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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 10/18: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live Raw - John Cena & Randy Orton tag team, main event Raw vs. Smackdown battle royal

Oct 18, 2010 - 10:08:06 PM

WWE Raw Results
October 18, 2010 - Episode #907
Live from Calgary, Alb., Canada
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Tonight's WWE Raw #907 episode started with a full pyro explosion before Michael Cole plugged Bragging Rights on Sunday, with the final hype tonight. Cole said it's "Bragging Rights season." Out to start the show was Smackdown GM Teddy Long. Long introduced himself and told the crowd not to adjust their sets. Smackdown was booed. Long said he is taking over Raw tonight. More boos.

Suddenly, the Raw GM buzzed and the crowd booed again. Michael Cole smirked and walked to the podium to read an email from the GM. Cole read: "Get out of my ring." Cole read that Long has no business being here. Long said it's Smackdown vs. Raw this Sunday at the PPV. He asked for the trophy to be brought out. Out walked a ref with the silver trophy as Long gloated about the victory last year. The GM buzzed again and Cole read that Long needs to get out now. Cole and Long began arguing ringside as the GM buzzed again. The lights continued to flicker. Again and again. Long then stepped to the podium as the lights kept flickering. Long said the Raw GM is going to be disconnected. Long shut down the laptop. Of course, the Raw GM can still communicate via text to Cole. But, anyways, Long introduced Smackdown's team captain, Big Show.

In-ring: Big Show, sporting a bright blue Smackdown t-shirt, came out first, followed by Edge to a strong reaction. Lawler said Edge is back on Raw. Alberto Del Rio was next. Kofi Kingston was next to a strong reaction. Jack Swagger was booed on the way out as he "popped his jersey" toward the crowd. New-look Tyler Reks was out next. Rey Mysterio then came out sporting what appeared to be Zubaz pants. Cole screamed at Teddy to go back to Fridays.

After all that, The Miz's music hit. Out came Miz, with a big hockey-style "C" for captain on his t-shirt. Alex Riley was also with him. Miz said it looks like Smurfville took over Raw. Miz specifically mocked Edge, hinting at a future singles match. Miz said he is Raw's Team Captain and he will be the man to lead Raw over Smackdown this year.

Miz then introduced his team on stage, starting with C.M. Punk, who sauntered out on stage. John Morrison was out next, followed by Santino. For the surprise seventh entrant, it was Ezekiel Jackson. Sheamus was out next. And that was it. Apparently R-Truth is off the team? Miz then led his group to the ring to battle with Smackdown as Cole said this is what will happen on Sunday. Smackdown eventually cleared Raw from the group. Cole said it's "regrouping." Lawler asked if he's sure it's not "retreating."

Big Show then took the mic and said he gets it. He said they'll willingly get out of the ring under one condition. Big Show vs. Miz tonight in a Captain vs. Captain match. Morrison shoved Miz forward and said he'll do it. Miz acted tough as Show did a chicken noise. Punk shouted from behind, "If he's a chicken, you're a turkey." Cole said he loves Miz stepping up. Cole lost control talking up Miz before telling Long to get out of here. Long took the Raw GM laptop and left ringside. Cole and Lawler then talked up Cena and Barrett's latest interaction last Monday. Cole warned the audience that this video "could be uncomfortable." PYB (3) talk time: 10:53.


Raw Rebound: Cena vs. Miz in the TV main event last week. Husky and McGillicutty cost Cena the match, then Barrett cut a promo on Cena, who teased wanting to just punch that Barrett right in the mouth.

Tonight: Cena & Orton vs. Husky & Hennig. Tag team action in the main event still to come.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, already in the ring were WWE tag champs Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Hart Dynasty's music hit and out came the hometowners Tyson Kidd and D.H. Smith, with Natalya. No signs of a rift yet. Meanwhile, Cole screamed about not being able to get emails from the GM today. The Harts got their focus before the bell sounded to start off a non-title match.

