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WWE Raw Report
WWE RAW RESULTS 6/7: Keller's ongoing live coverage of three-hour Viewers' Choice edition of Raw

Jun 7, 2010 - 9:34:47 PM

JUNE 7, 2010

[Hour 1 - Q1]

-No Raw opening theme tonight, which always disappoints me as it's a good way to set the mood. Instead, they went right to Bret Hart and Teddy Long being introduced by ring announcer Justin Roberts. As they headed to the ring, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduced the show from ringside on camera. Cole called it "an historic night" (he meant "a historic night," as the "h" his not silent in "historic").

-Raw G.M. Bret Hart welcomed fans to the first-ever Viewers' Choice edition of Raw. He encouraged viewers to vote for stipulations as they are announced live. Smackdown G.M. Teddy Long thanked Bret for the invite to Raw. He said the WWE Universe is in control of the Superstars from Raw and Smackdown. "You may even decide the fate of the WWE Championship," he said. Bret said everyone involved in the Fatal 4-Way will be in action, but fans will decide whom they will wrestle. Long said first up they have to talk about Randy Orton. They left Bret and Long hanging for a few awkward seconds before Orton's music played.

Orton walked out with his right arm in a sling. He said he wanted Edge in the ring tonight, but if they can't arrange for that, he'll take care of him backstage on his own terms. Edge interrupted from the stage and said he'd be happy to face Orton and finish what he started. Long said he had an idea. He whispered it to Bret. Bret said he liked it. Long said fans could vote for three choices: (a) a debate between them; (b) a sit-up contest; or (c) a match with both wrestlers with one arm tied behind their back. The first two options got groans, but they were meant to be bad options to screw Edge when the fans overwhelmingly chose option three. Edge said that wasn't fair and then returned to the back. Long then announced the first match would be Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show. He said fans would choose the stip: (a) an over the rope challenge; (b) submission match; (c) bodyslam challenge. He encouraged fans to go to to cast their vote. Before they could cut to a break, Big Show's music played and he walked to the ring. He smiled and shook hands with Long and Bret as Cole and Lawler pushed the voting online. [c]

-Cole and Lawler recapped the voting options as Show's entrance music played out in the background. Matt Striker stood at ringside and threw to the results of the voting on the big screen. It was a "bodyslam challenge" by a 48 percent margin over submission match, which got 41 percent, and the over the top challenge at 11 percent.


1 -- BIG SHOW vs. CHRIS JERICHO -- Bodyslam Challenge

Show laughed as Jericho walked to the ring. After the first bit of early offense by Jericho, he went for a bodyslam but Show easily blocked it and then chopped him down in the corner. Cole said Jericho appeared to be using a wise strategy of taking out Show's right arm to hamper his ability to slam him. Lawler said that won't make Show weigh any less, though, so Jericho's still in a tough spot. Jericho flew off the second rope at Show, but Show met him with a slap to the chest. Show then bodyslammed Jericho for the win. Afterward, he made Jericho tap out to a camel clutch type of move. Roberts announced Show as the submission winner, also, for some reason. Lawler said that was one of the stips. Show then threw Jericho over the top rope and won that stip, also. His music played again as Lawler said "he's three-for-three." Cole said, "I think this is going to be a rather fun evening." Ugh.

WINNER: Show in 3:00.

-The next online poll asked whether The Hart Dynasty should face John & Jey Uso, The Dude Buster, or Great Khali & Hornswoggle. They cut backstage to the Usos demanding fans vote for them. The first Uso to speak was actually grabbing his crotch at the start of the interview. Not sure if that's their new gimmick or he was caught making a last second adjustment down there. The Dude Busters standing to their left said they just voted for themselves. Khali then raised his arms and yelled. Hornswoggle did the same. Lawler chuckled. [c]

-Striker threw to the results of the poll, and Hornswoggle & Khali won with 54 percent, followed by the Usos at 36 percent, and Dude Buster trailing far at 10 percent.

