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KELLER’S WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS PPV REPORT 9/20: Ongoing “virtual time” coverage of event including Sting vs. Seth, Cena vs. Seth, Ryback vs. Owens, mystery partner with Reigns & Ambrose, Divas Title, Tag Title, more

Sep 20, 2015 - 10:08:21 PM


By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

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-WWE hyped a new JBL interview series on WWE Network where he interviews legends. They showed Eric Bischoff would be one of his first guests.


-A video package aired on the line-up of top matches scheduled.

-Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL introduced the show.


After some early back and forth, Owens took sustained control. The announcers talked about Owens’s 15 year climb to WWE and then winning his debut match against John Cena. Lawler said, “He shocked the world, alright.” He said it wouldn’t be a shock if he beat Ryback tonight, either. JBL said he doesn’t think Owens is necessarily the underdog, and even though Ryback has been a great champion. At 6:00 Ryback made a comeback. Ryback went for the Shellshock at 9:00, but Owens slipped free and shoved Ryback into the ringpost. Owens then applied a submission hold with serious torque on Ryback’s shoulder. Ryback teased tapping out, but then powered his way to his feet, lifting Owens with him. He slammed Owens to the mat and broke free, then lifted Owens for Shellshock. Owens raked Ryback’s eyes and schoolboyed him for the win. Cole declared, “Kevin Owens captured his first championship in WWE!” NXT, apparently, does not count, which is fine, although perhaps a little confusing to some since NXT is promoted as being part of WWE.

WINNER: Owens in 10:00 to capture the Intercontinental Championship. (**)

(WK Reax: Good enough match. About what I’d expect with these two, especially in an opening match slot. I’m glad to see Owens’s win, and I like that as a heel he won only by cheating with a dirty tactic. That’s what makes him a heel. Owens’s celebrated like he really truly accomplished something important, which is good after a title change of any kind.)

-A commercial aired with Paul Heyman hyping that next month on WWE Network is “WWE’s Go To Hell” tour featuring Lesnar vs. Big Show at the live MSG show, Steve Austin interviewing Lesnar live on WWE Network, and in a blockbuster announcement, Lesnar vs. Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match.

-They went back to the announcers live whose jaws were dropped at that news. They reacted with the gravity it deserved for ten seconds, but it felt ultimately anti-climactic to announce it that way without any build-up in a commercial that I think a lot of people have learned to tune out.

-The announcer narrated a video package on the Dolph Ziggler-Summer Rae-Rusev developments lately. They showed a clip of Summer Rae telling Ziggler on Smackdown the gift he gave her was unexpected. She said it was an unexpected peace offering. He said, “Sometimes a rose is just a rose.” Then he teased leaving before stopping and saying, “But sometimes it means more.”

-They went to a backstage Rusev interview with Summer Rae by Rich Brennan. Rusev was upset and said he didn’t want to deal with any more American propaganda. Brennan asked Summer if her ear rings were given to her by Ziggler. She gave him a look that said, “Quiet, don’t talk about it or it’ll upset Rusev.”

(2) RUSEV (w/Summer Rae) vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER

Cole noted that Lana is at home recovering from wrist surgery. Rusev bailed out early and regrouped. Lawler said he wishes “these women” would invest in a diary instead of talking about their personal lives so much on Twitter. Rusev took control with a chinlock a minute in. Ziggler dropped down to escape and then landed a high dropkick. Rusev didn’t drop, but Ziggler leaped onto his back with a sleeper. Rusev powered out quickly and landed a jump spin wheel kick. Lawler said a jealous woman will do more investigating than the FBI, “and I speak from experience.” Russian took it to Ziggler at ringside as Lawler wondered if Summer’s ear rings were the ones Ziggler gave her. JBL said that’s a personal matter that shouldn’t be made public and that Rusev is not a jealous man. Lawler gasped at that preposterous statement. Ziggler twice teased comebacks. Once he battled free from Rusev and then sidestepped a charge in the corner, with Rusev going hard into the corner ringpost over the turnbuckle face-first. Rusev, though, took over again and landed a hard chokeslam for a near fall. He also knocked Ziggler off the top rope at 9:00 and landed a kick for a near fall. Rusev sat up and couldn’t believe it.