1 -- WWE Unified tag champions CODY RHODES & DREW MCINTYRE vs. HART DYNASTY (TYSON KIDD & D.H. SMITH w/Natalya) -- non-title match

Kidd started things off and the heels quickly took it to him. They had the shaky camera early with the crowd rallying behind Kidd, who teased a comeback, only to have Cody kick him in the gut as he was hung across the top rope. Smith eventually took a hot tag at 2:00 and cleaned house on Drew before landing a leg drop for a two count. He wanted the running Bulldog powerslam, but Cody broke up a pin attempt. Kidd then popped Cody from the ring apron. He wanted the Hart Attack with Smith on Mac, but things kind of slowed down. Awkward pause. Smith dropped McIntyre to apply the Sharpshooter, then released it when Kidd screamed at him. Drew then kicked Smith in the knees and hit the Future Shock DDT for the pin and the win as Kidd failed to break up the pin. Kidd dropped off the apron and shouted at Natalya that Smith screwed it up. Smith complained to Natalya as Kidd flashed sort of a heelish smile on the way to the back.

WINNERS: Drew & Cody at 3:22. And the tension continues. The tag champs are an afterthought at this point, and it remains to be seen where they're going with the teased split. Kidd is ready to break out on his own, and apparently it could be as a heel. (*)

Backstage: John Cena was shown applying his Nexus armband. Randy Orton then walked in to a big pop from the live crowd. Orton said let's just put our cards on the table. He said he knows it's eating Cena up to be part of Nexus. He said he also knows Cena has to protect Barrett, so he has no problem kicking Cena in the head and putting him out of his misery. Cena told Orton that if he even tries, he'll break his leg off.

[Commercial Break. Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez plug for UFC 121 on Saturday.]


R-Truth video: A random music video was played plugging R-Truth and his new theme music. They included the lyrics over clips of Truth and Eve dancing to the theme. Interesting. Cole said Truth is a member of Team Raw on Sunday. So Riley is just the mascot for Team Raw vs. Swagger's Eagle and Hornswoggle.

In-ring: Goldust's music hit to bring out Goldust and Aksana. Already in the ring was Zack Ryder. It's a victory for him if he just gets his music on TV these days. Cole recapped Goldust and Aksana agreeing to marriage on NXT as Goldust completed his ring intro. Before the match started, Ted DiBiase and Maryse walked out on stage to get a closer look at Goldust.

2 -- GOLDUST (w/Aksana) vs. ZACK RYDER

Goldust finished off Ryder in 25 seconds with the Final Cut. DiBiase then charged the ring and attacked DiBiase from behind looking to get his title belt back. Maryse tried to get the belt while DiBiase was stomping on Goldust, but Aksana took the belt and ran to the back. Maryse gave chase. DiBiase screamed after her, then Goldust dropped DiBiase with the Final Cut. Goldust's music hit as Cole recapped Goldust still holding the belt hostage.

WINNER: Goldust at 0:24. (n/a)

Still to come: Team Captains Collide with Big Show vs. Miz. Cole said the match has been made official.

Smackdown plug: This Friday on the show, WWE champion Randy Orton "invades" Smackdown. He faces World Hvt. champion Kane. The Raw cross-overs are beginning earlier than I expected.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: They zoomed in on Wade Barrett, who was surrounded by Nexus members. Cena walked in and Barrett told him to test Husky and Hennig tonight. He wants to know whether they're good enough to join Nexus. Cena made sure he got it straight. But, what's the catch? Barrett said Cena gets a chance to show the WWE fans the Cena they know and love. Now, a glass of "Excuse me?" Cena asked. Barrett repeated the order, then Cena walked off.

Backstage: Guest star Bobb'e J. Thompson was playing the Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 video game. Thompson was playing as Big Show beating up Miz. Miz then walked in and lowered himself to Thompson's level to talk to him. Miz called him a twerp and sent a message for that "knucklehead" that he has a big surprise in store. Big Show then walked in and told Miz that Riley is too busy. Miz walked away as Thompson talked tough behind Show's back. Thompson wanted Show to knock him out tonight.

Backstage: Back to Cena, who walked in with a glass of water and handed it over to Barrett. Barrett said he's really enjoying this. He threw the water on Cena, who wiped water off his face as Slater, Gabriel, and Otunga chuckled in the background. Cena walked off as Barrett stood his ground smiling.

