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CALDWELL'S WWE EXTREME RULES PPV RESULTS 5/1: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - three title changes and a host of gimmick matches

May 1, 2011 - 9:52:34 PM

WWE Extreme Rules PPV Results
May 1, 2011
Live from Tampa, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE's first PPV since WrestleMania 27 opened with a video package recapping said WrestleMania event. Tonight, it's Extreme Rules.

Arena: Josh Mathews introduced the show and plugged an "event that goes to the extreme." Justin Roberts introduced the first match of the show: Last Man Standing between Randy Orton vs. C.M. Punk. The first theme of the show was Randy Orton, who came out to the ring sporting an even scragglier beard. That thing is all over the place. Jerry Lawler noted it's a little different look for Orton. Booker T was also given some talk time to set the stage.

C.M. Punk then came out, flanked by Nexus members Otunga, Ryan, and McGillicutty. Before Nexus could hit the ring, the Raw GM buzzed in. Josh Mathews stepped to the podium and said Orton and Punk must resolve their issues tonight, so New Nexus is banned from ringside. After the other Nexus members freaked out, Punk calmly walked to the ring and ripped off a top turnbuckle pad. Orton flashed a smile, then the bell sounded to begin the match.

1 -- RANDY ORTON vs. C.M. PUNK -- Last Man Standing match -- Nexus banned from ringside

After a brief brawl on the outside at the start, they teased an exposed steel spot, but no contact was made. Back on the floor, Punk pulled out a kendo stick and popped Orton across the shoulder. Back in the ring, Punk cracked a stick across the ribs. Punk demanded a ten count on Orton as Punk did a ninja pose with the stick in-hand. Orton made it back to his feet and made a comeback with European uppercuts. They were only 4:00 in, but it seemed like they were at 14:00 building to a finish.

Punk cut off Orton's comeback with more kendo stick shots, then landed a back suplex. Punk demanded a ten count before going for a springboard elbow smash, but Orton cut him off with a mid-air kendo stick shot. More kendo stick shots, then Orton fired up a comeback leading to a fallaway backbreaker. Orton wanted the spike DDT, but Punk caught Orton and catapulted him into the exposed steel. The crowd sounded like the home team's reaction to a swing & miss strike three with the bases loaded.

Punk paused before landing a running knee in the corner. Punk teased the G2S, Orton teased the RKO, Punk teased the G2S, and then Orton threw Punk through a chair wedged in-between the middle turnbuckles. Punk flew to the floor, where ref Charles Robinson applied a ten count, but Punk got up in time. Orton executed a snap powerslam, Punk got up at eight, and Orton started clearing the announce table. Punk answered with a martial arts kick to the head and Punk collected himself on the Cole Mine. Orton used the down time to recover leading to him executing a back drop across the guardrail. Unique.

Back in the ring, Orton dropped down on the mat and teased the RKO, but Punk countered with a strike to the head. Punk then set up Orton for the G2S and connected, but not in flush. It wasn't good enough for the win, as Orton reached his feet in nine. Punk went looking for a chair as his next weapon in the match. He then executed a Russian Legsweep onto the chair, which kept Orton down for an eight count only. Punk smirked as he set up Orton for another Russian onto the chair, but Orton blasted Punk out of nowhere with an RKO center ring. Orton reached his feet as Punk continued to sell. Punk then reached his feet at nine, then almost comically collapsed through the ropes to the outside.

On the floor, Orton clotheslined Punk over the guardrail into the front row. Orton wasn't satisfied and tried his trademark spike DDT off the guardrail, but Punk slid out and rammed Orton back-first into the ringpost. Booker commended Punk on his effort thus far as Orton reached his feet at eight. Punk then placed Orton's head inside a chair and rammed him head/throat-first into the ringpost. Lawler said he knows this is Extreme Rules, but that was too extreme. The announcers did the big set up for a medic needed out here, but Orton made it to his feet at eight for a "super-human comeback."

Next, Punk tried to finish Orton with a G2S through the announce table, but Orton countered with an RKO onto the announce table. Punk remained stomach-first across the table, then made it to his feet at eight. Punk was wobbly and collapsed to the ground again. Suddenly, Orton got that look in his eyes. Orton backed away, then wanted the Punt, but Punk intercepted Orton with a lift-up drop across the ring steps. As the two men were on the floor, Booker said, "These are two guys out in the middle of the ring doing what should be done."

