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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 9/26: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw Supershow leading to Hell in a Cell

Sep 26, 2011 - 10:03:28 PM

WWE Raw Supershow Results
September 26, 2011 - Episode #956
Live in Kansas City, Mo.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live WWE Raw Supershow started with the usual video intros and ull pyro before Michael Cole introduced the show along with Jim Ross, who plugged C.M. Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio tonight. They cut to the announce table to show Booker T on commentary filling in for Jerry Lawler. Cole then directed everyone's attention to the steel cage hanging above the ring tonight to whet viewers's appetite for Hell in a Cell.

Triple H's music then played to officially kick off Raw. As Hunter walked to the ring, they replayed Hunter "firing" The Miz and R-Truth last week despite Miz and Truth apologizing for their actions at Night of Champions and agreeing to a $250k fine. Cole said he completely disagrees with Hunter's decision-making and called it a knee-jerk reaction. Why did Triple H fire R-Truth and Miz?

Back live in the ring, Hunter surveyed the crowd before explaining himself. He said Miz and Truth were fired, not because of his ego or some conspiracy theory; they were fired because of this. Hunter fed to footage from after Night of Champions when Miz and Truth vowed to destroy everyone in WWE unless they get what they want. The video transitioned to Miz and Truth acting apologetic to Hunter last week on Raw. Basically, Hunter wasn't buying their attempt to be apologetic.

Back live, Hunter said they were fired because of their own actions and came to him with a weak apology. He said he knew he was going to fire them, but slapped them with a fine to use them to get one more main event out of them. Hunter then said that $250,000 fine will now be on Mark Henry for attacking Jim Ross and putting Jerry Lawler through the announce table. Hunter said no one is bigger than WWE. He said he fired Kevin Nash, one of his best friends, because it was the right thing to do for WWE.

Suddenly, Vickie Guerrero's voice interrupted. Vickie, along with U.S. champion Dolph Ziggler, emerged on-stage and walked to the ring with Ziggler. Ziggler said he's glad Hunter is out here because he's talking about doing what's right for WWE. Ziggler said he was sucker-punched by Hugh Jackman last week and fractured his jaw. He then "reluctantly" fed graphics of WWE's mainstream coverage from last week's Raw. Back in the ring, Ziggler said he can still compete, but he can't eat solid food. He asked Hunter what he plans on doing about this. Hunter kind of smirked humorously and said he's not sure what he wants him to do about it. Hunter said Jackman, an actor from Hollywood, punched him in the mouth after Ziggler picked a fight with him. Hunter said perhaps he'll get some security and maybe surround Ziggler when the Muppets are here next month. The crowd popped.

Suddenly, Cody Rhodes emerged on-stage. He said Hunter must have been rolling on the floor laughing when Orton smashed him with the ring bell last Friday on Smackdown. Rhodes said he got nine stitches in his head and now he wants to know why Orton wasn't punished. Hunter said he wishes they would have stapled his mouth. He then went back to a few years ago when Orton handcuffed him to the rope while Orton taunted his wife. Hunter said he did something about it - beat Orton's ass on his front lawn.

Suddenly, Christian walked out on-stage. He hilariously said it's usually not his style to interrupt a conversation that doesn't involve him, but what happened to him was much worse than anything that happened to Ziggler and Rhodes. He said Sheamus cost him the World Hvt. Title, so he wants to hear it right from Hunter's mouth why that's fair. Hunter told Christian it was a Lumberjack match, you idiot, before explaining the Lumberjack match format. Christian said he gets it and he thinks they've all had enough. He said they should file the biggest lawsuit in WWE history. Although, he could change his mind if Hunter were to give more match. Hunter said that's a pretty fair deal - screw the other guys, right? Hunter said he's going to give him one...more...match at Hell in a Cell. And that's going to be against Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. And he's going to give him one...more...match this Friday on Smackdown against Randy Orton. And, just for pissing him off, he's giving him one more match against the WWE champion John Cena. Christian liked that, but then didn't like the title not being on the line. Christian said it's unacceptable and stormed out of the ring.

