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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 5/9: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live Raw - Three-way #1 contender match, Over the Limit hype

May 9, 2011 - 10:08:38 PM

WWE Raw Results
May 9, 2011 - Episode #936
Live in Knoxville, Tenn.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live WWE Raw started with Alberto Del Rio pulling up to ringside. Michael Cole was back in the tool box ringside with Jerry Lawler and Josh Mathews at the commentary position. Cue up the announcer banter as Del Rio made his way to the ring.

Del Rio introduced himself and noted his destiny to become World Hvt. champion was stolen by Edge. But, destiny can be delayed. It can't be stopped, though. Del Rio said he can't understand why they wasted so much time last week on The Rock. It should have been a celebration with the arrival of Del Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez chimed in while Cole cackled in the background. Del Rio noted Cena is the WWE champion, but there's no one better than him. So, the man that should face Cena is...Ricardo with the formal announcement of Del Rio's name.

Rey Mysterio's music interrupted and out came Mysterio, drawing Del Rio's ire. In the ring, Rey said Del Rio's destiny isn't to be a champion, or to be the greatest of the great, but to one day be the personal ring announcer of Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo had a good laugh at this. Del Rio shot him a look and Ricardo acted angry. Rey then challenged Del Rio to a match tonight. Del Rio shot him an eyebrow, not amused with this. Del Rio said if he means earning it by winning for the thousandth time, then -

The Miz's music interrupted and out came Team Miz's softball team consisting of Miz and Alex Riley. Cole claimed Miz was robbed of the WWE Title last week. Lawler was apparently supposed to counter Cole (ya know, since Miz cheated to try to win), but he completely whiffed on the softball.

In the ring, Miz noted Teddy Long's incompetent decision-making might have worked on Smackdown, but this is his show. Miz noted if it weren't for the incompetence of his personal assistant (Riley), he would still be WWE champion. Del Rio responded that Miz needs to head to the back of the line. He said he did pin Cena last week. And he was announced WWE champion. Then, that "prejudiced referee" reversed the decision. Miz explained he used the title belt before Cena could use it on him. He said he wants a legit re-match against John Cena. Miz told Rey and Del Rio to fight each other in a Taco Bell parking lot. He said the only person who should be facing Cena is him.

R-Truth then interrupted with no music. Truth strolled out and noted they all can't get along. Truth said while everyone is spilling hate, he'll spill some hate of his own. He said he hates hospital food. What? It's dry as a desert. It smells bad. And it tastes bad. And you never get it when you really want it. Who know who's eating a whole lot of hospital food right now? John Morrison. Truth took credit for Morrison's injury, saying he did *this* to him last week. Cue up a video from Raw last Monday when Truth "injured" Morrison as a storyline write-off.

Back live, Truth asked everyone if they saw that. Truth said he put a beating on him so bad, he had to have surgery today. Truth said if you don't believe him, check out WWE's website right now. Truth then gave a shout-out to John Morrison: "P.S. Hospital food gives you constipation." Everyone was standing around listening to Truth, who said he doesn't have any problem making sure every one of them is hooked up to the same IV. Truth got in Miz's face and said it doesn't matter if you're a pretty boy from L.A. In Rey's face, Truth said it doesn't matter if you're a superhero wannabee from San Diego. In Del Rio's face, Truth said it doesn't matter if you're a Mexican fence-jumper. Truth turned to the crowd and said when an angry black man is talking, you need to shut up. Truth said he's not waiting in line anymore. Truth said the only person facing Cena is him.

Cue up the Raw GM with an interruption. Cole stood up in the tool box and read from his iPad that despite all of the compelling arguments here, he finds only three who deserve it. It will be a triple threat match to determine who faces Cena for the WWE Title at Over the Limit. The GM agreed with Miz, Del Rio (as the crown jewel of the WWE Draft), and a third competitor. Cole milked it a while. Suddenly, the GM buzzed again. Cole said the GM hit send too soon. As for the third competitor, it's Rey Mysterio.

[Q2] Truth looked down at the ring selling anger. "Again?!" he asked. Truth said it's happening to him again. He said he's better than every last one of them...especially Rey. Truth got right inside Rey's mask to try to intimidate him. Rey said he's agreeing with the GM for once. He said Truth shouldn't be involved in the match. "That's whassup. That's the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth," he said. Truth's eyes bugged out of his head ready to smash Rey. Truth then slowly backed out of the ring and slipped out of the ring selling torment. Cole said he feels sorry for Truth. Truth began talking to himself before he got that crazy look in his eyes again. The crowd chanted na na, good-bye, as Truth slowly made his way up the entrance ramp.