At 18:30, Punk rolled Orton into the ring and wanted a top rope move, but Orton cracked Punk across the shoulder with a kendo stick. Punk was hung upside down, giving Orton an opening to crack the stick over Punk's back over and over. Orton then slowly lifted up Punk, gave him a European, and climbed up top looking for some sort of unique high-risk move. Orton surveyed the crowd and proceeded to deliver a Super RKO from the top turnbuckle. Punk landed awkwardly, so there wasn't a big pop for the move, then the ref began his count. Orton reached his feet at nine and Punk remained down for the count, giving Orton the win.

WINNER: Orton at 20:06. Interesting, never-dull match. It captured the issues with the Falls Count Anywhere match type where the pay-off isn't strong, especially if the ten counts are overdone, which was the case in this match. Orton moving to Smackdown means the issue was resolved, but it didn't seem like the issue was resolved, as Punk could conceivably show up on TV tomorrow night unaffected by the outcome. (**3/4)

Tomorrow night: The Rock's birthday party on Raw.

Arena: Jerry Lawler was shown leaving to go backstage ahead of his tag match tonight. The remaining announcers, Mathews and Booker, recapped the Draft results. They went to a Smackdown recap of Sheamus jumping Kofi Kingston Friday night. Booker, who has no constitution to his character, said he liked Sheamus's sneak attack.

Backstage: Sheamus told Teddy Long he doesn't like this one bit. Long adding a bonus match of U.S. champ Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston in a tables match? No, Sheamus said he wants to see Kofi's birth certificate to become champion of the United States. Long ignored his Birther request and Sheamus vowed to turn back Kingston's challenge.

Backstage: John Morrison was shown doing his parkour bit to warm up for the WWE Title match still to come.

2 -- U.S. champion SHEAMUS vs. KOFI KINGSTON -- U.S. Title match -- Tables match

Before the bell sounded, Booker said Kingston needs to stop smiling like Mark Henry and develop more of a mean streak. Kingston quickly went to the floor looking for a table, but Sheamus jumped him from behind and slid the table underneath the ring. Sheamus then tried to retrieve his own table, but Kingston jumped him from behind. Booker said he wants to see Kingston do work for one time in his life. Are they building to Booker vs. Kingston down the line?

On the other side of the ring, Sheamus teased a powerbomb through another table, but Kingston slipped out. Sheamus then rolled Kingston back into the ring and they teased a spot through the table on the floor, but Sheamus landed a big springboard shoulder tackle to quiet Kingston. Sheamus set up a table in the corner, then tried a running powerslam, but Kingston slipped out to save the match. Kingston and Sheamus teased some table nearfalls before Sheamus knocked Kingston off the ring apron to the floor.

Back in the ring, Sheamus set up for a backpack-maneuver from the top rope through a table, but Kingston slapped Sheamus away. Sheamus went back on the offensive looking for a suplex through a table over the top rope, but Kingston avoided once again. Sheamus tried recovering on the table, but that put him in the wrong spot at the wrong time, as Kingston splashed Sheamus through the table for the win.

WINNER: Kingston at 9:09 to capture the U.S. Title. Predictable outcome, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The match was fine for its slot on the card, but not particularly memorable. Kingston with the U.S. Title now gives that glut of mid-card heels someone to challenge for a title on the Raw brand going forward. (*1/2)

Backstage: Todd Grisham brought in R-Truth to ask him about being pulled from the steel cage WWE Title match tonight. Truth told Grisham to shut up before he put things together: not only is he not in the main event, but he's not even on the show. Truth said he smells a conspiracy. He did a mid-card comedy heel bit not able to spell conspiracy. Ugh. Truth said he knows Miz and Cena don't want him in the main event, but Morrison stole his dream. He said one thing he can't stand...close zoom-in on his a thief. Truth with an intense stare to finish on a strong note.

Time for the Country Whipping match...Jack Swagger's music hit to bring out Swagger and Michael Cole, who was covered head-to-toe in bubble wrap. They replayed events from Monday on Raw when Cole whipped Jim Ross with his own belt before Jerry Lawler made the save. Swagger and Cole did their victory lap in the ring before Cole took the mic. In the background was a big "Broski of the Week" sign on the front row.

