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CALDWELL'S WWE SUMMERSLAM PPV RESULTS 8/15: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Aug 15, 2010 - 9:58:23 PM

WWE Summerslam PPV Results
August 15, 2010
Los Angeles, Calif. at the Staples Center
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Monday through Friday, join Wade Keller or James Caldwell and a guest co-host for the PWTorch Livecast, featuring live callers, live chat room questions, and conversation on the latest breaking news in pro wrestling from WWE, TNA, and other organizations. The show launched in late-December and is already one of the top sports talk shows at the Blog Talk Radio network.


This month's WWE PPV opened with a movie-style intro featuring aerial shots of Los Angeles at nighttime leading to an overhead shot of the Staples Center. It looked like the opening of an NBA Finals game. Cue up a video recap of the build-up to tonight's big matches on the PPV. The voice-over man ominously recapped Nexus taking apart WWE stars over the last two months leading to the WWE vs. Nexus elimination match tonight. "What if they (Nexus) succeed?" was the question lingering in the air.

Arena: They went inside the Staples Center for fireworks and pyro shooting off. Michael Cole introduced the show by suggesting the "future direction of WWE" is on the line tonight. Ringside, Cole, Matt Striker, and Jerry Lawler were assembled to introduce the PPV. Lawler said he's looking for an end to Nexus tonight. Cole said they're starting with a title match.

In-ring: As expected, the Smackdown brand's IC Title match is starting the PPV. New Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler came out with Vickie Guerrero, who took the mic. Guerrero tried to do the "Excuse Me!" bit, but the crowd wasn't into it. She tried to repeat it a few times to draw heat, but no dice. Awkward pause. Awkward pause. Kofi Kingston's music hit to interrupt. Rough patch to start things off.

1 -- Intercontinental champion DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. KOFI KINGSTON -- IC Title match

Kingston quickly showed off his new aggressiveness and Cole noted he can't win the IC Title via DQ tonight. Kofi knocked Dolph to the outside, then attempted a plancha, but Vickie yanked Dolph out of the way for the save. Kofi barely made it back into the ring, then Dolph went on the attack with right hands. The announcers continued to focus on Vickie and Dolph's relationship as Dolph slowed things down. Striker acknowledged the attempt to "create levity" and they re-focused on calling the match with Dolph working over Kingston's back and upper neck. Dolph missed with a corner splash to finally lose control of the match and Kingston fired off a round of chops. Kingston drew the ref's ire with a succession of right hands from a mount position, then hit the Boom Drop.

Dolph and Kofi traded nearfalls in rapid-fire fashion. Dolph then "made Kofi famous," as Striker said, with the Rocker Dropper for a two count. Kofi tried to come back with the Trouble in Paradise kick, but Dolph ducked and slapped on the sleeperhold. Suddenly, Nexus stormed the ring from out of nowhere and ambushed Kingston. Dolph was clotheslined to the floor, leaving Kofi alone in the ring. Nexus circled around him and Kofi tried to fight out, but Nexus gang attacked him. Darren Young got the spotlight to hit a spinning facebuster, then Barrett picked up Kingston to give him his trademark overhead slam.

Nexus stood over Kingston's fallen body and Barrett took the mic. He said this is a little taste of what's going to happen tonight. Barrett said Team WWE is looking for a seventh member right now, but it won't make a difference because the roster is so fragmented and so divided that they won't be able to get together long enough to sign a birthday card. Great line. On the other hand, Barrett claimed Nexus is the most destructive force in WWE history. He said they're united behind a common purpose. He put WWE...and the world on notice that they're either Nexus or against us. Barrett dropped the mic and left the ring.

