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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 9/19: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw Supershow following Night of Champions

Sep 19, 2011 - 10:03:47 PM

WWE Raw Supershow Results
September 19, 2011 - Episode #955
Live in Cleveland, Ohio
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live WWE Raw Supershow the night after the Night of Champions PPV started with the usual Raw intro video followed by full pyro inside the Q. After crowd shots, Michael Cole introduced the show. His voice is back after last night. Jerry Lawler plugged Hugh Jackman on Raw tonight after Raw noted it's PPV fall-out.

To start, Cult of Personality brought out C.M. Punk, who was dressed to wrestle and selling the effects of last night's main event against Triple H. Lawler said that's a "young man happy to be on his feet." Jim Ross interjected that Hunter is also feeling the effects from the match that included tons of chaos. Lawler added there's a new WWE champion and new World Hvt. champion after the PPV. Ross sold the replay as Punk slowly entered the ring and looked down at the mat.

Punk waited to speak and noted he doesn't have good memories of this building. He said he was forced to drop the World Title once, Bob Holly once punched him in the face so hard that he has a blind spot in his eye, and now he can barely move his neck after last night. Punk said what's worse is his pride. He said Miz and Truth are right: there is a conspiracy in WWE. He said it's not the same one Miz and Truth are talking about, but --- Triple H's music interrupted, much to Punk's annoyance. Hunter slowly walked out on-stage as Cole noted Hunter is still COO after last night. The announcers continued to talk about the run-ins during the main event last night as Hunter slowly made his way into the ring, where Punk awaited him with arms folded.

Hunter's music stopped and the two men glared at each other. Hunter said he's every bit as beat up as Punk after they went to war last night. "War!!" he said. (What is it good for?) Anyways, Hunter said the fact remains he is still COO of WWE, which drew cheers. Hunter said he's doing his dayjob right now. In two weeks, it's Hell in a Cell. He said Cena made history last night and Alberto Del Rio deserves his re-match. Here's the thing, Hunter said. He said Punk deserves the re-match he never received, too. He said that as a result - for the first time ever - the WWE Title will be contested in a triple threat Hell in a Cell match. (There always to be a first-time-ever in WWE.)

Hunter moved on to other business that he had nothing to do with anything Punk's been complaining about. He had nothing to do with Nash, Miz and Truth, the mic being cutting out, etc. Hunter ripped off his jacket and said if Punk doesn't get it, he has no problem going back to war with Hunter. Punk said he has no problem with it, either. He told Hunter to put his tie back on, so Hunter took it off. Punk said he wants to express his point before Hunter interrupted. He said someone is using their animosity against each other. Punk said he should have realized it a long time ago that it wasn't Hunter messing around, but someone else playing them against each other. Punk said it's someone higher up the ladder. Pause. He said he could go on and on -

Suddenly, John Laurinaitis interrupted. The raspy-voiced-one said he doesn't believe Punk for a second. He said he's not buying anything Punk is saying and neither should Hunter. Ace made his way to the ring and said Punk is just upset he couldn't beat Hunter. Punk cut off Ace and said he figured everything out last night when Ace wished him well in his match. He said Ace was prime and ready to swoop in and take over Hunter's job. He suspects he sent Truth and Miz to the ring and he cut Punk's mic off. Ace said Punk is out of line, he doesn't want to be COO, and sure, Hunter has lost control of the show, but he has his own job. Hunter took offense and stepped up to Ace to tell him he works for him.

Hunter said he's not sure where this is all going, but he's getting to the bottom of this. Ace pointed back at Punk, saying it's his fault. He said he's going to wish him the best in his future endeavors. "You're fired!" Ace said and Punk laughed. Hunter said Punk's not fired. He said if anyone is getting fired around here, it's him. Hunter said by the end of the night, he's going to sort this all out and...someone is getting fired. Hunter threw down the mic and stormed out of the ring with Ace following behind him. The two argued on the stage as Punk looked intently toward the stage.

Night of Champions last night: Mark Henry became new World Hvt. champion. Ross said he will speak with Henry tonight.

