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KELLER'S WWE ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS 1/30: Ongoing coverage of Biggest Royal Rumble Ever and Three Title Matches

Jan 30, 2011 - 9:42:26 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

JANUARY 30, 2011

-Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker introduced the show.

1 -- EDGE vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) -- World Title Match

Edge made his ring intro. Vickie stepped onto the stage and told Edge that if he uses his Spear tonight, he will lose the match and be stripped of his title. She introduced Ziggler. Cole said he thinks it's a courageous decision, which evens the playing field. He said Ziggler is the future of WWE. Striker asked Lawler what he did when his piledriver was banned. Lawler said you have to have a plan B and then hopefully a plan C if B doesn't work out. Lawler said regarding Ziggler: "He reminds me of Santa Clause. Anywhere he goes, he takes an old bag with him." Lawler said this match being first is evidence of how big this event is.

Edge controlled the early minutes. At 2:00 they fought at ringside where Edge dropped Ziggler over the ring barrier. After Edge threw Ziggler back into the ring, Ziggler caught him with a boot to the face as he reentered. Ziggler went for a pin after a neckbreaker and scored a two count. They traded offensive runs and some headlocks on the mat. They collided mid-ring at 7:00 with cross body blocks. Edge avoided a Ziggler dive into the corner seconds later. Both men were slow to get up. Cole pointed out that Edge had to use a different approach as he might have used a Spear a few seconds earlier. Edge scored a near fall when Ziggler went for a Zig Zag and Edge turned it into a powerbomb into a near fall at 13:00.

Edge climbed to the top rope. Ziggler ran at him and knocked him off balance. Ziggler then went for a superplex, but Edge headbutted out of it. When Edge dove at Ziggler off the top rope, Ziggler rolled through for a believable near fall and nice crowd pop. Striker said viewers at home jumped out of their chairs at that one. A "Let's Go Ziggler" chant could be heard briefly. Edge held onto the top rope to block a Zig Zag and then he applied a Sharpshooter-like leglock.

At 18:00 it looked like Edge was in a perfect spot to execute the Spear. Lawler said, "Hold on, Edge." Vickie warned the referee. Edge paused in frustration, then got nearly caught in Ziggler's sleeper. Edge slipped free and then DDT'd Ziggler. Vickie yanked on the ref's leg to stop his three count, then she stood on the ring apron and complained to the ref. Lawler said that kind of interference is ridiculous. Edge walked up to her. She slapped him. Ziggler charged at Edge. Edge moved. Ziggler stopped short of hitting Vickie. Edge then schoolboyed Ziggler for a near fall. Edge got in Vickie's face again. Vickie slapped Edge again. Kelly Kelly came out and attacked Vickie. As Edge looked on, Ziggler gave Edge the Zig Zag. Cole completely gave away that it wasn't the finish by yelling, "We have a new champion! We have a new champion!" It's so frustrating that Vince McMahon insists announcers do that because it ruins near falls because you know it's not over when they prematurely call the finish like that. Grrrr. Edge kicked out at 20:00.

They were both slow to get up. Ziggler put the sleeper on Edge. Edge faded. Then he stood and spun around, knocking down the ref. Ziggler held onto the sleeper. Edge dropped down with what Striker called a Piggy Back Stunner to escape. With the ref and Vickie down, the crowd called out for the Spear. Edge pulled his hair and saw an opening. Edge speared Ziggler, then dropped to his back and pretended to be hurt. As the ref came to, Cole complained that the ref should have seen that. He said it's a travesty. Edge then gave Ziggler the Unprettier for the three count. Striker called it a shout out to his "buddy." He didn't actually say Christian, though. During replays, Cole demanded to know why Kelly Kelly came out to help Edge.

WINNER: Edge in 23:00 to retain the World Hvt. Title.

STAR RATING: ***3/4 -- Very nice opener. Above expectation and a real statement by both Edge and Ziggler of what they can deliver on a big show with 23 minutes to work with. I wonder if Edge using the Unprettier is going to be part of a backstory for a feud later with Christian.

-A video aired hyping WrestleMania.