WINNER: No Decision at 7:05. Another annoying "no decision announced," but they accomplished an important goal establishing Nexus as a major threat right off the bat. The match to this point was just okay with the strong points being the nearfalls at the end. (*)

Backstage: The camera zoomed in on the Money in the Bank briefcase being held by The Miz. Chris Jericho leaned in and told Miz he has the "talent and uniqueness" they need tonight against Nexus. Since when has "uniqueness" won a fight? In that respect, great back-handed complement from Jericho. Miz smirked at these words from Jericho, then the camera panned left to show Edge munching on a Slim Jim to echo Jericho's words. Miz said he has a lot of things on his plate right now - he held up the briefcase - but he'll let them know. Edge and Jericho conferenced, then Miz stole the Slim Jim from Edge.

2 -- Divas champion ALICIA FOX vs. MELINA -- Divas Title match

Divas champion Alicia Fox came out first to defend the title, followed by Melina returning to her hometown wearing...well...something perhaps from the Lady Gaga collection. Melina struggled to remove the elaborate wardrobe, causing a delay before the opening bell. They had a back-and-forth opening exchange before Melina began selling a knee injury by hobbling around the ring. Alicia then worked over Melina, who came back with a Thesz Press and did a primal scream to set up her comeback. Melina then finished off Alicia to score the pinfall to re-capture the Divas Title she never lost before going down with an injury in December. They stayed with the moment for a while as Melina celebrated the victory.

In the post-match, Josh Mathews tried to get an interview with Melina, but Lay-Cool interrupted, with Layla holding the Women's Title. Lay-Cool slowly made their way into the ring and tried to verbally tear her down while also circling around her. A catfight broke out with Melina trying to fight off Layla, but McCool clobbered her from behind. They knocked Melina to the outside, then trash-talked her. McCool followed with a big designer-shoe kick to the gut, knocking Melina into the guardrail.

WINNER: Melina at 5:25 to capture the Divas Title. An awkward match at times, but the bigger story being perhaps a little foreshadowing for unifying the two women's titles? It's reasonable considering the lack of roster depth, injuries, and overall de-emphasis on women's wrestling in WWE. (*)

Night of Champions plug: They plugged next month's PPV with rapid-fire shots of current champions. ... Ringside: Celebrities in attendance included Trace Adkins, Marlon Wayans, Michael Clarke Duncan (not pictured), and, well, that was it. In L.A., that's all they could get?

In-ring: Next up was Straight Edge Society for the handicap match against Big Show. C.M. Punk led Joey Mercury, Luke Gallows, and Serena to the ring. Punk was sporting a t-shirt that read "I broke Big Show's hand." Nice. Big Show then came out sporting a big taped right hand following SES's attack on his hand during the Smackdown build-up. A medic then walked over to Show and cut off the tape covering Show's "injured" hand. This got no pop without a dramatic moment to set up the "reveal" that Show's hand is fine, but Punk tried to sell concern to get over the reveal.


Punk tried to form a conference to discuss their strategy, but Show knocked all the pins down early on. Punk went for comedy grabbing the tag rope while standing on the apron as Show cleared the ring. The match moved to the floor where Punk tried to smash Show's hand into the ring steps, but Show side-stepped him. Show tried to follow with the big frying pan-like chop, but Punk moved and Show's injured hand ate the ring steps. SES quickly seized an opportunity to smash Show's hand before taking him back into the ring to do some more damage.

Big Show made a comeback with a fired-up attack, but Punk cut him off and landed a high knee in the corner. Punk and Mercury then combined for a double bulldog, with Show kinda rolling on top of Mercury, who tried to avoid being squashed. Punk tried to capitalize with elbow strikes to the arm, but Show lifted Punk in the air. Mercury attempted a top rope dive, but Show guzzled him. Luke then kicked Show in the gut, sending Punk over the top rope, then Show double-clotheslined Luke and Joey. Serena helped Punk to his feet on the floor. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Show chokeslammed Joey on top of Luke and made the double cover for the pin and the win. Post-match: Punk and Serena stood on the stage staring back at Show, who glared at them from inside the ring.

