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CALDWELL'S WWE MITB PPV RESULTS 6/14: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Dusty Rhodes 10-bell salute, WWE Title match, MITB match, Cena vs. Owens II, more

Jun 14, 2015 - 10:00:30 PM


WWE Money in the Bank PPV Report
June 14, 2015
Columbus, Ohio
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Live PPV on WWE Network

The PPV started with virtually the entire locker room and the McMahon Family on-stage to salute Dusty Rhodes. Vince McMahon was at the center standing next to Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and John Cena. Lilian Garcia introduced a 10-bell salute for Dusty Rhodes.

After the silence, the crowd broke into "Dusty, Dusty" chants and Dusty's "Common Man" theme music played. The NXT crew teared up, Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella clapped along to the music on-stage, Mark Henry smiled, McMahon teared up, and the rest of the locker room had a variety of emotions. No sign of Goldust or Cody Rhodes (Stardust).

Overall, it just seems odd to "turn the page" to a wrestling show while everyone is still in celebration and mourning after the loss of such a huge figure in the wrestling business. But, that's just how the wrestling business works.

After a MITB video package aired, Lilian Garcia introduced the MITB ladder match starting the PPV. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler are on the call tonight.

In-ring: Randy Orton was introduced first for the MITB ladder match. Neville was out second, and Cole described him as the "darkhorse" to win the match. Kane was out third, followed by Dolph Ziggler, who was accompanied by Lana. New Day's music then brought out WWE tag champion Kofi Kingston. Sheamus was out sixth, followed by Roman Reigns out last. Reigns emerged through the crowd and carefully made his way down the aisleway to the ringside area. Reigns posed in the corner, then entered the ring for the match to start.

1 -- MITB LADDER MATCH -- RANDY ORTON vs. NEVILLE vs. ROMAN REIGNS vs. SHEAMUS vs. WWE tag champion KOFI KINGSTON vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Lana) vs. KANE -- Winner receives WWE Title shot briefcase

Ziggler quickly tried to win the match so he could go watch the Cavs's NBA Finals game, but Sheamus cut him off and flung him out of the ring. Sheamus started swinging a ladder around the ring attacking opponents, but Orton cut him off. Reigns then entered the ring and flung around high-flyers Kofi and Neville like ragdolls with powerbombs into a ladder.

Reigns wanted the MITB briefcase, but Kane cut him off and delivered a chokeslam off the ladder. Kane then took an RKO from Orton, who climbed the ladder, but Kofi cut him off. So, Orton dropped Kofi with an RKO. Neville then tried to jump over Orton onto the ladder, but Orton yanked Neville off the ladder and dropped him with a mid-air RKO. The crowd exploded for the latest surprise RKO.

Orton scaled the ladder, but Sheamus met him and cut him off. Sheamus was left alone to climb the ladder, but Ziggler ran back into the ring and cut off Sheamus. Ziggler and Sheamus battled on top of the ladder, Sheamus got his hand on the briefcase, Ziggler cut him off, and Ziggler hopped over Sheamus onto his back to drop him with a modified Zig-Zag. Suddenly, Neville was on the top turnbuckle to nail the Red Arrow on Sheamus. Loud "NXT" chant as everyone sold in the ring.

Suddenly, Reigns returned to the ring and dropped Kane with a Superman Punch. Reigns did not have a ladder available to climb, so he saw a pile of bodies on the outside and decided to fly over the top rope with a big splash. Reigns sold an injury after the move, then WWE tag champs Big E. and Xavier Woods came down to ringside to grab Kofi and roll him back into the ring. Kofi set up a ladder as his teammates encouraged him to hurry up the ladder. "New ... Day Sucks" chant as Kofi slowly climbed. But, Reigns suddenly took out Big E. and Xavier with a double foot dropkick. Reigns returned to the ring, grabbed Kofi, and eventually pulled him off the ladder into a powerbomb over the top rope onto another pile of bodies.