Up next: eight-man tag match with Bourne, Kofi, Sheamus, Gabriel vs. Christian, Barrett, Otunga, and McGillicutty.

[Q2] [Commercial Break]

In-ring: Back from break, all eight men were in the ring. Poor Christian associating with the scrub heel roster. After the two teams decided who should start, the bell sounded to begin the opening match.


The heels quickly isolated Bourne to deliver some offense as the announcers bantered back-and-forth about Miz and Truth's DQ loss last night and what the repercussions will be. Lawler said he heard they were fired. Ross noted Christian is looking for another World Title opportunity and Cole and Lawler said they disagree. Otunga lost control for the heels and Sheamus hot-tagged into the match. Sheamus cleaned house before dropping Otunga with the Irish Curse backbreaker. The pin was broken up, leading to chaos in the ring. Kofi with a high cross-body on Barrett, then Sheamus called for the end on Otunga. Christian provided a distraction, though, but Otunga still walked into the Brogue Kick. Sheamus could have made the pin, but posed for the crowd before calling for the end. The other disappeared at this point, except for Christian watching in the background, as Sheamus delivered the Celtic Cross to Otunga for the pin and the win. Post-match, Sheamus locked eyes with Christian to keep their program in the spotlight. After a replay of the finish, the faces celebrated in the ring.

WINNERS: Team Sheamus at 4:40. More build-up for Sheamus on Raw. Strong showcase for him, some focus on the Sheamus-Christian Smackdown program, and everyone else seemed to be background players.

Backstage, referee Chad Patton told Triple H he fears for his safety right now. Hunter told Chad (called him by name) to let him know when they arrive in the building and he'll deal with it. Alberto Del Rio walked in and complained to Hunter about his match-making. He said the way he sees it, Del Rio brought it upon himself when he cashed in his MITB briefcase at Summerslam. Hunter told Del Rio he could get the re-match right now if he wants it. Del Rio wanted nothing to do with it and said he needs time to prepare, but he hopes Vince McMahon comes back to take over the company again. Hunter ignored the comment and told Del Rio he needs to be more concerned with Hell in a Cell.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Cole plugged Night of Champions coverage on WWE's website and stressed John Cena's title victory.

In-ring: Justin Roberts introduced Ricardo Rodriguez, who introduced former champ Alberto Del Rio. Apparently Del Rio's in a tune-up match for Hell in a Cell. Del Rio emerged on-stage in his Vehicle of the Week before storming the ring with a scowl. The tune-up opponent, John Morrison, who came out to screams from the kids in the crowd. Could they do any more to make Morrison seem like a lower-card wrestler?



Actually, there is more they could do to make Morrison look like a lower-card wrestler, as he tapped out to the cross arm-breaker in 50 seconds. Del Rio kept the hold locked on for some extra pain to display his current frustration after the title loss last night. Del Rio added a kick to the back for good measure. Lawler tried to cover for Morrison that he was caught off-guard by Del Rio's onslaught. Del Rio stomped out of the ring with Ricardo.

WINNER: Del Rio via submission at 0:50. Nothing WWE does with Morrison is surprising anymore, but that was interesting. As for Del Rio, this is what they should have been doing with him as WWE champion: picking up decisive victories and looking like a strong, credible champion.

Still to come tonight: Hugh Jackman.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: As they showed the exterior of the arena, Lawler plugged Cleveland and noted several members of the Indians and Browns are on-hand tonight.

In-ring: Justin Roberts gave the formal introduction for guest star Hugh Jackman. Jackman, sporting jeans and a black t-shirt, came out to the ring high-fiving fans before entering the ring to cheers. Jackman ran the ropes before accepting the mic from Roberts. Jackman said he's so excited to be here on Raw. He learned quickly to incorporate the cheap pop into his routine. Jackman plugged his new movie, "Real Steel," before he was interrupted by Vickie Guerrero's voice. Vickie stomped out to the ring with U.S. champ Dolph Ziggler close behind. Lawler said he's not surprised Vickie's trying to put the moves on Jackman.