2 -- THE HART DYNASTY (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya) vs. THE GREAT KHALI & HORNSWOGGLE

Hornswoggle was very excited. Lawler said, "I love Viewers' Choice. This is great!" If they keep saying it, maybe someone will agree. They showed a fan sign that said, "Great Khali broke my ceiling fan." Lawler said a groaner: "What I love about Hornswoggle is if you look at his beard you can see what he had for breakfast." He added something about Lucky Charms at that point. Khali slapped Kidd and then bodyslammed him. Khali then tagged in Hornswoggle. He went for a Tadpole Splash, but Kidd moved. DHS dropkicked Khali in the ankles off the ring apron as Kidd made the cover on Hornswoggle for the quick win.

WINNERS: The Hart Dynasty in 2:00.

-Afterward, the Usos and Dudebusters attacked the Dynasty. The Dynasty clotheslined both heel duos out of the ring quickly.


-At ringside, Lawler suddenly looked around like something wasn't where it should be. He said "we have a problem" and got up, as if searching for something. Cole didn't know what was going on, but threw to a video package on the Undertaker "vegetative state" storyline with Kane hunting down the culprit.

-Cole then plugged that the cast from "The A-Team" movie would be appearing next. [c]

-Roberts introduced "The A-Team" cast. It was strange hearing him announce Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's name. Bradley Cooper walked out onto the stage and said he doesn't know where the others are. He said they're excited to be hosting Raw and hyping the opening of their movie. He then walked to the back. That was short, but at least he had the class to appear in front of the crowd, unlike Ashton Kutcher last week.

-They went backstage and Lawler was pulled by Rampage and Cooper, in character as Mr. T and Murdock, into a back room. Lawler said someone has stolen something to him that is very important to him - his crown. He said someone stole it. They vowed to find it for him. Rampage said he watches Raw all the time and he thinks he knows who did it. The Bella Twins were excited to see "MMA fighter Rampage Jackson." He said he's Mr. T, not a fighter. Same with Murdock, who denied being in "District 9." Okay, at least they're addressing that the actors are in character as part of the schtick.

-Santino Marella skipped to the ring. Cole said he's going to face Vlaidmir Kozlov one-on-one. Fans can vote for the stip: (a) a match; (b) arm wrestling; (c) dance-off. [c]

-Vladimir and Santino stood in the ring after the break. Apparently voting took place during the show instead of in the days leading up to the show so people wouldn't skip the show once they saw the options being presents. Striker stood in the ring and announced the results of the voting. The winning stip was "Dance-Off" by a margin of 84 percent to 9 and 7 percent for the other options. Santino said he was the sixth "Backstreet Boy" back in the day, so he'll crush Vlad.


Santino did a dance routine that, well, came a little naturally and including a somersault and weird gestures and doing the splits. He ended with the cobra pose. Striker asked Vlad what he thought of this. He said something about being a serious contender and mumbled something else. Striker asked what he said. Vlad said, "I am more stronger and faster." Vlad moved like a robot and then did some actual dance moves and break dancing. The crowd - well those who weren't horrified at what they paid to see - cheered. Cole declared: "Vintage Kozlov!" Striker asked fans to vote for the winner. Vlad got way more cheers. TNA and Spike TV are once again kicking themselves for giving up too soon, as this is the type of show they could have competed with by offering a different more sports-like serious product. These are the types of shows that appeal to certain people, but also seem to often be followed by a drop in ratings and WWE loyalists kind of lose their will to remember where USA Network is on their cable guide.

-They showed a gather of Divas backstage. Cole said he hoped Lawler made it back to ringside for the next match. Fans could vote for Champion vs. Champion, a Diva Battle Royal, or a six-on-six tag match. [c]

-Lawler stood in the ring and revealed the results. Winner was "Diva Battle Royal" with 73 percent of the vote, with 16 percent going to the Champion vs. Champion match and 11 percent to six-woman tag match. What does that say about the perceived importance of the two titles that fans would rather see a battle royal than a champion vs. champion match?


Lawler joined Cole at ringside, even though he hadn't found his crown yet. Cole said this is an example of why Raw is the longest-running episodic weekly show on television. At 2:00 it came down to Maryse and Jillian. Jillian wanted to be declared co-winner with Maryse. Maryse kicked her and tossed her out through the ropes for the win. Lawler said regarding Maryse: "She's got a bad attitude, but I think if I could get her in the dark, I could make her see the light."

