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KELLER'S WWE HELL IN A CELL PPV REPORT 10/2: Cena vs. Del Rio vs. Punk, Orton vs. Henry, Phoenix vs. Kelly, Sheamus vs. Christian

Oct 2, 2011 - 11:07:19 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

OCTOBER 2, 2011

-After a video package aired previewing the Hell in a Cell structure, Michael Cole introduced the show. He was sitting next to Booker T and Jim Ross.

-After a video package aired on Christian interfering in Sheamus's matches, R-Truth and The Miz showed up at ringside with tickets. John Laurinaitis marched out and protested their presence. Miz insisted that they bought a ticket and haven't done anything wrong. Security escorted them out as they continued to protest. Then Sheamus's ring entrance took place.


Jim Ross came to the defense of (former heels?) Miz and Truth. Booker sided with Ross's point. Cole said it is up to the discretion of WWE who is allowed into the arena. Booker said if Christian lost, it could be all over for him because it could kill his psyche. Sheamus dominated early, but Christian shoved him off the top rope at 3:00 and then beat him up at ringside. At 11:00 Sheamus rallied and pounded his chest and played to the crowd, but Christian avoided the brogue kick and then tossed Sheamus to the floor. Sheamus shouldered Christian in his gut as he charged at him, but Christian slid to ringside and yanked Sheamus chin-first over the edge of the apron. Sheamus then yanked Christian hard back-first to the floor. Sheamus then catapulted Sheamus toward the ringpost, but Sheamus stopped short. Christian speared Sheamus a second later. The ref nearly counted Sheamus out. When Sheamus returned to the ring, Christian speared him for a near fall. Christian showed frustration. He went for a top rope headbutt, but Sheamus moved. He then followed up immediately with a Brogue Kick for the clean win.

WINNER: Sheamus in 14:00.


-Matt Striker began to ask Mark Henry a question backstage. Henry told him to shut up because he knows what's going to do. Henry imitated Striker's voice and said he doesn't care that he's never been in a Hell in a Cell match. He said no matter where it is, Orton will join the Hall of Pain.


This worked so well with Undertaker vs. Undertaker, WWE decided to try it again. The crowd seemed tentative to cheer Sin Cara when he came out, perhaps thinking he was the impostor. Cole called it a bizarre and interesting rivalry that developed. The impostor Sin Cara came out to remix of the original Sin Cara's music and wore his black outfit. Cole said the impostor Sin Cara claims the original Sin Cara actually stole his identity and that he is the original. Ross asked if they should refer to the black outfitted Sin Cara as Sin Cara II. Cole said that would work. The announcers said apparently this rivalry predated their arrival in WWE. Cole talked about how big of a draw Sin Cara's character was in Mexico, where he became a comic book hero. The blue Sin Cara played to the crowd to try to get them on his side.

They exchanged a variety of lucha libre style exchanges including flips and fluid counters. Blue Sin Cara power armdragged Black Sin Cara to the floor, then flip dove onto him which got a moderate pop from nearby fans. Booker said tonight will settle this feud no matter what. When Blue Sin Cara went for another flip dive over the top rope, Black Sin Cara caught him with his feet and took control, including a two count a minute later in the ring. He then settled into a chinlock mid-ring. Ross finally observed that the Black Sin Cara is a little larger than the Blue one. They came up a bit short on a spot where Black Sin Cara dropkicked Blue Sin Cara from behind. Black Sin Cara (II) dove onto Blue Sin Cara at ringside. They got some "boring" chants at 6:00 with Black Sin Cara on offense. Cole, Ross, and Lawler began practicing some Spanish as the match slowed down. The crowd got even more restless and more chanted "boring."

Blue Sin Cara dove off the top rope onto Black Sin Cara at ringside for a two count. Blue hit another near fall with a victory roll. The announcers amused themselves by making fun of Booker for saying one of them hit the other in "the mask area." Blue eventually scored the pin with a victory roll powerbomb.

WINNER: Blue Sin Cara in 9:00.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- If the crowd was into this, it had a chance to be solid, but with the crowd rejecting it, it undercut any effectiveness of the moves. WWE fans just aren't used to the graceful soft style of this type of match.

