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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 8/15: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - Triple H addresses Summerslam, Punk-Nash, missing segment, WWE Title match

Aug 15, 2011 - 10:08:41 PM

WWE Raw Results
August 15, 2011 - Episode #950
Live in San Diego, Calif.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live WWE Raw started with a still-photo recap of last night's Summerslam, focusing on C.M. Punk becoming Undisputed champion, Kevin Nash powerboming C.M. Punk, and Alberto Del Rio now WWE champion.

Arena: Pyro shot off inside the arena as Michael Cole introduced the show and noted they are expecting fall-out from a chaotic, wild, and unpredictable Summerslam. Cole said they have more questions than answers right now.

In-ring: After a pause, Triple H's music hit to bring out the COO dressed in a suit. He sold that a lot was on his mind as he approached the ring. Cole invited viewers to "follow the controversy" tonight on Twitter. Cole sent it to Jerry Lawler for comments on anything happening in WWE. Jim Ross was also on commentary to recap the title match events.

Hunter started off with an apology. He said he wants to apologize to the fans and John Cena. He said he made a mistake; no excuses. He said John Cena's foot was clearly on the bottom rope when he counted him out. Hunter said he'll look Cena in the eyes later tonight and tell him he made a mistake. He said that had he not screwed it up, he's not sure if Cena or Punk would have won. Hunter said the way it went down, he had no problem raising the hand of the new WWE champion, C.M. Punk.

As for what happened after the match, a lot of people are speculating in his involvement. He said that he had nothing to do with any of it. Yes, he is friends with Kevin Nash and has been for years. He said Nash called him because he was in Los Angeles and left him a few tickets. He said he had no knowledge Nash would jump the rail and attack Punk. Hunter said he has not spoken with Nash, but he has invited him to Raw to explain himself. He said that as long as he would be allowed to tell the truth, Nash would be here tonight.

As for Del Rio cashing in MITB (mix of cheers and boos), Hunter said he didn't know anything about it, but to be quite honest, that's the way MITB works. Hunter said he promised the world one week ago that there would no longer be two champions by the end of Summerslam. And, now, they have one Undisputed WWE champion. Here he is.

Del Rio's music played to bring out the new WWE champion through the entrance stage sans vehicle entrance. As Del Rio completed his ring entrance, they showed the three announcers ringside discussing the title situation. Cole said he's not quite buying Hunter's explanation having no knowledge of Nash's involvement. In the ring, Del Rio noted he's been talking about his destiny for weeks and weeks. More like months and months. Del Rio said he's going to be real honest here. It was never his intention to cash in his MITB at Summerslam. He said destiny just does whatever it wants. He said that after what Nash did to Punk, he couldn't resist. Del Rio said some people are just born to be great. Del Rio said everyone knows he is the greatest of the great as the Undisputed WWE champion.

Del Rio said that as the champion, he's going to represent all of the fans with respect, honesty, and passion (pause for 619 chant). He said he just wants to be the audience's champion and he's going to be in the lobby signing autographs later tonight. Del Rio said he'll even take pictures with everyone's kids. That's the kind of champion he wants to be. And, tonight, for his first title defense, he's going to face the former WWE champion Rey Mysterio (big reaction). Del Rio welcomed the applause. He said when "they" told him he would face Mysterio for his first title defense, he was happy because everyone loves Rey Mysterio. He called Rey a Mexican icon and gran luchador. He said he loves Rey.

"619, 619" chant that Del Rio welcomed again. That's right, he loves Rey Mysterio. Yes, he loves beating Rey Mysterio. He said he started his WWE career beating Mysterio and every day he wakes up in the morning, he feels like beating Rey Mysterio. Del Rio vowed to beat that little chihuahua, Rey Mysterio. He told the fans to change their area code because after tonight, the fans in San Diego will have a new hero: Alberto Del Rio. The fans booed as Del Rio flashed his big smile to the crowd. Lawler called that a lot of hot hair and said Hunter's words earlier might have also been a lot of hot hair. He said he has his doubts about Nash and Hunter.