WINNER: Maryse in 3:00.

[Hour 2 - Q5]

-For the sake of people tuning in, Lawler and Cole talked with glee about what transpired in the first hour of the Viewers' Choice episode of Raw, which made people regretting tuning in late no longer regret they forgot it started late. Cole got especially excited he almost jumped out of his chair as he talked about the one-arm match between Edge and Orton

-Kane confronted Sheamus backstage, asking him if he had anything to do with the attack on Undertaker. He said he took out Triple H to make a name for himself, so there's no reason to think he didn't do the same to Taker. Sheamus said when he took out Triple H, he made sure everyone was watching. He said he doesn't do sneak attacks and doesn't take kindly to being falsely accused. Kane said he doesn't take kindly to liars and he hopes to see him real soon. Good to see Sheamus stand up to Kane and not back down or act scared at all. Lawler announced fan voting for Kane, Mark Henry, or Evan Bourne as Sheamus's opponent. They stacked the deck for Kane in that segment, but it'll be interesting whether Bourne is in the running after his push last week. [c]

-As Sheamus entered the ring, they aired highlights of last week's strong showing by Bourne. Striker stood in the ring and announced the results. Kane got 88 percent of the vote. Bourne got 9 percent compared to Henry's mere 3 percent. The Raw music played as Kane headed toward the entrance tunnel. Sheamus showed fear in his eyes. Kane's music then played. Cole talked about the Undertaker angle on Smackdown.


Kane beat up Sheamus at ringside. Sheamus knocked Kane off balance on the top rope and powerslammed him to the mat of the top rope. [c]

[Q6] Back from the break Kane tried to punch his way out of the corner, but Sheamus clotheslined him to the mat. Sheamus went after Kane's back, but then Kane side-stepped Sheamus's big boot and threw him throat-first over the top rope to the floor. Kane got up and chokeslammed Sheamus when he returned to the ring. Sheamus rolled to the floor and was counted out. Cole and Lawler said Sheamus chose to fight another day.

WINNER: Kane in 7:00 via countout.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Not a ton to it, but it was fine. That finish was about the only finish you can imagine with these two as they're not going to weaken either, and it plays to Sheamus being a lot more talk than action. It does potentially diminish the value of a win if a major wrestler is willing to take a loss on purpose, though.

-Cole teased that later in the show fans can vote for John Cena's opponent: Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio, or C.M. Punk. [c]

-A recap aired of Wade Barrett winning the first season of NXT, with Jericho declaring that Barrett will be the top star in WWE soon.

-In a backstage interview, a smiling lady asked Barrett: "How are you thoughts on winning NXT and becoming WWE's next breakout star." You know, she's got one line to deliver and she butchers the syntax like that? It's hard to know where to begin on what was wrong with that sentence. Barrett said you wouldn't ask a genius about the results of a grade school exam. He said his win was never in doubt. He said in one week something will be accomplished that has never been accomplished before in the history of WWE. Savannah then put on her "I wonder?" face.

-Ted DiBiase complained backstage to Virgil that the fans don't deserve to have power and make decisions. He said he should be running the show. Rampage and Murdock approached DiBiase and said they're investigating a robbery. DiBiase asked why he'd steal something he could easily buy, and why would he want to buy a useless old crown. I.R.S. walked in wearing Lawler's crown. He said Lawler didn't pay back-taxes on it and now the crown is his. There was a gas attack in the locker room. Murdock passed out while the others put on gas masks. Horribly stupid doesn't describe that two minutes of TV.

-They showed R-Truth and Miz on a splits creen. Fans can vote for Truth's partner (Christian, MVP, or John Morrison) and Miz's partner (Dolph Ziggler, William Regal, or Zach Ryder).