The crowd chanted “USA! USA!” Ziggler recovered and surprised Rusev with a sleeper. JBL noted that earlier Ziggler couldn’t hold onto it, but maybe he could this time. It lasted longer before Rusev backed Zigger into the corner and pushed himself free. Ziggler DDT’d Rusev, although Rusev’s head clearly never hit the mat. Rusev, though, did do a bit of a headstand before falling over. Ziggler scored a two count. JBL made a Ken Shamrock-Kimbo Slice reference. Vince McMahon did not feed that in his ear. JBL asked, “If you plant a Bulgarian like that, do a dozen more pop-up?” Rusev landed a pick and scored a near fall, but Rusev thought he won. He celebrated like he won, and took way too long to realize the bell never rang and his music didn’t start playing. He went to the ref and raised their arms. The ref told him no. Rusev began to stomp on Ziggler, but Ziggler had enough time to recover, pop up, and land his own superkick for a two count. Summer stood on the ring apron and yelled. Rusev shoved Ziggler into her. She fell down. The ref ordered her to the back for standing on the ring apron. She screeched and threw off his high-heel shoes. One of them hit Rusev, who was stunned. Ziggler then gave Rusev the Zig-Zag for the win. Ziggler consoled Summer, who was sitting pouting at ringside in frustration with the unintended consequences of her actions.

WINNER: Ziggler in 14:00. (***)

(WK Reax: Really good match start to finish. These two have very different styles, but those two styles work well together. Really good effort start to finish. The ending was a little corny, but not awful by any means, and totally expected. Did anyone expect the finish to not involve Summer somehow in a disagreement that led to Rusev being angry at her and Ziggler treating her like a princess?)

-The showed Nikki Bella doing push-ups backstage as Alicia Fox and Brie Bella admired her. Then they cut to Becky Lynch and Paige giving Charlotte encouragement backstage. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair then walked up and wished his daughter luck.

-Cole commented on a collage of former top tag team champions such as the The Blackjacks, Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas, The Hart Foundation, The Legion of Doom, and Edge & Christian. It’s always fun to read into the politics of which teams are chosen and which aren’t (and sometimes it’s sad). For instance, Jack Lanza is a longtime loyal WWE agent. Rocky Johnson is related to The Rock. Edge & Christian are in good graces with WWE and aren’t working elsewhere.

(3) THE NEW DAY vs. THE DUDLEY BOYS - WWE World Tag Team Title match

On their way to the ring, the New Day talked about their campaign to save tables around the world. Kofi talked about their hashtag “Save the Tables.” Xavier is sporting new red stripes in his hair. Kofi has some red trim. They talked about various fringe celebrities supporting their cause such as Bill Nye the Science Guy and Jake from State Farm. They sang, “Like State Farm Insurance, New Day is there!” Big E said Barack Obama has shown support for them. Kofi and Xavier suggested it wasn’t the real Obama and then Big E seemed confused. They asked the crowd to clap along with them as they chanted “Save… the tables!”

The Dudleys came out second. Kofi and D-Von battled early. Cole noted that the Dudleys are approaching 20 years together. When Big E and Bubba tagged in, Big E called Bubba an old man and told him to go home. Bubba shoved Big E, but Big E applied a headlock, cinching it on to the beat of “New… Day Rocks!” Bubba came back quickly and tagged in D-Von. They dropped a stereo elbow after some showmanship. They continued frequent tags. Whatever Bubba had done to lose a lot of weight he stopped doing as he was back to a heavier weight that definitely affects his mobility and athleticism. He superplexed Big E for a two count. He backdropped a charging Kofi and then yanked Xavier into the ring in protest of his trump playing. The chaos led to New Day taking over offense. Xavier went back to playing a trumpet at ringside.

Big E splashed Bubba on the edge of the ring apron, then settle into a chinlock mid-ring. Xavier played the theme to “Rocky” at ringside as Kofi beat up Bubba. When D-Von hot-tagged in, JBL said, “The Attitude Era has come to life!” He went on a flurry against Kofi including a diving headbutt to his chest followed by getting the crowd to clap before he splashed Kofi in the corner and hit a flying shoulder tackle. He tagged in Bubba, but then Big E charged in. The Dudleys took care of Big E, then gave Kofi the 3D. As the ref began to count, Xavier and Big E interfered. The ref DQ’d New Day.