Still to come tonight: Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio for the WWE Title. Cole said it's going to be rocking the Sports Arena.

Backstage: Hunter was shown knocking on John Cena's locker room door and walking in. Ross said this could be a very volatile conversation.


[Commercial Break]

In-ring: R-Truth came out first for the first match of the show. Truth had a new "Truth shall set you free" voice entrance, followed by a no-words remix of his former theme music. Cole noted John Morrison asked for a re-match and Hunter allowed a Falls Count Anywhere stipulation. Morrison came out second and they cut to an inset promo from Morrison. Lawler said he's been looking forward to this match for a long time: a healthy John Morrison vs. R-Truth.

1 -- JOHN MORRISON vs. R-TRUTH -- Falls Count Anywhere match

Truth nearly won the FCA match with a quick roll-up in the first minute, then Morrison clotheslined Truth over the top rope to the floor. Morrison then measured Truth for a twisting plancha on the floor for a two count. The match moved to the other side of the arena floor and Morrison delivered a step-up kick off the guardrail for a two count. Truth then blocked a suplex attempt and delivered a front suplex for a nearfall. Cole declared Morrison is going to get got as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Morrison was sprawled out on the floor before Truth scored a two count and complained about referee Scott Armstrong's cadence. Truth then got into it with an Ultimate Warrior clone on the front row complete with wild hair, tassels, and facepaint. Truth continued the assault with a running strike into the guardrail for a two count. The ringside fans began chanting "Little Jimmy," which drew Truth's ire. Truth assaulted Morrison, then got into it with Fake Warrior again. Truth followed with an atomic drop across the guardrail in front of Warrior, then clotheslined him over the guardrail to the front row as fake Warrior posed in Truth's face. Truth then suplexed Morrison onto the floor as the announcers offered some plugs for the live event experience to see this kind of action up close and personal.

[Q3] Truth tossed Morrison back over the guardrail to ringside, but took too much time staring at fans. Morrison recovered and kicked Truth on the way over for a nearfall. Truth recovered, though, and assaulted Morrison some more before retrieving an announcer chair. Morrison blocked, though, and suplexed Truth into the chair before nailing him with a knee strike to the face. Ross called it a slobberknocker of a shot as Truth fell over to the ground. Truth with the cover for the win on the floor. Cole noted Truth dominated nearly the entire match before Morrison pulled it out in the end. Morrison, limping, returned to the ring to pose as they went to a replay of the finish.

WINNER: Morrison at 10:49. Nice match that WWE doesn't offer too often on TV, so it stood out. I'm not sure who the star of the match was, though: Fake Warrior or R-Truth, who was terrific dominating this match and creating intrigue leading to Morrison's comeback and eventual win. This was an even-steven match pointing to a possible re-match unless WWE wanted to quickly end this and move on with both men. (**1/4)

Backstage: C.M. Punk was shown arriving in the building not looking too pleased. Ross said he's looking for answers and probably doesn't know Nash will be here tonight. Nice, subtle hook for the audience to stick around for what Nash has to say.

Smackdown plug: Randy Orton is the new World Hvt. champion. This Friday, Orton returns to Smackdown as champion. What happens next?

[Commercial Break]

Video Replay: WrestleMania 22 when Rey Mysterio captured his first World Title. Rey has Del Rio for the WWE Title later tonight.

In-ring: The Miz's music hit to bring out Miz dressed in a sharp suit. Miz slowly made his way to the ring as Cole said his prayers were answered for Miz to be part of Summerslam. Once in the ring, Miz surveyed the crowd and said he's out here because someone has asked him to say hello to someone in the audience. And that person is Jared from Subway. Jared stood up on the front row and Miz said he believes he could do his job better than him. Jared over-acted as Miz left the ring to confront Jared. Miz said he'll show him right now. Miz grabbed a Subway sandwich as the front row fans chanted, "Subway sucks." Miz gave a plug for an oven-crisp chicken sandwich as no one reacted and Jared over-acted some more. Miz claimed that's better than anything Jared has ever done.