[Q2] Back to Ziggler, who asked Hunter what he's going to do about him. Hunter said Ziggler is going to defend the U.S. Title against the man who beat him last week - Zack Ryder. Hunter did the woo woo woo bit before Ziggler stormed off, noting Ryder's just an Internet champion. Hunter told Rhodes he's going to give him the night off just because he's injured. Rhodes talked back to Hunter, who then booked an IC Title match tonight. What's that? A three-way? Rhodes talked back again. A four-way? Rhodes said this isn't funny, but Hunter said he's going to find the first nine guys he finds backstage and book them in a ten-man battle royal for Rhodes's IC Title. Hunter then stomped out of the ring as Ross plugged tonight's additional main event of Christian vs. Cena.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Everyone was assembled for the IC Title battle royal, except for Sin Cara and Sheamus, who was given a full entrance last. Cole noted the Twitter items for tonight's show as Ross wondered aloud which Sin Cara is in the ring.


Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson, Morrison, Gabriel, Riley, DiBiase, Sheamus, and McIntyre in the ring here. Mac was gone in 18 seconds after Rhodes bailed from the ring. Suddenly, the other Sin Cara yanked the other one out of the ring and Bryan tossed him out of the ring. Rhodes re-entered the ring and DiBiase quickly went after his rival. The big men and Rhodes were eventually left in the ring after clearing out the mid-sized wrestlers. It was Sheamus, Zeke, DiBiase, and Rhodes in the Final Four. Sheamus took Zeke apart, then Rhodes eliminated DiBiase. Cody was nearly eliminated, but Cody yanked Zeke over the top rope. So, it was Sheamus vs. Rhodes. The crowd rallied behind Sheamus, who teased the Celtic Cross, but Christian came down to ringside to distract Sheamus. Sheamus was nearly eliminated, but avoided a mask shot from Rhodes. Christian distracted Sheamus again, though, and Rhodes smashed Sheamus with the mask to eliminate him for the win.

Post-match: Cole heeled on Triple H's decision-making before Christian rammed Sheamus into the ringpost. He screamed down at Sheamus to see how it feels to be cost a title in WWE, blaming Sheamus for costing him the World Title on Smackdown. Sheamus sold a left shoulder injury as Christian walked away. The announcers then plugged Del Rio vs. Punk tonight.

WINNER: Rhodes at 4:33 to retain the IC Title.

[Commercial Break]

[Q3] Announcers: Cole, Booker, and Ross were shown on commentary discussing Hunter's decision-making tonight. Cole disagreed, in general, with Hunter, but agreed with Hunter placing safeguards on the announcers. Ross narrated footage from Raw last week when Mark Henry tried to physically intimidate Ross before Jerry Lawler took a beating trying to make the save. Ross said they hope to have Lawler back on commentary next week. Cole tried to steal Ross's thunder by saying he has more updated injury news, including Lawler suffering from...anal bleeding. Ross just turned his head in annoyance.

Backstage: David Otunga, sporting a bowtie, talked to John Laurinaitis about Superstars coming to him for his legal opinion on Triple H. Laurinaitis said this is not a legal issue yet, but maybe he (Laurinaitis) needs to exert his influence around here. Otunga shook his hand and walked off. Laurinaitis then reached into his jacket pocket for his phone. They cut away before he placed a call or text.

Backstage: Beth Phoenix and Natalya were shown walking down the hallway in anticipation of tag action before WWE cut to a video package highlighting Kelly Kelly for a minute or two.

In-ring: Kelly and Eve came to the ring for said tag match before they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

2 -- Divas champion KELLY KELLY & EVE vs. BETH PHOENIX & NATALYA

Standard match with Eve being worked over, Kelly with the hot tag, a close fall for Kelly, but Beth finished her off with the Glam Slam for the win.