The New Day attacked the Dudleys afterward. Then they called for the tables. Cole called then out for being hypocrites for calling for saving the tables, only to now bring one in the ring to use against the Dudleys. Some fans chanted “Save the tables!” The Dudleys made a comeback, though, and gave Xavier the 3D through the table. That got a big pop.

WINNERS: The Dudley Boyz via DQ so New Day retain the WWE Tag Team Titles at 9:57.

-A commercial aired for the new WWE Network special documenting developmental wrestlers at NXT trying to make it. It’s called Breaking Ground and is debuts Oct. 26. Lawler said, “It’s going to be so awesome, I can’t wait for that.” I don’t believe he’ll watch a second of it. He had trouble even saying that sentence without his manufactured enthusiasm looking totally insincere.

-A video package aired on Nikki Bella’s NXT Title reign.

(4) NIKKI BELLA (w/Brie Bella, Alicia Fox) vs. CHARLOTTE (w/Paige, Becky Lynch) - WWE Divas Championship

As Charlotte came out, Cole plugged that Hulu Plus gives you access to all of their shows the next day including Raw. No mention of Raw being the edited version. The announcers discussed whether Charlotte’s father Ric being there to support her works for or against her. Lawler said Charlotte doesn’t need the extra pressure of worrying about failing in front of her father. Nikki avoided an initial hook up. A minute later she shoved Charlotte off the ring apron to the floor. Charlotte sold that she tweaked her knee, which the announcers drew attention to. Charlotte clotheslined Nikki when she re-entered the ring, but continued to favor a knee. Nikki began working over Charlotte’s knee. Cole said there are a lot of critics Nikki’s reign, but said it’s hard to argue with her success. He could try by discussing her tactics to retain her title over and over using “Twin Magic” and the fluke retention of her title on Raw on Monday. He talked about how few champions have held titles in WWE longer than 300 days. The crowd chanted “Let’s Go Charlotte.” Nikki mocked Charlotte with some mid-ring push-ups as Charlotte cried out in agony about her sore knee. Charlotte surprised Nikki with a crucifix for a near fall, but Nikki went right back to working on her leg. The match was focused entirely on Nikki working over Charlotte’s leg. Nikki turned to yell at Brie and Fox at ringside for pulling the rope away from Charlotte. Cole explained she did that because she didn’t want to get disqualified and lose her title. Becky and Paige jumped Brie and Fox. Charlotte made a comeback.

Charlotte threw some chops and the crowd “wooo’d!” She then gave Nikki a kneeling neck breaker and a kick to the head. Charlotte paused to favor her leg, then went for the cover and scored a two count. Charlotte set up a backslide, but Nikki broke free with a mule kick to Charlotte’s bad leg. When the announcers talked about whether the ref should call of the match to protect Charlotte, JBL got a little tripped up, but in a good way, when he said it’s the referee’s job to “protect these entertainers, uh, these performers out there.” Charlotte caught Nikki with a spear and then applied the Figure-four into the Figure-eight. The crowd popped for the bridge. Cole asked what Nikki would do when there is no help for her. Nikki tapped out and Charlotte became the new champion. A teared up Ric joined Charlotte and hugged her. JBL said, “It’s a moment in history. You’ll remember where you were for this one.” Charlotte did her best to strut alongside her dad while also trying to still sell her knee injury a bit.

WINNER: Charlotte at 12:47. (**1/4)

(WK Reax: Really way too one-dimensional, but it was solid for a one-dimensional match. I’m all for working a body part, but the entire match was the working of Charlotte’s leg and the match could’ve used a couple different stanzas mixed in.)

-Owens talked in a backstage interview with Jo-Jo about feeling complete. He said lately he’s felt like a prize fighter without a prize. He said he won not because a stupid book told him he would, but because it’s no secret how good he is.

-Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton reacted to the Divas Title change. Corey said, “The Queen Bee was just dethroned. To be the Woman you’ve got to beat The Woman!” Saxton reacted to Owens’ victory. Booker said he’s waiting on the mystery partner for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Then they threw to the Kick-off show tag match earlier.]