Back in the ring, Miz addressed Del Rio and Rey. He said it doesn't matter what they accomplished on Smackdown because they're merely day laborers and bench warmers on Raw. Miz said the next WWE champion is...Ricardo interrupted with "Alberto Del Rio." Del Rio smiled and clapped it up for Ricardo, then shot a wink toward Miz. Riley then smashed Del Rio and Ricardo absolutely smashed Riley with a dropkick out of nowhere. Miz then clotheslined Del Rio over the top rope. Miz and Riley recovered up the stage, then Rey splashed Del Rio on the floor. Rey stood tall in the ring as Del Rio recovered on the floor. It's Miz vs. Rey vs. Del Rio later tonight. PYB (3) talk time: 17:35. They cut to break with Miz checking his jaw.

Reax: Lowest common denominator all over the place with focus on race and stereotypes being the only thing that separated the competitors. Not who's the better wrestler or who's won the most matches, but who has the wrong skin color or heritage. WWE at its worst. Truth's performances continue to be really strong, as the silver lining in this promo.

[Commercial Break]


The Bella Twins were already in the ring back from break. Eve then came out, followed by Kelly Kelly, for tag action. Mathews plugged Kelly in Maxim magazine before the opening bell. The Bellas quickly isolated Kelly, who fought back before the action broke down. In the confusion, Kelly scored a small package win.

Post-match: Kharma's music played and the Divas freaked out. The Bellas hid ringside, then ran away once Kharma made her way to the ring. Kelly then ran out of the ring, so Eve was alone. Eve tried to charge Kharma, who clotheslined her. After chasing off Kelly, Kharma re-entered the ring to give Eve the implant buster. Cue up maniacal laughter. Refs eventually slid into the ring to check on Eve.

WINNER: Kelly & Eve at 1:21. On the house shows over the weekend, Kharma attacked Eve, so they carried this over to TV. Perhaps it was a test run so Kharma wouldn't injure Eve. There's no sense yet where this is all going. (n/a)

Backstage: As Kharma's maniacal music played in the background, they cut backstage to show a large shadow on the wall. Kane was shown emerging to join Big Show on the way to the ring. It's Kane vs. Mason Ryan again after their two-minute match last week.


[Commercial Break]

In-ring: C.M. Punk's music hit to bring out Punk and Mason Ryan. The announcers recapped events last Monday when Ryan showed his "impressive strength" at the expense of the tag champs, Big Show and Kane. Cole said Ryan has bought into the "faith" Punk preaches. Out came Kane and Big Show for Kane's re-match with Ryan.

2 -- WWE tag champion KANE (w/WWE tag champion Big Show) vs. MASON RYAN (w/C.M. Punk)

The announcers heavily, heavily promoted Ryan as he displayed his limited moveset. Ryan lifted Kane in the air to deliver a big powerslam in the corner turnbuckle for a two count. Show sold concern ringside, then Kane made a comeback with various kicks to the upper body. The ref had to guide Mason away from the ropes so Punk could run interference behind the ref's back. Big Show then smashed Punk with a KO Punch ringside. Suddenly, Nexus hit the ring to attack the tag champs and cause a DQ, but Show and Kane easily discarded of the scrubs.

Post-match: Ryan entered the ring and ate a double chokeslam. Kane hit the pyro as Nexus tried to check on Punk, who sold he was KO'ed. Meanwhile, Ryan was attended to by a ref. The tag champs left the ring as the carnage was evident ringside.

WINNER: Kane via DQ at 2:16. This was all over the place. No one takes Nexus seriously anymore, and this didn't help. If the goal is to build up foes for Kane and Show, WWE is failing. Ryan looked pretty lost in the ring. He's not ready, so WWE is having the announcers heavily push him as a monster to try to distract from how green he is. (1/4*)

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Santino was already in the ring back from break. Dolph Ziggler then walked out on-stage and introduced the "future of WWE," Dolph Ziggler. The announcers dipped back into the propaganda bag to hype Ziggler's "new and improved look" and called him a future WWE champion. There has to be a lead announcer who can provide some sense to this show instead of having a consistent feeling that viewers are being pandered to or having their intelligence insulted.

3 -- DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. SANTINO

One minute into the match, Mathews said Ziggler had been in control "throughout the match." Santino then warmed up the Cobra, but Ziggler met him with a dropkick to the mush. Ziggler followed with the Zig-Zag for the pin and the win. Vickie clapped it up for Ziggler as Cole talked up Ziggler as the future of WWE. Ziggler then sternly walked out of the ring, ignoring Vickie's encouragements.