WINNER: Big Show at 6:50. Show gets the win, but Punk survived Show to continue the program. Basic booking here. Not exactly exciting stuff, though. (*)

Backstage: World Hvt. champion Kane was standing next to a casket with some blue lights in the background. Kane talked to the casket about ending Rey Mysterio's existence. WWE champion Sheamus then walked up to Kane, which agitated the World champ. (Subtle plugs for Night of Champions here.) Sheamus said he wants the casket for Randy Orton tonight. Kane sternly said, "No." Sheamus said they could be unstoppable together, but he's sad to hear Kane isn't on the same page. He vowed to take Kane's nickname of the "Big Red Machine," referring to the color of his hair. Kane laughed maniacally and told Sheamus he has guts - guts that will be spilled out on the floor if he ever interrupts him again. Sheamus took the warning and walked off.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and Striker plugged the WWE Title match coming up next. The Miz then interrupted and Cole shot a look to the entrance stage. He suggested he'll make a decision on joining Team WWE or not. Lawler said he could be cashing in the MITB briefcase. Once in the ring, Miz said the question is whether he should join Team WWE or not. He polled the audience, before saying he could "care less" what they think. Miz claimed something happened before the PPV - John Cena got down on his knees and begged him to be part of Team WWE. "John Cena literally said I am the only Superstar who can see him," Miz said about himself. He claimed Hart told him he's the best there is, was, and ever will be. Miz said Jericho offered him his band before throwing it in the trash. John Morrison even said he is the Jannetty of their former tag team and he is the Shawn Michaels - only better. Miz even claimed Edge gave him a year's supply of Slim Jim. "R-Truth wrote me a crappy rap," he added. Miz, done with his exaggerated claims, said he is WWE's only hope against Nexus. Miz said he is the future and a future WWE champion.

Miz got down to Indecision 2010. He said this decision is bigger than LeBron James's spectacle on ESPN. That drew some boos. Bigger boos were had with Miz saying James will help defeat the Lakers next season. Miz paused, then said his answer is...pause...pause...pause...Yes. He said he will join Team WWE and he will lead them to victory. Miz said the WWE Universe will not be buzzing about Nexus anymore. He said they also won't be looking up their hero John Cena, but finally admitting he's The Miz, and he's...Miz interrupted himself to shout at the audience that they don't get to say his catchphrase. Miz demanded absolute silence. Miz finished his catchphrase and his music hit. Overall, very strong promo that was essentially a mid-card PPV match. He commanded the stage and drew legitimate heat for being way over-the-top with the claims.

Cole recapped Team WWE having seven men now. He talked up Miz as the announcers tried to calm him down as his face turned red from waving Miz's flag. Lawler said he would almost rather lose the match than have Miz win it for them. Wait, isn't Nexus destined to tear down the entire company, take over all of McMahon's stock shares, and defeat Linda McMahon in the Senate race if they win? Striker covered by saying they need everyone they can get to ensure victory over Nexus because of the threat to take food of their tables.

In-ring: After a video package on the WWE Title match build-up, WWE champion Sheamus came out to defend the title. After a pause to try to get that "Cena, Cena" type pre-music chant for Orton, Randy Orton's music hit. Out came Orton sans wrist tape to get all of his tattoos on-camera. Orton slowly made his way to the ring as Sheamus held up the WWE Title belt to show Orton who holds the gold. Orton then posed in the ring as Striker suggested the history from past Summerslams point to Orton winning. Justin Roberts handled the formal ring intros, with a strong reaction for Orton and little heat on Sheamus. The crowd is a bit tepid tonight.

4 -- WWE champion SHEAMUS vs. RANDY ORTON -- WWE Title match

The stipulations are that anyone who outside interferes will be suspended indefinitely. No word on whether that applies to Nexus, which has been favored by the anonymous Raw GM. Also, if Orton loses, he goes to the back of the line. Sheamus did a lot of showboating early on, prompting Orton to kick him and stomp him into the corner. Orton then clotheslined Sheamus over the top rope to the outside and rammed him head-first into the announce table. Orton took him over the guardrail to the front row as the ref applied a ten count. Orton continued to attack Sheamus, then realized the count situation and took him back to ringside and back into the ring.

