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WWE Raw Report
KELLER'S WWE RAW REPORT 10/4: John Cena joins The Nexus, wrestles as Nexus, reads statement regarding joining Nexus

Oct 4, 2010 - 10:03:35 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

OCTOBER 4, 2010

-The Raw opening aired. Michael Cole introduced the show. Cole said it was "an [sic] historic night." Jerry Lawler said who would have ever dreamed John Cena would become a member of Nexus. Cole didn't explain the circumstances of Cena's loss, but did say he lost and must now join Nexus.

-Wade Barrett stood center ring with the rest of Nexus. The crowd chanted "You suck!" at him. "Simmer down, there's a lot I need to get through," he said. That was fantastic. He said the fact that they're standing there today shows he was victorious last night. He said before bringing out the newest member of Nexus, he has a couple issues he wants to address. He said he has identified the two mystery assailants who interfered in his match last night. They showed pictures of Husky Harris and Michael McGuillicuty. Cole said they are from NXT Season Two. Barrett said he didn't not authorize their interference, he barely knows either of them, and they are certainly not a part of the Nexus. The crowd loudly chanted "You suck!" again. Barrett fired back, "Yes, you've already told me that." That was also great.

Barrett said he didn't need help beating Cena. He turned to the other Nexus members and asked what they were thinking putting him at risk of DQ. He told David Otunga it was his idea. As Otunga began to speak, Barrett said he didn't want to hear it because tonight is about celebrating the new addition to Nexus. He asked the fans to stand and give a warm welcome to Cena. Cena walked out without music. He was still wearing his purple hat and t-shirt. He walked to the ring as the crowd chanted his name. Lawler said he didn't smile or salute and he wondered what was going through his mind.

Cena entered the ring and faced all members of Nexus lined up. Barrett said if he beat Cena, Cena must become a fully-fledged member of Nexus. He said over time he will find out it's the best thing that could have happened to him. He handed the mic to Michael Tarver. Tarver said Cena made fun of him and tried to threaten his livelihood. "Who's the joke on now? Because you failed!" he exclaimed. He said he had a gift for Cena. He handed him the armband with the "N" logo on it. Cena got in Tarver's face, grabbed the arm band, stepped back, and put it on. Great crowd reaction as he did it. It was as if he was about to decapitate a puppy on live TV as he milked the moment. He finally put it on and the crowd gasped and screamed and booed. They showed pre-teen boys in te ecrowd reacting.

Health Slater said they know the transition will be a little difficult for him, "but it's okay, we're all here for you." He said the public wants to know his thoughts on it. He said rather than make him uncomfortable having to improvise, they have a statement for him to read to his public right now. Cena protested with his body language. Barrett said: "This is non-negotiable. You will read it, and you will read it now." Lawler said this must be the most difficult thing in the world for him. He milked the moment.

Cena finally read it solemnly with his head hanging low: "I, John Cena, acknowledge I am officially a member of the Nexus. Any enemy of the Nexus is now an enemy of mine. So for my fans, I hope you stand by me because you're either Nexus or against us." They cut to disappoints pre-teen kids in the crowd.

Barrett said that wasn't so bad and over time it'll get a lot easier. He said tonight he'll have his first match as part of the Nexus. He said his first assignment is a tag match tonight against Mark Henry & Evan Bourne. He said he'd let Cena pick his partner. Cena picked Michael Tarver. Barrett said it was a good decision. He called Henry and Bourne to come out "for the beating of your lives." Cole called it heart-wrenching and emotional.

KELLER'S REAX: Great performance from Barrett. He has that same natural knack for being believable as the character he plays that Batista did as he emerged as an act in Evolution. His reaction to the crowd chants were great. Cena's performance was also great here. No one else in Nexus really stands out so far, though, in terms of mic work.



Lawler said he couldn't believe his eyes. Cole said he can't believe the Nexus armband is around Cena's arm. Cena offered a handshake to Bourne. Tarver chewed him out for that. Cena told Tarver to tag himself in and show him the Nexus way. Tarver got in Bourne's face and yelled at him, then kneed him and bashed him to the mat. They cut to an early break. [c]

Henry had Tarver on the mat with an armbar. Cole said he's having a tough time focusing on what's happening in the ring. He recapped the opening segment. Bourne tagged in and continued the offensive against Tarver. As Tarver reached for a tag, Cena's arm retracted just out of reach. Henry smiled and continued to beat on Tarver. Lawler chuckled. Cole wondered what Barrett thought of that. Henry walked across Tarver's chest, then tagged Bourne in again. Bourne did a standing tuck moonsault for a two count at 8:00. Cena smirked as he pretended to reach for a tag. Tarver made a comeback with an overhead toss. When Tarver reached for a tag again, Cena pulled his arm back, pulled out a pen, and began signing posters at ringside. Tarver yelled at Cena. Cole said, "This is awesome!" Henry gave a distracted Tarver his powerslam for the win.