-They showed the announcers on camera, hyping the rest of the show. A video package aired on the Miz-Randy Orton feud. Backstage Miz talked about how he is champion for a reason and there's a reason others aren't. He mentioned several names and ended with Tom Brady, getting gasps from the Patriot fans in the crowd. Riley predicted Miz will enter WrestleMania as champion. Miz said he told Orton, as he stood over his barely conscious body two weeks ago, "I am The Miz and I am awesome." He said it in a low-key way that made you listen.





2 -- THE MIZ (w/Alex Riley) vs. RANDY ORTON -- WWE Title Match

Orton took it to Miz at ringside in the opening minute. Cole got really worked up as he defended Miz and touted his title reign. Lawler told Cole to "shut up" because he didn't want to hear Cole talk about TLC matches ever again. When Cole said Orton should tell Miz whether he wants to wrestle or whether he wants to brawl, Striker asked Cole how many fights he's gotten into to. Cole said this is WWE, not some street fight or apartment fight. Lawler, remembering those racy Apartment Wrestling photo spreads in newsstand magazines in the 1970s, asked Cole if he was really talking about apartment wrestling.

At 4:00 Miz avoided an Orton charge in the corner and got in his first sustained offense. He hit a running clothesline in the corner and eventually settled into a mid-ring chinlock. Miz went back to a chinlock a couple minutes later. Orton elbowed out of it and hit a back suplex at 8:00. Miz kicked Orton in the face and made the cover and Cole did a full McMahon impression as he declared Miz was going to WrestleMania, again ruining any suspense that Orton wasn't going to kick out. Miz climbed to the top rope, but Orton popped up and knocked Miz off balance. At 10:00 Orton hit a superplex off the top rope. Cole called for A-Rye to do something. Orton made the cover, but Miz kicked out.

Orton clotheslined Miz twice and executed a standing backbreaker, then set up the DDT off the middle rope. The ref warned Orton, creating a brief distraction, so Miz backdropped Orton to the floor. As Miz distracted the referee, Riley stomped on Orton at ringside a few times. Back in the ring Miz scored a two count. He leaped off the top rope with a double axe handle for another near fall. He mounted Orton and punched away and then went for another cover. He only got a one count. At 14:00 they fought at ringside. Miz catapulted Orton into the ringpost. Orton took the blow convincingly. The ref began to count toward ten. He ran into the ring at nine and tackled Miz, punching away at his forehead. Orton powerslammed Miz and then did the Garvin body stomp. He dropped a knee and scored a two count at 15:00.

Riley created brief distraction. Miz seized it with a backbreaker for a convincing near fall. Both were slow to get up. Orton scored a two count at 27:00. Miz bailed out to ringside. He grabbed his title belt and began to retreat, but Orton surprised him with a clothesline at ringside instead. Orton then went after Riley. That gave Miz a few seconds to recover in the ring. Miz kicked Orton in the gut and DDT'd Orton for a near fall. The director nearly missed that sequence since they were on split scene showing the clothesline at ringside on replay.

Orton hit the DDT off the second rope, then pounded the mat with his forearms. The New Nexus walked out and created a distraction for Orton. Riley entered the ring as the ref scolded Nexus. Orton turned and threw Riley onto Nexus, scoring a strike. Orton then countered the Skull Crushing Finale attempt by Miz with an RKO. C.M. Punk gave Orton a Go To Sleep and dragged Miz on top of Orton. The ref re-entered the ring and counted to three. Cole stood up and leaped up and down waving his arms and applauding Miz's win. "What an effort!" he shouted. Lawler: "Are you kidding me?"

WINNER: The Miz in 19:00.

STAR RATING: *** -- Good match. Not quite up to the quality of the opener, but suitable for its place on the card for sure.

-An ad aired for the Elimination Chamber.

-The three announcers were shown at ringside. Striker said Cody is crestfallen over having to pull out of the Rumble.

-Todd Grisham said Cody issued a public statement he would read. Cody said that this was going to be his year, but instead of headlining the biggest show of the year, his career is is jeopardy. He said Rey hasn't apologized or reached out and that's unacceptable. He asked for everyone to respect his privacy during this very personal matter. Very funny. Striker said Cody now has "Shattered Dreams, no pun intended." No, Matt, the pun was intended.