-They went to Cole, Lawler, and JBL who quickly threw backstage to more of a celebration with Ric Flair, Charlotte, Paige, and Becky. He said he was nervous, but now he’s ready to party. Flair kissed Charlotte and talked about how proud he is of her. “That’s my girl!” he shouted. Back to the announcers, Lawler said there’s going to be some partying tonight.

-A video package aired on the Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Wyatt Family feud.


Wyatts came out first. Then Ambrose through the regular aisle and then Reigns out through the crowd. Roman had a proud smile on his face as they milked the moment before the partner was revealed. A fan dressed up in Shield gear jumped into the ring behind Reigns and Ambrose. Security quickly intervened, although the guy ended up standing right behind Reigns and Ambrose. The announcers no-sold it, as not to give anyone else incentive to have their two seconds of fame. Then Chris Jericho’s music played and out he came to his music. Cole said the Toyota Center just exploded. Lawler said, “It’s him! He’s back!” Cole talked up his title history. Cole said Bray can’t be happy about this after the battles Bray and Jericho had last year. He said their rivalry culminated inside a steel cage. Jericho tapped knuckles with Ambrose and Reigns, then looked out into the crowd. Cole said they saw him on “Tough Enough,” but had no idea he’d be back tonight.

The crowd chanted “Y2J!” before the match. Reigns and Harper battled for a minute at the start, then Reigns tagged in Jericho who leaped off the top rope with a forearm to Harper’s arm. He followed with a flying cross body block. Brawn tagged in at 2:00. Reigns tagged back in right away. Braun towered over Reigns, but Reigns didn’t back down and there the first punch. Reigns tagged in Ambrose and they attempted to five seconds of a double-team in. When they charged at him with a stereo shoulder tackle attempt, he knocked them both down. Then he pressed Jericho over his head and tossed him to the floor near his partners. He then walked to the floor and was met with boos from the ringside fans. He threw Ambrose back into the ring. Bray asked for a tag in to dish out some punishment on Ambrose. Ambrose eventually hot-tagged Reigns.

Harper blocked a Samoan Drop, but Reigns persisted and landed it seconds later. Harper caught a charging Reigns with a boot to the face. Reigns countered with a sitout powerbomb for a two count. Reigns clotheslined Harper repeatedly in the corner ten times as the crowd chanted along, ending with an uppercut that sent Harper over the top rope to the floor. Braun grabbed Reigns from behind by his hair, giving Harper an opening to recover enough to surprise Reigns with a superkick. Bray then tagged in, again opportunistically only when an opponent looked vulnerable. He chokeslammed Reigns and scored a two count on a very soft looking cover. JBL called it a lazy cover and said he didn’t think he was even trying to beat him. Braun tagged back in and worked over Reigns. Bray beat up Reigns on the floor, then dragged and lifted him back into the ring, but he was dead weight. He rolled him over and scored a near fall. Ambrose jumped onto the back of Braun at ringside with a sleeper, but he just flipped him over and off of him. Reigns made a comeback against Reigns and rallied against Bray. Jericho then gave Bray a running bulldog and played to the crowd. He put Bray in the Walls of Jericho mid-ring. The crowd cheered. Harper broke it up with a clothesline from behind. Ambrose tagged in and clotheslined Harper out of the ring, then schoolboyed Bray for a quick near fall. Bray escaped a Dirty Deeds attempt. Both collided with a double clothesline mid-ring. Bray hot-tagged Braun and then Dean hot-tagged Reigns.