Orton did his classic stomp before knocking Sheamus to the outside again. Sheamus is taking a beating early on here. Orton then tried to whip Sheamus into the ring steps, but Sheamus reversed and Orton ate the steps. Orton sold a shoulder/elbow injury to the right arm before rolling back into the ring. Sheamus then went on the attack with rapid-fire right hands as the crowd tried to rally with a "Randy, Randy" chant. Orton tried to come back with his spike DDT off the middle rope, but Sheamus countered with a back drop clear over the top rope to the floor. And the match moved back to the outside. Sheamus rammed Orton into the guardrail two deliberate times before taking him back into the ring. Sheamus landed a Polish Hammer, then made a cover for a two count.

At 10:00, Sheamus settled into a rear chinlock. Orton came to his feet and tried to fight back, but Sheamus countered with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. Nice counter. Orton tried another comeback, but Sheamus cut him off with another Polish Hammer. Sheamus went back to work on the neck with a submission hold and Orton teased another comeback before hitting a back drop suplex to escape. Orton and Sheamus came together and started trading right hand bombs to energize the crowd with boo / yeah chants. Orton entered full babyface comeback mode with the snap powerslam before cocking his head to tease the RKO. Not yet, though, as Orton took Sheamus up top and executed a superplex. Orton made a cover, but Sheamus kicked out in time.

Orton slithered across the ring, then stalked Sheamus. He tried to hit a clothesline, but Sheamus ducked and hit the Irish Curse backbreaker for another nearfall. Sheamus teased the Brogue Kick, but Orton was slow to get to his feet against the ropes. Sheamus, impatient, tried the kick anyways, but Orton ducked and Sheamus spilled to the outside. Sheamus tried to get back into the ring, but Orton snapped to attention and dropped him with the spike DDT off the middle rope. Orton then snapped and "went into that place" grabbing his face with his hands. Orton pounded the mat to tease the RKO, but Sheamus shoved Orton off just in time to avoid the RKO. Sheamus made a cover, but Orton kicked out. Nice nearfall.

Sheamus tried to follow up with the Celtic Cross powerbomb, but Orton slipped out. Orton teased the RKO, but Sheamus shoved off and nailed the Brogue Kick for a close nearfall. They finally have the crowd fully engaged here. Sheamus teased ripping his hair out after the nearfall, then he rolled to the outside and grabbed a chair. Sheamus tried to enter the ring with the chair, but ref Jack Doane fought him for control of it. The ref was flung to the outside in the process, and the ref called for a DQ. Yep, they pretty much gave away the DQ finish on Raw last Monday. Sheamus smiled down at the ref after he called for the DQ.

Post-match: Still in the ring, Sheamus measured Orton for a chair shot as Orton slowly made his way to his feet. Orton ducked, though, then kicked Sheamus with a deliberate strike to the groin. Orton then slowly picked up the chair, but dropped it on the mat and rolled Sheamus to the outside. Orton's IED kicked in and he started clearing the announce table. Orton put Sheamus on the announce table and stared down at Sheamus. He shot him a sinister smile, then RKO'ed Sheamus onto the announce table. No table break. Orton's music hit and that was that. He walked away from ringside after being declared the victor, then his music stopped. Roberts announced Sheamus as still being WWE champion, which drew a smattering of boos. A medic helped Sheamus recover after taking the RKO on the table. Sheamus sold and sold and sold before flinging the medics away to try to stand up on his own. No Miz cash-in?