WINNERS: Beth & Natalya at 3:15. Beth needed a victory to retain credibility, so this was fine to keep her in the title picture without Kelly having to take a singles loss.

Post-match: They replayed the finish of the Divas match before Mark Henry's music interrupted and they cut to a shot of Henry's back as he emerged through the curtain to the entrance ramp. He's in action next, according to Justin Roberts. Cole said Henry is not in a good mood after Triple H slapped the $250,000 fine on him. Cole said Henry is facing Great Khali next as Henry posed with the World Title belt in the ring.

[Commercial Break]

3 -- World Hvt. champion MARK HENRY vs. GREAT KHALI -- non-title match

In-ring: Henry was in the ring back from break before Great Khali's music hit. Odd not seeing anyone accompany Khali, who gingerly made his way to the ring as Henry stewed in the ring. Khali turned his back to pose for the crowd, allowing Henry to jump him from behind. Henry talked trash before delivering the World's Strongest Slam to Khali. Henry, satisfied with his work, left the ring and talked trash to the fans ringside.

WINNER: No Match. More solid build-up for Henry - giving him a "feat of strength" bodyslamming Khali - in advance of his title defense against Orton at HIAC.

Backstage: WWE champion John Cena was shown walking down the hallway. He has Christian next.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: Orton has to go through Henry to regain the World Title. What will Orton have in-store for Henry before HIAC on Smackdown?

Raw plug: Cole set up U.S. champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder later tonight for the U.S. Title. Ross then plugged a feature on Del Rio being the favorite to win the HIAC WWE Title match on Sunday.

Arena: The announcers focused on the structure hanging half-way above the ring before John Cena's music played to bring out the WWE champion. Cena noted they must be close to Hell in a Cell as he pointed to the structure. The kids screamed as Cena stormed the ring, then Cena soaked in the moment and "sold" for the Cell. Cena eventually took a mic as the arena remained darkened. Cena held up the mic for the crowd to make noise before he triumphantaly hoisted the WWE Title belt into the air.

Cena said that judging by that reaction, he knows some people will love this: on Sunday, John Cena goes to hell. Cena plugged the triple threat WWE Title match and claimed this match is necessary. He said as much as he doesn't want to admit it, the WWE Title is surrounded by controversy. Cena said that ever since Punk walked out of the MITB PPV with the title and ever since Del Rio cashed in MITB to become champ and ever since he won it for the record tenth time, there has been controversy. On Sunday, the controversy ends and the HIAC settles the issue.

[Q5 -- second hour] Cena welcomed everyone to Hell in a Cell and the devil's playground. He said he could spend hours talking about what has happened inside the structure, but he will be short and sweet that on Sunday, he will walk into the Cell, stare the devil in the face, and ask him "Is that all he's got?" Cena then said there's no way that he'll lose the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell. So much lowest-common denominator hyperbole on "hell" that it makes WWE look more comical than usual.

Cena proudly held up the title belt before Alberto Del Rio's music hit. Del Rio made his way to ringside as Cena pointed to the title belt. Cult of Personality then played to bring out C.M. Punk, who was sporting the announcer jacket he wore while injured several months ago. So, Del Rio and Punk are on commentary for Cena's match. Christian then came out to face Cena.

3 -- WWE champion JOHN CENA vs. CHRISTIAN -- non-title match

Cena was quickly on the offensive with a high back-body drop. Christian then cut off Cena when Cena distracted himself with the men ringside. Del Rio and Punk went back-and-forth on commentary promoting their match before Cena made his comeback in the ring. Suddenly, Christian bailed to the outside and Cena shoved him over the announce table. Del Rio cheap-shotted Punk in the chaos before Cena brought Christian back into the ring. Del Rio also entered the ring and popped Cena with an enziguiri for the DQ.