Reigns hit Strowman with some punches and then a couple Superman punches, which did not drop him. Ambrose dove off the top rope onto Braun, then through the ropes onto Harper. “Incredible!” Reigns went into his routine to set up his finisher, but Jericho tagged himself in and scored a two count after a Lionsault on Braun. Braun powered out. Jericho charged at Braun, but Braun brushed him off. When Jericho went for a Code Breaker, Braun caught him and twisted him into an inverted body vice and then twisted him into a hard slam on the mat. Then he put him in his elevated arm triangle sleeper. The crowd loudly chanted “Y2J!” but eventually his arms dropped the ref called off the match. Cole said that’s not the return Jericho expected to have. Bray’s music played as the ref tended to Jericho’s limp body in the ring. Reigns and Ambrose kneeled down to check on Jericho. As Jericho began to get up, Reigns and Ambrose looked down at Jericho. Then Jericho stood and pushed past them hard with his shoulders and walked to the back with his hands on his hips. Dean and Reigns watched. Jericho came across as the heel here because he tagged himself in when Reigns was on a roll, a spot typically reserved for someone who wanted all the glory of victory. Reigns and Dean seemed willing to console him and accept what happened, but Jericho showed some attitude and didn’t want to hear it, exhibiting signs of being a sore loser.

WINNERS: Wyatt Family at 13:05. (**1/2)

(WK Reax: Not a ton to the match other than intense building up of Strowman as a huge new force and then newsworthy post-match interaction with Jericho and Roman & Dean.)

-Backstage The Authority gave Seth a pep talk. Triple H said it’s the most challenging night of his career, but they believe in him. Steph said he’s ready to beat two first-ballot Hall of Famers. Seth said time for talk is over because he is The Man. He walked away and in walked Sheamus who said while Seth is ready, “so am I.” Steph and Hunter looked slightly distressed.

-They went back to Cole, JBL, and Lawler who threw to a collage of pictures of past U.S. Title holders such as Harley Race, Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Eddie Guerrero, and Booker T. They also showed a collage of Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, and The Rock. It stings Hulk Hogan so much to now be excluded from that list.

(WK NOTE: Please check out my new dedicated blog at featuring new updates throughout the day with editorials, news analysis, and more reacting to what’s happening in pro wrestling (and even some MMA). This weekend’s new editorial examines the Vince McMahon Tweet last week about The Authority dancing with New Day and what it could indicate. Last week’s editorial on Nikki Bella’s portrayal on Raw and how it reveals WWE’s prioritizing building their brand over wrestlers and feuds went viral and has ended up being among my most read articles ever on the Internet.)

(6) SETH ROLLINS vs. JOHN CENA - U.S. Title match

JBL said Seth has to concentrate on this match and worry about Sting afterward or else he has no chance to win. Lawler agreed. A Cena battle chant broke out before the first hook-up. Cole noted that only Barry Windham in 1988 captured the U.S. Title in Houston. JBL said Seth just wants to eek out a victory any way he can walk out as U.S. Champion and he’d like to do it quickly, but it’s not likely possible. Seth went for an early sleeper. Seth set Cena vulnerably backward on the top rope and then did a leaping double stomp to his chest at 3:00. JBL said it reminds him of Finn Balor. Cole noted that Finn is the NXT Champion. The crowd was into the match and Cole noted how hot the crowd was. The crowd was actually doing a wave as Seth spun center-ring and pointed at the wave as it circled the ring. Cole said, “Seth really thinks he’s all that, doesn’t he?” Seth fended off a Cena comeback attempt and then strutted around the ring. He leaned over and did the hand wave. Cena popped up and shoulder tackled Seth twice, but Seth came back with a neck breaker.

When Cena made a comeback, the battle-chant began again for and against Cena. When Seth made his comeback, Cena cut him off with a huracanrana type move sending Seth tumbling into the corner. They exchanged blows mid-ring. Cena no-sold a Seth chop and then punched away at him. Seth dove at him, but Cena caught him and then lifted him onto his shoulders. He set up an AA, but Seth flipped onto his feet and super kicked Cena to the jaw for a two count. Cena gave Seth a turning DDT off the ropes. He soaked up a loud “Let’s Go Cena!” chant as he climbed to the top rope. Seth caught him up there and gave him a superplex and then a float-over into a second suplex leading to a two count. JBL compared it to Barry Windham. Cena came back with a surprise STF. Seth powered Cena up and threw him powerbomb-style into the corner turnbuckles leading to a two count. JBL said the two people enjoying this are Sting and Sheamus. It was nice of The Authority not to book Sheamus in a match on this show so he was fresh for the possible cash-in. Seth battled out of an AA, but Cena countered the counter into a face-first inverted suplex. He then climbed to the top rope and landed the legdrop to the back of Seth’s neck as Seth began to stand. Cena then gave Seth an AA for the win. The announcers noted that makes Cena a five-time U.S. Champion and that six is the record. JBL called him the best big match performer in WWE history.