WINNERS: Henry & Bourne in 10:00.

STAR RATING: *1/2 -- Served its purpose well.

-Afterward Cena said he appreciates Nexus handing him a note to read, but he has something to say on his own. He said he plans to do one thing and one thing only as a member of Nexus - and that's "destroy it from within." The crowd cheered. He said tonight he proved tonight he can be Nexus and against it. He hit Tarver in the head with the mic. Cole declared Cena is a "nonconformist." Cena charged at Tarver with a clothesline at ringside a minute later. He pulled the top of the ring steps to the side and then dragged the base out a few feet. He looked at his arm band and smiled and then bodyslammed Tarver on it. Cole said Cena's frustration is boiling over tonight. Cena smiled and then slammed Tarver on the ring steps base again. He threw him into the ring and nailed him with a shoulder tackle and then applied an STF.


-The Raw G.M. chime sounded. The crowd booed, Cena released his grip, and Cole stepped up to the podium. He again read from a sheet of paper on the keyboard. He said: "The terms of the stipulation with Wade Barrett said if Cema lost he must join the Nexus. Nexus is clearly a group that takes direction from its leader, Wade Barrett, and thus as a member of the group, John, you must also take direction from Wade Barrett. If you don't, as much as I would hate to do it and as much as it would be bad for business and as much as the WWE Universe would despise it, I would have no alternative but to terminate your WWE contract." The crowd booed as Cena absorbed the ramifications of his master plan unravelling. The G.M. said no man is bigger than WWE so he would have to fire him if he doesn't comply. Lawler said John thought he had things fingered out, but maybe he doesn't. They showed fans in the crowd again soaking up the bad news. Cena kneeled in the ring and contemplated his fate. Lawler said if Cena has to follow Barrett's direction, will the WWE Universe continue to be behind Cena. The crowd chanted for Cena as he clenched his jaw and walked to the back.

KELLER REAX: Another good segment. I like the elevation of hope with Cena's master plan giving fans a brief respite from the dread of Cena being a slave to Nexus, only to have the rug pulled out from under them. It addressed some storyline plot questions in logical fashion within the confines of the world WWE creates. Cole changing his demeanor when reading the statement from his previous readings made this seem even more serious. Well done. [c]

-A commercial aired for Smackdown hyping that Rey Mysterio would face Alberto Del Rio this Friday night. Check the main listing for the first-week ratings of Smackdown on SyFy.


The match was joined in progress. Cole told viewers to go to to find out where to watch Smackdown on SyFy in their area. He said this is one of the more difficult editions of Raw for him to call. Natalya won in a minute with the sharpshooter.

WINNER: Natalya in 2:00.

-Cole and Lawler plugged that Edge must apologize to the Raw G.M. tonight. They also hyped that Johnny Knoxville from "Jackass 3D" would be up next. [c]

-An extended commercial aired hyping the DVD release of Cena's movie.

-Knoxville pitched his new movie to Gail Kim and Melina. Zach Ryder walked up to him and offered a high-five. But he walked right into a giant hand that knocked him down. Knoxville laughed. That's a gag from his movie. Okay...

-Cena paced backstage while staring at the Nexus armband. Josh Matthews approached him and asked him about being either Nexus or fired. He asked him what he's going to do. Cena said he doesn't know. "This is all I got," he said. "I can't not be in WWE. Then again..." He saw out of the corner of his eye Husky Harris and Michael McGuillicutty. Cena chased after them but ended up right in the Nexus locker room. Barrett said they have a lot to talk about regarding his future. He put his arm around his shoulder. Harris and McGuillicutty. [c]

KELLER REAX: Cena's interview resembled a Tommy Dreamer with the tears and vulnerability, but in this case he's a superstar in a strong storyline, so it totally worked in this case.