[Commercial Break]


In-ring: John Cena's music hit to bring out Cena, who checked on his wet t-shirt from the water bath before storming the ring. They showed kids in the crowd jumping up and down for Cena, then Randy Orton came to the ring as Cena's partner. Cole plugged Orton vs. Barrett at Bragging Rights, which hasn't been focused on thus far in two weeks of PPV build-up. Orton and Cena kept their distance from each other, then the NXT theme music hit to bring out Husky and McGillicutty (Hennig). The NXT Rookies slowly made their way to the ring before Nexus's music hit to bring out Barrett, followed by Slater, Gabriel, and Otunga. They stood on the entrance stage and stared into the ring, where Orton returned their glares.


Cena started things off as the aggressor working over Hennig. Cena pounded and stomped and kicked away at Hennig, who rolled out of the ring to the floor and nearly crashed into the Bragging Rights trophy. "Is that good enough for you?!" Cena shouted toward Nexus on stage as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Randy Orton delivered a textbook dropkick on Hennig for a two count. Cole recapped that Orton and Cena worked well as a tag team during the commercial. Cena tagged back in and tried to fight off both Nexus candidates before Hennig landed a dropkick on Cena to cut him off. Harris then tagged in and started pounding away on Cena with clubbing forearms. Husky then got down into a defensive lineman stance and charged Cena for a big splash in the corner. Hennig re-entered and got a piece of Cena before Harris re-entered and landed a flying clothesline/splash type move for a two count. The crowd to rally behind Cena again, then Cena avoided a big splash from Husky. Orton begged for a tag as Cena crawled over to his corner and made the tag.

Orton came in hot and landed a big powerslam on Hennig. Orton did his IED facial expressions before taking Hennig off the second rope spike DDT. Orton shot a look toward Barrett on the stage, then teased the RKO on Hennig. Harris tried to enter the ring, but Cena nailed the Attitude Adjustment on Harris, which looked impressive. Orton then dropped Hennig with the RKO and made the pin for the win.

WINNERS: Orton & Cena at 7:53. Harris stood out more than Hennig, who did most of the selling for Cena and Orton during the match. Decent story to the match leading to the post-match taking precedent over the in-ring. (*3/4)

[Q5 -- second hour] Post-match: Cena thanked Orton and offered a handshake, but Barrett cut him off. Barrett ordered Cena out of the ring, otherwise he would have him fired. Cena rolled out of the ring and was told to stand next to the announce table. Orton was left alone in the ring as Barrett told Cena he has the best view of the demise of Orton to come. Nexus hit the ring apron in unison to surround Orton in the ring. Cena sold being distraught over this. Orton managed to escape to the outside and ram Barrett into the ringpost, but Nexus outnumbered him and pounded down on Orton ringside. Cena watched with dismay, then Nexus rolled Orton back into the ring. Orton fought them off, but Nexus beat down Orton. Cena continued to stand by, unable to do anything.

Barrett ordered a subdued Orton to his feet, then he was fed to Slater for a neckbreaker type maneuver. Slater was selling a left arm injury before and after his spot in the segment. Next up was Otunga, who landed a dominator center ring. Slater screamed down at Cena to do something about it. Of course, next was Gabriel. Gabriel went up top for the 450 splash, peered into the crowd, thought it over, then landed the 450 Splash. Orton sold his ribs and writhed in pain as Cena continued to sell concern from ringside.

Barrett took the mic and told Cena to get in the ring now. He screamed at Cena when Cena wouldn't move. Cena stared at the Bragging Rights trophy as if he were looking for answers, then slowly entered the ring per Barrett's orders. Barrett told Orton to pick up Orton and give him an AA right now. "Do it...or you're fired," Barrett told him. Cena slowly walked over to a lifeless Orton and slowly picked him up. Barrett cut off Cena and said he doesn't want him stealing his spotlight. Cena dropped Orton and Barrett picked up Orton to give him the Wasteland center ring. Orton arched his back and writhed in pain before selling like a body outline at a crime scene. Cena slipped out of the ring, leaving Nexus in the ring to stand over Orton's fallen body. Barrett then led the troops out of the ring as Nexus's music hit. Orton began to writhe, then Barrett stopped on the stage and admired their work. The camera zoomed in on a smiling Barrett to conclude the segment.

[Commercial Break]

Moments Ago: Cena and Orton worked together to get a nice victory, then Barrett took control of the situation and the segment ended with Orton taken apart by Nexus.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler talked on-camera about Orton perhaps not being 100 percent at Bragging Rights. Lawler reminded Cole that Orton has to face Kane on Smackdown. Suddenly, Vickie Guerrero excused herself onto the show, which drew a groan from Cole.