Miz took the sandwich and entered the ring to say the sandwich is only trending because of him. He turned to more serious matters to suggest he will be WWE champion again. Because he's The Miz...and he's...awesome. Cue up Miz's music again. Cole called it the one piece of food JR would turn down. Miz took a big bite as Ross said he loves Subway. Miz continued to eat the sandwich in the ring. And sigh.

Backstage, a black limo was shown pulling up in the parking garage. Lawler slipped out he thought it might have been Stephanie, but Kevin Nash stepped out of the limo and put his big boots on the ground. They did an Andre shot as the big man slowly made his way into the arena.

[Commercial Break]

[Q4] Announcers: Cole reset the show that Hunter is here, Punk is here, and Nash has just arrived. In the arena, they showed Trace Adkins sitting ringside. Another commercial plug, this time for Adkins's new album. Cole noted Adkins was part of Tribute to the Troops in December.

In-ring: Divas champion Kelly Kelly and Eve came to the ring for a Divas match leading into the second hour. The Bellas were out next as their opposition.


Is there any chance of Eve joining Beth & Natalya or will she be in Kelly's shadow for the rest of her career? Kelly got in early offense before the Bellas cut her off. Eve hot-tagged into the match, Kelly cleared Bella #1, and Eve delivered a top-rope moonsault on Bella #2 for the win. Post-match: Phoenix and Natalya walked out on-stage and mock applauded the victorious babyface Divas. Kelly held up her Divas Title belt to show Beth she didn't get the job done at Summerslam.

WINNERS: Kelly & Eve at 3:05. Fine continuation from Summerslam to keep Beth in the title picture.

Summerslam clip: Nash Jackknife powerbombed Punk at Summerslam. Up next, Kevin Nash "tells the truth."

[Commercial Break]

Summerslam plug: After already announcing Randy Orton won the World Title at Summerslam, they aired a generic plug for Christian's surprise announcement on last week's Smackdown for Summerslam.

In-ring: Justin Roberts gave a long introduction for Kevin Nash, noting his championship accomplishments in WWE and WCW. Out walked Nash sans theme music as the crowd seemed to be mixed with cheers and indifference and awe. Nash strolled into the ring as Ross said he's known him for 20 years and he's known him to be very outspoken.

Nash began by thanking Triple H for giving him a chance to speak here tonight. He said for the people who don't know, he's been close friends with Hunter for 20 years. Nash said that last night, he asked Triple H if he could attend Summerslam and Hunter gave him some tickets. He said he was watching and right before the main event, he got a text. "What?" chants here. Nash paused to take control before noting the text read: "Hey big man, could you do me a favor? No matter what happens, could you stick the winner?" Nash said it's been a long time since he's been in the ring and he missed it. He noted the thrill he got at the Rumble and said what he did last night was pure business. Nash said he got to the building tonight and found out Triple H said he knew nothing about it. (Did Steph send the text?) Nash started to leave, but C.M. Punk's music interrupted. Nash leaned on the top rope as Punk paced the stage.

[Q5 -- second hour] Loud Punk chant from the vocal males once Cult of Personality stopped playing. Nash said he doesn't believe that load of crap. He said he doesn't believe Nash and Hunter aren't on the same page. Punk said if Hunter asked Nash to jump off a bridge, would he? He said he thinks that would be good for business. The crowd applauded, then chanted his name. Punk said he has a suspicion Hunter doesn't really know what's good for business and same with Nash. Now, he's seen the proof right here in the ring. Punk said Nash has no idea what's good business.