-A commercial aired hyping Rocktober on WWE Classics On Demand.



Sheamus attacked Bryan aggressively at the bell and pummeled him like Shane Carwin did to Brock Lesnar in round one. After a series of knee drives into Bryan's head, the ref called for the bell. He gave him the High Cross and then stood over him briefly before leaving the ring.

WINNER: Bryan via DQ in 0:30.

KELLER'S REAX: That seems to be a bit of a momentum killer for Bryan to be destroyed like that by Sheamus. On the other hand, it did get across Sheamus being disgusted and enraged by not beating Randy Orton for the WWE Title last night. It seems like another opponent could have been inserted in place of the U.S. Champion who is just starting to establish himself as more than a novelty act in WWE.

-They showed Edge heading toward the entrance tunnel. [c]

-Cole and Lawler at ringside threw to footage of Cena running into Barrett and the rest of Nexus a few minutes earlier. Cole called this one of the most emotional nights he's ever been involved in.

-Cole stood on a podium inside the ring in front of the laptop. He read another statement from the G.M. He said he will no longer be communicating with his voice altered. Instead, he will be communicating via email "through me, the voice of the WWE, Michael Cole." The crowd booed. Cole threw to a "review of the horrific events of last week." He called Edge to the ring and said afterward he'll make a major announcement regarding the world championship.


-Edge made his ring entrance. We're supposed to cheer him now, I suppose. WWE ought to make up their mind about his character one of these days/years. Lawler said Cole looks so full of himself with the G.M. behind him. Edge said, "I'm not going to apologize for anything." He said he's on a personal crusade against all things stupid. He said: "A G.M. who rules by email... stupid. Michael Cole, you have been the personification of everything stupid since 1997. I would rather listen to a recording of J.R. than a live Michael Cole." The crowd cheered. He said to the Raw G.M., if he thinks he has attitude now, just wait until he becomes WWE Champion. "Then you'll see some attitude." The G.M. chime sounded. Cole laughed smugly. He said there will be a battle royal later on Raw and the winner will face Orton for the WWE Title at Bragging Rights. What a dumb way to earn a title shot.

The G.M., via Cole, said Edge has disrespected him one too many times, so he won't be in the battle royal tonight "because I have officially traded you to Smackdown." The crowd finally chanted "Spear! Spear! Spear!" It took Cole for that chant to catch fire. Edge said this is one of the greatest nights of his career. He said he no longer has to deal with the G.M. or Cole. "How dare you!" said Cole. Cole said now that he's the official voice of "the WWE," he needs to treat him with some respect. Edge asked if it was respectful if he went off of Raw on a high note and knocked him off of his perch and into next week. The Miz interrupted (you know, the guy who lost twice to the guy who just got destroyed by Sheamus).

Miz said Edge will do no such thing. He called Cole a visionary. He said Cole recognized his awesomeness before anyone else. Cole stumbled as he walked off of his podium. Miz told him to return to his announce desk. Edge called Miz an "Edge-wanna-be." He said he was using the word "awesomeness" back when Miz was in high school popping zits. Miz said they're actually nothing like each other. Edge said that's true "because I've been WWE Champion." He said since he's been on the show, he's had a wedding, been divorced, and had a live celebration. "I haven't seen you successfully talk with a woman since I've known you, unless of course you count Alex Riley," he said. The crowd laughed. Riley took the mic. "Because I'm the one with the long hair and the pouty lips, right?" Cole laughed. Riley told Edge not to talk to the future of WWE that way "because he is the Miz and he is awesome."

Edge said it's kind of strange he noticed his lips and he wouldn't talk about hair if he were him. He said Miz has mastered tapping out to Daniel Bryan. The crowd chanted "You tapped out!" Cole said he has it on good authority Miz's knee was still bothering him. Miz said in three weeks at Bragging Rights he's either going to be competing in a WWE Championship match or he'll be leading his team, Monday Night Raw, into decimating Smakdown. He told Edge to go to SyFy and tell all of his Smackdown buddies that he is awesome. Edge said in all respect to Johnny Knoxville, "you are the Miz, and you are WWE's biggest jackass." Edge punched Riley and then knocked Miz into the G.M. podium. The laptap fell to the mat again. Cole said, "Not again!" Edge gave Riley a spear. Miz gave Edge the Skull Crushing Finale. Cole said that's what Edge gets for "disrespecting those of us in charge here in WWE." Lawler told Cole, "You're in charge of reading emails around here. That's all." Cole said he could have gotten hurt.