Reigns and Orton then found themselves in the ring. Reigns avoided an RKO, then dropped Orton with a spear. Reigns started to climb the ladder (to some boos), but the Bray Wyatt theme suddenly played. As Ben Tucker noted live at the building, a husky, shadowy figure went under the ring during pre-match intros. Back live, Bray was in the ring to cut off Reigns and drop Reigns with Sister Abigail to cheers from the vocal makes. Bray, sporting his butcher vest, left the ring. The only man standing was Sheamus, who set up a ladder in the ring. As the crowd booed, Sheamus climbed the ladder and got his hands on the case, but Neville cut him off. Sheamus blocked Neville, though, and threw him down to the mat by the hair. Sheamus then reached up and unhooked the briefcase to win.

WINNER: Sheamus at 20:50 to win MITB. Well, if the plan was for Sheamus to win, they had to give the babyfaces some big spots and "outs." Orton got the RKO spree, Neville got in Red Arrow, Reigns got the "out" with Bray Wyatt, and Ziggler had a few near-grabs. They really under-played the big storyline aspect going into the show of what would happen if Kane wins MITB, setting up a title situation with his "boss," Seth Rollins, which pointed to him just being an add-on for TV storyline purposes going into the PPV. Overall, pretty good MITB ladder match. Reigns vs. Wyatt should be an intriguing detour for Reigns while he's not in the WWE Title picture. (***1/2)

Backstage: Paige talked about needing to be the one, strong voice for the Divas division going up against The Bellas. She said taking away the Divas Title means taking away the Bellas's influence. And the start of change, "for Dusty."

In-ring: Nikki Bella was introduced by herself for the Divas Title match. Paige was out next for her latest title challenge.

2 -- Divas champion NIKKI BELLA vs. PAIGE -- Divas Title match

Nikki controlled early on and they cut backstage to show various Divas huddled together watching the match on a backstage monitor. Nikki tried to squeeze the life out of Paige, but she fought back with repeated forearms. Nikki shook off the attack and went back to a mat hold trying to wear down the challenger. But, Paige held on and refused to give up. She then turned the tables with a submission of her own, but Nikki reached the ropes for a break.

Paige started to go for the PTO, but Nikki kicked free. Nikki followed with a step-up kick out of the corner, but couldn't get the win. Suddenly, Paige hit the Ram-Paige and the crowd thought the match was over, but Nikki kicked out of a pin. They then set up a top-rope spot and both Divas fell to the outside. On the outside, Nikki and Brie did the switcher-oo. Paige then scooped up Brie, thinking it was Nikki, and Brie went for a roll-up, only to have Paige reverse into a three count for the win.

Or, so Paige thought. Brie identified herself as a cheater trying to pull the switch on Paige. So, instead of ignoring Brie's admission and following through with the initial ruling for Paige or calling a DQ for blatant cheating, the ref decided to wave off his three count. So, the match continued. Nikki then blindsided Paige and hit the Rack Attack for the win.

WINNER: Paige initially at 10:27, Nikki official result at 11:18 to retain the Divas Title. Goofy booking to end a solid Divas match. At the very least, Paige should have been awarded a DQ win after the accomplice willingly turned herself in as a cheater. Weird logic, which is kind of fitting considering the poor state of the division.

Next out was The Miz, who was not dressed to wrestle. Or for regular activity. Miz, dressed in his goofy Hollywood get-up, did the big set-up by first shouting out to Ohio before saying he left this place. Miz said if you don't live in Hollywood or New York, you don't count. Miz then sat down at ringside for commentary on the Intercontinental Title match.

In-ring: Big Show was introduced first as the IC Title challenger. Ryback was out next to defend the title.

