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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 6/21: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live Raw following Fatal Four-Way PPV

Jun 21, 2010 - 10:15:38 PM

WWE Raw Results
June 21, 2010
Live from Bridgeport, Conn.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

The WWE Raw following last night's Fatal Four-Way PPV began with Michael Cole listing a bunch of adjectives to describe the "dubious" events involving the NXT Rookies attacking John Cena in the PPV main event. Jerry Lawler then recapped Sheamus becoming the new WWE champion.

Arena: And out to start the show was Vince McMahon strutting out on stage. It's 1994 all over again with McMahon doing his throaty "Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw!" McMahon slipped on the name of the PPV last night before recapping that Sheamus is the new WWE champion. He said there's one person to blame for the chaos last night. McMahon said it's Bret Hart. McMahon said him firing Wade Barrett and sending the NXT Rookies packing set off a chain of events. He said Hart being injured on Raw last week was no excuse to no-show the PPV. McMahon said Hart didn't hire extra security or inform the WWE wrestlers that another invasion could be coming, so everything is his fault.

McMahon paused and said as a result of this chaos, he is relieving Bret Hart of his duties as GM of Raw. "In other words, Bret, you're fired," he said. McMahon smiled and said it gives him closure. McMahon said his real big announcement is that a new Raw GM has been hired. He said the new GM will remain anonymous. He said the instructions will be sent through this computer over here (McMahon pointed to a Macbook on the Raw announce desk). McMahon said when the new GM's wishes are decided, they will be sent to the computer. Suddenly, the Mac made a noise. Cole stood up with an email from the new Raw GM. It read that all seven members of the former NXT group have officially been hired. That drew a pop initially. He said they will address the WWE fans tonight. McMahon smiled and said things are certainly getting off with a bang tonight.

Cue up Sheamus's theme music with the interruption. Sheamus slowly made his way to the ring with possession of the WWE Title belt. "Mr. McMahon, I'm sorry," he said. Sheamus said this is not the way he wanted to win the WWE Title. Sheamus rubbed his head before saying he wants to prove he belongs at the top by defeating three top stars on his own. He said that didn't happen last night. Sheamus said he doesn't deserve this and he can't accept this title under these conditions. The crowd applauded and cheered. Sheamus dejectedly stared at the belt before handing it over to McMahon. When McMahon reached out, Sheamus pulled the belt back and smirked. He said he's still going to accept it anyways. Sheamus said the fact remains he is the WWE champion. He then thanked the NXT Rookies for interfering in his match last night and taking out Bret Hart last week. Sheamus thanked the Rookies for giving him the opportunity he needed.

Sheamus paused and sent a final message to the NXT Rookies that he didn't need their help and he could have won the Fatal Four-Way match on his own. Sheamus said they think they made a statement, but the only statement made was him winning his second WWE Title. He told McMahon that now that he has it, he will never lose it.

Suddenly, John Cena's music hit to a huge reaction. Cena stomped out to the ring with a big smile on his face rather than a determined "mad/focused" face. Cena smiled and shook his head at Sheamus once in the ring. Cena said "pasty over here" is in a great mood. He wanted to join the party thanking Mr. McMahon for making a new "mysterious, anonymous GM." He told Cole to send an email to the mystery GM thanking him for hiring the NXT Rookies so he can settle his issue with them. He thanked the "human jar of mayonnaise" for winning the four-way match because he gets his re-match. He gave a shout-out to Bridgeport because he can't think of a better place for a WWE Title match "right here, tonight." McMahon and Sheamus smiled before Sheamus said he doesn't care what Cena wants because there won't be a title match tonight. Sheamus told McMahon to tell Cena to leave or he'll do it himself.