WINNER: Orton via DQ at 18:56; Sheamus retained the WWE Title. Methodical ten-minute opening, then a strong second-half finally getting the crowd engaged. The DQ finish was expected based on the Raw hype and Orton's chase for the title continues. It likely wasn't the finish most WWE fans were looking for, though, after a so-so first hour. (**3/4)

Legendary plug: They aired a trailer for John Cena's Legendary movie due out next month. ... Ringside: Cena's co-star, Devon Graye, was shown ringside.

Up next: World Title match. Despite all the TV time for caskets recently, it's not a casket match. They aired a lengthy video package on the build-up to Kane vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Title.

In-ring: Rey Mysterio came out first for the World Title match. Cole and Lawler debated the accusations from Kane and Rey against each other on who took out The Undertaker. Cole tried to lay out a scenario where Mysterio could have taken out Taker and put him in a vegetative state. He suggested Rey needed to devise a plan to get back into the title picture. Striker and Lawler sided with Rey that he wouldn't take this route. Kane then came out and walked up to a casket on the stage. Kane rolled the casket down to ringside. But, it's not a casket match. Kane opened the casket and smirked at Rey. Striker gave a ten-second recap of the "Taker & Kane as brothers" storyline from years ago before Tony Chimel handled the formal ring intros.

5 -- World Hvt. champion KANE vs. REY MYSTERIO -- World Hvt. Title match

Kane landed early offense, but Rey won a cat & mouse game on the outside, including a running splash off the apron. Back in the ring, Kane took control with power offense overcoming Rey's speed. Back on the outside, Kane rammed Rey back-first into the ringpost before rolling him back into the ring. And back inside the ring they went where Kane went to work on Rey trying to wear him down. Striker channeled Jesus's speech to the disciples about Rey's spirit being stronger than his flesh taking Kane's punishment to enhance the story of the match. And back to the outside they went where Rey gained a brief advantage. He rolled Kane back into the ring before going to the top turnbuckle for a flying head-first dive. The result was a two count. Kane then went back to work on Rey and continued to wear him down. Kane was pretty humorous channeling Tyson Kidd and Chris Jericho talking trash in the middle of a submission hold telling Rey to give up and avoid further punishment.

At 9:20, Kane went up top, but Rey cut him off. With the crowd dead quiet, tone-deaf Cole said the crowd is on the edge of their seats here. Striker corrected him that they're in an "uncomfortable hush" anticipating what's going to happen. The match reset with Rey going up top with a sentaun that connected. Rey followed with a spinning DDT for a two count. Rey then hit a springboard guillotine leg drop to the back of the head for another two count. Rey followed with right hands, followed by a kick strike to the face for another two count. Rey went up top, but Kane countered with a mid-air uppercut for another nearfall.

Kane walked over to the casket and opened the lid. He teased a chokeslam, but Rey blocked and set up the 619. Kane grabbed him to block, though, and teased a chokeslam, but Rey fell into the casket. Rey fought out of the casket, then missed with a second 619 attempt. He connected on the third 619 attempt, though. Rey tried a springboard splash, but Kane blocked. Rey tried a roll-up anyways, but Kane kicked out. Kane then blasted Rey with a boot to the face. He proceeded to drop Rey with a chokeslam and he made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Kane at 13:30 to retain the World Hvt. Title. Sluggish match, uninterested crowd, and a solid final two minutes was the story here. The casket was a decent prop to include in the match to enhance the finish. (**)

Post-match: Rey took the mic and talked down to Rey, who was on the mat selling. Kane told Rey he will pay for what he did to his brother with eternal suffering. Kane leaned in close to Rey to tell him he will be surrounded by darkness within the casket. Kane tried to put Rey in the casket, but Rey fought him off. Kane landed another chokeslam, then a third in total. Kane followed with a Tombstone Piledriver planting Rey into the mat. Kane then dragged Rey across the ring, opened the casket, and there was The Undertaker. The crowd popped.