Live PPV Second Hour

3 -- IC champion RYBACK vs. BIG SHOW -- Intercontinental Title match

Before the match started, WWE replayed Ryback giving Big Show the Shell-Shock on Raw. Essentially, that's the pay-off tonight, as well. As soon as the bell sounded, Ryback intercepted a charging Big Show with a big spear. Ryback wanted the meat-hook clothesline, and he connected. This is moving quickly. Ryback then wanted Shell-Shock, but Show blocked, only to take a clothesline over the top rope to the floor. Ryback followed up on the outside by tossing around Miz and chucking him over the announce table.

But, back in the ring, Show cut off Ryback to end his hot start. That was like a big five-run first inning answered by a grand slam. Show followed up with power offense and chops to the chest. Ryback came back with a big vertical suplex and then a running splash, but Show kicked out of a pin. Ryback wanted the Meathook clothesline again, but Show intercepted with a chokeslam for a two count.

Show wanted the KO Punch at 5:00, but Ryback ducked and tried Shell-Shock again, but Show landed a right hand to the mouth. It knocked Ryback out of the ring, though, so Show could not follow up with a cover. Show rolled Ryback back into the ring, then Miz suddenly attacked Big Show with a mic, causing the bell to sound. Miz also attacked Ryback on the way out of the ring. Cole said the match was thrown out via DQ. Show was then officially announced as the winner.

WINNER: Show via DQ at 5:28; Ryback retained the IC Title. Actually a pretty hot start to the match before things slowed down and ended on a flat note trying to avoid Ryback winning, but having Ryback retain the title. (**1/2)

Raw plug: Machine Gun Kelly guest-stars on Raw tomorrow night from Cleveland.

Tough Enough plug: Cole, Lawler, and JBL hyped the Final 13 contestants determined.

Video Package: John Cena vs. Kevin Owens II.

In-ring: NXT champion Kevin Owens was introduced to the ring to a loud ovation from the vocal males. Lots of KO signs and merchandise in the crowd, including WWE finding one kid in the John Cena Fan age range wearing Owens merch. Owens's music stopped, then a loud "Fight Owens Fight" chant broke out. Dramatic Cena Pause, then John Cena's music played to mainly boos. Cena bounced out on-stage to the "John Cena Suuuuucks" sing-song from the Owens Fans. Cena shouted toward the on-stage camera that this has a "big-fight feel" to it, then he stormed the ring to square off with Owens. But first, each man raised his respective title to a mix of cheers and boos. The vocal males cheering for Owens were louder than the Cena Fans cheering the U.S. champion.

4 -- U.S. champion JOHN CENA vs. NXT champion KEVIN OWENS -- Champion vs. Champion non-title re-match from Elimination Chamber two weeks ago

Cena opened things up with a shoulder tackle, putting Owens on the mat for a second. Owens came back to his feet, circled the ring, and responded with a shoulder tackle. An "NXT" chant broke out, which is always funny to hear when The Big Company owns the Favored Little Brand. Lots of noise from the crowd, then Cena smashed Owens in the face with a clothesline. Cole pointed out Owens's nasal issues, but Owens responded with a dropkick to take control of the match.

Owens settled on a reverse chinlock, Cena came to his feet, and Cena suddenly broke free into a dropkick. Cena went for his usual offensive attack combination, but Owens countered the sit-out slam with a hip toss takeover, popping the crowd. Owens then did Cena's offensive attack and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle. But, Cena responded with the STF on a cocky Owens. Owens kicked away, then teased the AA, but Cena avoided and hit a reverse facebuster for a two count. Deep breaths at 5:30.

Owens came to his feet first and teased a pop-up powerbomb, but Cena avoided and hit a sit-out slam into his own Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena tried the AA, but Owens countered with a release German Suplex into the corner. So, Owens delivered a running cannonball splash, but Cena kicked out of a pin. Owens thought over his next move, then dragged Cena to the corner. Red Arrow? Actually, a Swanton Bomb attempt, but Cena got his knees up to block. Owens sold immense back pain as Cena recovered across the ring.