[Q2] Suddenly, the Mac interrupted with another noise. Cole had another email. Oh gosh. Cole said tonight's main event will have Sheamus defending the WWE Title. And it will be against John Cena. Sheamus freaked out as McMahon said, "It doesn't get any bigger than that." Suddenly, the Mac popped again. Cole read a follow-up email that a special ref has been named. It's a ref who commands instant fear and respect. And the ref is Mr. McMahon. Cue up McMahon's theme music as Cena backed out of the ring still pleased with things. Sheamus sold disdain over the turn of events while McMahon kept smirking in the ring. PYB (3) talk time: 14:25. Apparently WWE's new partner is Apple with the big plugs for MacBook in that segment. Overall, it was an intriguing, potentially laughable opening segment with the Mac noises.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Evan Bourne came out to the ring for the opening match of the night after they replayed his DQ win over Chris Jericho on last Monday's show. Cole recapped Bourne vs. Jericho at last night's PPV with a still shot of Bourne hitting the Air Bourne on Jericho. Lawler said it was the "biggest night" of Bourne's career. Cue up Chris Jericho's theme music for an apparent re-match from last night. Jericho had a mic in hand to set this up. Jericho huffed and puffed before saying he requested this re-match to make a statement that if he does not win this match tonight, he is going to walk out of WWE forever.


Cole started listing Jericho's accolades in the "sports entertainment industry" going back 20 years. Suddenly, Bourne scored an early nearfall on a backslide attempt. Jericho then ducked out of the ring and retreated to the floor to catch a breather. Lawler asked why Jericho put this kind of pressure on himself as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Jericho's career was over. Okay, just kidding, but what if the match ended during the break? Anyways, they recapped Jericho taking control during the break, leading to him applying a mat submission in the ring. Bourne then scored a close nearfall attempting a roll-up before Jericho dropkicked Bourne to the outside. Lawler stressed the WWE talking point that the young stars are on the rise trying to take top spots, including Jericho's. Bourne made it back into the ring at a nine count, then Jericho stomped on him before landing right hand blows.

Jericho teased a vertical suplex, but Bourne landed a knee strike and scored another nearfall on a roll-up attempt. Bourne then hit a spin kick, followed by a leaping kick strike. He followed with a double-foot smash for a nearfall. Suddenly, Jericho slapped on the Walls of Jericho, but Bourne rolled onto his side and executed a DDT out of a guillotine for a two count. Jericho then went back on the offensive, cutting off Bourne with more mat-based submissions.

[Q3] Jericho cut off Bourne in the corner and went to the second rope for an axehandle, but Bourne suddenly came to his feet and jumped onto Jericho for a snap huracanrana resulting in a close two count. Bourne tried to follow with his trademark offense, but Jericho countered into the Walls of Jericho. Bourne teased tapping out, then Jericho yanked him back to center ring. Bourne then crawled across the ring toward the bottom rope with the big determined face before a final lunge to break the hold. Great sequence. Bourne suddenly hit an enzguiri from the apron that put Jericho out in the corner. Bourne tried to follow with the Air Bourne, but Jericho got his knees up at the last split-second to block. Jericho immediately followed with the codebreaker and scored a pin for the win.

Post-match: Jericho showed more confidence after finally getting his win. That smirk was back. Jericho started to leave the ring, but he walked over to Bourne and picked him up. Jericho helped him to his feet before pie-facing Bourne to shove him back to the mat. Jericho smirked again and left the ring while Bourne sold the code breaker to conclude the segment.

WINNER: Jericho at 10:40. Given time, these two have made magic the last two nights. Another awesome match that really continued Bourne's momentum despite him losing, with Bourne countering Jericho's offense over and over before Jericho finally got an opening. Let's hope for a third real match (fourth overall) in the series. (***1/4)

Still to come: NXT Rookies have been officially hired to Raw and they'll have a statement soon. Also, Sheamus vs. Cena with McMahon the special ref.

[Commercial Break]

NXT plug: Cody Rhodes vs. Lucky Cannon tomorrow night.

Arena: Cole narrated an exterior shot of the building before recapping the new anonymous Raw GM hiring the NXT Rookies. They recapped what happened in the opening segment with the title match set up between Cena and Sheamus.

Office: McMahon was on the phone in his office. He was apparently talking to the new Raw GM and complemented him on the referee surprise. Apparently the new GM has "complete, ultimate authority." He told the person now to surprise him again before hanging up. McMahon got up to put on his referee t-shirt.