-They showed fans at the arena predicting who will win the Royal Rumble. Good feature. Predictions included Cena, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, The Big Show, Wade Barrett, C.M. Punk, Rey Mysterio, Santino. Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston. Despite rumors, that wasn't Sean Radican who predicted Santino would win because of his Cobra.

-As the Natalya vs. LayCool match was about to begin, the Anonymous G.M. chime sounded. Cole said this better be good. Cole's headset got caught in his suit jacket so it took a few seconds to break free and step to the podium. Striker and Lawler chucked at that. Cole stepped up to the podium and said since Teddy Long is incapacitated, he is in charge. He said he gets enough complaints about how annoying Cole is. Cole said he's sure that's just a joke. He said instead of a two-on-one match, this will be a Fatal Four-way match with Eve added.

3 -- NATALYA vs. LAYLA vs. MICHELLE MCCOOL vs. EVE -- WWE Divas Title Match

At 2:00 McCool and Layla knocked Eve and Natalya out of the ring. LayCool were hesitant to hit each other. They just circled each other, giving Eve and Natayla a chance to return. They knocked LayCool out of th erring. Natalya set up Eve for a catapult, but Layla interfered. Natayla teased a double-catapult, but turned it into a double sharpshooter. Lawler called it a good photo pop. McCool kicked Eve and scored a near fall at 4:00. The announcers bickered. Layla broke up a cover by Natalya on Michelle.

When Striker called a move by Natalya a Michinoku Driver, Lawler asked what he called it. Striker repeated it. Cole muttered under his breath, "I bet a lot of people know what that is." Striker shot back, "Read a book." I bet WWE would learn what Michinoku Driver was if they had announcers who called moves by their names, just as people wouldn't know what a Sharpshooter is unless the announcers called that by name all these years.

At 5:00 Eve hit a top rope moonsault and made a cover as Michelle had Natayla covered elsewhere in the ring. The ref counted to three and gave Eve the win. That infuriated McCool. Cole said McCool should be livid. Eve shed tears during his celebration.

WINNER: Eve in 5:00 to capture the Divas Championship.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Some nice sequences and a finish that drive some complaining by LayCool for weeks to come.



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-Josh Matthews interviewed Daniel Bryan backstage, who was hanging out with Gail Kim. He said for everyone who keeps calling him a nerd, it would be pretty cool if he could go from NXT Rookie to main eventing WrestleMania. The Bellas walked in with a peace offering, each carrying a bouquet of flowers. They said they were caught by surprise last week. They apologized and said they think Bryan and Kim are a great couple. Then they got catty and said they go well together because they both are a same height and look like guys. They began arguing. Slaps were thrown, flowers were smashed over heads. Bryan and Josh tried to separate them, but they were knocked over. A referee helped and after a minute they finally separated them. Cole said, "What an idiot! What a goof! What a dork!"

-A video package aired on the history of the Royal Rumble over the decades.


(1) C.M. Punk

As Punk waited to see who drew no. 2, The Core walked out to the ring and surrounded Punk. They went after Punk in a five-on-one attack. The rest of the New Nexus ran out and joined in the brawl. The G.M. chimed in. Cole stepped up to the podium and called for everyone's attention. He said the G.M. was ordering them to stop. Everyone stopped fighting after a few seconds. Cole said the G.M. declared that everyone other than Punk must return to the locker room immediately, and failure to comply would disqualify them from the Rumble. Everyone but Punk left. Striker said their complying shows the prestige of winning the Rumble that they were listening to orders.

(2) Daniel Bryan

Striker stated the rules of the match, then noted that Bryan toiled for 12 years toiling in the minor leagues. Lawler said Punk was in the minor leagues for years, too. Striker said, "Yeah, the Internet loves this match-up." Cole said who cares about them. A battle of chants broke out for each wrestler. Bryan missed a running dive into the corner. The fans counted down for the next entrance.