Reset at 9:30 with Lawler pointed out that Cena appears to respect Owens. Cena then wanted the AA, and he connected. But, Owens kicked out of Cena's finisher again. Cena got hot at ref Mike Chioda, saying he thought it was three. A very heated exchange uncharacteristic for Cena's character. The crowd got on Cena, playing along with Cena losing his cool. The announcers talked about Owens being able to get under Cena's skin two matches in.

Cena tried a top-rope move, but Owens blocked, then spun Cena around into a sit-out powerbomb. But, Cena kicked out of a pin. Both men sold on the mat as the crowd expressed their appreciation for the match. Owens was the first man to his feet looking to end Cena. He wanted the pop-up powerbomb, but Cena countered with a huracanrana, only to have Owens pop to his feet and smash him with a superkick. Another counter by Cena, but Owens kicked out again. The announcers continued to talk up Owens answering everything Cena has thrown at him in only his second PPV match.

Cena wanted a top-rope guillotine, but Owens avoided and hit a double-underhook modified Package Piledriver for another two count. Both men recovered as the "Let's Go Cena / Fight Owens Fight" dueling chant broke out. Owens then went for his two-step top-rope moonsault, but Cena avoided. And, Cena scooped up Owens for another AA. And, Owens kicked out again. Cena could only sit on the mat, stunned by Owens kicking out again.

They came to the point in Match #1 where it seemed like a stalemate with neither man able to win. Cena then re-positioned Owens in the corner before hosting his body onto the top turnbuckle. Cena wanted a superplex, but Owens countered with a mid-air vertical suplex. Cole freaked out for the top-rope counter, then Cena kicked out again.

Reset at 16:30. Owens walked toward Cena, who suddenly sprung on him with the STF in the middle of the ring. But, Owens grabbed the rope for a break. Cena tried to hang on, nearly getting himself DQ'ed. Cena suddenly found himself on Owens's back, where he found his balance against the ropes and snapped off sort of a modified Styles Clash (without the neck tuck). But, Owens kicked out again. Owens then came right back with the pop-up powerbomb, but Cena kicked out, causing the crowd to lose their minds.

Both men tried to figure out what to do next as they came to their feet. Owens told Cena to give up and just stay down. But, Cena pushed off to the ropes, went for a springboard stunner, and didn't quite get it, just moving Cena a little. But, Cena followed right up with the AA. And Cena covered Owens for the pin.

Post-match, the announcers put over both men as WWE went to crowd shots of happy Cena fans and frustrated Owens fans. Cena received his U.S. Title belt, then waited for Owens to get up. Cena approached Owens from behind with a look of respect on his face. Cena told Owens to look around the arena as the crowd applauded. He told Owens that he belongs right here in front of all this. Cena grabbed the NXT Title and handed it over to Owens. "Champion to real champion," Cena said. He extended his hand. Owens shook.

Cena then raised Owens's arm in the air, only to have Owens kick Cena in the gut. The vocal males popped. Owens then scooped up Cena and gave him a powerbomb on the ring apron. Owens freaked out as drool spilled out of his mouth. "Yes!" shouts from the vocal males mixed with boos. Refs then spilled out to check on Cena. Back in the ring, Owens picked up the U.S. Title belt and left with both titles. Owens laughed maniacally as he held up both title belts, then he chucked the U.S. Title toward Cena. Cole said they just witnessed one of the most incredible matches ever, then Owens threw away all of the respect from Cena. After a replay of the post-match attack, they returned to Owens laughing like a crazy-man and Cena selling an ankle injury, unable to put weight on his right ankle.

WINNER: Cena at 19:15 to even the series at 1-1. Amazing, amazing match with such energy in the building. The story played out perfectly for Owens Fans who were concerned about Owens losing, then falling down the ladder. Instead, Owens got the super-respect loss reinforcing him as a big deal to casual viewers, then he immediately got his heat back taking out Cena Sami-Zayn style after the match. That was solid booking to counter the first hour. (****1/2)

Total Divas plug.