Locker room: Virgil was staring into space in the locker room. Ted DiBiase walked in and apologized for embarrassing him last week. He said Virgil's services are no longer needed, though. Virgil sold being dumbfounded, then Maryse walked in as DiBiase's new valet. Apparently they figured DiBiase can't get over on his own with his gimmick. Virgil asked DiBiase what he's going to do for protection. In a joke you could see a mile away, DiBiase said he'll go to the drug store. DiBiase told Virgil he's fired, so Virgil walked off and Maryse stared longingly toward DiBiase.

Backstage: Josh Mathews brought in the Hart Dynasty, sans title belts, for their thoughts on McMahon firing Hart. Natalya said they aren't surprised because McMahon has been trying to railroad Hart ever since he came back. She said the NXT Rookies should have been sent to jail, not given contracts. Tyson Kidd opened a can of worms saying "an argument could be made" both Hart and McMahon were at fault last time Hart was kicked out of WWE, but this time, Hart did nothing wrong. Smith said they'll fight for Bret. Natalya said she's in her debut match on Raw tonight and she's dedicating it to Bret.

Parking garage: A super-sized black stretch limo pulled up outside. They focused on the exterior of the limo before cutting to break.


[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Natalya came out flanked by the tag champs for a Divas match on the show. They recapped the car crash angle at the end of last week's Raw, with Hart slumped over on the ground as the final image of Hart on WWE TV for now. Out walked Tamina with the Usos for the next match on the show.

2 -- TAMINA (w/Uso Brothers) vs. NATALYA (w/Unified tag champions Hart Dynasty)

After a back-and-forth opening to the match, the NXT Rookies suddenly walked out through the crowd to interrupt. Wade Barrett then grabbed a mic and said they just want to apologize nice and clean. Kidd wanted nothing to do with that and tried a flip dive onto the Rookies ringside. The Rookies proceeded to beat down Kidd and leave HD out cold ringside. Darren Young and Wade Barrett then walked into the ring as they cut to break.

WINNER: No Decision in 2:00.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Back from break, David Otunga had a mic and started a promo. He apologized for their actions the last few weeks. Otunga said they did what they did for one reason: their love for WWE. Otunga said they would do anything to get those contracts. Yeah, they resorted to desperate measures, but now things can return to normal. Heath Slater took the mic as what sounded like a "Daniel Bryan" chant came up from some people in the crowd. Slater said they have no problem with the locker room or WWE. Justin Gabriel then took the mic and apologized Bret Hart. He said they had no choice after Hart refused to sign them and fired Wade Barrett. Gabriel apologized to Tyson Kidd and D.H. Smith. He said they had to defend themselves tonight. Gabriel said he hopes they can all co-exist peacefully. The crowd booed this attempt at a sincere apology.

Darren Young, appropriately, apologized to John Cena. He said people used to call him the black John Cena when he was on NXT. He said they needed to make a statement by attacking the top guy here in WWE. Young smiled and said John Cena will get his title back tonight. Skip Sheffield took the mic and apologized to the WWE fans. That drew boos. Skip said all the good people supported him and joined in with his catch phrases. He said he wants it just like old times, but the fans booed. Skip told the youngsters they scared and the parents watching, they truly, truly hope they can find it in their hearts to forgive...and forget.

[Q5 -- second hour] Michael Tarver told his story and apologized to his children. He said he's sorry, but when you have an opportunity to go after your life's dream, you have to go after it by any means necessary. Barrett then took the mic and said while these gentlemen did what they had to do, he already had both feet in the door. Barrett said he decided to team with these "desperate men" out of loyalty to them. He paused for a "You Suck" chant. Barrett said the individuals with no common link have formed a "nexus," a common link that will never be broken. Barrett said his contract and PPV title shot has been reinstated.