Nash responded that it's the first time they've spoken. He said Punk needs to watch his mouth, which drew laughter from Punk. Punk told Nash to watch the show because he does what he wants to whomever he pleases. Nash told him his world just changed. Punk looked down at the stage, then recapped the story Nash just told: Hunter is a liar. But, maybe Hunter is telling the truth and maybe Nash is the liar. Nash asked Punk if he'd like to see the text on his phone. Punk asked Nash if he wants to see the text his little sister sent him. Punk said it read she thought Nash was dead, which popped the crowd. Punk said it's just Nash's career that's dead. He said Nash being out here doesn't piss him off, but what happened to him with the WWE Title situation pissed him off. Punk said he's not mad at Del Rio, but Nash and Hunter and what it represents. He said Hunter is clearly bringing his cronies back. Nash said Hunter has shaken things up around here. Punk said he's the one who did that.

Nash said Punk is indy-riffic and has only been in two main events. He said Punk's had the belt three times in 20 days. Punk said Nash knows nothing about main event talent, reminding Nash of calling Eddie Guerrero a vanilla midget. Punk said it's 2011, not 1994. Nash said he changed the business in 1996 with Scott Hall and made sure guys like Punk got guaranteed money. Nash told Punk to shut his mouth and say thank you. He said if this is where the business is right now with a short-order cook from a Waffle House as champion, then hit the showers, hit the weights, and get a clue. Punk said he'd rather be C.M. Punk than show up somewhere as Oz or Big Daddy Cool. He said enough with the snarky comments because he wants to fight.

Punk started walking to the ring before security intervened to stand in front of Punk. Punk turned to observe the situation before him. He said he's not surprised at all to see Hunter deem his buddy untouchable. Punk said if security is out here watching Nash's back, then maybe he'll go find out from the COO himself. Cole said that whole exchange confused him even more. The cameras went back and forth between Nash and Punk as Ross said something is wrong here because this isn't the Kevin Nash he knows. Stephanie had to have sent the text that created a need for ten minutes of a way-too-insider back-and-forth that lost the crowd at times before Punk's strong presence and mic work brought them back.

Fatal Four Way 2010 replay: Rey Mysterio's second World Title victory. Can Rey get the 1-2-3 against Del Rio tonight?

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Kevin Nash was shown barging into Triple H's office. Hunter wasn't there. John Laurinaitis just happened to be there and told Nash that Hunter's in a meeting with Punk right now. Laurinaitis said Punk's behavior is unacceptable. He told Nash they need to go somewhere else to talk privately.

Raw Replay: Alex Riley's awful comment to Vickie Guerrero about death taking a dump in her mouth last week on Raw. They replayed Vickie and Dolph Ziggler's issues before returning to the air. People's voices were heard arguing as Alex Riley came to the ring for the next match. It turned out Dolph and Vickie were arguing at the announce table, selling they "didn't know they were on the air." Vickie told Lawler to quit the insults. Jack Swagger then came out as Riley's opponent for what was presented as a filler match in-between the bigger segments, which defines down the involved players as never-going-to-be-a-big-deal.



Cole asked Ziggler if it's true he wouldn't be U.S. champion without Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler took the opportunity to talk himself up as a champion. He added that Vickie complements him like a nice garnish on a steak. Ziggler shot down a fat joke from Lawler as Swagger wore down Riley in the ring. Ziggler and Vickie continued to sell tension as Ziggler noted Vickie's bad breath is an issue. Cole tried to play Lawler mocking Vickie, so Ziggler shot back on Cole. Ziggler then mocked Vickie some more as the announcers continued to avoid the in-ring happenings. Vickie had enough and dropped her headset to mock Ziggler. Vickie then grabbed Ross's hat and put the hat on to parade around ringside. Vickie hopped on the ring apron and put the hat on the referee, who threw it down at ringside and tried to reprimand Vickie.

In the confusion, Swagger smashed Riley into the ropes before botching a gutwrench powerbomb attempt twice. He finally got it on the third time and scored the pin for the win. Cole said it's the first victory for Swagger on Raw in over a month. Vickie mock-applauded Swagger's win as Ziggler left the announce table to pick up Ross's hat. Ziggler then stepped on Ross's hat and gave it back to Ross. Cole said he's even offended by that. Ross said he thought Ziggler had more class than that. Cole said Ross looks pretty good without a hat. Ziggler went back to talking to the announcers as Vickie left ringside separately.