On-stage: Guerrero said she would like to take credit for the Smackdown stars appearing on Raw tonight. Vickie said there is "one special Superstar" who has a twinkle in his eye because he's with her, Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler walked out on stage with the IC Title belt around his waist. Ziggler and Vickie walked to the ring as Ziggler talked himself up. Vickie is looking more and more like Kris Jenner, the Kardashian mom. Ziggler then talked up Vickie before Daniel Bryan's music interrupted.

[Q6] Bryan joked about Vickie, then did his self-deprecation, dry promo that drew laughs from the crowd. Bryan said he does have the ability to capitalize on any mistake in the ring. He also has the ability to...Daniel entered the ring...make Ziggler tap out. Bryan had a proposition: U.S. champion vs. IC champion at Bragging Rights. The crowd liked the sound of it. Ziggler shook his head. Ziggler thought it was funny. He mockingly accepted before dropping the title belt down. He suggested they do it right now. Ziggler slapped Dolph, then Vickie got in front of Ziggler. Bryan just went around Vickie and tackled Dolph to the outside.

Bryan got in some offense before dropping Ziggler on the floor and slapping on the LeBell Lock. Ziggler tapped and tapped before Divas music randomly hit. Out came a group of Divas from the Raw brand to apparently confront Vickie. They circled around her in the ring, then Gail threw a bucket of glitter on Vickie, who shrieked and left the ring. Bryan suddenly found himself in the ring surrounded by Divas. Cue up some music and Bryan began dancing with the Divas. He busted out a moonsault before attempting the splits and selling that he pulled his groin. Bryan shook it off, then danced with the Divas like a gentleman. Where's BxB Hulk when you need him? Obviously, an attempt to give Bryan some "WWE personality." Based on house show reports this weekend, Bryan vs. Ziggler could be really good on the PPV this Sunday.

Still to come: Show vs. Miz. And they won't be alone.

[Commercial Break]

Arena: Back live, the Hart Dynasty music was playing. Natalya was ready for in-ring action and enjoying the adoration from the hometown crowd. Alicia Fox then came out to face Natalya as a preview of Natalya vs. McCool for the Divas Title at the PPV.


Collar-and-elbow tie-up to start, then a clean break, but Alicia sucker-punched Natalya with a forearm strike to begin an offensive attack. Natalya came back with a suplex and teased the Sharpshooter. Alicia tried to grab the ropes to escape, but Natalya dragged her back to center ring and slapped on the Sharpshooter for the win as the crowd popped.

Post-match: McCool and Layla walked out to rain on Natalya's parade. McCool said she sees Harts everywhere and it makes her sick. Layla said Harts don't belong in the Hall of Fame. McCool said they belong in the loony bin, just like Natalya. Lay-Cool used the two-on-advantage and McCool applied the Sharpshooter to boos. Layla snapped a photo for humiliation purposes, then Natalya reversed the hold. Lay-Cool eventually bailed from the ring to save it for Sunday.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler were shown on-camera to plug the seven-on-seven elimination match at Bragging Rights. They noted Punk being a new member of the Raw brand and now part of Team Raw. They showed clips of Punk taking apart Evan Bourne last week to write him off with an injury.

Backstage: Long, Show, and Hornswoggle were assembled. Long and Show were trying to calm down "Viking" Hornswoggle, then Josh Mathews walked in wanting to know if it was just the least bit abrasive to show up on Raw. Long said it's abrasive to ask a stupid question. He had another surprise for Raw. Hornswoggle grabbed a Smackdown flag, then an assembly of random men wearing blue t-shirts walked out from a side hallway. The Smackdown roster is on the move.


[Commercial Break]

"Knucklehead" plug: The full-length trailer aired for Big Show's movie out this weekend in theaters and only for two days total.

Announcers: Michael Cole voice-overed an angry statement on WWE being "targeted by menacing attacks." Cole fed to a very long WWE hype video they air before live tapings and house shows propping up their TV product, "WWE experience," charity work, Tribute to the Troops, etc.