That leads him to the new WWE champion Sheamus. Barrett said the simple fact is the reason he's WWE champion today is because of them. Barrett said they targeted Cena and he was lucky enough to capitalize. He said they will make a target out of him just easily. Barrett told Sheamus he's going to lose his title soon enough, whether it's Cena tonight or him in the future. Barrett said when he takes the WWE Title, he will be making no apologizes. Cue up a new theme music for the "radicals" or "extremists." Cole recapped they got what they want: contracts in WWE, Barrett with a title shot, and strength in numbers. Lawler wasn't buying the sincerity of the apology. JC: I'm waiting to see where this is going before evaluating the latest from the angle. It depends on whether this is the end of the angle and the Rookies go on to have filler matches on Superstars as part of the Raw brand or if there's more follow-up with a long-term storyline arc.

Still to come: Sheamus vs. John Cena with McMahon as special referee.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Cole tried to sell a Four-Way PPV replay and mistakenly said there were four Fatal Four-Way matches at last night's PPV. There must have been a bonus fourth match after the PPV went off the air early.

In-ring: John Morrison came out with his NXT Rookie, Eli Cottonwood. Eli in slow-motion cam...less disturbing. Ted DiBiase came out with Maryse and paused on the stage. He said he has better things to do tonight, so he has a suitable replacement against Morrison. Out came Zack Ryder, who was with Titus O'Neil. Ryder gave the "call me" hand signal to Maryse on the way to the ring.

3 -- JOHN MORRISON (w/Eli Cottonwood) vs. ZACK RYDER (w/Titus O'Neil)

Ryder cut off Morrison early on and went to work on Morrison's upper body. Morrison then blocked a neckbreaker into a roll-up for a two count. Ryder came back with a knock-down palm thrust before going back to work with a chinlock. Morrison broke free, then hit a step-up enziguiri for a two count. Morrison then made a full comeback with his athletic offense before Ryder rolled to the ring apron and snapped Morrison throat-first across the tope. Ryder tried to follow with the Rough Ryder, but Morrison blocked with a powerbomb. Morrison then followed with his Starship Pain finisher out of the corner for the win. Post-match: Morrison gave Eli some instructions, then Eli tried to celebrate by standing on the turnbuckles, but Morrison slowed him down and said he's not ready for that.

WINNER: Morrison at 4:24. Morrison needs to clean up the execution of his finisher, as the impact of the move looks like a mid-match transition hold, not a finisher to win a match. The match was in a tough spot as the "comedown match" of the show just trying to get some Raw mid-carders on TV. (*1/4)


Backstage: John Cena was walking down the hallway and he stopped WWE champ John Cena. Cena sarcastically said, "Nothing personal." He said they put him on a stretcher, ruin this show, and take out the locker room. Cena vowed to give a reaction to their action. "Apology not accepted," Cena said. Right now, he's worried about getting back the WWE Title. McMahon then barged in and told Cena he will have no excuses tonight. Neither will Sheamus. He said he will ensure that the best man will win tonight. Cena walked off without saying a word.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Cue up Great Khali's theme music to bring out Khali and Eve Torres. Eve apparently hasn't changed since last night's PPV. The show has officially come to a screeching halt to "bring the audience down" before the main event title match. Out as their opponents were new Divas champ Alicia Fox and Primo, who was doing a weird goatee-scratch on the way to the ring.


Cole said Alicia Fox was smiling from ear to ear in the locker room all day today after winning the Divas Title at the PPV. What was Cole doing in the women's locker room? Khali and Primo set up to start things off, but Primo tagged out to Alicia, which meant Eve had to tag in. Eve and Alicia traded offense, then Alicia cut off Eve and began a methodical attack. Alicia tried to set up a corner attack, but Eve cut her off and hit a top rope moonsault. Primo broke up a pin attempt and apparently re-entered himself into the contest. That meant Khali had to tag in. Primo begged off and dropped down to both knees. He then came to his feet and tried a forearm, but Khali shook him off. Meanwhile, Alicia took off to the back with her title, wanting no part of this. Khali chopped Primo, then gave him a big Punjabi Plunge for the pin and the win. Primo sold it as if he were a body outline at a crime scene. Eve and Khali then danced to conclude another awkward pairing for Eve following Chris "pec dance" Masters.