-Cena was still standing next to Barrett in the locker room. Apparently they hadn't made any progress since we last saw them. Barrett said he might think what he did to Tarver earlier was clever, but Barrett said he's been thinking of getting rid of him for a little while now, so he did him a favor. He said that's the type of initiative he was looking for when he recruited him for the Nexus. He said he has to carry on and not rest on his laurels. He asked him to help him win the battle royal. Cena asked what if that doesn't happen. Otunga said in the unlikely event that Barrett gets eliminated, Cena will help one of them win. Barrett didn't like that. Otunga said it came out wrong. Barrett told Cena he will help him win or he will be fired. [c]

-Cole again plugged that is the place to find info on how to watch Smackdown.



LayCool wrestled with headsets on. Layla called the match as McCool began the match. Layla broke up an early pin attempt on McCool. The ref ordered McCool out of the ring. The Bellas switched placed and the fresh Bella Twin countered McCool's pin attempt for the leverage three count win.

WINNERS: The Bella Twins in 1:00.

-Maryse talked with Johnny Knoxville backstage. She said she knows he was sending the letters to her. Ted DiBiase walked in, but he met the same fate with the big fake hand hitting him in the face. Maryse threw shoes at him and called for help. She got hit by the hand and landed on DiBiase. Knoxville said he was so sorry. "What a trainwreck," said Lawler. True. [c]

-A clip aired of "Jackass 3D" featuring a stunt in a lake. Knoxville then entered the ring and hurriedly asked fans to please see his movie. As he tried to sneak out of the ring, Maryse and DiBiase walked to the ring. He said he was so sorry and said, "No hard feelings." DiBiase asked Knoxville if he had any idea who he was. Knoxville said he was just trying to make Maryse laugh, like he does when he takes his pants off. He said she laughs at his boxers with pictures of his dad and dollar signs on them. DiBiase didn't like that explanation any better and he knocked him out with the Million Dollar Sleeper. I wonder if anyone has bought DiBiase's shirt. The big screen showed the words: "You will be mine." Then behind him appeared Goldust. Goldust attacked DiBiase and gave him his corkscrew suplex. He then kneeled over and said, "I don't want you." He ran over to Maryse and said, "I don't want you, either." Maryse's facial expressions were terrible, like she was on the verge of cracking up as he spoke. He then leaned over and looked at the diamond covered Million Dollar Belt and clutched it and said, "I want you!" Lawler asked if it could get any more bizarre. Cole said he is one strange dude.

KELLER REAX: After years of being totally underutilized while getting himself into the shape of his life, is Dustin Runnels going to finally get a second chance at a push as the Goldust character? I hope so. Those who have watched his work off of Smackdown and Raw brands know he's one of WWE's most underutilized acts.

-A commercial hyped that NXT airs now exclusively on

[Q7] [c]

-Lawler and Cole hyped a Nickelback concert and the battle royal coming later as they showed the exterior of the arena they're in.

-A video aired showing WWE's charity work over the years including footage of The Rock, Steve Austin, Randy Orton, Bret Hart, Edge, Kofi Kingston, Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Evan Bourne, C.M. Punk, Batista, John Cena, MVP, Triple H, and various Divas at charity events with kids.

-Lawler and Cole talked about what happened on Raw so far. They threw to highlights of Cena beating up Tarver earlier.

-Backstage Otunga approached Cena and said Nexus isn't all bad. He said Barrett can be a bit demanding, but deep down he knows they can make this work. He said this isn't the end for him. He said if he ever needs to talk, he's here for him. He put his hand on Cena's shoulder and told him to just let him know.

-Back to Cole and Lawler again. Cole reiterated that Cena will be fired if he doesn't comply with Barrett's wishes. Cole said Chris Jericho won't be in the battle royal due to what happened to him last week at when he was punt kicked by Orton. Several replays of that aired. Cole said Jericho is out of action indefinitely.

KELLER REAX: That might be the most face-time Cole and Lawler have ever gotten on Raw. So Jericho and Edge are done, and in their place Husky Harris, McGuillicutty, and Goldust get elevated pushes?

