense in after Zayn comes in. Owens gets dumped into the barricade, then a ring post. Zayn is furious.

Owens rolls into the ring, but Zayn yanks him back out, then punches him over the barricade. Zayn jumps over the barricade, then chases Owens. Count from the ref, pop-up powerbomb attempt, but Zayn holds onto the stairrails and beats Owens in the head. Back drop sends Owens right over the barricade towards the ring, and they roll in. Blue Thunderbomb for a nearfall.

Zayn wants another Blue Thunderbomb, but Owens starts to fight out. Full Nelson into a suplex gets a nearfall for Zayn. Zayn wants a Tornado DDT, but Owens blocks. Zayn dodges a cannonball senton, then an exploder suplex into the corner from Zayn. Zayn wants to Helluva Kick, but Owens rolls outside. Owens wants to use it to sucker Zayn, but Zayn blocks and hits another suplex outside. Zayn charges Owens, but takes a pop-up powerbomb into the apron.

Multiple refs check on Zayn as Owens rolls into the ring. Owens comes out again, mounts Zayn, and refs pour from the back to pry Owens off Zayn. Owens returns to the attack. Three refs and a trainer are out and Owens attacks again. More refs. A knee from behind to Zayn's head as the trainer tries to sit him up. Where is William Regal? Owens stomps Zayn's head into the ramp and Zayn can't move his arm. Owens rolls Zayn into the ring and the ring fills with refs to keep Owens off Zayn.

Regal hits the ring and explodes into Owens's face. Owens slowly backs away from Zayn, then attacks again. Regal almost rips Owens's face off, then Owens headbutts Regal out of the ring! Owens takes the championship and a chair from ringside, then scares the refs away. He starts to hit Zayn, then new music hits. It's some funk music, and Samoa Joe!

"Joe is gonna kill you!" from the crowd. Owens looks amazed. They go head-to-head. "Holy s---" just for the stare down. Owens starts to back up and Joe gets back in his face. Owens leaves the ring. "Thank you, Joe!" after Owens leaves.

WINNER: No contest in 13:00. This match never officially ended, but Owens left the ring at about 13:00. Despite being roughly eight minutes of actual match time, this was a five-star spectacle.

Post-match, Joe soaks up the crowd reaction. Owens suddenly comes from the back, then pauses when Joe sees him. Joe is hot for a fight, but Owens thinks about it, then backs out. "Not tonight. I did what I had to do," Owens said. I think the crowd just busted out a "mother------" on Owens.

That was astounding. The match itself was hard-hitting as you would expect from this feud. As soon as the powerbomb on the outside occurred, it just went insane. Seeing those refs and trainers come out without even a bell, it looked like they were fighting to save Zayn's life or career. Then Regal coming out, not being able to control Owens and tearing his face and nose in true Regal fashion, only to take a headbutt. Who can out-physical Regal? Kevin Owens. And then the surprise appearance from Samoa Joe? That was beyond amazing. The Joe introduction was so well-handled. If you thought Finn Balor was the #1 contender after his opening match, it looks like Joe just met him there.

Final Reax: This was everything a great PPV should be. They could have added two hours of filler and video packages, called it WrestleMania and I would have been happy with the overall match and story quality. The Owens-Zayn match was pretty good, but from the moment of the powerbomb to the end of the show, words just cannot describe how good it was. The Banks-Lynch match was such a great match by every possible measure. Balor-Breeze didn't detract one bit from the main event despite being an excellent match of its own. The women's tag match was a lot of fun, and Corbin-Rhyno didn't outlast its welcome. But, again... that main event.

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