-David Otunga tried to talk to Punk. Punk told him to go chase ambulances. Otunga said he has a Harvard law degree and he's representing WWE Superstars. Punk said he has his own voice and he doesn't need him to be his lawyer. Punk made fun of Otunga's sweater and bow tie. He said he hates lawyers told him to "vanish."

3 -- EVAN BOURNE & KOFI KINGSTON vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER & JACK SWAGGER (w/Vickie Guerrero) -- World Tag Team Title Match

Cole said Air Boom is the worst tag team name since Harlem Heat. Ziggler wore his U.S. Title belt to the ring for this tag title defense. Cole talked up Vickie's success as a manager of champions in the past who is trying to get Swagger & Ziggler a set of belts, too. Booker praised Swagger for holding the ropes apart as Kingston ran into the ropes. He said it was a little underhanded but he can take it. Ziggler grounded Kingston in the ring in a side headlock. Cole complained about how Triple H didn't take the complaints from Ziggler regarding Hugh Jackman seriously. He said in any other corporation that would be taken to Human Resources. Cole said Triple H's leadership has led to everything being out of control. They seem to be playing up the idea that Vince McMahon - who caused some of this chaos (with Miz & Truth) - will get the WWE Board of Directors on his side to reinstate him as COO and oust Triple H.

Regarding the dissension between Ziggler and Swagger, Ross said winning resolves a lot of that. The heel duo isolated and dominated Kingston for several minutes. The fans eventually chanted, "Let's Go Kofi!" Kofi countered a Swagger anklelock attempt and tried for a tag. Swagger blocked him, but Kofi turned it into a DDT. Both were slow to get up. Bourne cheered for the hot tag. Bourne hot-tagged in and went on a fast-paced attack including his double flying knees onto Ziggler for a near fall. Bourne landed a standing moonsault for a near fall. Swagger then put on an anklelock even though he wasn't legal. Kingston broke that up with a springboard flying dove. Ziggler then surprised Kofi with a Zig Zag. Bourne then small packaged Ziggler for a two count. Ziggler fired right back with a clothesline. Both were slow to get up.

Ziggler tagged a fresh Swagger into the ring. He then lifted Bourne into Swagger's grip on the top rope. Bourne huracanana'd lut of it and rolled up Swagger. Kingston yanked Ziggler out of the ring to prevent him from breaking up the pin, and Bourne scored the three count. Ross called it one of the best WWE Tag Team Title matches on PPV in a long time. Vickie screeched in frustration at Swagger afterward.

WINNERS: Bourne & Kingston in 11:00 to retain the World Tag Team Titles.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- Good tag match. Not off-the-charts, but it felt like the tag title match mattered and wasn't just lower-card filler for once.

-A trailer aired for Triple H 's "Inside Out" movie.

4 -- MARK HENRY vs. RANDY ORTON -- Hell in a Cell for the World Hvt. Title

Cole noted as Henry walked to the ring that this is Henry's first-ever HIAC match. Cole said Orton walks into the ring looking to win his 10th championship. Booker said this match for Orton isn't about the title as much as it's about revenge (or something like that, as his mic cut out). That almost gives away that he's not winning the title, although this is Booker T and he routinely says stupid counter-productive random things to fill time, so it's probably not worth reading into. As Orton completed his ring entrance, Cole plugged Vengeance was three weeks away.

Orton opened with aggressive punches. Henry tried to throw Orton head-first into the cage, but Orton slipped free and shoved Henry into it twice. He then took over including stomps back inside the ring. At 3:00 Henry caught Orton diving off the apron and then rammed him into the side of the cage. Henry then took over. Cole called it "feeding mode." The announcers began practically giving Orton's eulogy. At ringside Henry lifted the top of the steel steps and threw them hard and fast right at Orton. Orton moved and the camera caught a straight-on view of the steps hitting the side of the cage. Cool spot.