[Q7] [c]

-R-Truth made his ring entrance, singing and dancing to the ring. The crowd shots often showed a bunch of people sitting there not really into Truth's act. They showed Morrison, MVP, and Christian backstage awaiting the results. Morrison won with 54 percent of the vote. MVP, at 17 percent, didn't look happy. Christian, with 39 percent, wasn't thrilled either. Some bruised egos here, assuming voting is legit. Fans may want to see Morrison, Miz's former partner, against him.

-Miz stepped out and congratulated Morrison for being chosen by the WWE Universe. He said they chose The Great Khali & Hornswoggle to team together and Vlad as the winner of a dance partner, so the WWE Universe doesn't really know what they want. Miz said his partner doesn't matter because he's going to beat him no matter what. He said he is awesome. Ryder won with 45 percent of the vote, followed by Dolph with 37 percent and Regal with the remaining 18 percent.


Truth opened against Miz. Morrison tagged in quickly, which prompted the "no love lost" cliche from Cole about Miz and Morrison. That was a sure bet. Cole said with Miz returning as coach for season two of NXT, he refers to him as the Phil Jackson of NXT. Ryder tagged in at 1:00. Cole said he's also a coach for season. He predicted another great season of NXT. Morrison got a "hot-tag" at 2:00, in as much as one can have a "hot-tag" two minutes into a rushed tag team match. It didn't last long as Miz threw Morrison into the ringpost and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. No short match is a surprise anymore, but in this case it's almost a case of "why bother in the first place" if the goal is to get out of the match as soon as possible while also further setting back Morrison's rep as an emerging main eventer, a status he once had.

WINNERS: Miz & Ryder in 2:00.


-Backstage Edge complained to Bret about the Orton decision. Then Kane walked up to Bret and accused him of being behind the Undertaker attack. "It wasn't you, was it?" he asked. "Did you destroy my brother?" He said he could see why he would because he came back to WWE for closure. He said he and his brother have a lot of history. He asked if it's jealousy over Taker's legend surpassing his own. "Was that it?" he asked. He said if he finds out it was him, he will be in a vegetative state just like Taker. Kane walked away before Bret said anything. Well, Bret didn't exactly deny it. [c]


Lawler and Cole talked about these two facing each other in the Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Title. Lawler repeated the fallacy of reasoning that Cena only has a 25 percent chance of retaining his title. Orton wrestled in a sling while Edge had his left arm died behind his back. Orton clotheslined Edge to the mat. Cole noted that Orton's good arm, his right arm, is in the sling. A minute in Edge yanked off his arm out of the rope. He told the ref it just came undone. He attacked Orton aggressively for the DQ.

WINNER: Orton via DQ in 2:00.

[Hour 3 - Q9]

-Afterward, Edge went for a spear, but Orton was it coming, kicked him in the face, and knocked him out of the ring. Orton grimaced in pain as he walked out of the ring. Edge surprised him with a chairshot to the arm. Cole called it a "premeditated attack by Edge on Randy Orton." Does he know what that means, and if so, how would he know whether what Edge does was planned or impromptu?

-They went to Cole and Lawler. Lawler was concerned Orton's shoulder might have been knocked out of it's socket again. Then they narrated highlights of the Divas battle royal. Then they aired highlights of the Edge-Orton angle.

-Backstage Cena talked to Bourne. Bourne thanked him for choosing him. Cena stopped him and said he showed he is one of the toughest and most energizing Superstars in WWE. The smiling lady asked Cena: "How do you feel not knowing your opponent tonight in your Viewers' Choice match?" Cena went into promo-mode and said his fate lies in the best decision-makers he could imagine. He said their opinions are the ones that matter the most. He said he feels good about it because he doesn't have to wait to see if his name is going to be called. He said the C-Nation is in the building and about ready to see what he does every week. He said whoever the fans vote for, he hopes they're in the same frame of mind. The smiling lady smiled.

-"Mean" Gene Okerlund interviewed Murdock, who said he lost B.A. Okerlund said he's a good actor who is occasionally delusional. He said his resistance to gas isn't what it used to be. Okerlund said he has a chance to outshine an original. Okerlund said his replacement is horrible. Josh Matthews said, "Gene, I'm standing right here!" Okerlund ignored him and gave Murdock a pep talk. Matthews asked if they could talk things out. Okerlund said, "Save it, loser."