WINNERS: Eve & Khali at 3:58. Part of the "variety" format to the Raw show. Harmless filler replacing what would have been a lame Raw GM skit. (*)

Backstage: Randy Orton was shown walking down the hallway. He has promo time up next.

[Commercial Break]


In-ring: Randy Orton's music hit back from break. Orton slowly walked out on stage to a strong reaction as Justin Roberts introduced him to the crowd. Cole said Orton is not pleased with the results from last night's main event title match, with Sheamus winning the title because of the NXT chaos. The MacBook has been silent since the opening segment, of note. Orton started his promo by vowing to punt each and every one of the NXT Rookies in the skull. As for Wade Barrett, Orton said he accepts his apology. In fact, he hopes Barrett becomes new WWE champion because if he does...he's staring into the eyes of the man who is going to take it from him.

Suddenly, The Miz's music interrupted. Miz walked out on stage with the U.S. Title belt over his shoulder. Miz said the voices in his head say he is sick and tired of seeing Orton in main events. Miz said he is sick of Orton, period. He said the one thing Orton has never done during his WWE career is hold the United States and WWE Titles at the same time. Miz said he wants his chance at the WWE Title, with Orton going to the back of the line. At least they're re-establishing the value of the title on tonight's show.

Miz said it's an industry secret - he quietly walked into the ring to stand in front of Orton - that "I'm the Miz, and I'm..." Miz kicked Orton in the gut to cut off an attack by Orton. Miz then missed with a left-arm lariat and Orton hit a powerslam off the ropes. Orton teased the RKO as the crowd popped, but Miz bailed out of the ring. Suddenly, Edge snuck in the back door and dropped Orton with a spear. Edge did his crazy eyes, then took the mic and told Orton, "Now the real fun begins, Randy." Cue up Edge's theme music as Orton sold the spear. Cole and Lawler pondered what the "real fun" is as they closed the segment with back and forth shots of Edge and Orton staring at each other.

Up next: WWE Title match.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Mr. McMahon jogged out to the ring in a referee t-shirt to oversee the proceedings in the main event title match. McMahon shook hands with ref Jack Doane. Apparently Doane is the technico ref and McMahon is rudo. Former WWE champ John Cena came out first as the challenger, followed by the new WWE champ Sheamus. McMahon gave Doane instructions as Sheamus completed his ring entrance and posed with the title belt. Justin Roberts handled formal ring intros as Cena posed for the crowd to a 90 percent babyface pop. Sheamus was booed. McMahon applauded both men, selling impartiality. McMahon then left the ring to stand on the outside as the ringside enforcer. They're going with the full ref-checking-the-boots-for-foreign-objects gimmick to sell this as a big match.


5 -- WWE champion SHEAMUS vs. JOHN CENA -- WWE Title match -- Vince McMahon special ref

Sheamus quickly cut off Cena and went on the attack as Cole talked about Sheamus taking out Triple H, possibly for good. Suddenly, the males 18-34 woke up and started a loud "Cena Sucks" chant opposed to the kids on summer break with a "Let's Go Cena" chant. Sheamus continued to dominate and he chucked Cena to the floor. They cut to break with Sheamus in control.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Cena landed body shots, but missed with a corner attack and ate the ringpost. Cena slowly rolled to the ring apron as Sheamus slowly came to his feet. Sheamus missed with a running knee strike, but he cut off Cena in the ring with a running clothesline. Meanwhile, Lawler speculated who the new Raw GM is. Sheamus continued a nice, methodical attack on Cena, who kept selling the effects to build to that inevitable comeback.

Cena and Sheamus then landed a double knock-down clothesline taking both men to the mat. Ref Doane started a ten count and both men came to their feet at seven. Cena teased the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus countered into a standing powerslam for a two count. And Sheamus regained control of the match. Sheamus teased the Pump Kick, but Cena ducked and started his big comeback routine. Cena sold Sheamus's body work as he set up and dropped the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Cena tried the AA, but Sheamus raked the eyes and hit the Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count only. Sheamus regrouped, then tried his Outsider's Edge drop, but Cena slipped out and immediately countered with the STF. Sheamus teased a tap out, but eventually grabbed the bottom rope for a break. Sheamus rolled to the floor and Cena tried to follow, but Sheamus sent him into the ring steps with a drop toe hold.