On cue, Vickie eased up Jackman and tried to get close to him in the ring. Vickie said she agrees with People Magazine that Jackman is the sexiest man alive. Jackman said it was a few years ago. "Many years ago," Dolph said, upset with Vickie easing up to Hugh. Jackman put his hand on Vickie's "Cougar" necklace, drawing Dolph's ire. Vickie introduced Ziggler, who then cut a promo on Jackman and noted he's the best U.S. champion this business has ever seen. He said he beat three other stars, not robots (no offense, Mason Ryan) like in Hugh's movie. Ziggler put over the plot of Hugh's movie before telling Hugh he's as real as it gets. Hugh asked Ziggler if he's staring him down. This turned into the underdog story and Jackman said he's going to go backstage and find the biggest underdog in the back and that person will humiliate Ziggler right here tonight.

Ziggler cut a promo back on Jackman and added another dig, this time on Miz for being short. The crowd started a "We Want Ryder" chant, which Jackman acknowledged before grabbing a sign in the crowd that read "Ryder > Wolverine." His close-the-segment music played, so Jackman ran out of the ring and held up the sign before disappearing to the back. Segment Reax: Jackman brought some good energy to the segment and fit in well, even if it didn't come across smoothly with the cross-talk and awkward ending.

Parking garage: The Miz and R-Truth were shown pulling up to the building. Ace walked up to them and said Triple H wants to see them right now. Miz, acting sincere, said they're sorry for compromising his integrity last night. Truth echoed the sentiment. Ace accepted their sentiment and told them to let him know how the meeting with Hunter goes. Miz maintained a sincere look of sorrow as they continued to walk toward the building.

[Commercial Break. A commercial ran for the Hawaii Five-0 season premiere coming up at the top of the hour. Probably not a good spot for WWE right there after the epic conclusion to the previous season.]

WWE Rewind: Who's the real Sin Cara?

In-ring: Sin Cara's music played as Cole called the events on Friday's Smackdown one of the most bizarre things he's ever seen. What appeared to be the real Sin Cara came out for a match as Lawler and Cole tried to figure out what the real Sin Cara looks like. IC champion Cody Rhodes was out next, flanked by the baggers.

Before the match started, Sin Cara's music played again. Sin Cara looked around the arena selling befuddlement before the other Sin Cara came out on-stage. The announcers changed their stance on which one is the original. Ross framed the crowd's silence for being confused on what's going on. The two then played to the crowd for the loudest cheers. Suddenly, a Lucha match broke to in the middle of the ring. Flips. Dives. A dropkick sent one Sin Cara to the outside, then the other Sin Cara did a backflip and posed in the ring. Sin Cara's music played again and Ross said they don't know why there's to Sin Caras, but they hope to have answers.

3 -- Intercontinental champion CODY RHODES vs. SIN CARA -- non-title match

Match Never Started.

Backstage: After the Sin Cara bit, Triple H was shown occupying himself with a cup of coffee. Miz and Truth walked in. Miz was apologetic, saying they never should have interfered in Hunter's match and they realize there isn't a conspiracy. Truth apologized to Hunter and all the Little Jimmys, too. Truth told "Trips" they realize their errors and said they're sorry. He said they think Hunter is doing a hell of a job as COO and they apologize. Hunter sized them up and said, "Fine. I accept your apology." Miz smiled. Hunter said that since they decided to put their hands on an official, he's fining them $250,000 each. He expects a check on his desk Monday morning. One more thing, though. Since they both love being WWE Superstars, they'll have no problem wrestling tonight against C.M. Punk...and John Cena. Miz took the news in stride as Hunter told them to get out of his office. Ross called it a huge fine and huge main event. He then plugged Mark Henry's World Title conquest and his interview in the ring next.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: It took Henry 15 years to become World champion. Is Randy Orton the newest member of Henry's Hall of Pain? Find out on Smackdown...(Or in the next segment).