WINNER: Swagger at 4:24. What a trainwreck of a match, booking, and commentary complete with WWE (McMahon's) continued juvenile treatment of Ross. One of those examples of McMahon being bored and not having competition so he gets a kick out of segments like this one. In the meantime, WWE has seemingly lost track of Riley's push post-Miz.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero was shown walking down the hallway with a big smile on her face. Swagger jumped into the shot to thank Vickie for the help, then told Vickie she doesn't need to prove anything to Ziggler. He said Vickie has managed World champions and looks tremendous. Swagger told Vickie to think about great managers of the past like Bobby Heenan and Freddie Blassie. He said they all had multiple clientele, so Vickie should think about expanding her roster. Good save on the previous segment.

WWE aired the three-minute Summerslam Week recap video that aired during Summerslam last night.

Backstage: Punk was shown walking into Triple H's office to find Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie said she's really sorry for how Punk lost the title last night. Steph said he technically never was champion, though, because Cena's foot was on the bottom rope. She said in the end, people get what they deserve. Stephanie walked off, leaving Punk to ponder her words.


[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: Randy Orton is the new World champion. This Friday, Orton returns to Smackdown as champ.

Back live: Kofi Kingston's music hit to bring out Kofi in new blue wrestling shorts to go with his new white shorts debuted at Summerslam last night. Kofi fired up the crowd before Evan Bourne's music played. Tag action here. Cole noted it was WWE Day in Santee, Calif. today and Bourne was at the event to receive the honor. Lawler plugged Night of Champions next month before the WWE tag champs came out to zero reaction. Back to the over-done independent wrestler look for McGillicutty and Otunga, who were utilizing a simpler look on Superstars.

4 -- WWE tag champions MICHAEL MCGILLICUTY & DAVID OTUNGA vs. KOFI KINGSTON & EVAN BOURNE -- non-title match

As the match started, Cole noted Shawn Michaels just tweeted about the Nash-Hunter issue and Cole referenced Sean Waltman being part of the Clique. The seeds planted at the Hall of Fame continue to grow. The announcers also noted Stephanie is suddenly back in the picture and the root of all of this is Triple H as COO. Cole interjected a quip on Swagger for botching the gutwrench and said he should perhaps stick to the anklelock. Lawler then called out the tag champs needing to show him something because it's the bland leading the bland. Cole mocked Ross's accent a few times before asking him if he ever knew Hillbilly Jim. Lawler interjected he'd like to see the tag champs put the titles on the lines more often.

The action eventually led to Bourne coming off the top with Air Bourne for the pin and the win. Ross said perhaps business will pick up in the tag division with Kofi and Bourne picking up a win. He said they need a tag title opportunity. After a replay of the finish, they showed Bourne and Kofi celebrating as the tag champs were shown clutching their tag title belts on the stage.

WINNERS: Bourne & Kofi at 4:42. Another reminder of WWE being lost or unchallenged creatively, focusing on the performance aspect of the wrestling contests rather than stressing winners and losers as a simulated sport. The match action was presented as inconsequential due to the focus of the commentary.

Backstage: A shadowy figure was shown in the locker room. The camera panned left to show Rey Mysterio preparing for his WWE Title opportunity in the main event. It's next.

[Commercial Break]


In-ring: Justin Roberts was shown on-camera to introduce the Undisputed WWE Title match main event. Roberts introduced Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, before the WWE champ emerged off-stage in his vehicle of the week. A little extra on Ricardo's introduction as Del Rio slowly made his way to the ring. After a pause, Rey Mysterio's music hit to a big reaction, bringing out the challenger in his hometown sporting San Diego Chargers colors. Big "619" chant as the referee checked both men prior to the bell sounding.