Kane freaked out, backed up, and Taker slowly sat up. He looked very aged sans make-up, selling the "vegetative state" bit. He looked very "Mean Mark" here. Taker stumbled into the ring like Frankenstein, still selling the effects, apparently. Taker stared at Kane, who smiled and told him it was Mysterio. Taker leaned down and gave Mysterio a message, with some coughing. He asked Rey why he did it. "I swear, I swear, it wasn't me," Rey quietly said. Taker said he believes him. He then grabbed Rey around the throat and pulled him up. Kane smiled in the background, not privy to the conference in the corner.

Taker did the throat slash toward Rey, then turned around and shot Kane "the look." Kane shook his head that he didn't do it. Taker did a Hogan point, then grabbed Kane around the throat. Kane met his grip, though, and grabbed Taker around the throat. The "brothers" had a struggle, then Kane overpowered Taker, who Striker noted has been in a vegetative state. Kane landed a Tombstone Piledriver on Taker to win this particular battle. His pyro shot off, then he took the World Title and walked off, leaving Taker in the ring struggling to collect himself. Kane did his maniacal laugh on the stage as the announcers suggested this confirms Kane took out Taker. Striker asked what revenge Taker will seek on Friday's Smackdown.

Smackdown on Syfy: A TV spot aired with WWE wrestlers battling in slow motion with local independent wrestlers from Southern California. They're planting a seed for the Smackdown move to Syfy in October.

WWE Week video: They recapped Summerslam in Los Angeles with clips of wrestlers on George Lopez, various charitable appearances, and A-to-D-List celebrities interacting with WWE wrestlers.

Backstage: They showed Nexus walking down the hallway in preparation for the main event elimination match. This was followed by a lengthy video package on the build-up to the main event tonight, with Team WWE teasing dissension on Raw leading to the PPV.

In-ring: Nexus came out to the ring first for the main event. As former WWE writer Dave Lagana pointed out on Twitter, they were in "Flying V" formation. They're certainly close enough to Anaheim.

After a pause, John Cena's music hit and Cena came out sporting L.A. Lakers yellow and gold colors. A new color scheme following John Deere and Miami Dolphins or just appropriate for Staples? We'll see. Cena came out alone and stood in the entrance ramp staring into the ring where Nexus was ready for a fight. Edge was out next to back up Cena. Edge got the babyface pyro blast-off before joining Cena ringside. R-Truth came out next, then Chris Jericho came out fourth. Jericho was well-tanned for the occasion. The announcers noted Jericho being the Pro for Wade Barrett on NXT Season One. John Morrison came out fifth and Striker noted Morrison getting his WWE start on Tough Enough. Bret Hart's music hit next to bring out Hart as the sixth member of the team. Sunglasses, leather jacket, t-shirt, jean shorts, and black shoes. And everyone waited for the star of the show, The Miz.

Before Miz could join the team, though, Cena cut off his music and told him he's way, way, way too late. Cena said they realized how important this match is to WWE and they couldn't rely on someone making his decision the day of Summerslam. So, they went out and found a seventh member. "It's not you," Cena told him. He said it's someone who hates Nexus just as much as all of them. Cena said it's... Daniel Bryan. Cena dropped the mic and Bryan walked past Miz and joined Team WWE to charge the ring. Cole snapped at the idea of Cena replacing Miz with Bryan. He called it a huge mistake. Team WWE cleared Nexus to the outside, then Nexus regrouped as the announcers recapped the storyline write-off with Bryan sympathizing with Team WWE when he was kicked out of Nexus.

6 -- TEAM WWE vs. TEAM NEXUS -- Elimination tag match

After everyone settled down, Danielson and Darren Young started things off. Striker noted it's Daniel Bryan and Darren Young in the main event of Summerslam. Danielson slapped on an early Crossface and Young, the weak link in the group, tapped out less than one minute in. Hot start for Danielson. Team WWE started trading tags in and out as Cole continued to try to knock the Danielson decision. Morrison then hit Starship Pain on Michael Tarver and eliminated him at 3:34. Team WWE up 7-5.