Post-match: Punk chased Del Rio out of the ring. Del Rio then took a mic on-stage and told everyone he's the only one coming out of Hell in a Cell alive. He told off everyone, then dropped the mic. Cena and Punk stood their ground in the ring before the announcers plugged Del Rio vs. Punk still to come tonight.

WINNER: Cena via DQ at 3:15. Just not much here. Del Rio and Punk had a forced exchange on commentary and the match was thrown out there to give Del Rio and Punk a forum to argue.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Zack Ryder's music hit to bring out the self-proclaimed Internet champion. Ryder filmed himself and the crowd as he made his way to the ring for the U.S. Title challenge. Ziggler then came out with Vickie to defend the U.S. Title. Also with Vickie was Jack Swagger, who followed at a distance. Before the match, WWE rolled footage of Hugh Jackman's role on the show last week, including punching out Ziggler.


4 -- U.S. champion DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger) vs. ZACK RYDER -- U.S. Title match

After the video rolled to bring the audience up-to-speed on Ryder, the bell sounded and Ziggler quickly took out his frustration on Ryder. Ziggler worked over Ryder as the announcers bickered, with Cole trying to start drama with Ross. Ryder then made a comeback and teased the Rough Ryder, but Swagger yanked Ryder throat-first across the top rope as Vickie had the ref distracted. Swagger actually helping Ziggler led to the Zig-Zag for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Ziggler at 2:01 to retain the U.S. Title.

Post-match: Ziggler and Vickie celebrated the U.S. Title victory before Ziggler and Swagger shook hands, showing they're on the same team. Vickie instructed them to inflict more punishment on Ryder, but Air Boom stormed the ring to make the save. As the dust settled, Smackdown GM Teddy Long came out on-stage. He said they're going to have themselves a six-man tag match after the break, giving Vickie three minutes to find someone as their partner. Long said if Vickie can't find someone else, then it will be a handicap match. After protesting with screams & shrieks, Vickie ran to the back as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Kofi Kingston's music was playing as Ziggler and Swagger awaited word on a partner. No word, so it's a handicap match. Before the bell, Cole complained about Triple H letting WWE get out of control.

5 -- U.S. champion DOLPH ZIGGLER & JACK SWAGGER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. ZACK RYDER & WWE tag champions AIR BOOM (EVAN BOURNE & KOFI KINGSTON) -- handicap match

The announcers said Bourne is reading a book on longevity and he wants to live until he's 150 years-old. Why did he get into the wrestling business, then? The heels isolated Bourne as Cole decided to heel on Ryder's YouTube show to fill time. Bourne broke free of Swagger at 3:15 and hot-tagged Kofi, who dropped "Swags," according to Booker, with a high cross-body before delivering ten punches in the corner.

Suddenly, Vickie emerged on-stage with Mason Ryan, who had been working as a face. Ryan hopped on the ring apron to stand next to Ziggler as the faces worked over Swagger. Ryder then tagged in and Swagger took his head off with a clothesline. Swagger walked over to his corner to tag in Ryan, who teased going after Ryder before destroying Swagger and Ziggler. Vickie screamed as Ryan smiled and left the ring. Ziggler was alone in the ring for Ryder to deliver the Rough Ryder. Ryder with the pin as they cut to a shot of Ryan smiling on the entrance ramp.

[Q7] Post-match: Vickie pointed to Ryan that she'll get him. Vickie screamed as the faces celebrated in the ring. They went to a replay of Ryan turning on his temporary tag partners before showing the finish. Back live, Vickie screamed at Ziggler for screwing up as Swagger just stood his ground. Swagger then helped up Ziggler to drag him to the back.

WINNERS: Ryder & Bourne & Kofi at 6:29. A roundabout way to give Ryder another win over Ziggler and apparently begin a face push for Ryan on Raw after a reintroduction on Superstars.

[Commercial Break]

HIAC video package: Cole fed to highlights from past HIAC matches with noticeable focus on Mick Foley's infamous moments. No blood included in the footage. Back to the announcers, who plugged the HIAC line-up, which currently has three matches. Cole then announced Divas champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix following Beth's pinfall in the tag match earlier.