(3) Justin Gabriel

Gabriel went right after Punk, but when he went for his 450 splash, Punk moved. Bryan back suplexed Gabriel over the top rope at 2:00 [GABRIEL: 1]

(4) Zach Ryder

"Even The Situation finds this guy annoying," said Striker. Ryder went after Punk. Lawler said he's so full of himself, but as J.R. would say, "he's goofier than a pet coon." Bryan armdragged a charging Ryder over the top rope. [RYDER: 2] Bryan then went after Punk with roundkicks to the back. He tried to eliminate Punk, but Punk stopped short and tried to eliminate Bryan. The crowd counted down…

(5) William Regal

Striked said he's the greatest wrestler to never hold a WWE Championship. Regal tossed Bryan and Punk around and threw some kneelifts.

(6) Ted DiBiase (w/Maryse)

DiBiase hit some high dropkicks on Regal and Bryan, then clotheslined Punk. Of course he got no crowd reaction because he's basically been a jobber lately. They stalled until the next entrance.

(7) John Morrison

DiBiase tossed Morrison over the top rope, but Morrison landed on the ring apron. Regal shoved him off the apron, but he grabbed the ring barrier and avoided his feet touching the mat. He then leaped from the ring barrier onto the ringside steps and then back into the ring. Meanwhile, Regal was dumped over the top rope by DiBiase. [REGAL: 3] Cole called it "the most amazing sequences in Royal Rumble match history." DiBiase, Punk, Morrison, and Bryan battled until the next entrance.

(8) Yoshi Tatsu

All five battled until the next entrance.

(9) Husky Harris

Striker said about Husky, "If this is what this kid looks like at 23, what's he going to look like at 30." All six battled until the next entrance as they were loading the ring.

(10) Chavo Guerrero

Chavo began giving DiBiase the Three Amigos, but Punk broke that up. He went for it again against Morrison. He hit two when bryan intervened. He went for it against Bryan. He hit three of them for a small pop and applause from the crowd. He danced. Husky hit him and then charged at him. Chavo kicked Husky and dropkicked him off the second rope.

(11) Mark Henry

Henry caught Chavo mid-air and dumped him to the floor. [CHAVO: 4] Punk hit Henry. Then Tatsu chopped Henry. Henry no-sold it and headbutted him. He then clotheslined Tatsu over the top to the floor. [TATSU: 5]

(12) J.T.G.

More time-filler for more entrants.

(13) Michael McGillicutty

DiBiase eliminated J.T.G. with a dropkick. [J.T.G.: 6] Husky and McGill backdropped DiBiase over the top to the floor for a forgettable departure for DiBiase. [DIBIASE: 7]

(14) Chris Masters

Masters nearly eliminated Punk, but McGill made the save.

(15) David Otunga

Cole said this put the odds very much in favor of Punk, with Husky, McGill, and Otunga all helping protect Punk. Punk tossed Bryan over the top rope. [BRYAN: 8] Cole said he lasted over 20 minutes, which was an impressive debut. Nexus eliminated Masters seconds later. [MASTERS: 9] Morrison was next. [MORRISON: 10] That left just four New Nexus members and Henry. They ganged up on him and dumped him. [HENRY: 11] Cole said he didn't envy the next entrant.

(16) Tyler Rex

Striker said Rex is an unknown who had yet to be tested. He charged into the ring, but was swarmed by Nexus. They dumped Rex after he put up a fight. They stood around with their arms raised waiting for the next entrant. [REX: 12]

(17) Vladimir Kozlov

They ganged up and eliminated Kozlov. [KOZLOV: 13] Cole said it was the greatest strategy in Royal Rumble history. Striker said there is no stopping them now. Punk sat in mid-ring and rested as the fans counted down the next entrant.

(18) R-Truth

Punk toyed with Truth after Nexus softened him. He yelled "What's up?" before bulldogging him. Punk then tossed Truth. [TRUTH: 14] Cole said, "Go back to the studio and cut another rap song." Lawler said this match is supposed to be about every man for himself.

(19) The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)

Khali chopped away at various Nexus members. He threw some big boots and headbutts. He then tossed Harris. [HARRIS: 15] Punk begged off, but then came the next entrance.