-Ring intros began for the battle royal: John Morrison, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, and Sheamus came out first, one after another. Then Cena's music played. Cole said that was odd. Cena didn't walk out. The music stopped and was replaced by the Nexus's music. Nexus walked out followed by Cena trailing 15 feet behind. Cole said he has no choice.

[Q8] [c]


Cena stood in front of Barrett protectively as the bell rang to start the match. Bourne was eliminated instantly by a Sheamus big boot. Not a good night for the two best smaller wrestlers on the roster. David Hart Smith went out quickly thereafter followed by William Regal, courtesy of Regal. Miz eliminated Santino. Henry tossed Ryder out of the ring. Next came Primo. Miz tried to eliminate Sheamus, but Sheamus held on. Lawler said Henry seems like the favorite because who could throw him over the top rope. Cena saved Barrett from being eliminated by Henry. Henry looked at Cena with frustration and disappointment. Cena watched as the rest of Nexus eliminated Henry. They complained he didn't help. Otunga got in Cena's face. Cena tossed Otunga over the top rope. Cole said Cena can't be fired for that because Barrett's instructions were clear - he had to help Barrett win, not anyone else. Good point. [c]

Darren Young was eliminated by his former Nexus teammates. It came down to Slater, Barrett, gabriel, DiBiase, Miz, Sheamus, Cena, Morrison, Tyson Kidd, and R-Truth. Cena continued to stand in front of Barrett and protect him from the others. Cena fought off DiBiase when he went after Barrett. Morrison eliminated Slater with a clothesline at 10:00. Morrison and Truth nearly eliminated Barrett, but Cena made the save. He could have "mistakenly" knocked Barrett over the top rope, but didn't. Cole said the WWE Universe isn't sure whether to cheer or boo Cena. What else is new? Morrison eliminated Kidd. Morrison eliminated Miz with a body scissors. That left Barrett, Cena, Sheamus, Truth, DiBiase, and Gabriel at 12:00.


Cole and Lawler recapped the Cena-Nexus development for those tuning in for the overrun. Truth eliminated Gabriel, leaving just Cena and Barrett from Nexus left. DiBiase backdropped a charging R-Truth over the top rope. Barrett joined in the match out of the corner and went after DiBiase. When Morrison went after Barrett, Cena intervened. Barrett then eliminated DiBiase. Sheamus, Cena, Morrison, and Barrett were left at this point. Lawler wondered what would happen if it came down to Cena and Barrett. Morrison and Sheamus went after Cena. Barrett pulled Morrison away. Barrett charged at Morrison. Morrison, standing on the ring apron, kicked Barrett but ended up falling to the floor to be eliminated. That left Sheamus, Cena, and Barrett.

Cena hit Sheamus with a flying tackle and then went into the You Can't See Me routine. Sheamus countered with the Irish Curse backbreaker before he could finish the sequence. Barrett was still down in the corner selling the Morrison kick. Sheamus charged at Cena with the thrust kick, but Cena ducked. Sheamus flew over the top rope and Cena knocked him to the ground. That left Cena and Barrett. Cole said this might be the most difficult decision Cena has ever made. Barrett ordered Cena to leave the ring at 18:00. Barrett said: "I'm ordering you. Take a walk." Cena hung his head. The crowd chanted, "Let's go Cena!" Cena then stepped into Barrett's space and leaned his head against his. Barrett reminded him of the ramifications. Cena turned and walked over the top rope onto the apron. He milked the moment. Cole and Lawler said Cena lives for WWE and its fans. Lawler said he has to leave or else he will be fired and he'll be done. He said he has to do it so he can live to fight another day. Cena jumped to the floor, giving Barrett the win.

WINNER: Barrett to earn a WWE Title match at Bragging Rights.

STAR RATING: *** -- Good battle royal by battle royal standards, and a dramatic and well-played finish. They could have done a little more to play up the possibility of someone else winning the battle royal as it seemed a foregone conclusion the way it was played that it'd come down to Cena and Barrett.

-Before Barrett could celebrate, Randy Orton's music played and he walked out and held his WWE Title in the air in front of him. They closed the show with a staredown. Cole asked if Orton is WWE's final hope.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Good show. Good rebound from some flat editions in September. The storyline with Cena and Barrett was well-played, with some subplots introduced with Tarver's apparent exist, Husty and McGuillicutty arriving officially, and Otunga playing up wanting to be the leader and get in Cena's ear. Edge-Miz was the other highlights of the show, with the rest being pretty much blatant filler.

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