WINNER: Ziggler at 1:42. Fine squash using equity built up in Santino's finisher to transfer fan excitement to anger toward Ziggler. They need to do more with Ziggler, though, and they need new announcers. There isn't a credible lead announcer with a true compass on the show, disallowing WWE from being able to set up their stories to effectively build heat on the heels or rally fan support for the faces. (n/a)

Still to come: Miz vs. Rey vs. Del Rio #1 contender match and Cena picks the stip for the Over the Limit title match vs. the winner.


[Commercial Break]

Smackdown Rebound: They took a rare look at events on Friday's Smackdown when Randy Orton won the World Title from Christian after all those good feelings for Christian turned into sudden defeat. With Friday's episode drawing the lowest rating of the year, apparently WWE felt the need to remind Raw viewers that Orton is on Friday nights now. The video concluded with focus on Christian's 17-year journey coming to an end in the matter of one night.

Announcers: Back live, Mathews said he doesn't believe it was fair to Christian. Lawler said Long is trying to do anything he can to compete with Raw and he gave the fans the match. (More promotion of a fake rivalry between brands.) Lawler said the fans chose Orton anyways. Last time I checked, the other two choices were Mark Henry and Great Khali. Actually, Singh might have been a choice, too. That might be the worst argument ever conceived on WWE TV.

Backstage: R-Truth was shown leaving the building muttering to himself. Scott Stanford walked up to him and said he keeps getting letters asking Truth to go back to dancing and singing. Truth said little Ronny needs to go back to private school and he's not taking his treatment anymore. Truth said it's on his own terms, now. Stanford tried to sign off, then Truth got back in his face to force Stanford to back down.

Backstage: Cena and Ryder were shown talking to each other in the hallway. Ryder gave Cena a fist pump, then Cena walked off. Ryder kept fist-pumping in the background like a machine stuck on the same setting. Cena turned back and shot him a quizzical look, then kept on walking. Lawler said Cena is up next.

[Commercial Break. Smackdown plug: Orton destroyed Christian's dream. Now, Orton begins his reign on Smackdown.]

In-ring: One minute before the top of the hour, the announcers recapped Miz taking the WWE Title from Cena momentarily before the decision was reversed.

[Q5 -- second hour]

Backstage: Miz was upset with Riley after watching the video replay in his locker room. Riley tried to explain himself and claimed it wasn't his fault the ref reversed the decision. Miz asked him how stupid can he be. He called him an amoeba - the lowest form of life. Riley apologized over and over. He said he's all jacked up with the brain of a monkey. Riley apologized again. Miz said he doesn't even know why he allows him in his presence. Riley vowed to make it up to him. Watch this.

They cut to a hallway camera shot of Riley walking around backstage. Cole and Lawler had to force a lot of banter as the camera continued to follow Riley down the hallway, then into the arena. Riley stood on stage, pointed to the crowd, then walked into the ring. Riley took the mic and said he doesn't care what the fans think about him. He said the only person he cares about in life is Miz. He's going to prove it right now because he's challenging John Cena to a match. Pause. Riley told Cena he's standing right here in the ring. Oh, he gets it since he's Miz's poor little apprentice. "Cena, Cena" chant, then Riley chucked the mic clear across the entrance ramp. Cena's music eventually hit to draw loud screams from the kids. Out came Cena with WWE Title belt in hand. Cena smirked on the stage, then stormed the ring to scare off Riley.

4 -- WWE champion JOHN CENA vs. ALEX RILEY -- non-title match

Cena toyed with Riley early on, then Riley cut him off and worked a headlock. Cena easily made his comeback and delivered the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena then teased the Attitude Adjustment as Miz walked out half-way down the ramp. Cena, while staring down Miz, delivered the AA center ring. Miz came a little closer to the ring and Cena lifted up Riley for another AA. Next, Cena slapped on the STF center ring. Riley immediately tapped out and Miz remained standing on the ramp. Cena eventually released the hold and posed in front of Miz, who maintained his position on the ramp. Cena posed in the ring as Miz slowly backed up the ramp. More back-and-forth shots of Cena and Miz before Cena posed in the ring with the title belt.

WINNER: Cena via submission at 3:12. Decisive squash for Cena to build him up as invincible. It makes long-term sense to build up Cena as strong as possible these next 11 months leading to WM28 vs. The Rock.

[Commercial Break. WM27 DVD plug - out in stores Tuesday.]