Backstage: Renee Young said they will try to get a medical update on John Cena later in the show. She then brought in Dean Ambrose. Renee asked Dean about losing the title belt on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. What am, an animal? Okay, yeah he did lose the belt in New Orleans, but he found it. Dean said sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself and take what's yours. He said he doesn't live for paperwork and "official rulings," so he has decided to stand up for himself and what's right. And he is the people's champion, at least tonight. He said it's just him, Seth Rollins, the title, and a a ladder. Seth vowed to get the payday tonight.

Announcers: Cole, JBL, and Lawler went back to Owens vs. Cena. Cole said it was a classic match, despite the actions by Owens. He said they know Dusty Rhodes would be proud of that match. Lawler said there was no better talker than Dusty. Cole talked about Dusty helping "young talent" learn how to "cut a promo" at the Performance Center.

Cole fed to a video package on Dusty Rhodes that aired on the MITB pre-show. Back in the arena, the crowd was shown applauding and chanting "Dusty, Dusty." Cole then announced a special on Dusty Rhodes airing Monday night after Raw on WWE Network.

In-ring: Big E.'s voice welcomed out the New Day to defend the WWE Tag Titles. Big E. and Xavier Woods came to the ring, but first for a promo. Xavier said a travesty happened earlier tonight when Kofi Kingston was robbed of MITB. Big E. said cheaters should never win, just like the Ohio St. Buckeyes coming off probation. Big E. said winners win with dignity. And that's how Kofi needs the power of positivity more than ever. He asked Clap Nation to come to their feet and give Kofi some positivity in the back. But, the "New ... Day Sucks" chant broke out instead of "New ... Day Rocks." Xavier said a human being put his life on the line (not to win), but to entertain, and they have the audacity to chant that? Big E. calmed down Xavier, then smiled that Columbus, nor the Prime Time Players, will deter them. Because "New ... Day ... Rocks," Xavier said through gritted teeth.

Prime Time Players then came out to challenge New Day for the Tag Titles. Cole noted that Titus played college football at Florida, where the current Ohio St. coach Urban Meyer coached and won National Titles. JBL followed up with a shout-out to John Laurinaitis, whose nephew, James Laurinaitis, played at Ohio State.

Live PPV Third Hour


New Day opened things up by stomping a mudhole in D-Young in the corner. Xavier with a casual pin using his boot to the chest for a one count. Big E. then tagged in to deliver a big running splash to Young for another nearfall. Just complete domination of D-Young through the first five minutes. Titus finally got a tag and ran over Xavier, then Big E., then Xavier again. Titus chucked Xavier across the ring, then hit a big corner splash, and followed with the Monty Brown Pounce for a two count.

Chaos in the ring until Titus planted Xavier in the ring with an emphatic turnaround spinebuster. Titus covered and it was good for the pin and the win. The crowd was surprised, not thinking it would be the finish. The Players then celebrated with the belts in the crowd.

WINNERS: Prime Time Players at 5:48 to capture the WWE Tag Titles. Oddly-structured match not getting much juice from the Tag Title change squeeze. They tried a long beat down on D-Young to set up the tag to Titus, but it was almost too one-sided that it took the crowd out of the match and they did not re-engage for the tag, finishing sequence, and anti-climatic three count. (**1/4)

Pre-Show Panel: Renee and Co. tried to muster excitement for the Tag Title change, then talked up Owens vs. Cena before focusing on Rollins vs. Ambrose for the WWE Title. Renee then went back to the opening PPV match when Sheamus won the MITB briefcase. Also during that match, Roman Reigns was poised to win, but Bray Wyatt cost Reigns the match and a future title shot.

Announcement: Cole said it will be Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt in five weeks at the Battleground PPV.

Video Package: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose title feud leading to tonight's main event.