[Q9 -- over-run] Sheamus rolled Cena back into the ring at the top of the hour. Sheamus made a cover, but Cena kicked out, which popped the pro-Cena crowd. Sheamus sold frustration not scoring the victory, so he went to the outside and grabbed the ring steps. Sheamus randomly set up the ring steps half-way down the ring entrance. He then grabbed Cena, took him to the floor, and chucked him into the steel steps. Cena sold being KO'ed as Sheamus rolled him back into the ring and teased the Pump Kick. Cena got up, barely came to his feet, and then Sheamus creamed him with the Pump Kick when he turned around.

Suddenly, the NXT Rookies hit the ringside area and cleared Sheamus, who took off running into the stands. The Rookies the grabbed Cena and pulled him to the outside. McMahon watched as the Rookies dumped the announce table onto Cena, ending his night. McMahon walked over to the Rookies and surveyed the scene with them, showing approval. McMahon then walked into the ring with mic in hand and told the Rookies to leave Cena alone. McMahon asked if Cena's still breathing, then he asked the Rookies to walk into the ring. McMahon smiled and put over "these extraordinary athletes," which drew boos. McMahon said he can't take full responsibility, but he can take partial responsibility for all their actions against Lawler, Cole, Hart (especially), and Cena. He asked for a round of applause for himself. McMahon said it's been interesting this week, but next week, the new GM will reveal something.

McMahon paused and stared down all of the Rookies, who were glaring at him. The crowd just yelled, not knowing how to react. McMahon then smiled and said they almost had him for a second. He said his life flashed before him. McMahon endorsed Barrett before some in the crowd chanted, "Daniel Bryan." McMahon laughed, paused, and said this is just about it. Let's call it a night. Suddenly, the Rookies circled McMahon again. McMahon shot them all funny faces as the Rookies remained standing in place.

Suddenly, they all jumped McMahon and beat him down in the ring. They fed McMahon to Tarver, who landed a big knock-down clothesline. Apparently the locker room went home for the evening. Barrett then gave McMahon his big slam finisher and McMahon crumbled to the ground. Barrett called for the 450 Splash and Gabriel went up top before staring down at McMahon. He took his time before nailing the 450 Splash on McMahon. The Rookies stared down at McMahon, then Barrett told them to leave. The crowd chanted, "NXT, NXT" as the Rookies left the ring satisfied with their work. They cut back to a shot of McMahon motionless in the ring. The cameraman shooting the shot of McMahon dropped his camera and called for some help out here. They cut back to a shot of McMahon out cold on the mat as the show ended.

WINNER: No Decision at 14:51 when the Rookies invaded. Good, heated title match before the non-finish, which was expected. The NXT angle brings up a whole lot of new questions, some that will make heads explode trying to make sense of everything, but it's good to see WWE continue the angle because of its mass potential if handled correctly going forward. Some questions to be answered... Obviously, the Rookies would have attacked McMahon because the storyline is he instructed the announcers and the NXT Pros to mock the Rookies and put them through horrible skits on the first season of NXT. But, now the NXTs are babyfaces after KO'ing McMahon, even though they were heels for KO'ing the top babyface? Also, now McMahon and Cena have common enemies, but McMahon allowed the Rookies to attack Cena. Also, was that it for Cena's re-match clause? And why did the anonymous Raw GM disappear after the opening segment? And, does anyone know what the concept will be for the Money in the Bank PPV in less than one month? And the one biggie that could solve this is whether the new mysterious Raw GM convinced/tricked McMahon into hiring him as GM, then the new GM "hired" the NXT Rookies to legally carry out an attack on McMahon (with Cena included, for whatever reason) as some sort of punishment for whatever sins McMahon committed against the new Raw GM. Or something to that effect.

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