Cole, with a big red mark around his left eye, said he's an award-winning journalist. He noted his credentials and said he's seen atrocities that would make people shake, so if the audience thinks he's afraid of a "couple of hicks," they're sorely mistaken. Cole said Ross and Lawler can stay right here in Florida because they're old, useless, incontinent retirees. The local heel heat bit fell flat before Ross's OU theme hit to bring out Ross with strap in hand. Ross's hand was taped up. Ross stood on-stage before he was joined by Lawler. Ross and Lawler confidently strolled to the ring as Mathews noted Ross broke his hand last Monday on Raw.

3 -- JIM ROSS & JERRY LAWLER vs. MICHAEL COLE & JACK SWAGGER -- Country Whipping match

Lawler and Swagger were the first men in. Swagger turned his back on Ross, who whipped him from the ring apron. Swagger turned his back on Lawler, who whipped him. Lawler landed multiple whips before tagging out to Cole. Cole mocked Ross and Lawler trying to whip him as the bubble wrap protected him. Lawler then popped Cole with a right hand and unwrapped a few pieces of the bubble wrap before Cole scampered over to Swagger to make a tag. Swagger cornered Lawler and wore him down before Cole tagged in. Cole gleefully smacked Lawler with his whip, taunted Ross, and tagged out to Swagger.

Lawler fought back with right hands, then Cole snuck in the ring and tried to whip Lawler, who slowly turned around. He nearly got his hands on Cole, but Swagger chopblocked him. Swagger slapped on the anklelock, then re-positioned the hold so Ross could swat Swagger to give him a reason to release the hold. Superhuman Lawler then popped up from the anklelock and landed a DDT. Ross then tagged in and whipped Swagger before applying an anklelock. Swagger was then launched across the ring to Cole, creating a tag. Cole reluctantly entered the ring and took a few belt whips. Cole looked so awful trying to sell.

Ross then low-blowed Swagger, who tried to enter the ring to attack Ross. From behind, Cole grappled a distracted Ross and small packaged him for a pin and the win. The crowd groaned as Cole quickly left the ring to celebrate with Swagger. Ross hung his head dejectedly. Mathews, having Announcer Amensia, said Cole is undefeated in action, forgetting Cole lost to Ross just six days ago on Raw.

WINNERS: Cole & Swagger at 7:04. Well, it was kept shorter than Cole-Lawler at WrestleMania. But, there was more of a pay-off on free TV Monday night than on the $44.95/$54.95 show tonight. Classic WWE. At the end of the day, Cole Heel will continue on commentary. (n/a)

Mock sex pill commercial: Lack of Entertainment can cause boredom and drowsiness. Fortunately, there's Over the Limit. If excitement lasts longer than four hours, consult a physician. This spot was universally panned by a focus group during WrestleMania Weekend...yet they aired it anyways.

Backstage: John Cena had a 15-second interview with Todd Grisham saying it's been since June 2010 since he held the WWE Title.

In-ring: After a video package aired on the Rhodes-Mysterio feud focusing on Rhodes, he came out first to face Mysterio. Rhodes was flanked by his paperbag-toting "employees." Rhodes told audience members to put on the bags. Booker then heeled on the audience, saying Rhodes might be right about some of them. Rey Mysterio was out next dressed in dark blue and red colors.

4 -- CODY RHODES vs. REY MYSTERIO -- Falls Count Anywhere match

The match quickly moved to the floor, then into the stands. Rhodes proceeded to wrap Rey's upper body through a handrail and applied a Boston Crab with Rey sticking through the opening. Rhodes dropped the hold and they took the fight up the arena steps to the concourse. Some fans were held back as Rey rammed Rhodes into a trash container. Booker said it's not about winning a match, but trying to hurt each other. On cue, Rey went for a cover on the floor for a two count. They approached a section of the concourse that randomly had a mirror and Cody executed a step-up enziguiri. Fans off-camera chanted "Holy S---" uncensored before Rey executed a springboard splash off the beer concession stand.

Rey took Cody back into the arena and they battled down the arena steps to the floor. Rey tried to charge Cody, who responded with a hip toss over the barricade to the floor. Cody followed with a clothesline onto the ring steps for a two count. Back in the ring, Rey responded with a turnaround splash off the second rope for a nearfall. Rey then climbed up top and landed a spear-like flying headbutt to the mid-section for a two count. Cody came back with the Alabama Slam for a two count.