Nexus regrouped on the outside and Wade Barrett talked them up trying to get their heads back in the game. Skip Sheffield was next in there for Nexus against Morrison. Skip dominated Morrison as the crowd chanted for Bret Hart. J-Mo then fought back, but Gabriel smashed Morrison from behind on the ring apron. Skip then nailed his signature clothesline to score a pin on Skip for the win. R-Truth was in next and Skip quickly eliminated him with another big clothesline. And they're even at 5-5.

Chris Jericho entered next and Sheffield tagged in Barrett, who worked on his NXT Pro. Good focus on Skip in this sequence. David Otunga then tagged in and worked on Jericho a bit before Nexus began tagging in and out. Jericho broke free and made his way to Bret Hart, who tagged in. Heath Slater also tagged in for Nexus. Hart looked sharp early with right hand punches, then some serious rapid-fire blows in a corner mount. Hart landed a punch to the gut, then a classic elbow. He followed with a scoop slam, then another classic elbow drop. Hart picked up Slater, then a classic atomic drop into a clothesline. Hart teased the Sharpshooter in front of Nexus, then a chair was suddenly slid into the ring. Hart picked it up and cracked the chair over Slater's back, prompting a DQ. Hart blamed Barrett for rolling the chair into the ring. The ref wouldn't take the excuse and Cena watched with concern as Hart walked out of the ring. Overall, strong performance from Hart. Well done.

They reset with Skip taking the Codebreaker from Jericho. Edge then measured Skip for the Spear and he connected. Skip is gone and they're even at four. Justin Gabriel tagged in next and Edge worked him over. Gabriel then came back with a step-up kick and made a cover for a nearfall. Slater was in next and he stomped away on Edge. Wade Barrett then tagged in and pounded on Edge, who took a beating for a few minutes. Edge broke free from Barrett with a kick to the head and Cena begged for a tag from the apron. Barrett cut him off with a neckbreaker, though, and Nexus resumed control. David Otunga begged for a piece of Edge and Otunga entered the ring. Otunga wanted his dominator finisher, but Edge countered with a faceplant.

Edge crawled over to his corner and tagged in Jericho, who came in fresh with offense for Otunga. Jericho landed a running bulldog, Otunga positioned himself, and Jericho landed a Lionsault across the ring. Jericho pumped the crowd, then slapped on the Walls of Jericho. Jericho nearly dropped the hold trying to apply it, but he re-synched it and Otunga tapped out at 19:15. WWE up 4-3 now. Slater was in next. Jericho took control, but then accidentally bumped Cena off the apron when Slater shoved him. Slater followed with his finisher on Jericho and he was gone at 20:05.

Edge and Cena proceeded to yell and scream at each other due to the Jericho situation. Edge shoved him, but Cena backed up to the ring apron to avoid a fight breaking out. Edge kept trying to yell at him, so Slater rolled up Edge and scored a pin at 20:40. Afterward, Edge and Jericho trash-talked Cena and beat him on the outside, blaming Cena for their eliminations. Cole proceeded to cut a promo on Daniel Bryan, with it down to Cena and Bryan vs. three Nexus members. Cena was rolled into the ring and Nexus began picking apart Cena. Cena then fought back and teased a comeback, but Barrett cut him off with a clothesline for a two count. Cena teased another comeback on Gabriel, but Gabriel cut him off. The crowd started a dueling chant of "Let's go Cena" and "Cena sucks" as Nexus continued to work on Cena, Cole continued to rip Bryan, and Bryan continued to look for a tag from the apron.