Backstage: WWE World Hvt. champion Seth Rollins took his final walk down the hallway. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury, who beat Rollins on Raw, hung out in the background. Kane then walked in and laughed at Seth's plight, saying he dug his own grave and now he has to lie in it. Seth walked up toward Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Steph said no pressure but the entire fate of the company is on his shoulders. Okay boss. Hunter told Seth to forget all of this and just show them why he picked Seth to be WWE World champion. Hunter's motivational speech fired up Seth, who took a deep breath and marched down the hallway.

In-ring: The WWE World Title belt was shown hanging above the ring as Lilian Garcia announced the rules. She said the first wrestler to climb the ladder and retrieve the title will be declared the winner and WWE World Hvt. champion. After a pause, Dean Ambrose's music played to bring out Ambrose to a Superstar reaction. He has everyone on-board right now. Dean walked underneath a ladder in the middle of the entranceway, then entered the ring. Dean took a moment to pause and contemplate the match before Seth Rollins's music played to bring out the WWE World champion by himself.

Once both men were in the ring, Lilian handled formal ring introductions as champion and challenger had a mid-ring stare down. Cue the bell at 10:19 p.m. EST, giving them tons of time for the match (and potential post-match).

6 -- WWE World Hvt. champion SETH ROLLINS vs. DEAN AMBROSE -- WWE World Title ladder match

As the match started, Cole commented that they might see "a bit more wrestling" in this match. Back and forth early on as the wrestlers felt each other out. "Let's Go Ambrose" chant from the crowd as Dean took control of the match. Seth suddenly nailed Dean with a clothesline, then knocked him to the floor. Seth chucked Dean into the ring steps, then a ladder got involved. Seth got the worst of it taking a blow to the face.

Back in the ring, Dean and Seth took turns climbing, then yanking the other man off the ladder. They eventually knocked down the ladder, then Dean gave Seth a butterfly overhead suplex into the ladder. Dean soaked in the pain experienced by Seth, then scooped him up for a bodyslam. He followed by climbing the ladder, doing the Dusty Signal, and delivering a flying bionic elbow to Seth. Dean clotheslined Seth to the outside, then positioned the ladder to start climbing. But, Seth returned to the ring with a chair, which he used to bash Dean in the left leg and knee.

Seth tried to take advantage by climbing the ladder, but Dean managed to kick out the ladder. So, Seth smashed Dean with the ladder and smiled to himself. Seth started working over the leg and knee, taking some time to taunt Dean as a one-legged man now. Dean started to fight back, so Seth angrily yanked Dean into the corner and wrapped his knee around the ringpost. Seth followed with a figure-four leglock around the ringpost, causing Dean to scream out in pain.

Back in the middle of the ring, Seth put the figure-four leglock on Dean again (as referee Charles Robinson peered over the ring mat from the outside). Seth taunted Dean again, so Dean responded by reversing the pressure onto Seth to get the crowd back into the match on Dean's side. But, Seth escaped, then continued the attack. Seth went under the ring to grab a chair, which he bashed over Dean's knee. Dean had a far-away look in his face as the announcers talked about Seth being able to win the match right now, but he wants to make a statement by punishing Dean.

Dean suddenly found energy to fight back and wanted the rebound lariat on one leg, but Seth lifted up a ladder at the last second to block Dean. The crowd chanted for tables, pointing to the issue of this match being at the end of a show where the crowd has seen everything and isn't completely engaged in the match story. Back to Seth, who wanted a top-rope attack, but Dean chucked a chair at his face. Dean then tried a superplex onto a ladder, but Seth knocked him down to the mat. So, Ambrose crotched The Champ, then nailed a desperation lariat that rocked Seth to the mat.

The crowd tried to rally Ambrose, who came to his feet punching and slapping Seth like a madman. Ambrose shook off his knee pain, then charged the ropes to clothesline Seth and himself clear over the top rope to the floor. They returned to the ring, where Dean nailed a rebound lariat right in the middle of the ring. But, there was no ladder. So, Seth rolled out of the ring to recover. Seth thought about leaving through the crowd, but Dean caught up to him. And they brawled through the crowd toward a playground table.