(20) Mason Ryan

It was perfect timing as just as the announcers wrote off Nexus, saying they had been neutralized, they got their newest member to join them. He and Khali battling, I'm sure, had everyone in the back watching on the monitor with worry on their faces. They didn't last long as Mason tossed Khali over the top rope. [KHALI: 16 Mason helped Punk to his feet. Punk dropped to his knees and celebrated his faith. The Nexus waited for the next entrance as Lawler continued to complain about how the Rumble is supposed to be every man for himself.

(21) Booker T

Booker T made his surprise return. The crowd popped for him. Cole declared his credentials. Striker said you never know. "It's a mark-out moment!" Striker said. Booker slid into the ring where Ryan attacked him. He pounded away at his chest. Booker looked shell-shocked briefly. Booker made a comeback and hit Otunga with his scissors kick. McGill jumped Booker from behind. Booker gave McGill the Bookend. Then he did a Spinarooni mkid-ring and the crowd popped. Punk tried to toss Booker. Booker reversed momentum and nearly tossed Punk. Mason made the save and eliminated Booker. [BOOKER: 17] They waited for the next wrestler.

(22) John Cena

Cena ran into the ring and took the fight to The Nexus one-on-four. He ducked a charging Mason, who sailed over the top to the floor. [MASON: 18] Big pop. Cena then clotheslined Otunga and McGill over the top rope. [OTUNGA: 19] [MCGILLICUTTY: 20] That left Cena vs. Punk. After a dramatic pause, Punk charged Cena. Cena ducked. Punk came back with a GTS attempt. Cena escaped and clotheslined Punk. Cole said Punk had survived 33 minutes so far. The crowd counted down the clock with both men down.

(23) Hornswoggle

Well, this changes everything. Hornswoggle rolled his hands like Punk used to. Punk kicked him in the face. Punk turned to Cena and stomped away at him. Cena came back and gave Punk an Attitude Adjustment over the top rope to eliminate Punk. [PUNK: 21] Cena helped Hornswoggle to his feet. They waited for the next entrance.

(24) Tyson Kidd

It was a library as Kidd ran out. Hornswoggle did a comedy spot with Kidd, including head scissoring him to the mat as Cena watched. Cena then gave him an FU. Hornswoggle asked Cena to let him give Kidd the FU. He gave it to him. Kidd sold it like he was shot. Cena then tossed Kidd. [KIDD: 22] They waited for no. 25. Hornswoggle lounged in the corner on the ropes, pretended to be tired and yawning.

(25) Heath Slater

Hornswoggle gave Slater a Stunner. Cena then slammed Slater and signaled for the You Can't See Me Routine. Hornswoggle joined in. They did the Five Knuckle Shuffle in stereo. Hornswoggle then climbed to the top rope and hit the Tad Pole splash. The director inexplicably cut away as Hornswoggle made his impact so they should show Cena smiling. Cole assured viewers he made contact. They replayed it. Cena tossed Slater out. [SLATER: 23]

(26) Kofi Kingston

They took their time locking up. Hornswoggle backed off as Cena and Kofi looked up at the WrestleMania banner. Cole said it's all about that night and headlining the biggest show of the year. They locked up. Kofi leapfrogged Cena and hit him with an elbow. He hit Cena with a dropkick and then hit a running knee in the corner. Neither were particularly well timed between the two of them. Cena fired back as the next wrestler came out.

(27) Jack Swagger

Swagger went after Kofi and Cena as Hornswoggle continued to watch.

(28) Sheamus

Sheamus ran out. Cole said Sheamus can't stand Hornswoggle for being an Irish stereotype. He slammed Cena to the ground and then turned to Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle reached up and shoved him in the abdomen. Sheamus shoved him hard to the mat. Hornswoggle came right back by stomping the mat in the corner a la Shawn Michaels and then kicked Sheamus in the shin. That was pretty funny, actually. Cena then went after Sheamus with a side slam. Swagger hit Cena. Hornswoggle climbed to the top rope. Sheamus kicked him in the head, knocking him to the floor. [HORNSWOGGLE: 24] Sheamus got a mix of cheers and boos for that.