Cena made a comeback as Striker hyped Daniel wanting this opportunity to defend WWE. Cole said the entire future of WWE could be resting on Bryan's shoulders. Cena teased a tag to Bryan, but Nexus cut off Cena again. Cena then exploded out of the corner with a clothesline and Slater responded with a clothesline. After the double knock down, Cena teased another tag to Bryan and finally got the tag in. Bryan came in hot with flying offense on Slater, followed by a German Suplex. Bryan nailed a big dropkick before landing multiple kick strikes in the corner. Bryan then knocked down Slater, showed fire, and charged the ropes with a big flying suicide dive. Decent response from the audience thus far. The males chanted, "Daniel Bryan," as he re-entered the ring with a top rope missile dropkick on Slater. Daniel knocked the Nexus members off the ring apron. Slater then tried a roll-up, but Daniel rolled out into a Crossface. The crowd popped and Slater tapped at 29:00.

After the fall, Daniel called for one of the remaining two members of Nexus. The ref was occupied with Slater, though, and Miz stormed the ring with briefcase in hand. Miz blasted Daniel from behind with the MITB case and Barrett pinned Daniel for the elimination. There's your set up for Miz vs. Bryan on Raw. So, it's Cena vs. Barrett and Gabriel. Cena was selling on the outside, so Barrett rolled Cena back into the ring for Gabriel to go to work. Cena avoided a corner attack, though, and made his big comeback. Cena hit the sit-out slam, then set up the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena connected, then Barrett blind-tagged in from behind. Barrett pounded on Cena with right hand blows before kicking him in the head.

At 32:00, Barrett and Gabriel began trading tags in and out working on Cena. They're nearing the top of the hour and Barrett knocked Cena to the outside. Barrett and Gabriel then removed the ringside padding to expose the concrete on the floor. The crowd was "hushed" as Barrett slowly picked up Cena. Barrett smiled before executing a DDT on the floor. Barrett seemed to take the worst of it, coming up holding his back. Barrett then picked up Cena and rolled him back into the ring. Barrett placed Cena in the corner, then he tagged in Gabriel to hit the trademark 450 Splash. In came Brad Lidge for the close, but he blew the save with Cena moving out of the way. Cena then made the cover at 34:52 and Gabriel is gone. Barrett tried to come right in with a roll-up, but Cena countered into an STF. Barrett fought the hold, but he eventually tapped out, giving Cena the win for Team WWE.

Post-match: Cena held his head to continue selling before he came to his feet. They replayed high points from the match, including Bryan's big night. Of course, Cole blamed Bryan for getting himself eliminated. They cut back to Cena in the ring celebrating. Cena did the big "pump up the crowd" celebration before leaning on the ropes to celebrate the victory. They went off the air at 9:58 CST.

WINNERS: Team WWE at 35:18. Very strong main event that pushed the PPV to a very mild thumbs up. They established Daniel Bryan as a star in his return, showing off his offense and setting up a likely U.S. Title feud with The Miz. As for the booking, it was surprising to see WWE play the "Daniel Bryan return" card when they could have stretched it out longer. Also, it was very curious booking to see Team WWE get the first win in the battle with Team Nexus. At this point in the PPV, they almost had to end with a babyface victory after Rey lost, Orton didn't win the WWE Title, and Dolph kept the IC Title. It will be very interesting to see how WWE gets Nexus's heat back after this. They'll have to really work hard to re-establish Nexus for people to pay money to see them as a threat again. (****)

Order of Elimination:
(1) Darren Young via Danielson at 0:42.
(2) Michael Tarver via Morrison at 3:34.
(3) John Morrison via Sheffield at 7:31.
(4) R-Truth via Sheffield at 7:58.
(5) Bret Hart DQ'ed at 12:05.
(6) Skip Sheffield via Edge at 13:12.
(7) David Otunga via Jericho at 19:15.
(8) Chris Jericho via Slater at 20:05.
(9) Edge via Slater at 20:40.
(10) Slater via Danielson at 29:00.
(11) Danielson via Barrett (w/Miz assist) at 29:32.
(12) Gabriel via Cena at 34:52.
(13) Barrett via Cena at 35:18.

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