[Q6] In-ring: Michael Cole was in the ring back from break. Cole said he defeated Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania and Extreme Rules, so he is publicly announcing tonight...that he is retiring from in-ring competition. The fans cheered. He said he knows he's retiring as the only undefeated Superstar in WWE history (he lost on the Raw before Extreme Rules) and he wants to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a dual broadcast and "in-ring competitor."

Jerry Lawler stood up at the announce table and entered the ring. Cole reminded Lawler if he touches him, he will be fired. Lawler said he remembers that rule, but he remembers Rock laying out Cole last week. Lawler rolled footage from last week of Rock delivering Rock Bottom to Cole after the faux handshake. Back live, Cole had a mock laugh. Lawler said if the day were to ever come where Cole were inducted into the Hall of Fame, life would never be the same. But, wait, maybe there is a way. Lawler said if Cole were to defeat him in another match, he would personally induct him into the Hall of Fame and he will give him his Hall of Fame ring. Not another HOF ring storyline. Cole thought it over with a big smile on his face, then said he doesn't think so.

Cole left the ring, stepped into his Cole Mine, and stood up to cut a promo on Lawler trying to steal the spotlight. He wanted to know what's wrong with all these people from Tennessee. Cole asked what makes them a bunch of sore losers. For example, Al Gore. He said Gore lost fair & square to George Bush and he's still complaining about it years later. How about the Elvis fans who refuse to believe he actually died on a toilet. Then, there's Lawler. He can't let it go.

Cole said Lawler can't change his mind anyways because yesterday was Mother's Day. Cole said he flew his mother into Texas, they watched a video on the DVR player, and they watched over and over and over again WrestleMania when he dissected Lawler in the ring. Cole said there's nothing better than to spend the day with your mother. Cole seemed hesitant to go to the next level asking Lawler what he's doing for Mother's Day. Cole mockingly said he's so sorry. It must have slipped his mind that Lawler's mother passed away in February.

Lawler had enough and jumped out of the ring. Lawler appeared to contact Cole with a slap over the top of the tool box, then Jack Swagger showed up to attack Lawler from behind. Swagger chucked Lawler into the barricade and Lawler sold face-down on the mat. Swagger and Cole screamed at Lawler to get out of here as the show cut to break.

[Commercial Break. Tough Enough plug for next week: Two hopefuls get seriously hurt. One heads to the emergency room.]

In-ring: Back from break, some random music was playing as Justin Roberts introduced a U.S. Title match. Apparently it was the back-end of Swagger's theme music. Swagger is facing Kofi Kingston for the U.S. Title in a random match-up.

5 -- U.S. champion KOFI KINGSTON vs. JACK SWAGGER -- U.S. Title match

Swagger teased the anklelock, then Kofi teased Trouble in Paradise early on. Cole suddenly made some beeping noises to introduce a special news bulletin that Jerry "The King" Lawler is in pain. In the ring, Kofi mounted some offense with a dropkick that sent Swagger to the floor. Kofi teased a plancha, but Swagger slipped into the ring and landed a forearm smash. Kofi recovered on the floor, Cole clapped it up for Swagger, and they cut to break.

[Q7] [Commercial Break]

Back from break, they went back-and-forth for a bit before Kofi delivered a signature high cross-body splash from the top rope for a close two count. Swagger then tried to chuck Kofi over the top rope, but Kofi skinned the cat, only to have Swagger grab his ankle. Swagger teased the anklelock, but Kofi grabbed the ropes to avoid. Swagger, with a cut lip, took too long to follow up, giving Kofi an opening. Kofi lost control, then Swagger stood on his ankle. Swagger looked to the back and saw Lawler standing on-stage with a crazy look in his eyes. Lawler started walking to the ring as Kofi took advantage of the distraction to nail Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

WINNER: Kingston at 8:24 to retain the U.S. Title. Okay match, but ultimately a set-up for the post-match. (*1/2)

Post-match: Lawler yanked Swagger out of the ring and threw him over the guardrail. Lawler then threw his announcer chair over the Cole Mine into the box. Lawler then grabbed Cole's tie through a peephole and rammed Cole face-first into the panel over and over and over and over again. It was rhythmic. Lawler then hold Cole's face against the panel to give the fans a laugh with a close-up of Cole's face smushed against the panel.