-Drew McIntrye walked to the ring. Then backstage Long revealed Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust, and a mystery opponent were fan options for Drew's opponent. Cole told fans they held the fate of McIntyre in their hands, so vote now. [c]


-Striker revealed that the mystery man won by a huge margin of 88 percent over 8 percent for Goldust and 4 percent for Tatsu. That's like losing an election to "None of the Above." Lawler said he voted for him and we all know who he is. Out walked Matt Hardy. Cole said Drew has had major issues with Hardy in recent weeks.


Drew said on the house mic that the match is not happening. He insisted the referee back him up. He said Hardy is suspended and made sure of it. Long walked out onto the stage. Drew insisted Long get rid of him. Long said Hardy was suspended from Smackdown, not Raw, so this match would take place right now. Hardy hit Drew and tackled him at the start. The ref pulled Hardy off of him for throwing closed fists. The crowd chanted, "Hardy, Hardy." Hardy clotheslined Drew over the top rope to the floor. Then he slammed Drew into the announce table, then the security wall. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate for a clean win in 2:00. All of that build up for weeks and they deliver a two minute unannounced TV match where Matt gets some revenge. Hardy yanked out a wad of Drew's hair. Matt's hair, meanwhile, looked pretty ridiculous, dry and frizzy on top and wet along the edges. Strange.

WINNER: Hardy in 2:00.

-Back to B.A. (Rampage) backstage who was tied to a chair. DiBiase, Virgil, and I.R.S. leaned over him. DiBiase said they're going to take him to the ring. [c]

-DiBiase told B.A. that he's probably wondering why they've taken him captive. He said everybody has a price, and even he does. He said a certain someone made a call and told him they wanted B.A. from "The A-Team" served to him on a silver platter. He said he named his price and cashed it in. Out walked Roddy Piper. His mic had tremendous feedback. Piper said, "We know B.A. doesn't stand for Bachelor of Arts." He said all he heard about during the first WrestleMania was about "The A-Team! The A-Team!" He said he heard "Mr. T is the biggest star in the world." He said he silenced Mr. T and now that there's a new Mr. T, he has to start all over again. He said everyone is asking him if he's going to see "The A-Team," but no way. He said when B.A. thinks he has all the answers, he changes the question. He said he going to knock the mohawk off of Mr. Bad Attitude "because I pity the fool who messes with Hot Rod." He told I.R.S. and Virgil to hold onto him.

Dusty Rhodes drove a golf cart to the ring with Mean Gene and Murdock. Cole mentioned the actor's name and said "he thinks he's Murdock." They keep covering their base on the actors being "in character" on the wrestling show, which they didn't bother doing with the cast from "MacGruber." B.A. broke free. He shoved Virgil and broke his handcuffs. DiBiase charged at him, but B.A. slammed him to the mat. Dusty Rhodes knocked I.R.S. out of the ring with a bionic elbow. B.A. then slammed Virgil. Okerlund stepped up to B.A. and Murdock and said, "The world wants to know, how did you do it?" Rampage high-fived Dusty. Murdock said he called Dusty because he lives in Florida and he answered his call and showed up. Dusty then pitched "The A-Team" movie. Rampage picked up the stolen crown.


-Cole plugged the Cena opponent poll. Lawler said it'll be a great match no matter whom the fans pick. [c]

-Cole plugged that Mark Feuerstein of USA Network's "Royal Pains" show would be guest host. They showed Cole and Lawler at ringside. Lawler thanked everyone for voting and "making the show great tonight." They showed Lawler trying to vote for Rey. The computer or website froze, but it eventually took, which got Lawler excited.

-Matthews asked Rey why fans should vote for him. Rey said to make it to the top, he has to go after the top dog. He said he is the man who can beat the top dog of Raw because he is the top dog of Smackdown. Matthews asked Swagger. Swagger said because it's World Champion vs. World Champion and it's Monday Night vs. Friday Night and the All-American American vs. The Face of the Company. "I live for matches like this," he concluded. Then came Punk, who told Matthews he always asks the stupidest question. He said the question should be why would Cena want to face the Straight Edge Savior. He said because he and only he can make Cena a better person, just as he did with Luke Gallows and Serina. He said he will beat Cena and then join the Straight Edge Society, and then everyone will know "Straight Edge means I'm better than you." He then told Matthews to "go away." He did.