[Q5 -- second hour] Back live, Cole and Lawler voiced-over still-shots of Henry's World Title victory over Orton last night. Suddenly, Smackdown GM Teddy Long was shown leaving the ring. In the ring, Jim Ross relayed news that Orton has invoked his re-match clause against Henry inside Hell in a Cell in two weeks. With that said, Ross introduced the new World's Hvt. champion, Mark Henry. As Henry slowly made his way to the ring, Cole said 15 years of frustration exploded on Orton last night. Lawler said he doesn't think it's a good idea for Ross to try to interview him right now.

Ross opened the interview asking Henry about proving his doubters wrong. Henry asked Ross if he's one of them. Before he gets to that, though, he said he's never been in a HIAC match, but he gave Orton hell last night and he'll give him hell again. Henry held up the title belt and said this says "World Hvt. champion - Mark Henry." He said no man is going to take away what he has. Henry told Ross and the rest of the people that he'll never forgive them because they never supported him. No one believed in him. Henry said on behalf of all these people, Ross is going to apologize. And, then, Ross is going to apologize to him.

Ross paused to set up a response, but Henry yanked the mic back to tell Ross everyone knows Ross wasn't high on him. In fact, Ross wanted McMahon to fire him. Henry said the labels were "injury prone" and "overachiever." Henry held up the title belt for Ross to get a good look. He said everything that needs to be said is right there. He told Ross he can apologize to him right now.

Ross said, "Mark, I apologize." Henry wasn't convinced. He said he hates ass-kissers, then grabbed Ross around the tie. Henry pushed Ross down to the mat before Jerry Lawler ran into the ring to make the save. Lawler tried to plead with Henry to let him go. "You're the World champion!" Lawler told him. Henry let Ross go, then Henry grabbed Lawler. Henry told Lawler he's taking his place. Lawler shot back with a right hand before Henry could strike him, but Henry absorbed and KO'ed Lawler. Henry then lifted up Lawler and gave him the World's Strongest Slam. Boos from the crowd. Is there a fine for putting hands on announcers?

Henry slipped out of the ring after knocking Lawler to the outside, then cleared the announce table as Cole looked on, frightened. Henry threw Lawler across the announce table as Cole ran away. Henry then lifted up Lawler and gave him the World's Strongest Slam through the announce table. Lawler sold immense back pain as Henry looked down at him. "Get Michael Cole!" someone shouted on the front row. Henry then shouted at someone off-camera if he wanted some of this, too. Henry walked away, leaving Lawler KO'ed on the floor. Refs and medics came to ringside to check on Lawler before Henry grabbed his title belt and proudly walked away from ringside. Henry stared down fans chanting, "You Suck," and turned back to look toward the ring. Henry then left to the back as they faded to commercial. Segment Reax: Is Henry the best heel WWE has featured in years? He's right up there with Batista last year at the end of his WWE run. Everyone played their parts well here. Right now, there's money in a hypothetical SuperCena vs. Henry title unification match.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Lawler was shown being helped away from ringside as Cole quietly recapped the events in the previous segment. Moments Ago: Henry choked Ross, who was saved by Lawler, who was then KO'ed by Henry. Cole said he looked into Henry's eyes and he saw no remorse. Back live, Lawler was shown being taken up the ramp. Josh Mathews was now with Cole on commentary. Mathews said it was reprehensible actions on the part of Mark Henry.



Divas champion Kelly Kelly's music brought out Kelly and Eve for a Divas tag match. Beth Phoenix and Natalya then came out as their opponents, re-starting the Divas Title feud after Kelly retained over Beth last night. Kelly started things off, then Eve was isolated by the heels. Eve suddenly scored a roll-up on Natalya for the pin, frustrating Beth and Natalya again.

WINNERS: Kelly & Eve at 1:42.

Backstage: Hugh "Brutus Magnus" Jackman was with Zack Ryder. Jackman recapped Ryder's YouTube gimmick and said Ryder's not an underdog, but delusional, pathetic...and perfect! He told Ryder to go beat Dolph Ziggler. Leading to commercial, Mathews plugged the Cena & Punk vs. Miz & Truth main event still to come.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Cole introduced a sneak-peek at Jackman's new movie, "Real Steel." Back live, Ziggler and Vickie were in the ring. Cole said the premise of the movie is Jackman's character trying to turn an underdog into a champion, like he's trying to do right here. Cue up Zack Ryder's theme music to bring out Ryder, along with Jackman, who was sporting Ryder's headband.