Orton teased a comeback, but Henry fought him off easily and lawn-darted him into the side of the cage again. Ross called the Cell a "proverbial pugilistic purgatory." Ross said he wasn't sure if Henry is stronger than he was 15 years ago, but he's definitely smarter than he was in his rookie year. Henry headbutted Orton while in a bear hug. At 12:00 Orton climbed Henry's shoulders and mounted him and punched him against the cage, then DDT'd him onto the ring steps. Orton threw Henry head-first into two ringposts. Henry rolled into the ring. Orton quickly went after him with a Thesz Press. Then he mounted him on the mat and punched him over and over. Orton hit Henry with a high dropkick. Orton then DDT'd Henry off the middle rope. A minute later he nailed the RKO for a believable near fall that popped the crowd. Cole called the kick-out a "buzzkill." Ross implored Orton to do two or three more. Cole said Orton just resigned himself to not being able to beat Henry because the RKO was his one reason to have any confidence.

Orton soaked up the situation, then backed into the corner and decided to to the running punt kick. Henry got onto his knees, so Orton charged, but Henry caught him with a snap sudden powerslam for the win. They cut to deflated fans in the crowd. Ross said Henry might be the most imposing, physically dominating World Champion ever.

WINNER: Henry in 16:00.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- It was really methodical and went about as expected. I think it told a good, believable story, but the announcers were needed to really drive home the story. I wouldn't say they totally lost the crowd with the pacing, as the brutal moves were placed well and sold well, and Orton's comebacks and near falls got big pops.

-Afterward Henry tried to break Orton's ankle by diving onto it while it was inside a folding chair. Orton moved his leg and then got up and jabbed Henry in the gut and then bashed him across his back. Henry bailed out. Orton pursued him and hit him across the back again three more times. Cole said Orton has lost it.

-Josh Mathews interviewed Alberto Del Rio backstage about his title match. Del Rio said he shouldn't be in a match of this kind, but when an animal is trapped, he becomes more dangerous. He said tonight Cena and Punk will see a side of him they didn't know exists. He said he's coming back from Hell with the WWE Title.

-A commercial aired for a Rey Mysterio endorsed laser tag "Light Strike" toy gun.

-Cody Rhodes walked out with two henchmen carrying paper bags to hand out to others. He ripped the fans. He said if they refuse a paper bag, they should be "figuratively euthanized." What exactly is that? He dropped the Intercontinental Title belt into a paper bag, then unzipped a velvet bag to reveal a new throwback Intercontinental Title belt circa Ultimate Warrior early 1990s with a white leather wrap-around. He said what he holds in his hand is the "classic Intercontinental Title" belt, "the very same that was held by greats like Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, the late 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, even 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin." He said in honor of those men, he will wear the classic title belt, yet he will wear it with more pride and more dignity than any of them, anytime, anyplace. Laurinaitis walked out and apologized for the interruption. He introduced himself and his title to the fans, then said Triple H told him to inform him he will be defending the IC Title right now against John Morrison. Cole said this wasn't fair, but Ross and Booker noted that Cody said he'd defend it anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Great move to bring back the vintage IC Title belt whatever the circumstances. They should bring back all of the vintage belts from sometime in the late-'80s through the '90s.

5 -- CODY RHODES vs. JOHN MORRISON -- Intercontinental Title Matcu

Cole was especially upset that Cody had to wrestle in his expensive clothes including his Gucci shoes. Ross sarcastically said, "Oh no, not Gucci!" Morrison went on early offense. Cody made a comeback after a couple minutes, wrestling in his nice shoes and pants, but no shirt. After some back and forth action, Cody avoided a Starship Pain set-up and then avoided his running knee, but Morrison hit a dropdown Pele kick. Cody countered with an Oklahoma roll for a leverage pin.

WINNER: Rhodes in 7:00 to retain the IC Title.


-A B.A. Star public service announcement aired.

-Triple H was on a cell phone saying "I've had enough out of him." Laurinaitis ran up to him and said they have a problem. He said Miz and Truth were beating up talent. They ran to find them. Bourne and Kingston were down in their locker room. Hunter told Laurinaitis he was supposed to get cops, not just security guys. "If this happens again, it's your ass," he said, then he stormed off. Alex Riley and Ezekiel Jackson ran in to check on Kofi and Bourne.