-Cena's ring entrance took place. Striker at ringside revealed the results of the voting: Punk won with 49 percent, compared to Rey's 32 and Swagger's 23. What does that say about the stature of the world titles that fans had a chance to see the two champions against each other and instead chose Punk? Not good. Ideally that would be considered a WrestleMania caliber match, and now by showing fans voted for Punk over Swagger, they've defined down the entire idea of a WWE Title vs. World Title match. As Punk made his ring entrance, Cole explained why Punk was wearing the mask for the Raw-only viewers.


8 -- JOHN CENA vs. C.M. PUNK

The crowd taunted Cena with a chant of "You can't wrestle!" in the opening minute. Cena went for Punk's mask early. You'd think Cena was wearing a bra the way Lawler got excited at the prospects of the mask coming off. Punk took control at 1:00. At 2:00 they cut to a break. [c] Punk had Cena in a chinlock after the break. Cena escaped and teased an Attitude Adjustment. Punk escaped and executed a DDT. When Cena went on a roll at 7:00, Barrett walked out onto the stage. That distracted Cena for a few seconds. He dropped the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but when he lifted Punk for the Attitude Adjustment, he dropped Punk to stare at Barrett as he walked to the ring. The cast of season one of NXT walked out over the ring barrier, then climbed up onto the ring apron. They surrounded Cena. Then the entered all at once. David Otunga knocked the referee out of the ring. Cena looked worried. He took a deep breath and went after Barrett. The other seven joined in for an eight-on-one attack. Cole said it looked like a pack of dogs.

WINNER: No decision.

-The NXT team went to ringside and attacked Striker. Then they attacked Lawler. Heath Slater began tossing around the chairs. They destroyed the set. They attacked the bell ringer and some production people. Next came ring announcer Justin Roberts. They tore apart the ring and dismantled it. The crowd wasn't sure what to think, but they seemed intrigued. There were no announcers to describe what was happening or even ask any questions. One question is where did all of the Raw wrestlers go who were in the back? Were they all gathered and locked in a room somewhere?

[Overrun - Q13]

-A chant of "You suck!" rang out as the beatdown continued, with Barrett giving Cena his finisher. They stood over a fallen Cena as the crowd booed. They did some trash talking, especially Bryan, who insisted, "You are not better than me!" He spit in Cena's face. Bryan roundkicked Cena in the side of the head. Justin Gabriel hit a 450 splash. They all walked to the back eventually. Well, that answers the question about how the NXT rookies who got all of that TV time would be written back into the show. Trainers and medics entered the ring to check on Cena. The camera panned the chaos at ringside. Cena was put on a stretcher and wheeled to the back. The crowd shots were great as the fans might have even been buying into it, or at least were reacting like they had seem something historic on Raw.

FINAL THOUGHTS (1.5 until the end - 9.5 at the end = 7.0): One of the worst Raws ever for many reasons ended with a buzz-generating (and much-needed) major game-changing angle that totally worked. This is the type of thing that can give a show that badly needed a spark a new spark, and it instantly creates a top heel faction to create fresh match-ups. The follow-up is the key, but this was a great first chapter in a potential ratings-drawing angle for months to come... I'd like to ignore the first two hours and 57 minutes and just rate the show on the final five minutes, but that's not really fair, but it was enough for me to give this show a thumbs up... Where was Cole during all of this? Was he behind it? Did he slip away? Does this mean Cole is becoming a heel manager and Jim Ross returns as lead Raw announcer next week, and Ross has simply been quiet about it to protect this secret angle for his return? Or is Good Ol' J.R. going to manage them as an anti-WWE faction. Can you imagine the promo Ross would cut about how WWE demeaned the rookies and treated him like yesterday's garbage, so he met up with them and decided to coach and manage them in an attempt to take over WWE?... Just a couple initial thoughts, that's all...

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