(29) Rey Mysterio

Rey went after everyone including Cena. He set up a 619 on Swagger. Sheamus cut him off and then set him on the top rope. Kofi got up and hit Sheamus with a Trouble in Paradise. Swagger slammed Kofi and then dove at Rey. Rey knocked Swagger to the ring apron. Rey gave him a 619 to eliminate him as Swagger collapsed to the floor. [SWAGGER: 25] It was Cena, Rey, Sheamus, and Kofi at this point.

(30) Wade Barrett

No eliminations here until the next entrance.

(31) Dolph Ziggler

Cole noted that the for the first time every they had a 31st entry in the Rumble as they head all the way to 40. He said Ziggler was getting a second chance after losing earlier to Edge. He stomped and choked Sheamus in the corner as Kofi and Cean tried to eliminate Barrett. Rey joined in. Ziggelr joined in Barrett in trying to eliminate Cena. The crowd got nervous there.

(32) "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel (Kevin Nash)

Diesel came out to his old music. He died his hair black. You gotta love him saying he was retired on Twitter just a week or so ago. Cole talked about Diesel's seven eliminations back in 1994. He met Rey with a big boot. The crowd chanted "Diesel, Diesel." No mention of him being Kevin Nash. "How can you not get chills," asked Cole. Cena went after Diesel, but Diesel clotheslined Cena. He then kneed Sheamus in the corner.

(33) Drew McIntyre

Drew charged to the ring as fast as anyone had and went right after Diesel. The crowd very loudly chanted, "Let's go Diesel!" Rey hit Diesel with a 619. The crowd actually booed Rey for that. Nobody eliminated here, either.

(34) Alex Riley (w/The Miz)

The crowd at first thought Miz was entering. Instead, Riley did. Diesel missed a big boot on Barrett and then Barrett eliminated Diesel. [DIESEL: 26] The crowd booed. A bit anticlimactic for Diesel. Another loud "Diesel! Diesel!" chant broke out. Miz joined the announcers at ringside. Miz said he'd provide some insight since nobody at the table had ever been WWE Champion, rubbing it in Lawler's face. Striker declared Diesel had been eliminated. Cole fired back: "Okay. That happened about ten minutes ago when I called it!"

(35) The Big Show

Show and Diesel exchanged glances as they passed on the ramp. Cole said, "Look at how Show towers over Diesel." That sounded like a Vince McMahon line fed to Cole, and it's not something you say about Diesel if you have big plans for him. It seems more like a way to demean him a bit on his first day back. Or maybe it's just putting over Show. Miz said he taught Riley to be a winner and if he executes what he taught him, it could be teacher vs. student at WrestleMania. "You think of Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan, you think of Rock and Austin. Think Alex Riley vs. The Miz." He said he could instead go for the World Title instead. Then he and Alex could both hold the titles. Show tossed Ziggler out. [ZIGGLER: 27] Cena and Kofi eliminated Riley, but the announcers didn't call it. [RILEY: 28] Miz said Riley was "being very smart right now." The announcers wondered where he was. Then they dropped the subject. It sure looked like he was eliminated.

(36) Ezekiel Jackson

Show clotheslined McIntyre over the top rope as Zeke made his ring intro. [MCINTYRE: 29] Striker said a dozen countries have been represented in the Rumble. Zeke eliminated Show. [BIG SHOW: 30] The announcers didn't make a big enough deal out of Show being eliminated. Barrett and Zeke stood together mid-ring. They went after Cena next, with Sheamus, Kofi, and Rey on their backs.

(37) Santino Marella

Santino punched Zeke. Zeke no-sold it and flexed. Sheamus kicked him. Santino rolled to the floor. Sheamus then went after Zeke. Kofi and Barrett battled, but Rey broke that up. Cole noted Cena had been in the ring longer than anyone.

(38) Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio drove out in a 2008 Bentley. He honked as he drove out. He personal ring announcer introduced him. Del Rio took his time getting to the ring. So much time that the next wrestler came out before Del Rio got to the ring.