6 -- KELLY KELLY (w/Eve) vs. BETH PHOENIX (w/Natalya) -- WWE Divas Championship

Cole talked about something related to the show "trending worldwide on Twitter." Booker said, "Who cares?" Good for Booker. Cole called a neckbreaker accurately. Ross said, "That was actually a neckbreaker." Cole asked what he said. Ross said "backbreaker." Cole apologized. Ross actually misheard him and Cole got it right the first time. Kelly made a comeback with a backslide attempt, but Phoenix resisted and shoved Kelly into the corner hard. Kelly rammed Pheonix's head into the turnbuckle multiple times while screaming, showing fire on a comeback. She hit her cartwheel handspring elbow into the corner. Kelly climbed to the top rope and leaped off with a face-smasher for a near fall. Natalya leaped onto the ring apron. Eve went after Natalya. Natalya threw Eve into the ringside security wall. Kelly got up and went for her power legdrop, but Phoenix escaped and applied a cross-legged inverted submission hold. Natalya taunted Kelly over the house mic at ringside, telling her to scream in pain louder. "Are you gonna cry?" she asked. Kelly reached the bottom rope to force a break. Natalya the hit Kelly in the face with the mic as Phoenix shielded the ref from seeing it. Then she gave Kelly the Glam Slam for the win.

WINNER: Phoenix in 9:00 to capture the WWE Divas Championship.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Decent match between these two.

-An ad aired for Vengeance featuring a close up of Henry yelling, "Vengeance is mine!"

-They showed scenes of clubs along Bourbon Street in New Orleans, La.

7 -- JOHN CENA vs. C.M. PUNK vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO -- Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Title

Del Rio came out first driving a nice car. After some "C.M. Punk" chants, Punk came out second to "Cult of Personality." Cena came out last and got a nice pop followed by increasing boos. Cole said the 200 square feet of steel surrounding the ring is larger than the average home. Ross said the pin or submission to end the match must take place inside the ring. Is that clarification a hint of what's to come later?

Early on Cena and Punk fought over who got to attack Del Rio in the corner. Punk tried to score a sudden schoolboy pin on Cena, coming up behind Cena as he beat on Del Rio in the corner. As Cena lifted Del Rio at ringside, Punk dove onto them. Cena was left KO'd on the floor as Punk took over on Del Rio in the ring. A loud "Let's Go Cena! / Cena Sucks!" battle chant broke out.

Punk pulled a chair out from under the ring. Cena got to Punk first and attacked him. Del Rio then attacked both, and then went after Cena inside the ring. He wedged the chair in the corner. Cena fought back and dropped Del Rio with several moves, then signaled for the You Can't See Me routine. As Del Rio made a comeback and started to apply his cross armbreaker, Punk intervened and went for a pin on Cena, then Del Rio, scoring a two count each time at 7:00. Punk was bleeding from his back with some long cuts early in the match.

Punk went to ringside and set up a table. Booker said Punk is embracing being in that chamber. Punk hit Cena with a running knee on the apron, then went for a bulldog, but Cena shoved Punk off the ring edge into the cage. Punk crashed to the mat on the floor. Cena returned to the ring where Del Rio jabbed him with a chair. Del Rio stomped on Cena repeatedly, then set up a chair mid-ring. At 8:00 Del Rio back suplexed Cena through the chair he set up mid-ring. Then Del Rio mocked Cena's hand wave in front of his face. He hung Cena upside down in the corner. Cena lifted himself as Del Rio charged him in the corner. Cole complimented Cena's core strength.

When Cena climbed to the top rope, Punk from ringside popped up and knocked Cena off balance to the floor. With Cena out of the picture, Punk went after Del Rio and scored a two count. Del Rio turned around momentum with a clothesline, then turned to an extended beatdown on Punk. He settled in a headlock with Cena on the floor. Booker said Del Rio's headlock wasn't conducive to a match like this. Cena recovered and legdropped Del Rio onto the back of his neck for a near fall. He covered Punk and Del RIo at once and got a dual two count.