Backstage: David Otunga was with Christian, Vickie, Dolph, and Cody to discuss some legal issues. He noted that WWE is operating under unsafe working conditions. He said they need to do something about this, but he's not sure about a lawsuit. Otunga said they need to stick together. Christian said he couldn't agree more. Dolph said they're in. Cody nodded. Otunga said there's a lot of things to cover. Before he unveiled his secret plot to unionize the wrestlers, they cut to the ring.

In-ring: Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio, who emerged off-stage in a Lamborghini. Del Rio then posed next to his car as Ricardo began his standard ring introduction. Ross plugged the main event coming up next as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q8] In-ring: Back from break, John Cena's music was playing. Cena joined the announcers on commentary while staring down Del Rio. Ross then narrated footage from earlier tonight when Del Rio interfered in Cena's match against Christian. Cole asked Cena for his thoughts on the B-Roll footage they just rolled and Cena played it cool. C.M. Punk then made his entrance for the main event as Cena played up the stacked deck against him at the PPV on Sunday.


The match quickly moved to the outside and Punk sent Del Rio flying over the announce table near Cena. Ross called it a brushback pitch like in baseball. Cena stood up to glare at Punk, who saluted him before throwing Del Rio back into the ring. Punk kept his eyes on Cena, then returned to the ring and took a wicked kick from Del Rio. Del Rio maintained control of the match as Cena watched quietly and intently following the exchange near the announce table. They cut to break with Punk selling on the floor on the opposite side of the ring.

[Commercial Break. Of note, I've informed by the assistant to the assistant editor that "anal bleeding" is currently trending on Twitter.]

Back live, they showed Punk fighting out of a reverse chinlock mid-ring. Cena was still intently watching the monitor as Del Rio maintained control of Punk. Suddenly, Del Rio went flying to the outside after missing with a dropkick. Ross effectively noted that's not possible inside HIAC on Sunday since there's nowhere to run or hide. Back in the ring, Del Rio walked into a dropkick from Punk for a two count. Cena stressed the importance of this match to build momentum for Sunday as the two men went back-and-forth with close nearfalls before Del Rio resumed control.

[Q9 -- over-run] As Raw hit the top of the hour, Del Rio went for the cross arm-breaker, but Punk blasted him with a kick strike to the side of the head. Punk made the cover and it was good for the win, seemingly out of nowhere based on the sequence of the match.

WINNER: Punk at 12:01.

Post-match: The Cell started to lower from the ceiling. Cena got up from the announce table and dragged Ricardo inside the structure. Ricardo tried to escape, but he took a G2S, then AA from Punk and Cena, respectively. Punk then tried a G2S on Cena, but Cena slipped out and tried an AA, but Punk slipped out. Suddenly, Del Rio blasted both men with a chair shot from behind. Del Rio continued to take apart the faces with chair shot blows as the announcers stressed Del Rio is back on-track after losing the WWE Title at Night of Champions. Del Rio's music played as he stared down both men and talked trash. The camera stayed on a close shot of Del Rio as a graphic for HIAC this Sunday flashed on the screen. It was followed by the copyrights as Del Rio continued to talk trash to close the show three minutes past the top of the hour.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Heavy, heavy focus on Hell in a Cell, which they had to do in order to attempt to sell the PPV on a quick two-week turnaround after Night of Champions. As a result, the "conspiracy" and "mystery" aspect of WWE's current storylines took a back-seat this week. It seemed to hurt this week's show a bit, as WWE has conditioned the audience to expect a new mystery development each week building to a Big Reveal down the line, while at the same time, WWE has let the mid-card flounder. This week, WWE tried to do some things with the mid-card wrestlers, which they absolutely need to do long-term, but I thought it didn't quite come together this week.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "Raw Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Raw, email to using our Feedback form.

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