Announcers: Back to Cole, who said if you're tired of the "holier than thou elitists" criticizing WWE, then show your support through social media. Lawler said he's been waiting for years to "Stand up for WWE."

Backstage: Cena was shown walking down the hallway. Wade Barrett then put his arm around Cena like a father talking to his lost son and led him down the hallway. He's not done with Randy Orton tonight either.

Split-screen: Miz and Show on the way to the ring for the Raw vs. Smackdown main event.

[Commercial Break]

This Friday: Randy Orton comes to Smackdown to face Kane. Champion vs. Champion.

In-ring: Justin Roberts introduced the "guest star" on tonight's show, Bobb'e J. Thompson. Thompson asked the crowd what's up. He liked the boos and asked the crowd to keep them coming. He said he's here to introduce the man leading Team Smackdown over Team Raw at Bragging Rights, Big Show. He was pretty good on the mic. Lawler referenced Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends & Influence People," as Big Show's music hit to bring out the entire Smackdown roster. After a pause, Miz's music hit to bring out Miz with Alex Riley. Miz calmed down an excited Riley and told him to wait on the stage. Miz made it halfway down, then brought out the rest of Team Raw. They were followed by the remaining members of the locker room.


Big Show quickly took it to Miz, then knocked him to the outside. MVP got down on the ground and talked trash to Miz while Show started shoving Raw folks down. Suddenly, Teddy Long's music hit. Long came out on stage and said that since Bragging Rights is only six days away, he suggested they change it to a Smackdown vs. Raw battle royal. The crowd liked that better than a one-on-one match-up. It shows how much WWE has watered down the concept of seeing two wrestlers have a one-on-one battle to settle an issue.

WINNER: Match stopped. (n/a)

[Commercial Break]


Back from break, the bell sounded and bodies started flying out of the ring. Meanwhile, Hornswoggle popped Cole's headsets off his head. Cole said one of the teams could build "huge momentum" with a victory here. Suddenly, there was more screaming on the headsets as Hornswoggle hi-jacked Cole's position at the broadcast table. He grunted as Lawler told him to call the action. Mysterio, in his Zubaz pants, hung on to the ropes to avoid being eliminated as more bodies continued to fly. Show and generic Smackdown men then eliminated Henry to get one of the big men out of the match. The crowd became bored and chanted for Bret Hart again.

Raw was down to four or five men as opposed to Smackdown's six or seven as Show continued to dominate men. Sheamus was reduced to just another guy in the middle of this as Morrison and Del Rio started fighting on the top turnbuckle. They had a double knock down and both men fell to the floor. Swagger, Punk, and a random man from Raw went out. Swagger complained to Edge about eliminating him with them being on the same team, so Swagger yanked Edge to the floor and slapped on the Anklelock.

[Q9 -- over-run] Zeke eliminated Mysterio at the top of the hour. Miz was on the floor acting sneaky here. Jackson then eliminated two Smackdown men, leaving Jackson, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan. Show dumped out Bryan rather quickly, then made his way to the back. Sheamus and Jackson proceeded to give Show a big suplex, then Zeke splashed Show in the corner. Show fought back and choked Zeke over the top rope. Miz snuck in the back door and tried to eliminate Show, but Show held on. Edge suddenly re-entered the ring and speared Sheamus. Show eliminated Miz, then Edge eliminated Sheamus for the win. Edge sold an ankle injury as Hornswoggle paraded around the ring with the flag to celebrate.

WINNERS: Show & Edge for Team Smackdown at 8:31.

Backstage locker room: Nexus watched the ending of the battle royal as John Cena sat in the background. Barrett told Cena to raise his hand. Cena stared him down, took a slap, then raised Barrett's hand in the air. Cena stomped off and Barrett kept his hand up in the air as they show faded to black with some different background noise from the live crowd than WWE was probably looking for.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Eh show. The basics for hyping the PPV were covered, but the forced attempt to create an inorganic rivalry between Raw and Smackdown wore out its welcome by the end of the show. Last week's show had purposeful wrestling and this week's show was back to throw-away, filler wrestling. Not a very inspiring show with WWE clearly distracted by promoting their propaganda campaign. The battle royal also exposed the lack of true stars WWE has on its roster. Too many random, generic, easily interchangeable men on both rosters.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "Raw Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Raw, email to using our Feedback form.

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