4 -- U.S. champion DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. ZACK RYDER (w/Hugh Jackman) -- non-title match

Ryder scored a quick two-count on an early roll-up that frightened Ziggler. The fans chanted, "Let's Go Ryder," as Jackman encouraged louder chants from ringside. Ziggler then caught Ryder in the corner and began working him over. Cole continued to heel on Ryder and people who watch videos online as Ryder tried to make a comeback. Vickei then slapped Ryder across the face and ref Miek Choida, returning from suspension, gave Vickie the boot. Suddenly, Jackman stepped up on the ring apron and absolutely cold-cocked Ziggler behind the ref's back. Ryder then dropped Ziggler with the Rough Ryder for the pin and the win. Post-match, Ryder and Jackman celebrated in the ring as Jackman played to the crowd. They stayed with the celebration for a while before the announcers plugged the main event still to come.

WINNER: Ryder at 3:06. Jackman has a future in wrestling if he wants one. Great energy throughout the show tonight. As for the match, Ryder had to win and Jackman had to give Ziggler his comeuppance, but they couldn't have Ziggler lose clean, so they went with a heel-oriented finish, which is counter-productive in long-run when WWE continues to have faces act like heels (see Bourne and Kofi's blind-tag behind the ref's back last night and other recent examples).


[Commercial Break]

Video package: Jack Swagger. From a youth to amateur champ to Mr. Money in the Bank to new World Hvt. champion, cashing in on Chris Jericho last year. They managed to hide Jericho's face in the video package. Swagger talked himself up in a voice-over as they showed highlights of Swagger's offensive arsenal.

Backstage: Vickie was standing by looking at a TV monitor when Jack Swagger walked into the shot. Weird deal with the two of them looking into a monitor while a camera filmed them looking into the monitor. Vickie then extended an offer for Swagger to join the Pac-12 (not really). Swagger accepted the offer to join her stable, then walked past an injured Ziggler, who was not happy with this development.

Locker Room: C.M. Punk was fixing his neck when John Cena walked into the shot. "Partners?! It's like we're the Rock 'n Roll Express," he said. Punk wasn't amused, then Cena got serious and hyped their series of historical encounters. Cena said he's not worried about tonight, but after tonight at Hell in a Cell when they compete for this (he pointed to the WWE Title). Cena said he hopes Punk makes it to HIAC. After all, Triple H said he's firing someone tonight. Punk said it would be history if Cena were the first-ever WWE champion to be fired. Cena laughed it off as they sold uneasiness.

Announcers: Cole and Mathews, sitting behind a broken table, reinforced Henry's destruction earlier in the show before feeding to a video package on the destruction inside the Hell in a Cell structure to hype the PPV in two weeks.

In-ring: After the video aired, Miz's music hit to bring out The Miz back in his hometown. Miz had mic in-hand, then R-Truth's music hit and Miz introduced the new re-mix of Truth's theme music. They still did the "You Suck" instead of "What's Up?" to remain heels, just nice heels. WWE cut to commercial ahead of the main event.

[Commercial Break]

[Q8] In-ring: Truth and Miz were talking strategy before Cult of Personality played to bring out Punk for the main event. Punk was still selling the effects from last night as he came to the ring, then Cole and Mathews plugged Cena-Del Rio-Punk for the WWE Title at HIAC. After a pause, John Cena's music played to the typically strong reaction of boos and cheers. Roberts put a little extra mustard on Cena's introduction before he stormed the ring and held up the WWE Title belt for the hard camera. Cole put over the title and said Cena is the only person to hold the title on ten separate occasions, trying to make it sound like a good thing when it's indicative of a lot of short-term booking. Punk sold amusement as he watched Cena take the lead starting off the match.