(39) Randy Orton

Orton attacked Del Rio from behind. Who was left? He threw him into the ringside steps and gave him an RKO. Orton then gave Sheamus an RKO. He ducked a Kofi kick and gave him an RKO and then eliminated him. [KINGSTON: 31] He then tossed Sheamus out. [SHEAMUS: 32] Orton and Cena circled each other as the rest lay on the mat KO'd.

(40) Kane

No Triple H tonight, folks. Cole said Kane was entering his 13th Rumble in a row, a record. Kane went after Barett and Orton right away. He kicked Cena, but it showed light. Kane sidelsammed Orton, then Zeke clotheslined Kane. Zeke charged at Kane, but Kane ducked and pulled on the top rope, so Zeke flew over the top to be eliminated. Cole reset the stage. [EZEKIEL: 33] He said it was Rey, Cena, Barrett, Del Rio, Orton, and Kane left in the match. Miz remained on commentary, but was hoarse. Kane caught Rey mid-air by the throat. Rey countered with a head scissors and tossed Kane over the top rope. [KANE: 34] Barrett knocked Rey off the ring apron to eliminate him. [REY: 35]

It was down to Cena, Barrett, Orton, and Del Rio. They forgot about Santino, who slid to the floor. Cena gut-wrenched Barrett mid-ring as Orton battled Del Rio in the corner. Cena and Orton again squared of and exchanged punches. Lousy looking punches. Barrett jumped in and went after Cena. He suplexed Cena. Cole noted the match was over one hour and five minutes long. Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Del Rio as Orton battled Barrett. Riley ran out onto the ring apron. Cena punched him. Miz charged into the ring and dumped Cena. [CENA: 36] Miz and Riley retreated to the back. Cole said, wrongly, that assured Miz he won't face Cena at WrestleMania. How dumb is it to say that with everything that happen between now and then. Cena walked to ringside and yelled at Cole, saying it's not over. Cole said he shouldn't be upset at him. Cena walked to the back, clearly upset.

It was down to Barrett, Orton, and Del Rio. Orton powerslammed Barrett and then gave Del Rio his backbreaker. Orton pounded the mat. He went after Del Rio, but Barrett intervened. Orton eliminated Barrett. [BARRETT: 37] Del Rio eliminated Orton. [ORTON: 38] As Orton celebrated, the referees realized Santino had never been officially eliminated. Santino rolled back into the ring as the announcers obliviously declared Del Rio the winner. Santino staggered into the ring and set up the Cobra. He gave Del Rio the Cobra. "Oh my God! Oh my God! The biggest upset in Rumble history!" said Cole. Santino celebrated and then began to toss Del Rio out, but Del Rio reversed momentum and eliminated Santino. [SANTINO: 39]

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio at 70:00. A good Royal Rumble. An average Rumble. Sufficiently entertaining and suspenseful probably for the average viewer, although it did seem pretty much headed toward either Cena or Del Rio as expected in the final minutes. The little tease with Santino was fun. The stuff with Hornswoggle was inserted to please a certain casual mainstream fan, I suppose. I didn't mind the 40 entrants as it helped them tell that first-half story with The New Nexus. A big moment for the Del Rio character.

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He has interviewed big-name players in person incluiding Vince McMahon (at WWE Headquarters), Dana White (in Las Vegas), Eric Bischoff (at the first Nitro at Mall of America), Brock Lesnar (after his first UFC win).

He hosted the weekly Pro Wrestling Focus radio show on KFAN in the early 1990s and hosted the Ultimate Insiders DVD series distributed in retail stories internationally in the mid-2000s including interviews filmed in Los Angeles with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara and Matt & Jeff Hardy. He currently hosts the most listened to pro wrestling audio show in the world, (the PWTorch Livecast, top ranked in iTunes)


Wade Keller, editor

James Caldwell, assistant editor

Bruce Mitchell (since 1990)
Pat McNeill (since 2001)
Greg Parks (since 2007)
Sean Radican (since 2003)

We also have a great team of
TV Reporters
and Specialists and Artists.


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