At 13:00 When Punk set up a Go To Sleep on Cena, Del Rio jumped in with a chair and based both of them. He stomped the chair on Cena's chest, then set Punk on top of Cena. The ref didn't count for some reason. Del Rio climbed to the top rope and leaped onto the back of Punk. That spot looked contrived and the lack of a ref count when Punk had Cena covered was awkward. Del Rio scored two two counts. Del Rio charged Punk in the corner, but Punk backdropped him over the top rope to the floor. Cena then surprised Punk with a GTS out of nowhere for a near fall, with Del Rio making the save. Del Rio gave Cena a running roundkick to Cena's head and then made the cover for a two count. At 15:00 he applied the cross armbreaker. Punk flip dove onto both of them to break up the hold. Punk then gave Cena a GTS for a believable near fall, but Del Rio yanked Punk off of Cena by his leg, then threw him into the fence. Del Rio threw Punk into the steps at ringside, then threw a chair on him.

Ross said Del Rio had taken over the match and become the "alpha male." Punk eventually made a comeback with a clothesline, but was slow to fully recover and keep up the pace of his comeback. He slowly climbed to the top rope and then leaped off with a flying elbowdrop for a two count. Cena returned and hit two rapid-fire flying shoulder tackles and his side slam. Punk upkicked Cena, though,and then bdoyslamed him. He signaled to the top rope again. Del Rio shoved Punk off the top rope, sending Punk crashing through the table that Punk had set up earlier at ringside. Cena surprised Del Rio with an STF mid-ring. Ricardo Rodriguez attacked the ref at ringside, took the key to the door, opened it, and tried to attack Cena with a pipe. Cena leaped to ringside and gave him an Attitude Adjustment at ringside just outside of the door. Del Rio attacked Cena with the pipe, hitting his ribs. Del Rio then locked Cena out of the cage.

Del Rio then threw Punk back into the ring. Booker said, "We've got a new champion right here." Del Rio back suplexed Punk and bridged into a near fall. Punk was slow to get up. Del Rio stalked him, and then went for another back suplex. Punk countered with a roll-up for a near fall. Del Rio charged. Punk caught him with a boot. Punk climbed to the second rope. Del Rio kicked him off and scored another two count. Del Rio went for a cross armbreaker, but Punk escaped and hit Del Rio with a series of kicks. Ross said it looks like either Punk or Del RIo will become champion. Cena stood at ringside and realized what happened - that he was locked out. He went looking for the key on Ricardo, but the key was in the cage. Meanwhile Punk hit Del Rio with a flying shoulder tackle. Cena tried to muscle open the cage door enough to squeeze in, but the chain was wrapped too tightly without enough slack. Del Rio went to ringside and hit Punk with the lead pipe. He then turned and taunted Cena from inside the cage. Punk surprised Del Rio with a GTS attempt, but Del Rio KO'd Punk with two pope shots and scored the pin.

WINNER: Del Rio in 25:00 to capture the WWE Title.


-Afterward the cage immediately began to rise. Cena slid under it and went after Del Rio. Two men in black hooded jackets attacked Cena. It became apparent quickly it was Miz and Truth. Laurinaitis and Triple H ran out. The cage was lowered again, keeping them out. Ross wondered who lowered the Cell. The locker room emptied. A cameraman inside the Cell was knocked over and we got a side view of the ringside mat for effect afterward. Miz and Truth attacked Del Rio in addition to Punk and Cena. "For the love of God, get the door open! Unlock the damn door!" exclaimed Ross. Finally someone showed up with bolt cutters and broke open the door. "Get in there, get in there all of ya!" yelled Ross. The cops, though, kept the wrestlers out because Truth and Miz dropped to their knees into a surrender position. The cops handcuffed them. Ross said this made him sick. As the police officers escorted Miz and Truth to the back, Triple H attacked them anyway. When Laurinaitis attempted to pull him away, Hunter shoved him hard to the mat. Hunter was then pulled away by two bald securities officers as the show ended.

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