WINNER: Cena in 16:01 to capture the U.S. Title. (***3/4)

(WK Reax: The usual really good match between these two.)

-As Seth tried to leave, clutching his World Title belt, Cena told him he had to stay because he signed up for it. Cena gave Seth an AA on the floor and then threw him into the ring. Cole said Cena is making sure Seth defends the World Title. They’re also creating an excuse for Seth to lose to a man in his mid-50s, it would appear. As Seth tried to regain his senses in the ring, Sting’s entrance music began. He walked out onto the stage and made his way to the ring to the plodding pace of his music.

(7) SETH ROLLINS vs. STING - WWE World Hvt. Title match

No oversized t-shirt for Sting. He wrestled in his singlet. Sting dominated Seth for five minutes with a methodical, but intense beatdown. Seth tried to escape over the barricade, but Sting grabbed him and set up a move on the English announce table. Seth shoved Sting off of him, and Sting flew onto the Spanish announce table, which collapsed. Cole said Sting’s head may have hit the monitor. It sure came close. Seth grabbed his World Title belt and motioned like he was going to leave. JBL said Seth shouldn’t do that because he’s a better champion than that. Seth saw Sting was down and out and he decided to seize the chance to beat Sting instead. He grabbed Sting and slammed him onto the pieces of the table on the floor, and then re-entered the ring.

Back in the ring Seth went for a pin and got a two count. Seth continued to dominate, including a running powerbomb toss into the corner turnbuckles. That led to a two count at 10:00. Sting shoved Seth off the top rope and Seth hit the ringside barricade. Sting climbed to the top rope and then dove off onto Seth at ringside. A “Holy sh—!” chant broke out. Sting didn’t get the lift he used to get, but it was still overall nicely done. Sting scored a near fall on Seth inside the ring, but Seth put his leg over the bottom rope to break up the count. Sting landed the Stinger splash in the corner, and then mounted Seth with a barrage of punches. Seth powerbombed out of the corner and then went for a clothesline, but Sting ducked it and collapsed. The ref called for medical help for Sting. Seth laughed. The ref backed Rollins away as the medic checked on Sting. Sting stood as the camera focused on Seth. Shouldn’t Seth get to go for the pin? I don’t get why if a wrestler gets really tired and can’t stand up, Seth can’t go for the pin. Isn’t the point of the match for Seth to get Sting in a position where he can’t fight back and thus is easy pray for a pin? It makes no sense to book this, and it looked real, so it seems Sting really did have some health issues going on at that moment. Sting blocked a Seth attempt at the Pedigree and then Sting put Seth in the Scorpion Deathlock. Seth crawled over and grabbed the bottom rope. Rollins went for another Pedigree, but Sting blocked it and went for another Scorpion Deathlock. Seth countered with a small package ands cored the pin.

WINNER: Seth Rollins at 14:56 to retain the WWE World Hvt. Title.

(WK Reax: As expected, Seth was able to carry Sting to a much better match than anyone else has recently. The fact that it was his second match in a row is a real testament to his abilities and conditioning, and part of the foundation they’re building for him to be a top babyface attraction, as Steve Austin told me on a Steve Austin Show podcast a few weeks ago Seth seems on the road to becoming.)

-As Seth celebrated, Sheamus’s music played and he ran out with the briefcase. Seth swung the WWE Title belt at him. Sheamus ducked and gave Seth a boot to the face. Sheamus ordered the cash-in, but then Kane’s music played and he walked out, wearing his mask. Sheamus looked totally thrown off. He grabbed his briefcase and paced at ringside, deciding not to cash in after all. Instead, he entered the ring and chokeslammed Rollins. Cole didn’t sound nearly shocked enough at Kane attacking Seth. Sheamus entered the ring and applauded Kane. Kane chokeslammed Sheamus. Cole noted Sheamus never officially cashed in his MITB contract. Kane then gave Seth a tombstone mid-ring. Cole told JBL, “You know what they say about payback.” He said Seth will regret poking Kane like he did.

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