Refs eventually pulled Lawler away and Cole slumped to the floor. Swagger recovered and checked on Lawler, then grabbed the mic and told Lawler he's fired for touching Cole. Lawler, who was being held back by ref Guido, noted he only grabbed Cole's tie. Swagger then spoke on behalf of Cole that he accepts Lawler's match proposal and he'll be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Cole came to his senses and flipped out on Swagger, wanting to know why he accepted the match. They went to a replay of Lawler yanking Cole by the tie into the glass panel, with his eyes and face smushed like a cartoon. Apparently Lawler vs. Cole is booked for Over the Limit, but they didn't make the date/time/location official.

Announcers: After a plug for the DVD release of "That's What I Am," Mathews plugged the three-way #1 contender match up next.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Back live, Del Rio's music was playing as Lawler and Mathews read some sponsor ads. The bell sounded and Justin Roberts introduced the triple threat #1 contender match. After an official intro for Del Rio, Rey Mysterio's music hit to bring out Rey. Long intro for Rey. Next out was Miz sans Riley.

6 -- ALBERTO DEL RIO vs. REY MYSTERIO vs. THE MIZ -- #1 contender match to WWE Title

Rey escaped the two heels early on, then teased a double 619, but Del Rio cut him off and rolled Rey out of the ring to the floor. Miz tried to roll up Del Rio from behind, but Del Rio escaped at two. Del Rio and Miz traded counters, then Rey entered the ring and flipped around Del Rio for a two count. Lawler noted he feels pretty good about himself getting a match with Cole. Still no official word on whether this is set for Over the Limit. With Del Rio on the outside, Rey and Miz battled in the ring before Del Rio re-entered and threw Rey over the top rope. Del Rio and Miz then battled before a double head-knock put both men on the mat. They cut to break with everyone down & out and the crowd sitting on their hands.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Del Rio was working over Rey in the ring while Miz tried to re-enter. Del Rio then knocked Miz off the apron and went back to work on Rey. Del Rio then slipped to the outside and rammed Miz into the ringpost before re-entering the ring to wear down Rey some more. Del Rio then tried a move off the ropes, but Miz pulled down the top rope to bring Del Rio to the floor. In the ring, Miz accepted a kick to the face from Rey, who scored a nearfall. Suddenly, bodies started flying on the outside and all three men recovered on the floor.

Back in the ring, Rey delivered high-flying offense on Del Rio, but it was only good for another two count. Del Rio then shoved Rey away, but Rey responded with a head scissors. Suddenly, Miz snuck into the ring via the top turnbuckle, but Rey sent Del Rio into the turnbuckle to crotch Miz. Lawler then noted Miz can't be happy about the ref in the match being the same ref as last week's WWE Title match. Del Rio then knocked Miz to the floor and followed with the cross arm-breaker on Rey. Miz broke up the submission, though, and popped Del Rio in the face for a two count.

[Q9 -- over-run] Miz stalked Rey for the Skullcrushing Finale, but Rey knocked Miz to the floor. Suddenly, Riley came hobbling down to ringside. Riley checked on Miz on the floor while Del Rio and Rey battled in the ring. Riley got on the apron and Rey flung Del Rio into Riley. Rey then hit 619 on Del Rio, took out Miz on the apron, and climbed up top. Rey hit a splash on Del Rio and made a cover, but Riley yanked Del Rio out of the ring. Miz then snuck in the back door to roll up Rey from behind for the win.

WINNER: Miz at 13:43 to become #1 contender. It was pretty clear where they were going with the story of Riley helping out Miz to make up for his earlier errors. Not a great three-way match with over-use of the "one man out and two men in" format. I'd be happy to see three-way matches go away for a very long time. As for the men in the ring, it was a chance for the wrestlers and WWE to feel out who had good chemistry each other. Miz and Del Rio seemed to work well together stylistically, but the heel vs. heel match-up won't work with a live crowd. (**)

Post-match: As Miz and Riley celebrated on the ramp, Cena's music hit to bring out the WWE champion on the stage. Cena said he's here to congratulate Miz. He did the same thing the night after WrestleMania. Cena said Miz only has excuses when he loses. He said he's chosen the match at Over the Limit. No DQ. No count-outs. No submissions. No pinfalls. Miz and Riley shot each other quizzical looks. Cena told him Miz just has to make him say two words. At Over the Limit, Miz will face Cena in an I Quit match.

Cena's music hit and he disappeared to the back as Miz contemplated what he has to do in two weeks. Meanwhile, Rey continued to act dumbfounded in the ring way over Miz's shoulders. There was a reason for that background shot. Suddenly, R-Truth snuck in the back door and dropped Rey with his finisher. Truth shot the crowd his bug-eye look. It looks like Truth vs. Rey (instead of vs. Morrison) at the PPV. They signed off with Truth standing tall over Rey.


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