5 -- WWE champion ALBERTO DEL RIO vs. REY MYSTERIO -- WWE Title match

Ross set the stage as the two men locked up center-ring and engaged in a feeling-out process. Cole noted there's a lot of pressure on Del Rio in his first title defense. Two Del Rio imposters on the front row taunted Rey Fans early on as the champ worked over Rey. Rey then came back with a 619 tease, but Del Rio bailed to the outside for a breather. They cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Del Rio was trying to rip off Rey's mask in the middle of a mathold. Rey broke free, then landed a double-foot dropkick to the face as he sold his lingering knee injury. Rey tried to climb up top, but Del Rio crotched him. Del Rio tried a top-rope suplex, but Rey countered with a super swinging Tornado DDT. He followed with a springboard splash for a two count. Rey followed with a sunset slip for another nearfall that drew ooohs from the crowd. Del Rio then cut off Rey with a strike to the face to catch his breath and slow down Rey.

Del Rio wore down Rey as Cole tried to put over Del Rio employing many workers in Mexico. Ross quipped Del Rio underpays his workers, only giving them 25-30 cents an hour. Del Rio then missed with a dropkick and spilled to the outside. Rey followed with a baseball slide kick before delivering a springboard moonsault on the floor. The ref applied a ten count as both men slowly made it to their feet. Rey rolled Del Rio back into the ring, then went up top for a seated senton into the 619 set-up. Rey went for the 619, but Del Rio cut him off with a clothesline for a two count.

[Q9 -- over-run] At the top of the hour, Del Rio dropped Rey with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall as Cole reset the show. Cole noted WWE having more questions than answers with regards to the Hunter-Nash issue. Meanwhile, Del Rio put Rey up top and delivered a step-up enziguiri for a close two count only. Suddenly, Rey rolled up Del Rio and scored a two count. Del Rio came right back with a kick strike to the face that put both men on the mat. "619, 619" chant as Del Rio surveyed the arena. Del Rio tried to quiet them with the cross arm-breaker, but Rey countered with the 619. Rey then went for a top-rope splash, but Del Rio got his knees up. Del Rio rolled right into a quick pin and it was good for the win. Del Rio retains the WWE Title, which Ricardo excitedly announced to the crowd.

WINNER: Del Rio at 12:50 to retain the WWE Title. Solid match between Rey and Del Rio. Good TV main event to book-end the strong opening match between Morrison and Truth. (**1/2)

Post-match: Del Rio delivered a kick to the head on Rey to add insult to injury. Del Rio then tried to snap Rey's left arm in the ring ropes. Del Rio added a hard whip into the announce table before slapping on the cross arm-breaker. Cole noted it's the same tactics Del Rio used on Rey when Del Rio first debuted in WWE.

Suddenly, John Cena stormed the ring and smashed Del Rio to free his grasp on Rey. Cena threw his shirt down at Del Rio, so Ricardo threw the shirt back in the ring. Cena took the mic and said he's coming off one hell of a weekend. He said he has a bunch of reasons to be pissed right now. Maybe Triple H. But, now, he's pissed at a scumbag like Del Rio. Cena said that after two guys, Cena and Punk, leave everything in the ring to create integrity for the WWE Title, Del Rio goes into business for himself. He said Del Rio is not a champion, but a target. He said that golden destiny Del Rio talks about makes every single person his enemy. The crowd cheered.

Cena screamed that a guy like Punk earned the right to become champion, while Del Rio got lucky. He said Del Rio is eventually going to happen to defend the title against someone and if it's against him, Del Rio won't be so lucky. Cena said Del Rio's destiny is John Cena whipping his ass. Cena's music played as he checked on Rey Mysterio. Cena told Del Rio it's not over. Isn't Triple H supposed to apologize to Cena tonight? The trademarks came on the screen as Del Rio and Cena traded exchanges from a distance to conclude the show with more questions than answers and Del Rio confirmed as the "undeserving" and/or "vulnerable" heel champion.

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