After a pause as they tried setting up a top rope move, Rey suddenly busted out green mist and spewed it in Cody's face. Cody spun backward selling the mist in his eyes and Rey smashed him with the 619 into a springboard splash for the pin and the win. After the decision, Rey crouched down low and shot a sinister look toward the crowd. During a replay, Booker noted the mist was a la Great Muta. Back live, Rey continued to cock his head with a devilish look before he walked out of the ring.

WINNER: Mysterio at 11:43. Rhodes could have used that win to give him some momentum as a top heel on Smackdown. The booking made sense for Rey to win in the blow-off match, though. The green mist was a bit of a stretch leading to the finish. (**)

Backstage: A collection of babyface Divas (and Alicia Fox) were shown talking. They all got quiet when Layla stepped in. Layla stepped in and said she knows they might not like her and tonight could be her last night and she would like to apologize for anything she's ever done to them. Kelly noted they like McCool a whole lot less, so good luck.

Arena: Cole was on commentary for the first time, as he entered the Cole Mine. He said he's like a superhero being a "wrestler" and an announcer.

5 -- LAYLA vs. MICHELLE MCCOOL -- Loser Leaves WWE match

McCool jumped Layla from behind to quickly take advantage of the match. The story early on was reluctance from each wrestler to end the other's career, with careful hesitations sprinkled in before big move attempts. Layla hit the Face Lift for a close nearfall, then both women collapsed on the mat following McCool's Styles Clash. McCool slowly made a cover, but Layla countered into a crucifix pin for a quick win. Layla sold jubilation with the win, then despair over McCool's loss.

WINNER: Layla at 5:24, McCool leaves WWE. Good send-off match for McCool, as the two women wrestled with passion, like there was actually something on the line. (*1/2)

Post-match: McCool was in the ring crying, then Kharma's music hit to bring out the former Awesome Kong in her WWE TV debut. Kong slowly made her way to the ring as McCool acted scared. Kharma eventually grasped McCool and delivered her implant buster butterfly suplex finisher. Backstage, the Divas sold concern over Kharma's debut. Kharma did a bit of that Hugh Morrus routine switching between maniacal laughter and seriousness.

Tough Enough plug: Rey Mysterio on Monday's show. And another contestant goes home.

Backstage: Alberto Del Rio tried to help Ricardo Rodriguez practice his World Title announcement. The ladder match for the World Title is next. Before the ring intros, they rolled a video package recapping Edge's sudden retirement and him being forced to vacate the World Title.

In-ring: Alberto Del Rio was the first man out for the ladder match. Cole talked up Del Rio on commentary before Christian came out walking past a collection of ladders assembled on the entrance. Cole said he thinks Christian has put too much pressure on himself to win the World Title. Booker said he thinks Christian can get the job done tonight. He added, though, that Del Rio looked much more confident coming to the ring tonight as opposed to being caught up in the moment at WrestleMania.

6 -- ALBERTO DEL RIO vs. CHRISTIAN -- ladder match for the vacant World Hvt. Title

Christian took control early on, then went to the floor looking for one of a thousand ladders ringside. Del Rio cut him off, though, and stomped Christian to the floor. Christian rebounded moments later reversing a whip into the guardrail. He introduced a ladder into the ring, but Del Rio cut him off. Del Rio then caught Christian with an enziguiri kick before putting a boot to Christian's throat. On the floor, Del Rio propped up a ladder that extended across the ring apron and announce table. Both men teased some spots into the ladder, then Christian splashed Del Rio off a separate ladder.

Back in the ring, Christian teased grabbed the title belt, but Del Rio recovered and yanked him down to the mat. Del Rio teased the cross arm-breaker, but Christian blocked and threw Del Rio onto a ladder propped up in the corner. Both men sold on the mat before Christian knocked Del Rio to the floor. Christian teased climbing the ladder, but Del Rio threw a Hornswoggle-sized ladder at Christian. Del Rio proceeded to set up the step-ladder and take Christian off the regular-sized ladder with a single arm DDT straight to the mat. Very unique. The announcers started bickering, then Booker shot on Cole, drawing some silence.