Cole and Mathews discussed Cena having respect for Punk, even during their heated rivalry over the summer. To start things off, Miz slowly walked up to referee Charles Robinson and shook his hand to apologize. Cena, amused, walked up to Charles to shake his hand, so Miz tried to jump him, but Cena fought him off and tagged in Punk. Meanwhile, Mathews said he wasn't buying Miz and Truth's apology, which generated a defensive response from Cole. Punk tagged in and Truth landed some blows before shouting at the fans chanting, "C-M-Punk." Punk then cut off Truth and aggressively tagged in Cena, who allowed Truth to crawl across the ring to tag in Miz. Miz, back home in Cleveland, circled the ring before locking up with Cena. Miz won the exchange with an implant DDT for a nearfall. Cole then fed to commercial with Cena on the defensive.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Miz was still working on Cena as an "I (heart) Colt" sign hung over Punk's shoulder as he stood on the ring apron. Miz cut off Cena's comeback attempt before scoring a two count. Miz sold frustration with the ref, so Truth entered the ring to calm down Miz and get him away from ref Charles Robinson. The heels then went back to work on Cena. Mathews did a good job reinforcing Punk's physical condition after the "war" with Triple H last night, then Cole noted Punk only has two weeks to heal before Hell in a Cell. Miz did his boxing routine dancing around the ring in-between landing left jabs. Cena then fought back, per Punk's encouragement, but Truth cut off Cena before Cena could make a tag.

Miz sold that he's a good wrestler, taking a pass on an opportunity to strike Cena while Truth had the ref occupied. The heels then went back to work exchanging tags as they continued to wear down Cena. Miz then lost focus trash-talking Punk, allowing Cena to land offense, but Miz came right back with a knock-down clothesline. Miz then stalked Cena for a charging clothesline, but Cena moved and made the tag to Punk.

[Q9 -- over-run] Punk landed clotheslines on Miz, then a dropkick, before dropping Truth with a suplex. Punk caught Miz with a signature high-knee and running bulldog followed by a springboard clothesline. Punk called for the G2S, but Miz avoided. Punk then dropkicked Miz into Truth and Miz rebounded into Punk, who delivered the Go 2 Sleep. Punk made the cover for the win.

WINNERS: Cena and Punk at 13:11. Strong TV main event. Good showcase for Miz and Truth in control for most of the match before Punk looked strong heading into Hell in a Cell, which, along with Del Rio looking strong tonight, gives Cena the "stacked deck" on the PPV in two weeks. (**)

Post-match: Cena came in right behind Punk, almost teasing the AA, but Cena simply accepted his WWE Title belt before emphatically raising Punk's hand. Suddenly, Triple H's music played and Punk and Cena held their ground in the ring. Hunter stood on-stage and half-apologized for breaking up the celebration. Hunter told Punk good match. He then told Miz and Truth: "You're fired," before turning right back around and leaving. Miz sold bewilderment. Cole was beside himself on commentary. The crowd shrieked and cheered before Miz and Truth collected themselves and ran backstage.

Backstage, the locker room was shown sitting down watching the happenings on monitors. Some wrestlers showed they were questioning Hunter's decision. Triple H walked backstage and Scott Stanford tried to get a word with Hunter, who was then jumped by Miz and Truth. The locker room separated everyone, then Hunter sent Miz and Truth flying out of the building. After they were kicked out of the building, Hunter was shown storming back inside the building, shoving wrestlers aside. He walked past Laurinaitis, who stood to the side as Hunter kept walking. They faded out with a shot of Hunter still walking down the hallway.

FINAL THOUGHTS: So, now there's the next added layer of how Miz & Truth get their jobs back to further complicate things. Do they uncover the greater conspiracy and give Triple H the information he's looking for on Ace and/or other people of interest "higher up the ladder" he should be concerned with? There still seems to be a lack of concrete answers as WWE stretches the storyline out with more questions added to the non-answers. As for the overall show, a strong offering the night after HIAC. I thought this was a good show despite a lack of in-ring wrestling with decent-to-solid storyline advancement without the insider-lingo-driven speeches dragging down the show.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "Raw Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Raw, email to using our Feedback form.

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