Seth and Dean eventually made it back to the ringside area, where Dean hobbled across the Spanish announce table to splash Seth on the English table. They returned to the ring, where Seth teased a powerbomb over the top rope onto a ladder, but Dean blocked and back-dropped Seth over the top rope into the ladder. The ladder "buckled in half," causing Seth to sell intense back pain.

While Seth sold on the outside at 25:00, Dean dragged another ladder into the ring. Dean, with his injured knee, started to climb the ladder, but Seth got back in the ring and pulled him down. Seth dragged Dean to the outside, where Dean clotheslined Seth over the Spanish announce table, clearing the announcers into the crowd looking for safety. Dean and Seth battled to their feet, where Seth teased a Pedigree on the table, but Dean blocked and nailed Dirty Deeds onto (but not through) the table. The crowd chanted One More Time, but Dean rolled away from ringside toward the ring.

Dean climbed into the ring, then started climbing the ladder, hobbling toward the belt, but Seth suddenly ran into the ring with a TV monitor to smash Dean's knee and knock him off the ladder. Dean tried to fight back, but Seth gave him a textbook Pedigree in the corner of the ring. Seth tried climbing again, but Dean grabbed his feet and hung on for dear life. So, Seth came down the ladder to smash Dean some more. On the outside, Seth delivered a nasty bucklebomb right into the barricade. Seth had a crazy look in his eyes as he contemplated his next move.

Seth started scattering chairs around the ringside area, even going underneath the ring Hornswoggle-style to find more chairs. Seth delivered a running powerbomb into a combination of chairs and a ladder, prompting Lawler to declare "That's it." Seth buried Dean underneath a pile of chairs and ladders, then slid into the ring. Seth started climbing rung by rung toward the title belt. But, suddenly, Dean climbed out from under the pile of weapons and limped into the ring. Dean grabbed Seth, climbed to the top rung, and got his left hand on the title belt. Seth then grabbed hold of Dean's arm, unstrapped the belt, and they kind of flung each other down to the mat with the belt hanging in the balance. They hit the mat and in the process, the belt left their dual grasp and landed in Seth's hands, giving him the win, as Dean was left grasping air on the 50/50 ball.

Post-match, the announcers talked about how close Dean was to getting the belt and becoming legit champion. They also talked about Seth winning by himself. Seth then left the ring with his title belt and found Triple H waiting for him on the entranceramp. Meanwhile, Dean sat in the ring in a state of disbelief. JoJo came out on the stage to interview Seth, who boasted about being the Greatest Champion of All-Time. Seth cackled, Hunter smiled, Dean sat stunned in the ring, and Cole signed off right at the top of the hour.

WINNER: Seth at 35:40 to retain the WWE Tag Titles. The ending felt like a letdown after 36 minutes of drawn-out fighting. After all, WWE just turned Seth into a joke by having him lose clean to his security guards on Raw, and they didn't tell the story of Seth being determined to rebound from that embarrassment, so why go that route on Raw? Sure, Triple H gave Seth the big pre-match motivational speech, but that was more about Hunter than Seth. The overall deal ended up hurting Dean in the end. Plus, there were the unintended consequences of Sheamus's MITB briefcase hanging over the match since WWE set precedent at WM31 by bending their rules having Rollins cash in during a title match, as opposed to after a title match. So, why didn't Sheamus just cash in MITB while Seth and Dean were fighting in the crowd or both knocked out on the floor and climb the ladder to win the title? WWE took a short-sighted shortcut at WM31 and now that's going to hang over these types of title matches going forward. (***)

Ben Tucker relayed from the building that Dean Ambrose cut an epic post-match promo after the PPV went off the air to close the show. Read Tucker's in-person tweets from the PPV @BTuckerTorch.

WWE then released video of Ambrose's promo after the show HERE.

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