Meanwhile, Christian and Del Rio teased climbing the ladder before teasing a spot onto the ladder propped up on the outside across the apron and announce table. Ultimately, Christian back-dropped Del Rio back-first onto a ladder inside the ring. Christian tried a ladder spot from the corner, but Del Rio landed an enziguiri that decked Christian. Del Rio then began climbing a ladder looking to fulfill his destiny, but Christian knocked him off the ladder, only to take a knee strike. Del Rio dropkicked Christian to the floor, then received a chair from Ricardo. Del Rio tried to smash Christian with the chair, but Christian countered with a whip into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, the crowd came alive as Christian teased Edge's spear. Christian measured Del Rio and delivered the move center-ring. The crowd popped, then Christian set up a ladder and began climbing. Del Rio stirred as Christian tried to touch the belt, but Del Rio yanked him through a rung of the ladder. Christian was trapped inside the ladder, but Christian slipped out as the last moment to knock Del Rio off the ladder before Del Rio could grab the title belt. Del Rio proceeded to knock Christian onto the apron-to-table ladder, then went for a big splash, but Christian moved and Del Rio ate the ladder before crashing to the floor.

Back in the ring, Christian set up a ladder as the crowd roared. Del Rio was still motionless on the floor. Christian climbed rung by rung. Suddenly, Brodus Clay entered the ring and removed the ladder as Christian hung on the World Title belt. Christian dropped into Clay's arms, but Christian threw him across the ring. Christian then smashed Clay to the floor, but Del Rio caught Christian with a ladder shot to the face. Del Rio applied the cross arm-breaker to give the appearance of cutting off Christian's title aspirations. Del Rio slowly made his way toward a ladder and was atop the ladder, but he was distracted by a horn honking. Edge was in a car smiling at Del Rio, who took his eye off the ball. Christian then knocked Del Rio off the ladder onto Ricardo and a bloody Clay ringside. The crowd saw The Moment coming as Christian scaled a ladder and retrieved the World Title with Edge celebrating ringside.

Post-match: Christian clutched the World Title belt as Edge teared up ringside. Booker put over the moment as Cole said this is something he thought he would never see. Christian held up the World Title belt for everyone to see as he stood atop the ladder. The crowd continued to cheer before Christian dropped down the ladder to embrace Edge. Cole continued to heel on Christian as Booker talked up the moment. Christian continued to soak up the moment before leaving the ring the new World champion.

WINNER: Christian at 21:05 to become new World Hvt. champion. Very strong story with Christian's quest to become World champion realized. Edge's "interference" was tit-for-tat with Clay's interference, so it didn't take away from Christian's win, although Cole tried to play it up as such. Del Rio goes to Raw with two major World Title losses, though, so he'll need some rehab to begin his official run on Raw. (****)

Backstage: Alex Riley talked to The Miz as Miz paced around. Riley told Miz he's guaranteed a re-match if he loses. Miz shot Riley a look. Riley tried to clarify what he meant, then tried to do Miz's catchphrase, but Miz cut him off. Miz snapped at Riley, then left.

Ringside: Lumberjacks were randomly assembled ringside. This is another bonus match for the Tag Titles. Some of the NXT Season 6 contestants were ringside. IC champ Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson came out to challenge for the Tag Titles. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel were ringside as lumberjacks.

7 -- WWE tag champions KANE & BIG SHOW vs. IC champion WADE BARRETT & EZEKIEL JACKSON -- Tag Title match -- lumberjack match

The match quickly broke down with one of the Usos finding himself in the ring. Things settled down, then Jackson executed a big slam on Big Show. Jackson pumped himself up, then Barrett tagged himself in. Barrett wanted Wasteland, big Big Show easily countered into a chokeslam for the win. Afterward, Jackson sold frustration with the loss when he had control of the match. Afterward, the lumberjacks began to fight. It looked like Lance Cade was ringside, but it was D.H. Smith. In the ring, Show and Kane executed double chokeslams on Slater and Gabriel to conclude the match segment.

WINNERS: Show & Kane at 4:15 to retain the Tag Titles. How far Barrett has declined after being a PPV main-eventer and threat to the WWE Title just six months ago. Basically a buffer match in-between the top title matches and a chance to give a lot of guys paydays as lumberjacks.

In-ring: After the cage was lowered, John Morrison came out as the first man in the WWE Title match. Cole asked if Morrison will realize his dream to become WWE champion for the first time, like Christian did earlier with the World Title. Morrison atop the cage before John Cena came out to a typically strong reaction. Cena posed inside the cage before WWE champ The Miz came out with a serious look on his face ahead of the title defense. Booker curiously asked if Miz's 159 days as champion is a WWE Title record. Cue the opening bell.

8 -- WWE champion THE MIZ vs. JOHN CENA vs. JOHN MORRISON -- three-way WWE Title match -- steel cage match

Miz quickly took control of the match, flooring both babyface challengers. A bit of a slow start and both men were selling on the mat at 3:30. Apparently they realized it was only 3:30 into the match and decided to up the tempo starting with Cena's usual Shuffle routine on Morrison. Miz then grappled Cena from behind with Skullcrushing Finale. Morrison quickly recovered from Cena's Shuffle sequence and tried to escape the cage, but Miz pulled him back inside the cage. Miz and Morrison battled atop the cage as Cole noted their history. Cena was out cold throughout this, apparently, and decided to get involved rather than walk through the cage door to win.

Cena and Morrison then executed a double suplex off the cage and Miz landed very scarily on his neck. It looked like a brainbuster with Miz dropping straight down to the mat. For two hours and 34 minutes, you're holding your breath during this PPV hoping someone doesn't get seriously hurt. Miz nearly was right there. One inch the wrong way and he could have seriously injured his neck. All three men sold for a while as the ref checked on Miz. The babyfaces went through a few spots before Miz recovered. Miz and Cena then teased a spot trying to escape the cage door, but neither man could exit.

Morrison suddenly went Spiderman trying to spring out of the cage, but Cena cut him off. Morrison then dangled off the edge of the cage and slammed the door onto Miz's head as Miz was trying to escape through the door. Suddenly, Morrison crotched himself on the cage door. All he had to do was fall down and he would have "escaped" the cage, but he didn't, so Miz dragged Morrison back inside the cage through the cage door. Miz then began working on Cena and Morrison. It's worth noting for posterity sake that the news came down at this moment that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Miz focused too much on Cena and Morrison tried climbing out again, so Miz ran across the cage to haul Morrison back inside. Suddenly, their roles were reversed and Morrison had to drag Miz back inside the cage. Cena was MIA again, apparently selling elsewhere. Cena could have left through the door again, but opted to go after Morrison. Morrison then flung Cena down. Cena and Miz stood next to each other and awkwardly positioned themselves for Morrison to come off the side of the cage with Starship Pain that floored all three men.

Morrison recovered and began crawling out of the cage, but R-Truth showed up and slammed the cage door on Morrison. Morrison nearly fell out of the cage to win, so Truth lunged forward to catch Morrison. Truth then took Morrison inside the cage and blasted away at him before dropping Cena with an axe kick. Next, Truth dropped Morrison with a single arm DDT. Truth proceeded to climb up the cage and climb over the cage to symbolically "win" the match. Truth had a crazy look in his eyes as he left ringside.

Back in the cage, everyone was down and out. The ref had his hands on his knees surveying the car wreck in the ring waiting for someone to stir. Miz stirred first and slowly pulled himself to his feet. Miz tried climbing out, but Cena trapped Miz and pulled him atop the cage. Cena and Miz traded bombs as they sat atop the cage. Miz then fell back inside the cage and the crowd screamed as Cena teased escaping the cage. It was only a tease, as Miz pulled Cena back inside the cage. Miz teased the Skullcrushing Finale, but Cena countered with an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope. Cena made the cover (oh yeah, pinfalls are legal in the match) and it was good for a pin and the win. Cena is the new WWE champion.

Post-match: Cena celebrated and pumped his fist before taking the WWE Title belt. Cena posed inside the cage for a while before signing off, "The champ is here!" The PPV ended eight minutes before the top of the hour at 10:52 p.m. EST.

WINNER: Cena at 19:50 to capture the WWE Title. Just as Miz was settling in as a legit WWE champion, they switched the title. That seemed like an abrupt end to what could have been a lengthy reign for Miz. Now, it sets up Cena fighting off a host of heel challengers (starting with Miz's re-match and eventually Del Rio) trying to make it to WrestleMania 28 vs. The Rock, who will be on Raw Monday night, as WWE champion. WWE also has a strong second or third-tier feud between Truth and Morrison going forward. Over-riding all of that was the near-miss with Miz being dropped on his neck with the double suplex. That was scary, especially on the heels of Kurt Angle's dangerous spots at Lockdown two weeks ago. The match itself had the usual logic holes of a WWE cage match and the additional outside interference, which served a purpose, took away from the PPV main event. (***1/4)


Keller's PPV Coverage:

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